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REVIEWS OF Core Health IN North Dakota

Ashlie Melland

Every time we go there, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. They are very informative about the care you are recieving and I can immediately feel the results after the adjustments.

Delma Johnson

A year ago, I chose to seek the root cause of my health challenges. Today, with the support of the Core Health Team, I am a work in progress. I am learning how the human body communicates what it needs and why. Now, I know what my body is telling me when my blood pressure, blood sugar are not in harmony. ....If you are seeking to enhance your life with mentors who offer: (1) customer service personified, (2) opportunities to learn how to create a realistic plan designed to make your best better; (3) resources that provide knowledge and understanding about the unique needs of your body; and (4) experiences that lay the foundation for a lifetime of success, I highly recommend CORE Health.

Skoden MTB

My brother and I lived in the apartments where his office is back in 2009. When we were working there we decided to go with him since he was in the building. Awesome guy and always knew what he was doing. During the time we were there he always went out of his way to stay late if we couldnt make it in before closing. Very friendly and professional. Wish there was someone that showed the same courtesy and professionalism here in colorado.

Chris Schoenborn

Jennifer Pendergast

The doctors at CHC are incredibly passionate about helping families and children live life to the fullest! Dr Steph and Dr Barton are great people to have in the Fargo community!

Doyne & Todd Grow

Wonderful care in a relaxing environment.

Kayla Fuglie

Very disappointed, went for the metabolic program was told I had to pay $67 dollars for consultation and genetic testing would be included , I also called before my appointment to get more info on the weight loss program , I asked if drops were involved and if it was like a Healthy Systems USA deal, the receptionist said no. I got there and had a very young girl help me that just started, I thought I was meeting with very experienced professionals. Well then after a long pitch about the program I asked if there was drops , Yep! Eat very little calories a day and do drops, they wanted 3000 down that day! So I spent $67 to get weighed! Don't waste your money

Cheri Nelson

julie maggard

I love everone who works there easy to talk to and not judgemental . thank you

Todd Grow

I have been utilizing Chiropractic care for many years. Prior to Core Health Chiropractic, I would often go in only when I was in pain. The care level I've experienced while at Core Health has been more in depth than any other clinic I've been involved with. The staff expresses true care and compassion for the "aches and pains" each patient is going through, they get involved with many of the activities their patients might have going on, and they make their patients feel like their day has been made by being able to serve you.

Jake Gsg

Savanna Traub

When I walk in the doors of Core Health Chiro, I feel welcomed and cared for by the entire team. I love that they continuously educate their clients about the body. I strongly believe that all families should be under chiropractic care. I recommend that you check them out!

Chris Buckingham

My primary focus in working with the team at Core Health is stress management. I do not get sick nearly as often with sinus issues as the season change either. Very grateful for Dr Dustin, Dr Steph and the CHC Team!


I started here about 4 years ago to help with back pain which Dr. B. fixed and now I've stayed and have monthly visits to keep my body in balance. Love that Dr. B and Steph are always learning ways to keep me healthy through my nervous system.

Joanne Andres

Core Health Chiro is the most wonderful place in Fargo/Moorhead/West Fargo to go for your Chiropractic needs and for other needs such as a massage or weight loss. At this time I (personally) am not able to participate in their wonderful programs, but we will see what the future holds! In the meantime, Dr. B and Dr. Steph are taking very good care of me. I don't plan to change chiropractors any time soon!!!

Gus Klemm

First off, the team at Core Health Chiro is hands down the most caring, friendly, and honestly fun group of people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. When you come in to their office at the end of a rough day not only do you receive great chiropractic care, but often times, unknowing to the patient, they have boosted mental health/wellness at the same time, which is not something you will receive at just any chiropractic office. This group truly has fun and thoroughly enjoys the work they do which shows through the many patient success stories. Kudos to the Core Health Team! Keep up the great care!

Bryce Neva

KIMBERLY was a true professional. Best massage I've ever had!

Cami Ouellette

Dr. Barton and Dr. Steph really take the time to care about your health. The atmosphere at Core Health Chiro is very welcoming, something I really look for in an office.

Dean Simon Erlandson

Brittany Gagner

I went to Core Health for a 90 minute massage because my neck and shoulders have been extra tight. I called and booked a same day appointment, which was great! I got there 20 minutes early to fill out paperwork. The receptionist was fantastic, and Dr. Steph came out and introduced herself, which was very nice since I was there for the first time. Then, the massage therapist took a scan of my vertebrae to determine where my nervous system wasn't operating at the highest potential. This took some extra time, but it clearly showed my shoulders are the culprits just as I had stated on my intake form. By the time I got to the massage room it was 10 minutes past my appointment time, but it didn't seem like they were in a hurry to get started so I thought I would still get a full 90 minutes since it was the scan that made us past the start time. The massage room was very nice. The therapist had turned on the heating pad ahead of time and the relaxing music was playing. When the massage got started everything was going great. I let the therapist know that I would like a full body massage but I understood that my neck and shoulders would need the majority of the work so she may not be able to spend as much time anywhere else. I noticed the pressure the therapist was using was lighter than my preference so I let the therapist know that I like a strong pressure and I have never needed to tell a therapist that the pressure was too much. She said that her philosophy is to not use too much pressure or too many strokes to avoid causing more inflammation in the muscles, but she would increase the pressure as we go along. She had me do some active stretching in my neck which took about 5 minutes. When the therapist said,"that's all the time we have for today", I looked at the clock and saw it had been 90 minutes since my original appointment start time. It was not adjusted for the scan or the stretching. The pressure was never really increased and she never got to my legs and feet. It was not a bad massage, but I left feeling like I did not get the experience I was looking for. If you are looking for a deep tissue massage I would recommend going somewhere different.

Ashley Kessler

Core Health Chiro has been amazing! I have seen a night and day difference in my little girl. She is healthier and stronger now with on going chiropractic care. She is 1 now and comes once a week to get checked. Thanks to the amazing team at CHC.

Brianna Krejci

I have been coming to Core Health Chiro since the summer of 2014, and I can't emphasize enough how much chiropractic care has changed my life. Prior to chiropractic care, I had a difficult time functioning in daily life as I was always unwell, if not sick in bed, and my life was a pressure cooker of stress and exhaustion. It wasn't until my niece and nephew, both severe allergy sufferers, began seeing Dr. Barton and Dr. Millar to astonishing results, that I even considered chiropractic care for myself. For years I tolerated seemingly unconnected symptoms in my daily life that left me constantly uncomfortable, if not in pain. In my early twenties, I was at the point where I wasn't certain I could finish my degree, much less pursue a career or hold down a job and perform optimally. I was at the end of my rope when I walked through those doors, and within months, I got my life back. My symptoms cleared up, pain and discomfort were a thing of the past, and for the first time in memory I felt at home in my body. I got the relief I needed during those first appointments with Dr. B. and Dr. Steph. Not long after, without the distraction of pain and discomfort, I began to experience the inter-connectedness of the systems of the body and between life experience and wellness. The chiropractors at Core Health Chiro are caring, compassionate, and endlessly supportive. Because of their knowledge, dedication, and years of experience, I was able to earn my bachelor's degree and go on to not only complete a 200HR yoga certification, but build a business with confidence that my health is no longer an obstacle in my life. For the first time in my life, I know that I'll thrive.

Jared Bash

not a good place to go. I have visited a few different chiropractic places in Fargo and Grand Forks and have found this one to do VERY minimal maintenance with a very steep price along with it. Only adjusting me very minimally. Ie twisting my neck to one side and not the other. Adjusting only part of my back. For what I have received with my previous chiropractor, this was just tickling me as far as I am concerned. They sent through a fraudulent charge to my bank account that I did not authorize nor was discussed with me as of the cost of the appointment which was different then it usually was. I saw this as very disrespectful and sneaky. Its one thing to tell some one what they are charging you its another to just charge them a different amount with out there knowledge. I called to complain and no apology was given....So i took it up with my bank and the charge was reversed. I will be going back to my original chiropractor in Fargo for my future health needs. Very disappointed by this place.

Ryan Bosch

Everyone on the whole team is incredibly welcoming and centering their work around you. They are also very engaging. My 9 and 12 year olds were able to talk to me about the details of their care plan. That’s impressive. I look forward to partnering with their team.


Tessa Eklund

Danny W

Richard Collins

Life changing care.

Susan Vanderwal

Caring wonderful people who are committed to helping you achieve optimum health. Affordable, and always make room in their schedule for us.

Jason Ben Gustafson

Carley Lemieux

Dr.Steph and Dr.B treat me just like family, Heather is the best massage therepist I have ever had! Definitely recommend!!

Selena Parker

Great customer service. Been seeing them a month now.

Mikal Kenfield

We love the staff at Core Health Chiro - they are kind, knowledgeable, and wonderful with kids!

Lisa Karch

CORE Health Chiro is family to us! Dr. Steph, Dr. B and their staff not only get to know you as clients but more importantly as people. Their positive energy and passion for helping others is contagious! They listen and serve our family with compassion through chiropractic care and wellness. Thank you for being a part of our family! Lisa Karch

Tanaya Halvorson

Ken Rosson

The deep tissue massage was incredible. Thank you Kim!

Erik Morrell

I have been coming into Core Health Chiro for over a year and a half. I have seen amazing changes in my overall health and day to day life. The team always has a positive attitude that makes you feel welcome and happy to be there. Thank you to the CHC team!


Ann Gustafson

My family has been using Core Health for more than 7 years. The staff is always ready to help! My kids love to go, and we always feel good when we leave!

Frank LaLonde

Friendly staff who seem to genuinely care about your health. They take to time to listen to what is going on in your life and make suggestions on how to deal with life stresses beyond just adjusting your spine. Sometimes they will even challenge you to do something and follow up with you the following visit.

Samantha Teschendorf

I love going to Core Health! For the past 2 years, I've enjoyed going to get adjusted regularly and have noticed results. the team is truly there to serve you and work with you on your journey, wherever you might be. Everyone there is family and you will always come/go with smiling faces wishing you well. I look forward to every visit. I know they're part of the team taking care of me.

Corey Trick

Dr. Steph and Dr. Barton were great with our kids, who can be very shy, but they couldn't wait for their adjustments. Staff and services were awesome and helped our family, really felt like they cared about us. Bonus is pricing is very family friendly, especially if you have a large family. Highly recommend looking into them!


Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!! Everyone needs to get their Core Score. It was interesting to learn my overall health rating. The doctors really took time to explain it and I got the feeling that they care about helping you rather than just another patient taking up their time. Great experience

Kelly Kisell

The team at Core Health Chiro are not only very knowledgeable but they treat us all like part of their family. Our boys have been seeing them on a weekly basis since they were born. Words can't express what they mean to us.

Brad Johnson

The team of Core is extremely effective and are truly committed to helping you achieve optimal health. Highly recommended!!

Sue Estenson

The Team at Core Health Chiro has made a huge impact on our family lives. Speaking for myself, I am the heathiest I have even been. I feel great! For those times when life gives me a little too much to handle...I know right where to go to help me and my body through it. Thank you Dr. B and Dr. Steph for all you all you do for me and my family!

Sadie Lover

Jonathan Pickard

I have had ocassional chiro care in my adult life and I can honestly say I like Core Health better than any others. They are thorough and walked us through everything from our scans to a plan to get my family on care. The reason I posted is because I saw posts on here where someone mentioned pricing issues and bad quality care. I don't know how they had a bad experience as I have never seen a hint of any of these bad experiences in our year of care with them. What I have seen is my family is healthier, my wife and myself have noticed improvements after our vists with them. (sometimes immediately after our visit) On top of this we had a unique scenario arise with our payments from our insurance company. Dr Barton and Steph patiently waited while it was being worked out and they worked with us to resolve a payment system to take care of it. (truly and genuinely showing a care for the patient and their needs not the mighty dollar) I would recommend anyone to their care.

Jamie Frank

Julie Eckstein

My core score is getting better since I've been going to Core Health Chiro. I can't wait to see how high it will go!

Sammi Olson

Robin Perlenfein

Dr.Barton and Dr.Steph have made my family healthier and happier! We appreciate them and the whole core health staff so much.

Viking Warrior66

I have received good service here. The adjustments are sometimes different from "normal" chiropractic types. Dr. Dustin and Dr. Steph are very good at listening and factoring in those issues into your adjustment. The core health score is a great way to see how far you have come. I would recommend their services if you are looking for better health.

Josh Hoper

Since I've been a practice member at Core Health Chiro, my body has adjusted much better to the stresses of my busy life, and my immune system seems to be much more in tune with my life. I get sick substantially less often, and I recover much more quickly in the rare occurrence I do get sick. In addition, the education I receive just by talking with Dr. B & Dr. Steph is superb.

Janice Hobson

In Fargo for several weeks from California helping my daughter who just had a baby! Starting having issues with my right leg and needed help! CHC was able to see me immediately and begin treatment. Everyone in the office was great and the Doctors wonderful! It really felt like family, allowed me get through my trip and be able to help my daughter! Oh one more thing my older grandson (3 years old) loved the play area and insisted in coming with grandma to appointments to play! Thanks so much I really appreciated your help so much!!!

Ashlynn Bahr

So I just started going to CoreHealth after I was recommended to go by a friend a little over a month ago and I can honestly say I am very happy with my services there. I was a little hesitant at first, mainly because I have had bad experiences with different practices, but these guys definitely turned that around. My first visit they went over all their services and costs and helped me make sure I was able to set up a plan I could afford with them to get me on a healthier path. They answered all my questions and were straight forward from the beginning. The doctors are very knowledgeable and when you tell them about any concerns they are very good at explaining whatever is happening in good detail anyone can understand. They are very fun people as well and seem to truly care for their clients! I would recommend anyone looking for a place to go to try here first.

Faith Kruchowski

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