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Steve Munsey

Thanks to Dr Nelson and his team I am on the road to recovery. July of 2017 I broke my femur at the hip socket while biking in Kansas. The femur repair was successful but left my leg short. This caused lower back pain. Dr Nelson understood the mechanical dynamics of my injury. Not only did he keep my spine aligned but insisted I keep performing exercises that would build my strength to pre accident muscle mass. I believe his experience with sports medicine while taking care of Clemson players gives him an edge. Thanks again Dr Nelson & team.

Zachary Colyer

I've dealt with a back issue ever since my car accident, a 25 year old with back issues? Nah, Dr. Nelson and his wife Kelsey wasn't having that. He invited me in, treated me and I improved. It's that simple, if you need help with anything whether it be rehab, maintenance or just need a hug, go see Whitney at the front desk and she will make sure that Traci doesn't work you too hard! In all sincerity, these guys are an amazing group of people and in more ways then one, they saved my life.

Donna Goldsmith

Carolina Active Health was referred to me by a friend who had received a lot of help from them so I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did! Dr. Nelson listened intently to my issues and explained exactly what he could do to help. (I also appreciate that they also let me know how much to expect to be covered by my insurance so no surprises there either!) Dr Nelson was able to relieve the deep pain in my hip and even take care of some other pain in my shoulders and ankles that I thought I'd just have to deal with (from aging). Ashley is helpful in providing exercises and stretches onsite to help speed improvement. The whole office staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Carolina Active Health.

Renee Lyons

Dr. Nelson and his staff are wonderful! He goes above and beyond every visit. He listens, he is knowledgeable, and he cares about treating the root of your health issues. Best doctor I have ever had.

Janice Murphy

Carolina Active Health is so much more than your usual chiropractic group. Dr Nelson goes above & beyond to get to the root of your problem. He does Graston technique, tissue/scar release, counseling regarding proper diet to help with inflammation & so much more. Plus he plays great music!! The staff is great! There is onsite help with appropriate exercises/equipment related to your problem and heat stim (probably not the correct term), etc. They treat you like family, when you walk in the door!! Will never go anywhere else!!

Zachary Dragicevich

By far the best chiropractic experience I've ever had. Dr. Nelson takes the time to truly examine and understand your body and movements before assigning treatments. My sore lower back was healed almost instantly after visiting and doing the stretches/exercises assigned to me. After the pain was gone, the staff worked with me to improve my overall body movement and flexibility to prevent future problems. I highly reccomend Carolina Active Health .

Andrea Jannack

I cannot recommend them more highly! Dr. Michael Nelson and Dr. Kelsey Nelson combine traditional chiropractic care with new techniques to treat the whole body - skeletal, muscular and more. Not only have I seen vast improvement in my back injuries related to a car accident, I am much more relaxed due to their methods. My friends and family also agree!

Caleb McClain

Dr. Nelson consistently shows professionalism and care, explaining his process and listening to what I need. Traci is so helpful with the pre/rehab work, with practical knowledge and a desire to get me working again. The office always feels welcoming and we appreciate Whitney greeting us, always with a smiling face! Thank you to Dr. Mike and Kelsey for taking such excellent care of Elizabeth and I!

Ross Lordo

Dr. Matthew DiLallo

From the moment you walk into Carolina Active Health it feels like home. Dr. Nelson is extremely compassionate and skilled at his craft. The level of professionalism that Dr. Nelson exhibits is second to none. If your in the Greenville area I highly recommend Dr. Nelson and Carolina Active Health Chiropractic!

Amy Fryt

An amazing place to help maintain a healthy and active lifestyle! Dr. Michael and staff are very knowledgeable and passionate about long term well-being. The recovery room is also a great bonus!!!

Jacob Wesney

Shawn LaBelle

Dr. Nelson combines experience and expertise with genuine care. His help on my injured ankle was professional, thought through and quickly effective. I couldn’t recommend him more highly and am glad to refer my tough soft tissue cases to him. Dr. Shawn LaBelle


Outstanding service and customer care. I struggled with IT Band issues for close to a year. Tried multiple routes to remedy the issue with no success until I started seeing Dr. Nelson and Carolina Active Chiropractic.

Bootie Cothran

I've been seeing Mike for about 5 years now and last year I hit the buzzer on American Ninja Warrior... coincidence?? Just saying! :)

joseph simmons

I’ve been going to Dr. Nelson for about 8 months and was referred to him by another chiropractor who wasn’t able to help me with the pain I was having down my left arm. Dr. Nelson was able to use various techniques and skills to help me find relief. I now go to him for regular adjustments. He and the staff are very friendly and helpful. I look forward to every appointment I have with them!

Ricky Zaide

Dr. Nelson and his team have changed my life. Up until a couple of years ago, I lived with chronic lower back pain for 20 years. When I walked into his office, my back had gone out from picking up a towel off the floor. I couldn’t even stand up straight. When I went in to see him, he did one thing that no other chiropractor has done. He diagnosed the problem. In that first visit, he didn’t even crack my back. He placed me on his tables and stretched my lower back. I was able to stand up straight. The next few visits were different types of adjustments along with other sports medicine type treatments that he offers which gave me a quality of life I haven’t had in a long time. Now, I just see him for maintenance to keep the pain away. Because of him and his staff, I was able to participate in my first powerlifting competition. I once threw out my back deadlifting 115#. Now, I just deadlifted 355#. I cannot thank him and his teammates enough.

David Schutzman

I have nothing but positives to say about Carolina Active Health Chiropractic. The entire team, including Dr. Nelson, are extremely patient focused with holistic approaches specific to their patients individual needs.

Steve Guryan

I've been to several chiropractors in the past 30 years, and have never been treated so well. The additional attentional of a trainer to help with core strength exercises after treatment is an example of the Dr. Nelson's commitment to treating the the problem, not just the symptoms. He and his staff are kind, efficient and just good people. Highly recommended!

Rovia LLC

I started CrossFit Reaction two years ago and realized my mobility isn't what it should be. After being referred by many including my coaches, I have now been going for the last over a year and the difference is significant. This decision goes hand in hand with my fitness goals. Dr. Nelson and his his staff go above and beyond and genuinely care about their patients. My visits have become the highlight of my week. Ivan Tolles

Star * Shine

Dr. Nelson and his staff (Lauren & Candy) are awesome! They are always very pleasant & cheerful. I have issues with back pain. In the few weeks that I have been going there, Dr. Nelson has patiently taught me exercises and proper posture to protect my back when I'm working. #mychiropractor4life


Dr. Nelson and his staff are absolutely amazing. The care given during each visit is above and beyond a typical chiropractic visit. They truly want to heal you, not keep you coming back for more adjustments.

Charlie Jones

This is by far the best clinic I've been to. The staff does more than just help you with your issues, but they aim to educate as well. I look forward to every visit. Thankful for the staff and what they have done for me!

Keith Gulden

Deonda Weldon

A professional and caring practice. I have been to several practices however none have been an involved in my care as this group. I would recommend it to anyone.

Will O

Best chiropractor in Greenville. Dr. Nelson's treatment plans are designed specifically for you and involve much more than just chiropractic adjustments.

Jonathan Childress

Flexible, professional people!

Mary Carstens

I would highly recommend Carolina Active Health Chiropractic. Dr. Nelson and his staff are very caring and dedicated to helping their patients. I spent over a year seeing sports medicine and spine care physicians with no relief. My sister-in-law in Wisconsin had similar issues and asked her chiropractor if she could recommend anyone in the upstate area. She did the research and recommended Dr. Nelson after speaking to him regarding his techniques and philosophy with regards to treatment which I would call a more holistic view to healthcare. Dr. Nelson did a very thorough first exam, identified the problem areas, took the time to listen to my questions and explain the process then determined a treatment plan which included developing the proper exercise program designed for my specific problems. Within several weeks I started to feel relief and have continued to see improvement. I recently had a new issue arise and went to see Dr. Nelson. He was quick to identify the issue, spent the time to explain the problem and is working with me to design a program that is best suited for my current situation. I have faith in Dr. Nelson and his staff that they are doing their best to provide me with the proper care needed.

Jackie Kosakowski

Everyone at the office is great! The girls at the front desk are friendly and helpful. Dr. Nelson helped me a lot with several injuries. His background in athletic training combined with education as a chiropractor is excellent. This is the first time in over 10 years that I’ve been running consistently without injuries and Dr. Nelson has helped me get to that point. He has also taught me things I can do on my own to stay healthy and injury free. I’ve always been skeptical of chiropractors, thinking that they’ll just keep you coming back repeatedly for adjustments- this place is the exact opposite of that. They want you back out enjoying a pain free life without the constant need to be seen by someone. If I get injured again Dr. Nelson will be the first person I go to. I’d recommend him to any runner/triathlete/athlete.

Brayden Parks

I came to Carolina Active Health several weeks ago with debilitating lower back pain. I had received a recommendation from a friend, though was almost certain, having already had lower back surgery several years ago, that I was headed down that path again. I'm extremely happy to say that after a month of treatment from Dr Nelson, I was back pain free. On the initial consult, he finished the appointment by walking me through a treatment plan, and explaining, up front, the cost associated with the plan. He explained that while there are variables involved, he thought it was the best course of action. I could not be happier with the results. I would recommend Dr Nelson to anyone experiencing back pain. He's knowledgeable, personable, and the appointments are prompt and easy to fit into a busy schedule. Thank you Carolina Active Health!

Morgan Hert

Both Dr. Michael Nelson and Dr. Kelsey Nelson are very professional and knowledgeable. The entire staff goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. Carolina Active Health Chiropractic is more than your average chiropractic office. With playing collegiate soccer, I'm used to an athletic training room, treatment, and recovery. Dr. Michael Nelson not only does high quality chiropractic work but also has a background in athletic training. My playing days may be over but Carolina Active Health Chiropractic helps me maintain a healthy and active lifestyle!

Valerie Wetzel

Jennifer Schmucker

The absolute best team! I’m very grateful that this practice was recommended to me. They all take their time, listen to my concerns and every time I leave I feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you thank you Carolina Active Health

Elizabeth Lee

I highly recommend Dr. Kelsey, Dr. Michael, and all the staff at Carolina Active Health! They are such a caring group of people and take time with each patient. I came in with a running injury and they worked with me through adjustments, exercises, stretches, etc. so I could run pain free again and I even had a PR for my race! So thankful for all their help getting me ready for the race and making me a stronger runner!

Richard Smith

Warm, inviting office & great music!!! Doctors Michael and Kelsey Nelson bring to each patient refined Chiropractic skills coupled with advanced understanding of physical movement and capability. They will help you understand what is happening in your body and then provide multiple methods to activate your physical potential.

Sarah Kamp

The team at Carolina Active Health are always so incredibly friendly every time you walk in the door. I have had some back issues that kept me from being able to do some of the activities I love. After a recommendation from a friend to visit Dr. Michael, I went to see what it was all about. I had been doing PT, massages, doctors, and nothing seems to be relieving the annoying pain that I had, UNTIL I started going to Carolina Active Health. They have help tremendously in my recovery, and have help me get back to doing the things I love. You can tell they love what they do, and care for each patient that comes to see them. They teach you good movement patterns along with your treatment to help prevent future injury. I have learned so much from them, and will continue to use the tools that have given me for years to come. They are the best!!

Pat Frontino

Dr. Michael Nelson, Dr. Kelsey Nelson and their staff are the best! The entire team is knowledgeable, caring, professional and friendly. We moved to Greenville from NJ a few months ago and the first health care provider we looked for was a chiropractor. We are incredibly blessed to have found Carolina Active Health Chirporactic. The time and attention the doctors give their patients is unparalleled. My quality of life has improved tremendously as a result of the care I obtain at this office. I would highly recommend you give Carolina Active Health Chiropractic an opportunity to help improve your quality of life.

Kat Co

What initially brought me to Dr. Nelson was an injury sustained while packing up the garage prior to relocating to Greenville. I dealt with the injury for months, trying what I knew to do to heal the injury. I was taking OTC pain meds, using heat/ ice, stretching, trying to rest when I could, but my job entails being on my feet. Because I was favoring my injured side, it messed up my gait, and finally got to the point that every step was painful and daily my gait was getting worse. I knew I needed some functional/ mechanical correction in order to heal. When I saw that Dr. Nelson worked with athletes, I knew he would be concerned about improving function for this particular injury as well as maximizing function/ ability holistically. When I arrived for my first visit, everyone was SO nice and helpful. Dr. Nelson worked his magic, and that night I felt soooo much better, I totally forgot to take my pain meds! He and his team are an indispensable part of my health care team, and I would recommend them to anyone having musculoskeletal issues. Thanks y'all!

miles adkins

Michael is a great dude

Tara Lloyd

I love the community that is here at the office. The staff is always so friendly, loving and encouraging. They truly care about each individual that comes in and makes sure that all aspects of life are going well! Dr. Nelson is an incredible chiropractor and truly believes in getting to the root of the issue and getting that solved before taking further steps. I love that he has the background of an athletic trainer and treats clients just as he would his athletes. I love it here.

Sally Harvey

I have been a client of Carolina Active Health Chiropractic for about 18 months. Although I’ve been seeing chiropractors for over 40 years, in various cities, I think that Dr. Nelson is one of the best doctors I’ve ever seen. His experience with ART and athletic training has allowed him to offer an interactive approach that is unique to him. I have had more stability with my back health in the past 18 months then I’ve ever had. I am a loyal client who will be going to Dr. Nelson for a long time!

Haley Hammett

They are very friendly. They do different things to help figure out what is going on. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Brittany-Lynn White

Dr.Nelson has been absolutely amazing! After two scoliosis surgeries, a damaged spinal cord and a fused spine. He has made it possible to still have full freedom to continue weight training with adjustments along the way to keep my pain to a minimum so I can keep going without ANY medication! He’s been an absolute blessing! They are always there when i need them! ps. The staff is awesome!!!!

christy strouse

Dr. Nelson has helped so much already with my back and neck pain in just 2 visits. I love that he does a complete assessment to understand the true root of dysfunction. I enjoy cycling, running, yoga, walking and moving and he’s making sure I can continue to do those things. AND, he’s just a super nice and thoughtful human being doing good things in the world.

Cole Vance

I highly recommend you see Dr. Nelson and his warm and capable staff. My experience with Dr. Nelson and his rehabilitation program was nothing short of excellent. The care and counsel I was given helped me to overcome my injury and gain the knowledge I need to stay healthy-you won't find the same level of care elsewhere!

Jeff Richardson

I'm incredibly pleased with my experience at Carolina Active Health. I came in with lower back pain shooting down into my leg that wouldn't go away after an intense gym workout. Dr. Nelson quickly diagnosed the cause and built a plan to relieve the pain. It wasn't long before I was completely pain free. I continue to visit Carolina Active Health to improve my mobility and retrain my movement patterns so I don't experience the same condition again. I can't speak highly enough about the staff at Carolina Active Health. They are all incredibly professional and personable at the same time. They are just good people.

Larry Feniger

Kimberly Ruck

Dr. Nelson has been seeing me for many years and has played a big role in keeping my professional running career running smoothly! I have worked with him since I was in college and he does excellent and thorough work and really cares about every patient he sees!

Nadia Alley Granger

My chiropractor of over 7 years referred me to Dr. Nelson. It has been an incredibly smooth transition. The office staff is super friendly and organized. Dr. Nelson has really taken time with me on each visit.

Rich Frontino

Shortly after my wife Pat and I moved here from NJ, I had such severe back pain that I had to go to Urgent Care. They gave me Cortisone and pain medication, neither of which worked. I slept in an easy chair for 3 weeks because I couldn't lie down or move in a bed. I tried one Chiropractor, but didn't get the results I needed. After doing some research, we were very fortunate to find Carolina Active Health Chiropractic, Dr. Michael Nelson and his wife Dr. Kelsey Nelson. The first thing Dr. Nelson said to me was, we need to relieve your pain. He did a thorough exam, went over an action plan with me and proceeded to adjust my spine and other procedures to help reduce my pain. After only that first visit, the pain was reduced enough that I was able to sleep in bed again and now I have been pain free for months. Dr. Nelson was also able to relieve the pain in my Achilles Tendon, for which I thought I would need surgery to correct. The entire staff at Carolina Active Health Chiropractic are caring and wonderful people. Chiropractic can help a multitude of ailments, so please, if you are in pain go see Dr. Nelson. I'm very thankful I did. Rich Frontino

Kate Plowden

Great office with caring, helpful, and knowledgeable staff! Dr. Nelson listens to patient concerns and needs and is responsive in his care. I highly recommend Carolina Active Health Chiropractic.

Cole Streets

Dr. Nelson is a uniquely talented clinician; however, his greatest strength is that he is a truly kind and compassionate doctor. Not to mention that he has worked with elite athletes at the Ohio State University, Buffalo Bills, and Clemson University! Dr. Nelson utilized a progressive blend of chiropractic manipulation, Active Release Techniques, and functional rehabilitation to correct my long-standing problems. If you are looking to resolve pain, prevent future injury, and optimize performance Carolina Active Health Chiropractic is in a league of its own.

Melissa Selig

I started seeing Dr. Nelson in August because I was having severe pain and popping around my right ankle, to the point that I could not walk down stairs without almost falling it happened so frequently. I was changing my habits/lifestyle to accommodate the pain. I had scheduled an appointment with an orthopedic doctor but knew after researching my symptoms on the internet that it would entail wearing a boot and/or potential surgery down the road and/or physical therapy. I thought I would try chiropractic care with Dr. Nelson, primarily because I knew he was experienced with ART (active release therapy) and had worked in sports/athletic training prior to becoming a chiropractor. I started seeing Dr. Nelson 1-2x/week and last week went running for the first time in 6 months, played a game of flag football on the beach and sand volleyball with no repercussions. In addition, Dr. Nelson has helped me tremendously with wrist pain and shoulder pain due to normal aging, poor posture, and overuse in exercise using traditional chiropractic adjustments and other tools such as ART. He has really stepped back and looked at all of the symptoms/issues I experienced and treated the whole person rather than focusing on a specific area of adjustment. Another reason I enjoy seeing Dr. Nelson is that he discusses what he is doing while he is doing it and the reasons behind it. I would highly recommend Dr. Nelson.

Elizabeth Poole

Best Chiropractor Care In Upstate!

Shannon Patterson

After years of being in pain, I have to say that being recommended to Carolina Active Health has helped so much. Dr. Nelson and the two terrific ladies up front are always welcoming and always looking forward to seeing their patients feel great again! Thank you Carolina Active Health for doing such a great job and caring so much!

Rob Coleman

scott redovian

I can not say enough superlatives in this review about Dr. Michael Nelson and his staff Ashley and Natalie. After 21 years in the Army, jumping out airplanes, rucking, etc... and running numerous 5K-10Ks, half marathons in to my early 40s, I developed a severe case of sciatica. This sciatica was almost debilitating. After a few trips to the VA and being misdiagnosis with hip bone spur and treatment scheduled for five weeks out. I decided to seek treatment on my own and at my own expense. I was looking for a Dr. that specialized sports injuries and phyisical movement or motion treatment. I came across Dr. Nelson and the Carolina Active Health Chiropractic website. I read their treatmnet plans and reviews. I knew this was the Dr. I wanted to see. My first appointment his staff was friendly and Dr. Nelson diagnoised me correctly. He and I sat down and discussed my objectives for the life I want to be able to lead. We formulated an eight week treatment plan with goal of still running in the Reedy River 5/10K. This plan was afforable and with great treatment. We normally start off with chiropratic work on my lowrr back and hip, streching and core work with Ashley or Natalie, followed up by 15 mins of heat and stimulation treatment on on my lower back and hamstring. It took a few weeks and despite myself being discouraged a few times, Dr. Neslon keep me staying the course. I am now in week six and I feel about 80-85% back to my old self. Two more weeks and I expect to be close to if not a 100% and running in the Reedy River 5K/10K and various other runs this summer. To sum this up. If you are injuried, have pain or want to be able to live a more active life, go see him. You will not regret being treated by Dr. Nelson and his staff.

Lantz Stoltzfus

Carolina Active Health has a wonderful, caring staff who are knowledgeable and committed to the wellness of their clients. Dr. Nelson’s particular knowledge of Functional Range Conditioning equips clients with tools to recover and articulate their range of motion. They work with each client to find personalized plans for healing and maintain wellness.

Norma Rider

When you are a patient at Carolina Active Health Chiropractic you receive an individualized treatment plan that has been developed to treat your very specific health needs. Unlike most chiropractic practices, whereby the doctor only performs chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Nelson is well trained in peripheral treatments which enhance and hasten the healing process. His experience as an Athletic Trainer is a real plus in understanding the musculoskeletal system. In addition, your own exercise plan is developed by the doctor and supervised by a staff member. By performing these exercises in the office and at home, you become a true partner in your healing process. Personally, I was sent for a long standing condition by my physical therapist. I am showing steady, positive progress and couldn’t be happier! Capable, friendly staff and awesome doctor - what more could you want?

Sarah Stafford

Both Dr. Nelsons are truly the best chiropractors around! They have incredible experience working with everyone from professional athletes to regular "Joes" like me. I love that they have additional training in techniques like A.R.T., so they can treat injuries and aches from a range of modalities. The Doctors and the front staff are always welcoming and professional!

Amy Cooter

From the moment you walk in the door to Carolina Active Health, you can feel the warmth and friendliness. The waiting area(which I have rarely ever spent much time) is comfortable. The office staff is attentive and friendly. Dr. Nelson is always sincerely interested in helping relieve any physical pain I am having at the time, as well as recommending exercises/stretches to help in recovery. In our family, my husband and 2 out of 3 children have also seen Dr. Nelson. He has treated anything from acute/chronic sprained ankles to cervical disc issues to the various aches and pains that come with being active combined with aging. I recommend him to anyone with similar issues without hesitation. His background of athletic training combined with his chiropractor training is a fabulous combination. I also recommend his Normatec room to anyone that has had a leg heavy workout.

Robert Taylor

Andrew Lee

I came with a running injury and they were great. They helped me work on strength training for stability, stretching, and foam rolling to both deal with my current problem and prevent future problems. Dr. Nelson was very knowledgeable about figuring out how to help with the specific issue I was having and point out areas I was weak and susceptible to more problems. He has seen a lot of long distance runners, and he uses a number of treatments to help resolve pain and weak areas. I will definitely go back anytime I have issues again, but I feel like the training I was given here will keep the need for visits few and far between.

Roxann Morgan

I have enjoyed working with Dr. Nelson. He is great about explaining the process to achieve the results I am working toward and I have made great progress. I especially like the fact that the treatment is interactive and he gives me exercises to do on my own which accelerate my improvement. The staff is warm, friendly and accommodating.

Morgan W

Knowledgeable and friendly staff

Shaelyn Warnke

Paul Wetzel

Every aspect of experience exceeded expectations. Scheduling, front desk checking in and then a non-rushed analysis was exactly what I hoped for. Definite value for the dollar. Wish all medical visit went like this.

Mary Preston

After recently suffering a badly sprained ankle, I decided to seek treatment by Dr. Nelson at Carolina Active Health. After only a couple of chiropractic treatments, I began to see and feel dramatic reduction in bruising, swelling and pain, but best of all I was walking again, much sooner than predicted by the emergency room doctor! Dr. Nelson's accelerated healing process is truly amazing! The staff at Carolina Active Health make you feel like family from the moment you enter their office. They have succeeded in providing a very relaxing and pleasant experience! Love their background music!

Annette Mckinley

The waiting room is very comfortable and warm. The girls always greets you with a smile.You are treated like family from the first day you walk in the door. I needed Chiropractic care and help with my muscles, so it was great to do it all at the same place.The Nelson`s along with their staff, has helped me get my life back after a horrible accident, early this year. I could not have done it without them. I highly recommend Carolina Active Health.

Stacy O'Brien

Moving to Greenville from Chicago was hard because I loved my old Chiropractor. I tried four new ones before I found Dr. Michael Nelson at Carolina active health chiropractic. This place is fantastic!!! The staff is very friendly and the adjustments are GREAT! Mike doesn't just adjust you he helps figure out what caused the problem, gives you exercises to strengthen the area and sets up a treatment plan. I'm incredibly pleased with everything about this location!!

Terrie Kirkpatrick

Absolutely excellent state of the art holistic care with mutiple treatment approaches. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and love the calming atmosphere. You are not "just a client".

Carol Johnson

Very professional staff. I was a new patient. They thouroughly evaluated me. I felt much better after I left. I highly recommend this place to anyone needing chiropractic care.

Curt Harper

Both Dr. Michael Nelson and Dr. Kelsey Nelson provide great care and a warm environment. Dr. Michael's experience really shows in his treatments and he truly cares about each of his patients.

Kayla Parker

Honestly, Dr. Michael Nelson and the whole team is the best! I will never go anywhere else. I have a sedentary job but an active non-work life and was drawn to the sports-minded philosophy here. I’ve been to other chiropractors where you just walk in and get adjusted and leave, and I’m usually right back to where I started because the muscles surrounding the spine pull it right back to it’s version of “normal” (i.e. NOT aligned). Not here; adjustment, soft tissue work, and then a short period of rehab therapy at the end so you can learn things to improve your everyday life OUTSIDE of the office visit. I’ve even met with Dr. Kelsey Nelson once and she was amazing as well. No doubt whichever doctor you choose will be the right choice. Just choose Carolina Active Health!

Caroline Liller

Dr. Michael Nelson & Dr. Kelsey Nelson are the best in Greenville! After two months of treatment, I am back to feeling my best self. I am an active person but started experiencing hip/lower back pain that made it difficult to even walk. In addition to spinal adjustments, Dr. Kelsey Nelson used a variety of state-of-the-art techniques to treat my underlying causes. This allowed me to even learn what I need to be doing to take care of myself and prevent future/reoccurring conditions. If you are in any sort of pain, go see them. Their passion for their calling is undeniable.

Ashley Puleo

It’s hard to find a great chiropractor, but this is one!

Holly Rollins

Dr. Nelson is a true professional with the latest expertise for chiro care. Everyone needs alignment periodically and he used several techniques to alleviate my neck and hip pain. It's also a plus that he is very attentive to your issues and lifestyle to figure out the best treatments.

Frank Palombo

The doctors and staff are very caring and they always take an interest in your life. You don't wait long for your appointment. You usually don't have to come back for another appointment.

Michal Lindsey

Carolina Active Health Chiropractic was my first experience going to a chiropractor. I should have made an appointment with them sooner! My pain was significantly decreased after just my first visit. Dr. Nelson was very patient explaining the process and walking me through each adjustment.

Susie Felt

Carolina Active Health is the friendliest doctor’s office I have ever been in! From the minute I walked in the door I could feel how much the staff cared for my well being. I quickly learned that Dr. Michael Nelson is quite knowledgeable and would be able to help me. He is very thorough in his explanations of what he is doing and why it will help. He always answers my questions and has given me the tools and knowledge I need to help me strengthen the muscles that will help alleviate my pain. The staff is very respectful of my time and careful of my privacy. I highly recommend this chiropractic practice!! Dr. Kelsey Nelson is on top of her game as well, she did a laser treatment on me and explained exactly why it would help me in terms I could grasp. The doctors Nelson are the BEST!

Amy Nelson

Love Dr. Nelson and his staff - they are all so helpful and genuinely concerned with your strength and progress. It feels like family as soon as you walk through the door. Dr. Nelson is great at explaining how things work and why certain techniques are used (especially to an inquisitive patient). I never leave unclear or doubting any of the treatments / adjustments. I know that every time I come in I will be heard, remembered, and cared for.

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