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REVIEWS OF Love Chiropractic Center IN North Carolina

Marguerite Edwards

Had severe sciatica from picking up 40 in bag dog food. Extensive exam, good to plan, somewhat better after 1st visit. Very friendly staff. Text messages to remind of appt. Will be my only chiropractor.

Jamie Kintz

Dr. Love is the best Chiropractor! I have been going to him for over 2 months now. He has helped my back tremendously. Plus, he answers any questions that I have and explains things clearly. My back always feels so relieved after my appointments that I don't want to go back to work :) Dr. Love's staff is so friendly and helpful. I love his office ladies! You couldn't ask for a better doctor or office! :) :) :)

Great Southern Nincompoop

Wonderful staff, ive enjoyed every visit and left feeling better than when i went in.

kitty king

Extremely helpful.

Katheleen Miller

I am better because of the great staff there, so friendly an caring looking forward to my next visit!

Sandra Suter

If you need a Chiropractor this is the place to go.

Stephen Apetz

Alan Jordan

Sara Butler

H Wooldridge

Vincent DeGeorge

Always feel better after Dr. Steve adjusts me.

Jimmy Herbert

Awesome experience with Dr Steve! He has taken his time with my son to work on posture and breaking up muscular scar tissue. One of the only (if not the only) providers of the Graston and Active Release techniques in our area.

Sean Denney

Dr Chris Terry is the best!!!!

Randal Viggiani

Steve and Tiffany are amazing people. They are friendly and they are also the best in the business at what they do. A good friend of mine had neck problems and dizziness for over a year and Steve fixed his problems over just a few treatments. I had back problems and in just one treatment Steve was able to fix me up with the knowledge i needed to keep my pain away.

Mrs. Rivera

Very thorough and caring!

Sylvia Guess

When I first started going to Dr. Steve Love, I could hardly walk because of some serious back issues. I really thought I was about to become wheelchair bound. From the very first visit, I started getting some relief from the severe pain I was experiencing. Through his expertise in the field, I have continued to improve and have even been able to stop taking pain medication. I really appreciate how kind, caring, and honest he is when dealing with his patients. He didn't promise me any miracles, just sincerely tried to do what he could to help me. Now, I only occasionally have to use a cane when I walk. Every single staff member is friendly, personable, and professional. There are several massage therapists in house and I can say without a doubt that Rob is phenomenal! I highly recommend this clinic for everyone in need of chiropractic care. I'll never go anywhere else!

Mike J

Rob Boyd

Dr. Love is very professional and does a great job of explaining the ins and outs of his treatment plan to get you feeling better. The appointment times are very flexible which accommodates my type of schedule. The staff is friendly and courteous. Overall my experience has been great. I would recommend Dr. Love and his staff if you are looking to eliminate pain and feel great.

Roy Smith

I have been going for chiropractic treatment for over 40 years. Four out of the five chiropractic doctors I have seen in my lifetime have been graduates of Palmer College. Dr. Love. was recommended for this reason. He has always been professional. The office staff is great. I usually am in and out in about 20 minutes. This would be unheard of at most doctor offices. Although I usually don't spend too much time in the office, I never feel short-changed with the amount of time Dr. Love spends with me. Because my schedule is unpredictable, when I call for appointments the office staff always accommodates me. I have been a patient for over 5 years.

Ginny Brooks

The massage is amazing followed by an adjustment afterwards is like icing on the cake. The receptionist is friendly and helpful.

Eddie O'Malley

Always pleasant. Workers and owners treat everyone like royalty. Very professional place of business.

c'est Moi hermoso

I have called twice, and the put me on hold for along time, and then hang up.. bad phone service.

mark melchior

The benefit of this place is that it's clean and the people are nice. But the reasons to stay away are far more- They charge far too much money for lackluster service. They want you to do an expensive evaluation that makes absolutely no difference in your treatment. And lastly, the front desk, while nice, seems completely incapable of charging insurance properly, and when asked about it to their only available email address, nothing comes of it. I've done a good two month stint here, and it helped slightly (but not as much as mobility, massage, yoga and exercise), and in a dire emergency returned once a year after being let down by their lack of customize care, only to be told I must be reevaluated before any sort of adjustment could take place. $90 dollars later, billed incorrectly, I went to my massage therapist (who I would have seen if he had availability rather than return to Love) and was instantly better, far beyond a 15m, base standard adjustment. The reviews here that are positive? They mean well. Perhaps this place is for you. But if you have any other option, I gain nothing in telling you to go elsewhere. I hope they figure out how to be customer facing, as much of the staff are personable and affable. But this service and billing can't be condoned.

Becky Kent

Dr Love is the BEST chiropractor I have ever been to! His staff is friendly and accommodating and I always leave with a smile on my face from Dr. Love's jokes! He is one of a kind! !

Grandpa Honesty Guy

Just a GREAT HELP with your REAL HEALTH.

Kristin Fowler

Dr. Love is the best and his staff are amazing! They are kind, friendly and always willing to help. Any concerns or questions I've ever had were handled immediately and to my satisfaction. Because of my schedule, it's much more convenient for me to drop in as needed and, unlike with some other doctors I've been to, that isn't a problem with Dr. Love. I drop by, check in and I'm in and out usually within 15 minutes. Have been a patient of Dr. Love off and on for over 15 years and wouldn't go anywhere else!

Erika Meister

michael dunnells

Ginger Smith

I have been a patient of Dr. Love since moving to the area over 5 years ago. I have severe scoliosis and consequently have been under chiropractic care for over 30 years. Dr. Love has always gone out of his way to ease my pain and help me manage my condition with preventative treatment. I work full time and his office staff is very accommodating - fitting me in around my schedule especially when I am in pain, so I never have to wait for treatment when I'm hurting. Everyone is very professional and has the patient's well-being at heart. I find it is a well run office, a pleasant treatment experience and conducive to recovery. I would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Love and Love Chiropractic Center to anyone.

Paula Lake

Love it. Dr. Love is very thorough and friendly.

Lee Anne Roquemore

Nice, clean office. Super friendly staff. I was injured and my normal chiropractor was out of town. They were able to squeeze me in last minute. They treated me well, the care was great, and I highly recommend Love Chiropractic. I only wish they were in network with my health insurance!

Rouge DK

Seen Dr Love for several years now. Makes my back feel better every time. Amazing staff and excellent place to visit. Can't say enough about them.

Josh Marazzito

Love Chiropractic is top notch. The people there are friendly and very knowledgeable. I trust Dr. Tiffany Love 100%. I would not go to another chiropractor as long as these guys are in Lakeland.

Melissa Sumner Hale

Olivia Gore

I'm like a whole new person! Love chiropractic is the best! Friendly, efficient, and professional service! ❤️

Glibocean LEGO Minecraft review

I called the office to get adjusted( neck and back) and I got in few days later which was not a problem.. I haven't been there since 2015. We are "snow bids" Lakeland- TN and I needed an adjustment because my neck was hurting. I figured I might have to pay 150 for the visit, but i only ended up to pay $92. which I was happy with that. Dr. Love took an X-ray of my neck just to make sure everything looked fine. He got this cool X-ray advance machine. He allow me to take pictures with my phone camera from his computer screen and keep it, pretty awesome!!! I have 2 herniated discs in my neck or at least I did in 2011 due to a car accident and he told me everything looks healthy and normal on the xray. I guess the adjustments and accupacture have helped, NO neck or back surgery. So, I got 10 minutes therapy to warm up then I got full body adjustment. I really needed that and I felt great. I recommend Dr. love to you because he takes his time with you, cares, very knowledgable, powerful and has the equipment and experience to make you walk out feeling great again:)Thank you Dr. Love:)

Joey Goodman

They are awesome. They accept Medicade, insurance they are nice they know what they are doing . They love all there new customers they explain everything. They make you feel welcome each and every visit They Care . Back leg neck any pain they can help you . Keep POUNDING Love Chiropractic. Goodmans

Toni Marie Lombardo Coleman

Love the Loves. :-) My husband, myself and my kids all go there for treatments (children ages 8 & 10)

Charles Parker

Dr. Terry (and really all of the staff) is a amazing. They take the time to listen to what ails you and while gladly adjusting you as you need, they strive to help guide you and educate you on lifestyle changes that will help you in the long run; even at the expense of you lessening your appointments.

Ricky Peacock

Excellent Chiropractors and treatment options

Denise Pancurak

Highly recommend!

Giordano Lanuto

it is the best!

Dawn Ramsey

Hands down the Best in the area. Husband and Wife team Tiffany and Steve have taken the best care of my Husband and I. I Highly recommend if you are looking for caring compassionate Doctors and Staff these are the people you need to see.

Richard Rezza

Let me start by saying that I had never been to a Chiropractor prior to my first visit, last December, 2013. Had terrible back pain and lower leg pain which my Orthopedic Dr. did little to help. Have to admit that I didn't know a lot about what a Chiropractor does and if and how one could help me. But I decided to give it a try. And, did I pick the BEST Chiropractor, Dr. Love of Love Chiropractic Center? I sure did! My pain has gone from an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, to about a 2 now. And I keep getting better and better. Professional, caring and always willing to listing, Dr Love knows and loves helping people feel better. Truly a doctor that cares. Needless to say his staff is excellent as well. I will be a client of Love Chiropractic Center for a long, long time and highly recommend Dr. Love and his staff. PS It's now April 2016 and I continue to see Dr. Love once a month so I stay out of trouble (o: It's called maintenance and Dr. Love keeps my back in great shape! Thank you Dr. Love!

Robert Kniss

Sean Pray

Dr. Love is a first rate physician that really cares about his patients. My maintenance visits were quick and easy and I'm in and out in minutes, and they keep me feeling great. I highly recommend!!

Lauren Ashby

Dr. Love and his staff are the nicest around! You will always feel at ease and have your questions answered. He's been the only person that has truly helped my lower back problems.

Thomas Talcott

Dr. Love and Dr. Love are the best. They really care and it shows in their practice!

Soccer Joe

Not recommended. Every few years I would tweak my back and be laid up for a few days, figured I would check things out here as they came recommended and I had a lil kink in my back. He advised how great my back looked on xrays and that I would be a good candidate for 'adjustment' He 'adjusted' my lower back and neck. After leaving I was a bit loopy, head kinda floating... didnt know how I would feel as it was my first time. However, I did not expect to get Tinnitus. My ears started ringing and so I contacted Love. All I received in return were excuses as for why I brought this upon myself: new eating habits, hearing issues, high blood pressure... everything under the sun for tinnitus is the jack of all trades right? "Maybe there was an over adjustment they said." I didnt want to go back as they didn't seem to know what they did in the first place thus how could they remedy the issue. I gave it time, figuring time heals. Well, its been over 9 months and the ringing persists. Do Not Go Here.

Not Your Average Mama

This is my second visit and I'm glad I made the choice to come here. Good service and a friendly staff go a long way.

Rocky 6884

I came to Love Chiropractic Clinic concerned about my health in the future because of having a lot of back pain. In a relatively short period of time, Dr. Tim and Dr. Ryan have treated my back pain with amazing results.

Tara Dumas

We have been in and out of chiropractors for years and none have helped us. My husband, myself, and our 5 year old son see Dr.Love and Dr. Ryan. They have helped my husband with his anxiety through acupuncture. I have scoliosis and other issues and was in severe pain every day. They have helped me through therapy and chiropractic to now go through almost 2 weeks with no pain or headaches. Our 5 year old son has severe asthma, he was on a inhaler and in out of the hospital every other month with a respiratory distress until we brought him for Chiropractic care and since he has been seeing Dr Love and Dr. Ryan our son has NOT had to use his nebulizer, inhaler, or seen a doctor in a year!!!! Love Chiropractic has helped me and my family in more ways than one. The staff is super friendly too!! HIGHLY recommend for everyone to see them!!

Amenda Petty

I have been a patient here since I was a child. I will not go anywhere else. They are an amazing group of people.

Darla Davis

Best chiropractor I have ever seen!! I started seeing Dr. Love about 8 months ago. I had previously seen another chiropractor but, I just did not feel like I was getting anywhere. My symptoms were not getting any better although my visits were not getting any less. I have been very pleased with the results that I have seen from Dr. Love's care. So much so, that I have recommended this practice to several other individuals, who have become established patients. They are also pleased with this practice. I like the way that Dr. Love takes the time to evaluate your health and determine a plan of action before he ever makes any type of adjustments. If he can help you, he will let you know. If not, he will suggest another plan of action for you to take. I also like the fact that at the end of the treatment plan, another evaluation is completed. At this point, the results are shared with you and the goal shifts from treatment to maintenance. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone looking for treatment!!!

Yeye G

abigail solis

Una amiga me refirió al Dr.Love luego de informarle que sentia que mi cuerpo estaba paralizado debido al frio intenso de este invierno. Pensando que el frio habia afectado mi artritis ósea no habia recurrido a una consulta médica. Gracias al referido ,me recuperé rapidamente con el tratamiento sugerido luego de un examen concienzudo. He quedado impresionada con el ambiente servicial,profesional y ameno que he sentido como paciente. I.H A friend referred me to Dr.Love after I shared that I felt my body was paralyzed due to the intense winter cold. I thought the cold had adversely affected my osteoarthritis and had not thought of consulting a doctor. Thanks to the referral, I have recuperated rapidly with the suggested treatment after submitting to a thorough examination. I am pleased with the professionalism,pleasantness, and service minded personnel that I have experienced as a patient! IH Thank you Dr.Love and Staff!

Yolanda Bonilla

Heidi Patterson

They worked with me and made my entire process post-accident as easy and headache free as possible.

Lori Pelt

Great doctor, friendly staff

Brittany May

The best chiropractors in town! There are none better than the Doctors' Love!!

Mary Potts

Dr.Love is awesome!

Janet Barthle

Jeremy Skinner

I'm an active person- I lift three times a week and I do cardio five to seven times a week. I do hard core work and I even do BJJ. But I'm also an accountant, and I sit in an office for eight hours every day. I have Spondylolisthesis between L5 and S1. I've had it for a while now and with all the running, dead lifts and twisting I started encountering some interesting nerve effects, but most prominent was the lower back pain. I came here not knowing what to expect, so I decided to expect the worst- for both diagnosis and prognosis. I was surprised in the most splendid manner. This place is wonderful. Steve is not only kind, personable and professional, but he also involves your personal alignment into your appointment, and involves you in the contribution to your own wellness. He will explain why he's doing what, and what the activity will hope to accomplish. He gives you precise and unambiguous feedback on what you can do (or refrain from doing) to expedite your recovery, and clear terms of your path to it. Of course all of this is somewhat irrelevant if the adjustments don't work. Well, they work. It's been less than two weeks and I have already encountered a wonderful, substantial difference. I haven't yet gone back to all out running but I am biking hard, doing dead lifts and squats again, all with no tingling or residual nerve effects in my toes or legs. But best of all, there is no back pain. I repeat, the pain in my back is gone. Gone. I can't speak for everyone because I understand my situation might be different from yours. I can only speak for myself and my own predicament but what I can say is very good. If you have any kind of back trouble, or if you want to preemptively address anything, do yourself a favor and try this place. Facility is nice, the staff are sweet and friendly. Their tech is great, at least it appears so to me. Steve took a couple pictures of me and then pulled up X-rays on an iPad, pointed out everything about it, told me what we were going to do about it-- this goes along with what I mentioned earlier, about his thoroughness and complete disclosure to the patient, which is wonderful. I honestly can't think of a single criticism. I am so happy that I've found this place. If you go, you'll be happy too.

Ivette Cruz

After a year of suffering from back pains after having my twins, I decided to see a chiropractor because I couldn't take the pain anymore. So glad I went. I feel like I have a new back. I highly recommend it.

Amanda Drechsler

I HIGHLY recommend Dr.Love if you are looking for a GREAT and efficient chiropractor. Both him and his staff are very friendly and are very quick to work you in. I have noticed a difference in the way I feel since I started seeing him. I was recommended by a coworker and I am so glad I gave him a shot. I have been to other chiropractors in the past and have not seen the results I have seen with Dr.Love. He not olny helps you feel better but also educates you on your problems and how to fix them. He is GREAT GREAT GREAT!

clinton keith

Amazing chiropractor! Listens to your issues and targets the culprit... truly the best results by far!

Marc Lombardo

Melissa Smith

Wonderful and knowledgeable chiropractic services that's family owned. Up to date on all the tools and techniques needed to make you better. The massage therapy is suited for everyone's specific needs. Excellent all the way. Highly recommended!

Dennis Acosta

Kayla Mae

Lauri Haigler

Dr. Ryan and Dr. Love have been amazing in helping myself and my husbands aches and hurts! For starters after my husbands accidents the front staff wasted NO time working him in the very next morning to be treated, even though they had no openings. Since then (aprox 4 weeks) they have treated his back, neck and shoulder. His shoulder wasn't even involved in his accident and he stated that it feels better than it has ever felt. The staff makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door! I purchased one of their large ice packs and dropped it the same day, which caused it to bust. When I told the staff what happened they immediately replaced it at no cost. Who does that anymore these days?! My family and I strongly recommend Love Chiropractor to family, friends and anyone!

Sheri Moroe

Dr. Love has made an AMAZING difference in my life, After my slip and fall, I was unable to walk, bend, or move in general, I was in a great deal of pain. After visiting Dr. Love, and following his program for my spinal health, I am moving and walking again. I credit him completely with the amazing improvement in my physical health. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Love to anyone dealing with back and neck pain. He has change my life for the better.

Kara Bailey

Absolutely the best at what they do. Truly changing lives! I am so grateful to Dr Tiffany Love!!

Dannelle Rose C

Great chiropractor! Dr. Tiffany Love is amazing with my toddler and has been great for me during my pregnancy as well. Highly recommend her!

Ryan Emerson

Dr Love and his staff are wonderful. The clinic is very personal and friendly. Dr Love is honest about what he can or cannot help with. It was a pleasure to have my chiropractic care done here. My daily headaches and neck aches are gone now! I would recommend Dr Love to anyone!

Chris Sam

Super helpful when my dad got sick!

Matthew McCormick

Great staff! Wonderful knowledge healthcare! Family friendly office!

Hannah Sutton

I started taking my 5 month old daughter to see Tiffany and she is a changed baby!! She is happier then ever and now loves her car seat when she hated before! I would highly recommend them for infant chiropractic care

Brian Butler

I had a great experience with one of their massage therapist Rob. After the first deep tissue massage I experienced a dramatic reduction in my lower back pain. I have since gone back for a second appointment and feel even better. If you live in the Lakeland area and need a good honest chiropractor please give Doctors Steve and Tiffany Love a try.

Paul Justice

Dr. Love is the consummate professional. He is very accommodating to his patients and gets to know everyone individually. The staff is always welcoming and flexible with setting up appointments. The office itself is very warm and inviting as well. I always leave with less back pain and a smile on my face. You're not just another number at Love Chiropractic!

Samantha Bethune

I am so extremely impressed with this doctor. The office staff is amazing caring and super helpful. Doctor love is very great at educating you about what problems you are having. If you are looking for a great chiropractor you need to make an appointment now.

Erika Rivers

Dr Love and his staff are wonderful! They are helping my family and myself feel better! Anytime I have any question they are more then happy to stop what they are doing and help! I highly recommend them!

Robert Macnicol


Best Chiropractic office ever!

Denise Bokesch

Best place I have ever been.

adrienne Farina

Dr. Tiffany love is very caring and accommodating to family. I have only gone for two visits so far however I believe she is one of the few good chiropractors out there.

Mike Fleming

I have been seeing Dr. Steve Love since August of 2015. I am a competitive weightlifter with more old injuries than I care to remember. Dr. Steve has always taken the time to address any concern that is ailing me. Apart from normal spinal manipulation done at every office, Dr. Steve has also used ART to help with shoulder immobility and the Graston technique to help alleviate plantar fasciitis. Apart from Dr. Steve, the women at the front desk have always been kind and accommodating to me - Scheduling same day appointments and keeping the office flowing smoothly. I've never had to wait more than a couple minutes for an appointment.


Sorry wrong business!! sign out front is not very good for business. Getting old is not so bad especially when you have grandchildren .

Wayne Miles

Very caring people! The office staff is top notch. The Dr's here will help you with your needs in a truly professional way. They get results that last. Two thumbs up!!!

Diana Placeres-Slifer

Joseph Philip

George Deitrick

Rafael Santos

Dr Chris has done miracle with my back ....the best Chiro i ever been.

Donna Bailey

Timothy Redden

Great staff and excellent chiropractic skills.

Carl Davenport

My wife had a lot of back pain on Sunday. I was able to reach out to Dr. Love & he met us at his office on Sunday night. He gave my wife therapy. Thank you Dr. Love. Who else would have done that? You are awesome.

Catherine Golden

Great staff!!! I was highly impressed, and for the first time in 3 years I am able to bend my toes (this is huge for me)!!!

Kenneth King

They always do a great job

Kaity Rae

This place is great, the atmosphere is relaxed which is nice. The staff members are super friendly. Dr. Chris does an amazing job, I was in a lot of pain and from the first adjustment I was doing a lot better. He has regimented me down over time so I don't feel like I'm going needlessly. It is also very affordable.

Becky Peck

Both Dr. Love's are fantastic. Their staff are just amazing. They try very hard to make you super comfortable and give you privacy at the same time. They all try very hard to help you and are very caring when you are in a lot of pain. I have pain 24/7 and they try very hard to do whatever they can to help you come up with solutions to try, even if it isn't them. I'm very glad Love Chiropractic was referred to me by someone who loves them too.

Keith Johnson

Amanda Downey

This place is amazing! Great experience they know what they are talking about! It's not just about the adjustments but stretching and massage to help get you to where you arent coming in all the time...could not be happier to be a patient here.

Teressa Grinder

Taylor Goldsmith

Great Chiropractor. Dr. Love is awesome!

Les Dean

Dr Love is really a good guy and a very good Chiropractor. I have some sciatic issues and other minor aches. He has helped me every visit. Thank you

Janet Deal

Robert Gelsinger

I recently hurt my back working in the garage and decided to give chiropractic a try because massage alone wasn't making it feel better. Steve Love was thorough, gentle with the injury, and helped get me back up and pain free in a matter of days. If you have a back or spine issue, don't hesitate to give Love Chiropractic a call.

Amber Folsom

I have been dealing with migraines everyday and as soon as I started coming they have reduced dramatically. Also everone is super nice and friendly

Joshua Bailey

H Malone

sackett motorsports

with racing motocross and mixed martial arts I've dealt with a lot of injuries in my lifetime and seen many physical therapist and chiropractors. and Steve love is by far the most honest easy to deal with and trustworthy chiropractor that I've ever been to. Every other chiropractor try to get me to come in three times a week and give me a lot of other problems Steve always just give me what I need and nothing else. He gives time to talk and ask about your life and you can tell he genuinely cares about your well-being. I would recommend if you're looking for a chiropractor this is by far the best one you could go to. Side note they also have won best the best for chiropractors in Polk county for the last 2 years!

ciera dawson


Michelle McFarland

Great place! They have helped me so much I have never felt this good!

Denise Gregory

Pain free and living life. Thanks Dr Steve and Dr Tiffany

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