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REVIEWS OF Kauffman Hummel Chiropractic IN Pennsylvania

Paula Dickson

LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr Joseph Kauffman! He has helped me so much for so many years. He helped me through all 3 of My pregnancies. Has helped my babies. He is Pretty much a miracle worker (God works through his hands) I love that he is a membership practice now because health insurance would only give you an allowance for how many times a year you can go. Now with paying into the membership i can go as much as I want. i love that. I rarely ever go to the medical doctor and I believe it's because of my weekly trips to keep my body aligned. it functions exactly how it should. Please consider trying Dr Kauffman out. You will not regret becoming part of our areas first membership practice

Heather Knepp-Crader

Affordable plans. A friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Jennie Bowersox

When, I started going to, Kauffman/ Hummel, I was in a great deal of pain!! I couldn't sleep, work well!! I even came out in tears!! But, after a few visits I was able to sleep, work and walk straighter!! And, I don't have insurance, so a doctor was out of the question!! And, anyone that know me, I hate taking pills!! So, what I pay a month is way cheaper than a doctors office visit!! I suggest this office to many!!

Barb Geedey

Care is great, price is right. I recommend this office everywhere I go. They are very flexible with their scheduling. Membership makes my care more consistent and more affordable.

Drew Sauer

Joe takes the time to educate you on what he's doing and why his service will help you get back to feeling good again. His monthly membership plan makes chiropractic affordable so you can see him as often as needed to get better without being a financial burden.


No nonsense. Straight up the BEST chiropractors I've dealt with. They will get you fixed up and explain how and why it works.

Glen Lohman

Everyone should check out Joe's very affordable monthly plan. Priced by single, couples, and family plans. Get adjusted as many times a month as you want! Keep your back healthy instead of waiting for the pain to start. I have been going for over a year as member. I try and get in at least 3 times a week. It has helped get the range of motion back in my neck. It's been so nice being able to get treatments on a regular basis. Instead of waiting till I couldn't stand the pain.

Kimberly Derrick

Patty and Will Sherwood

My husband and I both see Dr Joe and couldn't be happier. We love his ethical practices and his membership program is the best, you get great service at a price we can all afford. He means it when he says you can come as many times as you want each month and he recommends it. I never have to sit and wait long to get into see him and our schedules are varied, so he has no problem with just dropping in. The most important factor in the usefulness of chiropractic therapy is not the nature of chiropractic as a profession, but the skill and good sense of the particular chiropractor whose hands are on your neck. It’s important to Choose the Therapist, Not the just Therapy. We will choose Dr. Joe every time!!

Tammy Wilson

I have been going to Kauffman Hummel Chiropractic for years. I tell everyone if it was not for them I do not think I would be walking. I have terrible lower back pain and it goes into my legs. I can always tell when I need an adjustment, and after doing so I always feel like I am living again. Probably, (and don't tell him I said this) if I would listen to "Chiropractor Joe" I would feel even better if I would go more often. The membership plan they offer is very rewarding, because the more you use it the cheaper the rates for a visit become....It is definitely better than my insurance co pay for Chiropractic visits. The staff is very friendly and professional, but after time of going routinely, they become your family. I would highly recommend this Chiropractic office.

michaela nagel

I give nothing but great reviews for Dr. Joseph Kauffman. A few years back I had terrible back pain and headaches. The back pain was so bad that I could barely sit. I went to see Dr. Kauffman and after the first day I felt better..after a few weeks of adjustments, I was back to normal. Now, 6 years later, I have had terrible right neck pain. Very hard to turn my head..pain at times, very nauseating. After my first adjustment for that, I felt so much better. His care is very professional. He makes you feel comfortable and makes sure you know what he is going to do and the "why's" of doing it. Very thankful he is here in our town for quality care! I Highly recommend him!


You can RELY on Dr. Kauffman.

Holly Smith

I love the fact that this office has a membership. I have saved so much money in my health care expense and not receiving an estimate of benefits from my health care provider is icing on the cake. Another great benefit is they are very flexible with the schedule. I work in Harrisburg and do not live in the area of the office. This can make it hard sometimes to keep appointments. They are ALWAYS understanding and I can feel the smile over the phone. Dr. Kauffman doesn't try to sell me or judge me when I walk through door. He cares about my health. A year later and loving the results. My kids are loving it and feel better with every visit. Yes a family affair. Thanks Holly Smith & kids

Jim Ream

Joe is a class act. He truly cares about his patients. He explains everything there is to know about the spine and what it does other than holds you up. I like the membership idea and walk ins. If you have a hectic schedule like mine ya never know when you will have a few minutes for an adjustment. This idea fits everyone's schedule.

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