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REVIEWS OF Heartland Clinic of Chiropractic IN North Dakota

Karter Trontvet

The service is outstanding and really hones in on your primary issues. Plus, very friendly staff.

zach gion

They make you feel like a valued customer and greet you by name. They are always good about getting me in even at the last minute and always leave feeling better than when I arrived.

Ashlynn Stirling

I've been having headaches pretty constantly for 4 years. I tried everything but nothing was working; until I came across Heartland Clinic. In just a few adjustments my headaches had already decreased substantially and I've been feeling so much better. And I just love the place; the staff is so friendly and it's a great atmosphere. I recommend it to anybody that's hurting, its definitely helped me get a lot better.

Ashley Beland

For years I suffered from horrible headaches, the kind that put me in bed with the hopes that sleep would help it go away. Taking medicine only number the pain. Wanting that to change I made an appointment with Dr. Kiefat. He took the time to talk to me about what exactly was causing the pain and how to correct it. After a month of going my headaches subsided and I haven't had one since. That was 4 years ago. I go twice a month to maintain everything. Dr. Kiefat and his staff are absolutely amazing and make you feel extremely welcome. I would highly recommend going to thrm, you won't regret it.

Talus McCowan

Dr. Kiefat is great and has a very friendly staff. My appointments with them have helped to reduce my neck pain, and subsequently lead to a reduction in the number of headaches I was experiencing.

Kim Merrill

After feeling like my hip needed to be replaced, my friend suggested I see Dr. Kiefat first. The Heartland Clinic staff were helpful, explained in layman terms, set out a plan of action, and got my back/neck in the correct alignment! No hip pain or issues! I follow up at the clinic once a month for upkeep and I feel wonderful! Thanks!!

james swenson

Michelle Coulter

Donald Obermiller

Heartland Chiropractic has changed my life! I suffered from cluster migraines for years and a friend suggested seeing this chiropractor. After a few short months of adjustments my migraines are gone! I am now a lifetime customer.

Kali Miller

The team at Heartland is the most kind and caring set of people I have ever come into contact with! Dr. Kiefat is the first chiropractor that I fully trust and has done an amazing job!

Haley Russell

Heartland Clinic of Chiropractic. There are so many reasons why I love Dr. Kiefat. I was having so many issues about 6 months ago that I couldn't even back up my car and look behind me to see where I was going without shooting pain through my neck and it got so bad where I couldn't even look to change lanes so it was very risky. There were many mornings probably five or six times a week where I would wake up and I couldn't walk for the first half-hour or more because my muscles were so tense I literally couldn't move and if I tried it would shoot such intense pain I can't even describe it. I had a constant headache for months that when I finally went to Heartland Clinic of Chiropractic and the pain went away I got into my car to go home and I started crying because I didn't even realize how much pain I was in until it finally went away! It was so amazing. I was referred to Dr. Kiefat here in Grand Forks by some family and friends of mine at my church! After the first week, I could tell extreme positive results and then after the first month of going there three times a week ... oh my gosh, I can't even tell you how much it changed my life! I would definitely go here. Hands down best experience ever. My husband and family commented on how much happier and smiley I was! I was told I had my personality back :-) I felt the same way! I wasn't as irritable as before anymore! And I was happy with myself. He will take amazing care of you. They're the best of the best I've ever been to & I've been to different chiropractors & no one could help me. The last one I went to before Dr. Kiefat had literally said I don't know what to do for you. Dr. Kiefat is so kind, thorough and helps you understand what is going on and why and how he can help. I would highly recommend going to him. Their staff is incredible, professional and so nice. You will not regret coming to Heartland Clinic of Chiropractic and Grand Forks! It is truly a life-changing experience. I am so grateful!

Samantha Vasquez

I highly recommend Heartland Clinic. Dr Kiefat and the staff at Heatland are very friendly and reassuring. I was skeptical at first if visiting a chiropractor was going to help. After my first visit and the relief I had, I am a believer now.

Stephanie Gion

Dr. Kiefat and his staff are fantastic! Every time I call or go in for a visit I feel like a truly valued customer. They always know you by name. Dr. Kiefat is a wonderful chiropractor! He is good at finding the source of your discomfort, relieving it and then helping explain ways to avoid having the same problem in the future. I saw Dr. Kiefat throughout my pregnancy and he was able to help keep me comfortable, which is really saying something, because pregnancy is anything but comfotable!

Nikita Hagestad

I called to ask if they accepted medicade and was told they did soo I set up a appointment for my 2 month daughter for the next day I go in for her appointment and am told they don't accept medicade ..soo I was lied too and felt horrible because I did not have the money to pay to get my little girl in ..ruined my day made me feel like a horrible mother when I try the best I can for her ..will never be going here even when I do get the money horrible place!

Jeffrey Fitzsimmons

I was struggling with a lower back issue a few months ago. It was so bad that I couldn't stand upright. I made an appointment at Heartland Clinic and am happy that I did. The staff is very nice and friendly and most importantly my back feels better everyday.

sara jelliff

I have been going to Heartland for over two years now. I love Dr. Kiefat and his amazing staff. Always positive! I have had headaches for years and lower back, neck and leg pain from working on hard floors all day. Dr. Kiefat keeps me feeling great. I had tried other Chiropractors prior to Dr. Kefat and I sometimes hurt worse or was sore after visits. That has never happened to me at Heartland. Easy to get into and hardly a wait once there. Highly recommend.

Scott Volker

I love Heartland Clinic of Chiropractic! I had never been to a chiropractor before meeting Dr. Dan Kiefat. I thought my back problems were just a thing to deal with, after a life of athletics and extreme sports. His office is so nice from the moment you call for an appointment, to the information he provides you during your initial exam, and they knowledge he portrays as he adjust you! Thanks to him, I am more productive at work and more active with family at home after a long day! Thank You Dr. Kiefat. You have changed my life. Scott V


About a month ago I was suffering with extreme back pain that came on very suddenly. I called to make an appointment at Hearland Chiropractic and was able to get seen that same day! From the very beginning Dr. Keifat has been very motivated to set up a treatment plan to get my back moving properly again! I have gone from barely being able to get out of bed or bend over and now, a month in to my treatment, I am able to bend and twist again! Chiropractic is a process but it has been very worth it. I see recovery in my near future with the help and knowledge of Dr. Keifat and the assistance of the kind receptionists!

Maiko N

Pain medication used to be my best friend. I used to wake up with headache and backache so I took pain meds. I have a very busy life and don't have time to sit at home and rest. I've been going to see Dr. Kiefat for the last several years. I went there a few times a week for the first month or two. And I felt the difference immediately. Today, I get my back adjusted when I need; before or after having a very busy week with work or travel. Headaches and back pain don't slow me down like used to. I also appreciate his staffs. They are all friendly. Everyone there wants you to get better, be healthy, and enjoy the life with no pain. I strongly recommend Dr. Kiefat to everyone!!

Kyle LeDuc

Dr. Dan delivers high quality service and adjustments! Highly recommend!

Mark W

Dr. Kiefat does an amazing job. He treated both my wife and I for back and neck issues. Very professional and friendly staff. He will x-ray your spine/neck and thoroughly examine you before doing any treatment at all, so you don't need to worry about any blind adjustments that could cause more harm than good. If you are looking for an experienced chiropractor who knows what he is doing and will give both immediate and long-term relief, Heartland Clinic is the place to go!

Phyllis Gajeski

I recommend everyone to see Daniel, they are awesome!!!! THANK YOU HEARTLAND!!!!

Blessing Sudue

I had a car accident in Janurary that came with terrible and chronic migraines, and back pain. It made it hard to study and I was in tears everyday. I slept with an ice pack in my neck every night. Ever since I started seeing Dr. Kiefat I’ve improved drastically! He and the staff are so caring and friendly and know their stuff! They are such a blessing I came across! I reccomend to everyone.

Bertin Semelfort

Debbie Wikoff

After going to two different chiropractors and physical therapy, Dr. Kiefat was able to relieve my back pain. I continue to go once a month to keep my back in check. I also find the staff very friendly and accommodating. I recommend him whenever I get the chance!

Chloe Spicer

Several months ago I started experiencing severe knee pain in my left knee. The pain was so agonizing it would wake me up in the middle of the night. After several episodes of my knees locking and spasming, I was convinced I needed knee surgery. Since early adolescence, I have always experienced minor back pain, but I never took the time to investigate the problem. It never occurred to me that my knee pain could be associated with, or caused by spine twisting. After complaining about my knee pain to a friend, she referred me to Dr. Kiefat. I remember being in disbelief that the pain in my knee was related to my spine.Three months later, after completing the prescribed treatment plan recommended by Dr. Kiefat, I am happy to disclose that I no longer have any knee pain. As an extra bonus, my back is feeling much better, too. I keep weekly maintenance appointments with Dr. Kiefat to further improve my well-being and to ensure that the knee pain does not return. I am so pleased with the quality of care I receive each week from Dr. Kiefat and his wonderful staff, and I am so thankful that I now have relief from my pain.

Amber Earnest

So happy I found Heartland clinic! At first I only went to try and see if he could help my feet/ankles since it was hard to stand for longer than a few hours. Within a week with 3 adjustments my ankle and feet pain were gone and slowly my neck, back, joint pain went away, and surprisingly a lot of my nerve issues disappeared too! I've been going to doctors for years for these issues with no results, I'm so grateful to have found Dr. Kiefat!

Emily Rostias

Brad Schmidt

I've had headaches my entire life and would take Advil daily to get rid of them. Went to Dr. Kiefat's office and he figured out there was a problem with my neck that was causing the headaches. After regular visits with him working on my neck I have been headache free for about two months now and would recommend him to anyone. Not only is Dr. Kiefat good at what he does, his staff makes you feel welcome every time you come in.

Matt Anderson

Absolutely professional staff and Doctor. Very attentive care and service.

Holly Cutshaw

Two years ago I was having trouble with my arm going numb. My regular doctor referred me to a neurologist for testing but a family member suggested I go see Dr. Kiefat first and I'm so glad I did! He was able to correct my problem in just a few sessions, saving me from painful neurological tests and possible surgery. My teenage daughter started seeing Dr. Kiefat recently and now she doesn't have irregular heart palpitations or daily headaches like she had in the past. Everyone in the Heartland office is always friendly and I highly recommend this clinic for anyone who wants chiropractic care from the best!

Jodie Erickson

Dr. Kiefat is the BEST chiropractor that I have seen in the Grand Forks area. I highly recommend him for neck and back pain. He is very gentle and I always felt an improvement after each visit. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. Scheduling an appointment was easy with little waiting time.

Isaac Bennett

Great bed side manner and can already feel and see the improvements for me and my family just after a few adjustments.

Dara Morehouse

The staff is very welcoming and accommodating. Dr. Kiefat is very knowledgeable and explains what is happening and why. I've been extremely happy with my treatments.

Luke Larson

The entire staff is very friendly and accommodating. After a car accident that left my neck and back in rough shape, Dr. Daniel Kiefat has been able get me feeling even better than before the accident. I’ve referred others and highly recommend that anyone seeking chiropractic care see Dr. Daniel Kiefat!

Robert Vageline

My first visit to Heartland Clinic was more than 10 years ago. I was very skeptical of Chiropractic, but, when I was nearly unable to drive because of shoulder pain, decided to see Dr. Kiefat after a friends recommendation. I felt better right away, but did wonder if I really needed the initial 2-3 times weekly treatments. However, not only did my shoulder get better, so did my chronic lower back pain. I now believe it was one of the best investments I have ever made. Dr. Kiefat's occasional treatments today keep me active and , generally, pain free. If I had started younger, I would be even better. I highly recommend visiting Dr. Kiefat and his caring, wonderful staff for preventive care as well as for acute or chronic pain. It is amazing what he has done for me and my family.

Rebecca Pekrul

I am a skeptic about all types of medicine but my back was in bad shape. My spine was beginning to curve and it was painful. I gave birth to twins in 2015 which did not help my back situation and in the middle of 2016 my friend finally talked me into getting a consultation with her chiropractor. I am so glad I did! Dr. Dan is not only very sweet and easy to talk to but he is a miracle worker. It's been over a year since I started visiting Heartland and I am only sorry I didn't visit sooner. He adjusts not only my spine but also my neck and hips. The staff at Heartland is very kind and they always greet me by name as soon as I walk in the door. If you are looking to feel great and have full range of motion again be sure to give Dr. Dans office a call and Stacy will hook you up.


The staff is so awesome and happy!! Dr. Keifat has helped me tremendously!

movie kate

I lived for a long time with a stabbing pain in my back hip area, like the back pocket in a pair of jeans. This happened every time I bent over. I thought "this can't be my back, it is too far away from the spine" But, after visiting Heartland Clinic for a period of time, the stabbing pain slowly became a slight pain, then finally disappeared. This was a process that took time, but the results were positive. In the years that I have been going to Heartland, they are always friendly and always on time. I would recommend (and I do) Dr Kiefat to anyone.

Rio Baca

When I started going to Heartland it was because my fiancé had seen a health tip of the day that made him think of me and my struggles. I had spent the last 4 years having troubles breathing, randomly getting covered in hives, and having some stroke-like symptoms without actually having a stroke (the first time this happened was when I was 19). I went to several different doctors in North Dakota and Minnesota and all the results were the same: I didn't have asthma, I was a healthy teenager who shouldn't be having a stroke, the pains only lasted a couple minutes in my heart so that meant it wasn't serious, and I would eventually grow out of my allergies just as I grew into them. These answers weren't much of answers for me so I went with to Heartland to give it a shot because what did I have to lose. My doctors before I went to Heartland told me that I would need to make 5-6 allergy medications a day to prevent the hives and I was basically taking Benadryl daily so I could breathe. I'm now 3 months into seeing Dr. Kiefat and I feel so much better. It turns out my spine was twisted and pinching my nerves and organs causing my heart pain and contributing to my crazy hive breakouts. I never thought my answer to living a better life would be by going to a chiropractor but it has made me feel 1,000 times better since I didn't even know I was in pain all that time, until I didn't feel the pain after adjustments. I still have allergies but they aren't to the extent that they were before I started. I only need 1 allergy pill to get me through the day and I don't need Benadryl nearly as often. Dr. Kiefat listened to me and helped me when other doctors just told me I was fine. He helped me feel better and understand why my body wasn't working. If you are in pain or not 10/10 recommend going to Heartland and getting checked out. I went for years not knowing I was in pain, but I am so glad I finally went.

Mike Sather

I suffered a back injury due to sports several years ago where I injured 3 discs in my back. I have tried inversion tables, physical therapy, muscle relaxers, pain killers, cortisone injections and chiropractic care. I have tried several chiropractors, but Dr. Kiefat (Dan) has been the most personal to me. He was the first to do x-rays with me and to really sit me down, discuss what my issues were in depth, and to keep me informed throughout the entire process. This showed me he was genuinely concerned with helping me and not just generating more business. His personal demeanor, candidness and integrity are all reasons to give Heartland Clinic a try if you are having issues yourself.

Laura Olson

I work with Coca-Cola and I am a massage therapist. One morning I woke up with shooting pain down my arms into my hands where I was not able to sleep anymore because of how I would lay and my hands hurt so bad to where I had tears. I asked my best friend Ashley who she sees for a Chiropractor and she told me she sees Dr. Kiefat. I called thinking it would take over a month to get in since I was a new patient, but I was able to get in within a few days. After the first month I felt an improvement, I was able to sleep in without being woken up with pain in my hands. Now I go twice a month to make sure I keep feeling awesome.

Jennifer Clark

I am truly grateful I found Heartland Clinic of Chiropractic. I went 20 some years in pain, taking medication, having surgeries and still the same. Having no life, don't want to get out of bed and take care of kids, not a thing! And I'm only 46 and a prisoner of my home!!! Always in bed taking pain pills! Tell Paul Cochenour brought me into Dr. Dan :) I have a life and have did more in 2 months then I have in 20 years!!! The staff has to be the most happiest and friendly people I've ever seen! I have my 22 daughter, 17 daughter, and 15 son seeing him :) Thank you Dr. Kiefat and staff

Allie Erickson

I am a nurse and my back health is very important since I do a lot of patient care that involves lifting and so when I started having shooting pains up my back with little movement I knew I needed to get it checked out. I called Heartland and got in within an hour and after explaining my symptoms they did x-rays of my back. I found out that my spine was in tough shape. I was really nervous about my future as a nurse since the pain was so bad I couldn't even sit for more than 10 minutes. Dr. Kiefat was very reassuring and said that he could fix it. He then walked me through what the plan would be to fix my back. After following that plan for a few weeks my back felt wonderful. I still get the occasional ache in my back but after an appointment with Dr. Kiefat I feel pain free again. I know that by continuing to see Dr. Kiefat I will be able to keep improving the health of my spine and be able to have a long and successful career in nursing. Dr. Kiefat and the staff at Heartland are wonderful. I am always greeted by name when I walk in the door and they are always happy and smiling. If you need any chiropractic work done I would highly recommend them!

Jodi Obermiller

My husband started going to the chiropractor because of his constant migraines. After I saw how the adjustments were helping him I thought maybe they could help my migraines too. After just a few weeks of adjustments I saw amazing differences in the intensity and length of headaches. Now months later I rarely have migraines and it was because of Heartland Chiropractic.

Shaaron Potts

I am so thankful I found Heartland! I have suffered migraines for 6 years. I frequented the emergency room because over the counter medications were just not enough. Eventually my migraines became so bad I had to quit school, quit working, and take a break from life persay. I spent weeks, months, in bed or on the couch because my migraines were so excruciating. I had seen multiple doctors over the course of 6 years. Tests were done, more symptoms appeared, and nothing. After a final cry for relief, a suggestion from my family doctor, and a quick google search, I came across Heartland. I am currently under Dr. Kiefat's care and have been for almost a month and I am so blessed to say I have been migraine free since I entrusted Dr. Kiefat with my dilemma. I am feeling so much better than I have ever felt before and I am no longer on medications. I still have work to do because my migraines have caused so much trouble, but I'm confident Dr. Kiefat and I will finally put an end to these migraines once and for all. I also love the girls up front. Heather, Kristen, and Ailesha all really do such a good job of making you feel welcome and comfortable! This is such a great office and I'd recommend to anyone!

mark stansbury

My wife referred me to Heartland because I had pain in my left leg because of two bulging discs in my lower back and now it's gone! Now I found out that I have 4 bulging discs in my neck so we are working on that. I have faith that Dr Dan will be able to relieve my pain there as well! Oh and don't forget about the amazing upbeat people greeting you when you walk in...Jaime rocks!

Nicole Nadeau

Dr.Kiefat and his staff do a great job I've seen a big difference since I was recommended to see him myself !

Brock hillebrand

Best chiropractic place in grand forks friendly staff and Genuinely care about your health

Mark Rath

Most amazing staff in the world!! Always friendly and welcoming. Dr. Kiefat is pretty awesome too.

ryan alter

Rock solid chiro! He is in my consulting group and is one of the most respected guys there. Nothing but great things to say about Dr. Kiefat.

Carol A. Siverson

I am a fairly new patient at the Heartland Clinic. I have been so very impressed by the care that I am receiving. Upon reviewing the x-rays with Dr. Kiefat I couldn't believe that I was still walking with the problems I have with my back. I am doing better already and I have so much faith in my treatments. Everyone there is just awesome and they do so much to put you at ease while in their care.

Kim Kvamme-Kvasager

For a few years, I didn't realize how bad of shape my back was in. I was afraid to take certain steps, as if I was not going to lift my leg high enough and stub my toe falling flat on my face. I would avoid going in certain directions due to this. Thanks to Dr. Kiefat and the Heartland crew I am in excellent shape. That 1st day I walked right out off the curb and had to turn around and look. Wow! I thought. I didn't turn sideways or hesitate when normally I would turn sideways to make it down. Thank you for helping me feel/be normal. Kim

Doug Iverson

There are so many chiropractors to choose from, so who should you go to? Dr. Kiefat and his entire staff are the most pleasant people to work with and provide the best customer care that I've ever been a part of! Knowledgeable, friendly, and GREAT results. Got allergies? Chronic knee pain? Suffer from heartburn or headaches? See Dr. Kiefat and those might go away! Trust me.

Wyatt Bell

I went into the Heartland Clinc of Chiropractic with a headache problem. After the first day a saw changes and was getting less and less headache. After a couple months I didn't even notice my headaches . The people working there are some of the niceests people I've met.

Pj Grine

Ive been seeing Dr. Kefiat now for about 3 months. He has made everyday tasks much more enjoyable. I had lower back pain and nerve pain that was on going for around a year. I made the choice to go to Heartland Clinic of chiropractic in late march and since then i have very litte to no lower back pain! I highly recommend Dr. Kefiat and Heartland Clinic! I will continue to go here for years to come!

Justin Williams

6 months ago I could hardly move, always in pain. Dr. Keifat had me moving in no time, feeling like I was 20 again. Thanks to him I now hurt less, feel better and am now able to enjoy the activity’s that use to hurt so much. I am now very active, and thanks to Dr keifat, am able to enjoy my life.

David Awes

I always feel better and ready to tackle the week after a session at heartland thanks guys for all you do there!!

Jonathan Thompson

Dr. Kiefat and his staff are very helpful and friendly. I am very satisfied with the high quality care and service they provide.


Shelby Cyr

Brady Fossum

Very caring people here. I had stubborn back pain for about a year and I’m feeling much better. I’d definitly recommend this chiropractor to others.

Adam Stecker

I was in a very serious car accident. We found heartland by reading reviews and decided it was worth a shot. He is very thorough and does a great job. The staff is always very friendly and helpful. If you are searching for a chiropractor then don't hesitate to choose heartland.

Kimberly Toso

I have been going to Heartland for just a short time, but my experience has been wonderful. The staff along with Dr. Kiefat has been the so pleasant and warming each time you come into the office. The wait time is always short which makes it possible to go over my lunch. Way to go Heartland, you are the best!

Hailee Rose

Before finding Heartland Clinic I was having trouble with my lower back due to dance injuries that never healed properly. When I started dancing more again, they all came back and I was having pain down my right leg from my lower back whenever I would walk. After the first 2 weeks of Dr. Kiefat adjusting my lower back, I could walk without feeling pain. Every appointment my back continues on improving! If I had not found Heartland Clinic I could have eventually needed surgery on my lower back because of the nerve damage. Thank you, Dr. Kiefat, and everyone working at Heartland!

Christina Waselk

Injuries from high school/college sports can follow you for the rest of your life if not treated properly. I had suffered from various neck and back injuries during my time as a three sport athlete. In college, I started getting severe migraines almost 2 times per week and could feel pain shoot up my back everytime I lifted something. Going away for college meant I’d have to find a treatment option away from home. I starting going to Heartland a few months ago and I can feel the difference. My pain is significantly reduced and my migraines are down to about once a month. Hopefully with continued treatment, I’ll be migraine free. The only down side is this treatment is more expensive than the one I previously went to.

Siri Armitage

I have had an amazing experience here at Heartland! Ever since the first appointment, I’ve felt better! Staff is friendly & personable! Always a delight to come!

mark williamson

The staff is always super helpful and friendly plus Dr. Kiefat is very open, honest and informative about the treatments.

Rod Opferkew

Dr. Dan is an A+ chiropractor. He is one of the most professional and caring guys around and a fantastic adjuster. I would recommend anyone in the area to go see him in an instant!

Nikki D

Before going to Heartland Clinic I was terrified of chiropractors; it was just so unfamiliar to me. Dr. Kiefat was so patient and thorough. He explained everything to me before he did it and all the things misalignment could affect. I would recommend, and have recommended, Dr. Kiefat and his wonderful staff to everyone I know. Not only for his kindness and professionalism, but most importantly, because he is the only reason I recovered so quickly after my recent car accident.

jeff monson

Very friendly, very polite staff. Dr Kiefat is very professional and takes the time to explain your situation. I'm very pleased to have found this business and highly recommend to others!!

Christien Coletti

Exemplary service! The Heartland clinic always goes above and beyond. From the friendly knowledgeable staff to Dr. Keifat's amazing desire to help. I always feel welcomed everytime I walk in. On top of the customer service, the office is always very clean, the beds are spotless and all of the equipment looks brand new. So if you suffer from pain I urge you to try the Heartland clinic.

Jessica Guzman

When I first started going to see Dr. Kiefat I could hardly walk because of all the pain I was in. He was able to diagnose the problem and get it corrected. I have since brought my two kids in to see him for neck pain as well. I will continue to recommend Dr. Kiefat to anyone who needs help with neck or back pain.

Brenda Gallagher

My son suffered painful ear infections most of his life. Starting when he was 4 years he had trouble with his left ear becoming infected. The ear drum ruptured every time it became infected. Over years he had two surgeries to remove his adenoids, and ear tubes. I had also noticed that my son had what I called "tics", where he would move his head around in odd ways. One summer when he was 11, he had three of the worst ear infections I had ever seen. He had fluid draining down his neck and onto his clothes. He had been prescribed one course of antibiotics after another, each one stronger than the last. The doctor finally told me that my son would probably need to be on allergy medication throughout his life, and that he needed another adenoidectomy and tubes. This would be something my son would need to have done throughout his life, as the need arose. I just couldn't stand this recommendation. To me, it was not a solution at all. I felt there had to be something else that could be done for my son. As I thought about this problem an idea started to form in my mind. I had been a patient of Dr. Kiefat for my own low back pain. I knew that he was competent, and that if he says he can fix a problem, he can. I suspected my son might have a structural irregularity with the location of the Eustachian tube of his left ear. Because of the weird head "tics" I always saw my son performing, I decided to ask Dr. Kiefat if it was possible that one of the vertebra in his neck could be contributing to , or even causing my son's ear infections. Dr Kiefat said it could very well cause ear infections. So I scheduled a consultation for my son. It turned out that my son did indeed have a misalignment in his neck. My suspicion was that this could contribute to tissues closing off his Eustachian tube, causing fluid to build up in his middle ear. Dr. Kiefat did an adjustment that day, and a few more times over the next couple weeks. His ear infection went away, and he has not had one since. My son is nearly 13 now. His "tics" went away with those adjustments also. He went from fluid draining down his neck, 3 ear infections and 3 separate antibiotics and facing a third surgery with no expectation of getting better, to zero ear infections. Even when he gets a cold he doesn't have ear pain. Our entire central nervous system passes through our spinal column. A vertebra twisted or out of alignment a fraction of a centimeter can cause so many problems. I believe this was the case with my son, because Dr. Kiefat fixed it.

Chelsey Srnsky

I started visiting Dr. Kiefat after I was in a car accident in January. I didn't know what to expect before I seeked chiropractic care. During my first visit, I felt very welcomed by the staff. Before chiropractic care, I was in constant pain. I couldn't concentrate on school, and I had terrible migraines all day. Now, I feel great! It is a night and day difference between when I started going to Heartland and now. Dr. Kiefat and his staff truly care about their patients, and he does great work!

Ibn Stanley

Basketball has been my coping mechanism for life for as long as I can remember. I came to Dr. Kiefat and Grand Forks, ND with sciatic nerve problems that wouldn't allow me to turnover nor get up out of bed without excruciating pain and discomfort. I also experienced swelling in my right knee. On the first visit Dr. Kiefat asked what my goals were. I advised him that I wanted to be one of those sixty year olds whom lurk on the basketball court. He immediately took on my cause and pain as if it were his own. I had never been to a Chiropractor before but I knew that he was as passionate about my goals. It took about a week and a half for the initial pain to melt away and with routine adjustments I was able to return to the court with all my youthful ferociousness. Over a year ago I was physically hit by a car in Grand Forks. Dr. Dan Kiefat devised another plan that has allowed me to not only return to the court pain free but be consistent in my daily workout (#5daysperweek) without any major setbacks. I am so greatful to have met such a passionate, patient, and caring individual. I often sing his praises and refer others to his practice. I don't know what I would have done if ever we never met. For that, I will be forever grateful and also consider him a friend. If you're in pain and need personalized care then I am here to tell you from the bottom of my heart that Dr. Dan is the man. 1...

Jessica Vogeler

A friend referred me to Dr. Kiefat sometime in October when I was having neck and back pain. As a nursing student and a CNA, this was causing me extreme stress at school and work each day. I was able to get an appointment the day I called and Dr. Kiefat set up a treatment plan suited for me right away! I have been getting adjustments at Heartland frequently the last few months and noticed so much improvement each time. Not only has my pain decreased, but I notice I focus so much better when studying and sitting in class and can perform at my job without increased pain too! The staff at Heartland is also a bonus as they are friendly and welcoming every time I come in for an appointment.

Michelle Kadlec

The absolute BEST Chiropractor there is! Dr. Kiefat has saved me from going through back surgery a second time; and I don't want to even think of how many more that would have led to. I have been seeing Dr. Kiefat for over 11 years. Both of my daughters see him and just love going to see him. There simply isn't enough positive things that I can say. If you are looking for a Chiropractor...look no further ;)

Elizabeth Vaudrin

A coworker of mine recommended Heartland Clinic when I was having frequent back and neck pain. My job requires me to sit on a computer for various hours throughout the day and I felt too young to be feeling the way I had been! I scheduled an appointment and have been seeing Dr. Kiefat weekly and I feel such a difference in my whole body! Increased flexibility and improved posture! As well as less headaches and back pain! Thank you, Heartland Clinic! I feel like myself again!

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