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REVIEWS OF Wolfson Wellness Family Chiropractic IN Pennsylvania

Mike Plumton

I've always felt comfortable at Wolfson Wellness. Dr Mat is personable, and knowledgeable. Generally, he's a pretty funny guy too which always helps ;). One of the unexpected highlights is the roller machine prior to the adjustment: it's like a mini massage that helps roll away the stress of the outside world, and gets me feeling more present and relaxed for my adjustment. I go in every few weeks for general body maintenance, and always leave feel better, looser, and healthier.

Tara Webb

Wolfson Wellness is one of my favorite self-care spots in the city! I started going to Dr. Mat after some chronic pain issues that led me realize I needed to start looking at the bigger picture of my own healthcare. Dr. Mat is amazing and professional and really knows his stuff. Dr. Mat is intuitive and friendly. The energy in the office always makes me feel great and he is a great communicator and manifester! All the staff in the office are super friendly and pleasant. The office also has excellent referrals for other people in the industry including nutrition, massage, holistic medicine, acupuncture and so much more. If you want to change your attitude about healthcare, go to Wolfson Wellness. I wish all health experiences could be so great!

Brendan Mooney

I have been coming to see Dr. Mat for about a year, now. He is a genuinely nice, positive guy and he really cares about getting to know all of his patients. Personally, I carry my stress in my upper back and with a regular snap-crackle-pop, he has me walking tall year-round. His hours are convenient, and even more-so that he took over the Center City practice. First Philly, then the world. PS: Chip is pretty rad.

nene c

You are not welcome if you are black

Gerald Klever

Dr. Mat Wolfson is genuinely interested in his patients and, therefore, can treat their symptoms in a professional way. I’ve been a years-long patient because I know that his adjustments work.

Angela Monaco Jewelry

Amazingly thorough and kind. He truly cares about your well being and is great at helping you understand what is going on in your body and what you can do to help it beyond just adjustments. 10 stars!

Theresa Shockley

I've only been a patient for a few months, but I have had an excellent experience. I came with my hips seriously out of alignment, but thanks to Dr. Matt, in a few short visits I was so much better. I really like the way he works with me to get the best out of the adjustment, it's like a dance. I would recommend him to my best friend, in fact I have!

AnnaLisa Pedano

Best chiropractor Around!!!!!

Alyssa Ebinger

Oishika Vaid

Dr. Mat not only puts in the time needed for each patient but he also makes the experience relaxing and very beneficial. I usually go in with the worst back pains and leave feeling like a new person. I have noticed that since I started going to get adjusted my posture has improved significantly and my back aches a lot less. Of course seeing Chippy (adorable puppy) only adds to the experience!


Been going to Dr. Mat since I moved to the city. From the first visit, I noticed how different Dr. Mat was from any chiropractor I had before. Always a great experience. The office staff are friendly and ridiculously helpful. The focus on overall wellness in conjunction with the chiropractic care you receive makes Dr. Mat stand out amongst the rest. 18 months after my first appointment, I am now a healthier, happier person thanks to Dr. Mat. (Once I started listening to him!) So if you're looking for a rock star chiropractor who's also a genuinely good guy, this is your place.

Astrid Bouwman

Adam Mullen

Lauren Lagin

I have been seen Dr. Mat through both of my pregnancies. Now my husband sees him as well as both my children since they were born! We love Mat and he does a great job keeping all of us in alignment. He really knows his stuff and is excellent with children. Any fears I ever had about going to a chiropractor have been eased by him.

Tracy Rhodes

Dr. Mat is super friendly and helpful. He always takes the time to explain things, and he's made useful suggestions about things I can outside the office to help my neck and back pain.

John Parrish

Great healing vibes and adjustments from Dr. Matt. He has corrected imbalances I was unable to correct on my own. This has led to better posture and easier movement and helped extend my ability to run and maintain fitness. Highly recommended.

Taylor Jackson

Wonderful practice in a great location! The office environment was very welcoming and his sweet little dog was a nice bonus! Dr. Mat gave me an amazing adjustment. I have seen various chiropractors over the years and Dr. Mat was the first to truly give me personalized care. He is unequivocally an expert at his craft - I will continue to see him and would recommend him to anyone seeking exceptional chiropractic care.

Marin Smith

Amy Funahashi

Dr Mat is an attentive and skilled Chiropractor that always goes the extra mile for his practice members!

Kyle Jones

His practice is like a high quality fast food place: it's quick, cheap, effectively hits the spot.

Alicia McCarthy

Dr. Mat really IS the best. He has helped me to achieve goals in my own wellness that I didn't know were possible. I came to him during a particularly stressful time in my life( which was reflecting in my particularly tight jaw), and after just a few adjustments I was CHANGED. He really looks at treating the whole person, and I can say that after seeing him regularly for a few months I feel better in my own body than I can ever remember feeling in my whole life.

Kort Walsh

Excellent results, great staff, conveniently located, easy to deal with, warm and friendly. Highly recommended.

Rachel Cichowicz

Dr. Mat is the Michelangelo of spines. I've been seeing him weekly for about 3 months, and every adjustment has been fantastic and incredibly helpful. If you're thinking about booking - do it. He's the best, most knowledgeable Chiropractor I've seen.

Basem TUT

The Center For Higher Power

As a Chiropractor, I ALSO need my power turned on and I thank Dr. Mat for helping me perform at my optimum not only for my clients in my own office but also for life outside of my office with my wife and son!!

Julie Midgette

Dr Mat is the best! I had persistent upper back and neck pain for years, saw several doctors who could not offer me much help. I had been to other chiropractors who never really helped me. Dr. Mat takes time with his patients to truly understand what is going on with their bodies and develop a holistic treatment plan. I see him regularly and my back pain is steadily decreasing!

R. J. Portella

Three slipped discs + two years of stooped pain + one p.i.t.a. $y$tem to navigate = go to Dr. Mat. Talk to him for ten seconds. He clearly loves what he does, can explain everything he is doing, and earns trust the way health providers should - by treating you like a human being. Oh, by the way, impressively clean, paperless office, phenomenal and diverse treatment equipment, and oh'll LOVE the Office Manager.

Joanna Sutor

Dr. Mat is very thorough and professional. He and his staff are very friendly and welcoming. The office is very comfortable and inviting.

Alan Berkman

Great chiropractor and a nice, caring person. I went to Dr Matt with back pain and discomfort that was making my job and my life very difficult. I was quickly back on the my feet and feeling the best I have in many years. Highly recommended.

kelly seng

Adrian Cubillas

I sought help for a nagging sports shoulder injury that baffled all orthopedic doctors I saw plus my physical therapist for months. I received an mri and x-ray imaging with no real findings, but was always told something seemed off. To be frank I was pretty hopeless as every doc and specialist couldn’t figure out the issue, but then I met Matt. After a few sessions, he pointed out certain things my orthopedic docs and physical therapist never brought up. With this finding and Matt’s guidance, much of my pain and discomfort has improved and returning to sport is looking a lot better. He also taught me tricks to suppress my chronic migraines! I can go on, but all I can say, hands down that Matt is very skilled and truly a good human being. I now have a dependable and totally affordable professional I can rely on. His team are very sweet and nice too. Keep up the awesome work!

Ariana Zeno

Dr Mat is great! Super supportive and I’m interested in the wellness of your whole being. Definitely check him out!

Nina Dudas

Dr. Mat gives much more than just a stellar adjustment. He meets you exactly where you are and always takes you higher. His adjustments benefited me in more ways than I could imagine. The space is relaxing and the staff warm and welcoming, especially Chip the dog :)

Sarah French

I LOVE THIS PLACE! From the first moment I stumbled upon Wolfson Wellness I loved it. I constantly tell everyone I know how much I enjoy going there and what amazing work Dr. Mat does. I have also convinced my entire family to start going as well. I have never had a better or more thorough adjustment than I have from Dr. Mat. I started going recently and am sure I will continue to go for a LONG time!

Julio Aviles

One of the best Chiro’s Ive been to. Friendly, and knows how adjust every single bone. Recommend it!!!

Lauren Bateman

Dr. Mat has helped me to become more aware of my body, and has improved my posture, chronic pain, and headaches. He is always energetic, and his enthusiastic approach makes it clear that he's passionate about his work. Unlike some chiropractic practices, Dr. Mat tailors each visit to what's happening with your body in that moment, rather than doing the same adjustment to every patient every time.

Todd Carpenter

Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Matt. My neck pain completely went away and my posture got so much better over the year. Thanks Dr. Matt!

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