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1501 9th Ave, Conway, SC 29526

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You will see all the feddbacks of people like you who consumed the services of Falk Family Chiropractic & Wellness (Chiropractor) in the area close to the state of South Carolina.

To this day the firm receives a rating of 4.9 stars over 5 and that rating has been based on 72 reviews.

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As you know, we don't usually stop to write evaluations when these are good and we usually do it only if we've had a problem or incidence...

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REVIEWS OF Falk Family Chiropractic & Wellness IN South Carolina

Joan Kilgus


Brian Jornov

Jannine Sutherland

Terrific chiropractor. Very friendly staff.

Jess Barrett

Roofed this place


3 years and still receive Great customer service, Awesome chiropractic and massage care with very knowledgeable people. Dr. Falk, Dr. Rob and Susan the masseuse are Amazing. They help with my fibromyalgia and lupus pain. As well as my nutrition and alignment.

Anne Gillard

Great place ! DR Falk really knows a lot about health , wellness and getting your body to feel better! Staff is Awesome!

Steve Perry

Doc knows his stuff!

Lu Anne Smith

Dr Falk is the best!! I highly recommend. I travel 30 miles each way and it's worth every mile!

Deanna Akins

Dr. Stinson is a great chiropractor, he knows how to get to your problem and doesn't give up until you have reached your complete satisfaction and pain is gone...

Kaitlyn Brown

Nikkii Duncan

Mel Phillips

Dr Falk is the best there is. He's very thorough with his adjustments. I'd highly recommend him for all you chiropractic needs.

Rickey Wilson

Dr. Dallas at Falk Chiropractic is a very knowledgeable provider and intersted in my overall health.

Tara D

I never had a chance get treated, as the front desk crew ruined it for me. I was asked to come in early only to be called back at the time of my original appt. I lost 45 minutes of work time (money out of my pocket) and was expecting to be seen early. I sat for one hour before I walked out. Honestly if u had just left well enough alone, things may have gone differently. Think twice before you ask a patient to come early. It seems it only conveniences the staff.

Jamie Oberlin

Doc Dallas and Doc Falk are two of the more caring people I've seen. Between them and the personalities of the ladies up front I have kept coming back. Through them I found out I had scoliosis (crooked spine) and came back over the course of 2 years. I feel so confident in the work that they do, I recommend everyone to come here. Thanks Doc Dallas and Doc Falk!! YOU'RE THE BEST.

nicole kratz

I love both Dr Falk and Dr Dallas here at Falk Family Chiropractic. Every time I get an adjustment I feel 100 percent better!!! Keep up the excellent work doctors :)

Kelly Fowler

I have gone to many different chiropractors for neck pain since I was 16 years old. Dr. Falk is the best chiropractor that I have ever been to. He makes sure that my whole body is working exactly how it should! Love this office!

Rocky Melendez

Oz Medic

Best place I've found around. -Matthew Oswald

Jennifer Cook

Falk Chiropractor offices have the best and most friendly staff ever and Dr. Rob is amazing you could never ever ask for a better chiropractor office and the ladies in the front of the office are extremely friendly and the therapy is amazing I highly recommend Falk Chiropractor Offices for all your Chiropractic needs they will do everything possible to make sure your not in pain or at least not in as much pain as you were in when you went in I know I'm gonna be having to see them for a good while due to the wreck I had in November but I could never ask for a better Chiropractic team they take good care of you and your needs and do all they can to get back to where you need to be so you can continue on with life without the pain.

Emily Acree

Great for migraines! Last September I started coming to Dr. Falk with getting migraines weekly. Since I've been going to him I don't even get them once a month.

Ben Rice

Great staff and service! Looking forward to going again. They truly care for their patients.

Tracy Pickens

The people are very friendly and helpful. The doctors are caring and incredibly knowledgeable and take their time to get you back on track and feeling better. I highly recommend them.

Sandra Rogers

I got great care and was treated with so much kindness from doctor's and staff at Falk Family Chiropractic thank you all for making me feel so much better.

Judi Robinson

Dr. Rob took care of my back, hip, and shoulders thru therapy and stim. Almost pain free now. Thanks all.

Sara Newton

Dr Falk is very knowledgeable and supportive of holistic treatment. The masseuse, Susan, is the best I have ever encountered! Office staff seems to b in a good place now.

Kathleen Moore

Really knows his stuff and really cares about his patients.

chris gadson

They take pride in helping others and always willing to greet you with a smile.


Just moved to Conway, Sc and needed a massage I chose Falk Chiropractic and massage based on reviews and I'm glad I did! Susan did an amazing job and I can't wait to go back! Thanks again ! Highly recommend!


Dr. Falk and the massage therapist, Susan, are fantastic. The combination of manipulation and muscle tension release have been a gift. Highly recommend both.

Amber Wilson

Dallas Cox

Glenn January

Dawn Hitchcock

A very friendly office that does not rush you in and out. They actually listen to all your issues to try to find the treatment that best fits you!

Steven Riddei

Doc Rob is awesome , the staff is friendly, efficient and always have a smile. I started coming here for sciatica pain. After Doc fixed that, I've been keeping up with the maintenance and I have never felt better

Neal Causey

Natalie Hope Warren

Dr. Rob is a wonderful and beneficial addition to this office. He is professional and extremely knowledgeable. He is already helping me to reduce the pain in my neck and back after only 1 week. Tammy the benefits coordinator helped me with my insurance, and I may potentially save hundreds of dollars thanks to her knowledge and advice. Shelly is extremely friendly and helpful. I have not desired to visit another Chiropractic Practice in almost 6 years since I started coming to Dr. Falk's office. Keep up the great work!

Tre Mcqueen

I like the fact they they don’t just treat you to make their money! They are a genuine staff and everyone seems happy to be there.

Steve Matthews

Wonderful place friendly people very professional. Fast in and out for first time visit for me. Dr. Falk and Dr. Rob very knowable doctors. Just a wonderful atmosphere in the office highly recommended

Jan Joyner

I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments and information about health and wellness for several months, now, and I have experienced several results. Since I have been receiving care at Falk Family Chiropractic & Wellness, I have a greater range of motion, so it is easier for me to safely change lanes while driving; I am experiencing less pain; I have a greater understanding of the things I can do to maintain the alignment of my joints and the integrity of my general health. Dr. Falk and his staff are professional, pleasant, and knowledgable.

Janice D Green

Dr. Dan Falk is very thorough and competent. He cares about total wellness and gets at the root causes of pain. He is an educator as well as a practitioner.

Don Springer

Upon my first visit Dr Falk made me feel like part of something more than just a chiropractic adjustment. It was something more than I had gotten from other chiropractors. His holistic approach is exactly what I was looking for in a chiropractor. The friendly staff make you feel like you're part of an extended family. Thank you and my spine thanks you!!

Tina Charlton

What awesome doctors we have at Falk Chiropractic & Wellness. Dr. Falk, and Dr. Dallas are very thorough and very compassionate with there patients .I must truly say they are the best all around! Tina B Charlton

Megan Melnikoff

Would never go back. I was hoping to find a local chiropractors while pregnant but I went twice and would never go back. The office staff must not have much experience with pregnant patients because when I made the appointment they talked about doing xrays, the person interviewing me during my first appointment talked about xrays. At least the chiropractor knew not to do xrays to a pregnant but I would think the office staff would be informed also. I went in to my second appointment and when I went to leave they said they needed to make my next appointment, I said I didn't know my schedule for the following week but they insisted on setting an appointment for their "meeting" whatever that is. So I let them schedule a appointment and then called and cancelled which was stupid if I say I don't know when I'm can come in just let it go. I unsubscribed from their emails but somehow I started getting them again after bit receiving them for a few months. You asked for a review on your email here it is. Your office staff is uninformed You office is does not give patient centered care at all.

Tressie Aslinger

Gail Dunham

Excellent work and I am feeling so much better.

Tonya Huggins

Dr Falk is very knowledgeable and professional. Excellent staff. They are all very friendly. All the patients appear happy and pleased. Will recommend to everyone.

Michelle Dildine

The staff is very polite and is accommodating with my ever-changing work schedule to fit me in, even at the last minute. The doctors are very knowledgeable and work very hard to make my back feel better through adjustments. The massage technician uses deep tissue massage to break up scar tissue and muscle knots, relieve muscle tightness, and release toxins. With every visit, I leave feeling much better than when I arrived. I highly recommend Falk Family Chiropractic & Wellness.


Heather Thomas

Love my Chiropractor and Massage Therapist!

Dee Graham

I have worked here for over fifteen years and have seen many things change.But one thing is for sure your experience here will be made as pleasant as possible. We consider ourselves very much a family practice.and your well being is important to us.Were looking forward to making you smile.:)

George Henry

Sandi Shackelford

Dr. Falk is the real thing. He believes deeply in chiropractic and practices what he preaches. His work is forceful, mindful and efficient. In spite of not be totally sold on the benefits of chiropractic, my breathing has improved quite noticeably in the past few weeks. I have regularly complained about my sessions, but they are effective in spite of me. I think I'll keep going.

Tina Fischer

When I first started at Falk Chiro it was for Massage Therapy, which I might comment is the best in the Conway area. Lydia is very compassionate, thoughtful and very knowledgeable of her profession, I could never imagine going any where else! Dr. Falk has been helping me for the last 5 months and he is amazing, he also is very skilled at his craft, very caring and truly loves his patients.

Marie Smith

I have been under the care of chiropractors since the mid 1980s. Dr Falk is by far the best chiropractor I have ever had. His diagnosis is on the 'mark' and his treatment addresses the problems successfully. Besides my spine and neck issues, he has kept me from needing knee surgery (resulting from a car accident). It took a little time but I went from chronic knee pain to NO knee pain and I have more strength in my knees now than I have had for years. You will not be disappointed!

Tabitha Williamson

Tiffany krasinski

Jody Cox

I feel better after every visit. Great people to do business with.

Dorothy Connor

Great success, thorough exam with realistic goals and I experienced a decrease in my pain level within a month. Dr. Falk and Lummis have patience and understanding.


lisa bell

Dr Falk and Dr. Rob are very compassionate, caring, knowledgeable Doctors! I was in a couple of car accidents in my life, resulting in whiplash. For years I could not turn my head to the left or lift my left arm straight up over my head without resistance and slight pain. I had headaches, heartburn, and low energy. The whiplash caused my neck spine to pinch my nerves. After my first treatment with Dr. Rob, I went home thinking nothing changed. Later I took a shower, lifted my arm to shave under my arm and my arm raised all the way up with no problem at all! I was so happy I have not done that for years and shaving under my arm was EASY!!! Then I turn my head to the left, the farthest I have ever been able to do, with no resistance or pain. My headaches went away, I have no heartburn, and I am no longer sleepy all the time, I have energy. The best decision I have ever made!

Libby Hobbs

Great Dr who really knows what he is doing. Friendly staff and you are treated well.

Annie Gardner

Jay Casdorph

Bob Smith

Fantastic caring staff

Barbara Barksdale

This is my one-stop to a pain free life. Suffering falls and automobile accidents has been my demise many times and this is the place I will always come to, to be repaired. I will also continue using the Falk Family Chiropractic & Wellness center to maintain my continued wellness and flexibility. I highly recommend this establishment to all of my friends who are in pain or have suffered injuries.

Kathy Harper

Dr. Falk and his staff are awesome!! Dr. Falk started adjusting me a few years ago. I was having horrible headaches when he found that my spine was very out of alignment and my head was not on straight. He got me back in good condition. I continue to go for adjustments to keep healthy. My children started going while they were playing high school sports. Their games improved, their bodies were much better aligned and they stayed healthier. Love Dr. Falk and his staff. They a good investment for a healthier YOU.

Leslie Holt

Always friendly, Dr Falk is so helpful and asks questions to help him know what is needed. Went today have had cold he gave me list of herbs vitamins and told me about probiotics my husband and I should take three times a day to build up body. Keeping us well! We don’t need my husband to be in ICU again. Wish I could afford to come back more often just 30 a visit on SS makes it impossible. Are starting his list today thank you so much. Proves you can teach an old dog something new!

Dale Schlenker

Great staff and VERY DEDICATED Dr. Falk

Thomas Gartner

Excellent doctors and staff.

louis stoltz

They are very dedicated and go above and beyond !!

Dale Long

Exceptional staff service to assist with appointments, billing, therapy, and any other items. Doctors very knowledgeable and professional. They work to help with solutions, not just put a bandaide on it.

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