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Kristin Timothy

I’ve been going through spinal realignment treatments for nearly a year, but my #1 issue is the way I sleep. Dr. Pascals neck pillow is what I needed! Extremely comfortable and provides the perfect support. Definitely recommended!!


I received a free neck pillow from Dr Pascal and have used it and it has helped lessen my neck pain! The office is clean, bright and welcoming. Dr Pascal is friendly and knowledgeable and I would feel comfortable using his services in the future.

Ana Bratcher

I signed up for the pillow and was able to meet Dr. Pascal. He was very informative, showed us the office and what they do in the practice. The pillow is actually helping so I will see if it continues. This office does a lot of different things so I will definitely use Dr. Pascal in the future!!

Latisha Bell

I received my pillow a few ago. I have been able to sleep longer and toss back and forth less. I love it.

Martia Wiley

Dr P was nice and generous and didn’t let how tired he was affect his customer service. The orthopedic pillow is amazing I’ve been sleeping through the whole night and was shocked this morning when I woke up and the sun was up. Usually I atleast wake up once throughout the night but nopee. Pascal showed me the correct way to sleep and informed me my normal sleeping position was terrible. Clearly he was right.

mamatha Daggubati

Laura Swann

Dr. Pascal is passionate about helping his patients. He has allowed me and my husband to get back to our active selves. Highly recommend him.

Elsa Friis

Dr. David Pascal is dedicated practitioner who goes above and beyond to provide care to his patients. Having suffered from migraines for over 10 years and tried every treatment out there I was skeptical Dr. Pascal could help, but thought it was worth the chance. After 4 treatments my migraines were gone! I have been migraine free for over 8 months. In a few short months he was also able to increase mobility and reduce chronic pain in my lower back and hips due to several injuries between 2004 and 2016. I had likewise tried multiple treatments including years of physical therapy and even spoken to a orthopedic surgeon. He is truly a miracle worker! The staff is responsive and supportive and the facilities are clean, professional, and welcoming.

John Grotevant

Dr Pascal and his team helped our family not only with traditional chiropractic care but other medical issues as well including allergy treatments, range of motion and pre/post operation healing. He has a number of new technologies that can help his patients.

Mikaela Cooper

Since the masseuse no longer works at the Health Institute, I would ignore all of those previous reviews. As for Dr. Pascal, he has worked wonders with me! I had brain surgery in 2015 which left me with some nerve damage. The after effects of the surgery caused me to be in a lot pain 10-12 days a month. My neurologist was putting me on anti-seizure medications as well as high doses of pain meds. My neurologist never told me how they were going to treat me, just help me deal with the pain. At the age of 25, I was astounded that I was going to have to live with this for the rest of my life. A friend of mine introduced me to Dr. Pascal and I have been so grateful ever since. He has taken me from 10-12 pain days a month to 1-3 a month and I have only been seeing him for 3 months. Me and my 2 year old son are now going through the allergy treatments and I'm excited for what that will do to improve my IBS and my sons speech delay & eczema. I will have to update this in a couple months with a status on that!

stephen kosterman

Dr. Pascal is an incredible doctor who has a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to healing the body. He has helped me greatly with my shoulder issues. I would highly recommend his practice!

Jessica Hernandez

The free pillow is amazing, it is exactly what I needed to relieve my neck pain. The facility felt spacious and clean. I enjoyed the tour around the facility, it was quite informative.

June Bazemore

Dr. Pascal is amazing. I have had problems with my back in the past that no other doctor has been able to heal but Dr. Pascal did. If you want to stay away from surgery and pain medicine he is your Doctor

Kevin I-CAR

Alaina Buehler

Valarie I think was her name, did the massage on me. She was very nice and I enjoyed the massage. I didn't feel rushed and she was very calm, this was my first massage with her. The place is clean, and with a Groupon it isn't bad.

Elena Magay

Lori Selander

Received my pillow from Dr. Pascal this last week. Love it. Helped my neck when I was sleeping.

Richard Taylor

Im a chiropractor in the UK. I had the honour of meeting Dr Pascal on a training course in Atlanta a couple of years ago. My 78 year old father was with me and he had been suffering with a shoulder problem for years. I had been struggling to help my dad. Dr Pascal did one session on my father and he has not had any shoulder issues to this day! Thanks Dr Pascal i hope that one day i can become as experienced in chiropractic and neurological care as you are.

Anna Ball Hodge

I have been seeing Dr. Pascal for about 6 months now at the recommendation of my physical therapist. He is uniquely knowledgeable about how the nervous system and the muscles are so strongly correlated and he treats with care, diligence, and persistence. I highly recommend Dr. Pascal to anyone with chronic pain and sports related injuries. He's fabulous!

cindy Hicks

I Received My Neck Pillow From Dr. Pascal And O It Feels Awesome. He Made Sure My Neck And Body Was Aligned Properly With The Pillow. It Is Very Comfortable And I Truly Get A Good Night's Sleep With It. Dr. Pascal Is Very Nice, Patient And Professional. He Gave Me A Tour Of His Office And He Offers A Lot Of Therapeutic Services For Many Different Issues That A General Chiropractor Doesn't Offer. I Really Love My Pillow And Hope To Get More Of Them Soon.

kiara harvey

I’m a 29 year old mom with zero experience with chiropractic services; however, I elected to try Dr. Pascal’s neck pillow for sleep discomfort in my neck, shoulders, and back to happily report that my sleep comfortability has definitely changed for the better! I wake up less frequently, and even though I still don’t get the recommended hours of sleep each night, the quality of sleep that I receive now with Dr. Pascal's pillow has made a tremendous difference. I definitely recommend!!!

Rebecca Eagles

I have had health challenges from fibromyalgia/CFIDS for years, as well spinal issues from car accidents and knee surgery. Dr. Pascal not only got rid of my knee and low back pain, but he also has improved my overall health. During the course of allergy treatments, and advanced technology he used, I’ve experienced some amazing changes: the quality of my sleep improved; I’ve lost 7 pounds which have stayed off; my esophagitis healed rapidly; I’m calmer than I’ve ever been ( no easy feat ); my fibro- fog has lessened; I have more energy; and, I have a greater sense of well being. My immune system is also stronger. Even though I’ve interacted with a number of sick people this season, I have not caught their illness, unlike the past 7 years. I am truly grateful for Dr. Pascal’s help. I have found him to be a compassionate healer who stays current in his field as well as current with different technologies in order to best help his patients. The staff is professional and very helpful; the office, clean and neat. I highly recommend Dr. Pascal.

Josephine Toy-Kiu

Faryal Khan

Very honest and down to earth doctor :)

Rebecca Kozlowski

I can sleep

Abby Cameron

Purchased a groupon for a massage with this office and was very excited to schedule an appointment. However, what they do not tell you on the groupon is that they only have morning availability for massages. I cancelled my order immediately because I am a student and have class every morning. I was disappointed but I guess I probably should have realized this because it was a doctor's office. Please put in the fine print next time! I gave three stars because the receptionist scheduling the appointment was nice!

Lesia Martin

Tisha Biney

Believe me this isn't a place you want to go to for a "relaxation" massage. Now usually I go to massage envy, but my husband was trying to be nice and get me a gift certificate on groupon, and purchased this. First of all when you walk in, it stinks. I am assuming the rug was filthy, I should've ran then, but I said to myself "let me not be unappreciative since my husband was so thoughtful! As soon as I go in, the massage room was right by the front door, there is only one massage room. The cover on the bed looked dirty, then Mellisa was running out of "lotion" and it was down to the last drop, 2 times she banged the bottle on the bed while I'm laying on it. It was such a horrible experience. She said she gave me a "deep tissue" massage, but it was horrible. This is the type of massage you get if you were in a car accident. It is in a chiropractor office. Don't go here, if you need a regular massage!!! I cut my massage short, and told her, NEVER MIND! The girl that did mine, name was Malissa. I will definitely stick with massage Envy, it smells better, the whole experience was horrible!

Lindsey Davis

Awesome place to be. Dr. Pascal is super knowledgable, and his office is beautiful. Organized, clean, and has a variety of different equipment for your needs.

Monica Severt

I love my pillow. I am very happy with the information I got from visiting Dr. Pascal's office. I came back for a free consultation and was very pleased with the results. I will definitely be back!! Thank you!

Pamela Torain

The pillow is amazing. The offer came right on time, as I was shopping to replace my standard bed pillow. I use it in a washable satin pillow case to protect the luxurious cover. Good bye stiff neck in the morning.

LaShawn Merritt

Jennifer Falco

Recently purchased a massage through group on. I've made multiple attempts to schedule and cannot even receive a call back. Very disappointed.

Pamela Mealer

Janis Messick

Liz Nuckles

This pillow is so comfortable! I can't wait to start other treatments here!

Nita Fletcher

Great place

Challyndel Wine

So far I really like this pillow. After the first few nights my head hurt and spine felt achy, but I'm hoping that was just from adjusting. If you don't use it properly you can feel it, but otherwise it has really helped as I lay on my side.

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