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REVIEWS OF Maclary Family Chiropractic IN Pennsylvania

Jody Hoover

I have had back issues ever since I was a teen. I went to another chiropractor before and they were good but Dr. Scott takes the time to really figure out why your having these issues. I was enlighten about chiropractic because I only thought it was for your back. I tore both my ACL’s several years ago and when I had pain in my knees he just did a adjustment on my knees and it releaved my pain. I wouldn’t go to any other chiropractor!!! Dr. Scott is the best!

Luke Walmer

Dr. Scott provides a first-class office environment and comfortable/effective chiropractic care. The treatment has produced observable improvement and provided an overall consciousness of posture and wellness.

Aaron Schwartz

The personal attention and care my family receives at Maclary Family Chiropractic is like nothing else we have experienced. Our experience with the Maclary Family Chiropractic team has truly been life changing.

bryna freeman

I am a massage therapist and Dr. Scott helps me stay healthy so I can continue to help others. Everyone in the office is so friendly and knowledgeable. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Chelsea G

I am amazed at the physical movement I have experienced in just a few months of chiropractic care! I am looking forward to future chiropractic care to maintain and improve my physical condition and overall health. Dr. Scott and Dr. Christine go above and beyond to reach the needs of every individual. I am truely blessed to have found this office!

Roger Cooper

We have been so well ever since we started with Dr. Scott 7 yrs. ago.

Katlyn Wissler

If you're looking to spend $95 to watch videos and get a sales pitch without even being adjusted this is the place for you!

Brad Zimmerman

Jenelle McCarthy

Very nice place and people. Never had gone to a chiropractor until my husband talked me into it. All the people who work there are so nice and professional. I honestly never felt better after going to Maclary Family Chiropractor for the last year. Even took our newborn in to get checked and adjusted to help with colic and reflux.

John Stauffer

Matt Weaver

Shelly Rabe

Everyone is very friendly and personal yet professional. Dr Scott is very knowledgeable. I go to the chiropractor every other week and feel a difference on my overall health. Definitely recommend Maclary Family Chiropractic.

Renee Hoey

Amy Davenport

I was very skeptical with going to a chiropractor but Dr. Scott was able to answer all my questions and the staff made me feel welcome. I encourage anyone to give it a try!

Marissa Bartow

The Maclary Family Chiropractic team is seamless, compassionate, and more than competent! Every visit, I am greeted by name by everyone in the office, and Dr. Scott's adjustments have allowed me to get back to all the activities I love without any discomfort! It really feels as if the whole person is cared for and respected.

Tovyah Kravitz

Definitely the best chiropractic care in the area. They really care about their customers, they treat you like family and listen to you and any concerns you have. They are very professional and well beyond experienced. I came here in the second trimester of my pregnancy and I go once a week to get adjusted. I am 3 weeks from my due date and have almost no back pain at all. Having a proper adjustment on a regular basis is the way to go to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

margaret heller

Kenneth Roth

I unfortunately have to leave a bad review for this business. I gave them two stars because they are nice people. I’ve been to many chiropractors so I have the experience to know what good is. The business has all of the technology and marketing but the adjustments are seriously mediocre. They are to dependent on mechanical devices like drop tables and don’t do anything different depending on what’s going on with your body. I went there looking to have specific problems addressed and gave them several months to try to make it work. Unfortunately I never once left there feeling any relief from pain. Having been there several months he never once did anything different to help me and instead just did the same generic adjustment over and over again even after asking. I’m not sure if it’s just being conservative, lazy or just a money grab. I finally decided to seek out another chiropractor and got a better adjustment on my first visit than I did over several months here. My pain was immediately relieved and has gotten better and better. Unfortunately I can’t recommend this chiropractor.

Scott Garber

I have been a patient for 4 years now and their holistic approach to health and physical alignment has improved my overall well-being tremendously. Dr. Scott is and expert and their staff is phenomenal. I really like that they do yearly evaluations and x-rays to get an accurate view of the alignment of my spine an progress. I definitely recommend going here for chiropractic care.

David Chastain

Deanne Fickett

The MaClary practice is awesome! Everyone is so friendly and professional. I’ve been dealing with chronic back pain for years and have not been able to get relief. It took some time but I can now say my back pain is almost gone. Unfortunately I moved away but drive 1 1/2 hours once a month just to be adjusted. I call it my monthly tune up. It makes that much of a difference.

peg malloy

I have been with Maclary Family Chiropractic for 10 years and am amazed how well I have felt since receiving treatments. I no longer have the persistent lower backaches, heartburn, or a stiff neck. Dr. Scot and his staff are delightful to know, helpful, and professional. I am truly blessed with the experience I have had with Maclary Family Chiropractic!

Mike gamer321

Most horrible costumer service ever.

Susquehanna Valley

I was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago. I've dealt with horrible symptoms- optic neuritis, extreme fatigue, painful neuropathy in my legs and feet, and a terrible lack of balance. After my last set of MRI's my neurologist told me to discontinue the drugs I have been on as they aren't working. The last remaining drug option for me was to get a monthly infusion of Tysabri which is a very potent drug with many side effects. My walking had deteriorated so badly the past few years that I needed to use a cane and even with that I could only walk very short distances. My sister (patient of Dr. Scott's) recommended that I try chiropractic. To make a long story short, I've been getting adjustments for the past month and within the first 2 weeks I noticed a dramatic improvement in my balance. I haven't had to use a cane for 3 weeks! The horrible pain around my midsection (called the "MS hug") has gone away too. I'm praising God for leading me to Dr. Scott and his awesome staff. I truly believe that I am on my way to complete healing. - Heather Riddle

Faith Meier

I began because of a bad shoulder. I was helped so much that I continued coming. I have had other problems that were addressed as well. I also appreciate Dr. Scott's advice when I have questions about health. As a cancer survivor, I have sometimes had questions about eating healthy or taking supplements. The answers that I receive are always helpful.

Carrie Sheppard

If you are looking for a chiropractor that is genuinely focused on you and your wellbeing, then Maclary Family Chiropractic is where you should be. I always leave their office knowing that I have been heard and that my care was specifically curtailed to my specific needs.

Kim Zimmerman

Our (large) family have been using the services of Maclary Family Chiropractic for many years now. Dr. Scott Mcclary shines in his field. Having both an incredible "bedside manner" as well as expertise in chiropractic care! We have referred MANY friends and family to Mcclary Family! Highly recommend

Grace Rosenow

Having been to many chiropractors over 35 years, I can say that my treatments with Dr. Maclary have been the most successful! His staff is friendly and professional. And, the therapies Dr. Maclary uses are not at all as aggressive and unsettling as therapies I've endured in the past. It's a pleasure to come into the office and walk out feeling pain free!

cindy roof

Everytime I go, I'm so glad I did. I feel wonderful when I am with Dr. Scott.. Thank you for all your care and concerns.

Mosel Royer

We are a family of 5 and we all see Dr. Maclary on a regular basis. He and his staff are all very friendly and professional. I have two boys who are involved in multiple sports which can really take a toll on your body. Dr. Maclary does a great job of adjusting and readjusting as necessary to keep my boys healthy and performing at their best!!

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