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Dale Mount

I have a herniated disc in my neck and arthritis. I am a fire fighter and very active, but I like to go about monthly. I was seeing Dr Flora who is now retired. Dr Stauber had to see me for my chiropractic treatment and he did GREAT. I was very nervous but his acupressure massage technique of working the muscle with pressing while I moved in certain directions gave me huge relief of pain and tension. Tasha is not your ordinary spa massage...she really works the muscle to get relief of tightness and tension so I have more mobility. This is a great office and I trust their expertise. I would definitely give them a try. They do not pressure you to do things, but give you the options to select what you think you need.

Chris Carnahan

I would highly recommend NW Spine and Sport for anyone looking for treatment in the McMinnville area. I received a series of treatments from Dr. Stauber and found him to be thorough and effective throughout the course of my visits. He was very attentive when I attempted to describe my discomfort and was able to quickly and accurately diagnose the source of my pain. The techniques Dr. Stauber employed helped me to regain range of motion in my arm and put a stop the nagging pain I had endured for quite some time. Additionally, upon each visit I was greeted warmly by a receptionist and never had to wait past the designated time of my appointment. Overall I feel this business has knowledgeable professionals and a nice facility.

Darci Haney

I would highly recommend NW Spine and Sport. I received two treatments from Dr. Stauber and he completely relieved my symptoms and gave me detailed information as to what was causing my pain. 5 stars!

Greg Kiger

They helped my husband and I. Nice people

Glenda Wade

Appreciate the multifaceted approach to healing.

Cindy Garza

Dr Stauber is great! In just a few quick visits he made a huge difference in my knee and back pain. His goal was to get me better so I didn't have to relay on him to be pain free and gave me tips to keep things in balance as I was feeling better! I recommend him all the time!

Brian Bernier

Great, professional clinic. I am a competitive athlete and really feel the pain of downtime. With a precise diagnosis and on site massage therapy they helped me get back on the road in a safe manner. Follow up and therapy advice was very helpful and the office visits were very quick and to the point.

Tyler Bradley

Dr. Herron has been helpful and great at diagnosing what I need. The staff has been easy to communicate with as well.


Great so far

Luis Juarez

Joe Sanders

Carmen Borrasé

De Stauber was attentive, careful and his treatment was very effective. I left feeling much better, and for sure will continue under his care.

James Biser, D.C.

As a chiropractor, I sent my wife in to get Active Release Technique (ART) at this office. From the beginning, my wife did not have a pleasant experience. There was lack of communication when she entered the office in what she needed to do, when to move from one room or when the doctor was done and ready for her to leave the office. The doctor was very brief and he didn't cover all the areas of complaints. And the worst part was the insurance. We got a big bill and they didn't communicate clearly to us how much it would cost us for chiropractic and massage therapy. I would NOT recommend this office. They claimed they explained the benefits but the truth is that they didn't. Now we have a huge bill to repay.

Jess Davis

These guys can work magic for your muscles!

Jocelyn Skaling

Gabriela Casillas

A great friend of mine recommended Dr. Stauber a little over a year ago, when I started having severe lower back and leg pain(sciatica). Since then, Dr. Stauber's has worked with me patiently and effectively and found the true culprit of my pain (a benign cyst caused by a lumbar slipped disc). Dr. Stauber's competent and caring treatment (Active Release Technique and careful spinal manipulation) has helped me incredibly before and after surgery, not only to relieve pain but also to ensure proper healing. NWS&S staff has been courteous and efficient in scheduling my numerous appointments. I have recommended Dr. Stauber to friends and family and will continue to do so.

Darin Stutzman

I went in with numb hands and feet. Bad back pain couldn't sleep well. After a few weeks with Dr. Stauber everything is getting better. Thank you NWSS for the excellent customer service. I highly recommend them.

Jas Carpenter

I highly recommend Northwest Spine and Sport. They assess you as an individual and treat the underlying issues not just the symptoms. Not only do they fix you up and get you feeling better but they teach you exercises to prevent future issues. The office staff is extremely friendly and they are always on time!

nikki long

Great people

Stephanie Fox

Sabrina Rehnke

Great Staff, lovely office. They fixed my issue in only a few visits.

Anthony Terndrup

The chiropractors were attentive and responsive to my questions and concerns. Both were very caring and considerate. Their trainer patiently taught me exercises to strengthen my back and shoulders. The office specialists were warm, welcoming, and friendly.

Ryan Weinhart

Northwest Spine and Sport has a fantastic team of individuals. I had some pain breathing and was under the impression that a Chiropractor could resolve my issue. Upon my arrival I was checked in promptly and seen By Dr. Stauber within minutes. He asked me some qualifying questions and narrowed in on what he knew was the issue. I walked out a new person and able to breath. I am a customer for life!

Barb Roush

I received excellent treatment for pain associated with TMJ. Dr. Stauber was very knowledgeable and professional, and the office staff was efficient and courteous. I highly recommend Northwest Spine & Sport.

Carrie Jones

The only place around that does Active Release Therapy. Instead of treating only my bones they treated the muscles around them. I went from constant pain to barely any at all. Worth the hour drive from south Salem. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

joe knobloch

During my first appointment I was skeptical, due to the fact I had spent literally thousands of dollars trying to fix my lower back/hip. I didn't noticed a whole lot after my first appointment because my back had been bad for so long, I did get a slight release though. Dr. Stauber told me to trust him and come another three times and then make up my mind. I did just that and haven't been happier from the work he did on me. I can honestly say, I have never felt better and I am back to doing things I didn't think I would be doing again, without pain.

Kathleen Derrickson

I've been going to them for my frozen shoulder. Office staff are friendly, flexible and efficient. The doctors are personable, knowledgeable and well rounded. They even have a trainer who had really helped my daughter with her posture. And a masseuse!

Laura Ekstrom

I would highly recommend this office to anyone in need of chiropractic work, therapy due to injuries, etc. The office staff is very courteous and does their best to find times in the schedule to get you in to see the doctors. The office also has two massage therapists and a physical trainer all of whom I have seen and feel very comfortable with. The physical trainer has given me several stretches to do on my own and has emailed me videos showing the correct way to do each stretch. Both massage therapists worked wonders with my low back/hip issues. I have seen Doctor Stauber for more than one issue, tension headaches, pulled hamstrings, and hip and low back issues. He has helped me work through all of these issues using different techniques. If you are looking for a great place to get chiropractic work done, go to Northwest Spine and Sport.

Justin Bammel

Kevin N Christy Martinez

They were committed to fix my injury and Ibam totally injury free

Amy Reay

I have seen several Chiropractors over the years but NEVER Have I found the care I received from any of them to be as helpful as what I have gotten at NORTHWEST SPINE AND SPORT! Each person there has treated me with the up most care and professionalism and I have felt better so much faster than ever before. Their approach to care is different than any other office I hace visited and I think thata what makes all the the differance. They first and for most work WITH your body not against it so as the doctor makes any adjustsments that need to be made he is stretching you out and retraining your body and nervous system so that you can be healthier and more importantly STAY healthy! It's a stretch and ahhh! Rather than a Pop and ouch! They then have massage therapy that helps to heal the tissues that have been injured. The therapists work with you to YOUR comfort level to make sure that the massage is not too deep while still being strong enough to provide the care needed for healing. Thirdly they offer a personalized one on one trainer to walk you through a plan designed specifically for you of stretches and excersise to help with your mobility and healing. The office staff is friendly. They are great about working with your schedule and accommodating your needs and they work with insurance and financial concerns too. I would and have recommend them to everyone they are FANTASTIC! if I could I would give them 10 stars!

Paloma Dale

They have been really great to work with, the whole staff is friendly and professional. Appointment are always prompt, I have never had to wait more than a couple minutes. I came in for shin splints, and they have improved a ton after only a couple weeks.

Hilary Melear

Shortly after having my daughter I developed a terrible pain in my neck/upper back. The pain was excruciating and I couldn't turn my head at all. After one office visit with Dr. Stauber my pain was significantly reduced and and my range of motion increased. After the second visit and some take-home exercises I was experiencing absolutely no pain and had returned to a full range of motion. Dr. Stauber was knowledgable and approachable, he knew exactly how to help me. The office experience was pleasant with a friendly staff and a quick wait time. I have since recommended Dr. Stauber to many family members and friends all for varying issues and all have had nothing but wonderful experiences with him! I would strongly recommend Dr. Stauber to anyone I know.


Great place, Dr. Herron is wonderful and did a great job with my back

Jordyn Turner

This place is amazing.... Dr. Herron, the trainer and the wonderful massage staff. Highly recommend this place!

Emily Grosvenor

Absolutely adore Trevor Stauber. Met him at the McMinnville Montessori Discover Spring Fun Run, where he worked on my spine for free. Client for life! He's helped me a lot with the pain I get from sitting at my desk all day long and has been instrumental in ensuring that I have the approaches to take home with me to remain as pain-free for as long as possible. Super-friendly and professional and a great addition to our community.

ken sherwood

Catherine Olsen

Mike Knutz

Very professional and friendly staff with a variety of treatments - chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Technique (ART), message, and personal training.

Scott Linzmeier

I could barely move my right arm and was in pain when I first visited. After just a few visits with Dr Stauber the pain was gone and movement in the arm improved significantly. The PT is great. They offer online videos to help ensure you are doing the exercises correctly.

Linda Morrell

Dr. Heron helped me when my back went out and I could barely walk and worked on my sprained/strained foot which is almost back to normal. I don't know what I'd do without Northwest Spine and Sport. So thankful for them!

Weirdo with a beardo

Autumn Hayes

Dr. Stauber got me back to running after an orthopedist said I would never run again. When aches or pains arise, I always call NW Spine and Sport first. Dr. Herron is also amazing, getting my husband, my sons and myself back from injury and keeping us going. I always recommend NW Spine and Sport to anyone who wants to heal injuries without the use of prescribed medications. ART is a miracle!


Doctor Stauber and Herron are amazing! My back has been hurting me for 3 years and now its feeling amazing. I have been to many chiropractors and this is the only one that has significantly helped. The office staff are welcoming and kind. And everyone who works there can do amazing things to help you! Im a caregiver so i am lifting people every day. And now it doesnt hurt me! I highly recommend North West Spine and Sport to all!! -Amber Bonds

Kayla Anderson

I would most definitely recommend NW Spine and Sport for anyone, with or without pain/injuries. Everyone in the office are very helpful and friendly. Great atmosphere!

Diego Rentsch

Great doctors and service! Have helped me multiple times, and always the best!

Pam Melville

Always professional and very helpful. I have gotten great results after my neck fusion. I was treated by both Dr Stauber and Dr Herron. I have also received physical therapy from Kevin. All of the massage therapists are great too. Highly recommend the team at Northwest Spine and Sport.

olena sorkina

Julie Young

One morning I woke up with an enormous "kink" in my neck. The pain was so intense that I was unable to even drive myself to have it looked at. My dad was kind enough to drive me to Northwest Spine and Sport. Dr. Stauber was able to assess and treat the problem quickly and very professionally. I had significant relief to my pain after the first treatment. I continued to see him for a handful of visits and was faithful with the exercises he gave me and I was pain free in a matter of weeks. I wholeheartedly recommend Northwest Spine and Sport. THANK YOU Dr. Stauber!

Ashley Randall

Love NW Spine and Sport! I practically live there, I'm there so often! Every member of the team is so nice! Heather is great! Both doctor Herron and Stauber and Morgunn have helped me tremendously!! They are highly trained and know just what is needed when I come in with a 7-8 pain! I am so grateful! Definitely come here for the BEST chiropractors office!

Malia Riggs

Everyone is super helpful, nice, and they genuinely care about my recovery and also getting me better!

Jonathan Hermens

Jaime Rodden

Had a great experience with ART, I am a college track athlete and it helped tremendously with a fast and full recovery.

Cari Madsen

Northwest Spine and Sport – McMinnville OR My History: I have a small bulge at L4, although my regular family physician used the term small it was enough to lay on the Sciatic nerve causing extreme Sciatica Piriformis and eventually all the way down my leg to the foot causing Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms. The pain was unbelievable and literally unbearable at times – walking was near impossible and sitting was not much better. Under my regular physician’s direction I was prescribed anti-inflammatories – it only made the slightest difference and the pain was back as soon as the meds were gone, I followed this with X-rays - MRI - Physical Therapy – Ice Packs – Heat Packs - Pain Patches - Electrical stimulation, and I even tried Acupuncture. At this point I was somewhat better but still struggling more than 50% of the time. Then I was recommended to a top surgeon in my area. Did I really need surgery?? I met with her and she explained it all and how she thought she could fix it, as well as, explaining the recovery, downtime and additional PT. I couldn’t stop thinking that there had to be another option. I met with Dr. Trevor Stauber and his staff at Northwest Spine & Sport, a little more than 10 months into this painful journey and I have to say I was tired, tired from the pain, tired of the run around and yet I wanted/needed another option. That tired feeling didn’t last long because with the very first couple of visits I could see that something was changing, Dr. Stauber preformed both Active Release Technique (ACT) and general Chiropractic methods and with each visit I had less pain and within 10 visits or so I was completely pain free and have been now for the last 9 months. I’m back to all my regular activities and feeling great! I found Dr. Stauber to be very professional and genuinely honest & caring, personally I really appreciate that kind of care. I can’t thank Dr. Stauber and his staff at Northwest Spine and Sport enough!

Jessica Menne

Kareen Curry

I was so relieved to find a chiropractor in my new home town that really knows how to do more than just give my back a few cracks and send me on my way. Dr. Stauber is fantastic and I felt relief after just one visit. I had severe neck, shoulder and upper back pain and tightness and could barely turn my head. I've seen Dr. Stauber twice now and will be going back for regular treatments to keep the pain away. An added bonus is I was able to find the best massage therapist I've ever had in Tosha. She really understands the body and where to focus on and I'll definitely be going back to see both. I also appreciate that this practice approaches healing from a sports medicine and physiological aspect, not just spinal work. Many thanks to this great staff.

Rebecca Harder

I have seen many chiropractors over the years and have a tremendous respect for many of them. I have been seeing Dr Ben Herron with ART after an accident and chose a new Chiropractor simply due to location. I live out here and didnt want to drive into Portland to see the ones I have been and really love the. The results have been surprising. I didnt think the 15 minute ART appointment could give so much relief. There is pain for the rest of the day immediately after the treatment, but then the next day I experience far less pain and greater mobility and each time I have a treatment, I can move more. Office is professionally run. This is an organized clinic that runs on time and the receptionist is very nice. Laid back and relaxed feeling. Definitely deserving of 5 stars and giving them a chance to help you feel better. And, the doctors are very focused and compassionate.

Philip Peterson

Five years after two knee surgery's I made a visit to Northwest Spine and Sport. Dr. Stauber provided me with a clear evaluation of my current status. It was nice to understand that Dr. Stauber's goal was to get me back to full health. After one round of PT I recovered nearly 25% more range in my knee. I was thrilled with the results and to this day continue to recommend Dr. Stauber to all my friends and family. Dr. Stauber is not just a chiropractor, he is a full body mechanic. I can guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your visit.. Keep up the good work.

Nicole Kendrick

I would highly recommend a visit to Northwest Spine and Sport to anyone, with or without pain issues. The level of knowledge and the help given at this office is phenomenal. They are professional, amicable, and extremely good at what they do. Great atmosphere.

kathy webb

Great and does a wonderful job does it in as little visits as possible

Nathan Hemmer

Everything about it. From the receptionist explaining payment options to the doctor assessment before treatment to the massage that digs deep but pinpoints your needs and the physical therapy that targets exactly what my body needs for increased mobility and strength. Too notch and they always start with what your feeling and what your goals are before the session starts. Truly this is my great find for 2016.

Daniel Ramirez

Came in with a lot of pain in my neck and left with almost no pain and it's been this way for a couple days now.

Erin Crofcheck

Great experience and awesome customer service. They are always on time and make sure that you have the best experience possible. Super friendly also :)

Allan Swanborough

I fell and hurt my knee. A Physician Asst.told me it was probably a torn meniscus. They took an x-ray and he was right. Dr Stauber said he could fix it and he did! In 4 visits I felt wonderful. My knee has been good for over a year now. My wife also goes to him and she says he is the best of all the chiropractors she has gone to (and she hurts a lot.).

Brigitte Norby

The doctors and staff have been very friendly, flexible, and professional. I've done some Chiropractor shopping since I've relocated to Oregon and I have found a team of winners with Northwest Spine and Sport! Its great that they offer Chiropractic, Physical and a Massage Therapy all under one roof. They're also open until 6 pm weekdays and have Saturday appointments too.

Sharon Laddusaw

I have dealt with SI Joint pain for about 3 years. I started with Dr. Flora who worked with me using ART and adjustments. I later switched to Dr. Stauber who used the same techniques. Finally after about 8 months of treatment I can finally walk for about a mile without having to stop every couple hundred feet to rest my back. They were able to work a miracle and I would highly recommend them to anyone suffering from lower back pain.

Sandy Riegel

Dr Stauber is amazing.

Chris Hanna

I’ve seen various chiropractors and medical providers for most of my adult life in order to try and treat my back pain. None of them came close to what Dr Stauber accomplished in just one visit. I can’t recommend Dr Stauber and the team at …

John Roberts

Very positive results with treatment for lower back pain

Todd Shirley

I had a great experience here. I recommend you visit them for any discomfort you are experiencing...they will take care of you!

Becky Engeln

I began seeing the founder, Dr. Flora, about 10 years ago. Was rather sad to see him retire but he did a tremendous job of passing the torch! Can't find such effective ART treatment anywhere else this side of the Portland area. I drive 30 minutes one way to see them. And new Saturday hours make scheduling easier.


I have been to MANY different chiropractors over the years and have never been as happy as I have with the care I have received from Dr. Herron. He listens to what the issues are, and addresses them thoroughly. I really like the ART technique he uses. It's hands on and involves the muscles as well, instead of the typical 3-4 manipulations most chiros do. I have felt relief already in just the 2 times I have seen him. I got a massage today from Tosha and it was one of the BEST massages I have ever had. I have had a lot! This office is seriously impressing someone who is not easily impressed!

Danielle Miles

Love the options available (Chiropractic, massage, Active Release Therapy, and physical Therapy) all in one place and from doctors and staff that understand the body and needs of an athlete.

Michael Brown

They have helped me many times! My go to in McMinnville.

Whitney Summerer

I am so relieved I went to Northwest Spine and Sport! Luckily I haven't had any major injuries up until this point, but after an intense workout my back was not happy! I couldn't move without wincing in pain. Dr. Herron worked wonders on me! He was very professional and answered all my questions thoughtfully and in detail. I left feeling so much better and having an understanding of what I did to aggravate it and what I need to work on so that it doesn't continue to happen. I can’t recommend highly enough!

Terry Diemer

I have found hip and allergy relief. and more to come. these folks are skilled and they CARE!

Scott Miller

Been going here for a few years now, and have always received good, effective care. They don't just pop joints, they use massage and stretching, too. Especially helpful when you have injury and inflammation.

Christine Ryan

Receptionist doesn't know how to schedule appts. I specifically scheduled an appointment for myself at 9:30 & one for my husband at 10:15. I showed up at 9:25 waited until 9:45 and had to bring to her attention that I was past my appointment & I had a 10am meeting. I was then seen right away. Then I schedule a follow-up. This time I was 11 minutes late because I had just got back into town from Seattle and she called me and I told her I was right around the corner, I get there and they wouldn't see me. So they can be late, but I cant. When I bring it to her attention she says my previous appointment wasn't really when I said it was and she was doing me a favor to see me early. What a bunch of crap. The doctor is great but quite honestly, I won't go back as long as she works there, i can't deal with incompetence. I will find somewhere else to go.

Jared Henry

Always have good recoveries. Well taken care of.

Heidi Mount

I have seen a about 20 chiropractors in the past 25 years. I was hit by a drunk driver, I am very active, I have a job that is physically demanding, and I need "tune ups." Dr. Stauber bought Dr. Flora's practice prior to him retiring. Dr. Stauber is a very skilled and professional chiropractor. I had a surgery and he is staffed with physical therapists (Ben) and massage therapist (Tasha) who are awesome. If you don't have a lot of experience with chiropractors definitely give this facility a try. They have great hours, they are very thorough, billing ladies are great, and I think you will be pleased. It is difficult to find chiropractors that have the right amount of pressure and help you get back to your normal activities. Great location, they are on time, and spend a good amount of time with you. Tasha really understands muscles and how to give a deep tissue massage. Ben is great at working with all your issues and preventing more injuries. I liked that he started with the basics to create good habits and helping me get strong to prevent injuries. Nice office overall. I feel each of them truly care about your physical health and not in it just for the money. Highly recommend.

Gary Johnson

Great service

Brihtani Lassiter

Posted by: Sara Lassiter Burgoyne: I live with chronic widespread muscle/ joint pain and stiffness from Fibromyalgia along with horrible Myofascial trigger points and have been visiting this clinic for over five years. I would highly recommend Northwest Spine and Sport's two amazing chiropractors Dr. Stauber and Dr. Herron. They both listen to their patients, have great bedside manner, and really know how provide relief right away! I appreciate this office and their ability to coordinate care through chiropractic adjustments, active release techniques, and massage therapy. This office offers massage therapy along side the chiropractic care and I've found this has been a very successful way to help with my worst flare ups. I've seen almost all of the 4 or 5 massage therapists and have had great experiences with everyone. They are awesome!

Rosemary Didear

Dr Stauber and the physical therapist Ben Stokes have been wonderful. After a sudden problem with my right leg and 3 weeks of limping, I am now close to pain free after just a handful of treatments and an exercise program. I would highly recommend this clinic.


Rock climbing and poor ergo put me in need of help beyond foam rolling. The staff at nw spine and sport were terrific in getting me back up and running in no time. Thank you!!

angela humphrey

Larry Springgate

I would like to share my confidence in the Northwest Spine and Sport Clinic in McMinnville, Oregon. Dr. Trevor Stauber was quick and professional to determine the cause of my moderate to severe pain in my left knee. After three adjustments with his active release procedures I was experiencing much more mobility and greatly reduced pain levels. At the age of 75 years it's a real relief to have as little pain as possible. KEEP UP THE PATIENT SATISFACTION DR. STAUBER.......MANY THANKS TO YOU, Larry Springgate...Salem, Oregon

Joel Bowder

Love Dr. Stauber! I appreciate how they don't just adjust me, but they deal with the soft tissue as well. I used to leave sore after an adjustment, but I haven't here. I like their balanced approach.

Lisha Rhodes

I have been coming here for years to keep me mobile and active as I age not that I am old:)...but you know what i mean...most recently new Doctors have joined the practice and my old Doc retired...with a bit of hesitation I continued to come and now feel very confident in Dr Stauber and Dr Herrons abilities to continue to keep my moving along pain free and steadily. So ya all get on in here and get yourself straightened out:) see ya around

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