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REVIEWS OF Merolla Chiropractic IN Rhode Island

Tina Tinley

Great caring and fun place with the docs

Steve Garcia

The service here is top notch! I not only have gone myself but I also have brought my son and he loves it.

Cheryl Sloane

Dr Corbin is very caring and knowledgable and has helped me greatly with a chronic back issue. I would recommend both Dr Lexi and Dr. Kyle at Merolla Chiropractic. They also have a terrific massage therapist

Crystal Silva

Jennifer Ford

As a new MA resident, it hasn't been easy finding new doctors for each specialty. Fortunately I stumbled upon Merolla Chiropractic and they have been WONDERFUL. I got a new patient appointment the same day I called-everyone was so welcoming, very knowledgeable and focused on more than just chiropractic care. They want to ensure their patients are healthy and happy in mind, body and soul. It's a very comfortable and relaxing environment and both Drs. Kyle and Lexi are always professional and accommodating.

barbara cabral

All I can say about this practice is FANTASTIC!! Within 2 visits I have been feeling so much better.Kyle and Lexi are wonderful.I was put at ease and made comfortable from the very start and my treatment plan was done with the utmost care,compassion and professionalism.It is very evident Kyle and Lexi truly love what they do and have only the patients well being in mind.I leave my visits feeling refreshed,rejuvenated and pain free!! The soothing music,aromatherapy and massage table make for a relaxing and calming treatment.Wish I could start every day with a visit to Merolla Chriopracticor!!!I am hooked!!Much thanks and appreciation Dr Corbins!!

Tammy Bayard

Excellent!! Caring wonderful people!! And Harrison is a cutie!!

Robert Lopes

The best chiropractic experience a person can have! Doctors Lexi and Kyle are extremely knowledgeable and personable. After hurting myself and barely being able to lift my infant without being in pain, Dr. Lexi had me feeling better in no time. When I was at my wits end with my infant's crankiness and irregularity, I brought her in to be seen by Dr. Lexi. With regular visits, my daughter is a much happier baby. Chiropractic treatment is not only for can help in so many other areas. I definitely recommend making an appointment with either of the two great doctors at Merolla Chiropractic!

Nicole Labossiere

The Corbin's have been a God sent for my back pain. I came to them after having a baby and had such low mobility it was horrible. I went for 1 week and felt a significant difference in my mobility and back pain. They will treat you like family and greet you warmly every time you come in. Definitely the best chiropractor I have ever been to.

CJ Ambrosi

I have been a patient there since they opened in 2016. The quality of service, level of expertise, genuine caring and thorough treatments, and adjustments are excellent. I had lower back surgery 14 years ago after a lumbar disc ruptured, essentially I now have 23 1/2 discs, no fusion. Dr. Kyle and Dr. Alexandra do an excellent job of keeping my situation manageable, so I can continue work without restrictions. I highly recommend their services, I have, and continue to get good results especially when the occasional sciatica symptoms arise. Dr. Kyle also recommends specific stretches and exercises for me between weekly appointments, when I devote the time to do them regularly, I definitely feel better and experience less pain... Note that I drive 20 miles to Seekonk, MA for the weekly appointments and it's definitely not on my way to and from work in the Boston Metro area... It's worth the time and effort

James Muri

I've been seeing both Dr. Kyle and Dr. Lexi for several weeks now and have have dramatic improvement on my sore back. The facility is very calming and conducive to recovery. The staff are very friendly and I could not be happier that I've chosen MC for my back problems.

dan rickmyer

My friend Chet has been going here for two weeks after some horrible neck and shoulder pain. He has been elated with the services of both doctors and Gilliam. Within two weeks the pain levels dropped from an 8 to below a 2 which is outstanding. Very friendly and homey setting. Highly recommended.

Sophie’s Studio

Dr. Lexi is the kindest and sweetest person I know. She has helped me tremendously with my pain and been there to listen as well. The rooms are clean, their receptionist is so pleasant, and it’s just a wonderful atmosphere. I highly recommend them!!

Sandra Escaler

Dr Kyle and Dr Lexi are both amazing doctors. They are very welcoming and caring and very real and honest people. Couldn’t ask for a better Chriopractor than them. They also have the nicest, most professional admin ever, which night I add had such a cool accent. Love taking to her each time I visit. Highly recommended practice.

Bekah Hennig

Best chiropractors I've ever seen! Dr. Kyle and Dr. Lexi are the most genuine people ever and I feel like I've been friends with them for years. Every week we talk about life, Netflix, and all the sci-fi you can stand. And my back has not felt this wonderful in years. I'm sleeping so much better and I'm eating better too, with all the food tips Dr. Lexi gives me.

jamie thorpe

I have been going here for about 3 weeks now. Have had lower back pain off and on for last 15 years. Have seen numerous chiropractors with mixed results. Most just temporary relief. Dr. Kyle and Dr. Lexi are amazing. They run their practice efficiently and its a very calm and soothing atmosphere. My back has never felt better and would highly recommend them. There is little to no wait time either. Definitely give this place a shot, you will not be disappointed.

Benjamin Remsbecker

Keith Tavares

I was having chronic back pain and came here for a couple of months and feel great! Friendly people and great service.

John Piques

Been to three different chiropractors in the area over a few year and by far this is the best place to go

Jamie Roderick

Fantastic. In town on vacation and was 4th of July eve. Called them at 5:30pm hoping they had something available, and could see my 16yr old daughter about her neck pain. They were extremely welcoming and concerned about her well being. Told me to come by and they would fit her in. Thank you so much Merolla Chiropractic. Doctors are amazing as well.

Jaime Morin

Dr. Lexi and Dr. Kyle are genuine individuals and dedicated to their patients. I have been seeing them for regular appointments for a little over two months and I feel like I've know them for years! I highly recommend them!

Emily Johnston

I started seeing Dr. Kyle 2 weeks ago, with lower back/sciatic pain. He is extremely attentive and professional, working with my issue to address it head on. 2 weeks in at two visits a week and I'm already feeling better. His wife and staff are wonderful as well.

Claudia Kelly

Dr Lexi and Dr Kyle are excellent chiropractors who go above and beyond. I always feel better, physically, spiritually and mentally after a visit to Merolla Chiropractic. Thank you for always making me feel right at home.

Erin Baer

I initially contacted Merolla Chiropractic after dealing with severe back and nerve pain in my leg for 2 months. Within just a few weeks I'm feeling so much better thanks to treatment received by Dr. Kyle Corbin. He and Dr. Lexi are professional, compassionate and have been great to work with during a difficult time. Kyle has always taken time to discuss plan, treatment and other factors to consider in getting me back to myself! They also have a massage therapist on site who is excellent and reasonably priced.

Gillian Carter

They are fantastic! With arthritis in my lower back and hips it has been difficult and painful just to get around. I also like to ride my horse and was unable to even get in the saddle! The therapies I have received over the past few months have enabled me to get around with ease and ride my horse again. I am so grateful to both doctors for their help, advice and wonderful caring manner. Highly recommend them!

Jessica Teotonio

Dr. Lexi and Dr. Kyle are awesome!! So caring and down to earth. I was referred to them by a few people I work with who were bragging about them, so I decided to check it out for myself. I was having some upper back pain and shoulder pain and I’ve been feeling so much better after only one week of treatment, my posture is also so much better from getting adjustments. I also love the hours their office offers, very flexible for my work schedule, Also, I never have to wait, they always take me right in, which I love! One last thing to mention is that the office is very clean and always smells amazing!!!

Mitchel Dae

Drs. Kyle and Lexi Corbin were absolutely incredible! As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a warm hello from Dr. Lexi and was then brought into one of their treatment rooms. The room was very clean with a therapeutic atmosphere. After spending some time in the treatment room, Dr. Kyle came in brought me to another room to be adjusted. His work truly speaks for itself as my upper and mid back pain was immediately alleviated. I am so fortunate to have found this practice! Drs. Kyle and Lexi are both extremely personable yet professional at the same time. There is no doubt that they are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the work that they do. I have nothing but fantastic things to say about Drs. Kyle and Lexi Corbin and their practice! I personally cannot imagine ever going to another chiropractor after my experience with Merolla Chiropractic.

Jake Moreira

Jarrod Cobain

Megan Pavao

I was referred to Merolla Chiropractic after getting into a car accident and I would highly recommend them. Kyle and Lexi are very welcoming, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. The therapy rooms are filled with auromatherapy scents and music playing in the background which helps you to relax (I’ve almost fallen asleep in there before). They’ve helped me to drastically decrease my pain from where I first started and are constantly offering advice to prevent further discomfort.

Erika Poole

I have never been a fan of going to a chiropractor but when I had heard about the care and services provided, I knew I needed to check this place out. I never could have imagined the results that I have experienced since I started seeing Dr. Lexi and Dr. Kyle beginning just a few short months ago. When I walk into Merolla Chiropractic, I don't feel like I am walking into a doctor's office, I feel like I am walking into a place of relaxation where close friends care for my overall wellbeing. And the proof is in the pudding..I have always used a sleep app on my phone called Sleep Cycle. This app creates a percentage out of 100 based on the quality of your sleep each night. A typical night for me was between 80 and 85%. Every single time I visit Merolla, my app shows that I have 100% sleep quality the next morning. From using the app, it displays that the Chiropractic visit improves my sleep by about 15% on average! Needless to say, I feel so lucky and grateful to have walked into their office to "check the place out". Now I look forward to every visit, knowing I will sleep better, have less headaches, and less pain. Best chiropractor I have ever been to! You won't regret booking an appointment with these two wonderful doctors.

Nicole Garcia

Dr. Alexandra Corbin and Dr. Kyle Corbin are awesome! I have had several adjustments from both of them, always resulting in great relief. Always gentle and professional.

Allison Howe

Amazing office and staff. Dr. Lexi and Dr. Kyle are awesome! So happy we found them.


I was in a motorcycle accident a few months back and that's when I needed chiropractic help for neck and back pain. Doctors Lexi and Kyle Corbin are so wonderful and meeting and being treated by them is the best thing to come out of that unfortunate incident. Their office is a converted house and I think that fits perfectly because they are such charming and personable people going there is so comfortable it feels like going to a friends house each visit. Not to mention the treatments and adjustments are amazing! I've referred my girlfriend and brought my daughter to them, I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Stephanie Purple

Once I hit 5 months of pregnancy I developed such terrible back, hip, and sciatic pain that I couldn't even put weight on my left leg without it buckling. I also suffer from Fibromyalgia, which was complicating matters. After just 1 session with Dr. Lexi, I was able to get around with only a minimal amount of discomfort. Both Dr. Lexi and Dr. Kyle are kind and compassionate and truly care about their clients. I actually look forward to my sessions, and I'm the type of person that normally feels tortured in public places. I feel so relaxed and refreshed when I leave. I cannot recommend them enough.

no name

The drs. are very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I was experiencing low back pain for about a week, and after my 1st treatment session I had a significant decrease in pain. I highly recommend.

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