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REVIEWS OF Healing Arts Chiropractic IN North Dakota

james howey

The staff is great.. The doctors are amazing I have a better range of motion with out the pain. There also military friendly..

Sara Olson

Only place I'll go!!!

Miranda Schlichting

Great with my son! Very gentle all staff is friendly and makes u feel welcome! Wld recommend to anyone!

Daryl Brown

Sande Banks

All of the providers are amazing! They truly help out in great ways. Staff is all helpful and caring! Thank you for helping take my pain away!

Brenda Krueger

Always a good experience! Friendly and courteous staff. I leave the office feeling better and happy that I took the time for the appointment!!

Ashley Hieb

My daughter is 7, and has been to a few and just said they are the chiropractors I have ever been to. They are really nice. She really liked how they adjusted her and was very nice about it.

Miranda Dietrich

Very nice welcoming office, and they now serve warm chocolate chip cookies :) Our girls have been adjusted by Dr. Paape since they were hours old. 10, 8, 6~They now request to go to Healing Arts! It's incredible to see how much Chiropractic care plays a part in our wellness and I wouldn't trust the care of our family to anyone else. *****

Tanya Schoessow

Entering the clinic we were greeted by multiple staff. My daughter, then 7, was the primary patient. Dr. Paape took time to answer all questions and the visits aren't the norm for previous care that I (mom) have received for over 30 years from various different doctors. I was impressed. My other daughter, also 7 at the time, attended w her sister and can be very shy. Dr P again took care to another level and helped the shy one out of her comfort zone and she is now comfortable as well as a patient w him as well. These experiences were firsts for my girls. I'm glad I listened to a friend that referred me to this office.

Kamren Olson

They have a great staff, and I really enjoy going there


Wonderful place. Refer everyone to go! Such a relief afterwards.

Patty Johnson

The staff are so friendly and professional,they make you feel so welcomed. .Dr. Gunderson is a miracle worker. He get me back into place and feeling better. I would recommend that you try them. Amazing! !

George Murray

Horrible service. They are unable to properly verify your insurance. Told me that the price would be one price and continuously paying that they then tell me that they got it wrong and that the price was double. I encourage everyone to stay away from this unprofessional and unethical business establishment.

Vickie Boutiette

I have been going to Healing Touch for over 10 years. They have helped me overcome serious back and neck issues from complications from cancer which caused nerve damage. I have regained use of my arm and strengthened mobility. The staff is wonderful and and Dr. Tiffany is acutely aware of patient needs.

Bradley Pridgeon

THEY DO NOT ADJUST YOUR BACK ON YOUR FIRST VISIT. Very stuck up and rude staff and chiropractor. Atmosphere makes me feel very uncomfortable. I am in pain now because these jerks refused to provide chiropractic care and they didn't even tell me when I made the appointment. Like seriously let me know so I can see someone else!!!!! I will NEVER EVER go here again. What quacks!!

Jon S

Amazing place to go, I highly recommend going here! Everyone is very friendly. They're awesome at what they do, and they work with the VA as well!

April Welsh

Love this place! Moved here from Grand Forks and was able to pick up right where I left off with treatments. Easy to schedule appts and get in.


Dr. Paape is great to work with and the staff is so friendly! Highly recommend them.


Love this place!!!!!

Isabel Johnson

Best staff, everyone is so welcoming! The doctors adjust you according to what you need and they are so good at it! Their office even has fresh baked cookies waiting for the customers, best place ever!

Brandon Peterson

Christie Everett

The nicest staff and very efficient. I came in for a frozen shoulder, and the progress was wonderful. Now my whole family goes and I am on maintenance. Dr. G's technique and after care is helping ligament repair, fibromyalgia, migraines, and autism to name a few. Natural healing is the best first course of action. Would highly recommend Dr. Gunderson!

Missy Wollman

I have had great success seeing Dr. Paape and his crew! With a history of back surgery I was always scared of getting my back adjusted but they go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable! My boys also love going there to get adjusted! I recommend if you're looking for a family friendly chiropractor to go to Healing Arts Chiropractic!

Maddie Oehlke

Best chiropractors in Fargo

Trent Nasers

Thanks Dr. Paape and staff. I recommend Healing Arts Chiropractic to everybody who is looking for solid chiropractic care. I was referred to healing arts Chiropractic by a coworker.

Marie Ng

Jaiden Schwan

Jennifer Bekkerus

My daughter and I go there. Staff is very professional and friendly.

H Mattson

This place has been amazing the acupuncture and adjustments have given me a new hope in pain management... Thank you Dr. Paape

TLC Cleaning

Healing Arts Chiropractic has won me over! Signed, sealed, delivered! I have been receiving Chiropractic care for most of my adult years-(there are quite a few of them) Whereas; I can't necessarily complain about the treatments I've received elsewhere and in most cases- I have nothing negative to say about the practicing physicians either~However! Little did I realize-there is so much more to offer! I checked into Healing Arts, because I (like yourself) did my research~Patient testimonials, reviews, I liked their FB page...etc...Everything appeared to be all well and good! My expectations were this: To be adjusted regularly, to enjoy the atmosphere of the clinic-and to ultimately FEEL better! That's about it. Clearly these aren't incredibly high expectations, and I realistically could find this just about anywhere I choose to go...right? I found that, and SO much more at Healing Arts! They have given me a change in my lifestyle, not just a quick fix. I see Dr Paape regularly, and have for a while now-both myself, along with my 9 year old daughter. She was terrified of the chiropractor initially-at this point it's become something she asks for. She no longer gets headaches nearly as frequently as she used to-almost never matter of fact! I have noticed an overall change in her demeanor; there is no more cloud hovering over her head-she's eating better, she laughs more, and she seems to have just that much more bounce in her step! It's like they put the kid back in my kiddo. I have worked with all 3 Drs at Healing Arts-every single one of them is FANTASTIC. I have never felt this genuinely "taken care of" as I (we) do by ALL of the staff at Healing Arts. I HIGHLY recommend them to any and all of you!

Kevin Bauer

Ryan Dietrich

Healing Arts is the only place our family trusts for our chiropractic care. Warm friendly staff. Our kids ask to go here.

Kraft 'o' matic

Love this place and the people who work here. They keep me movin


I went to this place of business for three weeks. When I asked some simple questions about x-rays. I wanted to know if I would be able to have x-rays taken at the end of care to compare beginning and end differences and I was told there wouldn't be differences, if so, it would be minimal differences. I do not like that answer! There should be changes. Next when I called to cancel ALL my upcoming appointments, I was told that they could cancel the weeks but not all of them. I had to speak with the doctor. I said well I'm not coming back in, you might as well cancell them ALL! Dr. Gunderson then called and left a voicemail asking me to call back letting them know what they could do to improve their practice because I was clearly not happy. I then received e-mails later stating you have missed your appointment. Please call us to reschedule! I cancelled them! ALL! Remember?! I felt worse, every time I left there, one time having an instant headache before even getting to my car! I even told him, that I was hurting and he said to me when I said I thought you said this is a light treatment! He said, this is a light treatment, just think what you'd think if I wasnt doing it lightly. Definitely not professional and I do not believe in their business practices at any level! Horrible experience!!! 0 rating

Courtney Olson

I would love to rate healing arts chiropractic 5 stars! More if I could! They make me feel like family there for me and my son we have been going for a while and couldn't imagine going anywhere else. They are always so welcoming and open to everything with you and actually help you to understand what's going on with your body and with everything and they help you to your best advantage. I have been to another chiropractor and they did not help him in the way they all have..I am actually going forward and getting better and I feel like they actually care about us and want us to get better even if that means to see them less :) haha Im just so glad to have them in both mine and my sons life!! :)

Kaitlyn Myers

Steffen Isane

I have been to 4 different chiropractors and none had diagnosed and relieved my back pain like Dr. Paape has done over the last few years. I highly recommend this office to anyone.

Nikkie Gullickson

Our family has had wonderful care here! Started with me, then I brought my kids ... kind, professional staff and Dr. Paape is great to work with!

Laura Lepard

They are very understanding, caring and compassionate with their clients. Very Awesome and down to earth people there.

Mary Dalzell

The staff at Healing Arts Chiropractic is amazing! I see Dr. Paape and he is incredible! I know Dr. Gunderson is very good too. All office staff are very helpful too!

Josh Jaster

5 star service! I've been seeing Dr. Gunderson for over 2 years and I always leave the office feeling great! He always listens to what I have to say and truly cares about how I'm doing. His staff is always super friendly as well! Highly recommended!

Jan Bitz

Healing Arts Chiropractic is my health care provider of choice. I initially came to Dr. Paape for lower back problems over ten years ago. His adjustments have relieved my pain and his guidance with strengthening my core has helped me to maintain good back health. Dr. Paape has helped me deal with my sinus issues with acupuncture avoiding excess use of antibiotics. He has done adjustments for jammed fingers, adjusted my ears for drainage and most importantly helped get rid of headaches. Dr. Paape always takes time to answer my questions and explain how his adjustments will affect my health.

Madison Everett

Always very nice and welcoming staff! You never have to wait very long either. Would highly recommend them!

Earl Mcclenahen

Today I rang the bell after my adjustment ! My wife and I both come for treatment at the same time. As we look back over our treatment period we notice how much we have both changed for the better. The entire team works together for an enjoyable experience. A smile on their faces, smell of fresh baked cookies and a tune up too boot ! Looking forward to our next appointment!

Erin Walter

LOVE this chiropractor. They are friendly and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!:)

Amy Cichy

The professionalism is outstanding!!! I had my first ever chiropractor visit, at 36, just last week with Dr. Shwinghammer. The Dr. And the staff have thoroughly explained what's happening and have a plan so you're set every step of the way. I've been there 3 times already and I'm so impressed Everytime. If you're unsure you need to see a chiropractor at least go in and get a consultation. I was curious about how my body "sat" and after x-rays and a consultation I'm on my way to not thinking being uncomfortable was just a normal bodily feeling.

Janice Knutson

If there was a 15 star it would be more appropriate. I love the fact that all of the chiropractors want to be part of the solution and don't want to add to the problem. They are careful! My husband and I have been going here for 7 years. A friendlier, happy staff would be impossible to find. If you're looking for a chiropractor, make an appointment now before you are in dire need. We are older 85 and 70, and go monthly for maintenance. You don't have to do that but for older people it makes a huge difference. Healing Arts has gotten us through numerous events and they keep us capable of moving and living and taking care of ourselves. I personally have been to other chiropractors in different areas and Healing Arts is by far the BEST!

christina siewert

I've been going here for many years, and have had both my children treated at healing arts, for ear infections and colic, both which were treated in 1 or 2 visits. Awesome staff and easy to work into your busy schedule.

Jake Bohnen

Dr. Mark Gunderson Rocks! He is an awesome chiropractor and can help you. He has helped me with my low back pain in the past. Call in for your visit now!!!

Elissa Halvorson

Audrey Dominguez

Dr. S is by far the best! When my children and I first started we where in need of serious adjustments and with in the first couple of appointments we saw major improvements. Highly recommend.

Shonna Severson

They are so welcoming, everyone from the office staff on up to the doctors. They have an amazing way with kids. My 8 year old son loves to go and we are seeing great progress. It's worth every penny. They are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Kory Johnson

Dr. Johnson and the rest of the staff make my experiences here amazing. I highly recommend Healing Arts Chiropractic!

Sammi Olson

Healing Arts has been a wonderful place and has impacted not just my life, but my family and friends as well. They truly are dedicated to healing the community through natural health. All of the doctors are great and always make you feel comfortable and welcome when you come in. I would recommend Healing Arts Chiropractic to anyone that I know!

The Green Spike

I highly recommend this place. The staff are friendly as well as the doctors.

Chuck Schwan

My family has been coming to Healing Arts and Dr Paape for several years now. The level of care and personable staff is second to none!

Brianne Hegseth

I've gone to Healing Arts for years and love Dr. Paape! I always walk out feeling better than when I came in.

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