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REVIEWS OF Advanced Back and Neck Care Center IN Rhode Island

Adam Boyer

This place is great! They really care about you and ask you how you are doing every time and adjust your care as needed. Everything is explained very well and the doctors are more then happy to answer any questions you have. I have been feeling so much better since I have started coming her.

Raul Bonilla

Laura Buehler

I've been to my fair share of chiropractic offices across the country. With Advanced Back & Neck Care Center I feel they are very respectful and friendly people. Very thorough and organized facility. I recommend anyone here.

Lisa Jewels

The staff are so friendly! Calling for an appt is a breeze and prompt. Definitely recommend!

Kathryn Britos-Swain

I have been coming to Advanced Back and Neck for the past year, after my daughter first came following a whiplash injury due to a car crash. The staff is very professional and accommodating with our constantly changing and limited schedules. The chiropractic treatments have helped my eldest daughter tremendously, and now my youngest daughter has started for her back pain. I trust Dr. Z with their care, and recommend this practice, 10/10.

Shannan McNair

3 years ago I basically crawled in (in tears), Dr Mascaro worked his magic and I was able to walk out almost completely pain free! I would absolutely recommend Dr Mascaro and Dr Z. The staff is very friendly and they always remember your name.

Liberty Calakos

The staff is always friendly and Dr. Geruso has made me feel much better after my car accident. Would recommend to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

Allan Wirkala

Great service and availability for an appointment

Peter Meek

The Staff is excellent And all The Doctors really care for ones well being They are the best Chiropractic facility I have ever been to

Ian Byrne

Bethany Browne

This is my go-to chiropractor.

Eleanor Bruce

Dr geruso is great

Kay Miller

I had never seen a Chiropractor before and was a little nervous...I told the doctor my concerns and he was VERY helpful, kind and knowledgeable. He explained everything he was going to do and went over my x-rays with me. I was more and more comfortable with every visit to the office and my neck ended up feeling SO much better! I would definitely recommend this office to someone suffering with neck or back issues.

Camille Picatello

I love the place. Awesome staff, great Drs. I have searched for years to find the right place, I am so glad I found them. DR. G. is caring and comforting. Highly recommend.

River Rose

I've been going for a few weeks now. I was hesitant at first because my old chiropractor, Dr. Macnamara in Danielson was an absolute godsend and I didn't think this place would live up to my expectations. I AM SO GLAD I WENT. Dr. Geruso and the staff have been absolutely amazing! They customized a treatment plan for me and I'm already beginning to feel better. If you're hesitant about going to a chiropractor, just come here and see for yourself. It's almost as good as sex. No seriously. You even get that fun wobbly feeling after. You're welcome.

M McWell

All of the chiropractors here are fantastic! In the past, I had chronic headaches and neck pain from a sports injury. I am virtually pain free after treatment here! The staff is very friendly and they always get me in the same day if I need it. I highly recommend this office.

Alice Manville

I love going to see Dr. Thomas. I take my kids there regularly, and it has made a world of difference for my 5 year old daughter's ear infections. It works better for her than medication. We tend to visit the Chiropractor before going to the GP because it's more convenient for us. It makes such a difference for all of us! I highly recommend visiting Advanced Back and Neck for any aches and pains. My family does!

rog Dare

Dr Geruso- after our initial appointment today, both my husband, Roger, and I were so pleasantly surprised by how caring and compassionate he was to our concerns. My husband, a New Yorker and grumpy by nature, had nothing but positive things to say and is looking forward to his appointment. There hours accommodate those who work until 5pm, and can see you in a timely manner for appointments. We did have to wait..arrived 15min early with completed paperwork, and was called back 30min later, but all staff were extremely friendly and even the front desk person said it was a pleasure meeting us on our way out..AND they allowed both my husband and I to be seen together. I have only written a few reviews before, but I was so pleased, they deserve 10 stars

Thomas Tydeman

Rebecca Tydeman

My weekly adjustments have been helpful in keeping my body strong throughout pregnancy. Dr. Mascaro has taught me tips to strengthen and stretch my back to support the growing belly! The staff are also very welcoming and accommodating! Thank you very much!

Michelle Little

I've been a patient over two years now and everyone in the office is helpful and friendly! When there are insurance changes, the office staff make sure to let me know what to expect! I regularly see Dr. Thomas, who is thoughtful and always makes sure I'm aligned before I leave! Highly recommend!

Ruth Crocker

I love Dr. Mascaro and his team! I am always given great care and can get in for an appointment even same day!


James Oldfield

Kristina Sabilia

Everyone in the office is extremely helpful and knowledgeable . They are able to accommodate busy schedules and emergency visits. I would highly recommend them for any chiropractic care.


The staff is great - Very welcoming, polite and helpful every time I go. I have been seeing Dr. Thomas, who is great. Really cares about you and wants to make sure you get better.

Irma I Mercado

Awesome staff and incredible Dr's!!! You'll love this place as much as I Do!!!

Maureen Epps

Armand Roma

Samantha Corey

Great, friendly staff, doctors take their time to hear your concerns and questions. Love the massage therapists as well!!

Jose Diaz


Great place and everyone is so friendly. Coming from someone who has chronic back I've finally came to this place and I feel so much better. The doctors are really knowledgeable and willing to help you with your needs like going over techniques and exercises to prevent back or neck pain in the future and help you heal. I feel so much better.

Gia Royer

michael watson

I've been a patient of Dr. Geruso for many years and recommend him to all family and friends that could benefit as I have. Five heartfelt stars for sure.

Katie Dahl

I came to Advanced Back & Neck after some nagging back pain that wouldn't seem to go away. After just a couple of visits, I started feeling better! The doctors there are great; they are knowledgeable & explain what they are doing before they do it. And the rest of the staff is excellent; everyone is kind & friendly.

Bryan Manville

Went in for chronic back pain. The treatments I was given were helping but to get to the root of the problem Dr. G. ordered an MRI. When the results came back, an abdominal aortic anuresym (AAA) was found. The AAA had to be surgically repaired and the ordering of that test most likely saved my life. I'd give this office more than 5 stars if I could. Oh, and my back has never felt better either. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Erica Hesser

Bobbi Jo Cini

After back surgery i was in much oain still from the surrounding area. Dr. G has helped this and i am now sleeping better. The staff is always friendly and willing to help:)

Kevin Cini

lynette murray

Dr Geruso has cared for me for over 10 years. I consider him a friend. He is knowledgeable, pragmatic, compassionate and an all around joy. Dr Mascaro has also cared for me, and I highly recommend him as well. I wouldn’t trust just any chiropractor with my spinal health. The front staff has always tried to accommodate my schedule, even last minute. There is a reason this practice is always busy, and I love referring friends to this team of professionals.

Lenny Atomz

I love this place!!! I've been receiving their expert services for over a year now and I feel better than ever! The atmosphere is always pleasant and every one of the staff members is as friendly as can be. This is number one chiropractic care center in Connecticut--hands down! I highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for high quality service with a smile. :-)

JB Haglund

I was visiting family in the area and threw out my back on a Thursday evening. They fit me in on Friday and Dr. Z was really helpful despite the fact that I was going to be a one-time patient. I feel like his work helped speed up the recovery and everyone at the office was really pleasant and friendly.

Candice Antrop

Ann Hanson

Appointments are available right away when you need to get in quick. Professional staff know each patient by name. Friendly and accommodating. Holistic care

Clarence Montgomery

Tracey Arnold

My son woke with pinched nerves in his neck two weeks ago. The muscle relaxers the pediatrician gave him helped very minimal but Dr Geruso at Advanced Back and Neck fixed him in hardly any time!! The staff is wonderful and patient. I would highly recommend them!!

Heather Wydler

I have been going to this practice for almost 7 years. They are awesome and have made it possible for me to avoid taking pain medications. I highly recommend them.

Richie Taylor

Great place to go for both chiropractic care and massage therapy. Been going to see Dr. Zapatka for over 2 years now and Alex for massage therapy for last year and I've felt better than I have for many years. They have a drop table to do treatments which was key for me, and Dr. Z always gets my joints moving back to their correct location where other chiropractors I went to in the past struggled. Alex is the best massage therapist ever, she's just fantastic at working out all my knots and relieving my tight muscles. Staff is always friendly, helpful and professional. I Always go in pain and discomfort and come out Feeling brand new again. I've been going to chiropractors for over 15 years now and am very happy with Advance Back and Neck Care Center and highly recommend to anyone experiencing back, neck, leg or arm joint or muscle pain of any kind.

Michelle Ross

Always the best part of Lincoln

Robert Erfe

When I recently found myself in need of chiropractic care I chose Advanced Back and Neck even though it had been over 12 years since my last visit. I found the care to be just as good now as it was back then. The building and decor is a little dated but the services provided and medical techniques are up to date and top notch. I really appreciate everyone that works there, their friendly and professional help never fails to help me feel better.

jennifer ridenour

Everyone is so nice and helpful.

Jenna Racine

Everytime i go there, it helps me tremendously. Everyone's nice and cares.

Mariah Whitehouse

Quick and effective service, a great staff who are incredibly friendly, welcoming and accommodating, flexible to your schedule and budget. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking Chiropractic Care!!

Rose Armen

Very professional staff. Friendly, empathic and sensitive to their patients. Highly recommend this office!

Tara Ciccketti-Bennett

My whole family has been going to this practice and specifically to see Dr. Geruso for the past 4 years. They are always very accommodating with appointments and getting you in last minute if you need. I have had a pinched nerve before and just general stress in my back and going weekly or every other week has helped to alleviate the pain. He is not pushy and if you do not want to get your neck adjusted they are perfectly fine with that. I highly recommend advanced back and neck!

Jason Saiz

Miracle workers! Excellent team!

Crystal Skye

Wayne Burns

Mary Estes

I've been seeing Dr. Thomas regularly for over five years and have always been happy with my care as well as my interactions with Dr. Thomas and the team at Advanced Back & Neck. Sometimes I have a tricky schedule and Molly is always incredibly sweet and accommodating to try and help me fit my adjustment in.

Carl Peruzzotti

My experience was 100% positive, beginning with the office scheduling an appointment for me right away. Every member of the staff that I have interacted with has been pleasant, professional and efficient. Dr. Geruso assessed my condition quickly and implemented a treatment plan which provided immediate and lasting relief of the pain I was suffering. He was also very thoroughin explaining my condition and his treatment in plain English.

Steve Thurman

I have been a patient since 1999. The staff make all who need medical attention feel more like a part of a family. Always professional, and able give advice and adjustments on short notice. When in need of pain relief I highly recommend.

William Beglau

I've been going to see Dr. Thomas for a few years, always a pleasure, I rarely have sciatic pain which had become a near constant. The staff are great; extremely professional and friendly. I continue to go for a monthly 'maintenance ' check and a massage by Katey. Highly recommended.

Lynn Dole

Cheryl Schneider

If you r love ok’ing for great spine and back health make an appt with Advanced Back and Neck. Awesome team of folks who are very knowledgeable and really care about how we feel. From check in to check out I feel like I can run a marathon.

Kristin Wainright

Staff and doctors are amazing! Easy to schedule and truly care about their patients


Rip off. Don’t waste your time.

Victor G. Perez

Just moved to this area a I have to say so far the team here has been awesome. The Drs have been very kind and they work with my schedule so far it's been a great experience.

Ryan Craven

The staff is super friendly and they are really good at what they do.

Karen Baker

My favorite chiropractic facility! Staff is courteous, friendly, helpful, professional, and always accommodating. As a patient who occasionally needs an unexpected same day appointment, staff always gets me in with no problem. I know I can always count on the wonderful doctors and staff to take excellent care of me!

Santosh Sankaran

Very professional and compassionate care. Dr.Geruso has been wonderful. My back is so much better under his care after an injury from a fall. It's almost close to complete recovery. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who needs a chiropractor!! The Staff are very courteous and friendly too!!

August Wolf

Dr. Gerusso and his staff have been wonderful. I have been coming to this office for years, for when I have an injury and maintenance adjustments to keep me aligned. They are great!

Christopher Strand

This was the first time I went to a chiropractor and it was perfect. Never went cuz I was worried about my insurance covering it but they were very helpful with my questions and made sure I had no problems. And the doctors work magic. Felt like night and day even after the first visit. Everyone else there is also super nice and made it easy to plan appointments with my crazy schedule. Been telling all my friends to go too

Michael Rabbitt

Chelsea Bashor

Lisa Norman

Excellent chiropractor care..Dr Geruso is great.. Very knowledgeable and goes out of his way to make sure you receive the best care and if he can not help you he will refer you to someone who can....They also have massage therapist...Alex is awesome ...!

Cathy Allen

The whole staff in this office is very professional and very nice. No complaints here. The Drs and staff are all working hard to getting me back to feeling good again. Almost there! Kudos to all of you involved in my care.

cara james

Absolutely LOVE this place! Staff is always so caring and friendly and I love Dr Z! Excellent place!

Shelley Williams

Larkness Dragon

The staff here has been very helpful and informative. They have listened to my concerns and actually addresses them unlike most places where your voice isn't hear.

B Awadd

Kristin Kurianski

This my first experience visiting a chiropractor, and it's been a great one! The staff made me feel very comfortable and well-informed. Dr. Thomas is very nice and tells you exaclty why he's doing each treatment. The staff is also big on preventative treatment and helping you live a healthier life. I've learned a lot about bad habits I've developed over the years and how to adjust them to reduce strain on my neck and back. I highly recommend ABNCC!

paolo lopez

Very flexible with your schedule. And very friendly

Art Lipman

Professional "Can Do Staff" + Professional "Will Do All They Can" doctors, + A convenient location in Groton, Connecticut. = FIVE STARS.

Bridget Doyle- Kusy

Easy and convenient scheduling, friendly staff, great care.

Aryn Vincent

I have been going to Advanced Back and Neck Care Center for two years now. Molly, Kaitlyn, Stephanie and all the staff members are very friendly and accommodating to any and all of your needs. All the doctors are awesome! I see Dr. Mascaro, he has been a blessing. He takes the time to listen and cares about each patient, very knowledgeable and educates on home care. I love this practice.

Sonia Simpson

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the doctors are very good. Professional atmosphere. Clean, bright and cheery facility. Great massage therapists are also available.

Karin Lee

Dr Mascaro is absolutely amazing.He does a complete exam before he starts treatment. His associate doctors are also very good. The staff has an excellent bedside manner. Always happy, helpful and willing to go the extra mile. I would and have recommended this office to my family and friends. As a health care provider myself, I tend to be a little more critical of my health care providers. Dr M. U ROCK!!!!


Not just for your back and neck. Joint problems? Migraine headaches? I’ve been going to ABNC for decades and they always fix me right up if I’m having a problem. Super professional, very courteous, and they use the latest techniques and equipment.

Rebecca T

I come here weekly for adjustments and biweekly for acupuncture. I've also had two amazing massages here. I always have a positive experience and I feel that my treatments have been very beneficial. The staff and doctors are very friendly, comforting and personal. I would highly recommend Advanced Back and Neck Care Center to my friends and family!

Ellen DeMaria

The care received is individualized, cordial and caring. Everyone is respectful right down to the receptionist as you you walk in on day one. Dr Thomas is kind and makes sure he gets to all of your hot spots. Overall, I highly recommend Advanced Back and Neck Care to all who are having chiropractic issues. Ellen

Jason Finnigan

Albert Hoooks

Carissa Contillo

After suffering for sometime, I decided to look for a chiropractor in, of all places, the phone book. I am so thankful that I called this office. Between seeing Dr . Z and all the staff that work there, I am feeling so much better. I've never felt like I am just a patient to them. They are all professionals but yet at the same time I'm amazed at how quickly I felt like I was in the company of friends. No matter if I need to change an appt on the same day or I wait to pay all my copays on 1 visit. I've never been made to feel bad. When I'm finished with my treatment I will be so sad to not see my friends. Definitely a place to go if you need any chiropractic care Sheila

Susan Florio Edwards

I have been a patient of Dr. Mascaro's for several years and have always referred everyone I know to him. The office staff is pleasant and knowledgeable, and Dr. Mascaro's personable treatment of patients makes you comfortable and relaxed.

nate borzomati

Awesome care! Great staff!

Tami Kogut

The staff is extremely caring and friendly. They demonstrate that they have my health and comfort in mind!!

Pamela Hodge

I have been using the chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage services for years and have never had a complaint. The staff are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking these services.

Joshua Mckibben

I come here 3 days a week. I enjoy it because i know that im in good hands. Im treated like a person rather then a patient. I only wish they would fix some of the lightning in the rooms. They flicker quite a bit. Which is kinda annoying with a migrane. But all and all a great place with great people. that i would have no trouble recommending.

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