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REVIEWS OF Art of Health Chiropractic IN Tennessee

Anita Benner

I mysteriously injured my back on Feb 25 and for two months I couldn't walk more than two blocks without being in so much pain I was forced to lie down. I thought I had degenerative disc disorder (DDD) but my mom insisted it might just be an alignment issue and that I try going to a chiropractor. Not knowing anyone in town I picked the one with the best reviews closest to my house: Art of Health. After my first visit with Dr.Mike my pain noticeably improved and after the 3rd visit I was walking as much as 7 miles a day. My hubby was diagnosed with DDD and was prescribed muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory steroids as needed, but the next time he's in pain I'm sending him to Dr.Mike for a more natural - and probably more effective - treatment. NOTE: they don't accept insurance (even if they did my insurance probably wouldn't cover it), but they charge $50 per treatment which is what my copay with insurance is to see an in-network specialist, so it works out to be the same for me.

Rick M

I moved here this year and really had no idea who to contact or trust. My initial attempt at finding a good doctor was just a stab in the dark and it did not work out. My second attempt was researched better and I found Dr Mike and Dr Callie. I can't say enough great things about both of them. Dr Mike does my treatments but honestly they both are involved in helping me feel better. They are both very knowledgeable in their field and very personable to their clients. Actually, I don't really feel like a client with them; it's more like we are old friends. We all share in each others lives and experiences. We even exchange our best places to eat! I have recommended them to my new friends and coworkers. I recommend them to any reader of this as well! Thank you Dr Mike and Dr Callie for all you've done for me.

Cindy Martinez

I'll never forget the time I had a car accident in 2015 Dr. Mike helped me with pain from my accident. Dr Mike and Dr Callie are such down to earth individuals honestly If I ever need chiropractic care I will come back and see you guys!

Dillon Minacci

Very comfortable and laid back environment. There seems to be no judgement and the help they provide is very specific. I would recommend anybody and everybody.

Daniel Johnson

As a professional in the wellness industry, finding and connecting with other health and wellness professionals is invaluable. Meeting Michael and Callie reproved not only reproved this to me, it also demonstrated in a real way how valuable those relationships can be to me to help support my own health and healing. Not only have both my wife and I recommended all our clients go see them, but we've each been regulars in their expert care since we met. Upon walking into their office, one of the first things I noticed was I didn't have to wait. With as much client volume as they do it'd be understandable if I'd had to, but I've since realized although they make it feel effortless, they work very hard to make you feel like you're the most important person in their space from the moment you walk in until the moment you schedule the next appointment--at which they'll get back to making you feel exactly the same as they did the previous one. Michael is immediately engaging while being so laid back you can't help but be comfortable, and Callie is simultaneously sharp and impossibly warm. With their obvious knowledge and skill, either of them could run a successful venture solo, but the tandem is so powerful to experience. I do enjoy talking shop with them, but more than anything I'm fortunate to have connected with them both for professional and personal reasons, and Nashville is lucky to have them here; they're truly a treasure to have discovered.

Jose Sandoval

RB Hicks

Dr. Callie Gant is the absolute best, especially when it comes to cervical adjustments, probably one of the trickiest to adjust! I recommend her highly.

Colby Gardner

I'm so thankful for these folks! Dr. Callie and Dr. Mike are caring and honest! I had some serious neck and back issues going on and they welcomed me despite my financial situation. As soon as I walked in I knew I'd found the right place, and with the first treatment I felt a great burden lifted off my shoulders (no pun intended). I'm feeling great now after only a few visits, and I'll continue to see them routinely as needed. Thank you both again for everything!

Ben Ballou

I went to Dr. Callie with back and shoulder pain from repetitive motion. They used the laser and muscle work as well as traditional chiropractic procedures and my pain was gone almost within minutes. They are always super friendly and very responsive to calls and emails. I've even referred people who didn't believe in Chiropractic medicine to them and Dr. Mike changed their lives forever. Amazing people, very well educated doctors and cutting edge technology makes for a wonderful experience! I wouldn't trust my health to any other chiropractors!

Sally Taylor

I came to Art of Health Chiropractic 5 months after an extensive foot surgery, still dealing with swelling and nerve discomfort. After four sessions with Dr. Mike the swelling subsided enough that I could wear my presurgery shoes, and the nerves calmed down enough that I could sleep without taking medication for it. With the swelling and pain minimized, I was able to make great progress with range of motion and strengthening my foot. I was so pleased with the results that I have continued to work with Dr. Mike on other issues. His knowledge, skill, and generosity have supported me in making some much needed strides in my health.

Brent Wilson

Jennie Northcutt

Dedicated to optimizing your health, these are two of the most caring doctors I know. Dr. Callie and Dr. Mike will exceed your expectations!

Cati Blitz

I came to Art of Health Chiropractic on the recommendation of a friend. She had been receiving cold laser therapy for a foot injury. I was a bit skeptical, but was willing to try by observing her progress over just a few sessions. 6 months prior to my first visit with Dr. Mike I had broken my shoulder. Though the break had healed the area was inflamed and the symptoms mimicked a rotator cuff injury, and wasn’t getting any better with time – I was stuck. I could not lift my arm up to turn on the radio of the car without an assist from my other arm, nor could I put my arm behind my back - just to name a couple of examples. I did two sessions a week for a month. After the second session I could turn on the radio – no assist, no pain, no weakness. After 4 sessions I could tie an apron behind my back, after 7 sessions my shoulder was 100% and had increased 40 degrees range of motion in three areas. My PT was astonished!! (to see if the cold laser was going to work, I didn’t do any PT during the month of the sessions) I can’t say how grateful I am for this remarkable, painless treatment!! I ran into a veterinarian friend recently and she told me that vets have been using cold laser successfully on animal injuries for many years. I’ve been continuing with the therapy on various arthritic joints with improvements weekly! I told Dr. Mike if he ever invents a cold laser booth – I’ll be first in line : )

Jim Mallory

I was diagnosed with Tendinitis and Arthritis in my right shoulder. The pain was such that I could barely put on a shirt without cringing. My wife recommended cold laser therapy from Dr. Mike after a friend expressed "miracle" results for her husband. As some already expressed, I too was a bit skeptical but tried it anyway. I am so glad I did because the pain is much diminished. I can go a whole day without even noticing it. Putting on a shirt is a breeze. Thanks. Dr. Mike!

Mike Sowers

Dr. Gant and Dr. Buczynski are knowledgeable, professional and kind. Thank you for helping our family!

Dinah Ware

Best experience, ever! I was in a car accident and a few days later my neck was killing me. It was hard to find a doctor that would work with your car insurance, and then I found AOH, and they have been terrific, and I feel tons better! They are the epitome of a small, family run style business, and I hope they are here many years to come!

Jerone Wedig

Michael is a gifted healer! I'm very grateful for finding him.

Ashley Key

Going to Dr. Callie has been a great help for my health! They definitely practice what they preach and it really works! At Art of Health Chiropractic it is always about the client and Dr. Callie and Dr. Michael are honest and hard-working doctors that educate you as well as help you feel great! It is great to see their business growing! I would recommend them to anyone!

Justin Crowley

I'm glad I found Art of Health Chiropractic. Dr. Callie has helped me with all my rib and back problems and did it in only a few visits.

Kierstan Roberts

Dr. Callie and Dr. Michael exceed the highest expectation pertaining to chiropractic care. They are both very down to earth while remaining professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Marisol Bucz

For over a year I had been dealing with chronic ankle pain from being a professional dancer. After going through 5 laser treatments, my pain and swelling has diminished completely. Now, I am back on my "toes" in full swing!

Lisa Forberg

Dr. Callie is a dream to work with! She is smart, caring, responsive and understands the body-mind connection. I have had excellent results from her treatments. I highly recommend Art of Health, for its chiropractic services and for the work Dr. Callie does with peoples' food sensitivities.

Lynn Williams

As a musician, I was always worried about people working on my hands and forearms, but after a few weeks of treating with Dr. Mike, I’ve never felt more at ease. I finally feel like someone has listened to me and knows what is best for my hand and finger tingling and numbness. I now know to only go here if I have any issues with repetitive stress injuries. Love Dr. Mike and Dr. Callie! Thank you so much for helping me!

Erin Zellefrow

When I went into my first treatment visit with Dr. Gant I had a terrible headache. She was able to quickly alleviate my pain, and now with routine visits I have been headache free for two years. Dr. Buczynski was also able to help my husband out with his upper back pain. He has especially appreciated the stretching exercises the doctor walked him through, which help in between his maintenance visits. Overall, both doctors are highly professional and knowledgeable.

Elizabeth Belan

Sheryl Truesdell

I have been going to Art of Health for some inflammation challenges and Dr. Ariel Blackburn is the best!! She has helped me so much and has kept me in alignment ever since. I realized that if I go on a consistent schedule, I feel so much better. Thank you! Thank you!

Ryan Key

I’ve been a patient for the past few months and truly appreciate the personal care, peaceful environment, and accommodation of Dr. Mike and Dr. Callie. My back pain is non-existent and the muscle work is something I’ve never received at another Chiropractor or even a PT. I’ve sent my wife, mom and co-workers to this office. Highly recommend!

Natasha MacDonald

Dr. Mike and Dr. Callie are both wonderful practitioners and both are extremely knowledgeable, and kind. I would recommend them to my friends, and anyone else looking for comprehensive chiropractic care.

Jessica Bohannon

Hands down the best chiropractors in Nashville. I was injured in a car accident and the pain was incapacitating some days. I don't know what I would have done without Dr. Mike. I loved the laid back atmosphere of their office and personable treatment.


I'm a Fitness Professional and Professional Dancer and found myself with serious trauma to my feet; possible stress fractures. My feet are my "JOB" and it was crucial that I found the right person to help me. I found Art of Health Chiropractic in Nashville searching for Class 4 Laser Treatment. They are one of the few offices in Nashville that use this technology. I went to 3 other offices, but Dr. Mike and Dr. Cassie were more concerned with educating me, providing the best care, and honestly assessing my treatment then trying to "Sell" their product or services. I saw Dr. Michael, who was very knowledgeable about athletes and post treatment care. I don't like my body to be cracked and popped, so he use the Laser treatment (Very effective) stretches and exercises and now I am back dancing and teaching my fitness formats. I highly recommend Art of Health Chiropractic!


The best Chiropractors in town! I came here for my low back pain and shoulder pain. Dr Mike and Dr Callie were great! They fixed my back in just a few adjustments and used a laser to fix my shoulder. Highly recommend!

Chad Buchanan

Hands down the best Chiropractic experience I have had! Dr. Michael is wonderful. He is extremely knowledgable and has a personality that quickly put me at ease. I am a difficult adjustment according to other chiropractors I have seen previously. He was able to get me moving again quickly. The laser treatment that is offered is also great. He treated my lower back as well as my torn rotator cuff. I have noticed a definitive improvement after only two visits. I will go back again without a doubt. The office is well done, a great environment to get healthier! Try them, you will be glad you did.

Tyler Wilkinson

Mike was a miracle worker - about 8 months ago I was on the verge of having to have back surgery. I couldn’t work nor handle the pain I was in. People recommended surgery but then I heard Mike had a laser therapy that may help. In desperation I called and they got me in that day. I was unsure and skeptical but after 30 mins with a laser therapy - I walked out changed. It wasn’t totally healed but I was significantly impacted. After 5 or 6 sessions - I was good as new. I have since gone back sporadically when I mess up my back doing stupid heavy lifting things awkwardly and mess it up again. Time and again they come through. I won’t go anywhere else!

Zachary Brown

Was going here and actually like it until I accidentally over slept by 20 min and I texted right away and apologized and told the doctor I could be there at 2 so yes I’m a hour late and yes it unprofessional on my part but he knows I’ve been in very bad pain since Monday and he pretty much doesn’t care he wouldn’t fit me in no time today asked me to wait till Tomorrow and I’ve been using ice packs constantly and having to biofreeze because of the pain every other doctor I’ve had would have fit me in. Moral of the story if you aren’t on his schedule he doesn’t care and that’s the way it is. Find another place.

Kyle Kragenbrink

Dr. Callie and Dr. Michael are awesome. After going through undergrad and grad school, my posture and back have been horrible due to the years of hunched over studying. They both have worked diligently and have me feeling and looking better. Highly recommend them. They are definitely top tier doctors here in Nashville.

Sarah Deming

I often need to cancel or reschedule my appointment at the last minute due to chronic illness, and the docs are ALWAYS patient and understanding, but more importantly they are compassionate and kind. I highly recommend them as chiropractors and as human beings, they are all-around excellent.

Cassy Vires

Very professional and attentive. I am on my feet 14 hours a day and have a lot of lower back issues. Mike always understood exactly where the pain was, helped alleviate that pain and gave me pointers to better take care of my body. Highly reccomend!

Pam Garrett

Live Dr Mike and Dr Callie The cold laser has really helped my back and knees. They are really great folks!

Gregory Scott Buczynski

Very friendly and caring professionals, great atmosphere, and my migraines are gone...what else could you ask for? If my back ever hurts, I know where I'm going!

Zabrina Nieves

GREAT GREAT service! Dr. Michael And Dr. Callie very great Doctors, Super knowledgeable and very genuine in their care for there patients!. I would highly recommend them to friends and family!

Julie Gant

I love having an alternative to allergy shots and prescription drugs. I'll only be using NAET from now on to treat my allergy systems. It's also great to be able to get an adjustment and my NAET treatments at the same place as I don't have time to run from doctor's office to doctor's office. Art of Health Chiropractic has made it so convenient for our family!

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