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REVIEWS OF Berry Hill Chiropractic & Wellness IN Tennessee

Thomas Ruggio

Amy Jacobs

When it comes to care and chiropractic treatment, this staff is the best of the best. Dr. B, Dr. Lo, and Dr. Novak, along with the entire staff offer exceptional care. You are in good hands at Berry Hill Chiropractic!

Kimberly Schoetzow

They fit me in without much notice after a neck injury so I could get on with my day without pain. Staff are always friendly and never make me feel like I'm wasting their time. The services are well-rounded and whole-body consideration is given.

Amy Nelson

I've been seeing Dr. Barnett for about a month now and I've already seen so much improvement in how I sleep - due to both chiropractic adjustments and massage. The staff are all very friendly and kind. I highly recommend Berry Hill Chiropractic to anyone needing wholistic care - they aim to get to the bottom of the issue and not mask the symptoms. Very effective!

Ixa Dean

I do not have the words to express how grateful I am for Dr. Barnett and her staff. I experienced a motor vehicle accident and had already gone to the ER another Dr. for pain in my neck, back, vertigo, and headaches. I was given pain meds, muscle relaxants, and told to rest. I had already missed several days of work, was miserable, scared and not getting better. Dr. Barnett had taken care of me before and had done such a great job that I had not seen her for a long time, so I called for an appointment. I can say with no doubt that the caring and compassion start from the moment you call for your appointment and continues when you walk in and are greeted with a friendly smile. All the caregivers listened, were gentle and I left not only feeling a bit better but more importantly that they were going to do everything in their power to get me back to normal. If you are looking to feel better and you are tired of not and going to doctors that just give you medications that treat symptoms but do not take care of the underlying problem, then call Berry Hill Chiropractic and Wellness and make it your last stop.

Lacey Keely

Gina Mendello

I love you guys, I can't say I wish I had a bad back more often so that I could see you more, but I'm glad you're there.

Tracey Williamson

Dr. Barnett, Dr. Lo and all their staff have been welcoming and very helpful. I had terrible tennis elbow when I first started going to BHCC and with their guidance, and incredible tape work by Robin, I am now pain free.

Jo Dot

Andrew Key

I have been going to Dr. B and staff since before she opened her shop in the Berryhill area and cannot tell you how good she is. She has many years experience, makes sure if she doesn't know it that there is someone on her staff that does. Always friendly and customer service is number one at this fine establishment. That is very refreshing in these times. Keep up the great work you all do there!

R Connor

Lacy was terrific. She was very informative, and helpful providing some answers to things that may be affecting my health.


Great specialists, extraordinary service!!!

Glenn Shepard

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Barnett’s for at least 15 years for two reasons. She’s incredibly talented and has the very special God given gift of healing, but so do many others Docs. What is so amazing and what puts her over the top is that she really CARES about her patients. Every time I see her, she makes me feel as if I’m the only patient she has, and as if her life depended on my well being.

Stephanie Jakes

charlie moore

Andrew L

Dr. Barnett is an angel. My regular chiropractor did not show up to our appointment, so I found Dr. Barnett on google and desperately called her on a Saturday morning. She was completely booked, but she squeezed me in her schedule anyways. Based on my interaction with her, it is clear to see that she has a heart for others and genuinely cares about helping people find relief from their pain.

Deborah Brooks

The staff is amazing. You can tell they love what they do and they do it well. The doctors are caring and are truly interested in improving the health of their patients. I highly recommend Berry Hill Chiropractic.

Tim DeBuse

Best people, best service. I've been a patient for nearly 10 years and will never go anywhere else.

Nathan Huguley

Berry Hill Chiropractic is like a family. They take care of people instead of just treating patients. The chiropractic care is second to none, and they treat the entire body holistically. I genuinely love the people at GHC and am so grateful to be able to go there for my care.

Holly Lewis

Dr. B, Dr. Novak, Robin, Stephen, and the entire staff at Berry Hill Chiropractic are stellar, caring healers! They always go above and beyond the call of duty to get you feeling better or help you maintain good health. Today, it was my wrist. Not only did Dr. B assess and adjust it, she also adjusted my spine. Then she sent me for therapy with Robin, who is brilliantly knowledgeable and deeply caring at what she does. She used massage, cupping and other modalities to reduce the pain swelling. My wrist was then iced. Afterwards, Dr. Novak, because of her area of expertise, came and performed a more detailed adjustment. If I pulled out every positive word from the dictionary, I would still be lacking in praise for this lovely, healing sanctuary. Much gratitude! :-)

Susan Gates

Dr. Barnett has kept my back and neck in shape for years. Without her I would not be able to provide grooming services to my client dogs. Thank you Dr. B!

Terry Bell

Walter Noble

Gena Crow

Dr. Novak and staff listened carefully to my symptoms and tailored my treatment accordingly. This place is excellent, I can't thank them enough, and would recommend them to anyone!

Steve Cravens

They know what they do

Dustin Bosworth

Cherie Kline

Perfect every time

shawn MORRIS

Your Review Everyone at Berry Hill Chiro is amazing, nice, professional, honest and knowledgeable. They have helped me tremendously over the years with chiropractic, massage, and nutrition. I am a hairstylist so I work with my hands and stand all day, Dr. Barrett helps keeps me healthy and able to work along with her fantastic staff! Everyone is highly trained and honest with their recommendations, they only recommend things that they truely believe you can benefit from. Highly recommend!

Irena Tepavcevic

I went to Berry Hill Chiropractic after I was involved in an auto accident while being 33 weeks pregnant. I was experiencing shoulder, hip pain, and lower back pain. Dr. Novak worked with me and has been so effective. My pain had significantly decreased. Overall, I feel much better since going there! They also have the friendliest staff I have ever encountered at a health/wellness facility.

Lee Anne Hill

Berry Hill Chiropractic is wonderful! They are very attentive and friendly, and always do a great job with adjustments and other therapies. I don't have one complaint. I highly recommend this great place for anyone looking for trustworthy people to help with their wellness.

Katana Van Zant

Dr. Barnett and her team are the top in their field. I have had a previous spinal fusion, so occasional maintenance is a must. She is always there to put things back together with as few visits as are medically necessary to help keep costs down and keep me from missing work. The combination of therapies and chiropractic care I receive with Dr. B are what give me true quality of life.

Charlie Townsend

Quita Smith

Staff is great.

Carly B.

Impressed by all the services that they offer. I felt like they actually want to do everything they can to help me get better! Very impressed by the facility and the staff also!

Daniel Gore

Came to BHC looking for relief for chronic back, shoulder, and leg pain after being recommended by another professional. After numerous adjustments and years of therapy things have only gotten worse. I do not recommend this business, as it seems their only interest is to up-sell you on their newest product/service with no regard as to whether it will work for you or cause further harm. Their methodology seems to be to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks without taking into account each individual case. As a result I will not be returning, and I feel that I am worse off physically than I was before trying them. Had I agreed to even half of the treatments they tried to recommend, I feel I would likely have had my recovery set back even further than it already has been. Staff is very professional and friendly. No negative personal experiences with the employees, only negative results. That is the only thing preventing me from giving them 1 star. If you choose to give them a try, please do your research and remember to be your own best advocate before agreeing to any treatment they recommend.

Nathan Ring

The staff does a fantastic job of remembering the patients, and making them feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire visit. I know Dr. Novak outside the office as well, and immediately on my first visit, I was introduced to all of the staff there that day, and it made me feel as if I have been getting treatment there for years. The Doctors and Therapists maintain a high level of professionalism, while showing you they truly care about providing high quality and effective treatment to their patients. I would highly recommend Berry Hill Chiro!

Millie Camp

I have used Berry Hill to treat my back and neck for several years and they have always treated me with care, innovation and excellence. I am very sensitive to any treatment and they carefully monitor my personal needs to provide the perfect treatment!

Richard Dodd

Jon Robbin

Dr. Novak is simply one the best and most thorough chiropractor I've ever had. She listens to my concerns at the beginning of each session and adjusts or enhances her treatment for me accordingly. Most importantly she has the knowledge and intuition of a true healer. I highly recommend her.

Rudrani Devi

Friendly and knowledge, the doctors and staff cover all the bases with several holistic options to treat the whole body.

Jonathan Bowlin

Everything about the place of wellness is blessed! I was in a very sad state of wellness and pain before I came to Berry Hill Chiropractic, but from the first day I was seen everyday after has been for the better. I thank God for Dr. B and the staff of Berry Hill Chiropractic & wellness!

Teresa Quirante

This was my first time to visit a chiropractor and I was EXTREMELY pleased with everything! The staff was very professional and friendly, explained everything in detail. Did a very thorough examination, and I never felt rushed. Dr Barnett was amazing! She really knows her stuff. After just one visit, I am already feeling better. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who is having a nagging pain and needs evaluation. Don't wait and be scared like I did. I wish I had come much sooner as I would already be feeling better!!!

Jill Anderson

Dr. Barnett and her team of doctors and therapists are open and empathetic. I came to BHC when my last chiropractor had ceased to take my questions and concerns seriously. I have never had that experience with Dr. Barnett. She cares about her patients and their well-being and understands when they have questions. And the massage therapists really know that they're doing!

Janice Lawrence

Carolyn Edrington

Dr. B is the bomb! I saw her years ago on referral from a friend, she helped me with a short lasting issue and I did not go back. My bad. I should have seen her regularly as the injury came back to haunt me. I've been dealing with some awful lower back pain and she is fixing it. It will take a little while for us to work through this phase and now I've learned my lesson - stay with her, see her regularly to maintain my health. She is amazing, as are the other docs and staff. She listens to you, really listens and takes the time to figure out how she and her team can help. You don't just get an adjustment and sent on your way. It's a journey with a handful of dedicated practitioners who want you to feel better. The practice as a whole is just fabulous. The staff are so great that I actually look forward to going. It's refreshing to go to a practice where you enjoy all the staff and they are genuinely happy to see you.


Awesome people, very professional.

Bridgette Steiner

This is the best chiropractic practice that I have ever been to. They are SO friendly, kind, and caring. Plus, my back GENUINELY feels so much better. All of the chiropractors and therapists know their stuff. I can unconditionally recommend them to anyone in search of a chiropractor.

Valarie Domogalla

I started with seeing Dr. Barnett after driving from Nevada to Nashville. If I told you how I really feel about her, I would say that I believe her to be a blessing. I needed help and I prayed for guidance... I ended up at Berry Hill Chiropractic. I now see Dr. Patel also and have just recently seen Dr. Schum. I've had chiropractic care off and on for approximately 30 years and had one very unpleasant experience in that time. I was a bit concerned at the idea of getting the help that I needed. I say that Dr. Barnett is a blessing because she LISTENS and I truly believe that her goal is to help and heal as much as possible. My experience with Dr. Patel and Dr. Schum is the same.... this place in not just a business, it is my belief that all who work at Berry Hill truly care about providing the best care possible for healing. All who work there have been friendly and courteous, I have so very much appreciated their helpful attitudes. I am healing.

Laralee Huguley

Dr. Barnett and Team at Berry Hill Chiropractic are always great! I don't use that term lightly. I have been seeing Dr. B for years now. Even though the location isn't as convenient for me now, I can't bring myself to go anywhere else. They give 100% to every single patient that walks through the door. I'm not good about scheduling ahead of time, so I've seen just about all of the doctors in the practice at one point or another. Every one remembers my name, my face, and my quirks. Every doctor is fully capable of a full body adjustment, but they're not afraid to call on each other for their own specialties. The massage therapy staff is phenomenal as well. I have come in with a variety of needs through the years, and they take care of me. They make the most of the 15 minute slot of time (my) insurance will pay for. I can't brag on Berry Hill Chiropractic enough. If you're on the hunt for a chiropractor, you won't regret going to Berry Hill.

Ben Lancaster

Went in with persistent lower back pain. Doctor Novak was great! Made me feel comfortable right away. She x-rayed, evaluated the situation and recommended some massage therapy and adjustment. I immediately began to experience relief, and by the next session, pain was nearly non-existent. Everyone was friendly and helpful from reception to doctors and specialists. Feeling fantastic after only 2 visits. Wide range of on-site treatments as well as aftercare options. Highly recommend.

Stephanie McGee

The staff here works tirelessly to find the root of each patient’s ailment, holistically. They are efficient and professional every time. I am able to put my health in their hands, fully confident that they actually care about it! Each practicioner here is AMAZINGLY talented and so kind.

Mike Creel

I've been to a couple of different chiropractors over the years, and never have I experienced a more well oiled machine. The office staff is very courteous, and makes you feel like you are part of their family. The results I have gotten after just a few weeks visit has left me feeling better than I have in quite a while. From the massage services to the adjustment, the overall experience has been great.Looking forward to delving into the acupuncture as well as speaking with the nutritionist to get my diet on track

Mike Buckner

The team at Berry Hill Chiropractic are the best in the business. I feel that I receive excellent care from all the professionals there. I have had several occasions where I was in intense pain from something stupid that I had done and within 1, sometimes 2 visits, I am good as new. I am a regular patient/customer and get an adjustment about once a month, or more if I feel that I need it. The staff cares and listens to the patient and does their absolute best to remedy the issue the first time. I feel better. I sleep better. In general, I feel that I am better because of the care I receive from BHC. I refer people to BHC every chance I get because I truly believe, Beth Barnett and her team are the best in the business!

Tanya Butler

A wonderful practice with a warm atomsphere and top notch care! As a patient of almost 20 years I have been greatly helped over the years and would highly reccommend Dr. Barnett and her staff for chiropractic and nutrional care!

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