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REVIEWS OF Back and Neck Specialists IN Tennessee

Sherry Henson

Been coming to Back and Neck Specialist for about a year! Dr. Josh is very knowledgeable and his treatments have great improved my back and neck pain. I love that it's a family style practice and the staff is so friendly and helpful.

alan McNulty

I started seeing Dr. Cole over a year ago because I was constantly waking up with bad cricks in my neck. After only a few treatment, he was able to realign my neck and I've been pain free for over a year now. He has also help my back tremendously after a failed surgery. Dr. Josh has always taken the extra time to explain everything to me and has answered all my questions I've asked. If your experiencing any pain, run by there and at least talk to them, that's what I did and i'm glad i did.

Stephanie Robinson

Dr Josh Cole is a great chiropractor. He listens to concerns and provides solutions to issues causing discomfort. He gives EXCELLENT AND EFFECTIVE adjustments. He also suggests home exercises, stretches, etc. I appreciate that he takes the time to be sure the muscles are relaxed before adjustments. He is kind, knowledgeable and helpful.

Олена Л

I feel confident in Dr Josh, he has excellent knowledge base, empathy and communication skills. He’s also proactive in helping me prevent further injuries.

Debi McCollum

Dr. Josh has helped me tremendously. I have been able to get off my migraine medicine (Relpax) completely. I never have migraines any more! I was literally having them daily and miserable. He and his staff are excellent!

LaToya Miller

The best back and neck specialist ever, you won’t regret your visit.

Jim Lansford

The older Dr. Cole mistreated my herniated neck . He applied too much traction at the wrong angle. He caused long term damage. He is dangerous.

Lisa Patton

Dr Josh and his staff are awesome. Josh has really helped my back pain. They are always accommodating with appointments and reminders. I went from 3 times a week to twice a month. Chiropractic Medicine works. Give it a try.

Vivian Irby Edwards

I absolutely love this office! I feel comfortable each and every visit. The check in process is smooth and there is never a long wait. Dr. Josh Cole is very informative and open to hear about any ailments in your body. I must admit, I was skeptical about visiting a chiropractor with all the horror stories I have heard, but the Neck and Back Specialist has helped those stories to disappear from my mind. Thank you for the excellent care you have provided me. Keep up the good work!

Emma Moore

My entire family goes to Dr.Josh. I always thought chiropractors weren't real doctors. However about a month and a half ago. I hurt my back to the point I could barely walk. I'm a hairstylist so I was desperate for relief. Dr.Josh had me walking and pain free in a week!

Eddie Martin

Dr. Josh has been amazing and his staff is very friendly and helpful definitely would recommend his office to anybody.

w stooks

I suffered a back injury lifting weights a little over 2 years ago. It dramatically altered my quality of life for the worse. I went to 2 physical therapists over the course of a year and a half... and followed their prescriptions to the letter (did their exercises, stretches, etc daily). Nothing significantly improved. It was depressing, as Ive always had a very active lifestyle... and realized I may have to now settle for a painful and sedentary life. On New Year’s Eve 2017, I decided to change my back pain strategy, and I googled ‘back pain memphis’ and found this chiropractic clinic. I chose it because of the positive reviews, and I’m so glad I did. Long story short - I have my active lifestyle back (pun intended) thanks to these wonderful people. It has not been a quick fix. It is a process. Josh and his dad know what they’re doing, and explain it to you. As a cherry on top of the whole experience, I feel like I’m 18 years old every time I walk out of this place after an adjustment. I can’t promise they can fix your pain, but can promise they’ve significantly alleviated mine. I recommend them to all of my friends and family who suffer any form of chronic musculoskeletal issue.

Maria Stevenson

Dr. Cole and his staff are excellent. They get me in as quick as possible. Dr. Cole is very thorough with his procsses and truly wants to heal his patients. Highly recommended

Elisa Bennett

Went to see Dr. Josh Cole. I have been on Celebrex for over a decade, but my rheumatologist took me completely off it recently. Have been having a great deal of hip & leg pain. Dr Josh Cole made me feel so much better. Highly recommend Back & Neck Specialists.

L Goins

I have been going to Dr. Josh for several months, and everything about the experience is positive. The atmosphere is comfortable. The staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Josh is very knowledgeable, and he works with you to identify and treat problem areas effectively. Recommend 100%

September Lyles

Dr. Josh is the best! He treated my teenage son about 5 years ago due to a baseball injury, did such an amazing job that I’ve been receiving adjustments ever since. My son who is now in the military always asks for an appointment whenever he is home on leave. Alexis is the best massage therapist I have ever seen. Marty & Jesse know their stuff and are always super friendly. Highly recommend

Sandra Cobb

I have been going to Cole Chirop..for years..First ,the father, Dr. Cole and now his son, Dr. Josh Cole..I have nothing but praise for both..They help me navigate a difficult problem with my back...Dr. Josh Cole is very patience and will answer all your questions you might have...and his treatments truly alleviate pain...I really believe the adjustments to my back help my problem from becoming worse.please give him a chance to help you,,,you will be amazed....Dr. Josh Cole really cares for his patients...

Alexis White

Melody Lester

Dr. Larry and Dr. Josh Cole have been a great blessing to our family. I've been a patient since the age of 15 and I am the third generation to walk through the doors of Cole Chiropractic. I'm grateful that my grandmother opened our family up to the benefits of chiropractic care. Many thanks to Dr. Larry for building a solid foundation and passing the torch to Dr. Josh. Over 40 years of service and still going. Keep up the great work!

Glenna Rodgers

Unbelievably Awesome Doctor! We requested an appointment online last Sunday. The doctor called us himself that day, told my husband what he could do to improve comfort, then saw him the next morning, on New Year's Eve, when his office was closed!

Bart Wilbanks

Dr. Josh is amazing! He's really helped me have a more active and fulfilling lifestyle through his treatment. In addition to that, Alexis is a great massage therapist and Jessie and Marti are friendly and welcoming.

Lance Willinger

I had disc herniation problems for about 4 years starting when I was 26. I spent thousands of dollars at different doctors offices with no avail. Still paying those darn bills off too. I was super scared of going to see a chiropractor because I didn't think it would do anything but make the situation worse. Well, after 2 years of a lady I know telling me to go see Josh Cole I finally went and within 3 visits I had noticed some relief. Within a month I could do mild exercises again and after a month and a half I was able to run again. I couldn't believe it! For years I used to work all day in pain and rush to get home just to lay down and rest for basically the rest of the night. My life was in a standstill and I was going crazy. I had been so depressed for so many years and thought that I would never be able to be physically active again but he really helped me out and even gave me some good advice on how to exercise properly as well. I occasionally do stupid things that wind up messing my back up again but all I have to do is go see Cole and after a couple of sessions and mild exercise I get back to my normal self. I can not recommend this place enough. Cole is super sweet, caring, and almost like a friend to me. They even have a massage therapist that has helped my partner out with muscle pain. This place has changed my life and the fact that it only takes about 15-20 mins and is cheaper than going to a doctor is the best part about it.

Ben Cumming

I highly recommend Cole chiropractic - Josh has been fantastic both for helping with major injury recovery, and for the minor adjustments of day-to-day life. They also offer Saturday hours which I find very convenient.


I am really amazed how much pain relief I got after my first couple of visits. I did not realize how long and how bad I had been suffering in chronic pain. For years I had been in pain and just thought it was part of my aging process. I was very active as a teen and young adult and figured that I had worked my body too hard and I was destined to suffer for it. I had a rib out of place and my hips were really misaligned! A common female situation that can be treated. Go see Dr. Josh Cole today; his assessment is thorough, they take all kinds of insurance and his cash pay is one of the most affordable in the area. Get some help and get out of pain and live your life again!

Annetta Smith

Dr. Josh is extremely adept at adjustments and very knowledgeable about the relationship between skeletal and muscular conditions. He counsels his patients as if they were his family and not just a client as he wants everyone to enjoy the best possible outcome. Without his care I would not have the improved range of motion and lack of crippling pain I now enjoy! All the ladies in his office are informed, experienced, and kind so keeping your appointments is a pleasure instead of a chore. I cannot praise this practice enough. If you want to get better you need to come to Back and Neck Specialists!

Justin Marise

While I was in the army and years after I thought it was a normal part of growing up to have constant back pain. I had to take a manager to visit Dr. Josh, and afterwards I spoke with Dr. Josh and he didn't make me feel pressured to do something that I didn't believe in at the time. Its been 4 years since I started going and its Amazing to have a life without constant lower back pain. My slip disk was fixed.

Blazzin Paddles

Dr. Josh Cole is an amazing chiropractor. If you need any kind of adjustment or consultation on aches and pains, this is your guy. They even offer massage therapy. I love working with local companies, especially ones that have been in business for awhile. I highly recommend giving Dr. Cole a call.

Tyler Bray

After years and years of back and neck pain, I was referred to Dr Josh Cole. I was very apprehensive and nervous about going to a chiropractor. I had so many "what if's...." that kept me from wanting to go. I eventually went in for my first exam and began treatment. WOW!!! Dr. Josh is truly amazing. He is so down to earth and gave me a personalized exam and explained the reasons I was having the pain I was having. He never once talked over my head and made sure I was comfortable with every treatment he performed. After my first few treatments I felt a noticeable difference. After a month or so I felt 100x better... all without a single dose of unneeded medicine! (Headaches GONE, neck pain GONE, back pain GONE.... I was shocked) I refer every person I can to see a chiropractor, and of course, Dr. Josh Cole is my recommendation to every person I talk to. If you are nervous, don't think a chiropractor will help, or don't understand exactly what a chiropractor does, go see Dr Josh Cole at Cole Chiropractic for an evaluation. You will be very glad you did!

Jessica-Brielle Breining

I've been going here for years. Both Josh and his dad are great. The service is great. Every time there was something wrong with usually my feet or my back, they're quick to point out the problem. I've had many accidents happen to me and when I need it Josh and them are there!

Corey Byars

My very first visit, I didn't know what to think. When he started popping my back n chest, I wanted to run.

Cathi Moore

Marjorie Fernandez

I have seen a big change in my posture and my husband. Before I could not stand or sit up straight with out having back pain. Truly the best.

Eagan Machine

I love these guys! Dr Josh can work miracles.

Deb Moore

My husband and I have started seeing Dr Josh this year and I highly recommend him. My husband has been to several other chiropractors and has seen little results. Dr Josh has done an amazing work with my husband's crooked spine. Dr Josh has not only helped me with my back issues but also with my knee (insured in a car accident 25 years ago). So, don't let the name 'Back and Neck Specialists' fool you! His expertise is much broader than that.

Cortez Brown

Dustin Carpenter

Dr Josh has been seeing me for some injuries I have from weight lifting. Every time I hurt myself I see him and the day after treatment I always feel better!!! The most recent time I wen in I couldn’t extend my arm more than 90 degrees with out terrible pain , the next day I could straighten my arm with very minimal pain. Dr Josh is amazing!!!!

cyn nowell Ungren

Best thing I have done for my health. After being in constant pain everyday for almost 20 years I am finally living a pain free life. I can't recommend Dr.Josh enough!!!

Johnni Alexia

Dr. Josh is amazing! If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be able to move!! Thank you!!


Josh is the best chiropractor I have ever used. He always listens to any and all concerns I have. He is always willing to help me even in off hours. I refer him to any and everyone I can. Josh has worked on multiple people in my family and everyone has done nothing but praise him.

Mike Danger

I dont know why I waited so long to visit a chiropractor. I had years of injuries, pains and aches that caught up with me, and just became normal. Dr. Josh showed and explained thoroughly what was causing these burning pains, and tingling/numbness in my fingers. After my first visit, there was a night and day difference in how I felt. I was completely amazed, and my only regret was not visiting sooner.

Ashley Dillinger

Dr. Josh is professional and truly cares about long-term healing, not just throwing a bandaid on pain. I feel so comfortable here and really respect what he tells me. He is knowledgeable and uses x rays in addition to knowledge to treat his patients. Fantastic practice! I highly recommend.

Karen French

I have been going to Dr. Josh once a week for several years now. I have had neck and upper back pain for years. I love my appointments with Dr. Josh. I feel like a new woman when I walk out of his office. Dr. Josh is very informative and explains everything to me. I have felt better than I have ever felt since I have been getting adjustments on a weekly basis. I would recommend seeing Dr.Josh even if there is not a problem. The adjustments will keep you flexible in the later years of life. Dr. Josh and his staff care about their patients as if they were family!

C Wil

I have always been the one to give chiropractic medicine the side eye!!!!! I am pleased to say this is no longer the case. Dr. Josh has fixed things that I didn't even realize needed to be fixed, but I soooooooo reaped the benefits of him getting me straight. HAHA He worked on my neck which relieved my insomnia. Never had a clue the two could be related. I would say if you are on the fence give this a chance. I am so happy i did, and I tell anyone who will listen. I feel so much better, than I did for the first day i walked into that office!!!!

Dana Sloyan

Dr Josh and Alexis have done more for in the last year then all the specialist doctors I've been to. I highly recommended!

Lisa Kilpatrick

He is top notch, knowledgeable, educated. Trustworthy on his evaluations and services of chiropractic healing. I won't go anywhere else now! Friendly and helpful front desk.

Kimberly Clark

I visited this office for the first time about a month ago. The office staff and Dr. Josh Cole was very friendly and informative. I missed a couple of weeks going due to being out of town, but I definitely will be resuming my services with them.

Erin Patterson

Matthew Clements

Dr Josh got me going again. I'm in construction and I hurt my lower back. I went for 12 sessions, and have been great ever since. I have gone back periodically just to make sure I'm still ok. I strongly recommend Dr Josh Cole.

Sarah Foster

Absolutely fantastic practice. I am going for a knee issue and he is the first person in over 7 years to take my pain seriously and to offer assistance. He has helped alleviate some of my pain and has referred me to an ortho to make sure that there is no damage to my knee. We are awaiting the results of my MRI. He is extremely personable.

Skylynn Michelle

This place is great staff is very friendly and Dr. Josh does an awesome job and makes you feel comfortable which makes the appointment a breeze. He knows what he is doing and explains everything as he is doing it. He helps you understand what's going on which is nice to know. I would definitely recommend trying them out. Thank yall for the great service! Kim Wright

Jamie Flowers

Dr. Josh, Marti, and Alexis do an amazing job. Dr. Josh listens to your concerns and discusses his treatment plan with you so you completely understand all of your procedures. He also provides you with exercises that you can do at home to help with your treatment. I love his attention to detail.

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