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REVIEWS OF Flex Chiropractic of Columbia IN South Carolina

Samara Friend

I've been coming here for a few years. The staff and doctors are absolutely wonderful, and super friendly. They take care of my entire family. My daughter is three, and she loves coming here too. They took excellent care of me after my accident, and I'm very thankful to have found this place.

Essie Glymph

I enjoy the therapies here. They are beneficial to my movement and activity. Take the time to do these.

Melissa Watkins

Awesome staff! From the doctors, to the therapists, to the front desk, they are great. So helpful and knowledgeable. I came here after a car accident, and the care I received wsd exceptional.

Alex Karydi

The entire team have helped me get back on track with my health. I have always been pleased with the care I receive at their office in Columbia. However, Dr. Larson’ s professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly exceeded my expectations. Within a few visits, she was able to get me feeling better and supporting my spine health. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will continue to see Flex for my spinal health needs.

Susan Licher

Amazing staff & treatments that work!

Lauren Williams

I am so grateful for the Flex Chiropractic team and my weekly standing appointment! I had a rib out of alignment (probably explains the random pain!) but Dr. Larson put it in it's place with ease. I'm so happy that I found Flex after trying a couple other local practices. They're awesome at what they do and really care about their patients. I keep gpgoi back as a preventative measure and I have really felt a difference.

Holly Graciano

Dr. Larson is, hands down, the best chiropractor there is!

amanda peak

Great caring staff who take time to treat you and listen about your symptoms.

Laura Perozzi

I have been trying to find a regular chiropractor for years. Flex was recommended by a friend, and I owe her a debt of gratitude. The office staff is always so nice, friendly and accommodating--shout out to Shelby for putting up with all of my questions! CJ, Jazz and Michelle are always ready to provide whatever therapy is recommended by the doctors, and rock it out. CJ always puts a smile on my face whenever I'm in the office. Dr. Larson and Dr. Danio are AMAZING, and have saved my back. I didn't know everything that chiropractors were capable of until I came to this office, and I'm so glad that I did. Thank you so much Flex!

Derek Clement

Have been going to Flex for 3 months now and the relief from lower back pain has been amazing. The doctors, PTs and massage therapists are professional and caring. In addition, they truly help find the issue and correct it without unnecessary steps/visits or medication. Truly enjoy the relief from pain and highly recommend this chiropractor!

Veronica Washington

I previously had physical therapy for 8 months for my neckand back injury andthe pain became stagnant. On my second visit, they were able to figure out what was wrong. I'm able to do more now and the pain is less since I've been here 2 months

Steven Faust

I came to Flex actually concerned that this may not be way to go. I have been to other Chiropractors in the past and ... let's just say, I walked into Flex concerned. The staff (Shelby) put me at ease and while I can't for the life of me tell you why, CJ asked what I thought the best mayonnaise is. I was put at great ease right then and He has been nothing short of Fantastic since. (BTW Dukes is the best - CJ and I disagree on this :) ) I saw Dr. D for my initial consultation and she was beyond amazing. Her diagnostic of my health is apparently spot on. She and Dr. Larson have been a God send. (truly there are Angels among us) My lower back pain is virtually gone and we are only 1/2 way through the planned treatment. They have assembled the very BEST team here. From Shelby knowing your name when you check in, CJ and Jazz in the front are a treasure to have do your therapy and then to Dr D or Dr Larson. They all listen to you, tell you what they are doing to improve your health and then provide the very best Chiropractic. With their help I have been able to cut pain medication in 1/2 while other Drs. only want to add more medicine to you. To say the least, Dr D is giving me back "Quality of Life" and for this I will forever be thankful. I have such confidence in them that I am giving my son in law his first 2 visits for Christmas. Normally I will max a survey with 4 stars but this group deserves actually higher than the 5 that's available.

LaTanyua Price

I was extremely impressed of how thorough their exams were. They were able to pinpoint every ailment that my daughter had due to her accident. The doctor was extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain each need with basic terminology that I could understand. I am extremely comfortable with their service and knowledge. I would recommend them to anyone. I will be beginning services soon myself. I am looking forward to it. I know that with my daughter only going there 3 times, she is already noticing an improvement. They are awesome and everyone is friendly and extremely helpful. The atmosphere is warm and relaxing. With their knowledge, they can improve any part of the body and teach you things that you wouldn't even realize. Their actions show that they are passionate about improving the well being of everyone that enters their facility.

Daisy Calixtro

I attended this physician, when I was involved in a car accident. The staff took wonderful care of me. It's been two years since my accident and I continue to regularly come for adjustment. I would highly recommend this chiropractor.

Lesley Coleman

This is an awesome practice very knowledgeable and sweet they make you feel like family within a short time of being there but also get your body back on track!

Christine Barrickman

Best staff around. Super friendly. Highly knowledgeable in their field. Tried dry needling and had relief in 30 minutes. Definitely recommend.

Amber Young

The people here are great, but they have zero respect for other people's time. On average I would say that I waited at least 30-45 minutes before being seen, and this is with an appointment. Tried going after 5 pm, waited forever to be seen. Tried going during lunch, still waited forever. If they didn't completely overbook their schedules then I would give a 5/5 review. Just pack a lunch if you plan on scheduling an appointment.

Ashley Costley

I’ve been seeing the doctors at Flex for a little over a year now. The staff, doctors, and therapists there are so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable! I always feel like my best self after a visit to Flex. Super easy scheduling and very flexible when life happens. I am looking forward to bringing my baby in, when he arrives, for his first adjustment with Dr. Larson!

Ethan VanDeVelde

This place is wonderful, I am a 22 year old at the University of South Carolina and HealthSource of Columbia has done wonders for my overall health. The doctors are incredibly friendly and genuinely want to see you be the healthiest you can possibly be. After only a couple months of going to HealthSource of Columbia, I have seen my health improve in almost every aspect. My back pain is drastically lower, my sinuses are completely gone, and I can even think clearer. Could not recommend this place more, 5/5.

Danielle Croteau

Very personable. Love both chiropractors. Have helped me cope with concussion symptoms.

Kathy Steele

I’ve been coming here off and on for several years with my constantly changing orthopedic problems. Dr. Larson and her staff consistently alleviate my pain and I always feel better after my visits. I highly recommend them, especially to folks who think chiropractic hurts—it’s the opposite!

croix hollis

There Doctors and Staff here are awesome. I trust them totally with my life and health. They listen to your complaints and they know me when i walk in the door.

Shari Wibert

Healthsource is so amazing! My planter fasciitis symptoms have completely gone away and just a matter of a few weeks! Now we're working on my carpal tunnel syndrome and I'm super excited for that to be getting better ! I've been coming to see Dr. Larson and Dr. Taylor for years! I highly recommend everyone there and their products!

chris sabet

Enough can’t be said about Dr. Larson and her staff! They are true listeners and make sure to address all your needs. Larson and Dr. D are crazy good at what they do! Michelle is always friendly and willing to jump in and help with anything that is needed. Jazz and CJ make the front of the house fun. They are highly skilled massage therapist and great comic relief! The ladies behind the desk know who you are when you call in, that’s just impressive! As a business owner, I value efficiency and personality. Larson and her staff are the full package.


The best thing is that any doctor here is great at treating whatever problems are present. Dr. Jacobs was amazing at treating my neck pain and making me faster in my Olympic lifts. Dr. Danio is especially helpful with my wrists and neurological pain. Dr. Larson is as aggressive as they come. No matter who works on me I always leave feeling better!

Melissa Hyder

LOVE both Docors that work here! They worked me in very quickly and were very informative! They do SO AWESOME with pediatrics also!

Jennifer Adams

Dr. Larson and the staff at Flex are professional, kind and interested in treating the whole-person. I have been a patient for years and they have been especially accommodating during pregnancy. I cannot reccomend Flex enough for you and your whole family!

Rhonda Baumgardner

From the front desk staff, to the massage therapists, to the doctors, this place is nothing short of amazing! Dr Larson has given me my qualify of life back after my car accident. My husband frequently gets adjusted and we've also been taking our daughter to get adjusted since infancy. Highly recommend her! These people genuinely care and go above and beyond to help.

Antwonnette Sumter

Flex Chiropractic is amazing this is my first day and the employees are so welcoming and are very mannerable!

Karen Rinehart

I am pregnant and had bad round ligament pain. I went to Flex Chiropractic and they were amazing. After some pregnancy adjustments, I felt so much better and no more round ligament pain!!

George Wright

The staff easy very friendly and thorough. The therapists were excellent and knowledgeable. The doctors were great and ensured I was correctly aligned and adjusted. They explained what they were doing and why. The entire operation was very professional. The only drawback was the space allowed for the actual physical therapy was very limited. Consequently, during peak hours it was overly crowded and uncomfortable. Plus, the therapists were unable to pay the appropriate attention to the clients. However, the overall experience was positive and beneficial.

Samuel Higgins

My back and neck pain affected my work, sleep and activities. Ice, heat and stretching didn't help. I feel much better with very few pain episodes thanks to several adjustments weekly with manual therapy. HealthSource improved my overall health. The staff is friendly and kind and I like the flexible appointments.


Good Morning, I've been using this place over 3 years off and on as my back and neck needs it and have been happy with the service. I appreciate the time they take to do a thorough job, as I feel it's good for me to know what they are doing to my body. I like someone explaining the actual process, and what its purpose is, rather than someone just telling me to trust in the process without going into depth details as to why my body has so much tension and pain. But most important; they help me with my pain they also help me with my sinus infection. They have great program which also help you lose weight. They don't let you do it alone they give you the support you need by doing the program with you. I love all the staff members here and I enjoy each and every visit. Make sure to make an appointment you will not regret it.

Ruchelle Ellison

Best Chiropractor ever. Feel like family when they call you by name. Love them!!!

marii rodriguez

Coming to Flex has been the best decision I’ve ever made! Not having health insurance can really hold you back but flex is great and affordable. Everyone is so kind and welcoming. I feel like family every time I walk in the office. Dr. Danio and Dr. Larson know what they are doing and what they are talking about. I trust them so much I recommend everyone I know to come see them. Thank you flex for taking good care of me! 1000% recomend coming here. ❤️

kristina shahan

Dr. Larson and her team are unlike any other chiropractic offices I’ve ever visited. They communicate well, make you feel like family, and are efficient. I knew the first day I met Dr. Larson she was the real deal when she mentioned they’ll likely never adjust me the same each time they see me, because my body probably isn’t going to always un-aligned the same. After years of migraines I am finally migraine free. Weekly visits throughout my pregnancy has been a game changer and honestly the highlight of my week. Dr. Larson listens to our babies heartbeat and checks her position each week..she goes above and beyond her chiropractic duties and I am so grateful for the friend who recommended this office. My only regret is not going sooner! We LOVE Flex!!

Joy C

I can’t say enough good things about this practice. I am always treated with courtesy and respect; above and beyond what one would expect. Dr Larson is an amazing woman who uses holistics along side her treatments and never fails to correct what ailment I may be facing. My back, neck and well being have come so far with the TLC flex provides; they’ve become like family. A million thank yous

Alice Tubley

Flex has been wonderful - I love those who work there - always so helpful! I always leave feeling much better - thanks for fitting me in when I call :) Thanks again for all Alice

Nicole Olivar

Wow! What a great experience with Dr. D. It can be hard choosing the right doctor to trust but Dr. D listens to your medical concerns and works with you through your issues. After my car accident, I'd have to get regular adjustments and she truly gets into every nook and cranny. I feel great after my visits!

Demestress Williams

I have been a client/family member of Flex for 4 years. I say “family member” BC once you visit one time, you’re considered family and everyone knows who you are. I came to Dr. Larson in severe pain from a dislocated shoulder in 2014. I no longer have pain in that shoulder. I came back in 2017 for a herniated disc in my back. Their decompression process has been life changing and has helped me to recover. What I love best is that all treatments are non-medicinal. All natural chiropractic care is the way to go!! Check them out now!

Steve Powers

What can I say that hasn't already been said? We've been coming to HealthSource for a very long time, and they're fabulous. My wife got their "award" for being the patient who has been going to HealthSource the longest. Dr.Larson can examine you and tell you what's wrong before you even tell her your symptoms. All really good folks, and their treatments are effective. Recommend highly!

Celia Galens

A wonderful experience for me and my family! Dr. Larson and staff are kind and caring. Through two pregnancies and postpartum she's helped a lot, as well as for the babies. Even though they are busy they always make you feel well taken care of.

Kourtney Holmes

My experience has been wonderful. Friendly atmosphere and great people.

Elizabeth Jennings

I am so grateful for everyone at Flex. I injured my back and left it untreated for eight months so the pain was incredibly severe. Everyone here treated me with kindness. Dr. Larson and Danio have been incredibly dedicated and persistent as we struggled to figure out the exact cause of my pain. Everyone here genuinely cares about the people they take care of. Helping me get over chronic back pain has helped me get my life back.

JaQuan Riley

I had my first appointment yesterday and from the time I signed in, til the time I left, I received 100% satisfaction! Those ladies took care of me, and ordered what I needed before I left. I'm looking forward to my future visits, and will keep you all updated on the results. . Great Job so far Flex Chiropractic!

Jackie Dingler

I had been to not one, but two orthopaedic physicians with back pain. Both had taken x-rays but I was only told that I have arthritis in my spine. Dr. Larson, recommended to me by a friend, ordered an MRI almost immediately and it turned out to be a herniated disc.I received treatment for it and didn't have to have surgery! I also spent hours in the ER, two days in a row, in severe pain only to be told that I had a UTI. Dr. Larson saw me the next day, diagnosed the problem, and ordered an MRI. I did not have a UTI but rather a labrum tear in my hip AND meralgia paresthetica. She and her staff work as a team! Michelle, the chiropractic assistant, CJ & Jazz, message therapists, Rebeckah, the office manager and Shelby, the office assistant are awesome! I have dealt with all of them and they're caring and professional. I always leave feeling like a new person!

Sarah Sawyer

Flex Chiropractic Columbia is one of the best chiropractors I’ve ever visited. Their treatment plans are concise and straightforward and I always walk in knowing exactly what I’m going to be receiving that day and how I’ll feel afterwards. They’ve made dealing with my injury so much easier and have been a huge comfort to me through the whole process. Would recommend to anyone! - Sarah Sawyer, USC Dance Company

Michael Campbell

I came in about a 2 months ago after my accident with neck, lower back pain, and shoulder injury. With Dr. Larson, Jazz and CJ and their staff made me feel at home with there excellent customer service and exercise techniques and therapeutic remedies. My journey to recovery is complete and I am Jack to 100% . All the staff were very professional and friendly. Thank you Flex Chiropractic for your services.

Keviell Platt

They are awesome and are helping withy recovery... Highly recommended!!

Bekah G

I literally crawled in to HealthSource of Columbia over 4 yrs ago. I had hurt myself playing golf and they pieced me back together. My overall health has improved and I now go in monthly for wellness and maintenance checks. The staff and Doctors are wonderful and truly care about your well being. 5* all the way!

Joe Simpson

I have been to over 10 different chiropractors in the Columbia area over the last several years. Dr. Larson is by far the most thorough Chiroprator/Dr I have seen. She goes well beyond the symptoms of your problem and works with you to find the cause. I have never had a doctor follow-up with me after my first visit, very impressive. If more chiropractors were as caring and thorough as her, the industry would boom and people would not be skeptical of chiropractic care. I dare to say you will not find a better DC in the state of SC.

Sandi Owen

I had never been to a chiropractor and am so glad I found these folks. I feel better after just a few treatments and discovered a few things that would likely have caused issues as I aged! Can't say enough good things about this experience.

R Smith

Great environment and they greet me by name every time i walk in. They are very attentive to my needs and make sure that i am in and out during my lunch break. The massages are great and they make a huge difference. I have progressed very well and i'm glad i chose healthsource. I am very pleased!! Great team.

ty johns

Without a doubt recommend Flex Chiropractic! Super great feeling when I walked in and even better on my way out!

Julie McWilliams

My daughter has scoliosis...with the help from Dr child didn't have to have a rod put in her back. . We are so thankful

lena lee

Dr. Larson is personable, compassionate and knowledgeable. The staff is courteous and friendly. And the treatment I’ve received has been extraordinary!

Tom Herndon

These folks are the best!

tosha coleman

Everyone is very friendly and the environment is very relaxed and I think I will enjoy working with them

Charles Tucker

New Name, Same Great Doctors is exactly right! The Doctors at Flex Chiropractic are top notch and their passion to help others is even greater. I would recommend Flex Chiropractic to anyone in Columbia!

Matthew Davis

Absolutely love dr. Larsen at flex! I play professional roller Derby here in Columbia,sc with the Carolina Wreckingballs and she has helped me regrow and maintain a healthy spinal curve through her wonderful adjustments and very caring staff. 11/10 would highly recommend.

Lauren Staudt

Flex Chiropractic is a top-notch practice. Dr. Larson and the staff are friendly, caring, competent, and consistently go above and beyond. I was your typical skeptic at first but Dr. Larson quickly changed my opinion and gained my trust. I have since referred several friends and family members and will continue to encourage others. She takes the time to get to know you, evaluate, educate, treat and make referrals, if necessary. Dr. Larson and her team have helped me so much over the past few years for various injuries and issues. I highly recommend this practice.

Kim Carson

I’ve gone to a lot of Chiropractors over the years and I’m so glad I found Dr Larson and the staff at Flex. She takes the time to learn about you, is extremely knowledgeable and very caring. Definitely the best!!

Carla K.

The Best!!! Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Larson always are so awesome. Michelle and the physical therapy staff are so fun, patient, and knowledgeable. And Rebekah and the office staff are friendly and competent. Thank you all for taking such good care of me. If you are not sure about chiropractors please check these folks out. Blessings.

Louise Caldwell

The staff is extremely courteous and attentive. The service that I receive is absolutely exceptional!

Megan Hinson

This group amazes me every time I go. They are so kind as to work with us and incorporate my 2 year old as to help them so we have the continued option of being treated. My family and I have been coming hear for years as we have always suffered with major back issues. They mold their way of adjusting to each of our own needs and change with us as those needs may change. I probably could not even be a good mom if it weren't for the adjustments myself and my daughter receive! Eternally grateful and will forever recommend

Esther Diya

Great service with so much love and care. Y'all d best.

Tristan Shannon

My wife and myself been going to flex chiropractic practice for the longest. We had an accident on October 24th. It was terrible. We were jacked up but now our life is much better thanks to them at flex. I use to wake up in the morning all sore couldn't move and couldn't wait to get my appointment because I know they would bring me relief which they did just that everytime. My wife's time end just before mine and she's doing great thanks to them as well. They as the best for this kind of work. They treated us like family and still do. We actually had a baby on the way when we first started and now he's here and everyone just loves him. We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts we love you guys. Tristan, Brianna, and Tristan Jr. Shannon! ❤️

Jonathan Koshy

A very pleasant atmosphere with a kind staff who really take their time with you. Would highly recommend.

Lashanna Mitchell

Great staff and awesome people work here I love Jazz and CJ they make you feel comfortable and their energy is amazing you’ll never have a bad experience keep up the job work

Chad Bills

Dr. Larson and her team at Flex Columbia do a great job helping their patients achieve their health goals.

Jack Miller

Had sciatic nerve pain for months and the adjustments they did were amazing. Will be coming back if I have any other problems.

John Archer

Flex Chiropractic is the best in the business. The entire staff does a wonderful job at making you feel comfortable and like family. From greeting you once you’re through the door to walking you through your excercises it’s an amazing experience as a whole 10/10 would recommend to anyone

Lucinda Kelly

I love this practice! So very kind and helpful. Always feel like I am visiting family when I go in for a visit.

John Sinclair

I've been a patient here for years now and they have been a huge help! I was having trouble sleeping at night due to back pain and those issues have been resolved! The staff is always kind and courteous. The doctors are very helpful and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Eric Schweickert

I started going to Flex Chiropractic several months ago for adjustments, which have help tremendously. While I know that the adjustments have helped my spine and neck I surprised when I realized that there was another benefit. For years, the nail on my left hand middle finger had a vertical ridge and split in it. It was not a debilitating condition, but a major annoyance. If I didn’t keep it cut VERY short, it would get caught when getting things out of my pocket and split again. I tried all sorts of things, including supplements ands lotions, but nothing worked. A couple of months after starting at Flex, I noticed that my nail no longer had the split and that the vertical ridge was far less pronounced. I mentioned it to Dr. D (Dr. Danio) and she told me that my middle finger is directly connected to the nerves in my neck and that the adjustments in my neck probably resulted in my improvements. I was floored! I am continuing my relationship with Flex Chiropractic. The doctors and all the staff are great. I am looking forward to more improvements.

Alice Bolton

I love this place!! Like really, really love it. Everyone from the front desk, the therapist CJ and Jazz to Dr. Taylor and Jacobs are amazing!!! This is the most amazing chiropractor experience I've ever had!! These hands at this office are blessed!! I would recommend Healthsource of Columbia to anyone looking for relief from their pain. You guys ROCK!!!!

Jennifer Gorlewski

Adjustments and recommendations from Dr. Larson and her staff have changed my life as well as my children’s lives. The Flex staff truly cares about their patients’ health and well-being. Flex is the place to go if you have not only back issues, but also neck pain, migraines, digestion problems, and knee & foot pain. Dr. Larson can also help with common issues that babies and children may exhibit, such as acid reflux, sensory and attention problems, and even problems with sleeping. If you are looking for a chiropractor, this is the only place to go.

Kayla Cooper

I have have had chiropractoc care my whole life, and I have not ever had a better doc than Dr. Larson. In addition to her excellent adjustments and advice, her entire team of people and associate doctors are exceptional!! I highly recommend them to anyone interested in chiropractic!!

Susan Tanner

I have been coming to HealthSource for the last few months, and all the doctors and staff have been extremely caring, professional and encouraging. I came in with back spasms, and they were able to relieve that pain without any medicine. I have mostly seen Doctor Jacobs and Doctor Taylor, but have heard personal testimonials from friends who have been adjusted by Dr. Larson. I am sleeping better, and have more energy, but most of all, the pain is gone!

Denise Fenters

Great group! Dr.Larson is the best. She knows exactly what to do to get you feeling better. The staff is friendly and so helpful.

Jacquelyn Rembert

The staff at Flex Chiropractic is awesome. It's a friendly environment in which I frequent often. They are very knowledgeable and they know what they are doing.They have been taking care of me for five years and they will take care of you too. You will not be disappointed.

Michael Joyce

Dr. Larason is a miracle worker. A day After my last adjustment, etc, I hit a bucket of golf balls. It was the best bucket of balls I have hit in over 10 years. Normally, I miss half of the balls, either hitting thin or fat with poor direction. I hit 9 out of the first 10 balls straight, long and without effort. WOW! If I were to rate my results and pain on a 10 scale, with 10 being fantastic with no pain, I give Dr. Larson a 22. I am not sure how to get my name posted so I will post here. From Michael Joyce

Jen Coleman

I originally came to this location because it was close to my place of business. 10 years later I continue to come because of the unmatchable level of care and customer service! This practice cares about the whole person not just your back!

David Croteau

I've been to many chiropractors in my life (over ten), and none are better than those at Flex. Back pain is quickly alleviated. They care about you as a person, not just as a customer. Very, very highly recommend!

Akira LashStudio

Dr Larson is hands down the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. I have come to her for both of my pregnancies! Both deliveries was a piece of cake I opened right up and had natural deliveries. I even let her adjust my 2 year old and it helped!

Jessica Mindy

Dr.Larson and her team are THE best. I began going during my pregnancy and after being adjusted had no back/hip pain throughout—even in my third trimester. Now my family—including my newborn—all get adjusted there. Leo, my baby, was dealing with gassiness and colic and after an adjustment he had little to no issues. I also love that she explains what is going on and gives you exercises to do when applicable. I crown her chiropractor of all chiropractors! Oh, and Shelby at the front desk is worthy of five stars, too! So friendly they make you feel like family. Can’t recommend enough.

Carl Barbieri

HealthSource assessed the real problems and set a course to fix my neck and arm pain issues. They worked with me to relieve a pinched nerve and that has improved my quality of life back to normal. They know what they're doing and the staff is courteous and professional. They genuinely care about my health.

O Man

Excellent service. Everyone is always really nice. I always leave feeling better.

bob ryder

I have been seeing Dr. Larson now for a few months. I have seen a handful of chiropractors over the years and they help, but Dr Larson has been a huge step up. she has actually managed to help me with a couple of issues one would not characteristically think of a chiropractor working on. I have restless leg syndrome...fixed, I had chronic constipation, tons better. I have seen many drs over these with no positive result. I go to get my back and neck straightened and wonder woman figures it all out. odd thing was she noted other problems, took exrays and said, your hip is about ready to go. me...huh? nooo no surgery. 3 months later and I am in a lot of pain from my hip, but had already gotten an apt with a surgeon so it will be done soon. she even can clear sinuses. and the crew is friendly, helpful and they adjust to your needs. awesome place.

Carrie Elisabeth

I started seeing Dr. Larson when I was pregnant in 2015. My daughter got her first adjustment at 5 days old. Coming to get adjusted became part of our normal routine to optimize our health. My entire family ended up switching because of how impressed they were. We had to relocate the summer of 17 but continue to get adjustments when we visit home and Dr. Larson actually flew up to be my doula and adjust our second daughter after being born in January of 18. They genuinely care about the heath and wellness of your family. Highly recommend!!!

Chautauqua Green

The staff is great! Everyone is friendly and make you feel right at home. I actually felt really good after my appointments. I love them and recommend them to everyone!

Stephanie LoVerde

Dr. D is absolutely lovely! Her bedside manner is top notch, she’s on the up and up about the most current forms of practice and she’s got a firm, but gentle, touch. I work with set building and am on my feet for most of my work day. My lower back is constantly out of wack which causes intense headaches. Since getting adjusted by her, I find my headaches lessened and back feeling more in line. I feel much lighter and my posture is marvelous! I could go on and on about how fabulous she is, but you’d have to try it to buy it. I definitely recommend her as my overall heath practitioner!

Brycen Johnson

Great chiropractor for athletes!! The doctors will work to specifically help with your problems. 100% will recommend!

Nicole Alexandra

Flex has made a huge difference in my day to day life. I first came in with severe neck pain and could barely look to either side. Within a few months of going to flex my range of motion was back to normal and my pain was significantly less. The doctors are extremely caring and are really interested in getting to the root of your problem so they can resolve it. Everyone in the office is personable and all know me by name. They make it easy to schedule appointments that fit into my crazy schedule. I would never think of going to any other chiropractor after going to flex, theyre the best!

Marshanda Gregory

Highly recommend for pregnant women and colicky babies! Dr. Larson made my whole Pregnancy way more comfortable and my delivery was a breeze! They know your name and make you feel so comfortable.

Christopher Mason

We’ve been coming here since when Dr. Carew was here (2007-8 or so) and have always received excellent care for our family. They’ve helped us through quite a few injuries. Highly recommend, and the location is convenient for just about anyone in or near downtown. A+

lifeof _myiaaa

Doctor's and trainer's are amazing here at Flex Chiropractic.

Kathleen Cunningham

I can't say enough great things about Dr. Larson and her staff. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Larson listens carefully to your concerns/issues, and then offers the most effective, natural solutions possible. Michelle and the PT folks are outstanding as are Ashley and Rebecca. Thanks, HealthSource!

Laura Bugger

I have had 2 visits with Dr. Larson and have been very satisfied. Would recommend if asked by others.

Amy Djonkolony

I love this place ! They are great with helping with the body and the staff are so welcoming!

Ashleigh Bartlett

I have finally found the support and help with my back issues. Has been a problem for more than 15 years with no relief. I highly recommend for anyone who has not received the help with any other form of doctor.

Grace Joye

Dr. Larson is probably the only chiropractor I would like to see. But all of them here are great! It’s always clean, they have refreshments, the desk staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They do special contests for prizes and tries to keep things interesting.

Bridget Cassidy

Flex Chiropractic has changed my life. When I first started coming here I was in so much pain I had literally become numb to it. Dr. Larson brought feeling and flexibility back into my spine. Dr. Larson and her staff are thorough, efficient and most of all kind. During my treatment here I have felt uniquely cared for. I highly recommend Flex Chiropractic!

C chisolm

I have been going here for almost 2 years and it had been great. My needs are always attended too and they are super accommodating. Everyone is always nice. They are a great place.

Lavell Thornton

I have been going here for care for over 7 years (formerly Healthsource). The staff are caring, professional, and fun to be around. They also believe in holistic health and offer various products. The massages feel so good. I always feel better when leaving. Dr. Larson stays up to date and provides a welcoming environment. You wont regret giving them a try

Amanda Nemenz

Super knowledgeable and friendly staff. Holistic and compassionate approach to chiropractic care. Have been a client for several years and have worked through many issues including back, hip, and knees. Clinician has collaborated with other professionals to provide best treatment possible.

Logan Trapp

Flex Chiropractic is truly a great place. They help with even the littlest of pain. I trust the staff and doctors. They do an amazing job with therapy, adjustments, and diagnosis’s. I highly suggest Flex Chiropractic for a great chiropractic experience!

LaRonda Johnson

This is the best chiropractic experience! Dr.Larsen, Dr. Taylor, and Dr. Jacobs are 5-start doctors that are comprehensive and focused on total wellness. I have enjoyed my experience because I have been educated about my body, so my path is brighter! I recommend this practice enthusiastically without reservations!! Massages, E-Stim, Decompression, Wellness Tips, galore!

B Horn

The doctors are great! Staff is very helpful. “I was very pleased with my experience at HealthSource. Doctor Taylor will listens and explain. I felt I was safe in her hands.

Lindsay Harmon

LOVE Dr. Larson! I came to her to get ready for the birth of my first child. She is very thorough and Webster-certified. She has helped to get my body in alignment for a safe and healthy delivery. Even if she is running behind schedule, she always takes the time needed for each patient. The staff is very friendly and helpful, they know my name when I walk in, and remember patients when they come in the door.

Christine Williams

Love this office. The most extensive assessment ever. Love the knowledge I receive during my adjustments. The staff is amazing and I’m always greeted by my name which is sweet. Thanks guys for all you do! Xoxo

whitney manuel

I've always maintained that a great chiropractor is a near wonder-worker! The chiropractors at Flex Chiropractic don't disappoint. The Lord made our bodies to self heal if in proper alignment; we need to be in proper alignment spiritually and also physically. I love the holistic approach at Flex, that incorporates chiropractic adjustment, therapeutic massage, and part-specific exercises to allow the body to do its self healing work. And with their incredible pricing, I feel I'm the one who owes a debt of thanks. Thanks, Flex!

Kristin Boatwright

I've been going to Dr. Larson for about 2 and a half years now. I was completely nervous at my first visit; having never been to a chiropractor. Dr. Larson took her time explaining the spinal functions to me and what she was going to do before she did it to put my mind at ease. I have been back every month since spring of 2016 and can always tell a significant difference in my overall health after each adjustment. When I feel a cold coming on or any digestive problems, I know my alignment is off and I make an appointment at Flex Chiropractic before even considering going to a General Practitioner. Most health doctors only treat symptoms, chiropractors treat the cause. The entire staff is always so welcoming, accommodating and informative. It's evident to see how educated they all are on spinal health. Bonus, in my mind, for them using and selling essential oils! I can't imagine life without this team! Thank you guys so much for your hard work and dedication to all patients!

Kdknitter Girl

Dr. Larson and her team are phenomenal. I have suffered from unexplained, atypical migraines and dizziness for the past 6 years. I spent thousands of dollars, had an MRI, and a neurology, cardiology and ENT workup trying to get answers. I was told they don’t know why I have them, that there wasn’t a cure, and that I shouldn’t drive. Well, that doesn’t work! After one month of chiropractic care here, my every day changed for th better. I no longer have headaches or dizziness! I wish I would have gone six years ago! Do not make my mistake. Come see this staff ASAP. It will be the best investment in your health you have ever made!

Ashanti Carter

While I was pregnant I was referred by an employee. I went due to having low pressure because my baby was sitting so low. I received results immediately after my first visit. The Dr was able to pop my pelvis and move baby up. What a relief!! I would recommend anyone to try Flex they are friendly and you don't have to wait all day at your appt!! Great job you guys!

Kiel Minson

Hands down the best Chiropractor I’ve ever used, I even take my newborn to get adjusted here. Everyone treats you like family! I look forward to every visit because I know I’m going to feel better by the end, I would highly recommend them.

Jamiyla Goodwin

I have been coming here for 13 years and will continue. I feel awesome when I come and wish to continue coming here. Dr. Larson has a sweet personality and knows her stuff. She always know how to help me feel better and what to do for me. Her staff is very courteous and like family to me. I appreciate them so much. I would recommend anyone to come to Dr. Larson anytime.

Andrena Palmetto Groovers Soul Line Dancers

After trying several chiropractors, I've finally found one that feels like home. When you walk through the door you are greeted by Shelby's beautiful smile. You can hear the welcoming smile in Jazz's voice as she says hello while calling your name by memory. You can catch CJ singing while easing the anxiety that many have about visiting the chiropractor. Dr. Larson is simply the best. She can look at you and tell you what is wrong and where you feel pain without asking you a single question. She explains the treatment plan and the importance of each level of treatment. On my first visit, I could barely walk and was slightly humped over. Now, I'm starting to feel like my old self again. I use to cringe at the thought of going to a chiropractor, but now my body craves the adjustments. You can catch Michelle or Dr. D. going in and out of the rooms reassuring patients while treating their problem areas. Rebecca covers the financial aspect with ease and without pressure. They offer easy affordable treatment options. To make a long story short, at FLEX Chiropractor, you are not just a number or patient, you're family. In the famous words of CHEERS, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. FLEX has an excellent team and excellent services. This is home!

big fan

(Alena Tummond) The people there are great and are really nice. I started going with my mom when I was nine years old and plan on continuing to do so for as long as I'm able. If you're someone who is just starting to look at chiropractors and still aren't sure, Dr. Larson is a great person and an even better chiropractor. She really does her best to make you feel comfortable and to not just do whatever to just get you back, but she and her staff try to help you understand your body and what it needs so that you can get back to feeling healthy and maintaining that through your everyday life. All around, it's a great place with great people who really make you feel welcome and I recomend Flex Chiropractic to all of my freinds.

Brett Groller

I have been dealing with back spasms for years and have tried everything for treatment...I have been to ortho, brain/spine institute and other chiropractors, botox, acupuncture, dry needling...I went to Flex to try cold laser therapy and give another chiropractor a shot at fixing me...I just finished up my 8th session and have seen so much improvement and highly recommend you go see Dr. Larson and Dr. Danio...In addition, the entire staff is amazing...If you want to get better, you have to go see them...

Ariel Guinn

Saved my back and hips after a car wreck! Comprehensive care; excellent chiropractors, they won't let you leave the building without feeling better. All staff are great listeners, with an awesome bedside manner!

Marcia McCarthy

The absolute best. I have experience with chiropractors from all parts of US including one who took care of NYC Ballet dancers. Dr. Lawson is by far the most aware of the body and it’s mechanics. Recommend Flex highly.

michael ann bolin

The staff are very friendly and I just love Dr. Larson. She has helped me feel better than I felt in a long time. They have everything right there in one facility to help with treatments.

Dawn Stoner

Dr. Larson has treated me and my young son for the last five years, and I am so thankful to have found a medical professional that I can trust. She is knowledgeable, caring and a strong advocate for her patients. Dr. Larson is excellent with children and was able to correctly diagnose my son’s meniscus tear and refer us quickly for a confirming MRI and to a pediatric orthopedic. She’s treated us for sinus infections and growing pains and ear infections and back/hip pain and so much more. We appreciate her genuine, individualized care and seriously often don’t know what we would have done without her!

Alexei R

I've been coming here for over two years now. When I first moved to Columbia, I was afraid I'd never find a chiropractor like the one back home, but Flex Chiropractic surpassed my expectations almost immediately. Not only have they provided adjustments for my back, but they've helped treat several long-term injuries of mine as well. Although the staff has changed since I first arrived, every single one of them has been immensely kind, friendly, and genuinely interested in me both as a patient and as a person. I would recommend this office to anyone, whether a chiropractic veteran or a first-time patient.

Lauren Small

We love Dr. Larson and the staff at Flex I started going when I was pregnant and Dr. Larson has helped me so much. Now our whole family sees her once a week! Chiropractic care is so great at all stages of life but I definitely recommend going when pregnant and for little babies and children


Dr Larson is great, took 10 years to find a chiropractor that I like

Sarah Darley

I hurt my neck a few months ago and came here to Healthsource Columbia. Dr. Larson was great about evaluating my needs and seeing me quickly. I feel great and have been coming back frequently. Dr. Taylor is also really great, I can't recommend them enough!

Matthew Harper

great adjuster and they really take the time to know you personally and treat you better

Violet Weeks

Flex is a nice comfortable place, the atmosphere is nice with staff, while attend to your needs you can have coffee, or tea and listen to music, and Cj the therapist always make you feel welcome bring a smile on your face.

Floyd Combs

My lower back, hips and buttocks were killing me. I went to another chiropractor and the results were effective for a day or two. HealthSource did x-rays and found I had a rotated hip. They taught me exercises, gave me electronic stimulation and traction. They have an organized system. Being spinally aligned better and more flexible in my lower body has helped me feel much better! I like the friendliness, professionalism, knowledge and courtesy of the HealthSource team.

Marquis Lewis

The staff here is very professional and helpful to my recovery since my car accident. The process has been very easy and accommodating with my schedule.

Generosa Tummond

I have been a patient for many years. Despite having many patients to see, Dr. Larson never rushes through my appointments. She answers any questions I have. She genuinely wants to educate her patients to optimize their success in getting better. The Flex staff and other doctors are always friendly and helpful. Keep up the great work!

Jerry Reirz

Awesome people, and awesome facility. Dr. Larson, is totally the best Ciropractor I have ever had. Listens to my concerns, and gives advice, plus adjustments that really work to improve my condition. The people that assist the Dr. are at the top of there game. I can't thank Flex Chiropractic enough, for my improved health. I pass out there business cards to everyone I know. FLEX IS THE BEST!!!!!!!

N20141 G

Dr Larson hands down is the best in the business.

Christie McDaniel

All of the staff is great here. The doctors are all awesome as well. Lately I have been seeing Dr. Taylor. She always finds areas that I didn't even know needed adjusting. I leave feeling better than ever!

Paula Hill

I initially went to see Dr. Larson because of upper back issues; coincidentally I was having plantar fasciitis at same time I started my treatment and I did mention this to Dr. Larson. My back adjustments were so on point that a few weeks later my plantar fasciitis was gone. I was so happy, it saved me a trip to the Orthopedic doctor. I do recommend Flex Chiropractor.

Kalishia Scott

I really enjoy coming here. Everyone here is sweet an awesome. Friendly place

Rashod Brackett

My job causes me to have severe neck and pain. Flex chiropractic pin points the problem areas and get relief from my pain. The massages are awesome! Ask for Michelle.

Alex Alvanos

New patient. Made appointment during lunch hour at 11:30 AM. Did my entire intake process in advance and arrived early. Was unable to see doctor by Noon so I had to leave. Very disappointing. Very busy practice based on the number of people in the waiting room. I was unable to see care staff. This review is based on their ability to keep appointment commitments. For a young adult attempting to balance work time with time spent at the doctor this was not acceptable. Gave 2 stars because the staff were polite and offered to reschedule, but I don’t think I’ll return to waste another lunch for no result.

Meeya Ratliff

This chiropractor has really helped me through my rough times. I could barely stand up straight but now I'm standing and bending. I'm even back in the gym! I highly recommend this chiropractor they'll get you straight literally!

Finn Gainey

Love it here! I don't experience nearly as much pain now that I am seeing them regularly. I love being their patient!

Janel Mitnaul

I have been with Dr Larson and the staff for many years. They all take their time to listen to me. I appreciate the focus on my overall health and well-being. ❤️

Loretta Brockington

At 78; in a "freak auto wreck," I could not walk "after the shock wore off a few weeks later! I had to have shots in shoulders & hips to block pain which enabled me to walk, but they only cover the problem for a few short weeks. I had never been sick & was very active: lived on The Word of God & His Grace. But now: I needed help. Went to a well-recommended chiropractor. After weeks paying huge bills; I was not much better. Then, a SC State employee said,"Go to Flex Chiropractic: They are the best! " They were so accurate! Athletes & Pros go to Flex because: ~ They took E-rays: tests to determine "lift-ability" in hands="O" left/"5 lb." right; walking= little knee lift & continuous pain. They took foot x-rays. ~ They requested tests to be taken by two other Doctors. ~ They filled out all Medicare & even increased extensions! ("the former group" untruthfully said,"You do not qualify! I had to sign time contracts & pay all each time.) ~ Flex introduced me to a Care Credit: I could pay monthly. ~ Flex checked all my nutrition & vitamins- some not USP. ~ Flex has latest technology: screens showing details of my problem, massage chairs; decompression machines: plus two great Massage Therapists! In summation: Flex totally cares for the whoe person: Go to them!!!

Chris Jackson

Good, Great, Best! I have been going to the office for adjustment for a few years. They are alway very welcoming, professional and successful in relieving my distress. Outstanding team with awesome results! Thanks guys!

Daniel and Nicole C

Dr Larson and Dr Danio are amazing at what they do. I went while pregnant... every appointment I'd hobble in with pain but always left able to walk out, to my relief and surprise, relatively pain free! I'm still seeing them for pelvic girdle pain, but Dr Larson is bound and determined to figure out what's going on in my lower back. She's got expert, miracle hands and a kind heart. And Dr Danio is very qualified as well and pays close attention to detail and you can tell she really cares about each of her patients. I always love her adjustments, too, and willingness to listen to your symptoms. Not to mention their staff are all super sweet and encouraging... even down to the massage therapists. This place has it all! Even the MUCH NEEDED kids play area (and COFFEE!). I have 4 kids and if Dad can't watch them they have to come with, and that's not a problem at Flex! They love kids. My newborn just got his first adjustment with them after a lip and tongue tie surgery. I've learned a lot from Dr Larson as to why chiropractic care is even good for newborns through this experience. Also learned about "growing pains" and how its really an issue with fallen arches or flat feet. So thankful for everyone at Flex!

Myla W

Love the people and atmosphere here! Every time I walk in I feel so welcomed. They’re all so kind-hearted. They have helped me come a long way with adjustments and the countless other things they offer. This is always the place I recommend to everyone. Amazing people!!

Leigh Ann Monroe

Dr. Larson is fabulous and so is her staff. They are very thorough. I would highly recommend Flex Chiropractic.

MJ Dear

I've been a patient for six years for various chronic issues. Dr. Larson helps me to keep moving. Everyone on the team is great and always helpful. Great positive energy every visit. Highly recommend to anyone looking chiropractic care!

Roger Orner

The doctors here are amazing. They are caring and friendly and the treatment was holistic. My body and life has been changed because of the treatments I received. I came to them in pain and unable to walk without pain. Now I am moving and have my life back! The drs are also very thorough and the whole program and therapists are so helpful as well I would highly recommend Flex. If you have never gone the route of chiropractic for healing I highly recommend you give it a try at Flex Chiropractic

Hart Traylor

My family has been coming for about a month now. Prior to here we were going to another chiro in town that is a bigger national chain. Have been super pleased with Flex Chiro, and especially Dr. Larson! 1) they're so much cheaper, but 2) (and more importantly) they actually take the time to know what's going on with you. The other chiro we were going to has so many people they're basically like a drive-thru chiropractor (they adjust you like1 minute and it's the same thing every time). But at Flex they actually take time to see what's going on with your body and then they adjust their adjustment to fit what's going on with your body right now. Staff is great and super kind. Very happy that we made the switch!

Ariadna Vidal

Dr Larson and her staff are amazing! Very knowledgeable and caring. She has been my Chiro for many years and has helped me with several ailments.. including my migraines... she takes care of me and my family... would highly recommend her..

Kristin Schmidt

I have lived in many different states and have seen many different chiropractors in the past. When I came to Flex Chiropractic for the first time they did an extensive exam that included x-rays to see exactly what was going on. They then came up with a treatment plan for me and explained everything thoroughly. That was the first time any chiropractor had done that. I was more than impressed. Every chiropractor I have seen at Flex has been absolutely amazing. I have really bad neck and lower back pain that affect me every day and I see Dr. Larson once a week and I swear she has magic hands. I feel so amazing after every adjustment. Flex has any type of therapy treatment you can think of, as well as high quality essential oils, supplements, and therapy products that you can purchase at very reasonable prices. The best part is they are understanding of financial situations and are not pushy about any extra therapies or products! This isn't one of those places where they just adjust you to fix the problem short term. They are dedicated to actually improving your quality of life and giving you real results. Honestly, going to get adjusted truly is the highlight of each week for me. I never want to go to another chiropractor in my life.

Janet Crane

I have severe scoliosis in upper and lower back and Flex and Dr Larson and the staff have done wonders to my back. Dr Larson also recommended a great place for me to go and get semi private work outs for my back. They are all around the best in town. Janet Crane RN

shane hollis

I have been coming to see Dr. Larson for over 2yrs. She fixed my acid reflux, myboleggedness, and my 2nd toe on both my feet...i love Dr. Larson my life wouldn't be the same with out her. she genuinely cares for you and your health and gives the best recommendations for anything you have wrong with you.

Johnny Taylor

Every time I go, I feel like I'm the most important person in the building! They do very good work and my treatments are excellent and working! In this day and time it's hard to find people that care as much as Dr Larson and the whole staff..

Najla Clayton

Flex chiropractic is an amazing place. They listen to your needs and care about making you better, not just a temporary fix. The staff and doctors are welcoming and concerned about making your experience the best each time you come in!

Tamara Harvey

Health source is amazing. I first came to them following a car accident. They literally took the pain away. Now I come every couple of months. The entire crew is fabulous. Thank you Health source

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