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REVIEWS OF Stronghold Health IN Tennessee

Jim Spellman

Arrived early for a 1:00 appointment to fill out the paperwork. Waited an 1/2 hour in the waiting area, then was moved to a small room for another 30 mins. Had to walk up to front twice to ask why the delay. The owner walked by my room a couple times but never even apologized for the delay. He just kept having the nice front desk person come lie to me that "it will only be another 10 mins." After a 1+ hour wait, just left. Disappointing. Would recommend staying away from this practice.

Ali Abrahimia

Stronghold isn't your average boring chiro office. What I love about them is that they blend chiropractic adjusting with a fun and functional circuit of stretches and exercises. The initial consultation is a myriad of hi-tech readings that look at your skeletal and muscular situation. From there they gave me options on moving forward. They have a fun "community" vibe and the place just feels great to be in. I used to have constant neck pain and didn't even realize that it was affecting my mood, energy, and sinuses. Now I'm a completely different person! Highly recommended!!!


Stronghold health is amazing! The environment, the service and the quality of care is top notch. Only after a few adjustments, I was feeling better. I highly recommend them!


Great staff, location and atmosphere. Very attentive and thorough defining my needs and plan.

Michelle Springer

My family and I have been Stronghold Chiropractic family members for years. Dr. Dave is our primary care doctor and we have never been healthier (mind, body, spirit)! So many victories (lower cholesterol, no more infertility, no need for carpal tunnel surgery, no aches and pains)... the list could go on and on!

Janell .W

I’ve been a regular client for around a year now and they always do a awesome job! They have a great process and can move you through quickly but always have time for questions or additional concerns.

Brokk Nevels

First time I've ever been to a chiropractor. I left feeling very satisfied. Dr. Hausmann was very open, informative, and friendly. He did not have the detached mannerisms that most doctors do. The premises and staff are very welcoming, and if you leave feeling bad, it's your own fault.

Tyann Nelson

I'm new with stronghold chiropractic and I highly reccommend it. The place has a great, cool, peaceful, modern feel. Love the environment. & the doctor is very impressive. He loves what he does and it shows and he knows his stuff. Very knowledgeable. And he'll make sure that you understand what's going on with your body. He'll break it down to you. He educates his clients (he'll even teach you how to read your x-rays) He focuses on not just stopping the pain temporarily but finding and getting rid of the root of the problem. He cares about the people. And I love that it's a family owned business. Great guy, genuine, and knows his stuff! Again, i highly recommend this place.

Ashlyn Furkins

Stronghold Health is absolutely amazing! The Stronghold Health team genuinely cares about their patients and the overall health of their patients. My chiropractic session was completely different than I have ever experienced before. It was very thorough and informative. I was 100% satisfied with my visit and results. Thank you Dr. Dave, Dr. John, and the Stronghold Health team!

mark turner

I would add more stars if they were available. Such a great experience from the point of making the appointment to the facility walkthrough to the adjustment. Each employee and Dr. David made you feel like you were the only person in the clinic and the adjustments are working beautifully.

Sarah Hausmann

They care. They are professional. They have passion for what they do. And they want to teach you how to be healthy, without being stuck on medications. Or dealing with surgeries. Real health is found here! And Dr. David is a skilled and well-versed chiropractic doctor. Come in and check it wont regret it!

Laura Bartels

Dr. Hausmann was very understanding and knowledgeable. He helped explain each thing he was going to do and why. This really helped put my nerves to rest since I've never seen a chiropractor before. I love how thoroughly they do the patient work ups before you come in for an adjustment. This forethought, and knowing he was going based off my x-rays helped me to relax. It's been almost 2 weeks since my initial adjustment and I can still tell the improvement just one visit has made. Some of the muscles have definitely pulled the bones back out of alignment, but they told me this might happen because of the muscle memory from being out of place for so many years. I'm looking forward to continuing on with this practice.

Tony Giuliano

I have never seen a more knowledgeable and friendlier Doctors office. Dr. Dave treats you like a real person and truly cares about getting you well. He explains everything that he is about to perform on you so that you can understand what he is doing. I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor but after a few adjustments I can feel the difference they have made to my hip. I don't have that nagging ache that pops up every now and then. He also cares about your total wellbeing. I had mentioned to him that I had a trigger thumb and he told me how to solve that issue without medication. The other thing I noticed is that he treats all his patients the same way with a friendly greeting and a big smile because he actually cares about helping you get well. Thanks Dr. Dave for being real.

Toni Miller

This place is amazing! They have taught me more about how my body works then I ever knew. They are patient and considerate. They are concerned about mind, body and spirit! I am very blessed to have found such a place to work with me.

kina sadler

Great environment very friendly staff. I appreciate everything being explained to me and the reason instead of me just being herded through like a number

Katherine Walker

This place is wonderful! They took the time to listen and explain everything! We will be back!

The Night Is Dark And Full of Terrors

Great first experience!!! Awesome and helpful staff. Recommended for anyone with back issues..

Gretchen Pfotenhauer

Very professional. Very detailed in explaining the workings of the spine and how they will go about fixing any problems

Nyrobi Singapore

I waited until the day after visiting Stronghold to leave this review, as I wanted to leave an accurate assessment of how I felt after the adjustment. For 3 wks, I've had tingling, numbness & pain in my R arm, should, fingers. After an adjustment at Stronghold, I feel so much better. I'm not at 100%, but I'm confident that Stronghold can get me there!! Last but least, everyone from the front desk reps to the Drs. were helpful, knowledgeable & friendly! Thank you & see you soon!!

Erica Wiseman

My experience here has been absolutely amazing! I came due to a history of migraines. I had a headache and numbness in my arm for days that wouldn't resolve, and after my first adjustment my headache and tingling went away immediately! This office has become like a family. Very supportive of your personal health journey and provides you with great resources and tools to succeed. I look forward to coming to my appointment, and they are very flexible with scheduling. I would recommend this office to anyone! If you desire to change your health for the better I encourage you to try chiropractic care. It's truly been life changing for me!

Emily Hernandez

Drs. Dave & John are currently treating my husband and son. My son was on a daily inhaler for asthma. I was desperate to get him off of it and decided to consult with Stronghold. I immediately felt heard and validated. Since starting treatment 7 months ago, my son has weaned off of his inhaler and his behavior has stabilized.

Mechelle Washington

My husband and I went in for a prenatal visit to flip our transverse breech son yesterday. We met with Dr. Hausmann and he was very informative, professional and kind! He gave me an adjustment and showed my husband exercises to do at home to assist. Today we had a baby appt with an ultrasound and found that baby had indeed turned head down! I would highly recommend treatment at this facility.

Rusty Hruby

Impressive in every way, especially the amount of time and info Dr David provided.

james birdwell

Stronghold offers a unique and effective method to chiropractic. From applicable information to the confidence and genuineness of the staff, you are truly in good hands!

Rob Christ

These guys are amazing. Took a lot of time in fixing my issues. A lot of technology to help identify the exact issues and very patient in resolving them. Highly recommend.

Grace Edwards

These are great chiropractors. Dr. Dave has helped my scoliosis so much. My only complaint is way to many times I have to wait to long. After a hour of waiting I have to leave whether I've been seen or not.

Jessie Wallace

This was my FIRST time ever going to a chiropractor. I work in the fitness industry and I have heard about the difference they can make - if you go to the right one. I was excited then skeptical and disappointed with my experience at Stronghold. The staff was friendly and I liked how they wanted to educate me on the value of chiropractic services. However, I received an X-ray then I got an adjustment immediately after. Then, they wanted to take another X-ray post adjustment. Additionally, X-rays sitting down immediately seemed off to me. Your posture is different sitting down. My second appointment, they had lost my x-rays to go over the results. They took new ones again... which I knew they needed but then I realized that was a lot of extra radiation that I didn't need. They then gave me another adjustment without knowing what was going on with spine... due to waiting for the X-rays. So the adjustment didn't make me feel any better like the initial adjustment did. Their plan was too long and too expensive... too many extra unnecessary costs. I later ended up learning from another chiropractor that it is not normal to have X-rays sitting down. Also, it takes a while (months) to see a difference in spinal X-rays. Additionally, my boyfriend (who also went their for the first time) and I were told our lumbar spine wasn't curving inward like it's supposed to. There was likely a misconception because we were sitting down for the X-rays. So it took a while, but my boyfriend and I had to find another place we could trust that wasn't scammy. We were successful. I only write this view to educate anyone about my experience... if it helps them. Buyer beware.

BM Enterprises

My Back and body feel better than it has in over 15 years!

Jenna Rose

I am very impressed. The Drs were great and kept me informed every step of the way. The treatment was amazing and thorough.

Michael Johnson

1st visit was very nice atmosphere was nice staff was very pleasant and Dr. was very knowledgeable and took time to explain everything. After 1st treatment I left feeling better than I did before I arrived.

Scott Sullivan

I sought out this chiropractic office due to a severe pain in my upper back. Since I was traveling from out of state, I could only trust the reviews I had read about them online. Well, I chose correctly because not only were they able to fit me in on very short notice, but they were also extremely professional in my treatment plan to relieve my pain. This office is a world class facility using the latest chiropractic methods for treatment and I would recommend them to anyone.

Kimberly Thomas

I had my first visit recently and I am in love with this practice already! The staff is so welcoming and kind. I felt like my problems were heard and I was being understood. Everyone there made me feel very comfortable! I feel so comfortable that I put my care in their hands.

Brooke Wyatt

This was my first ever chiropractic experience and it was everything and more than I imagined. I learned so much in a short amount of time! And I feel like a million bucks after my adjustment! Thank you Dr Dave and all staff! You guys are amazing!

Ashley Mayes

I have been going to Stronghold Chriopractic since I moved to Nashville in May of 2016. Dr. Dave is truly amazing and has helped me correct my scoliosis. The staff is very friendly with a smile on their face everyday. This is a great place to get adjusted and take advantage of the workshops they put on monthly to educate yourself on living a healthy lifestyle.

Daniela Georgieva

Staff is always friendly and helpful. Location is convenient. And mainly, my pain is gone away and I feel great.

Jennifer Purdom

Great experience as a new patient! Thank you!

Desiree Cabrera

I absolutely love this place. I met Dr. Dave at a bridal show expo earlier this year where he was conducting free spinal scans. After my initial appointment, I wasn’t convinced chiropractic care is what I needed but almost 9 months later, I am so glad I decided to pursue it. The staff is amazing and it just feels like a family when you are there. Dr. Dave and John take their time to explain why your body feels the way it does and how everything is connected in your body. They will even check your other bones if you’re having pain in your shoulders or somewhere else; which I think is great that they don’t limit you to your spine. If you are looking for a chiropractor that will actually address all your questions and concerns, this is the place to go!

Michael Zeller

I've been going to stronghold for 6 months now...definitely has helped relieve different pain I've experienced in my neck and back but also they've helped elevate my body preventative plan. Oh and they helped a good friend of mine who I recommended checking them out reduce her migraines from 3-4 per week to one per month. Dramatic life change for her as she'd been suffering from major migraines for years and years.

hallie jarrell

Dr. Dave and Dr. John are wonderful & extremely knowledgable of their field! The team at stronghold chiropractic is awesome; everyone is very friendly and willing to help. The team really cares about you & your health. I'm excited to begin my health journey with them!

Dakia Hayes

This was my first chiropractor experience and I have to say it was the best first experience. Between the receptionist and the doctors was so nice and helpful and sooooo informational. BEST STAFF EVER!!!!!!

Adrian Grau

Brilliant Chiropractor. Very knowledgeable. Use of latest equipment. Friendly staff. Clean space. They made me welcome from the very first minute. Within 2 sessions I regained a new posture and energy. Thank you guys

Stephen Tharp

Stonghold Health really lives up to its name. If you need to feel better, you will be glad you sought them out.

Sam Becker

I was in Nashville on vacation and had some major back problems. I called and they were able to get me in the next morning. Dr. Hausmann's methods were unlike I've ever had, but made a lot of sense as he was explaining them thoroughly to me. Everyone there seemed to really care and loved the atmosphere. I wish I lived closer to where I could keep going here, but they gave me recommendations of where I can go in my hometown. 5 stars for sure!

Cute Cupcake

Very nice

Liz Melton

Very thorough and personable. I love that they empower you with knowledge and education so you can take care of your body!

Simba Nguyen

Dr. Dave and his friendly staff do an remarkable job making your health a top priority for us all. The team goes above and beyond what it takes for you to maximize your living. They do everything from tailoring specific workouts and meal plans just for you to even hosting dinner events at the most raved about restaurants in Nashville for his patients. I do not know any doctors who is this humble! My mother and I have only been going to his practice for about 2 months and we have seen significant signs of improvements in just several adjustments. And because time is valuable to us all, my favorite part about coming to this chiropractor is that Dr. Dave has mastered a system to eliminate the wait of a regular doctors visit. Once you're checked in and done your exercises there is almost a no wait time to meet with nice guy himself and get your adjustment. And when it comes time for X-Rays to track your progress, the results are almost instant. He treats his patients like family and friends and only wants the best therefore only the best technology is used for our benefit. Great Job Guys! Keep it up!

Herman Cheatham

They are all friendly and professional! I've been dealing with a lot of body pain for many years. I thought it would just be part of my life forever. They were able to relieve the majority of my pain on my first visit. I look forward to seeing what other health benefits I can receive from these very knowledgeable individuals.

Alison Gordy

This was my first experience with a chiropractor and it was incredible! The whole staff was inviting and full of knowledge. Dr. Hausmann and Dr. Negley took the time to explain everything and listen to all of my concerns. I just had my first adjustment and am so excited to start this journey to a healthier life!

David Antonio

I love Dr Dave and his staff. Not only do they want to treat your symptoms, but they want get to the cause. They task you with taking charge of your body and there's a level of accountability they put on you. Just meeting with him once has turned my life in another direction.

Natalie Stewart

Very friendly and helpful staff, the office is clean and they have great diagnostic tools to reinforce what the doctors say. I feel better already after one adjustment. Highly recommend!


Being my first time at a Chiropractor I was a little apprehensive. The staff at Stronghold we’re great. From arriving they gave me the grand tour and explained all equipment and areas of the office. As a new patient I got to sit down with Dr. Dave who quickly eased my mind, and gave me a whole new out-look on what I thought of the Chiropractor. Understanding the practice and all the benefits makes me wish I had visited them sooner. The passion they have for their job shows through all of them!

Annette Tidwell

The doctors and staff at Stronghold Health are all very friendly and dedicated to help everyone live pain free. I had a bad limp and pain radiating all the way down my left leg. In one treatment the limp and most of the pain was gone. I would recommend Stronghold Health to all.

Julianna Smith

Dr Dave and staff are the absolute best! They take personal interest in each of us and help us with whatever physical needs we have! They go more than the second mile for us. We get individualized and personalized attention and I love that! I recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their health and their lives!

Chris Poletti

Very professional and modern approach to overall wellness. The doctor and staff are very polite and friendly and respectful in explaining their approach to pure health and wellness. On a overall scale of 1 to 10 they deserve a 12 plus rating! I have already recommended friends to the practice. I have been a longtime (18 years )sufferer of back and neck pain and I look forward to the future relationship with Stronghold Chiropractic.

Johnathan Barrett

As my first time coming to a chiropractor, you have nothing to sweat or worry about coming here. They take ample time to find out past history to diagnose the root of the problem and come up with a treatment solution. Very professional experience with extremely satisfactory results for my first time chiropractic experience.

Susan Schatz

Just had my first visit with the wonderful staff and Dr's at Stronghold Chiropractic early this morning. It is now late in the day, and for the first time in weeks i have been without the numbness and tingling that have been plaguing me daily. Thank you so much for this much needed relief. Can't wait for future visits as they are about educating a person for optimum health and wellness.

Andrés Bustamante

Excellent staff. Clean environment. Very professional and effective. Chiropractic care has helped renew my health. No more knee pain! Thank you, Dr. Dave!

George Angelopoulos

Dr. David and his team at Stronghold Health provided fantastic results for an injured car accident client!

Chelsey Kees

Dr David and dr John were very knowledgeable, welcoming, and very genuine. My 2 year old loved them and hopped right up to be adjusted without any hesitation! My husband and I could definitely tell a difference and we look forward to future adjustments! Now the best for last, our 7 month old was adjusted, and within hours started crawling, before he would only army crawl and pull himself around. Not even 24 hours later and he is pulling himself up with more ease! I’ve always believed in chiropractic care, but this solidifies it for me and my husband.

Jennifer Burrows

I've lost 20 pounds, have stopped having sinus infections, eat clean healthy food and can workout regularly now. And I've been able to accomplish all of this since June 2015. These are things that I have struggled with for years! He's not only provided adjustments, but he's taught me how to care for my own spine so that I am now empowered to be the best that I can be. I love this place, and cannot give it higher accolades! This is not the best part though, he is a cancer killer! For me, with a husband who has had brain cancer, this and the information he has taught me regarding how to kill cancer, and prevent it from ever taking root in my body has been invaluable. Dr. Dave and his staff are some of the kindest people who genuinely care about your entire well-being. I've been to chiropractors before, and I've said to Dr. Dave that he shouldn't call this chiropractic because it is so much more. It is maximizing your living potential. I highly recommend Dr. Dave and Stronghold Chiropractic

David Watson

Visiting Stronghold has improved my spine and hips mobility, reduced the pain i have been feeling, and has provided relief and comfort to my overall well being. Thank-You

corey harris

10/10 would recommend Lovely staff, friendly and smart, and willing to share their knowledge with you to make it an overall great experience.

Emily Heady

Dr. Dave is truly passionate about his work, and it definitely shows. He is very informative. He truly cares about your health and helping you feel better. I would recommend him to anybody!

Helena Farrow

I have been receiving care at Stronghold since early this year. It has been an amazing experience. They have created a family for everyone who graces their doors. Everyone is always joyful and positive and genuine. They also take interest in their clients on a personal level. I love going and recommend them every chance I get.

Taelor Barnette

I have been there for about 18 months. My back continues to feel better, and I love their holistic approach to wellness!

John Negley

I came in with a hobbled lower back. I was thoughtfully and effectively treated with a combination of treatments. Thanks!

Melissa Fischer

My first visit was so great! Madeline walked me through the office, and I met with Dr. Dave to go over the process and what I might expect. I learned so much about how chirotherapy can genuinely change lives. I was able to get X-rays, do a few pre-adjustment stretches, get adjusted then get post-adjustment X-rays just to see what took place. The results were both shocking and encouraging. With just one adjustment, there was a noticeable difference in my neck! While waiting to be adjusted I spoke to two patients (one who has been coming for 2 months and another for 2 weeks!) both told me how Stronghold truly has changed their life in the best way. The space was welcoming, the staff was friendly and incredibly knowledgeable and the adjustment felt great! I’m excited to go back and continue treatment. I would recommend this place to anyone in the Nashville area!!

Erskine Lytle

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Stronghold. In fact I continue to look forward to my appointments. The information I receive is both practical and thought provoking. Doctor Dave and his staff are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. The exercises and equipment I have been provided for home are part of a daily ritual that will continue long after my appointments cease.

Brittany Maddox

When medical doctors told me my only option was surgery for my 5 year old, I brought her to Dr. Dave and Dr. John and they helped her body heal itself. I will shout this practice from the rooftops. They are God sent.

S Phillips

Dr Dave is one of the most caring members of any of the health professions I have met. He truly cares about his patients, their individual circumstances and their health and well being. Dr Dave wants you to understand that your body is amazing, and that if you follow the whole wellness plan he creates for you you will feel and be better than you ever thought possible! I am 95% improved since beginning my path to health and I recommend dr Dave highly!

Richard Mcgowen

This was my first time going .But they are very knowledgeable professional and answer all your questions.

Billy Tatom

Dr. Dave and his team are fantastic. I was skeptical at first but am a believer now, this is the first time I've woke up without a headache in a long time. I absolutely recommend these guys if you're having daily headaches.

Alexandria Houston

My back was not letting me live my best life!This was my first experience in chiropractic care and it was amazing! I am 2 days after an adjustment and I am feeling great! Dr.Dave was very thorough in helping educate me and Dr.John was also amazing with my first adjustment! I will be back and definitely enjoyed the ambiance and the team

Marc Gagnon

Went to Stringhold due to the $1 introduction to what they are about and I am glad I went. They are very friendly there. both of the receptionist were very nice and helpful with getting signed in and paperwork explanation. Both the doctors were great and very informative on what they do and what they are trying to accomplish with you as a patient. I would definitely recommend going to them and seeing what is wrong. I learned a lot from the visit and can’t wait to go back and see why the adjustments made that were made and how to go forward to having a healthier life and be pain free. Thanks you Stronghold.

Marc Vander Vennet

Immediately walking in there was a peace or a calming//refreshing atmosphere, all the staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating. I felt super safe while being worked on, it was an overall great experience

Christina Noel

The staff members are nice and friendly. The doctors are very knowledgeable and I always leave there learning something new.

Yvonne Abernathy

Awesome!!!!! Dr Dave & staff are the best. Everyone is dedicated to everyone being the very best that they can be. I really feel that I am operating like a well oiled thinking machine. Thanks Dr. Dave!!!!

Sunny Dae

Dr Haussmann was awesome!! I had a back injury. He took X-rays told me what was wrong and he took great care of me! Not 100% on the first visit but he put me on the right track for recovery. Thanks Doc!

Carolina Moscoso

Dr.David and his staff are wonderful, patient, kind, and knowledgeable! He answered all of my questions and concerns prior to getting started, and I look forward to having my family being under his chiropractic care!

Shannon Garner

Very apprehensive about going or if it would even work. But had tried everything else and nothing was helping. So I seen ad on Facebook and was like couldn't hurt to try. Went in they honored their ad and even better they delivered on the relief! Dr. David and Dr. John have a friend for life as well as a client. Thank You both so much as well as the rest of the staff. Look forward to seeing you guys again soon.

Adrienne Bobos

I'm rate this practice 1 star for now as it has been 5 mths since the last visit of 4 of my family members, including myself, and insurance/billing issues are still ever present. I haven't appreciated the way things have played out, but I did receive a phone from Dr. Dave today (after posting a negative review) apologizing for the way it has been handled. I would like to believe Dr. Dave will do the right thing, even if it means he will loose money. I will update this review next week, as we should have an answer by then.

Amanda Gandy

Absolutely love coming here- feeling better already!

Natalie Waddell

From start to end, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Stronghold. I’m eager to start on a wellness plan and reap more benefits from chiropractic care!!

Kizzy Kimmins

This is the best Chiropractor I've ever been to in my life and I have been to several ones. I never thought my crooked spine would ever line up straight but it did for the very first time with Dr. Dave!!! Thank you and Blessings to him and his staff!!!

Patrick Dawson

Dr. Dave is the ONLY person I trust to fix my spinal situation. Don't waste your time exploring other options. Call Dr. Dave and make an appointment NOW

Thea Peters

Fun and friendly, non judgmental. Drs Dave and John are always there to lend an ear and help figure out the best path to health

Jessie Fox

Amazing staff and facilities! I was in a lot of pain and very nervous. From the front desk to the adjustment to walking out the door... they saw me, the heard me, and they cared for me. I’ve already told three friends about Strongholds.

Peggy Hayden

Initial visit. No adjustments, just examination. Everyone was personable and I was very comfortable. I did feel a little exposed during the exam as the saloon style doors don't provide much privacy.

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