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REVIEWS OF Fraum Center for Restorative Health IN South Carolina

Mike's Bikes

I made an appointment at the last minute on a Friday night because I was in so much pain. They were able to squeeze me in on Saturday morning. I cannot express how grateful I was to get in and have Dr Fraum work on me. My situation was a bit severe and Dr Fraum stayed an extra 2 hours to work with me after they closed. He went above and beyond and really impressed me and helped me with my issue. Anyone that is in need of a chiropractor and wants a friendly and professional staff, you need to come here. I don't know what I would have done if I waited until Monday or went elsewhere. Many thanks.

Bonnie Anderson

Terry Hofmann

I have been experiencing back pain for the last 10 years but the pain began to accelerate after the first of this year. I began treatment, at the Fraum Chiropractic Life Center, at the beginning of February and I have not felt this good for a very long time. The level of knowledge, and expertise, of Dr Fraum, and the entire staff, instills confidence that they will be able to help your situation. Dr. Fraum takes extensive time to completely educate and explain the importance that your spine plays in your overall health and the steps needed to address your current situation. The Life Center has the latest equipment that is in excellent condition. I highly recommend the Fraum Chiropractic Life Center to anyone seeking back and joint pain relief and treatment.

Barbara Carkenord

I recently moved to the island and needed adjustments. Dr. Fraum quickly assessed my problem and knew how to bring me relief. Convenient scheduling and friendly service.

callie vega

After being in a great deal of pain, suffering from the after affects of a horrible car accident, and being new to the area I was in need of a great chiropractor local to me that could help my quality-of-life. Dr. Fraum has exceeded my expectations and was able to get me feeling better very quickly. I am very excited to continue being treated by him. He has an excellent staff and team and they are very professional and efficient! I would definitely recommend family or friends to this practice.

John Cranford

Such a great staff! Dr. Fraum is very knowledgeable and helping get on the road to greater health! They got me in right away and I'm feeling better everyday!

lisa walker

Fraum Chiropractic Life Center is the best!!!

D. D.

Extremely rude and condescending office manager. I will not be going back.

Jennifer Eldridge

Dr. Morris is amazing!! I had really bad issues with my back, went to see him and he took care of all my needs! I highly recommend to anyone looking!!

Candace Lovely

Kathy O

I recently moved to the area and found myself in need of a chiropractor. I’m so fortunate to have found Fraum Chiropractic Life Center - I’m amazed by the exceptional level of care I have received from Dr. Fraum and his staff. Dr. Fraum truly cares about helping you reach your optimal level of health, and I believe he is on a mission to help his patients live vibrantly healthy lives. In two short weeks I’ve experienced more restful sleep and I feel better overall. I look forward to eliminating my allergies and increasing my energy level with regular chiropractic care. Dr. Fraum is awesome!

Sean Dennis

Dr. Fraum provides a level of care that only comes from a thorough understanding of the body's functional systems and many years of experience in chiropractic adjustments. His analysis and treatments are already making a real difference in my breaking free from a pattern of severe migraine headaches that sent me to the ER with stays in the hospital afterward.

Marilynn Redpath

My first appointment with Dr. Fraum was three days ago. I was experiencing neck, lower back, hip and foot pain. Recently, the pain became exponentially worse, I wasn't able to sleep, which created an entirely new set of problems, and I knew I needed help fast. My consultation with Dr. Fraum was in-depth, including X-rays, followed by treatments designed for my particular set of problems. After my very first treatment, the pain in my hips was relieved to a point where I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in months. I'm so very grateful to Dr. Fraum whose dedication, expertise and caring manner brings hope for an improved quality of life. Thank you also to his wonderfully caring and thoughtful staff! I look forward to a long healthy relationship with Fraum Chiropractic Life Center.

Katie Colliander

Arrived on Hilton Head with a pinched nerve. I had seen a Chiropractor at home, but did not have any real relief. After just two treatments with Dr. Fraum I was able to walk to the beach! Even though I am just here for the week, Dr. Fraum took his time to explain what is causing my pain. I feel like he treated me just as he treats all his patients. He even said he will send me home with a care plan to take to a new Chiropractor. Thank you Dr. Fraum for saving my vacation!

Donald Bennett

Hi all... I am here on Hilton Head for a holiday. I tour internationally as first class drummer. Best chiropractor ever!

Stacey Abbott

With so many Failed attempts in Diagnosing my Back Pain in the last several years by different Dr's with Meds & Shots, I was referred to Fraum Chiropractic Life Center... With Great reluctance thinking it would be yet another failed attempt at Diagnosing my Pain, i was X-Rayed and with his Keen eye, I was Diagnosed and a Plan of action was put in Place before i left his office! 2 Months later I am Happy to say I am Feeling a lot better with much less attacks and learning How Important the Spine actually is!

Johnny Haines

"Highly recommended!" I started seeing Dr. Fraum for some serious lower back issues that I was having from a an injury I received during Crossfit. After only a couple of weeks I was mobile and had little to no pain from the injury. I'm now back training full time and and visit frequently for preventative reasons.

Philip Dorn

Cheryl Barlow

We have recently located to the area and found Dr. Fraum to be the best chiropractor. With every visit my neck and back have improved. I would recommend Dr. Fraum to everyone as he is a caring and knowledgeable chiropractor.

Alex Gates

I am a student at Professional Golfer's Carreer College (PGCC) and I had recently moved down here. I've always been around chiropractic my whole life because of my father being a chiropractor and licensed in New Jersey. When I had heard about Dr. Fraum I heard many great things about him. His knowledge about chiropractic, the dedicated approach he takes and the fact that he is a great doctor. I had my first visit and everything went so smooth. Ever since my first visit I had made appointments to come in and get adjusted every week and I couldn't feel any better.

Jill Kight

Thank you for taking my call and getting in so quickly. I was experiencing back, arm and leg pain. Everyone there was helpful and extremely nice. After my adjustment, my pain reduced at least 60% which made my daily tasks bareable. I am so thankful I found Fraum Chiropratic ! You guys are a lifesaver.

Bobbie Muthig

Amazing progress in one week using the decompression machine.


Dr. Fraum is excellent and I would highly recommend him.

Jeff Kintish

As a Chiropractor for over 32 years I find Dr. Fraum very professional and personable. If my patients are in need of a Chiropractor when on vacation, I know where to send them.

shane daly

I came to Dr Fraum with very bad back pain, and ever since my back pain is gone. He has also helped me with other issues in the process. He truly cares about his patients and is very passionate about what he does. I would recommend him to any and everyone.

Advantage Health and Wellness Center

Would highly recommend this practice, very friendly group!

dave barrett

From the time I walked into the office to the time I left, nothing but a positive experience. I felt that the Dr's treated me as a whole person, and not just a condition. They were thorough, caring and educated me on why I was there. My outcome has been great I took advantage of many of the advanced services they offer. I would highly recommend. I have referred many friends and family who have all reported same experience.

Adam Williams

Dr Fraum and his staff got me in right away. My adjustment was amazing! Thank you for your help.

Marcus Rosenfeld

I am a retired chiropractor from Pa and come to visit Hilton Head periodically. When I’m down in HH, I always make time to visit Dr. Brad. I have a birth defect in my spin so chiropractic is important to me and why I became a chiropractor. Dr. Brad is able to make very accurate and precise adjustments, which is important for my spin health. I’ve found Brad to care about his patients and their health and would recommend him for those that live in HH and even those that visit.

Justin Stewart

I am from PA and vacationing with family here in HH. My back has been out since we've been here to the point where I am visibly crooked and can hardly walk. I've put off going to a chiropractor as I was hesitant to go somewhere new. Dr Fraum was easily the most knowledgeable and thorough I've been to. He took the time to learn my case and treated me according to my injury. He really cared to see me feeling better and even called later to follow up. The staff in Dr. Fraum's office was super friendly and hospitable. I wish his office was back home in PA...or better yet, that I lived here on HH island. I highly recommend Dr. Fraum!

Timothy Fidler

Dr. Fraum and his colleagues provide state-of-the-art, highly professional and patient centered chiropractic care directed at the remediation of pain, corrective care as well as wellness. The objective of this chiropractic treatment is to reduce subluxation, with the goals of increasing range of motion, reducing nerve irritability and improving and enhancing overall nervous system functions. Treatments are targeted to meet the specific needs of each patient in a personalized, one-to-one clinical environment. Progress is tracked throughout the treatment program. Fraum Chiropractic employes an holistic approach. Patients are given support tools and approaches to use in their daily lives in support of the chiropractic care they receive at Fraum Chropractic Life Center.

Brittany Duda

Dr. Fraum and his team have been wonderful, it's been a week and I've already began to experience significantly less pain!

Mark Anthony

I am a Chiropractor with 37 years of clinical experience and I know what Quality care truly Fraum chiropractic that is what you get. I love to get a GOOD "HANDS ON ADJUSTMENT" when I am in Hilton Head. Dr. Fraum really goes the extra mile for his patients...Dr. Mark Anthony Athens Ga.

Dr. Travis Sizemore

As a visiting chiropractor when I come to Hilton Head I always stop by Fraum Chiropractic to get my adjustment. Great staff and best adjusters around!

Chris Pell

I am a chiropractor in Florida and wanted to get adjusted while I was on vacation in Hilton Head. Dr Fraum was highly recommended, so I booked an appointment. I have been getting adjusted all of my life (and I am pretty hard to adjust), but I don't think most adjustments come close to the skill and certainty that Dr Fraum delivered. Top Notch Chiropractor, without question. I'll be going back then next time I am in Hilton Head.

Nora Araujo

Paul Ruppel

My families experience with Dr Brad has been fantastic. The passion this man possesses for Chiropractic and helping people be well is infectious! I have experienced several chiropractors in my life and Dr Brad's approach and thoroughness is unrivaled. His staff is efficient, friendly, and accommodating and delivers an outstanding overall experience. Not only would I recommend Dr Brad I would urge anyone who experiences trouble with allergies, headaches, back, shoulder, neck, knee, hip or foot pain to experience life without these issues through the hands of Dr Brad Fraum.

Alessandra Vega

I have been feeling sluggish lately. I don't know if it is because I have been feeling anxious and stressed too long. I have developed daily headaches and digestive discomfort. But hurting my back while working out was the reason that I came to see Dr. Fraum. And, boy, am I glad I did. From the friendly welcome when I walked into the office and the time Dr. Fraum took to sit down to REALLY listen to me; to the immense sense of well being that I had after my first adjustment. Everything about my visit has made me a believer. Not only did I learn through literature that Dr. Fraum gave me that chiropractic care can help alleviate ALL of my symptoms, but my experience made me very optimistic and eager to have all the members in my family begin chiropractic wellness care and experience its long term health benefits BEFORE symptoms appear. Cannot wait to continue my treatment! Thank you, Dr. Fraum!

Nicholas Howard

I have yet to have a bad experience. I was a bit skeptical when my wife told me to go, but after 6 weeks of going here I feel great and wouldn't switch for any reason.

bonnie anderson

Angie Ruppel

Dr Brad Fraum and his team are by far the most professional and complete chiropractic and wellness people I've experienced. From the initial consultation through your adjustments Dr Brad makes sure you understand what it is he is doing, what the impacts of the adjustments will be, and how they will increase your overall wellness. After being with him for a short while he has given me back the energy to keep up with my two young daughters as well as helping the chronic pain I was experiencing in my back and neck. I would recommend anyone to Dr Brad without hesitation and even have my children seeing him as well.

Integrated Physical Medicine

brian gimeno

Luke McClellan

Luis Vega

Dr Fraum is great. I like that he always explains the benefits of every adjustment. His staff is top notch as well. Fantastic office.

John Mc

Really an incredible experience with Dr. Brad and his team last week. Came in Monday morning without an appointment for help with severe shoulder pain. They took me right in and I received truly remarkable care and attention that ultimately led to being completely free from any pain by Wednesday evening. All non-invasive care. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Tony L

Absolutely the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. I was on Hilton Head Island for vacation and visited Dr. Fraum for back/hip pain. He treated me like he had known me forever and spent a lot of time with me explaining everything. Highly recommended!


I had a work related slip and fall injury in 2015. The insurance company dragged the case out for two, painful, years. Fortunately, my attorney managed to arrange for me to take the treatment in to my own hands vs. allowing the insurance company to make the decision of surgery. I knew Dr. Fraum from years back and decided to move to Hilton Head Island for a few months to undergo, not only treatment for my back injury, but also engage in a complete detoxification protocol. Dr. Morris has helped me more in less than six weeks than surgery could EVER help. I am living proof that functional medicine and proper chiropractic care is far beyond what surgery can do for you. Choosing Fraum Chiropractic Life Center was the BEST medical treatment program I have ever experienced! I am grateful to have my life back on track!!!!

Jerry Knight

I have been seeing Dr. Fraum for chronic low back issues for 2 years. His treatments allow me to do all the things I want - walking on the beach, playing golf, keep my busy travel schedule, and most importantly playing with my granddaughter. If you are on the island - Fraum Chiropractic is the only phone # and address you need.

Michael Hughes

My experience with Dr. Fraum and his staff has to be rated as one of the most straightforward experiences I have had with a chiropractic office. Everything they do from the initial conversation to completing all services is handled in a courteous, respectful and professional manner. If you are looking for a quality chiropractic office, you can stop looking now and give Fraum Chiropractic Life Center a call you will not be disappointed.

michelle boniface

I went there for excruciating pain in my lower back. I am happy to say it is doing much better. The staff was very nice and accommodating to my situations at the time. Thank you for helping me.

Fiona Hall

I’m so grateful that I found Dr Fraum and his team while on vacation. I’ve been suffering from what I called random fits with my neck and back where I would be so stiff and would be laid up in bed for a day or two after. When I woke up two days in on vacation with another one of these “fits” I knew if I didn’t get some relief I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of the rest of my vacation. They were more than happy to work me into their busy schedule and make sure I had everything I needed to help me through this. Dr Fraum has even come up with a game plan for me to take to my chiropractor back home to help me in my healing process since my “fits” are something far worse than I would have thought possible. I’ve seen Dr Fraum and his team four times in the three days I’ve been here, and it has truly been a blessing for not only me but for my family as well so we can all enjoy the last few days of our trip together.

Brett Baker

If you are looking for chiropractic services, this is the place to go. Dr. Fraum and his team take extra care in making sure you are at your best. I am a regular at Fraum Chiropractic and I wouldn't change a thing. I always feel like they are looking out for my health and I can see and feel that I am getting better and better each time I go. Don't hesitate. Go see Fraum Chiropractic today.

Dan Greene

I often visit Hilton Head and I visit Dr. Fraum when in town. With the back problems I have encountered, I have now found that it is worth the drive to Fraum Chiropractic from my home in Athens, Georgia. There seems to be absolutely no one else that gives me the relief other than Dr. Fraum. I have tried other Chiropractors here in town and I had rather make the drive to Hilton Head from Georgia. The staff and other doctors are so friendly during each visit. There is no need to suffer, because they will take the time to listen to you and see what treatment is right for you. I highly recommend this group of Chiropractors!

Danielle Schweikert

Dr. Fraum is amazing!!!

Cathleen Wichmann

From the time I made my first phone call the front desk staff was amazing! They got me in right away. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. McGinnis! I was in such excruciating pain that I could barely walk. He did some X-rays and gave me a clear diagnosis of my condition and suggested a comprehensive treatment plan. He is very knowledgeable about chiropractor care and always has a positive attitude! I can honestly say I am pain free and just generally feel healthier. I have come so far and I owe it all to Dr. McGinnis and his staff! Thank you!


Fraum Chiropractic Life Center had the technology and experience to diagnose and treat my issues. Their customer service is excellent, far beyond anything I imagined. I’m so glad and very thankful to be a patient at Fraum Chiropractic Life Center.

Jess Anderson

Before starting with Dr Fraum in September I suffered from Migraines, bladder issues, insomnia, digestive issues and neck and back pain. I was taking 12 different medications. I currently take no medications, I have not had a migraine since September and all of my sleep, digestive and bladder issues have been resolved. I am truly grateful to Dr. Fraum. My son who is 7, and suffers from ADHD, headaches and digestive issues has also been seeing Dr. Fraum since September. He has not had a headache since his second week seeing him, he sleeps better and his digestive issues have all been resolved. Another huge point, neither of us has been sick at all this year. No colds or flu, no nothing and I attribute our wellness to Dr. Fraum.

Irene Vouvalides

I am thrilled with the results I have had five weeks after having a stem cell injection at the office. I had been suffering from debilitating knee pain and could not play golf without extreme pain and reached the point where I could not go from seated to standing position without assistance and could not go up and down stairs normally. I am happy to report that I am pain free and resuming normal functions pain free. I am now starting knee rehab exercises and will follow the protocol of not playing golf for eight weeks. Thank you Dr H, Dr Fraum and thank you to everyone at the office. I would like to add that I am a regular chiropractic patient and have found the office and staff to be exceptional!

Lucy Dyer

Fraum chiropractic is fantastic been there since I was a kid (11 years ago) highly recommend to anyone and everyone looking for someone who cares about your health and wellness .

Michael Nelsen

The practice is a pleasant and professionally run one and, most importantly, was able to alleviate significant back pain in a relatively short time.

Samantha F

Dr. Fraum helped my back feel so much better. I had a car accident a few years ago and it hadn't felt right since then. I will sometimes lift things and it will pinch a nerve. Since I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Fraum it happens way less often and not as bad. I also simply feel better overall. They say your whole body works better when your spine is corrected/aligned and that makes sense to me by how I have been feeling. I highly recommend Dr. Fraum.

Elli Alon

I have been going to a variety of Chiropractors since the late 1970's. First to treat a high diving accident that affected, at least my neck and most likely other parts of my spine. At the time, Chiropractors were very rare, or non existent in the US. Most of the time I had good results. I developed Sciatica and tried running and stretching without understanding what was wrong and just making it worse. A Chiropractor saw me writhing uncomfortably on the floor at a meeting and immediately told me what siatica was. From that time on, I began using chiropractor work and had more good results. I read the reviews for Dr. Fraum after wasting my time at a franchise called the Joint, which was a ridiculous waste of time and money I am very impressed with Dr. Fraum, his knowledge and his whole body health science approach. In just 2 sessions, my Sciatica has disappeared and my energy is up tremendously. i look forward to a regular program wth Dr. Fraum, which I can already see will affect my energy and a health in a very positive way.

Scott Rosen

I was having a lot of back pain and came across Fraum Chiropractic Services. Dr. Fraum and his team provided and continue to offer a great patient experience. Dr. Fraum clearly explained the issues I was having, identified a recovery plan and made himself available on a flexible schedule. I'm feeling great and on the road to a full recovery.

Amber Schmitt

Friendly staff and informed treatment. Dr. Fraum is very personable and I am getting great treatments! Thanks y'all!

Jacqueline Claros

My experience at Dr. Fraums office was great! Would definitely recommend it to family and friends.

Vicki Kosowsky

Excellent experience- professional staff.

Mike Duffy's Management

Fraum Chiropractic is the best! I have been seeing Brad Fraum for almost 2 years. His treatment for my lower back problems have made my life made my life 100% better. I strongly recommend the professional staff at the Life Center on Hilton Head Island.

Tricia Amelung

Troy Naftzger

Amazing!!!! Great staff!!!

N Simmons

There is no experience like Fraum Chiropractic. I have been getting adjustments since February and I feel great. I can finally walk without pain in my knees. I also purchased the Footlevelers orthotics from Dr. Fraum and they have been a life saver. I could not believe the difference that they have made in resolving my hip pain. No wonder Fraum Chiropractic continues to be voted the best on Hilton Head. Make a positive change in your health and visit Dr. Fraum and his associates TODAY! You'll be glad that you did!!

David Tucker

Best chiropractor on the island! Friendly and cares about his patients...and most importantly keeps them feeling good!

maleia chalmers

Dr. Fraum, has helped me in a very good way. I had lots of pain in my back and neck area and was advised to see a Chiropractor. Dr. Fraum has done so many wonders to lots of people and including celebrities. I knew i was in the right hands when I saw all of his achievements and how he has done wonders for other who's had more then just pain in neck and back areas but those who really need surgeries in those areas. My daughter also benefited from his specialties which helps her with headaches. I would recommend any and everyone with different pain injuries to go see the Hilton Head finest Chiropractor in the area Dr. Fraum, Thanks so much for all that you have done to relieve the pain both my daughter and I. I hope to keep in touch also for my other kids I would love to see u do miracles on them as well.

Elizabeth Sarles

What a lifesaver, I was not sure I was ever going to get to where I was pain free in my back. After eight weeks I am able to do normal day to day activities with not pain! Thanks Dr. Brad you have a believer!

Chris Feltner

"Life changing", often an overused phrase in my opinion. However, when it comes to the care I have received from Dr. Brad Fraum and his dedicated team of professionals at his clinic has been nothing less. I have lost 15 pounds in 4 months simply by my body's increased functionality and productivity. I always tried to watch my diet and exercise but increasingly it became more difficult to maintain my fitness regime due to fatigue and other factors from my ever worsening back aches. After only a few visits my energy and stamina started to return. Now, with regular adjustments I have the physical strength back to maintain my active athletic posture and lifestyle. I cannot thank the Fraum Chiropractic Life Center for restoring my body's natural functions to heal and maintain it's own needs. Sincerely, Christopher J. Feltner

Mark Holmes

Great customer service. Very nice office. Top of line office. I am glad I came here. Very professional people.

Rachael Parker

Today I was blessed with the care of Dr. Fraum. It was a true miracle what he does. I literally felt like family, his secretary and other staff members were some of the best staff I have met. I love knowing that Dr. Fraum truly cares about helping people become healthy with a all natural, I would say organic method. The feeling you get when you see someone trying to help the world with patience, friendliness, and professionalism thru the most natural ways possible, is a breath taker and very comforting. I've had issues physically for a few years and now I truly feel I am feeling better and hopefully soon I wont even remember what the pain feels like. Bless Fraum Chiropractic. Rachael

Derrick Chisolm

Throughout the time I have been living on the Island, Dr. Fraum has been the best chiropractor yet! He makes his patients feel welcome and comfortable! I would definitely recommend him to others on the Island.

Dr. Jennifer Kauffman

I am very careful about who I have adjust my spine with specific chiropractic care. When I travel to Hilton Head I get adjusted by Dr. Travis Sizemore. He is specific with his adjustments and I walked away with my Power On!! I was driving through to Sarasota, Florida and have gotten regular chiropractic care for my immune function since I was a child. When I travel I definitely need the extra boost from a chiropractic adjustment, and Dr Travis Sizemore is Excellent with his Adjustment. Thank you Dr Sizemore.

Priscilla schorr

H Michael Miller

I could not walk, limp would be a better term, without sharp pain in my hips and down one leg. The pain was so bad, for the first time in my life and at the urging of one of my daughters, I was willing to visit a chiropractor. Following assessment, and with continued treatment and the benefit of spinal decompression from the Fraum Life Center, three (3) weeks later my pain was gone. I've started lifting weights again, returned to cardio workouts, and can no longer use pain as reason not to go shopping with my wife. Golf is next!

Kyle Weir

After weeks of terrible back pain I decided it was time to see a Chiropractor. I made the right choice with Dr. Fraum's office. I am able to get in and out on a tight schedule and am feeling better than I have in years. Highly Recommended!!

Brian Duffey

I’m came to Hilton Head over Easter Break with my family. After driving 12 hours Saturday before Easter, I threw out my back. On Easter Sunday I found Dr Fraum’s number on Google. I called and left a message about my situation. I was not expecting a call back on Easter Sunday, but 10’ later Dr Fraum call me back. He asked what happened, and said not to worry. He would help fix the issue so I could enjoy my vacation with my family. Over the next 5 days Dr. Fraum and his staff where a hugh help. They were very professional and accommodating. I could not have enjoyed my trip to HHI without them! Thanks again!

Warren Rodkin

I have been going to Dr Fraum for the last two weeks. Initially I went for help regarding pains and discomfort in my neck area. After examination we found that not only did I have neck problems but my spine was severely twisted causing other issues. One of these issues was my ability to walk properly. I actually shuffled instead of walking and I had balance problems. At this point I have seen tremendous improvement and greatly reduced discomfort with my neck. With the aid of custom orthotics my ability to walk without shuffling has been a miracle. Also, my balance has returned to normal. Other new benefits from my treatments are an improvement in my general sense of well being, improvement in body functions and improved flexibility. I am delighted I decided to go to Dr Fraum.

Nadia Clark

Im a visiting chiropractor, and while at Hilton Head on vacation I really needed an adjustment. They worked me in and the experience was phenomenal. Beautiful office, great staff and awesome doctor. Thank you Dr. Fraum for taking care of me and my spine!! Definitely recommend him.

Caroline Molloy

I started going to Dr.Fraum after I was having severe back and neck pain. He has completely improved my neck and back and all around health to the point where I can do everything and all activities that I wasn't able to do before. I have so much more energy daily now that I have been getting adjusted. Dr.Fraum's staff is so kind and flexible, I was very impressed. It has been an all around great experience, I highly recommend anyone wanting to feel better daily, or that is having pain anywhere in their body, to do themselves a favor and come get adjusted :)

Courtney Rainey

As a physical therapist I know how important the spine is, and the issues that can come when it is subluxed. I am so happy I have been seeing Dr. Fraum and can honestly say that even after only a few weeks I have noticed a huge improvement in not only range of motion of my neck, but my headaches have greatly reduced. I would strongly recommend him and everyone else at Fraum Chiropractic Life Center for the compassionate care and dedication to improving their patients' quality of life!

Tammy Selinger

I go to Dr Fraum for help. I have pain in my back, shoulder, and neck due to work relations. First, I must say how caring and compassionate he is and he really knows his stuff. When I go for an adjustment I tell Dr Fraum what hurts and he goes right to the problem and fixes it. He is there to help people because he wants his patients to be healthy! I still have a long road ahead of me but I'll keep coming back because it works! Thanks Dr. Fraum

Mathew Gates

I am a student at Professional Golfers Career College (PGCC) in Bluffton, SC. I have grown up following the chiropractic lifestyle being my father has been practicing for more than 40 years. I had found out about Dr. Brad Fraum practicing here on Hilton Head Island and heard great reviews so i wanted to check it out being i live down here now while my father is still up north. I have to say the technique Dr. Fraum uses is virtually the same that i am used to and i love it. I feel great going in as well as leaving the office knowing before hand i will have a great adjustment and leave with my spine properly aligned. For me, not only am i used to being adjusted on a weekly basis, but i play golf almost everyday and it is vert important that i have a healthy spine. I twist and turn more than I ever have in my life from playing all the time and at first i didn't know if i would find the right chiropractor to adjust the way i need, but after visiting Dr. Fraum a few times now I am 100 % sure that he is the right chiropractor. He is a great guy, great personality and understands everything you tell him and has the best input. Even after the first visit i had complete trust in him and now i recommend anyone who is in need or looking for a chiropractor to visit his office on Main st in Hilton Head. I will continue visiting Dr. Fraum as long as i am down here and have already been talking about him to my peers at school knowing he can help them not only with their spines, but with their golf game. Mathew Gates

Maggie Hager

Fraum Chriopractic is amazing!! They have changed my outlook on life! Bree is amazing and she welcomes me with open arms with her warm smile!

Scott Henderson

Only two days into a weeklong vacation, my lower back seized up after getting pounded by some monster waves while boogie boarding. I went from fully active to being hunched up and unable to even play mini-golf. Having previously been under chiropractic care for wellness and maintenance, I knew my best option was to find a chiropractor who'd be able to help me through the initial crisis while helping set a solid foundation for my long-term health. I am glad I checked Yelp and discovered Fraum Chiropractic - then checked out the practice's Google reviews. From the first phone conversation with the office manager, I knew I was in good hands thanks to her upfront manner and willingness to check with my insurance on what coverage they'd provide. I appreciated her clarity about what to expect in terms of fees. Each day for the remainder of my trip, Dr. Brad gave me top notch care and his full attention. I learned something new each day I came in for care - with a good mix of what I needed for the immediate pain and what I needed for my long-term vitality. He even went out of his way to give me recommendations on restaurants frequented by locals and fun things to do with my son while on the island. By the time my vacation was over, I had resumed a fully active schedule and found myself melancholic that I wouldn't be able to continue my care with him since the distance between Hilton Head Island and Atlanta is a tad too far. Fortunately, Dr. Brad packaged up my x-rays and care notes so I could continue the care regimen with an Atlanta-based practice. I do look forward to returning to Hilton Head Island for future vacations and will definitely schedule adjustments with Dr. Brad when I do return.

Mark Rossi

My back hurt for weeks, after ONE appointment with Dr Fraum, I had not more pain!

Maury Ore

My back started to spasm during my playing in the RBC Heritage Pro-am this past April. It hurt so bad I could barely walk or get out of bed in the morning. I tried massages and stretching, but nothing helped. With my job, I am on airplanes and in rental cars every week. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was a little skeptical. I made an appointment with Dr. Fraum and I am so glad I did. He examined me and explained what the treatment plan would be to get me well. I immediately felt better and continued to improve after every visit. Just this past weekend I played 90 holes of golf in four days and I experienced no pain or discomfort. I have also seen my energy levels rise and have lost weight. I had also been experiencing some foot pain on the balls my of feet. But after seeing Dr. Fraum and with him getting my back in shape, the pain is gone. I am a believer in Dr. Fraum and the work he does. It's been a long time since I have been pain free. Also, the staff is friendly and do all they can to make you comfortable. If you are thinking about seeing a chiropractor, don't wait, and recommend making an appointment with Dr. Fraum.

Luke Flynn

Im here to visit the island for the week. Needed some chiropractic care and Dr. Fraum's office came to the rescue for me. From the moment I walked in the front door the staff was super friendly! Besides giving the best adjustment ever, Dr. Fraum can help improve your health with the latest technology and therapy. He also has the latest high-tech x-ray to help locate the exact problem. I will be sending all of my friends on the island to see Dr. Fraum!


Fraum Chiropractic Life Center is the place to go if you are looking for a team who really cares. I have been a patient of Dr. Fraum since I moved to the island over a decade ago. I set the bar really high when choosing a Chiropractor since i was spoiled by my doctor back home. Dr. Fraum won me over from day and continues to do so. I credit my healthful lifestyle to his regular treatments - knowing what treatments will help me and making sure I keep my appointments. Hands down the place to go.

Tabitha Arsenault

My families experience with Dr. Fraum has been amazing. We started going to Dr. Fraum after our 19 month old son had been experiencing ear infections and we were exhausted with putting him on antibiotics and wanted to try a more natural approach. It's only been 2 weeks and the difference we've noticed has been unbelievable. His ears have cleared up, he's sleeping through the night and he seems to be a much happier kid. Even my husband and I are getting adjusted and feeling great. Their won't be a week that goes by where we won't be adjusted, this is part of our new life change to be healthier, happier people. We will definitely recommend Dr. Fraum to all our family and friends. Thank you for helping our family.

Lauren Hull Herndon

I have personally known Dr. Fraum 1991. He has treated me on and off since I was a young girl. I am now a grown woman with 3 children and my entire family is treated by him on a weekly basis. I say that Dr. Fraum is the only chiropractor that can truly address the issues with my neck. I have seen many chiropractors over the years and since I came back to Dr. Fraum 4 years ago I believe it really is true. His knowledge and care for my families health is something that is very important to him as well as obviously myself. I can honestly say that I cannot go a week with out getting adjusted. I get adjusted for many reasons 3 times a week. I have been extremely healthy and had very little sickness. The same with my children and my husband. I HIGHLY recommend him or his staff because they are all excellent Doctors that really care. If you are not seeing a chiropractor then it is time!!

Krys G

scott mallon

I have been going to Dr. Fraum for 21 years and he is the best chiropractor I have every been to. I hurt my back a couple of days ago and I could not walk upright. My regular doctor wanted to give me a injection into my back I refused that treatment and went to Dr. Fraum. Three visits later and I am up and running thank you so much.

Misty Rowe

Dr.Fraum has taught me that it is not just one ailment that keeps you from being healthy.It is a total attitude and dedication of exercise,nutrition and chiropractic care that keeps your life's journey on its wellness path.So thank you Dr.Fraum for not giving up on me and for helping me lose 8 pounds in a month!

Candace Whittemore Lovely

Top rated chiropractior. Fixed low back pain and my arm. Adjust feet. Highly recommended!

Michael Brock

I have been coming to Dr. Fraum for the past 3 year and attribute much of my improved health to him and his chiropractic care.

Garret Talarczyk

I'm 37 years old with lower back pain. I haven't been able to do any sports for the last year. I have been going to Fraum for the last few months and I am able to run, jump, and play volleyball again. Thanks guys.

Daphne Taylor

I love this chiropractic care office. I've had back problems for years and Dr. Fraum has been awesomely proactive in getting me walking healthier. I highly recommend chiropractic care and especially, Dr. Fraum, here in Hilton Head!

James Schmid

Dr. Fraum and the entire staff are awesome. Very professional and high tech. Fraum Chiropractic Life Center keeps me pain free and with lots of energy and wellness. Chiropractic keeps me on the top of my golf game. Highly recommended!!!

Blake Schmid

There is a reason Dr. Fraum and his staff are voted the best on Hilton Head year after year! They are simply the best! I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Fraum for years and have never felt better. I have referred numerous others and everyone always thanks me for doing so! Do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Brad and the gang!

Frank Scopone

My son moved to Hilton Head to attend a Golf Academy. He started to see Dr Travis Sizemore on a weekly basis for hip and back discomfort. Dr Sizemore is the best! He went above and beyond also helping my son with proper nutrition. He even came out to house on a Sunday evening to adjust my son after he returned from a Tournament.

M Walker

I will start this review with a THANK YOU to Dr. Fraum!!!!! I was NOT a believer when I started seeing him to relieve my pain. In 2009 I was in a horrible boating accident that thankfully, I survived, but it was with pain. It is very sad that it was easier for me to believe that I had to learn to live with the pain than it was to believe that seeing Dr. Fraum could not only alleviate my pains but also begin to correct them. Dr. Fraum at Fraum Chiropractic Life Center has helped me to beginning experiencing life without severe pain. I'M A BELIEVER NOW!!!!!

Ron Geller

Shortly after moving to HHI February 2016, Immense shoulder pain started to occur. Had Chiropractic services in Charlotte with little effect. Susan, my wife, found Dr. Fraum. Started treatment immediately and the results were within hours. Now, both Susan and I are twice a week for adjustments. Have purchased specially designed shoes and pillows for better health. After a week long vacation without adjustment, I understand how important it is to maintain this regime. Always feel better. Ron & Susan Geller

sidney Rossi

Dr. Fraum is the best! His knowledge and care really shows! I recommend him to everyone I know. Living your best at the Fraum Chiropractic Life Center!

Trish Martin

Thank goodness for this place! I have had problems for over 10 years and used many chiropractors but I finally found one that works! I've gone from hobbling and numbness in my legs to walking properly and slowly and safely regaining feeling back! The educational tools are extremely helpful and informative. This is a chiropractor that cares and it shows every time I walk through the door, thanks Dr. Fraum!

John Marth

My name is Dr. John Marth and I am a chiropractor from Dallas, TX and every time I visit my parents that live here I also make a point of visiting Dr. Fraum for an adjustment. Being that my parents, aged 93 and 90 years young, live away from me I trust Dr. Fraum to take of them. Recently, when I was visiting my Dad, he had a heart issue that needed immediate attention. I consulted with Dr. Fraum what was going on with my Dad and he immediately called a local cardiologist on the phone and we had my Dad scheduled to be seen in a couple of days. This is pretty much unheard of with the medical profession, but Dr. Fraum is very well connected with the medical community and was able to get us in this fast. It was a good thing that we sought Dr. Fraum's assistance as my Dad was immediately scheduled to have a procedure on his heart which saved his life. My Dad's previous cardiologist on the island totally missed what was going on with my Dad and he was continually getting worse under their care, I believe he would've been dead if he remained with them. Thank you Dr. Fraum for with your help you directed me to a great cardiologist and a cardiovascular surgeon that saved my Dad's life. I am limited to 5 stars as a rating, but this is not anywhere near the rating I would've given Dr. Fraum if it were possible. To say, the least I highly recommend, without reservation, Dr. Fraum as a colleague and as a patient.

Saleem Musallam

I was in Hilton Head and had major back pain, I visited Dr. Fraum and he was hands down one of the best chiropractor s that I've ever been to! I noticed he also has the DRX9000 spinal decompression machine, I highly recommend this center!

Cristin Firestone

I came to Hilton Head on vacation and also came down with my neck out which was causing migraines. Dr. Fraum was able to get me in and helped me more than any other chiropractor in my hometown area. I highly recommend this group. Now I have another reason to wish to live here.

Stacey Risley

As a sales representative for Tru-Digital Imaging Solutions, a company which specializes in chiropractic digital imaging, I have seen countless chiropractors over the years. One of the perks of my profession is receiving frequent chiropractic adjustments and treatment from numerous chiropractors across multiple states. Today, I had the pleasure of being treated by one of my customers, Dr. Brad Fraum, DC of Fraum Chiropractic Life Center, and I can honestly say that the adjustment I received from Dr. Fraum was the best I’ve experienced!

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