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REVIEWS OF Tennessee Center of Integrated Medicine IN Tennessee

Mark Miles

The treatments have helped my back significantly. Very satisfied. Just finished my treatments today. My back is in better shape than it has been in years. Many thanks.

Christina Hansen

It’s like working with old friends, they’re good to joke & talk with (& even get ADVICE from lolol) while they’re working with you!

Artist Regina Mick

I highly recommend this facility. I have a back injury from the military. Being adjusted can some times cause me more pain because of my pinched nerves. That was not the case here. The adjustments were smooth and pain free. The staff was friendly and truly listened to my concerns. I am so thankful for their services.

Tamera Clapp

I can't say enough about Dr. Vince and Dr. Erin Taylor. I was having back and neck pain and was referred to Dr. Vince through a friend of mine and that had huge success with him. I was really nervous but Dr. Vince made me feel very comfortable. He was professional, and very thorough and listened well. He explained everything to me so that I could understand it. He will talk to you about things that can help you while he treats you. My back and neck are so much better and I'm so glad I went. He is also very knowledgeable on supplements and vitamins. He will do free classes on different issues with the body from time to time. They are very informative and so nice of him to give his free time to help others. I got to see Dr. Erin Taylor after being referred to her with hip, pelvic and leg pain. The doctors didn't know what was causing the pain and sent me to her. She was also very professional and listened well. She worked with me and was able to relieve a pain that I had for so long and thought was never going away. Her knowledge and willing to try different things to find what worked was awesome. I felt like I was working with her to solve my issue, not just having someone fix it. Both Dr. Vince and Dr. Erin are so kind and down to earth. I won't ever go anywhere else for my PT needs or my chiropractic needs.

Ascencion Lopez

Dr Taylor is great.

Erica LaFortune

I see Dr. Vince for Chiropractic care and Dr. Erin for Physical therapy. Both are extremely thorough taking time to ensure they understand the issue from the patients point of view not just notes from a referring doctor. They take the time to explain in detail the plan for care as well as what can be expected from the care. I would Highly recommend them or any of the of the other PT docs as their standard for care is consistent throughout the practice.

Rose McFarland

Friendly and knowledgeable staff! I recommend Taylor Spine and Sports Rehabilitation!

Lauren Smith

I took my son in yesterday, he's almost three months, to be adjusted. He struggles with reflux and a touch of colic in the evenings, and he struggled with moving his head to the left side. He napped beautifully yesterday, and he turned his head with no problems afterwards. Also last night, my son didn't cry at five (which is his witching hour); instead, he napped. My baby has stomach issues, and Vince did such a wonderful job adjusting him. We went today for a follow up and my baby has cooed more the last two days, hasn't cried, and laughed more than he has in his three months. I'm a firm believer, and if your baby struggles please take him in to see the Taylors!

Mike Hyams

Awesome place

Carol Cherich

Dr Taylor is awesome, gentle and caring. My lower back problem has improved markedly in only 2 weeks of treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Taylor to all my friends and neighbors. Carol C

John Foss

Have been seeing Vince Taylor for almost 4 years and because of that I am able to stand and work at my job virtually pain free. Highly recommend routine visits.


Wonderful. Professional. So blessed that this group of talented experienced professionals are here! Truly helped me.

Kenneth No one

Very nice, polite staff and Acupuncturist. I always look forward to going to my appointments.

Lisa Ruiz

Dr. Vince has worked with my husband and he impressed him, which is not an easy thing to do. Thank you Dr. Vince and Staff for providing an awesome place for Clarksville to get straightened out!

Sheila Thaxton

I have been going to Dr. Taylor for over a year now and I am amazed at how much better I feel. He is extremely knowledgeable in every area of health, fitness, nutritional supplements plus so much more. I had been taking a fish oil supplement I bought over the counter for years and never really got the results I was hoping for with my cholesterol let along the fact that I was having joint problem in hip/groin area. Dr. Taylor did lots of research on supplements and is selling the ones he has found to be the best. I decided to try his fish oil and more hip/groin problems. I can wait to get my blood work done and see about my cholesterol. He is constantly looking into things that will help improve everyone's overall health the natural way. He has a massage therapist that has joined his team in helping with the overall health, muscle/joint improvement. Why we think a massage is only for luxury shows how uninformed we are on how to really take care of ourselves. In our hussel bussel lives we are totally locked up with an overabundance of stress...which is the #1 killer in most cases. If we would take the time to go to Dr. Taylor to be realigned and Paige the massage therapist to be relieved from all the tension our bodies carry we could all stay away from the many prescription drugs that may alleviate one issue only to cause another. In closing my conclusion is I believe the above things are just as important as having a MD for sickness as in colds, flu, etc......

troy hunt

Excellent care and great people


Nice receptionist. Will call back to see about an appointment for accupuncture. Have lots of pain and willing to try alternative procedures. Got to get some relief. Thanks

Elaine Murray

I have used the Taylor Spine and Sports Rehabilitation almost since they began in Clarksville. My lower back has been painful for quite some time, and it feels so good when I leave there. Highly recommend them!!!

larry hunt

Excellent place for treatment


Dr Taylor is very informative and very patient.

Mandy Chadwick

I began going to Dr Taylor for terrible foot pain. After four acupuncture treatments I can photograph a 10-12 hour wedding day carrying lots of heavy gear in my backpack and still walk after the wedding. Better yet, the next day I am able to walk with zero pain as soon as my feet hit the floor. A month ago as soon as my feet hit the floor I would groan and be in agony after standing from a sleeping position. I am so thankful I gave acupuncture a try instead of traditional shots and surgery to eliminate my pain.

John Garrett

I love seeing the Taylors. Very personal and also know their stuff when it comes to patient care. Great team and staff that treats people well and provides great patient care and interaction with their patients.

Deborah Webb

I am seeing fantastic results since coming to Taylor Spine and Sports Rehab.After being in a vehicle accident, I had with lots of pain, limited range of motion, and very little energy. I started chiropractic treatments at Taylor Spine and Sports, now, I a big difference in those areas. The pain is decreasing, range of motion increasing and my energy level is at an all time high!! I am very pleased with the service and professional care I received at Taylor Spine and Sports Rehab. From the office staff to the medical staff, the level of service I have received is excellent! I am well pleased with the services and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!!

Sabrina Olazarra

Dr Taylor and staff are friendly and lifesavers!

Aaron Gebhardt

I went to Advanced Physical Therapy after spine surgery for physical therapy. Erin Taylor was great and the rest of the staff was just as pleasant. They had the utmost care for me and made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend them! Thank you Advanced Physical Therapy for everything you did for me!

Tracy Winkler

If anyone is in need of chiropractic or physical therapy, you will not find more caring people. Give them a try. You will not be disappointed.

Joseph Hilfiker

Knowledgeable professionals. They fixed an issue with my knee others were scratching their heads at.

David Shelton

Jason Graning

Very Professional and Personable. Look forward to my monthly visits! Excellent staff as well!

Glynis hauser-henderson

Pennye Dambacher

The whole staff at Taylor Spine And Sports Rehabilitation is awesome! They are all so nice and caring. They listen carefully to your concerns and to what you would like to obtain out of treatment. They do not try to push you to take products or services you do not want. Dr. Taylor is very knowledgeable and he keeps himself up to date with education. I got great relief from my pain with the very first accupuncture treatment. Ms Tonia is fantastic at her job of receptionist and office manager. She went above and beyond in her service by contacting my insurance multiple times to make sure it was all covered. Ms Paige is a fabulous massage therapist. She gives 110 percent to make sure you get a wonderful massage. I would highly recommend Taylor Spine and Sports Rehabilitation!

Jackie Hernandez

Great Doctor. I am very please with the treatment. I am currently receiving Accupunture and adjustments and I can tell the difference since I started.

Marion Moss

Megan Evans

They are so helpful and very nice!

Helene Gattie

Kenneth Vickery

Samantha O'Connor

Went in for chiropractic work and it was awesome! Dr. Taylor is very knowledgeable, personable, and thorough.

Bill Williams

Taylor Spine and Sports Rehab is fantastic! I felt at ease from the moment I walked in the door. Reasonable prices compared to other chiropractic services in the area and no hidden/non-discussed fees. I went in for some relief due to lower back issues that have caused some sciatica to act up. I've had two visits and, while I know a pain free recovery is never instant, I feel much better than I did before I went in. If you're choosing other chiropractors in the area over Dr. Taylor and the good folks at Taylor Spine and Sports Rehab...I hope you're happy with your life choices.

Family of 5 J's

I have two children with scoliosis and we did physical therapy there. I highly recommend Taylor Spine and Sports Rehabilitation to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, enthusiastic P.T. or Chiropractor. They are an awesome duo!! Plus, they accept Tricare.

Mike McLaughlin

Great staff and excellent care. Veterans Administration Choice Provider

Michael Prendergast

I have been seeing Dr. Taylor for a month or so and he has helped relieve my lower back pain tremendously. When I first came to see him, I could barely walk and now not only can I walk fine, I'm actually standing up straighter and I don't wake up in excruciating pain anymore. Thank you Dr. Taylor for taking such good care of my aches and pains!

Michael Sparks

We switched from another Chiropractor here in town and couldn't be flexible. Dr. Vince has helped my wife and I with our back aches and pains as well as other health related advice. I would highly recommend anyone give Taylor Spine and Sports Rehab a try.

John Caraway

i went to Dr Taylor thinking i would have to quit my factory job due to possibly needing shoulder surgery, come to find out it was a nerve in my shoulder, he worked on it and after the first couple of visits it was much better, i'm not good at writing reviews, but I know what worked for my arm and shoulder, thank you Dr Taylor

Mandy bloomingdale

Highly recommend. Great service, friendly staff.

Vera Guevara

Timothy Shank

I've known Vince for some time, yet hadn't been in need of his services until I met my match with some uncooperative shrubs. I tried acting like I was twenty again (bad move on my part) and I threw my back out. Making matters worse, I decided to wait a few days to see if things would improve. Again, not the best decision on my part. By the time I saw Vince I was well past miserable AND GETTING WORSE. He saw me immediately and performed a thorough examination, adjusted my back and neck, and placed me under a commercial tens unit (stimulates the muscles, feels like a mild 'pinching' but not painful at all). Immediate relief folks - not a hundred percent mind you, but I left with a huge smile on my face and walking upright! A few more trips to "Dr. Vince" and things were terrific. I strongly implore anyone with back, shoulder or neck pain to visit Vince, it's worth the brief visit. And for those suffering headaches or migraines give him a shout. Heck, if he said he could cure a cold I'd believe him. So don't sit and wait for the pain to subside - call Vince. Best decision you can make so stop procrastinating - besides, your insurance may cover much of the expense. Call him today!!


Dotty Acampora

Dr. Taylor goes out of his way to provide education and customer service to his clients. He is constantly upgrading his skill set to provide the most relevant services to his patients. I highly recommend him and his staff.

Scott Audet

My name is Janet Audet. After many months of being in pain with sciatica and back pain from a previous injury I decided to try chiropractic treatment. I started going to Dr. Taylor 3 times a week for several months, then twice a week. It took many visits (since I had the issues for too long) and it was slow going but I finally started getting better. So much so that I was able to resume running. We have now tried 2 treatments of acupuncture since my sciatica is not totally gone but I have now had several days of waking up without pain. I honestly do not know where I would be if it were not for Dr. Taylor. Thank you so much Dr. Taylor :)

Brian Reynolds

The staff at Taylor Spine treat you like Family. Very courteous and professional always asking questions to better cater your treatment to reach your goals. I would recommend the laser treatment!!!

Felix Sutton

Cheyenne Walz

I am currently going through Physical Therapy and have been just a few times. The relief I have felt already is amazing and I can't wait to see how I feel at the end of my treatment! I will definitely recommend to everybody!

Alex Ozolins

Michael Calub

brian miller

I'm a disabled VET and after going here I will not go anywhere else (unless the V.A. makes me). They know me by name, it's like being part of a small close knit family. Very professional and only wait maybe 5 minutes past appointment time.

Doris B

This facility is top of the line for sports injuries and very customer friendly!

Eyvonne Sims

My son has been going for weeks now, I see an improvement. We are trying to avoid surgery at all cost. The staff is great and friendly and the staff knows what they are doing and they truly care about their clientele.

Beth Liggett

Quick and easy adjustments are super convenient and the staff is nice and accommodating. These folks helped me get back on track after a debilitating back injury - highly recommend!


They know how to put you back in order. My spine appreciated the work they do.

Benton Lewis

Brent Berry

I went to Taylor Spine for a running related injury. The treatment I received was great, and I will definitely return if I need additional therapy. Dr Vince and Erin are super.

Lita Mead

My VA doctor set me up with Dr. Taylor for acupuncture as pain relief treatment and I admit I was skeptical at first, but after only a few sessions, my pain has almost disappeared! Love this alternative to taking meds... I highly recommend Dr. Taylor - he is awesome!

Debra Main

Fort Campbell referred me to Taylor Spine and Sports Rehab and I am so happy they did. They were not only extremely professional but make me feel like they really wanted me to be there and that they actually cared about my well being. I would highly recommend them without hesitation.

Jim Jay

I went to see Dr. Vince Taylor after having continued lower back pain. I had seen my regular physician, but their solution was more meds, which did not seem help. My results with Dr. Taylor were highly successful, especially considering I was skeptical of anything working. I can say that Dr. Taylor has really helped me eliminate my lower back pain. He is caring and knowledgeable of procedures and willing to listen and ask questions. I highly recommend anyone seeing him or his staff for their services. Dr. Vince Taylor is my go to guy!

Carl Lutz

I highly recomend Taylor Spine and Sports Rehabilitation! They provide exelent patient care, both clinically and administratively. A completely relaxing and healing environment. Thanks for all the relief y'all have provided me.

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