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REVIEWS OF Music City Health Center IN Tennessee

Stephan Bohemier

Drs. Justin and Courtney Moseley are two of the most dedicated Doctors in the Nashville area! Their commitment to my health and well being as well as the rest of their patients is very evident from the moment you walk into their office. Their care is very effective, affordable, and through the 5 Essentials of Health that they teach in their clinic, Maximized Living has changed my life. If only more people knew about Maximized Living and these wonderful Docs, Goodlettsville and Nashville would be a much healthier place!

Jennifer Hedges

Amazing doctors that are dedicated to your care. They also offer an abundance of awesome health tips. They have helped me to lead a better life all around!

Jennifer Perry

Music City Health Center is amazing! Dr. Justin and Dr. Courtney know their stuff and focus on getting to the root of the cause, not just treating your symptoms. I can’t wait to get my test done to see what foods I’m sensitive to!

Dane Murray

Ms. C. Bell

I have never been more impressed with chiropractor services. The entire staff are beautiful inside and out, very attentive to your problems. The doctor takes his time to make sure you understand your treatment. I wished I knew about them ages ago. Forever a patient!

Marirae Mathis

I absolutely love this office. Their sense of compassion and purpose is felt immediately. I have been a patient for over 5 yrs. and continue to be adjusted weekly, as is my husband. The Dr's and staff are wonderful people.Two thumbs up! (I'd give it more, but I only have 2)

Jessica Moseley

T J Watts

First class office with friendly, caring professional staff. Dr. C and crew have been awesome to work with, changed my life in more ways than they will ever know...

Michele Rogers

The staff at Music City Health are genuinely caring people who always welcome you with a smile! My daughter has suffered with severe constipation her entire life until seeing the doctors at MCH. Now she is using the bathroom regularly and has had overall improved health since her weekly adjustments. I would highly recommend MCH!

Tansil Kammerzell

Absolutely love this place! I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and getting adjusted by Dr. Shay has been a LIFE SAVER! Pregnancy is no walk in the park. There is almost always an ache or pain I am having. Thanks to the help of Dr. Shay and Drs. Moseley, I have been able to sleep comfortably through the night, have relief from round ligament pain and lower back/hip pain, and just feel better in general! Thanks MCHC for being intentional and caring with each and every patient! Y’all are the best!

Whitney Hollenbeck

I love the positive energy you feel when you walk through the door. The Doctors treat and care for you like family. Thank for this place!

ray aguilar

I absoutely love Music City Health Center! Great people and such an amazing environment. I enjoy every second at their practice because they care. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. They will take care of you, and get you on a path to better your overall health and wellness.

Blythe Gray

Music City Health Center has very loving and amazing doctors and staff! They really care about their patients. You feel welcomed as soon as you enter the door. Not to mention the beautiful and clean facility!

Lillian Bacus

I can’t say enough good things about MCHC! First they always have an inviting and calming atmosphere. Which if your nervous about chiropractic care you will be put at ease. The staff truly cares about you! I started care because I have a condition that always makes one side of my body’s muscles tight which has led to horrible back pain, sciatica and most recently female troubles with PCO and a hormone imbalance. I had even been diagnosed with a huge cyst that doctors wanted to do surgery on. But I wanted to see if making better diet choices and my new found love of MCHC would help. On my last doctors visit. The cyst was completely gone after only a month, and my hormones had balanced. I also have so much more mobility and have been able to quit using muscle relaxers and ibuprofen. I’m so thankful for the care I’ve recieved while at MCHC. Chiropractic care will now forever be a part of something I do for self care, and I’ll always recommend MCHC!

Kasey Grabiec

Drew Bledsoe

MCHC is truly life changing. After beginning to come 3 years ago for severe lower back pain due to a compression fracture in my spine, I've experienced the relief that I had lacked for months in my back, and was finally able to function again. The doctors here are truly inspiring and encouraging, as are all employees, and would recommend to anyone.

Karen Dunn

Warm, friendly office. Great care!!

John Cloninger

Super organized! Great atmosphere and friendly people.

Jay Berry

Me and my family have been patients of Dr Justin and Dr Courtney for about 2 years now. They have visited us in our home to adjust when my daughter was ill and also at the hospital when my second child was born. The office is professional yet very friendly, providing parents with (rowdy) kids a less "stuffy" atmosphere. They are teachers who come beside you at whatever mile you are on the health journey and coach you to live better for your family to fulfill your God given purpose. I am truly grateful for such passionate and selfless people in my family's lives.

Nick Toth

I’ve been going to Music City Health for six months. I didn’t even realize all the setbacks I dealt with daily until that first 2 weeks of adjustments. My sinuses were always blocked to some degree, but that was just life for me. Who knew that poor neck alignment could be the culprit for that? I certainly didn’t, but it’s so good to breathe clear again. I appreciate MCH and the journey they’ve taken with me into a better lifestyle.

Magan Bereña

I highly recommend Music City Health Center if you want to see major improvement in your health! I have been going here for almost a year - the doctors and office staff are always friendly, helpful, and truly care what is going on in your life and your health. The doctors practice what they preach, and you can really tell this is a Christian organization. I have seen every single health problem get better - no headaches, stiffness in neck gone, weight loss, PCOS managed, jaw pain gone, and more! I am now drug free and I've ditched my mouth guard for my TMJ. Thank you, MCHC! I feel very fortunate to have found this office.

Jessica Border

I love MCC! Amazing Drs who truly care about their patients! They know everyone by name without a chart and are healing patients not masking symptoms with meds!! No more migraines, back pain gone and just generally feel better. The atmosphere in the office is great, everyone is friendly and it's really comfortable!

Diana Ballew

I love the people there and they do well. Hours are pretty awkward though

snsguy the one and only

I've had a lot of back pain and was diagnosed as pancreatic pain. My wife and I found ourselves at Music City Health Clinic and getting adjusted and realigned has taken away about 80% of that pain. The atmosphere is great and the peoole that work there are fantastic. I highly recommend the to anyone and everyone. The MCHC!

Mike Sofer

Very helpful and friendly. Love this place!

Greg Abbott

Dr. Courtney, Dr. Justin and Dr. Shay are not only incredible doctors they are incredible people. They help so many different people in so many different ways! Look no further than Music City Health Center!

Erin Robertson

Best chiropractor in Nashville! They helped decrease my migraines tremendously. Family friendly and I love taking my kids here too. They are also helping my husband, who has steels rods in his back from scoliosis.

Mac Watts

Having constant pain and discomfort for well over a decade, I have been pain free for a month now thanks to the entire staff at Music City Health Center. Their friendly, professional and caring nature makes me feel right at home every time I visit. I highly recommend their services!

Aubrey Binkley

Super friendly staff!

Cathy Mustain-Rhinehart

I have worked for the past year with Dr. Courtney and Dr. Justin on their community out reach. The doctors and staff are very caring and professional. I work with doctors all across the country and Music City Health Center certainly gets 5 stars from me.

Rob Binkley

Wow. What great staff. Fantastic location. Great care for patients.

Chris Ewell

Have not been in awhile, work kind of got in the way but these fine folks at Music City Health Center are absolutely amazing. Extremely friendly and genuine. The entire staff is amazing. I will not go anywhere else and cannot wait to be able to go back to see them.

Amanda Jehnsen

The doctors and staff here are incredible! They create such a peaceful, healing atmosphere and the treatment is progressive and effective. The discomfort in my neck and hips has drastically improved since coming here and I’m so grateful for Music City Health Center!

Casey Kammerzell

This place is great! Me, my wife, and daughter have been coming here close to a year!

bryan truitt

This place is fantastic. I was skeptical at first since I had previously seen another chiropractor in the area for a year and didn't see the results I wanted for my sciatica issues. This staff worked carefully and diligently to help me become pain free over the course of a few weeks. Thanks for helping me.

Joshua Rice

My experience with Music City Chiropractic has been wonderful. Dr. Courtney and Dr. Justin care not just for their patients but want to see the community as a whole feel better and be healthy. They see our whole family including our 1yr old daughter. We are glad to be a part of the MCC family.

Sara Rogers

Fantastic! Incredible duo with Courtney and Justin Moseley! Christian family atmosphere that truly care about your health!

Kelly Mcclearen

Great place and great people. Exceeeded my expectations completely. I’d give 5 stars but I’m not one that gives out full stars on reviews when I actually review something.

Kate Pentecost

Dr. Justin and Dr. Courtney have been an enormous help to myself, my husband and our daughter. They are careful to educate us on what adjustments they are making and why. They have influenced our diets, our cleaning products and our attitudes about how to get healthy and stay healthy. The office is welcoming as are all the employees and patients we have met. The Drs. work very hard to change lives and they are changing our lives and we are thankful. Our family thinks the cost of our chiropractic care is very reasonable - the cost of our good health is priceless.

Lindsey Stewart

Already starting to feel improvement within just my first few weeks of treatment at MCHC. The atmosphere is welcoming, the staff is kind and helpful, and the doctors and the NP are incredible.

Cooper's Automotive

Dr. Justin and Courtney Moseley along with Dr. Shay are very personable and welcoming. The team at Music Center Health Clinic does everything you could require to ensure your experience with a chiropractor is as patient-centric as possible. They are legitimate, honest, forthright, and most of all the create a nutrition and plan that will work for your body to get all benefits of the way your body is design to function. Courtney is transparent and extremely knowledgeable, I appreciate her background of extensive knowledge and specialty in practicing a whole-body approach to nutrition. The front office staff is very efficient and they are the friendliest I have ever encountered in any doctor's office. They have also been very flexible in making appointments around my work schedule.

DeAndra Herndon

Dr. Courtney and Dr. Justin are beyond amazing! They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to overall health and wellness! I feel supported, loved, encouraged and cared for every time I’m in the office for my regular adjustments! Their treatments have improved my everyday function by reducing the amount of tension and stress I carry in my neck and shoulders, I feel so much better after every adjustment! I would highly recommend them!

kelley moore

I found MCHC out of desperation of continued migraines. I had exhausted traditional methods of at the very least minimizing the frequency. Nothing worked. I decided to give this team a try. Their approach made a significant difference not only with my migraines, but also in my overall health. Prior to this experience, I had tried chiropractic therapy for overall wellness but this was my first desire for consistent care. They really set the bar high. The entire office staff is so kind and friendly and work with you on scheduling needs as well as making this affordable for you. They truly care about YOU and making your health the best that it can be. 5 stars isn’t enough for the magic they do.

Chris Brooks

I have been with Music City Chiropractic since the first day they opened their doors. I have slipped, but not because of them. When I followed their program, I felt great. No medications to speak of, lost 50 pounds, and often shared my testimony. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, so that is saying alot to be off my meds. The care they share with us and what they teach us is worth more than any traditional doctor. It is not the traditional doctor's fault, but the fact that most everyone has been deceived. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants true health (which is not just the absence of symptoms, since you have to get to 60% health before symptoms appear).

Denise 1

I am so pleased with my experience with Music City Health Ctr. Before coming to the ctr I had a total knee replacement on my left knee and was scheduled for one on my right which is bone on bone. Not wanting to go thru the radical experience again I attended the free seminar and decide to give the Stem Cell injection a try. From the day I've received my injection I have not felt the bone on bone pain and I have followed all instructions of resting, taking my collagen and being in tune with my body. Sometimes I forget my knee is still in the infant stage and tend to do to much but a couple hours of rest and I'm good to go. Complete healing peaks at one year. I am just 2 months in and looking forward to my future. The staff is so caring, compassionate and very knowledgeable. I recommend them to anyone wanting to avoid surgery. I just wish more insurance companies would support this procedure and realize it benefits them as well as the patient.

Jeff Styba

As a doctor who refers people to doctors all over the country, Drs Justin and Courtney always overdeliver. They are two of the most empathetic and qualified in the Nashville area!

Diana Gerson

My overall health has improved 100% since my first visit to Music City Health Center! Upon entering, I found the relaxing spa environment to be quite soothing in and of itself! Similarly, I was given expert advice by Dr. Shay who is a dedicated and caring chiropractor. All of my treatments have improved my well being! I am grateful to Heather and Amanda who smile and greet me each ; they are always friendly and helpful! Kim is amazing, explaining every procedure and offering compassion when my knees were hurting so much! Finally, I recommended Music City Health Clinic to my daughter who, in turn, initially told me about the services, and now, we are both enjoying the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle!

Kristen Banks

I love how the doctors genuinely care about getting to the root cause and not just putting a band-aid on my symptoms.

Flameco08 ?????

I love the healing that this place provides. MCHC is changing lives and making an inpact in the community! Highly recommend you check them out!

Viktor Furduy

U won't know how good they are untill you let them show it to you ;).

Lindsey Forte

Love MCHC!!!! Love the entire staff!!! So thankful for how much they care for the health of their patients and well being! Go check them out TODAY and see the difference in your everyday life!

Shay Glenn

Where you would bring your family for true health and wellness.

D Tarpey

Making the decision to commit to visiting the Music City Health Center on a weekly basis, in addition the knowledgeable and friendly employees, has been one of the best decisions I could have ever made! I believe that I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life! I have lost weight, lowered my dose of meds, and best of all I can now work out in my garden and not have back pain anymore! I believe I have proven that it's never too late to make a change and better your quality of life even if your over 50, okay, so over 55! Thank you to everyone in the office!

Russell Hospedales

The place is very clean... Smells great... The staff very professional and they are very good at what they do... Their very caring... Also to help with the healing process the staff there are very beautiful (Hallelujah... Lol... Don't judge)... Thanks for an awesome experience... I'm not going anywhere, I'm stayin right there... My advice... Come to the Music City Health Center... Why go anywhere else they've got all u need plus looks... Russell

Christie Hunter

Dr. Justin and Dr. Courtney are the best there is! They are very passionate about chiropractic care and living a more healthy life. They have changed mine and my family's life so much in just the few months we have been going there. Dr. J and Dr. C are also very professional and respectful of your time. The ladies at the front are amazing as well and help keep my family in line! Would recommend this great practice to anyone and everyone who needs a healthy change in their lives! We love Music City Chiropractic!!

erin sousley

Drs. Justin & Courtney are two of the most highly-trained chiropractors I've ever met. The experience each patient receives at Music City Chiropractic is second to none. I would recommend all of my friends and family to this amazing office!

Melanie Reininger

Andrea Frondorf

Abbie Rice

Our family is so happy that we have found Dr. Justin and Dr. Courtney at Music City Chiropractic. They truly take the time to get to know each patient and to educate you on your care. The staff is excellent and always helpful. All of the extras offered are so helpful as well. They offer free trips to the grocery store to teach label reading, heart talks, overall wellness tips etc. We look forward in continuing to see great improvement in our families health through the support of MCC and the great staff!

Matthew Price

Dr. Justin and his staff are the best. So welcoming and friendly. I’ve been seeing them for years now and can’t begin to explain how much they have helped me, and so many other people! The chiropractor sounds scary, but the moment you walk in the door you’ll know you are somewhere special.

Alicia Marshall

I have had severe sinus infections every year since I was 8 years old. After starting care here with Dr. C and Dr. J ( and now Dr. Kayla) I have not had one in 2 years! My whole family trusts MCHC with a huge part of our health and wellness, and we are never going back!

Nick Cavuoto

Best chiropractor in Hendersonville TN... really wonderful staff. Dr. Justin and Dr. Courtney Moseley are highly recommended, safe, and very effective. Their TREATMENT WORKS!! Dr. Shay is great too! They've been really helpful with all kinds of issues -- stress related, headaches, shoulder pain, knee pain, posture, bulging disc, pinched nerve, sciatica, tinnitus, anxiety, hip pain, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, allergies, tmj, neck pain, pregnancy and the list goes on.. and on!! 100%, 5 star review and experience!!!

Stephanie Swyers

The doctors and team at this clinic are amazing! My experience was welcoming and healing. I've been to Chiropractor before, but this office was by far one of the best!

Danni Stoyanova

I cannot say enough how wonderful the doctors at Music City Health Center are. The best care from the most caring doctors!

Ruben Zamudio

This team of Health professionals are simply the best. Nobody better! True professionals that care about your total health and wellness. Great people and great practitioners!

M Ran

I'm an educated self-aware human, but getting help figuring out what truly ails my body has eluded me over 4 years and 2 states. Until now, MCHC really does CARE, really does want to make you BETTER. The staff and doctors are wonderful, kind and are helping me figure ME out! Hightly recommend.

Rachelle Beaty

Made an appointment on extremely short notice due to an accute problem with my neck. Called this clinic first because of the great reviews. The receptionist told me they could see me if I came immediately. I indicated yo her that I had two babies I would have to bring with me and it would take me 20 minutes to get there. She said that was fine. Showed up, filled out paperwork, took the office tour, all the while in agony with neck pain. Was taken into an X-ray room where I was eventually told they would not do an adjustment today because they needed time to "analyze" my X-rays. I was in no position to wait all weekend for this to occur, as I needed to be able to function and take care of my two children. I don't know very many people who request a new patient chiro appointment on twenty minutes notice for routine maintenance. I would not have made the appointment and dragged a six month old and one year old baby out in 27 degree weather had I known they had no intention of adjusting me today. The receptionist was very nice but honestly she should have told me they would not adjust me today during the initial phone call and saved me the time and hassle of coming down to their office. When I mentioned I needed pain relief today and someone should have given me a heads up, the practitioner offered no solution or apology. I would probably have enjoyed being a client of this office and would have even brought my children here had it not been for this sour experience. There was ample opportunity to explain their procedures when it was clear that my goal was to have an adjustment to relieve me of pain immediately. As it were, I found another chiropractor just two miles away who was able to see me immediately and gave me instant relief with his capable hands. He clearly cares about his clients and improving their symptoms. And he now has a loyal client in myself and my family.

Chrissy Toth

I’m so grateful for this place! I feel great after each visit and can see a difference in my health. All staff are super friendly and accommodating. Thankful for Alyssa (front desk extraordinaire) for asking me to try it out!

A Reid

feeling better already. MCHC & the staff are awesome. -go!

Ross Skorzewski

Absolutely love the staff at Music City Health Center!!! Their devotion the their trade and passion for “complete” Chiropractic care. Having an affiliation to The Wellness Way has given them to ability to deliver amazing clinical results!!

Mike Boston

Awesome experience! Awesome people! Staff is very friendly and fun. They really care about improving your health and improving your life!

Audra Hicks

Everyone is super friendly, the staff and the doctors and they really care about their patients! I always have a great experience when I go there. If you believe in the natural healthcare approach to wellness then go see the docs at Music City Health Center!


When I went to MCHC, I had suffered from a wreck a year ago. My neck, shoulders, and lower back has improved greatly! Everyday I’m making inprovement. Dr. Shay and all of the staff really cares for all of your needs and makes sure they can help improve you back to the best you! Highly recommended!

jim lambert

I have had issues for 27 years and used to go to a chiropractor. They no longer accepted my insurance so I quit going. My Wife and Daughter found this location so I decided to give them a try. I have been pleased with the great staff and I have experienced relief for my symptoms. I'll continue to go and enjoy the services of a great establishment!!

Bryan Eaton

7/8/16 update below: We have been loyal patients of Dr Justin and Dr Cortney for over 4 years and could not be happier with the compassion and service. They truly put your family and health first. From chiropractic services to diet and excersice, they truly strive to be a all inclusive health center. Thank you all!!! Update: So since my last post I'm proud to say that weight loss is still happening, headaches are reduced, back pain is diminished and the whole family truly looks forward to our visits. Thanks to the entire staff, always so welcoming!!

Nicole Sanborn Realtor

After almost 14 years of retail management induced back-pain, MCHC has reduced it to a level I never thought possible! Also, my husband, Aaron, had debilitating pancreatic pain that even the #1 pancreatic specialist at Vanderbilt Medical Center could do nothing for, except to inject him with ineffective, mood altering, very expensive steroids. When I asked Drea if she thought MCHC could help such a hopeless case has my husband's, she gave me an emphatic and immediate yes, but looking at Aaron, who was unable to move off the floor except to painfully crawl to the bathroom and back, I had my doubts. We were out of options however and decided to give MCHC a try. Long story short, MCHC worked a virtual miracle with Aaron. He is not only off the floor due to their healing work, he has so little discomfort now from his pancreas that he almost never mentions it anymore and has gotten back to work, to playing with our 2 year old and to living life again. It brings tears to my eyes just to recount this story. We don't know how to thank the loving, empathetic and gracious team at MCHC enough for changing our lives for the better. You all are a gift from God. For anyone reading this review, please do not hesitate, make an appointment with MCHC and see the difference for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

Heather Hull

You have to experience the atmosphere of this place! They are kind, and knowledgeable. Amazing care providers that truly care about your overall health and well being from the inside out. I play roller derby and have experienced a lot of back pain and fatigue over the years. Dr. Courtney, Dr. Justin and Dr. Shay have changed my life and made it possible for me to continue my aggressive workouts and lifestyle of a single mom with a three year old.

Anna Brown

Great Docs and Top Notch Service! If you are looking for a great family Chiro, look no further. Dr. Courtney and Dr. Justin are amazing and always have a friendly face. I particularly love their attention to detail. They are extremely knowledgeable in all things health and going the alternative route. I like feeling like I can have all my needs met under one house. I also love that they are a family office. My kids have been adjusted since birth and it's important to me to have a Chiro that puts emphasis on children and keeping their tiny spines alignment and their bodies healthy. I would recommend them to anyone. Go! You won't regret it. :)

Donna Timmons

My knee is like there was NEVER anything wrong with it !!! And it IS bone on bone !!!! I am walking 3 miles a day , 6 days a week....NO LIMP !!! It is BETTER than the replacement knee !!!!! It has been about 2 years since the shots !!! I am 64 years old, shop til you drop , very active, woman with grandchildren. I can do anything I want that the REPLACEMENT will let me, it limits me....NOT the knee with the shots! I would give anything to have found the shots FIRST ! At least I would have had the option to try for a better life FIRST !

Race Cholewinski

Corey Shelton

Love this place. The atmosphere is great. The staff are even better. If you are looking for a chiropractor this place is the place for you!

JD Hunter

Music City Health Center has a great team and they are committed to helping others live a better life. I started going there when I had pain in my neck and lower back. They not only helped relieve that pain through chiropractic care, they taught me how to live a healthier life through diet and exercise. My family and I love Dr. Justin, Dr. Courtney, Dr. Kayla, and all the employees at MCHC!

Leah Phillips

I've been going to Dr. C and Dr. J for over a year. I've never felt better - I am finally able to sleep deeply, and my fibromyalgia pain is under control. My parents are also patients, both having found relief of their various ailments. You won't be able to find better chiropractors in the area.

Evalee Grenamyer

In a few short months the x-rays have proven the effectiveness of my treatment done here! I've been a massage therapist for 37 years and I know what it means to have a healthy body, high functioning spine and nervous system and more. This is the place to go to heal and renew your life and be the best you can be!

Kevin Johnson


Christian based practice at its finest. They've been very helpful to myself and others members of my family. My migraines are significantly reduced as is my back pain and I've been healthier over the last two years than I have been ten years prior.

Kam Harris

When I first came in my posture was horrible now it’s rockin! 10/10 would recommend:) thx for loving me 24/7 MCHC

Tad Binkley

Such an incredible health center that truly cares about delivering quality services!

Jewel Shervanick

Besides being two excellent chiropractors, both doctors are sincerely in-tuned with what it takes to heal and be healthy. Being affiliated with Maximized Living provides resources and products to encourage/enable a longer, fruitful, and unmedicated livestyle. Drs. Justin and Courtney are well-informed, passionate professionals who truly have a mission to educate and eradicate that which stands between a patient and true, natural health. My husband and I have been using Music City Chiropractic services over 1.5 years with noticeable, positive results. Our daughter and her husband are now also reaping the benefits. :) I recommend this chiropractic office without reservation and with great encouragement to others.

Siobhan Hickerson

The friendliest and all around best staff you will ever find. The doctors are all extremely educated and great at what they do. I would not go to or reccommend anyone else!

Brittany Bailey

Shelby Marie

Mchc is awesome! They’re so welcoming, loving, and Godly. Everyday when I wake up I can finally live my day to its full potential because of the care I recieve from this office. They’re so amazing, from the doctors to the staff. I recommend them to anyone who cares about their health!

John Heather Leigh King

holly olendorf

Love the workshops! Great staff and friendly environment !

Jason Spain

Awesome group of people! They can help you in more ways than you can imagine. I've went in several times with different issues and they amaze me with the care they can provide! You will be amazed how they can help you too!

Tara Milliken

Words cannot describe how genuine, how helpful, how knowledgeable and how hard work and dedication pays off when your passionate about something. I would recommend Dr. Justin and Dr. Courtney to anyone in the world. Yes...please stop in and see them and then go tell everyone you know how they have impacted your life for the better.

Mike Zimmerman

Through their work, workshops, and help, they have helped me basically CURE my asthma. I was told I would never grow out of it and would have to take medication that harms my heart for the rest of my life, but learning how to eat better, exercise more efficiently, and boost my body's natural immune system, I have been able to stop all medication. MCHC saved me. I tell everyone to go to them. My whole family are patients at MCHC and we have had our children adjusted since the day they were born. You will not meet more compassionate, genuine, and loving people than you do with the staff at MCHC. They are more than our doctors, they are our friends.

Bryan Guess

Dr. Justin helped me out a lot with my gut health. It was affecting many issues in my life. I'm very thankful I was able to find such honest and detailed doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Justin to anyone with their health!!!

Christine Graham

The staff at Music City Health really care about your well-being! They offer services that enable you to live up to your God Given Potential!

kat harvey

They are amazing! My headaches have gone away. And working in the fitness industry they are a true life saver! They also have supplements that i love And are great for your body! Stress RX is my favorite! Go see them you won’t regret it!

Renee Taylor Jauregui

Music City Health Center has changed my life! I was having severe left neck/shoulder/arm pain with extreme headaches before I started going to MCHC. Not only did the MCHC docs relieve 99% of my pain, but I was also educated on proper nutrition, essential oils, toxins, and many other holistic aspects of health and wellness. Also, The staff is always courteous and willing to help, and it's an overall relaxing environment. If you have pain or are thinking about making a change into a more healthy and holistic lifestyle, MCHC is the place for you!

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