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REVIEWS OF Spine and Strength IN Tennessee

Landen Morrison

I've been working with Dr. Lo for almost 4 years now and he's absolutely fantastic at what he does. I went to him with crazy lower back issues and he got me back in alignment, back to work and pain-free in about two weeks over 3 or 4 sessions. Since then it's flared up a couple times but he is usually able to get me sorted after only 1 session, sometimes 2, depending on what I did to mess up my back again to begin with. Last year I overworked my right arm doing yardwork at my home and he was able to get the pain out of my arm using his super fancy acupuncture/electronic muscle stimulation or whatever it is he calls it. Since then I haven't had any issues with that arm. He was also able to help my wife when she was pregnant with our son. She experienced trouble with her ribs as a result of the pregnancy and he was able to keep her adjusted and comfortable throughout her pregnancy. So whether you're older, younger, pregnant, experienced a sports/work related injury, or just do a lot of heavy lifting, Dr. Lo is your guy!

Christopher Crenshaw

I walked in with chronic should and knee pain which was making it difficult to achieve my physical fitness goals. Dr. Lo used methods and training that allowed me to avoid surgery, and am now 100% pain free in my shoulders and seeing vast improvement on my knees. Being in my 40's I wanted to avoid surgery at all costs, and treat the underlying problems. The body is amazing in its ability to heal itself. Dr. Lo harnesses this and delivers results of which I could not have dreamed.

Jeff Bryan

Jerry did wonders for my lower back pain. The therapy I received along with the recommended stretches has allieveated the pain and allowed me to become more flexible. I highly recommend Strength and Spine Nashville!

Kelly Ray

I can't say enough wonderful things about Spine & Strength! After my first dry needling treatment, I have already experienced tremendous relief in my neck and shoulders. The office is beautiful, and both Dr. Jerry & Dr. Emily are incredibly professional, attentive and trustworthy. You can tell from the moment you arrive that they truly care about their patients and the level of service they provide is second to none.

John Ambrose

Dr. Lo did a great job of helping me with my arm and neck pain. He used a combination of treatments that relieved the pain quickly. He also listens really well on each visit...would use him again!!

Kyle Good

Chris Omer

I was having issues with overall flexibility, shoulder pain, and between my shoulder blades muscles feeling knotted up. After my first visit was pretty sore but also felt better. We’ve worked on daily stretches that has helped my overall flexibility already. I highly recommend Dr. Lo!

David Vasil

Dr. Lo provides excellent care by personalizing treatment to meet my specific needs. He listens to my concerns and provides tailored exercises and chiropractic therapy that help alleviate imbalances in my body and allow me to be as active as I want.

Rachel Schaffer

I have been working with Jerry for about a year now and he has been a game changer AND a life changer! I have always had a nagging IT band issue and working with Jerry has helped alleviate that not only due to his adjustments but his suggestions for exercises and lifestyle changes, i.e. he suggested a standing desk which has been so beneficial! I now see him at least once a month and before or after any major race I do. I can't recommend Jerry and Spine and Strength enough!

Aaron Irwin

For most of my adult life I’ve had back pain all day every day. Mainly because of racing motocross most of my life, but also because if my profession, I’m a tattoo artist and the way i sit All day is terrible for my lower back. I started Coming to Spind and Strength a month ago (two visits) and for the first time since i can Remember, my lower back felt normal again, no pain at all. I’m still in shock at how well and fast this worked.. I highly Recommend this place .. super cool dude and great at what he does.. thank you guys so much!!! Best regards - Bubba Irwin

Jared White

Dr. Lo has helped me with a lot of tight nagging muscle aches through dry needling, manual soft tissue work and manipulation. He also is good with giving corrective exercises to help the areas that are weak to become stronger to alleviate the issues. Highly recommend

Sarah Dirkmaat

I am always excited to see Dr Jerry because he has greatly helped my back pain! The dry needling has done wonders, and I love that they approach pain in a holistic way. I appreciate that they give my exercises to do at home to prevent this pain from occurring again in the future. Added bonus: their pup is the sweetest and always greets me at the door. Can't recommend enough!

Missie Knight

Exceptional Doctor! After loosing my chiropractor due to relocating to Nashville I was carful about who I would choose as my next Doctor. Last weekend I hurt my back and yesterday rolled my ankle so I was demanding referrals. After one treatment with Dr. Lo I am sold. He listened to my problems, got me to open up about when the pain started and why it started. He asked about my former chiropractor and what I liked about his treatment. He is so easy to talk to. He pointed out my problems and how I can be a better patient to make it easier for him to help me. We talked about my medications and he suggest other more natural ways of numbing the pain. I truly feel I will get off my prescriptions under his care. He gave me his honest option that wearing heels after a pedicure may not be the best idea. I lost all my traction and rolled my ankle. haha I burst out laughing. He took his time with me. He's more interested in helping single patients versus volume in his office. I really left comfortable and that he truly cared. My advice to anyone in pain is go see Dr Lo. Then buy a Purple Mattress and a My Pillow. You will be pain free in no time! No More Lo back pain! His doc CRACKS me up! I cannot wait for my next appointment. I plan on seeing his wife. I feel keeping them in my life will benefit me positivity, personally, and professionally. They are Nashville's Power couple. I can't wait to see how they help our city. Ya'll go make an appoint with Dr. Lo, Nashville's next number one Chiropractor!

412 Performance Chiropractic

Not your cookie cutter practice. Each patient's treatment is personalized to fix the source of the pain and they will teach you how to keep the pain from returning through strengthening exercises. I highly recommend this place.

Tommy Wolosin

Dr Lo and his team have done an amazing job helping me get down almost 20lbs with lifestyle change and better habits! He's also helping me with better strength and conditioning to get me ready for my 1st 1/2 marathon. I enjoy the work with him, the facility is nice, and he's got some very modern ways to help me get to the next steps in health and wellness. Kudos doc for taking such good care of me and my wife!

Cindy Puckett

Love Dr. Jerry and Dr. Emily. They are wonderful. I have had several different issues and every time they work to solve what is going on. They are responsive, caring , and great to work with .

Stuart Schulz

I am so lucky to have met Dr. Lo. He listens to my complaints and his positive change attitude and approach have helped me in so many ways. I highly recommend him and his clinic. My back feels the best it has in years.

Chad Baker

Great facility! Dr. Lo always takes time to really listen to me so he can figure out what's going on and how to solve the issue. He never makes me feel rushed which isn't always the case with healthcare these days.

Katie Austin Short

I had never been to a chiropractor until I started having severe pain in my neck and shoulder at work one day. Dr. Lo got me right in and alleviated the pain while giving me lifestyle change suggestions to help prevent the problem from happening again. I would highly recommend this facility.

Thad Wells

Dr. Jerry and Dr. Emily are awesome! Dr. Emily has helped my whole family with Nutrition Response. Dr. Emily is patient, compassion and cares! Dr. Jerry is an amazing chiropractor who cares and listens. Dr. Jerry even took the time to text me a video of personal exercises I can be doing between visits. We drive from Thompsons Station to see them because they are both worth the drive! Highly recommend them they are both amazing people who are also great at what they do!

Meghan White

Dr. Lo really takes the time listen and understand what your issues are, and the root cause of them. He helped me with tension and stress relief with dry needling and an adjustment, but also helped me with ways to reduce stress and prevent the problems from recurring.

Joe Sihaphom

Everyone here is friendly and very knowledgeable! The first time I came to Spine and Strength, I scheduled a Thai massage with Brandy and she focused on the areas that were bothering me. The session was relaxing, peaceful and calm. After the session she showed me what exercises could be done to help with the areas I was having trouble with and referred me to Dr. Lo because I told her I've been wanting to see a chiropractor. I'm really glad that she referred me to Dr.Lo because he is very down to earth and great at what he does. After some dry needling sessions and adjustments, I feel like I'm in a new body and can't help but to feel that way every time I leave. I highly recommend Spine and Strength and everything they have to offer!

Kate Hensley

I have been seeing Doctor Lo for over a year. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have always struggled with pain management. Being a mother, I push my body and ask it to do many things throughout the day. Dr. Lo keeps my body from feeling in pain and helps me to function and be great mother to my children. He is extremely knowledgeable and not only takes the time and address you properly but gives you tools on how to maintain the adjustment. He is also extremely responsive if you have any kind of Traumatic event or pain over a weekend or even at night. I have even had him adjust my five-year-old son. He is extremely trustworthy thorough and knowledgeable . Kate Hensley

Eric Comer

Dr. Lo is amazing. I have struggled with tendentious in my left elbow for years. It had gotten to the point where I was avoiding working out and the only thing my primary Dr. could do is give me a shot. After 5 or 6 sessions with Dr. Lo my elbow feels as good as new. I would recommend Spine & Strength to anyone. Thank you Jerry!

Tyler Graham

I highly recommend Dr. Lo at Spine and Strength! He really takes the time to explain what is causing my pain and the steps to fix it. He is always friendly and professional, and helps me feel comfortable during adjustments as well as empowered with the knowledge to feel better! If you’re looking for a top notch chiropractor in Nashville, look no further than Dr. Lo!

Melanie Miller

Love Dr Jerry and Dr Emily. Great experience. Progressive office. Amazing pup, too. They are creating a special space for Nashville when it comes to holistic care. Thank you!

TJ Ojehomon

New chiropractor that really knows their stuff. Figures out ways to fix you without surgery and heavy meds. I recently visited and thoroughly enjoyed the sauna! Felt great after.

Troy Irwin

Dr Lo wtih Spine and Stength and strives with me to eating healthy to stay healthy. I have been a Type 1 diabetic for 40 years with an insulin pump. He has helped me with frozen shoulder and other ailments. Dr Lo comes to my office at Atmos Energy and has a great attitude to help everyone there. Thanks Dr Lo

David Corley

Jerry and Emily know their stuff and get to the root of the issue

Matt Stewart

I went to Dr Lo after injuring my back at work. I had tried treating it with massage, yoga and stretching and nothing could unlock my lower back. Dr Lo worked with me and gave me excercises to ease and strengthen my back. I definitely recommend working with him!

Kate Standish

Dr. Jerry and Dr. Emily go the extra mile with their care, which is why I drive the extra mile to receive it! I appreciate their holistic approach and of course the results I feel. I am always impressed with their curiosity and self-development in advancing the quality of care they provide. I highly recommend Spine and Strength!

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