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REVIEWS OF Riverside Family Chiropractic IN Ohio

Kim Schneider

My daughter chose Dr Marissa to help with her back . I went with on family week and chose to get a wellness check as I am in my 50’s and never have had my spine looked at . I have never felt better since I have went under her care . My allergies would have me doing practically nothing now . But now I’m able to function . The left shoulder which I had some mobility issues with now has full range of motion . All the doctors and staff are friendly . And they make you feel like family . If you are in pain or just want to experience better health I recommend them . You won’t be sorry Kim Schneider

Ben Adams

Best of the Best!! I have been to many Chiropractic offices and the team at Riverside is outstanding. 100% recommend!

katie griffin

Very awesome! Have helped me feel so much better.

Kyleigh Miller

I've known about my scoliosis for years but didn't realize how damaging it was. By going here, I got to see my x-rays and was explained what was going on and why I have been suffering migraines my whole life. It's very friendly and inviting in the office and everyone is happy to help you no matter what!

Martin Tom

I was a patient of Dr. Thomas when he practiced in Naples, FL. He was such a caring doctor, and was able to help stop my headaches, of which I had suffered for 10+ years. By helping me with my nutrition and toxicity, I was able to lower my blood pressure from 140 to 118!! My family and I will miss him. My kids loved him!!

Cole Eutzy

Best Chiropractor I've ever met. If you're looking for a chiropractor in Columbus, then Dr. Lee is your guy.

Jaws Pharafaneelya

After a two level fusion of my cervical spine and trying to find quality help from a doctor who actually cared about about my quality of life. I found Dr. Thomas and his very passionate staff who meets everyone with a smile. Dr. Thomas isn’t only treating you for today, But for the future. He knowledgeable and caring approach to your health and other professional methods and techniques, will have you feeling on you feet again. Always remember patience is a virtue you should have towards your health. Love the atmosphere and also love the no waiting to get treatment. Jaws

Thom O'Neal

Great office, great staff caring doctors! I like that more effort is placed on long term health than just relieving pain. I continue to attend as I am no longer in pain and I am seeing improvement in my posture and overall health. I can look forward to learning more about a healthier lifestyle as I continue.

Angi Fisher

My husband and I listened to Dr. Thomas on the radio and were impressed with all of the information he shared about nutrition and chiropractic medicine. I'd been experiencing frequent headaches and tension in my neck so I decided to schedule a consultation. After the first week of treatment the headaches stopped and the tension significantly decreased. I also experienced improvement in my digestive health and increase in my energy level. I've learned so much over the last 4 weeks. Dr. Thomas and Dr. Marisa are terrific! They are readily available to answer questions and take the extra time to offer their support and encouragement. The RFC staff is also extremely friendly and helpful. If you're serious about getting healthy and making a lifestyle change, Riverside Family Chiropractic is the place for YOU!!!

Tara Carter

I love every part about this office. From the moment you walk in everyone is warm, welcoming and excited to help you no matter what brings you there. With 3 whiplash injuries, chronic pain and headaches I didn't think my neck would ever feel normal again. Dr. Thomas was dedicated to healing me and is still diligent to making sure I never feel like that again. Love and highly recommend this office.

Beverly Baker

I came to them for lower back pain, hip pain (pinched the sciatica nerve twice in 5 years on my left side), headaches, and sever and I mean cannot walk sever menstrual pain during my periods. After a month of treatment 3 times a week, I started my period. While I was still bloated, grumpy, and a bit more fatigued the Pain was gone. I still had some cramps, but nothing that was painful. I was more uncomfortable than anything else. All the back pain and headaches are Gone! Normally on my first day of my period I do nothing but sit around in bed or on the couch with a heating pad. I can barely even get past the pain enough to take a shower. This time on my first day of my period I got up, got dressed, got adjusted, had breakfast, ran errands, adopted a kitty, ran 5 miles (and did a better pace than normal) and grabbed a nice well deserved hot shower. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to be able to live again and not be down for a day or 2. My running has improved more than I could have hoped for as well. I am able to move better and have better form. If you are an athlete this is a tool you want in your arsenal. My husband and I both highly recommend Dr Thomas. His staff is GREAT and genuinely care about your health and your improvement. They know everyone by name as well. The office is always busy and people are all around. It is a far cry from a normal doctors office, which I like. I like walking in and feeling more like I am in a place of health and fitness than that of medicine and disease. The focus on improvement and lifestyle changes and not treatment and medication. The bootcamps are awesome too. I did one and had so much energy afterwards. The next day I did a 5k and set a PR. The benefits of what they offer are endless in addition to the treatment and there is something for everyone.

Marlene Carter

When I started at Riverside Family Chiropractic, I had a strained shoulder and a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. All of which have gone away. But my main concern was high blood pressure. After being on 2 different medications for several years, there was no change in my blood pressure. I am happy to report that after 2 months of treatment by Dr. Thomas, my blood pressure is consistently dropping close to the normal range. I am hoping that in time I can come off of my medications. Who knew that a chiropractor could improve your blood pressure. I am so thrilled. Thank you Dr. Thomas and Riverside Family Chiropractic.

Mabel Castellar

Excellent service and amazing results! Meeting Dr. Thomas and wife Tristan has been a great blessing! After having my baby girl I started suffering of terrible pain in my Neck, medium and lower back, and also terrible digestive problems; I never imagined those problems were all related to my spine and Nervous system, so when Dr. Thomas told me the cause of my problem and the solution I did not hesitate to start a treatment. I love the way they help you to improve you life style and eating habits, through excercises and special nutrition programs based on the Five Essentials. After just one month! I can finally wake up rested and free of pain! I really appreciate their honesty and help.

Stephanie Earnest

I was resigned to the fact that I was going to have to live with my shoulder and neck pain forever after seeing a previous chiropractor, going to two different physical therapists, and living with it for 10 years. My old PCP recommended narcotics. That wasn’t the route I wanted to go. A friend referred me to the amazing doctors here, and they are changing my life! I am seeing dramatic results in just two short months!

Ellie Robinson

Riverside Family Chiropractic is absolutely fantastic! after just a few visits I already started seeing a huge difference! I was having less back pains and almost no more migraines! the staff and doctors are so friendly and make you feel like family! they are also super awesome with kids around which is a huge plus for me! Keep up the great job! I highly recommend this place.

Randi Classen

This is the best office! The girls at the front are always so kind and personable. Dr Thomas is very professional and cares about every patient. They all pour their hearts into this office and all the patients. I highly recommend coming to Riverside for the best care in Columbus!

Chris Rowe

My entire family (me, wife, six kids) are patients of Dr. Thomas and his wonderful staff. I have referred many friends and associates. He is a great Doctor with a very effective health and wellness strategy that he and his staff will customize to you. No matter where your health and wellness is, you will greatly benefit from becoming a patient and following the program.

Andrea Hubner

I've been receiving adjustments from Dr. Thomas for 3 weeks now and I am loving how I feel. I used to suffer from a mild, but chronic lower back pain that has since been alleviated. Since starting the adjustments and following the Advanced eating plan as laid out by the Maximized Living program, I sleep better, lost weight, and have more energy and mental focus. The best thing about being a patient is that the community atmosphere that makes you feel more like a friend than patient. To anyone looking for a great chiropractor, you will get that, and so much more!

Peter C

Professional caring people providing care with passion! The results show, I feel it. Recently I had someone comment that I walk more like an exclamation point now vs the question mark - posture they used to see before I began treatment at Riverside Family Chiropractic,. The family atmosphere and concern from day one speaks volumes and is constant...check it out, I am blessed having their services.

Mark Allen

This practice is amazing! Dr. Thomas and staff make understanding health easy and comfortable. The office space is beautiful and very welcoming. I love it!

Shelly Roth

I first started seeing Dr. Thomas and his wonderful team after meeting them at an exhibitor booth one Saturday afternoon in February earlier this year. He gave me more information in that initial “chance” meeting than I had in my previous chiropractic experience, so I was definitely intrigued by what he had to offer. I went to the initial visit and he took x-rays of my neck and spine (which is something I wanted from my previous chiropractor, but was never offered). He not only showed me the results of my x-rays and discussed what my chiropractic plan would be to help alleviate my neck pain and headaches, but I also received some valuable resources and I started to realize that this was a plan for my overall health and wellness and not just chiropractic care. Some of the resources I received were books relating to the Five Essentials of a Maximized Life and the Maximized Living nutrition plans. I started reading them and was apprehensive at first. I am someone who loves all kinds of food (but I have always considered myself a meat & potatoes kind of gal), so cutting carbs and sugars was not something I was sure I could do. However, during your visits at Riverside Family Chiropractic they have informational videos playing for you to listen and learn as you are “warming up” your spine for your treatments. Speaking of the office, it is so warm and inviting and the wonderful staff is so helpful and caring about every single one of their patients. Everything is run very efficiently and I love going there! Dr. Thomas also offers other seminars and workshops that you can attend to help educate you on the Five Essentials for maximized health. One of these events that I attended was the grocery store tour and that really opened my eyes to the types of foods we eat and what they do to our bodies. Everything made perfect sense. At that time, I made up my mind that I was going to make a change for my health and make my life better. Since I started eating the Advance Plan diet 20 days ago I have lost 14 pounds and I am feeling better than I have in a long time! I have not craved the carbs or sugars at all….and they are all around me all the time! For me, it has only been a struggle in putting together a strategy that works for my schedule. It does take time and effort. However, the resources offered by Riverside Family Chiropractic are very user friendly and if I have to, I am able to create my own recipes and still stick to the Advanced Plan principles. I am more than excited seeing and feeling these changes to my body and mind and I know now that meeting Dr. Thomas and his staff that Saturday afternoon was no “chance” meeting at all! I feel so grateful and blessed to have finally be given a whole body plan that I can follow, put to work and see results! THANK YOU Dr. Thomas and Riverside Family Chiropractic!! I am looking forward to all of the benefits of a healthier life!

Leslie Hartley

I have battled with debilitating migraines my whole life, along with neck and lower back pain and have been unsuccessful at finding healing. I'm so thankful to have met Dr. Lee, I have been to other chiropractors and they were able to give me a quick fix and relieve my pain for a little while, but nothing long lasting. Dr. Lee not only relieved my pain, but has been educating me on my spine, posture, nutrition and take home exercises to help me work towards a pain-free and all around better lifestyle. Along with his expertise, he is a genuinely enjoyable and caring person. Thank you Dr. Lee!

Kendra DeSoto

I have been going to this clinic for a couple of years now and I can’t say enough how thankful I am. I have a chronic autoimmune disease (Lupus) and have been able to get off of about half of my medication. I also had frequent migraines prior to coming here and very rarely do I now get them. The staff is very friendly and genuine.

Shari Eutzy

Ive been struggling with advanced arthritis for the past several years. Ive visited 4 other chiropractics in a search to find relief but have never had success Until I met dr. Lee He not only helped treat my arthritis but also has worked with me to address the root causes of my pain, which had a lot to do with my poor eating and diet He actually took me grocery shopping and taught me how to prepare healthy meals. Hes so much more than a chiropractor Ive lost over 30 pounds since my first visit and can feel so much better. I can actually play with my grandaughter again, which is something I havent been able to do in years due to my arthritis. He changed my life, cant recommend enough. Thank you!

Sammie Harkless

I had not seen a chiropractor in a few years due to the fact that I never saw improvement and I never experienced that enlightenment most people feel after an adjustment. Going to Riverside Family Chiropractic has changed this for me. Dr. Thomas is knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and you can really see that through the way his office functions. Incredibly friendly staff, family like environment and an overall fun place to be. I am usually running from one place to the next so being able to really take charge of my appointment makes it easy to get in and out of there. The best part of it all is you can not only witness improvement through the way you are feeling but you can physically see changes in the x-rays they take of you. Dr. Thomas sits you down and actually explains what is happening with your body, which is authentic and helpful. Highly recommend if you are suffering and are eager to find a solution to your problems!


Back pain, what to do, what to do? Rehab ($3k and 3 months and no results), Specialist suggest muscle relaxer for 3 months, (still no result but felt sluggish the entire 3 months and gained 10 pounds), a Chircoprator for 6 months and (no result), Doctor suggest I take 800mg of IBuprofen 3 times a day for ever cause theirs nothing that can be done about my back pain (gave me 150 pills to get started), Grant hospital bone specialist, suggested I wear the knee brace (pictured below) the rest of my life and no more running and only swim for exercise. The brace is to offset my gate so that my hips would be balanced and take the pressure off my back. I had all but given up when I saw Riverside at the Jazz Festival, my back was hurting at that moment so I decided to see what they had to say about it. After they briefly shared their assessment with me and offered to take xrays and give me their opinion of my problem all for $50, I figured if I could get someone to tell me what is wrong then I can figure out what needs to be done. After we went over the xrays (not just 1 xray) like my first chiropratic doctor did but various xrays. and Riverside used better equipment to work on me (more current and up to date) I felt like they were in this with me, from day 1 I felt like they were going to do more than align me and send me home. I was right, the tight nit team at Riverside not only work with you, they know your issues, concerns not just lead doctor everyone seems to be concerned about your care. 3 weeks later, I am doing jumping jacks, I am jogging and I have no back pain. Guess what I did next....I told everyone I knew about my new life, that's right my attitude and mood is also much improved. What also made this experience different from my other chiropractor is that Riverside offers more services than just giving you an adjustment. They took me on a grocery store tour to show me how to eat even healthier than I already was eating and in result in 3 weeks I lost 7 pounds without dieting but just eating properly by selecting the right foods. Next week, we will learn to make new healthy meals (recipe night) and Dr Thomas will bring healthy fried chicken to share (have you ever heard of such a thing? Healthy fried chicken, I can't wait for that...) lol. Next month they will have a seminar about how to keep your brain healthy (with deminia these days we need that info more than ever). What I am saying is they are more than a chiropractic office, they are involved in every phase of making you healthy and they work great as a team. They don't charge for the trip to the grocery store or for recipe night and things like that which tells me they are not in it just for the money, they are in it to help people get healthy and to help people reach their goals and with an attitude like that you/I don't mind going to see the doctor. I even go there to exercise with them on Saturday morning, well there is to much more to write about but if you read this far then you probably need to visit them and if you want your body to run at its best like it was meant to do and to heal itself like it was meant to do then you need to at least come in for a visit and let them tell you what they do and why the do it. Its family friendly so bring the kids too....

Todd Marquis

Lisa Renshaw

Dr. Lee is great! I've have seen chiropractors before but Dr. Lee and his team blew the others out of the water! I met Dr. Lee when he was down in Naples, FL. Meeting him was a sign that I finally needed to figure out what was causing my problems. I came in with a load of problems, including menstrual problems that started 9 years ago when I got in an auto accident at the age of 16 years old. Dr. Lee told me that it would take time but he knew he could help me because he could see exactly what my problem was when he looked at my xrays. He also gave me exercises to do at home to help me see my results faster. After only 2 months, my symptoms are not only better they are practically gone! I don't know how I will ever thank him for how much he has helped me. Thank you Dr. Lee!

James Wright

You know whats worse then being the main character in a book of your own horror story? Is feeling that you're living that horror story everyday, in a so real world of pain. If it wasn't for Dr. Thomas voice on a dark cold rainy day.My own stories that became my own thrillers, would of stayed around as my tormentor and that dark rainy day would of been my future. Thanks to Dr. Thomas, wife and his wonderful staff, I can honestly keep my thrillers where they belong and that's in the book. They are truly revolutionize how therapy meet Science and Nutritional Health in a flowing environment. A great Place to releaviate your pain, in an atmosphere where they truly care. Where you are met everyday from a very hard working staff , that out performs the rest and they do it all... with a smile on their faces. "Never put a price on your health, think of the ones you love!" Jaws/Author of Pharafaneelya

AR Moreno

The staff always remember you and are extremely knowledgable. Both doctors pay very close attention to ensuring that I understand my own health and that we fix the root cause of issues instead of treating symptoms.

Monica Corwin

I've been visiting this practice for four months. Since I started visiting the staff have removed my back pain, my neck pain, my carpal tunnel pain, and we are working on my plantar fascitus. If this was all they had done for me then it would still be worth the visits. However, the team here take pride in teaching people about how their bodies work and how each system works with each other. Ive learned more about how my internal organs and systems function since I started visiting than I did for my previous thirty years. Thanks to Dr. Thomas and Dr. Brett I am learning how to live a fuller, more healthy life, to keep my body pain free, and to maintain that status so I don't have to come back in the future unless I want to. I am so grateful to all the Staff and so appreciative for everything they taught, and continue to teach me.

Jason Sweazy

Great practice with a friendly staff! I have received outstanding care here!

Stephen Wahrenberger

Becoming a patient of Riverside Family Chiropractic was probably the best decision I made in 2014. Due to bad posture from working on a computer all day, I have some significant problems with my neck that they're helping me with. Not just a Chiropractor, I look to Dr. Thomas also as a wellness coach. With his amazing staff of Tristan and Lindsey, I feel like I'm being guided towards greater overall health and wellness. I was introduced to Dr. Thomas first on his radio show(98.9FM, 3-4pm on Saturdays) talking about wellness and general health.

Adam Alkire

One of the most in depth, knowledgeable, courteous and self sacrificing doctors I've ever been to. You can just tell that Dr. Thomas truly cares about your well being, and he has the know how to make you better. Plus the atmosphere in general is extremely welcoming. You feel like your a part of a new community.

Mike Fisher

I've listened to Dr. Thomas for years on the radio and felt enlightened by his wealth of knowledge. He motivated me to change my lifestyle. Since becoming his patient, I've gained even more of an understanding on how to eat a healthier diet, exercise properly, and take better care of myself in general. The entire staff at Riverside Family Chiropractic is phenomenal...they truly make you feel like a part of their family and make every visit fun!

Christina Polsinelli

This place is AMAZING! It's incredible the amount of care they give each patient. They don't just try to ease your pain, but correct the underling problem and focus on overall health. Dr. Thomas even takes the time to teach everyone about their bodies and what is causing their pain and why it is important to know all this information. It is also very organized and efficient, which is major plus for me. The staff is all fantastic and they actually remember everyone's name! This chiropractic office even puts on SEVERAL events for the patients and their families, like seminars about overall health, cooking sessions, dinners, and so much more! I am so glad that I found this place :)

Brittney Hypes

The best decision I ever made, I just regret not making it sooner. Dr. Thomas, Tristan, Samantha, Erin and everyone there are the most personable and helpful people. I have been seeing Dr. Thomas since January of 2016, I went in for back pain after suffering for 2 years after falling down a flight of stairs. I was nervous about the whole process after my first consultation and agreeing to start treatment and Dr. Thomas did a great job of preparing me. Since becoming a patient I have learned a lot about the benefits of chiropractic care and I've seen them first hand. I no longer have chronic headaches (zero to one a month down from at least one a week), back pain is very rare but if I have an issue Dr. Thomas is available. I had one severe flare up and he agreed to see me outside of office hours, gave me additional information on how to prevent and treat the problem I was having, he didn't hesitate at all to see me that morning. The workshops are very helpful and welcoming. I've attended a recipe night and a grocery store tour. My work schedule does not allow me to do many of them. When asked if they could help me with anything else - I had an interest in eating less processed foods, being healthier and generally feeling better. I was introduced to the core and advanced plans, learned what changes to make, why, how it will benefit me...and since changing my lifestyle I have seen dramatic changes. Since February of 2016 I have currently lost 42 pounds! I am much more active, healthier, and stronger. The one thing I LOVE about this group of people, they remember you. They make you feel welcome and know your name. Encouraging you to join them in workshops, talks, work outs, etc. They're not out to get your money, they genuinely want to help you get better and stay better. Go see them, you won't regret it!

abby loudenslagel

Before going to Dr Thomas I had a sleep study with a different doctor who told me I stopped breathing 14 times an hour! He said that my brain was not communicating with my body and there was nothing he could do. Then I meet Dr Thomas who told me he could help me. Before seeing Dr Thomas I felt like I got no sleep and was tossing and turning the entire night. After just one month of adjustments with Dr Thomas I can sleep thought the night! I feel so much better and am becoming more educated about my overall health. The staff is also amazing, they all know my name and take time to talk to me. I couldn't ask for more.

Thomas Reno

I have been coming to the office for only 1 month and I feel 10 years younger. Everyday I feel like I came do the everyday things much easier.

Anne Proctor

I have been a patient of Riverside Family Chiropractic for about 6 weeks. It has made a world of difference in my life. Before I started coming I was in such awful pain and thought I would have to go on medicine for the pain. I felt like a little "old" lady who couldn't do a whole. I got my life back. The pain is gone and I feel that I can do anything. They helped me to change my diet. Before I thought I was eating a good diet. Since doing the changes I have more energy, sleeping better, and I am not hungry . Thank you so much for all of this. I am so happy with the changes.

Audrey Fayad

The office is very family oriented and the staff makes you feel welcome and greet you by name. I see Dr. Marissa and she always takes the time to thoroughly explain things and answer the many questions that I have. The entire staff is very passionate about helping you improving your health. They even have workshops to help educate you about featured topics. It has now been about 2 months since I started treatments and I already feel so much better. I have never been able to comfortably sleep on my back and now I can, infact it's the only way I can sleep comfortably now. My lower back pain, that I have been living with for many years, is pretty much gone. My 4 year old loves to go with me and they encourage getting the whole family involved. I still have a long road ahead of me to heal my body, but am confident I am heading on the right path, with a great team.

Nick Maietta

Dr. Lee Thomas and his maximized living team at Riverside Family Chiropractic are the best! I can't imagine receiving better service anywhere else. Since going to Riverside my neck pain has been completely eliminated - within a few weeks! More importantly, however, is that I am now aware of the importance of proper spinal health and its major impact on my overall well being. I continue to feel better and better each week as my spine is adjusted to it's natural and most stable position. Riverside Family Chiropractic is highly recommended. Thanks Lee!

Greg Osborne

Having gone to another chiropractor for some twenty years, I can only praise the doctors and staff here. The process is set up so despite even doing physical therapy and an adjustment you are usually out in less than thirty minutes! They also offer advice in weight loss and other things. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Somehow they know everyone by name, even if it is your first visit! As the name implies it is also very family oriented; sometimes with small children playing in a area and even a pet now and then! Dr Thomas is very knowledgeable and his story is inspiring. You owe it to yourself to give them a try if you need a great chiropractor!

Nick Wilson

Love my adjustments!

Maximillian Zart

This chiropractor and his team are ALWAYS willing to go the extra mile for the benefit of a patient. At this facility you will be treated with compassion and personalized care. Would recommend to anyone trying to improve their overall well-being.

Dawn Hughes

If you are looking for a chiropractor that not only listens to you but also finds the best course of action for your care, this is the place to go to. This is a friendly staff who truly cares about their patients and genuinely wants them to be well. And, after only a few visits, my severe back pain was gone!

Ceylan Ozguner

The info is overwhelming at first but they really fulfill all the promises they make. I was getting headaches almost everyday and now I haven't had a single one for the past 3 weeks! I also have back and neck problems and the pain in my neck and upper back is almost completely gone after going for a month! I really recommend this place.

Kate Moreno

Riverside Family Chiropractic is a lifesaver! I've seen other doctors and chiropractors before. They blamed my back pain on stress. After seeing Dr. Thomas, I found out I had a problem and they could actually fix it. After being adjusted and working with the team at Riverside, my back pain is gone! Also, no more headaches! Dr. Thomas and his staff are so friendly and always know your name! They offer tons of education and truly care for your health and well being.

Andrew Collins

I have been going here since the fall once a week and have noticed quite an improvement already. I used to only be able to stand for 20-30 minutes before my back would start aching. But now, I no longer have that problem. Also, the staff is very friendly and gets to know you. I would definitely recommend going here.

James Lendon

I can't say enough good things about Doctor Lee Thomas. He has helped both friends and family. It is always a pleasure to catch his radio show too.

Ashley Ruch

Dr. Thomas is amazing! I've had headaches for years and the recently got worse and more frequent. A month before my first appointment they were daily. After 4 weeks of treatment I have 0 headaches. I just feel better overall. Not to mention the fact that I feel much more educated and aware of my health. Couldn't have came at a better time. It'll be the best decision for your health you could make.

Andrew Clark

I honestly can't say enough good things about this office. You can just tell that Dr. Thomas and his staff genuinely care about getting you healthy. I've had many sports injuries and have been in multiple car accidents and was pretty much constantly in pain. I've only been coming here exactly 1 month and I can see a drastic difference in how I feel. I sleep better, and can definitely move better. In general I just feel more motivated and have been able to get much more done in day to day life. The most surprising difference though is the fact that after 1 month of the program, I've noticed that my IBS issues have gotten drastically better. I'm excited to finish out the 3 month portion of the "fixing" portion and move onto the more maintenance portion. They've definitely earned a customer for life and I highly recommend this facility if you truly want to feel better. It's never too late!

Joanna Scarpuzzi

I appreciate the whole body and whole family approach. Everything starts with good spinal health and goes out from there.

Angela Swepston

My 8 year old twins and I have been receiving care from Dr. Lee Thomas for about 5 weeks. I can honestly say it has already changed my life. It feels great to know I am making the best choices for my family. Dr. Thomas has such a passion for helping people get on the path to healing and life long health. We have not only received chiropractic care, but also excellent guidance on nutrition and exercise. Dr. Thomas and his staff genuinely care about each patient. They take time to make sure all individual needs are met, but still run an extremely efficient office. I really have had a 100% positive experience at Riverside Family Chiropractic.

Judy Shoemaker

Staff is always friendly and professional. Although I was not in pain I felt I needed some adjustments. I feel better already. I like the fact that the doctors are open to questions and explain what they are doing.

Tegan Hogan

I spent the last year dealing with severe back pain and numbness down my left leg from slipping 2 discs in my low back. I am glad I met Dr. Thomas because he was able to do what no one else was able to and actually helped me with feeling better. Dr. Thomas and the office staff are some of the friendliest most helpful people you will ever meet. I definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for life changing results.

Jodi Hoye

I began seeing Dr. Thomas and his health care team 3 months ago. Before seeing him I had headaches almost every day and was having periods of shortness of breath. I was had developed vertigo every time I changed position. I didn't tell Dr. Thomas about the vertigo because I didn't see any connection between that and what chiropractic care could help. After my first adjustment my vertigo was GONE! After a few weeks my headaches were minimal and my breathing was normal. Now 3 months in and learning about proper nutrition and having the support of his office I believe that I have never felt better. I have no headaches. Much improved energy and my mood is so much better. I have weaned off 2 antidepressants that I had been on for 17 years. I highly highly recommend Dr. Thomas and Maximized Living. My life and the lives of my family have improved because of him. Thank you so much!!!

Jon Fehrman

So far, I can't get anyone to call me back, even though their VM says "we will call you back"

Kyle Foster

I work as a graphic artist in Columbus and sitting at a desk all day has taken a toll on my back. I've been experiencing lower back pain and stiffness for over a year and have been resisting getting it checked out. That was a mistake. My friend recommended that I go to Riverside Family Chiropractic after she had seen success from her treatments. After a few sessions with Dr. Lee I feel completely different. My back pain is gone and I feel younger and healthier then I have since I was in high school. Dr. Lee truely cares about your health and well being and I can't believe the results I've seen. I would encourage everyone reading this to give them a try.

Business Hours of Riverside Family Chiropractic in Ohio

8–10:30AM 3:15–6:15PM
8–10:30AM 3:15–6:15PM


Riverside Family Chiropractic en Ohio
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