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REVIEWS OF Doyle Chiropractic IN South Carolina

Shannon Hume

I was in constant pain for years and spent countless hrs seeing back specialists and physical therapists, and barely saw any improvement...Dr. Doyle was able to get me pain free within a few weeks and with weekly adjustments I have now gone more than a year without having to go to the doctors! I've never been this healthy in over 16 years!


Staff are so friendly. Dr. Doyle uses a very gentle approach. All around great place.

Chad Siefert

Very professional practice that excels in all areas. Takes a direct approach to finding issues, solutions, and ways to continuously improve ailments long term. Very friendly staff who are easy to communicate with. Highly efficient. Do not have to wait for extended periods of time. Make you feel at ease. Overall, the whole staff treats everyone with the utmost respect and care. I highly recommend this practice for anyone looking.

Natron Scott

I have been a client of this practice for over 5 years now. I first visited Chris Doyle after being referred to him after I was involved in a vehicle accident. I suffered a severe back injury. Now 5 years later, I've been rehabbed back and I'm currently an IFBB professional bodybuilder. I'm very satisfied about the results and care I have received over the years. I highly recommend Doyle Chiropractic for your health needs.

Judy Avants

I have had knee & shoulder surgeries he has really been having me feel better. I love him he really is a great chiropractor. My son Andy has to pick up alot of. boxes at work & he has really help him. I would tell anybody to go to him. Because he care about you.

Taylor Rivers

Dr. Doyle was able to identify and treat problematic areas of my spine that have been causing pain for years. Through his care, I have reached a level of comfort that I have not experienced in quite some time. My spine is finally feeling the way it should at the age of 24. He offers an explanation for every treatment, and is very respectful of his patient's preferences. He is able to put his patient's wishes before his own, while maintaining a respectful and honest medical point of view. The staff at Doyle Chiropractic is always friendly and attentive to everyone's individual needs. The office continues to preserve a positive atmosphere, no matter how they grow... Hey Grey's Anatomy, if you ever need a stand-in cast these are your people!! @DrMcDreamy @DrGrey

Kathy O'Neal

I thought I was going to need hip surgery before I gave Doyle Chiropractic a try. I am so glad I did! My pain is gone and I'm more active than I've been in years! Dr Doyle and his staff are professional, courteous, and dependable. I highly recommend his services!

Michelle LeBlanc

I began to see Dr. Doyle after a car accident left me in constant hip and sciatic pain that interfered with my work and my family. He took the time to explain the dynamics of my injury and the impact on not only my alignment - but the offending muscles and ligaments as well. He demonstrates compassion, respect and genuine concern for his patients . His quiet demeanor is calming and I was amazed at how gentle, yet effective his adjustments are. My previous experience with another practitioner left me nervous, expecting abrupt, almost violent movements/actions... I have been amazed at how gentle and compassionate Dr. Doyle's treatment has been. His administrative assistant, Rhianna is so kind and pleasant, always professional and positive. I recommend Doyle Chiropractic without reservation. I have been pleased with the services provided, the flexibility and the amazing staff set this business apart - providing up to date technology and treatment in a comfortable, client-centered environment. Dr. Doyle truly cares about his patients and expresses care and concern for the patient. Excellent care... Good People - Great Experience!


My family and I love going to see Dr. Doyle. He has helped my husband and I tremendously with everything from aches and pains to headaches and sinus issues. I've also been seeing him throughout my current pregnancy and it's making a great difference in how I feel day to day. Another added bonus is that he's great with my two small children, they both love getting adjusted by him! Awesome office to help the entire family!

Timothy Cox

I like this guy, straightforward as-needed service, I've shown up off-hours (slightly) and it was not an issue. Polite and expedient in his services. Strongly recommended. As far as the 1 bad review he got from Alicia, Personally, there is always going to be 1 person who is all about defamation, That's her...

Cameon Blake

Dr. Doyle is a master of his craft. He is knowledgeable about his field and passionate about his patients. I know that I am in great hands when I get to see him. His staff is always friendly and compassionate towards me. It's a wonderful to have a place where I know people care.

Jacob Cromwell

I was in severe back pain and could barely breath. I called a doctor's office and they told me it'd be 8 months before I could do an evaluation visit to see about becoming a patient. On a whim I called Dr. Doyle's office as it is right down the road from my house and I saw it often. My first chiropractic visit came with diligent analysis and a proper consultation of what the problem could be. Dr. Doyle explained I would need multiple treatments, but should see results after a few visits. Boy, was he right. After 3 visits, I was in significantly less pain. After a couple weeks, good as new. Dr. Doyle and Eliza are top shelf professionals and above and beyond courteous. Eliza checks in on me with a quick text if I haven't seen them in a few weeks to make sure I'm doing okay or need to schedule an appointment. Dr. Doyle uses very gentle but effective technique to make your comfortable and ease your pains. I'm not a chiropractic aficionado, but I don't think there is a better practitioner of the art in the Upstate!

Jason Burris

Very clean and professional. Dr Doyle and his staff are amazing if you want a doctor that cares this is the place to go.

Pamela Tackett

I wouldn't want any other person to mess with my back or neck. He is the best around inn my opinion.!!!!!!

Broyles Chiropractic and Sports Medicine

stephen kosterman

Skeptical About Chiropractic? You won't be after meeting Dr. Doyle! Dr. Doyle has a gentle demeanor and adjusting touch that allows his patients to feel totally comfortable and relaxed throughout the visit. Great chiropractor, great guy!

Nick Riojas

Dr. Doyle was fantastic! I was in from out of town and found Dr. Doyle on Google. They were able to squeeze me in after I told them of my travel misfortunes. I had a quick bite to eat and the delicious restaurant next door. Everyone at Dr. Doyle's office was outstanding. Very professional and welcoming setting. Great overall consultation, adjustment and treatment.

Julia Pethtel

Dr. Doyle and his team provide exceptional Chiropractic care. As a patient, I can attest to Dr. Doyles' attention to detail, and care for his patients. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking a Chiropractor who is knowledgeable, caring, and professional.

Jeremy Krauze

Awesome place! Very friendly and caring staff.

Jamie Moore

I have been going here for months. The staff is great and very nice. The treatment I receive is the best I have ever had. I walk out of there feeling like a new person every time I go. I consistently get good chiropractic therapy every visit.


Never would I have considered going to a chiropractor, but so glad I did! When an auto accident caused ongoing neck pain and headaches for over a year, Dr. Doyle cured me and gave me a complete recovery. Dr. Doyle's practices a caring, yet very effective approach when it comes to his patients and I am so grateful for him! Thank you Dr. Doyle!

Madison Williams

Everyone is so nice and they always have a smile on their face! And of course, greeted with a smile as you walk in and leave. They also take the time to get to know each individual on a first name basis. I would highly reccomend taking your time and visiting this chiropractic office. Nothing but positive results!!

William Gantt

A great staff. I feel like a new person after my visit.

Matthew Threatt

Very good customer experience. Dr. Doyle and the staff are amazing in thier approach with customers. Dr. Doyle is expert in his approach to chiropractic, with long term wellness as his main focus. Also, he is able to explain why he is doing what he does so that I understand.

Pam Andary

Dr Doyle is awesome. He is very caring and gentle. He has has made a big difference in my pain in just a couple of weeks. He is the best!!!!

Angela Mathewes

I am so thankful for Dr. Doyle and his staff! I had been in pain for years, and Dr. Doyle has helped me tremendously. My spine had become grossly misaligned. My sciatica had gotten to the point where I could barely walk. Dr. Doyle was able to see me immediately when I called to schedule an appointment. Dr. Doyle has helped me tremendously and I strongly recommend him to ANYONE.

Christina Alba

There is no one like Dr. Doyle. His knowledge of chiropractic is superb! After being under his care my neck pain went away and now I can turn my head to drive. It's the simple things in life. Had I known I would have begun healing at his office sooner. I refer all my family, friends and co-workers to Doyle Chiropractic because I want them to be pain-free, healthier and better.

Geraldine Cannon

I was having extreme headaches. Dr Doyle had me feeling better after a few vidits. I also had more energy. They make you feel so comfortable when you are there. With regular maintenance I am feeling my best. Than you Dr Doyle Thank you Eliza

Courtney Hendon-Acton

Dr. Doyle is an excellent chiropractor, highly recommended! His adjustments are gentle and effective, and he's great with kids. You can tell he really cares for his patients and their overall well-being.

Alicia Johnson

I would not trust this man as far as I can throw him. He gives out patient information to other patients, talks badly about his patients to other patients, and also gives out employees information, all which are considered confidential by HIPPA and employment laws. If you would like to see the evidence, I will gladly provide it to you. He is untrustworthy and I would not want him having any of my information.

Tina Martens

Love coming here! Adjustment just takes a couple minutes then you’re on your way. Always leave with a smile!

Daphnae Pethtel

Dr Doyle and staff are wonderful! I've had nothing but great results from seeing Dr. Doyle. I was having a lot of pain on my left side (hip and lower back area) so bad at times it was hard for me to get in and out of the car. I also had been in a couple of car accidents over the years and had never been treated by a chiropractor. I have been seeing Dr. Doyle for over a year now and in that time have not had any where close to the pain I experience before chiropractic care. It's nice to be pain free!

Nicole Ruquet

The kindest and most gentle chiropractor we've had. He takes the time to really get to know you and what you need. He's given us exceptional patient care. I brought my new baby to him and my son came off his acid reflux medication after seeing Dr. Doyle regularly. All 4 members of my family see Dr. Doyle and we're so grateful to have found such an amazing doctor. I couldn't say enough good about Dr.Doyle and his practice.

Ashlee Wicker

I was in a minor car wreck in December of 2017. After a few weeks the pain in my back neck and shoulder got progressively worse. I was referred by my insurance company to seek a chiropractor so I found Dr. Doyle. It has been an amazing journey getting my back and neck aligned. He is so gentle and very nice along with the ladies up front. I couldn't imagine going to anyone else for chiropractic needs. I will definitely remain a patient of Dr. Doyle. I cannot thank him enough for the relief I have received in these few weeks.

Ruth Roisum

Dr. Doyle and his office are professional, pleasant and capable. Dr. Doyle is a gentle and effective Chiropractor who has the best interest of his patient's at heart. I highly recommend him as he has made great strides on improving the condition of my disc issues and has given me helpful suggestions along the way. You won't be disappointed !

Stephen Ferrari

Don Frederick

I love Dr. Doyle. My back is feeling so much better since I started going to him. So glad he's in Simpsonville. Mary Lou

ashley denson

My back used to be in so much pain after standing up for hours for work ever since I started seeing Dr Doyle I can stand up now for hours at a time without any pain. He has also helped me with my headaches I do not get near as many headaches as I used to before I started seeing Dr Doyle.

Cindy Hooper

I have been a patient of Dr. Doyle’s for a couple years now and I have been extremely pleased with my experience there. Dr. Doyle helped me with my DDD and fibromyalgia. My condition didn’t disappear immediately but after listening to Dr. Doyle’s treatment plan I am pain free. Super friendly assistants as well. They are also extremely flexiable financially. Thank you Doyle Chiropractic!

Rachel Baker

I started seeing Dr Doyle for adjustments about a year ago. I'd been having back pain & trouble sleeping. I flooded his recommended course of treatment. He has a gentle approach, which I like and so did my back! The pain is gone & I'm sleeping better! I now understand the importance of getting chiropractic care BEFORE something happens, rather than waiting til after. He & his staff are always smiling-- it's a happy place for me!

Ryan James

Doyle Chiropractic is a tremendous supplement to my personal healthcare. His attention to detail, coupled with his thorough explanation of the course of action assured me that my treatment plan was both targeted and had a high likelihood of success.

Gerri Cannon

I have had headaches most of my adult life. When a good friend referred me to Dr.Doyle I was like...I am not so sure. I gave it a try and I would recommend Dr. Doyle and his staff to anyone reading this post. The stress held in my neck and back is now relieved.

Brooke Melko

Besides being an extremely kind man, Dr. Doyle is an expert at what he does. Dr. Doyle has helped me with my TMJ and lower back issues tremendously! We trust him with the care of our two children, ages 7 and 10 as well. They love him and ask togo daily! Eliza, the first smile we see upon entering the office, is a doll!

Kagni Kelley

Dr. Doyle takes the time out to really talk to you about the problems you are having and he is very gentle in his approach towards adjustments! He also adjusted my son when he was only a month old and was great with him!

Donna G

Very pleasant experience. Dr. Doyle is great. He has a gentle hand and make you feel comfortable. He has taken care of the pinched nerve I had and helped a couple of pulled muscles feel better along the way as well. Eliza that works in the office is wonderful as well. Dr. Doyle gives a time frame of when you will start feeling better which is helpful so are do not feel like you just keep going for an un-ending amount of time. They also try to work with you on payments which is great on my budget. I definitely recommend coming here.

Charles Meggs

I continue to be amazed by the quality of care I am receiving from Doctor Doyle. He has an intuitive grasp of exactly what needs to be done to help me. The results have been far better than I could have ever hoped for. Absolutely outstanding!

Janelle Nixon

Dr. Doyle and his team are Amazing!! I was experiencing back and neck pain and was looking for a new chiropractor. Jeanette helped me over email set up my first appt, which was super convenient. Dr. Doyle is extremely welcoming, explains things, and never makes me feel rushed even when other patients are waiting. My pain has gotten better in just a few short weeks. I am very thankful that I gave them a try!

Chelsea Fulton

I've had the best experiences with Dr. Doyle consistently through 3 pregnancies. He's listens, adjusts, and is not overly aggressive with his treatment plans. Many appointments I limp in and I strut out. He is very accurate with his adjustments and honest with what his plan and length of time is. No appointments are needed at this facility and that makes life easier for everyone! He has a great office staff that keeps the flow of patients quick and efficient. I would recommend Dr. Doyle to anyone!

Alyssa Dunn

Before going to Doyle Chiropractic, I had zero experience with chiropractic care; I would even say I was a little skeptical. But after my visit to Doyle Chiropractic, my views have completely changed!! Upon entering the office, I was greeted by Eliza, who is the brightest ray of sunshine! She was so nice and friendly while I filled out the paperwork, which was easy to understand and quick to complete. I did not wait long at all; I don't think I even waited five minutes. Dr. Doyle was absolutely phenomenal, he was so kind and caring. He made you see that he wants to address the CAUSE not just the symptoms. He really wants to help you, and help your pain. The adjustments were not scary at all like I thought they would be. He was so great at explaining everything and making sure I understood. I walked out of that office feeling like a new person. I know that it is not a one and done thing, this takes time and patience with your body. But I will say, this is the only doctor's appointment I am actually excited to go to! I will recommend everyone to see Dr. Doyle for chiropractic care. Thank you, Doyle Chiropractic!

Sandi Davis

I always feel healthier when I have been cared for by Dr. Doyle .He keeps me active by his gentle adjustments. I also have friends that go to him and respond well to his care.

Lindsay Williams

Myself along with my 2 children have been patients of Dr. Doyle for the past 1.5 years. I 100% recommend Doyle Chiropractic to anyone at any age. I didn't know this but babies can be adjusted! On one of my visits I saw a mother and her baby being treated by Dr. Doyle, and there was no sign of distress from the baby, Dr. Doyle has a very gentle touch and a calming personality. I have never felt better in my life and my children are benefiting from his expertise as well. Thank you Dr. Doyle!

Sue Who

Very caring , genuinely concerned with your issues. Never rushes thru to next patient, my husband hasn't felt this good in a long time, Thanks Dr. Doyle!

Karol Molpus


Wonderful experience. This Dr really cares about every single patient individually. Great practice with a friend staff!

Jordan Hawthorne

Taylor Nedrow

Dr. Doyle's approach is gentle, but effective. I started visiting his practice during allergy season when it was hard for me to sleep or breath! He had me feeling great and sleeping better within a few short visits. I continue to see him on a monthly basis for maintenance. I highly recommend him and his friendly staff!!

Net Dotson

Dr. Doyle’s is an exceptional chiropractic office. The staff are all helpful, friendly, and encouraging towards every single patient. The office is relaxing and professional. Dr. Doyle has made huge health improvements for me as well as friends of mine. It has been an amazing experience for me. I am very pleased and thankful for this wonderful place!

Alice Fitzgerald

Great place! If you haven't tried or are scared of chiropractic help, come see Dr. Doyle! He has such gentle hands, but boy are they powerful! He has helped keep my spine aligned for a couple of years now. He also helped with other issues I had as well by referring me to the right person. Thank you! Reviewer Alicia Matthews, I think you must have been in a different office! Dr. Doyle has never breeched HIPPA! Neither has his assistant. I'm a nurse and can pick up on those kind of tendancies. He is very professional with every aspect of his office and at the same time very friendly and caring. I wouldn't stay with a health professional for two years if they weren't the best! He's the best and has the best staff!

Erik Beauvais

I am Doctor of Chiropractic and I feel 100% comfortable recommending Dr. Doyle to anyone in need of a good chiropractor. He operates at a high level of integrity and has a big heart for his patients.

Roy Lewis

I have been seeing him for about 2 years, he has helped me, and my back and shoulders a lot . He uses gentle approach ( not yanking or jurk. ) I feel much better when I leave every time. He is more a friend than a doc. Know my wife goes and she gets great results.

Kristin Buldo

Dr. Doyle is an excellent Chiropractor. I have been seeing him for couple years and also bring my 4 year old twin boys to him. He has helped us tremendously. One of my son's was having hip issues and Orthopedic was wanting to do surgery but Dr. Doyle worked on getting him aligned properly and we no longer need to have surgery. Highly recommend Dr. Doyle and his office.

rich ruggiero

Excellent care

Sara Threatt

I chose Doyle Chiropractic after a long search for a chiropractor that was open reasonable hours and accepted walk ins. My schedule is ever changing and knowing Dr Doyle is open until 1pm before he takes a lunch and until 6pm in the evening is one of the reasons I chose him. His approach to chiropractic Care is also why I chose him. He doesn't pressure me into cing in 2-3 days a week. My insurance cut me off after just a few months into the year with my prior chiropractor because of all the x-rays, visits and specialty items that chiropractor insisted I must have. I maybe visit twice a month because of my busy schedule and Dr Doyle fixes me up and sends me on my way.

Cory Broyles

My name is Dr. Cory Broyles. I am born and raised in Simpsonville, SC. I currently enjoy my life in Charlotte, NC with my wonderful wife Danielle, our 2 sons and her 4 brothers and sisters. I enjoy my own practice every day of my life, but I am not home to take care of my Dad, Mom, Grandparents, Nieces, Nephews and cousins. I trust Dr. Doyle with my ENTIRE family's well being. He has an amazing family of his own. He has tremendous integrity, respect, and a gentleness to help anyone in Greenville reach their personal goals. My 5 star should have an asterisk because I can't rate a 10. Utilize him for your ENTIRE family's health. You will be very thankful you did.

luis medina

They are very nice and professional

Courtney Collins

My husband had dislocated a vertebrae and was in so much pain he had to go to the emergency room. The next day I took him to see Mr. Doyle because he looked professional. It turned out he is just another one of those chiropractors that wants you to come for 24 visits and refuses to fix you when he could the 1st day. $250 later, no relief. Luckily, he is a LMT who has worked with multiple chiropractors and knows they are getting bad reputations because of just trying to milk injured people. I went to a chiropractor I found on groupon and he helped him immediately and alleviated this horrible pain. He didn't even charge him that day. Thank God we were able to find a chiropractor who cared about his patient instead of his own pockets getting stuffed.

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