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REVIEWS OF Advanced Chiropractic & Rehab IN Oklahoma

Sara Wiberg

Dr. Glass is fantastic! He is kind, makes sure you are taken care of, and attentive to your needs. My back hurts? Sure, no problem! My knees ache? Well let’s take a look and see what we can do! Always willing and wanting to help. His staff is extremely friendly as well. In addition to this, the office is clean, spacious, and private. I love seeing Dr. Glass and highly recommend paying him a visit!

Tina DeMarco

Eric M

Where to start. A little over a year ago I was barely able to walk any distance without pain. I found out that I had 3 herniated discs in my lower back which was compressing my sciatic nerve. If you've ever had sciatic nerve pain you know how much it hurts. I called Dr Glass' office and explained the situation. I sent over my records and was told they could get me in that same day. Dr Glass took the time to go over my records with me and describe what he felt the best course of action was. We started decompression therapy that night and when I walked out of the office my pain was significantly reduced. After a couple of months I was virtually pain free without the need for surgery. My back specialist even told me to continue seeing Dr Glass as he was happy with the results. Here I am over a year later with no recurrence of significant pain. As maintenance I still see Dr Glass about once a month and while I still have some stiffness here an there my I have been able to get back to being active with my family again! If you are having back pain of any type, I cannot recommend Dr Glass highly enough, I wish they had more than 5 starts!

Patti Morrow

Great people, excellent services and Dr. Larry is exceptional!

Lauren DiDomenico

Very friendly staff! I was referred here after a car accident and when I called to schedule my first appointment they offered me an appointment that day. There was no wait time for either visit so far. The doctor seems very knowledgeable and did a good job walking me through the issue and what he was doing each step of the way and why. I'd definitely recommend them!

Jackie Rampulla


First time here I didn't even see the chiropractor yet but the massage I just recieved from Kelly was amazing

Melissa Kramer

Great practice! Excellent customer service. Dr. Glass and the entire staff are amazing.

Mark Vehling

My back went out on a business trip so I stopped by on an out of town visit and the Dr adjusted me and got me back to feeling healthy.

Sury Caminero

Just came back from a massage and adjustment.. feel fantastic! The staff is courteous and prompt... the massage by Josie was stellar, she is thorough and very professional.. btw this was my first massage ever and I felt completely comfortable with her. Dr. Wilner, was fantastic. He answered my billion and one questions, very attentive, kind, down to earth, and you can just see that he just enjoys/loves what he is doing. I can't say enough about this office. You are in good hands if you come to see Dr. Wilner (or as he prefers to be called), Larry.

Alex Brown

Dr. Larry is the best for chiropractic and he is a very open person and loves spending the time adjusting your back and getting to know you. Not someone who just cracks your back and sends ya out, no he is very good and does it right. I highly recommend any athlete like myself who need to get pieced back together and Dr. Larry does it the best. Also the staff and Women at the front desk are excellent and wonderful as always.

Erin Young

Thankful for the friendly staff! They are very flexible with scheduling.

Dee Forry

I have suffered from an SI joint issue for several years. I started seeing Dr. Glass over the summer. It is November and my issue is 95% resolved and I am pain free the vast majority of the time!

Chris Baldyga

Elyse Gates

Dianna Lively

Alicia Deathe

Found this place when I was pregnant with my first 6+ yrs ago. Dr Josh was very knowledgeable and readjusted a lot of needless aches and pains away. We just moved back to Oklahoma after 5 years & when I lifted wrong moving boxes I knew exactly who I was going to call. They're offices are now bigger but the quality is still the same! They even adjust my 11 month old. She no longer cries during diaper changes. I highly recommend them.

Ron Nunemaker

My first 2 appointments were outstanding ... The Dr and the staff were extremely helpful and accommodating. I would encourage anyone looking for chiropractic care to consider coming here!

Ryan Hess

Fantastic knowledge and experienced care.

Sheri Yoder

Found a trustworthy chiropracter close to home. I have had serious back injuries/surgeries but Dr. Glass reduces my pain with gentle, effective care.

Annmarie Janes

Charles Krotzer

Dr. Glass has done wonderful therapy with my chronic back issues. His recent treatment took me from severe pain that I was unable to stand up straight, to immediate relief and the ability to function with little discomfort. A follow up treatment five days later left me functioning at almost 100% NO PAIN!

Tommy Gardner

Abby Linard

First time at a chiropractor and the experience was great! Mr. Glass is very thorough, understanding, and knowledgeable. Everyone in the office is super friendly. Highly recommend !

edith earnshaw

I am out of town and was lucky to find Dr. Glass. He fit me in and adjusted me so I could finish and enjoy my vacation. The office staff is wonderful also.

Lori Marco

Awesome Chiropractor, Massage Therapists and Staff including Teddy (the doggie)

paula ross

My first appointment, and I immediately felt welcome to the practice. I was introduced to Josie who is so kind and listens. She did a fantastic massage and hit all the right muscles with deep pressure as I requested. I highly recommend total wellness, I feel totally better, and no soreness the day after, Thanks!

Alyvia Pauzer

My whole family trusts and recommends this place and he's already helped me out a ton in such a short amount of time. The staff is always friendly when you first arrive and leave. I will definitely be coming back in the future.


Always friendly staff! Dr Glass is very knowledgeable and always works for your best interest!!!!

Ieda Allen

Ann Linnell

Friendly knowledgeable and effective treatment.

Melissa Ostrowski

I appreciate the friendliness of the office staff, the Dr. provides all of his own services and spends time with you, he has a variety of therapies to offer and he is willing to work with your schedule. Very nice , professional environment where I feel confident in Dr Glass!

Maria Clark

N Spayd

Excellent care. Even though I'm being seen for an accident, I will be coming back long after I'm healed.

Thomas Roberts

The insurance personnel had very little knowledge on what insurances were accepted in their office. They would not give me the chance to talk and assumed I would not pay in cash (which i was willing to). Really disappointed I was unable to work with Dr. Glass, his specialties where what i was looking for. Call me back if you are willing to work with me.

Kevon Owen

The doctors here are fantastic! I never knew chiropractic medicine could do as much as it can. When I discovered Advanced chiropractic I had to share it, literally one of the few phone numbers I have memorized and I've recommended it lots of family and friends. Life's hard... get a good chiropractor! Call them, you won't regret it.

Andrew Abdinor

This office will go above and beyond to keep their customers happy. I was impressed by their willingness to work with me to ensure my needs were met

Aubri Sweeney

Larry Gill

My wife comes here all the time with back, neck, and hip pain. Dr. Glass does a phenomenal job every time! She always leaves relieved from pain and discomfort. Very affordable & highly recommended!

Angela Bowman

I have been going to Dr. Glass for several years with wonderful results.

Matthew Nikbin

I couldn’t recommend this practice more. The staff is extremely friendly, helpful, and accommodating. Amy (who works the desk and keeps the office afloat) knew my name within my first few visits, and worked with me to move to a plan that made more sense monetarily and with my schedule. I’ve had a few different massage therapists, all of them are phenomenal, but I see Ray pretty consistently. He always checks in before we start to see if there are problem areas, and that anything he worked on last week isn’t bothering me. He is very knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology, and knew some great techniques to address abnormal issues I was having, including plantar fasciitis. Dr. Wilner (or Larry, as he has actually insisted on being called) is funny, helpful, and amazing at what he does. Aside from the painless adjustments, he has a plethora of knowledge and experience, from which he can draw upon to teach me ways to go about my day to promote healthy posture and movement. He also shows me quick stretches and exercises that compliment the work I do with my physical trainer. For all the above reasons, I urge you to give this place a shot if you feel you’re having neck or back pain, or if you want an affordable but quality massage. And most importantly, Larry’s dog, Teddy, hangs out at the office, and there’s a candy bowl at the front desk...what’s not to love?

Tashina Roberson

Glad to have finally found a great chiropractor in this area. Highly recommend!

Rusie Fern

Have been seeing Dr. Glass for two weeks. I have tried many chiropractors before and have been using chiropractic for my overall health for over 20 years. I wasn’t thrilled with some...some were ok (one was great but I moved!) ...but Dr. Glass is the one I’m staying with here in Lancaster! He is very thorough, really listens to me as I describe my pain, and has “adjusted” (pun intended) my treatments to meet my very specific needs and preferences. I can’t say enough how important it is for a chiropractor to not treat everyone pretty much the same, (the old, “let’s adjust everything all at once every time and see how that works, something’s gotta stick.” Dr. Glass does NOT do that! He’s great and I would highly recommend him to anyone! He has different complimentary options as well to help with my healing. The office staff is also very friendly, very accommodating, and the office is very clean- all of which adds to the overall experience. Thank you Dr. Glass! I look forward to many years of spinal recovery and health!!! -Georgie


Dr. Glass is knowledgeable in his practice and really helped my pain issue! I will be recommending him to family and friends!

Kayla Hansen

I love the fact that I can come to one place that understands the intricacies of muscular, fascial, and skeletal issues. Dr. Glass has been able to use a combination of chiropractic care and graston technique to alleviate my hip issue I have been dealing with for over a year within weeks. Last year I had been seeing different chiropractors and physical therapists in conjunction and did not have success. Absolutely recommend to all local athletes!

imi pogi

Ronnie Eaves

So thankful my Doctor recommended Dr. Glass!! The office staff is very friendly and Dr. Glass takes his time with you and listens to your concerns! Definitely recommend trying out his practice...

iraida velazquez

This chiropractic it’s one of the best , very friendly place , work with your work schedule , and most importstnt the heal you quickly

PJ Willi

Dr. Glass is the best chiropractor that I even visited. He is firm, yet gentle, listens to your concerns and lays out a treatment plan with your input. He helped me to be able to loosen my neck and move my head after only six weeks of treatment. I would highly recommend him, and in fact I am returning to him this week for a different back issue.

Erin Meanix

I was able to get in very quickly for an evaluation for my hip pain. I was quickly scheduled for twice the next week with times that worked with my schedule. Staff is very friendly. Dr. Glass is amazing and I was feeling better after my first session!

Cindy Ruth

Jamie Cosgrove

Betsy Swartz

Dr. Glass and his staff take excellent care of me and are always friendly & encouraging. I've had tremendous pain relief with treatment.

Jason Ayala, LMT

As always I had an amazing experience! I feel renewed after my acupuncture session, it definitely relieved a lot of tension in my upper traps and mid back to have cupping done afterwards! In the past 4 months I have seen tremendous results!

Emms B

Brittney James

Toby Marco

Fantastic - Dr. Glass is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Most importantly he fixed my problem! Can't say enough about how he put me and my care first rather than the feeling I have had with some other practitioners that it was all about the 'treatment plan' and how many times I had to go back and see them. Thank you Dr. Glass! I'll be back.

Dia Ruskay

Larry, Amy and the entire staff are awesome! They can’t do enough for you!!! Thanks all!

Aaron Pilon

Jeffrey Sweeney

Dr. Glass is amazing. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with an arthritic back. Some mornings, I could barely get out of bed. My family doctor gave me a bottle of painkillers but that's not way to live your life-especially because I was only in my 30s. I started seeing Dr. Glass twice a week for about 6 months and he did spinal decompression. He also taught me how to properly stretch which is something that I could do at home. My results were amazing. I didn't need painkillers anymore! I really liked the fact that eventually, I didn't have to go in on a regular basis. That can get really costly with deductibles. I see him for occasional maintenance, but he doesn't push coming to see him all of the time. He fixed my back and it has been life changing. I'm always sure to recommend him to my family in friends. I can't thank Dr. Glass enough for everything he has done for me!

leslie bloom jr

great care and service

Katie Matelis

I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences here. The staff is friendly, it’s affordable, and it’s helped my shoulder pain tremendously.

Derron Simmonds

I always enjoy my visits here, they think of everything! You’re offered water, hot towels and Stim. The staff are all very friendly and warm, and The Docs Kevin And Larry are very knowledgeable and professional and have great personalities. I have gone to chiropractors before that made me feel like they were breaking me not fixing something! I never get that here: the massages, rehab equipment, and adjustments are all on point and no lingering pain because of any procedures they’ve done.

Brian Pursel

I had thrown my back out every few months and suffered through the pain for a week or two each time until the pain gradually went away. Last time it happened, I decided to try a chiropractor for the first time. Dr. Glass was awesome. After the first appointment, I walked out upright and relatively pain free! 2 quick follow-ups and i was back to 100% in a total of 3-4 days instead of a week or two or three. Dr. Glass was very personable, yet professional. He explained everything in terms I understood and didn't try to push services I didn't feel I needed. He also recommended specific exercises to prevent it from happening in the first place. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone who has back pain.

jessica macIlvain

I was brought it almost immediately. My massage was awesome and being that this was my first time I was a bit nervous to see the doctor for adjustments. To my surprise not only did I feel zero discomfort ,during the process, I felt so so good after! I highly recommend this place!!

Donna Ainsworth

I am not a patient at the moment, but my daughter Ashley is. She has been suffering with chronic pain for the past several months until I thankfully found this practice. The doctors and staff are professional, caring, compassionate people who truly care about the well-being of their patients. Little by little I see a difference in my daughter's demeanor, and she is smiling again. No parent wants to see their child in constant pain, changing their wonderful, happy-go--lucky, jovial personality. There are no words to express my thanks to all of you for your genuine caring and attention given to my daughter to see that she will be feeling her best again. God bless each and every one of you. Dr. Wilner, Dr. Kyle, Silvia, Brenden, Tara, Amy, and the rest of the staff. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Donna Ainsworth

Chris Kiley

Kenneth Kopec

Katie Jackel

Have gotten chiropractic and Acupuncture here for the last 2 years. Great practitioners, great office staff. Treatments have helped to ease my back pain.

Joey Payne

I have visited numerous chiropractors in PA, TX, CO, and NJ because I move and travel a lot. I have many to compare. Dr. Glass is by far one of the best. He takes his time and his spinal manipulations are made only after helping the muscles relax a bit with stretching, pressure, and massage. I highly recommend him!

Peggy Scianna

By chance , I began being seeinf Dr Wilner back in December and thanks to him I was able to cancel my back surgery that was scheduled for last week. I wish I had started seeing him years ago when I was first diagnosed with all my back issues because he would have most likely spared me some of the pain I have endured over the years. So far so good.

Nancy Lopez

Dr. Glass and his staff are professional, competent, & compassionate. As a registered nurse, I have often been skeptical when it comes to alternative therapy. That being said, I am truly a fan of this practice and always leave the office feeling better than when I arrived! Thank you, Dr. Glass!

Arnold Pack

Great chiropractor, staff are wonderful and truly care. The massage person Lisa is absolutely great.

SkyWise UAS

Been coming here for years, and the staff are as friendly as can be. Dr. Wilner and Dr. Kyle are the best chiropractors I have been to in over 30 years of getting adjustments. Well worth the visit if you need some fixing up!

Deborah Horner

OBC Clothing

Andrea Payne

I love Dr. Glass and his staff. They have been very helpful in relieving my back pain. I would recommend him to anyone.

Kyle Almoney

felicia Robbins

Karen Michnya

Friendly staff, convenient location and usually can get in on a timely basis. Dr Glass is informative and has resolved my issues. I would highly recommend the practice

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