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REVIEWS OF Ault Chiropractic of Hudson IN Ohio

James Hudak

I have been going to Dr. Rebecca Ault for at least the past four years and have nothing but the best treatment from her and her staff! They are always accommodating to my schedule and are always professional with me. Not only have I recommended her to my friends, but also to my family, as my father is also a patient of her and her husband. I have been to many chiropractors in the past and by far, I find Ault Chiropractic to be the best!

Craig Robinson

Three years ago, Dr. Rebecca Ault basically changed my life. When I first when in to see her, I could barely walk, was in severe pain, and hadn't slept for days. My medical doctor told me my only option was major surgery on my back, but a good friend of mine told me about how Dr. Ault had helped her get back to doing all the things that she enjoyed. I decided give it a try with Dr. Ault. I am soooo glad I did. I learned quickly that not only did she have great bedside manners, but also was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Within a couple of weeks of working with Dr. Ault, I was walking without pain and even started getting the groceries! Within a few months I was able to take care of my multiple gardens, work out at the life center, and continue my coaching career in the Hudson School District. Another great benefit with Dr. Ault is that she has a wealth of knowledge on getting and staying healthy without the use of medications. I'm 67 and I really feel like a teenager again- lots of energy and enjoying all of the things that my wife and I love to do. I totally trust her to always give me sound advice on back/pain issues and for achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle; and I believe that you can too!

Devin Murray

Has been great for dealing with a chromic pain issue i've has since an accident.

Kirsten Earle

I started seeing Dr. Robert and Rebecca last year in the middle of a mystery illness that took a year and a half to figure out. During this entire time Dr. Robert was there giving me ideas for the next step or next route that I should take. He also helped me manage my pain the best we could. During this time I also found out that I had scoliosis in my neck and my back and also an extra vertebrae in my back. At this point in time I was not only dealing with chronic abdominal pain but I was also dealing with the pain from my back. Through the process of seeing Dr Robert for my back we were able to determine something wrong in my abdomen from my x-rays. He continued to give me support and help through pain management and referrals of doctors to see. He also helped myself and my mom with keeping our attitudes good and positive. Dr Robert was also there helping me with my decision of colleges. Through the experience of meeting these doctors I have found my future in multiple ways. Not only am I pain free from my back, and my abdominal area, but I also found my future career. I have found that I want to be a chiropractor. I also found the interest from animal chiropractics from Dr Rebecca. Dr Robert has become my mentor in life and someone I look up to. Every time I go into the office I leave in such a positive mood. The staff is all so welcoming and remembers specific things to talk about each time you walk in. No matter the mood I walk in with, each time I walk out I am pain free and in an amazing mood. I would encourage everyone to see the doctors. Seeing them was one of the best decisions in my life.

Francine Kalogerou

I am a patient of Dr. Rebecca Ault. Dr. Ault is a very positive and pleasant person. I always feel better after my visits with her, plus she always spends time with me to explain my treatment. I would definitely recommend her chiropractic services. Her staff are all very professional and friendly as well. I have no complaints.

Nicholas Gregg

Don’t trust these con artists with your money. I would not recommend Ault Chiropractic, specifically Rebecca Ault, to anyone. At my first visit, Dr. Ault came off as caring and took the time to ask about my pain and back issues. However, I was surprised when I left this first appointment without having received any adjustments or exercises/stretches to do at home. They just said, “The doctor wants to see you within a few days”, so I scheduled another appointment. At the second appointment I received minimal adjustment and the same quick in and out with another 'the doctor wants to see you again in a few days'. (Keep in mind, I work full time and am losing money to go to these appointments, on top of the fact they cost $50 each. Did I mention they’re not open on weekends making it so I HAVE to miss work??) It wasn’t until my THIRD appointment that Dr. Ault revealed her treatment plan for my back – 2 visits per week for the next 4 weeks, which would have totaled 11 visits and $650 (oh yea, plus the money lost from missing work)!!! At this point, I couldn’t believe they expected me to pay all this money and miss all this work when I was expecting a total of maybe 3 appointments tops. After 3 visits and $250 spent (including $100 for x-rays), Dr. Ault had barely spent more than 10 minutes with me per session, going extremely quickly over my x-rays and other info. After all the time and money spent, and with feeling no improvement from the adjustments she did give me, I decided it was time to find an honest chiropractor. She didn’t care about me missing work/losing money or if I was feeling better. She only cares about stringing out treatment to make herself more money. Why wasn't she up front about the final cost and total appointments I would need on my first or even second visit?? My guess is that she cares more about money than about me. (I should also mention my back issues are not even severe - I don't have bulging/compressed discs or anything...just a little scoliosis and 2 vertebrae a little out of place. A treatment plan with the timeline prescribed to me seemed like it would be more for someone with severe issues.) These people are only in business because their clients are mostly senior citizens who probably don’t know they’re being scammed. I'm totally dissatisfied with Dr. Ault's dishonesty and, quite frankly, disgusted that a doctor could treat not just me, but presumably others in the community so deceitfully. Maybe if you have the time and money to burn these people do a good job? But if you're a regular Joe like me who has to work to pay the bills (chiro included) and need an upfront doctor that can provide fast relief, do yourself a favor and avoid this place!!!

Emily Buss

I have been going to Dr. Rebecca Ault for almost two years now. I, myself saw her while I was pregnant. I believe without a doubt this helped me follow through with my birth plan which was an all natural birth. Not only did getting adjusted throughout my pregnancy help me but also having her there to give me advice that I would never have received through my regular obgyn docotor. If it weren't for meeting her I would have probably gone a whole different route and wouldn't have had the information I needed to get through an all natural labor. I am forever greatful for this. I also have been taking my daughter to her since she was born. I never knew babies could be adjusted until after going to Ault Chiropractic. There's so many reasons I take my daughter to her but the one I am so happy about is her ability to help when my daughter developed a flat spot on her head as an infant. We went to her weekly for adjustments for awhile until it started to improve and we didn't have to take her to a regular doctor to discuss the option of a helmet. I cannot express how greatful I am for this. We still take her in once a month and she is so great with her. She takes the time to talk to her, lets her warm up to her and is always so gentle with her. I wouldn't trust my daughter in the hands of anyone else! I highly reccomend Ault Chiropractic to everyone!

Melissa Varner

I am so in love with Dr. Rebecca Ault! She has saved my life. I had hip, neck, shoulder and back issues and she has essentially cleared all of that up. I was having pain getting out of the car, cleaning, and carrying heavy things. I forgot all the problems i came in with till she reminded me. She is intelligent and gives great advice- she cares, and takes good notes. I am now going back to her for TMJ and feel super confident. Her approach is simple and it works. Thank you!!

Jason Leenaarts

I've been a patient of Dr. Robert for 2 years now. My back is in the best shape it's ever been in. I have a very active job and would be completely at a loss if my back couldn't handle the stress and strain. He goes above and beyond in attention, time, care and preventative maintenance to make sure I don't have to spend endless months and money to get great results. Thanks so much for all you do!

Ellen Hefty

I have been a patient of Dr. Rebecca Ault for over three years and while being extremely knowledgeable in her field what sets her apart is the compassion and love she has for helping her patients feel better. She has helped me in more ways than I could ever have imagined and I will be forever grateful for her help.

Jerry Jividen

Without their chiropractic care and advice, I probably would not be walking. I injured my back in a steel mill in my teens and have had to see a number of back specialists since. Both Robert and Rebecca have been able to put me back together (pun intended) each time a visit is required. Their knowledge is deep and they know how to make you feel as if you are the most important client in their practice. I highly recommend them.

Kristen McCollum

Karen Morgan

Dr. Rebecca Ault is amazing! I strongly recommend her to everybody. I met Dr. Ault about a year ago, I had been experiencing severe lower back and hip pain making it difficult to walk, as well as neck pain causing headaches and the inability to turn my head. I am virtually pain free. She is the only chiropractic physician that took the time to x-ray and evaluate my problems so that she could treat my pain effectively. She went over every x-ray showing me why and what was causing my pain and what she could do to help.......During my treatment over the past year on several occasions, Dr. Ault would express to me how much she loved her job and I truly believe she does by the way she smiles all the time and cares about how you are feeling when she sees you. Not only is she beautiful inside and out, she is caring, loving, kind and generous and I am so glad that I have her as my chiropractor. I have often told many of my family and friends that she is my healing angel!....Dr. Ault , thank you for giving me the opportunity to walk normal and be headache are AWESOME!

Lana Shiyab

Dr. Rebecca Ault is a miracle worker, she doesn't claim she is, but from the way I feel, it is a miracle. I thought I was going to live with hip pain for the rest of my life, considering I am still in my 20's. She was very thorough explaining my condition, and would follow up on my progress through chiropractic sessions. I recommend everyone I know who feels pain to go see her first, because she is the best.

Janet Sandrick

If your child is suffering from colic or night terrors know that Dr Rebecca Ault and her staff will take the best care of your kiddos. After just a few visits my daughter never had a night terror again! The absolute BEST!! Thank you!

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