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REVIEWS OF Corrective Chiropractic - Mt Pleasant IN South Carolina

michael cera

Michael Cera approves

Robin Goldston

Victoria Lindsey

I cannot recommend Brandon and Kait more! They are truly the best and most knowledgeable docs! I’ve been under both of their care while they were in Atlanta! Truly so kind and they have such a desire to help people!

Marissa Nocera

Nicole Keyser

Dr. Brandon and Dr. Kaitlyn are absolutely amazing. I came to them in my third trimester of pregnancy in a ton of pain. I have never felt so good, especially suffering with such back ailments. These doctors take their time getting to know you and your body. Highly recommended!

B Benz

Dr. Kaitlin is amazing! I saw Dr. Kaitlin in Atlanta before her and her husband, Dr. Brandon (whose an awesome Doc as well) opened their new office in Charleston. When I first started seeing Dr. K, I couldn’t move my neck or my left shoulder due to an injury I sustained with the seatbelt in my car. I couldn’t lift my arm but about 6 inches from my side when I started; but through extensive care with Dr. K, I can now lift my arm fully and it functions perfectly without pain. My neck issue just needed a few adjustments which Dr. K handled with such ease, compassion and skill. I highly recommend Corrective Chiropractic with Drs Kaitlin and Brandon Carroll. They’re very competent, compassionate doctors that are sorely missed in Atlanta! GO MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENTS WITH THESE TWO GREAT DOCTORS, CHARLESTON! You will be very glad you did! Lexi Benz, Psy.D (retired) Atlanta, GA

Kate Moon

Dr. Caitlin and Dr. Brandon go above and beyond in their customer care with making every experience welcoming, friendly and educational. I look forward to my visits knowing I am making progress in my body in ways I didn’t understand prior to their services. They offer a variety of offerings with Dr. Caitlin’s softer touch and expertise with children and pregnant women (don’t get me wrong she will make you pop in a good, strong way!) and Dr. Brandon’s more hands on adjustment skills. They have created a beautiful community of health surrounding their services and I couldn’t be happier with my experience there. I highly recommend them and their establishment!

Jessica Merritt

Absolutely beautiful inside! Super professional, clean, and organized. Both Dr's are sweet and friendly. The exam and consultation was very thorough and informative. I felt very taken care of and like she genuinely loved what she was doing and there to help :] Already going back tomorrow!!

Camren Brown

Amazing! They are awesome at explaining everything and every step! They take x-rays and scans of the nerves and muscles, so they are really trying to help fix the problems and evaluate what you need before they just start adjusting!

Griffin Beland

They truly go above and beyond at Corrective. You really feel important and get the right care catered to you.

Joshua Hays

I have really enjoyed my experience with Corrective Chiropractic on many levels. First off, it is clear that Doctors Brandon and Kaitlyn are focused on long term positive outcomes and not the quick fix. Their positive and energetic personalities are contagious. I also like the office layout. The open floor plan has a more contemporary feel and oftens fosters commraderie among the people in attendance. I’m a long time endurance athlete who needs to have his body functioning at a high level for performance reasons and to prevent injuries. I am really happy with the results so far.

Paige Eckard

I had never been to a chiropractor before I found Dr. Kait and Dr. Brandon. I received an extensive test and explanation of what was going on in my body before I received any treatment. It makes perfect sense why I am having back pain now! They want to fix the root of the problem and genuinely care about you feeling your best!

Oliver Noon

Sam Bledsoe

Corrective Chiropractic is incredible. The work that Drs. Brandon and Kaitlyn have done has improved my back pain, pain from past injuries, posture problems, sleep, and overall comfort. The office is warm and welcoming, and Drs Brandon and Kaitlyn take the extra step of making a personal connection with each and every patient. The exercises before and relaxation period after take the appointments beyond an adjustment, and I look forward to each and every visit. For someone working to recover from a previous injury or just trying to live life more comfortably, I 100% recommend Corrective Chiropractic!

Alexandra Sears

I can’t say enough good things about Brandon and Kaitlyn! I’ve gone to chiropractors for years, but never had such great care from such genuine people. I would recommend them to anyone looking for chiropractic care and for those who aren’t familiar with it make this the place you start. They are the best!

Austin Hays

Patricia Clark

Drs. Kait & Brandon are amazing! They are very knowledgeable and truly care about all of their patients! If you are looking for chiropractic care, look no farther!

Adam Lawson

Meagan cash

I cannot say enough good things about Kaitlyn and Brandon both. They both treated me back in Atlanta before they moved to Charleston. As someone who has been dealing with lower back issues for a while now, seeing them helped wonders with that. They are both so kind and genuine, and you can truly tell they really want to help people.

Devon Adams

I have suffered from neck and lower back pain since my first pregnancy 6 years ago. I honestly thought it was just part of growing older and was something that I would deal with for the rest of my life. I am so thankful that I gave Corrective Chiropractic a try! After a month under Dr. Brandon’s care, I feel better than ever. My back pain has subsided, and I have a lot more energy. Dr. Brandon and Dr. Kaitlyn are passionate about their clients’ health and wellness. They have a beautiful facility, and I truly look forward to my visits.

John Kenney

Awesome service! Friendly staff, great atmosphere. So glad they’re here in Mt Pleasant

Matthew Irwin

I have been going to various chiropractors for the past 5-6 years and none of them even come close to comparing to Corrective Chiro. My entire time with Dr. Brandon and Dr. Kaitlyn has been as great as I could have hoped for. My back is feeling great again! Love this place!

Pamela Holmes

I would recommend Dr. Kaitlyn highly. I was patient of hers when she was in the Atlanta area. I had terrible pain in my hand but after Dr. Kaitlyn worked with me I felt immediate ease and have been pain free ever since. She helped with with my hips and corrected my posture tremendously as well as improved the tension I carried in my back and shoulders. I can’t express enough what a wonderfullly talented doctor she is and have no doubt that you too can benefit from the fine work done at Corrective Chiropractic.

Andie Hershberger

A month ago I walked in to Corrective Chiropractic with a lower back injury and today I feel the best I’ve ever felt thanks to Corrective Chiropractic! Drs. Brandon and Kaitlyn are wonderful, knowledgeable people and amazing at what they do. They have a state of the art facility that includes warm-up exercises, adjustments, and every appointment ends with a visit to the rolling massage table. It is clear that they are passionate about their jobs and I love that they take the time to educate their patients before jumping into the treatment plan.

rick sestile

Great experience! Friendly knowledgeable staff. Very professional atmosphere/attitude coupled with a very thorough exam, complete explanation of results, in office treatment and follow up plan. Would not hesitate to recommend this practice to friends and/or colleagues.

Kellen Smith

Brandon and Kate have a really great practice set up for patients who want long term, progressive care to correct issues and/or maintain preventive care. A modern practice that makes you feel comfortable and in good hands.

Brendon Loiselle

Appreciate the well-appointed facility, friendly/knowledgeable staff, flexible scheduling, and (most of all) the positive results.

Kevin McCarthy

I have been working with Dr. Brandon at Corrective Chiropractic consistently for three months now. On visit one, we established a 12-week goal and have since exceeded expectations. I've noticed a difference in my mobility, my sleep, and my energy level. I am an avid runner and participate in CrossFit. Dr. Brandon pays special attention to this and helps each visit to keep me operating at optimal levels. Per our plan, we have moved from three visits per week down to one. Additionally my scans show the internal improvements that reflect what I am feeling externally. Also, the addition of Amanda as the massage therapist was life changing. I supplement my chiropractic care with a massage every month. Amanda is a skilled masseuse and works closely with Dr. Brandon to ensure her treatments support the work he is doing. It is an effective combination and visiting Corrective Chiropractic has been one of the best decisions I have made to support my health now and into the future.

Jonathan Lindsey

I was a patient of Dr. Brandon’s when he lived in Atlanta. I had some old sports injuries that never seemed to go away until I was under his care. Mt. Pleasant got an amazing chiropractor!

Kelly Robichaud

Knowledgeable doctors who create a very inviting and nurturing practice. I have notice a huge improvement in my lower back pain and overall health. Dr. Kate and Dr. Brandon continue to help me grow in understanding how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Jessica Ingle

Dr. Brandon and Dr. Kait are amazing!!! My husband and I have been going to them for about a month and can already feel a difference in our posture as well as decreased back pain! Dr. Kait is amazing with pre and post pregnancy women. We have a 6 month old baby girl that we always bring with us and they are always so hands on with her! We are so glad we found them!!!

Shannon Skelly

Josh K

Great experience with both doctors. My six year old son is currently a patient of Dr. Kaitlyn and is already showing great improvement after just a few appointments. Furthermore, the office is very nice and exceptionally clean. I'll be choosing their practice for any chiropractic needs from here on and would highly recommend.

Elizabeth Royall

Amy Treneff

Attention to detail and beautiful atmosphere.

chad hershberger

Best chiropractic practice in town. They care about their clients and are very knowledgeable about the overall health of the body. They have helped me tremendously. I feel better than I have in years.

Ashley Holtzapple

I couldn't be happier with Corrective Chiropractic! I have been to a few local chiropractors and finally found the perfect office for my family. Drs Brandon and Kait are nothing short of wonderful. They truly care about helping you achieve your optimal health. Their advice and adjustments have helped my migraines and neck pain significantly. I have also been taking my daughter to Dr Kait since she was 5 months old and she loves her! I'm thankful that Dr Kait is specialized in Pediatrics and feel I can trust her completely. I truly can't recommend Corrective Chiropractic highly enough!

Erica Helms

I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Brandon and Dr. Kait! Even though I consider myself a holistic person I was always unsure about Chiropractic care... well I went anyways based off of many recommendations and after the third visit my back pain and leg pain decreased significantly. I am happy to report my inflammation is down and I am pain free. Now my husband goes and my 11 year old as well. Corrective Chiropractic is the best and I am very thankful for all they have done! X, Erica H.

Sunday Lempesis

Kaitlyn and Brandon are amazing! They are trustworthy and excellent in their field. I highly recommend them!

Thom Morris

jenny gessford

I have been waiting to try out this place out. I’ve been 3 times and can’t say more good things about them! They are so passionate about wellness and helping people. I feel SO much better. The initial exam and sit down session was so helpful I. Understanding what was bothering me... realized how much I NEEDED their help. I highly recommend coming to their office!

Victoria Kuchler

I had a great experience at Corrective Chiropractic. I met Brandon and Kait originally at OrangeTheory. My initial appointment was very professional and thorough. Brandon did a great job of really explaining everything and what they were going to focus on. It was nice to actually learn about what was wrong and why, rather than just a doctor saying it’s this. You can immediately tell that Brandon and Kate truly care about your well-being. They are friendly and do a great job of making the patients feel comfortable. I highly recommend them for any issues.

Rachel Stapleton

Posture improved, overall sleeping better, and LOVE getting adjusted!

Manda Ala

Jessica Wilds

Drs. Brandon and Kaitlyn Carroll are excellent! They both went out of their way to make me feel welcome and to explain my treatment to me. They are dedicated to helping me with my neck pain, and genuinely care! I highly recommend their practice.

Mount Pleasant Fit Body

As a family we've been using their services the past month and LOVE it. Their facility is state of the art, yet still has a family vibe that is unique. We highly recommend you looking into their practice if you are in the Charleston area. We could not speak more highly of them both in business and as individuals. They are genuine, passionate and love getting involved in the community.

Rebecca Linenger

It was a great experience- they are super knowledgeable and informative!

Crystal Lockwood

Dr Caitlyn and Dr Brandon are amazing! After seeing many Drs for the horrible pain in my side and going undiagnosed for months, they were able to immediately feel what was wrong with my rib and alleviate the pain. Afterwards they showed me where the structural problem was that continued to cause the pain. After being in their care I haven’t experienced any side pain since and sleep much better than I ever was before! You two are the best!

Sarah Hays

So glad I found this practice! They are very thorough and thoughtful in how they treat their patients. They incorporate research and best practices in how they start and end their adjustments and I learn so much every time I'm there. The facility is gorgeous and I look forward to my visits. I am grateful for their expertise as my race training starts to ramp up.

Ginger Campbell

Jeremy Fowler

Brandon and Kaitlyn have a great environment and are very knowledgeable. In a short time I have seen positive gains. I highly recommend them.

Greg Ulbrich

I’ve been to a few chiropractors before finding Brandon and Kait. They take their time with each visit to really care for me and make sure everything is correct. I’m not just some number who comes and goes. They treat their patients amazing and I would recommend to anyone thinking about getting a chiropractor!


I had my evaluation and I don’t think I could of felt more cared for. They are both extremely nice and knowledgeable! I can’t wait to go back next week.

Jackson Ayers

Couldn’t speak more highly about them! You feel comfortable as soon as you walk into the doors of their facility, they always greet you with a smile and a very personal interaction. I would recommend them to everyone that lives within the Charleston area. You can truly see that they love what they do and have a passion to take care of people! Don’t waste you time, go check them out!!

Katie Rae Wishneff

I brought my newborn when he was just about a week old. I had a long hard labor which resulted in use of a vacuum. He had the typical cone shape afterward and I wanted to ensure he healed properly and that his nervous system was in perfect condition. Dr Kate was sooo sweet and gentle with my little man. She found areas of tension on him and even helped him nurse more efficiently from his tiny adjustments. I personally received an adjustment from Dr Brandon which was amazing. He really hit spots that were messed up after pregnancy and labor and their office feels like being at a spa. I would highly recommend both of these doctors to anyone looking to improve their health. There are so many benefits to chiropractic care and these two doctors are genuinely good at what they do!

Michael Stapleton

Best chiro team in town!! Highly recommend.

Ariel Warrick

Dr. Brandon & Dr. Kaitlyn are both so amazing at what they do. They were able to help me fully understand exactly what was going on with my body, what needed to be treated, what to expect, and how long the process would be. While giving the best and most effective treatment, they make the entire experience fun! I always feel better leaving than when I came in. The facility is inviting & accommodating so from the start of appointments to the end I always felt at home. I can’t recommend enough!!!

Kelly Holland

Amazing experience at Corrective Chiropractic! So knowledgeable and really cater your appointment to your specific needs.

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