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REVIEWS OF Auger Family Chiropractic IN South Carolina

Janet Lomicka

My husband and I have been clients of Dr. George for about five years. He has helped us both maintain proper posture, strengthen our backs, and help with health issues. He is always there for us with any special issues that may arise. The staff is great and make each patient feel special and welcome. I have also had a great experience here with supervised weight loss using ChiroThin. I met my weight loss goal easily and have kept the weight off! If you are looking for chiropractic care, you really need to visit this office. I bet it is just what you have been looking for!

Bruce Neely

Dr. George and Dr. Don are the best. Dr. Don keeps this worn out body going. I highly recommend them.

Thomas smith

Lindsay George

Tammy Cooke

We found Auger Family Chiropractic when my daughter started having Migraines July of this year. Elena begin having migraines and we tried all over the counter drugs that were suppose to help relieve the pain. We visited the Minute Clinic and ER a total of 4 times within one week’s time. Nothing done lasted for more than a few hours and then the pain returned. We had appointments with our family doctor, neurologist, ophthalmologist, along with blood work and numerous tests (some with which really didn’t help the migraine, due to the noise of the test.) Elena was diagnosed with chronic migraines. She would have to deal with the pain until the meds were in her system. Our daughter always has a smile on her face and talks non-stop. She has a high tolerance for pain. She’s not your typical patient. Elena will tell you that she’s in pain without crying hysterically. She smiles even when in pain. She also talks less and less. I was watching my child deteriorate before my eyes. WHAT WAS CAUSING THE PAIN? I was not satisfied with “Chronic Migraines. We asked for referrals but were not given one. We decided that we would find a Chiropractic Doctor for Elena. I contacted Dr. Auger and had an appointment with him in his office the next afternoon. We discussed Elena’s migraines and treatments thus far. Dr. Auger performed exams, tests, and scans. The following day, we went back to Auger Family Chiropractic for the report. Elena’s spine was out of alignment, along with a few other things. Could this be the problem? We had tried everything else and this was the first time, we had been given a possible explanation of the migraines. Elena has her first adjustment that afternoon. Her next appointment was the following Monday. By her third adjustment (less than a week’s time) Elena’s migraines begin to be less painful. Within two weeks the migraine was gone. She continues to go for adjustments to correct her spine. Elena is no longer on meds for chronic migraines. Her health is continually improving as the spine mis-alignment is corrected. Our daughter is back to talking non-stop. THE STORY DOESN’T STOP THERE! I have been watching my weight go up pound by pound over the past several years. I tried to loose weight over the last five years. The list is long of the different diets, diet pills, and gimmicks that I have tried without success, only to gain more weight. I picked up the brochure about Chirothin in Dr. Auger’s office. Would this work or watch this just another one of my failures. Damage my self esteem and depress me more. I DID IT! I lost 17 pounds, 21 inches and 2 sizes, in six weeks. I don’t consider Chirothin a diet. It changed my way of eating. I actually find myself grabbing apples, grapes, healthy snacks to eat instead of my favorite Reeses Peanut Butter cup. I have more energy and don’t cry as I look in a mirror. (I actually have a smile now.) I am maintaining my weight and am looking forward to maintaining it through the holidays. I still would like to shed a few more pounds. That will happen after the holidays. I feel good about ME and the changes that I have made for ME. In turn this has changed the atmosphere around the house. When Mom’s happy everybody is happy. Mom is happy!

Eric Van Splinter

Dr. Auger has been caring for my family for over 13 years! We all benefit from regular visits to keep all of our bodies functioning the way God designed them too! Dr. George is also my primary care physician and has become an integral part of my family and life. His pleasant and positive attitude is always a welcome part of my day. His staff always does what ever it takes to accommodate my needs. I could not recommend any service more than that of Auger Family Chiropractic!!!!!

Donna Caraway

Dr. Auger's office is great! They really make you feel like you are welcome and that they care about you. You are not just another number on a chart to them. They always have a smile on their faces and make it a point to greet you when you arrive. Dr. Auger does a great job getting you back on your way in a timely manner, which is greatly appreciated. Bottom line is, they are there to help and they truly care. I would recommend them to anyone looking for good chiropractic care.

Rebekah Leonard

I have received chiropractic care throughout my life. Upon moving to SC I visited several chiropractic offices before finding Dr Auger. He is gentle and efficient. His work allows me freedom to live the active lifestyle I enjoy. I am extremely grateful to him for his thorough and effective work.

annmarie constantino

Awesome experience! I am on my third year going to see Dr. Auger. When I first went for treatment I could hardly walk. My lower back was causing extreme pain. The adjustments have made such a difference in my life. Dr. Auger listens to what you have to say and actually cares about your well-being. When you are in the office you feel that you are among friends. Connie and Tammy are great! They are so supportive, and will go way above their job to help you in any way that they can. I highly recommend Auger Family Chiropractic!

Tracy Scott

I have been receiving chiropractic care for a while, but in the past year switched to Dr. Auger. His staff is friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Dr. Auger educates his patients with regard to the benefits of his treatment and I have felt better since going to him than I have in year.

Emily Coker

harry scott

Dr.Auger and his staff,Connie and Tammy,Have been great helping both my wife and me..I have been going to him for adjustments for 3 years..I feel great and live with very little or no pain..I am 69 years old and still work..My wife has a little more serious problem but DR.Auger Always listens and make sure he he deals with her pain by adjusting her differently if needed..The whole office is full of positive energy..You cannot help but feel good when you go there...Thank you Dr.Auger,Connie and Tammy for all your help .We look forward to seeing you every visit..I would highly recommend Dr. Auger to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor..Don't wait until you have a problem..


Amazing people that genuinely care and make you feel like family!

Frank Powell

Dr. Auger and his staff have done a wonderful job taking care of my back. I have had back problems for many years, but with lots of help and support from Auger Chiropractic my back pain is disappearing. Thanks George:-)! Frank Powell

Taylor Burbage

It truly is a family at Auger Family Chiropractic. I have been under Dr. Auger's care for several years now and it has greatly improved my way of life. I will forever be grateful.

Connie H

Chiropractic has improved my quality of life more than anything else. I have always been conscious of my diet, exercised & even worked on my posture, but regular chiropractic care has exceeded them all. Dr. George Auger specifically, over the last 4 years, has improved the condition of my spine more than any other chiropractor and I've had several throughout my life. I'm definitely a lifetime wellness chiropractic patient.

Carole Williams

Dr. Auger and his staff are awesome! I moved to Greenville a little over a year ago and was worried about finding a new chiropractor. I have 2 herniated discs in my neck and experience a lot of pain. Dr. Auger has helped me so much! I go every week and woulld never miss a visit - I feel and move better than I have in ages. Everyone in the office is warm, caring, and knowledgable - they go out of their way to educate and support their patients.

Jason Anderson

You picked the right place!!! Chiropractic care at it's finest!!! I pass over 12 other offices and travel 25 miles to come here. Being raised on a farm in rural Northern Michigan, I have experienced several traumas. From being ran over by a tow truck at 12, an F-150 at 22, and many others, I have visited and utilized, chiropractic and physical therapy treatment in several states. Michigan, Texas, Colorado, Wisconsin, South Carolina and more. After seeing orthopedic specialists, neurologists, and others Dr. Auger is the finest I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. With his engineering background, attention to detail, and huge heart, Dr. Auger's personal and intimate interaction is unlike any I've ever experienced. Having a semi-serious condition, finding a practitioner at his level, is a God sent blessing and answer to prayer. From the initial visit, I was able to recognize this office was something that I had never experienced. Friendly, Kind, Personal, Professional: Auger Family Chiropractic's team, exemplify, personify, and embody a character and atmosphere above and beyond the industry standard! You will be nothing less than satisfied and restored to proper health utilizing Dr. Auger. I encourage people every day to come see the team at AFC and hope you will too!

Kimberly Kim

I've visited several different chiropractors over the last 15 years, but Dr. Auger was the first to provide chiropractic care that has really made a difference. Instead of just treating symptoms, he carefully found the root of the problem and set me on a course to fix it. Not only are my backaches and headaches gone, but I have noticed a drastic improvement in my overall health. I'm very thankful to Dr. Auger for his care! His office is just like family!

Andrew Stevens

I have been very pleased with Dr. Auger's care for my family. He is always attentive to our therapeutic needs as well as helping us progress to improved health. We are glad to be in his care.

Marshall Barnes

Great experience...great staff!

Katie Touchton

Love the environment and the adjustments!! It is definitely making a difference in my overall well being!!!!!!

Dudley Potter

I've suffered from back and neck pain for 50 + years. Dr George has been the only chiropractor who has been able to improve my spinal alignment, therefore increasing my mobility and eliminating the chronic back pain that I've suffered with most of my life. He uses "state-of art" diagnostic equipment and procedures to identify the problem areas, and treatments that improve the spines alignment. The staff are always pleasant and friendly and are truly interested in "how your felling today". I have, and will continue to recommend Dr. George to anyone who has back and neck pain.

Mahler Nunez

Dr. Auger's office is very proffesional! You get great service but best of all they you always get greeted by name and with a smile. My wife and I have been going to his office for more than a year and never felt better. I recommend him to anyone looking for that extra care in chiropractic care.

Jeffrey Scott

I really appreciate that Dr. Auger takes the approach to fix the problem, instead of treating the symptoms. I used to have constant pain in my shoulders from improper weightlifting twenty plus years ago. My previous chiropractor had to adjust each shoulder every 2-3 weeks to keep the pain at bay. I have been going to Dr. Auger for over six months and he has yet to adjust my shoulders. He went to the problem which was in my back and I am basically pain free in my shoulders. I also appreciate the staff of Connie and Tammy. The staff at my previous chiropractor told us that our insurance wouldn't pay anything on our visits. We payed out of pocket for years. Connie and Tammy went to work and we now get a substantial amount of our visits payed by our insurance. I highly recommend the staff at Auger Family Chiropractic. They help ease the pain in your body and on your wallet.

Brenda B

Started bringing my four month old at the time to help with colic and he was able to help with this. A short time later I started coming in and have noticed improvements, but they do not happen overnight they do take time.

Eric Meindl

Excellent people and excellent service. Personally, I've noticed gradual improvement related to degeneration in my back due to age, 40+ years of running, and big do-it-yourself projects I did without help... but should not have tackled alone. I appreciate the non-medication approach in favor of regular exercises and spinal adjustments. Medications often address symptoms but Dr. Auger tries to identify and correct causes of problems. Dr. Auger is very approachable and takes time that's necessary to provide help through a sound approach. I was a skeptic of chiropractic but believe it has helped me feel better over the past 2 1/2 years.

Jesse Moore

My family and I have been going to Auger Family Chiropractic for 9 years now. They have done a great job of keeping our spines aligned. Dr. Auger and his team are friendly and knowledgeable and are just the best!

Jonathan Field

Dr. Auger has been adjusting my family for more than 4 years. He is more than a good chiropractor. He is a genuine friend and a man of God. He and his staff has been there for us not just for adjusting our spine, but they have also stepped up when we needed help with our family. I am thankful to know them all and am so glad we found them through a Google review like this one a little more than 4 years ago!

Rebekah Cunningham

Dr. Auger has provided quality care to my family for 6 years. When we began seeing Dr. Auger, my eldest daughter was taking 6 different medications for her allergies and was still having difficulties. After 1 month of treatment from Dr. Auger, she was off all medications and functioning better than she ever did with all the medicines. I had also started experiencing pains within my body that was causing it difficult for me to walk up/down stairs and function in my daily duties. Within a short amount of time after seeing Dr. Auger, the pain had mostly subsided and I was able to be myself again. Exercise and sports are a part of my regime again and I just ran my first 5K two weeks ago, with NO pain! Dr. Auger and his staff are extremely professional in all areas. My children look forward to their appointment times with Dr. Auger, even my 2 year old! He is very respectful toward his patients and is extremely gentle with children. Thank you Dr. Auger for all you have done to keep our family healthy!

Penny Jones

The minute you walk into Auger Family Chiropractic, you feel the warmth and friendliness. Dr. Auger and his staff really care about your health and well being. My back and hip pain has improved tremendously over the past two years and I am very pleased with the service.

Kelly Ross

Friendly staff and incredible chiropractor who educates, listens and treats with care.

deokchan Kim

I got introduced by my fiancé, and it was such a awesome experience. Before I heard about Chiropractic, but I didn't understand how it really works. The best part of being a patient here is to get very useful and accurate class that Dr.Auger occasionally has in his office. It is simple but powerful. In addition, he doesn't only care about the symptoms, but also takes good care about the main cause of the problem, called subluxation. By short but frequent adjustments, you can fix your origin of the problems, not just treating your situation. My whole family appreciates his treatments, and we will keep coming to take care of our adjustment. I appreciate my beautiful, wise fiancé, as well as Dr.Auger for knowing such a nice adjustment.

Hannah Watt

This place is the best! Dr. Auger knows what he's doing and why he's doing it. He is passionate about chiropractic care and the people that walk into his office. The staff is genuine and awesome

Grepl S-Cuny

I highly recommend Auger Family Chiropractic! Shortly after my arrival in Greenville, SC, to help family during a difficult end-of-life situation, I found myself in emergency need of a chiropractor. Dr. Auger was recommended and I am forever grateful that I followed this recommendation. The staff provides a warm, helpful welcome, and Dr. Auger is simply TOP! He knows his business : I felt he heard me, he saw, felt and understood what was happening and what it was linked to. Overall, I consulted him 3 times, and each visit was a real relief of healing : body, mind and spirit. I look forward to returning to Greenville not just for a family visit, but also for a Auger chiropractic visit!

Judy Covert

I was introduced to Dr Auger and his wonderful staff after being in a car accident. Their care has been nothing short of miraculous! The things about the spine I have learned and experienced have changed my outlook on health and well-being. I look forward being with them for a long time! I highly recommend this team to everyone, please stop'll be amazed what they can do to improve your quality of life.

Sharon Roszkowski

I am a relatively new patient of Dr. Auger, but am extremely impressed with the results. In previous years, chiropractors/therapists did manipulation, TENS units, massage, acupuncture, etc., but the pain always came back. Since seeing Dr. Auger, I do the exercises and go to my appointments....the result? My sciatica has subsided, my neck and back pain have lessened: I would recommend him to anyone who has had an accident, fallen, or twisted their back in the past. You too can be pain-free!

Anna Hodges

Dr. Auger never fails to make you feel valued and at home! He always explains things in way that’s understandable and informative. From the minute you walk through the door, you’re greeted by a smiling face and friendly conversation. Love Auger Chiropractic!

Will Middleton

Knowledgeable, friendly, welcoming staff. These people live for wellness & strive to help their clients reach it also.

Reel Video and Stills

Reviews do matter! I found Dr. Auger after an accident over a month ago online by reading the many reviews. I found this clinic to be an exceptional. The service and results have exceeded my expectations. My neck and shoulders do not hurt and Dr. Auger is making a difference in my health and I recommend him.

Jennifer Cassel

Highly recommend this practice! They are very professional, they love people, and I received effective adjustments!

Janet Shoulders

Auger Family Chiropractic has a pleasant atmosphere with a caring physician and team members. Dr. Auger values the importance of educating his patients and you don't find that just anywhere.

Suzanne Van Splinter

Dr. Auger is awesome. Always willing to listen and help in any way he can. My family considers him not only our primary care physician but also our friend. He has been caring for us for close to 17 years. (man you're old George ).

Susan Henderson

I have been getting adjustments from Dr Auger for about 4 years. My posture is the best it has ever been. I very rarely have a back ache and if I do I know Dr. Auger can fix it in one adjustment. The office staff is always welcoming, helpful and always accommodate my schedule. I feel that I will age gracefully without that bent over look.

Leonidas Gutiérrez

Dr. Auger has been so great by taking care of my spine. Also he cares about my healthy conditions by teaching regarding to how keep a good health to complement in this way the adjustments. His team is amazing and so nice!!

Laura Mutton

The care that both my husband and I have received is more than excellent. Not only is Dr. Auger excellent in his treatment , he teaches well the reason for the treatment and always gives hope that quality of life will improve. What a has made for us ! We can now enjoy the simplest of things , and, yet although we are now over sixty , we can dream big and make plans of work we desire to do for God's kingdom. . I would encourage others not to do as we did and wait until there is a problem. Take the whole family for a check -up. You will be welcomed with a caring staff. Now, my husband is now 70 and I'll be 70 next month and we are continuing to receive excellent care !

Christian Peoples

We've been apart of the Auger Chiro family for about 6 months now and have seen major improvements. Highly recommend!

Tamika Smith

Listens to concerns and doesn't take one size fits all approach

John Pete

The care I receive from the entire staff at Auger Family Chiropractic is amazing! The entire experience is positive and engaging. Friendly staff greet you when you enter. Informative slides challenge you as you wait - usually no more than 5 minutes before being seen. Dr Auger is always positive, kind and gentle in his treatments. I walk away from my spinal correction feeling better in body and spirit!

Sandra Long

Dr Auger is wonderful. He is the most personable doctor I've known. He helped my daughter recover from a back injury in high school so she was able to enjoy her senior yr and he has helped me get rid of my headaches! He has a wonderful staff who care about you as a person and are willing to help any way they can. Stop putting it off and take steps now to improve your health long term.

Craig Mutton

Dr. Auger has taken personal interest in me and my wife. It's great that along with topnotch professional care, we're getting that little something extra.

Karly Stokes

Dr. Augur and his staff are the best! I love Dr. Augur and his family as well, if you’re looking for an atmosphere of positive vibes and love then you are in great hands. As a patient you look for a doctor who genuinely cares about your well being and health overall. Dr. Augur provides that, if I have a hurt hip, need prayer, or just an overall hug he provides it all, Because of Augurs Family Chiropractic I am able to continue my hobby by dancing and working out again. So genuinely thank you

Adreana Brown

Mike Canham

Excellent service. I especially appreciate Dr. Auger's proactive approach (Correcting and preventing misalignments from developing into more serious issues down the road) and his clarity in explaining the science (and physics) of chiropractic.

Buildology SC

Dr Auger and his team are amazing! If you’re looking for amazing care these people will deliver. This team has earned my complete trust!

Patti Geist

Jennie Stevens

My family has been coming to Dr. Auger for several years now. He and his staff are helpful, kind and attentive. He is knowledgeable and definitely cares about the overall wellness of his patients, not just management of symptoms. On a personal note, I have been receiving chiropractic care for over 20 years. If I had not been, I am absolutely certain I would have been disabled! Thank you, Dr. Auger!

Betty Burket

Joyce Simpson

What a great place!! Very knowledgeable and caring staff dedicated to helping their patients achieve their best health.

Chip Caraway

Great experience so far. Staff is friendly and I have been feeling better since Dr. Auger started seeing me.

Cory Davidson

I have suffered almost 10 years with a literal pain in my neck, as well as debilitating headaches and pain in my shoulder, mid back, and hip. The neck pain was so severe that it caused extreme pain in my ear as well as my teeth and face. All of this eventually led to the loss of my income due to not being able to perform my work duties. I have seen many different doctors including four different family doctors, an ear nose and throat specialist, a neurologist, dentist, an orthodontist, and 5 chiropractors across the country in attempts to find a solution to my problem. I have undergone extensive test and spent thousands of dollars seeking relief from this "mysterious condition". Auger Family Chiropractic was referred to me by a friend about six to eight months ago. After only one visit, Dr. Auger was able to determine the root cause of my problem AND present a solution. Very soon after I began treatment with Dr. Auger, I noticed a huge positive difference in my condition. He is, in my opinion, the most thorough and informative health care professional I have encountered. I literally owe my quality of life to him.

Lisa Hodge

Great chiropractor! Dr. Auger has been caring for my entire family for five years, and we have all experienced better health because of regular adjustments. Highly recommend!

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