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Ashley Robinson

I am so happy I found American family spine. I was in a lot of pain on and off for months and through it was just from working out and trying new moves. Turns out that was not the issue at all.The x-rays they took showed quite a few issues and I am on my way to healing and correction. I had a persistent issue that no other doctors picked up on despite me having regular checkups and having xrays taken of my back a few years ago. Dr. Will is great and takes the time to explain everything that is happening and why as well as answering any questions you have. The staff of the office is also super nice and accommodating. I would recommend them 100%.

Millie Fink

I have been a patient of American Family Spine and Health and Dr. Clark's for 15 years or longer. I suffer from degeneration in my neck and lower back and need constant care to keep me walking and moving as normal as possible. Dr. Clark provided more relief for me than the other chiropractor that I had been seeing for many years. I found a miracle when I found him and his wonderful staff. They have become personal friends as well as providing medical advice for supplements and chiropractic care. I recommend American Family Spine and Health to everyone. Thank you Dr, Peter Clark and Dr. Will.

Sherry Ott

I began having a constant pain in my lower back that shot down my butt & leg. I went to see a doctor who gave me muscle relaxers & pain meds. After a week of continuous pain, I went back to the doctor who now wanted me to get an MRI. After a couple of more weeks to get the MRI & the results, I am told that I have a L5 herniated disc that is causing sciatic nerve pain. The dr. recommends an injection. After 2 weeks of no relief, he schedules me for surgery. The weekend before surgery I finally get some relief & the pain is gone so I cancel the surgery. The relief only lasted for a week, so I am back in pain once again. I searched online for a chiropractor since another injection did not seem worth it. I made my first appointment on 9/1 & had the initial consultation & x-ray. On 9/2 I met Dr. Clark to go over the x-ray. It showed that my L5 & L4 discs were the problem as well as my neck & spine. We began a treatment plan that had me going 3 times a week for 4 weeks, then 2 times a week for 2 weeks, & then once a week. Within the first 4 weeks, I finally felt some relief & within 8 weeks I was able to exercise again. I am so thankful I did not have the surgery, since the surgery was only going to address the L5 disc. With Dr. Clark we addressed the discs, my neck, and my spine!! I am so thankful for Dr. Clark!! I would definitely recommend American Family Spine & Health to anyone that is in pain.

Nikki D

Dr Clark is amazing and the ladies are fantastic! I haven't felt this good in years!! I recommend American Family Spine & Health to everyone!

Hannah Mullis

Love Dr. Clark and staff! I am very please with how well they worked with my schedule and helped manage my pain!

Anna B

I have been going to Dr. Clark for about 3 and a half years now and could not ask for better care. The staff always accommodates my ever-changing schedule while being friendly and courteous. My neck and back feel so much better and my range of motion has increased greatly. I would highly recommend American Family Spine and Health to anyone, especially athletes.

Pam Safrit

I have found both Dr. Clark and Dr. Willcoxson to be very knowledgeable and proficient in their treatment, all with a positive attitude & caring bedside manner. The staff is friendly and always helpful. I would definitely recommend them for chiropractic care.

Katie Miranda

It's awesome my son and I got in an accident about 3 weeks ago and they've helped so much! And they're so friendly!

Meliza Hernandez

Amazing experience! Wonderful staff very friendly and knowledgeable and kind!

Tami Donlin

Bobbie Jo Edwards

Not agressive at all, very friendly, gental and caring. Very educational on getting on a healthy lifestyle pain Free ❤️

Julie Ueleke

Love Dr. Clark and the girls at the office. Dr. Clark has a true passion for chiropractic and people, and it shows.

Drew Fowlie

We started bringing our 7 year old for adjustments to help with asthma, excema and allergies. Last year our son needed his inhaler multiple times while playing soccer but this year after receiving treatments his asthma is almost completely gone. He has only needed his inhaler two times this season when it was extremely hot. We are very pleased with and thankful for Dr. Pete's help!

Vanessa Dellinger

Very caring, friendly staff and good results. Would reccomend!

Anna Kirkman

I was referred by my husband after being in a car accident caused on going back and neck pains and migraines. I have had chiropractic care before, but never have felt so welcomed and informed every one is very warm, welcoming, personable and helpful. They truly want the best for you. After just a few weeks with American spine and health I am no longer experiencing back and neck pains and the Migraines have been reduced greatly. I will continue to be treated by American spine and health and will referre anyone looking to better there health and Quality life.

Jada Sutton


My daughter came to Dr. Clarks office with severe back pain. They were able to get her in quickly, run the proper tests and get her set up with treatment immediately. After 2 weeks she has been improving significantly. The staff is also amazing! We would highly recommend American Family Health & Spine.

cheryl boger

I have been seeing Dr.Clark and his staff regarding my back pain since 2009. Dr.Will is also great. They have taught me so much about stretching and exercising, also their adjustments are wonderful. Everyone is always so friendly. I currently go once every two weeks and I would never miss an appointment,, they help me so much.

Kaitlin Cook

I love everything about this company. The staff is wonderful, the atmosphere is great, welcoming and warm, and the service is always great. Dr. Clark not only adjusts your spine, but all of the staff members there work to make sure you are healthy and happy. From the stretches and exercises to the vitamins and workshops they have, this a whole health, total body wellness endeavor I would implore you to be a part of. I have had constant, dull back and neck pain for quite some time throughout my older teen and young adult life, in addition to shoulder and hip pain occasionally. After having regular adjustments and working at home on stretching and staying active, my pain is almost completely gone.

Tammy Clayton

I have been going to Dr Pete for about 2 years now. I was on blood pressure meds for 5 years before that, with fluctuations up all the time. I no longer have to take my blood pressure meds. My blood pressure is in the normal range. The medical Drs keep trying to look for a reason but they won't find it! It is at the hands of Dr Pete. When I first went it was because I had shattered my humerus bone. And was told I would never have total range of motion again. My medical Dr was astonished by the movement I had after about 6 months. They really are excellent at what they do here!

Ashley Lisk

Wonderful staff! I've felt so much better since becoming a patient here! Highly recommend!!

Amber Lube

This office has really helped improve the over all wellness of my spine and entire body. I struggle with back pain for years. Dr Clark has helped me lessen my pain significantly. I visit every month to keep my spine in line and my pain minimal. Thank you for all you guys do!

Grace Elizabeth

I always look forward to coming for an adjustment!

JM Reynolds Builders Inc

I had suffered terrible back spasms along with bursitis in my shoulder. After many visits to doctors and years of suffering I had pretty much accepted that I had abused my body at work, and would just have to live with the pain. I was sceptical about chiropractic therapy, after hearing the naysayers over my years, and had never really considered it as an option. I met an associate of American Family Spine and Health, and though it went against my "better judgment," I decided to give it a try. After a few months I began to feel much better, and after about two years I feel like i'm pretty much healed. I now get adjusted every other week and don't plan on quitting! thank you Dr. Clark for the relief, along with the education on how to take care of my spine.

Morgan Robinson

Very friendly environment!!! Always helpful and flexible with appointment times!

Catherine Pruitt

Love Dr Will and staff Great place, works wonders

Tony Gaines

I am a Army veteran. I served in combat with the 1st Cavalry Division from 2001 -2004. Dr. Clark has been able to adjust my back with chiropractic care to a state of where I am no longer doubled over in pain. Thank you Dr. Clark! keep up the great job! and God Bless!

Kelly Smith

I used to have migraines and sinus issues. As a patient at American FS&H, I no longer have the sinus and allergy issues of my past days, and I also no longer have migraines. Dr. Clark also listens to my concerns regarding other health issues and assists in the process of helping with those as well. Thanks AFS&H for relieving the pain and suffering!!!

Michele Miranda

Dr. Clark and his staff are absolutely amazing! He is the only doctor my children and I see now.

Chantel Daia

I've been seeing Dr. Clarke for over a year now and he really is great at what he does. I've been getting adjusted on a regular basis and I really see a difference it my overall health and body functioning. I'm currently pregnant and it's been more important than ever to continue my chiropractic care. Dr. Clarke is very knowledgeable about how to adjust and to care for women throughout their pregnancy. If you've ever been pregnant you know that every week there is something different that aches and he has been able to heal my constant pain issues. I plan to take my newborn to him once I give birth to begin his chiropractic care as well. I highly recommend Dr. Clarke and American Family Spine and Health.


Dr. Will and Dr. Pete and all of the staff take excellent care of me (Bill) and my family. Our quality of life has improved because of what we have learned from American Family Spine and Health. Set aside the false junk about chiropractic for a moment and check them out for yourself like we did. I was on my way to becoming a hunchback and within a few weeks I was straightening up just as one example. I was unaware of my limited range of neck motion - I accepted it as my “normal”. Now I can turn to see to back my truck. But improved posture and range of motion is only part of the picture - I feel better. As a business owner, teacher, dad, and husband - I am a better man because of their care. I highly recommend them!

Avril Wiggins

Excellent!!!! Everyone should come here and get realigned!!!

Jared Richards

We were very happy with our experience with Dr. Clark. The staff is very capable professional. We have seen dramatic differences since we started.

Andrea Jones

Dr. Clark and his staff are truly wonderful. I would absolutely recommend American Family Spine & Health to anyone with chiropractic needs.

Regina Fahmey

My first visit was a recommendation from my husband due to a hip injury from tennis. I was skeptical at first, but needed to do something. After seeing Dr. Will, my hip injury healed quickly and was back on the court in no time! Although I no longer have the injury, I continue to go for optimal health.

D Williams

Dr Clark has helped me tremendously over this last year. I have improved my rotation in my neck by far. He is blessed to have a wonderful staff as well.

tyler kraft

I started going here 2 months ago when I lost strength in one of my shoulders. I’ve had back pain since I was in a car wreck 15 years ago, but always just dealt with the pain. The loss of strength in my shoulder was very troubling to me and something I had to deal with. After just a couple weeks of treatment my shoulder had regained most strength and my back pain has gone down considerably since. Would definitely recommend an evaluation for anyone with pain or concerns!

Alan Morgan

Dr Peter Clark and Staff, Thank you for providing chiropractic and therapeutic care to my wife. The whiplash pain she experienced due to a vehicle collision is gone. Following the car accident, your care provided the pain relief she needed to continue working. She continues to receive regular disk corrections to keep her spine aligned. We’re glad you provide the service in a convenient and informative way. Thank you, Alan Morgan

Zachary Leggett

Alex Cain

I suffer from scoliosis and, due to the pain, have seen numerous doctors, spine specialists, and chiropractors over the years..... Without a doubt, Dr. Clark is the most knowledgeable and effective professional I've ever visited. He's the only one who has seemed to truly understand the nature of my issue and to specifically target the problemed areas to alleviate the pain. I really can't say enough about this practice and its staff. They're nice, knowledgeable, and treat you like family. They not only work with you to resolve your current issue but, also, educate you and suggest exercises so that you know how to work towards correcting those issues. I can't recommend this practice enough!

Makala Mcclure

Very clean place. My dad comes in 2 times a week and we love seeing smiling faces when we walk in. Not only that, his back feels better with just going 4 time.

Home Vue

The staff is great and DeAnn is fantastic she really enjoys her job and is very knowledgeable. You could not ask for any better care.

Elizabeth Harris

Wonderful staff and a very knowledgable Chiropractor. They have helped me immensely.

Lee hagwood

Like the people, atmosphere and feeling better after several visits!

Whitney Griffin

Dr. Wil helped my 2 year old daughter avoid tube surgery! After two straight months of ear infections, 4 antibiotics, 2 urgent care visits, and a visit to the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, we had surgery scheduled to get tubes in Izzy's ears. We thought we would try chiropractic care in the meantime to see if it would help give her some relief, but after just a few weeks of regular visits we had a follow-up at her doctor to check on things, and her ears are all clear! We are so thankful for Dr. Wil and American Family Spine and Health for helping Izzy get back to the wonderful, smiley child full of joy and energy!

Zachariah Harrison

Steve Weber

I came to Dr. Clark with severe neck pain. It was so bad, that I could not sleep without taking high doses of pain meds, and even then could only sleep a couple hours at a time. I went to see my regular doctor first, and was prescribed an anti-inflammatory and pain meds. All that did was mask the pain. It did nothing to solve my real problem. Within less than a month of being treated at American Family Spine and Health, my pain was gone. My quality of life has gone up tremendously. We were so impressed that my wife started to go too, and it has helped her headaches. Thank you Dr. Clark for improving my life, Steve Weber.

Sharon Dunaway

First time to a chiropractor. After my first adjustment left feeling immediately refreshed. Back pain practically gone. Thrilled to see how the decision to fixing my old, achey me is helping from day one. The staff is awesome! Welcoming, friendly and extremely helpful, not to mention knowledgeable. I mostly love how they care!

Pamela Burn

When I started going to AFS, I could hardly walk due to severe sciatica and neck pain. My treatments have helped me to enjoy my grandchildren more. I recently had pneumonia and I honestly think my healing process would not have been as quick without my frequent adjustments. I recommend AFS for ALL family members. I have learned so much about my body, the nervous system and how it controls our whole system. Give them a try and let me know the outcome, I am a proven example of consistency works. Pam

Lucresa Jordan

This place is so AWESOME!! Dr. Will is super knowledgeable and he has performed a miracle on my neck and back!! The staff here are just as knowledgeable and they are GREAT. They all ROCK!

Bill Welch

I am so stoked to give a 5-Star Review to American Family Spine and Health because they have earned it for how well they take care of me! Dr. Will has treated me for shoulder ailments from my work, accelerated my recovery from the flu, and knocked out my mysterious headaches. I am most pleased with how my posture has improved, most specifically how the lump where my head used to pitch forward is GONE! I feel like a pro athlete the way the staff takes care of me. And when I did come in with muscle issues like the rotator cuff injury from installing drywall, I got not only immediate relief, but also therapy. I would have suffered much longer and been out of work if not for Dr. Will's care. In fact, my entire family is under the care of American Family Spine and Health. Not all chiropractors are the same - some are better than others - check them out.

Susan Nichols

I began my visits to Dr. Clark in January 2016 with severe neck and shoulder pain. I couldn't turn my head and would suffer from excruciating pain throughout the day. After intensive, weekly adjustments and therapy, I've made great progress in my healing and can now live with minimal pain in my neck and shoulders. I never went to a chiropractor before and I firmly believe in the work of Dr. Clark and his staff. Stop by and see him if you are in pain and looking for an all natural and safe remedy without medication!!


Wonderful atmosphere with great staff! Wouldn't go anywhere else!!

Stephanie Isbell

Dr. Clark, Dr. Will and the entire staff are AMAZING! I went into the office with a tremendous amount of back pain, and within a few weeks I am feeling a million times better. Plus, I've been able to stop using my migraine medication, something I had used for NINE years! Everyone is knowledgeable, courteous and very quick. I can easily schedule appointments around my work day. I come in, get adjusted and I'm back on my way.

Austin Ford

Before visiting American Family Spine and Health, I had never considered seeing a chiropractor for the lower back pain I was experiencing while driving or being seated for an extended period of time. With a history of back pain in my family, the health of my back is extremely important to me and I cannot day enough positive things about Dr. Clark and Dr. Will! My back pain is gone and I feel that my back strength, as well as my overall health, is the best it has ever been. Thank you American Family Spine and Health!

owo boi

I have been a patient for 16 years or so. Dr.Clark has kept me from having lumbar surgery all this time. The first time he adjusted me, I felt better and now I would be scared NOT to keep up my maintenance plan. I would highly recommend him to anyone. A very friendly and knowledgeable office staff. Absolutely LOVE thsee people.

Mark Demarest

Have been going for about a month and a half and my back problems ae going away the staff is great. Thanks

Jesse Reaves

Dr. Clark and his staff are fantastic. I've been a patient for going on a month now. I've experienced neck and mid back pain for years. My wife began going recently and referred me. In the short time I've been going I can already tell a huge difference. I would suggest Dr. Clark to anyone thinking about visiting a chiropractor.

Marie Levy

After they take your x-rays and the doctor gives you the presentation with movie, and no matter who you are, the dr and his staff will make you feel like you're in desperate need for their services even if it's nothing serious. They pressure you to commit to long term yearly plans that you have to pay fully in advance ($1,000-$2,000). They rush through the costs and barely explain them in detail making you feel "dazed and confused". I honestly felt like they are really good at marketing, almost like masters at "NLP" trying to brainwash you with fear. We just wanted to pay per visit and it was tricky to get them to tell us exactly how much it would cost to see them if we payed per visit, because it was clear that their goal was to get us to commit to their "pay in full plans". It's like they didn't want to give me that option at all. Then when you go to get the adjustments, it was an even more stressful experience...You are given a number and told to seat in a loud open waiting area where they play upbeat loud commercial cheesy pop radio music. From there you can see and hear the dr performing adjustments with his extremely loud and intimidating mechanical adjusting table. I could not keep going to this doctor and i knew there had to be a better way to get treatment. I'm so glad i didn't fall for the "pay in full for the year" with American Family Spine and Health...because we were able to try other chiropractor offices in the area and thankfully we were able to find a wonderful Chiropractor who is very professional and genuinely caring...whose office is actually place where you don't feel like you're just another number, where you never feel pressured to pay anything in advance, with extremely reasonable rates, and no loud machines or loud music, but relaxing instrumental music in the background and very short wait times.

Tara Heglar

I started visiting AFS&H after experiencing paralyzing pain in my lower back. As soon as I walked through their door, they began getting to the root of the problem. The comforted me the first couple of weeks as I began to trust their process. It didn't take long for me to see my health was truly the focus. I've been going 1 1/2 years now and I'm 100% pain free. We continue to peel back the layers of wear and tear I did to my body. And I am so thankful for Dr. Will and his staff.

Michelle Sciarrino

I love coming here! I started almost a year ago and continued all the way through my pregnancy. My baby ended up being breeched and Dr. Will did the Webster technique to help get her vertex. Safe to say it worked! Now myself and my baby girl come to the office. <3


The staff and chiropractors are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Most important I'm able to bring my 2 year old to my appointments with worrying about him being entertained. Between the staff and the play room, he loves it there. I do too!

h h

Initially I was referred by a friend for care from an accident resulting in vertical subluxation. Dr. Parker and his partner Dr. Will are very good at what they do. I highly recommend their practice. The staff is very helpful and friendly as well!

Lula N Manning

American Family and spine has helped me way more than I ever thought they could. I would recommend them to anyone that is having problems with their neck and back

Joe Wiggins

First timer. Assistant D was very informative; Professional and personal at the same time. She was real and transparent. Looking forward to a longterm relationship.

Janay Myers-Reid

My experience with This office has been excellent each time. Dr. Diane and Dr. Will are very informative. My first adjustment was great and has been great ever since. Michelle always welcome me and my family with warmness and love. I Love them all they have become like family!

Dustin Griffin

Doctor Wilcoxson is amazing. The staff is very friendly and helpful. My whole family now uses them and every client I have gets informed about them. I would highly recommend American Family Spine and Health.

Lorraine Atwell

I started going to Amerfsp because I was having severe pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. I was told by a pain doctor that I would need shots in my nerve that was being pinched and if the shots did not help I would need surgery. After 3 weeks of adjustments I was pain free. I am totally impressed with office staff and chiropractor. I will need to have more adjustments because I have damage to my discs but that is a whole lot better then having to have shots and surgery. I highly recommend this chiropractic clinic to anyone who has pain from an injury or chronic pain.

Truett Miranda

I love Dr. Clark and Dr. Will. I see them every two weeks for a routine adjustment. If something is bothering me (my jaw or this week it was my leg) they work with me and adjust me. I always leave feeling 110% better.

Tim Overstreet

Dr. Clark has been wonderful in getting my back aligned and keeping it adjusted. I was able to go back to playing golf and now I just go for normal maintenance to prevent problems.

Todd Crawford

For years I had suffered with much back, leg, knee and neck pain that the various Chiropractors in Charlotte, close to my place of work, that treated me only seemed to alleviate the pain temporarily. One day while at home, in Concord, I experienced an acute pain deep in my lower tail bone area. Searched on line to find a Chiropractor close to my home. Chose American Family Spine due to location. With professionalism and pleasantry Dr. Will and all the staff caringly assessed my situation with an exam and x-rays. Then with great compassion educated me thoroughly on chiropractic care, my diagnosis, the plan of treatment needed and the cost involved. The next day Dr. Will went to work on me. My treatment plan is for a year. I am nine months into treatment and my mobility has improved tremendously along with the quality of my life. Over the past nine month's my journey with Dr. Will's treatments, his expert knowledge and ability to keep me motivated has been one of the best choices I have ever made. I highly recommend Dr. Will and his team.

Amy prettylittlebabe1 Black

American Family Spine and Health has had a huge positive impact on my life. They give me hope at every adjustment. I have severe spine and joint degeneration with osteoarthritis at a young age. I would be in a wheelchair right now had they not been part of my medical team for several years. Dr. Clark is the most knowledgeable chiropractor I have ever met. I will never go anywhere else. I am unable to verbally express how much they have improved my quality of life. Dr. Clark is also the first doctor (M.D. or otherwise) to fully inform and educate me about my joint and spine issues. Also, because the pain and the status of my condition can change daily, I am super appreciative of the flexibility and support of the staff. They are the only medical office that meets me where I am instead of criticizing my efforts. They always take the time to listen and support me. I also choose American Spine and Health for my 6 year old with ADHD and allergy issues over allergy shots and other medicines. This office has done a great deal to help my son and I survive. I thank American Family Spine and Health for never giving up on me and constantly providing treatment, support, and education.

Ed Donlin

Dr Clark and his staff has really helped me!

Anita Freeman

The Best staff !! There cant be a better place.

Zack Ruston

Best chiropractors I have ever been too! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! They take the time to sit down and explain the details of every procedure they do! I love coming here!

Kim Clark

L. Jones ---- My son had 9 ear infections by the age of 18 months taking an antibiotic every other month. Once I started taking him for adjustments with Dr. Clark for approx. a month his ear infections were gone and have stayed gone. What a relief :-) Dr Clark sees alot of children even newborns. I would promote a spine check for all newborns to prevent going through what my son did unnecessarily.

Andrea T

My teen son and I love this office. They go above and beyond to make sure that we feel comfortable with all the treatment we receive.

Jacinta Wallace

I'm new to North Carolina and to American Family Spine and Health and from the very first time I walked in OMG!! the atmosphere was amazing the staff are so kind even with my one on one with Nurse D who is absolutely the coolest just talking to her and her really listening to me I could tell she really cared and definitely made me feel like I'm in the right place for the care and body transformation I pursue. If I knew about this place before I got my surgery I would've never gotten the surgery for the reasons I did but Nurse D ensured me I have a brighter future ahead of me and I don't have to look backwards this is home to me because they make you feel like family from the sweetheart at the front desk Nurse D Dr Will and etc I'm truly blessed my mom stumbled across this place and now all my family is coming here now. Thanks for being so Awesome and so Loving American Family Spine and Health!!

Thiago DeSouza

The staff is very friendly and intentional about getting you back to a healthy lifestyle and free of pain/discomfort. They tailor your treatment to your specific needs and that’s always a plus.

Deborah Helms

Love this place they take such good care of me and work around my schedule at all times.

Debra Jordan

My first time visiting here and I felt so comfortable with Dee and enjoying meeting the Doctor. She took many X-rays to hopefully start solving my lower back issues. Excited to start some treatments this week! Glad I found you guys...

Hayley Shoulders

Awesome place!!

Abbey Gajewski

I have been suffering from chronic sciatica pain since May 2017. I saw multiple doctors and spent a day in the hospital with no relief. I reached out to Dr. Clark to see if he could help. After two visits with Dr. Clark I already felt 10x better. Nine adjustments later I feel brand new!! I’m thankful for Dr. Clark and Dr. Will as well as the friendly staff at American Family Spine and Health.

Beth Bruce

I feel blessed to have found Dr Clark. Both my husband and I have really benefited from Dr Clarks dedication to his field. Both he and his staff are skilled and caring people whose goal is to improve your health and quality of life through treatment and education.

Scott Turner

Excellent doctors and staff !!! I had intense lower back pain and after my 3rd visit I had no pain at all. I am currently in the treatment phase and will go into a maintenance phase after that's completed. I can't believe the change in such a short period of time. Whether you see Dr. Pete or Dr. Will you will not be disappointed.

Lisa Siebert

Started coming here for my hip pain and now I am painfree thanks to Dr. Clark! Love this place and his wonderful staff!

Lee Zeigler

I came to Dr Clark with specific area of pain. Now each day I experience less and less pain. Chiropractic is the way to go, less chemicals in the body which allows the body to heal itself!

Sara Siebert

Ive been going for migraines and ever since I've been going here I haven't been getting them as frequently as usual. My range of motion in my neck has improved also.

Christine Pieper

American Family Spine staff is great, very friendly and knowledgeable. I always feel better after a visit with Dr. Clark.

Atiya Aalaam

I am very pleased with the quality of service provided by all the staff members of this facility! If your looking for quality customer service check out American Family Spine & Health..This is a family oriented practice for all ages. Doctor Clark is phenomenal!

Ashley C

The short version-I'm sure Dr Clark is a fine chiropractor, however his office staff just cost him a new patient before even entering the building. The snotty rude young girl at the front desk would have to be fired before I ever came here again. I had made my first appointment ever with a chiropractor for lifelong back pain and was so excited to come in today. (The woman I spoke with to make the appointment days earlier was extremely nice.) I called when I arrived to ask which door I was supposed to come in, because the "front" door was covered by half closed broken mini-blinds and overgrown shrubbery and it looked like a door I was not meant to go in. The girl nastily said "THE FRONT DOOR" and after we hung up she came to the door, flung it open, shot me a nasty look like I was mentally challenged, and walked away. If that is the way patients are treated here, I have no desire to give him my money so I left. I will suggest to everyone else I know to do the same and pass them over. I have never been treated with such attitude and disrespect.

Scott Bolbock

Dr. Clark and his staff are very professional and a pleasure to visit. I've been a patient of chiropractic my whole life, and have had many chiropractors. Dr. Clark is one of my top two.

Austin Steele

I was referred by a family friend after I was in a wreck. At first I thought it was going to be like any other chiropractor, but was I wrong. They are really hands on and actually care about your well being more then a check. I will continue to be them and would also refer anyone and everyone to come out and see life changing results.

Jim Johnston

Staff and treatment program are superior!

Matt Pressley

Wonderful welcoming place. They took very good care of my wife heather and daughter Ella. Highly recommend.

Leo Baltodano

(Translated by Google) We had a car accident and we were left with a lot of back and neck problems and since we arrived at the clinic we started to feel better, in each session we felt a lot of improvement, Dr. Dee is very kind and makes one feel at home as a family with attention of quality and Doctor Will works on our back and neck problems and does an excellent job, since you enter you are greeted with a smile and a hello from Cindy who also speaks Spanish, I recommend the American Family Spine and Health clinic Concord llc, they are the best. (Original) Tuvimos un accidente automovilístico y quedamos con muchos problemas de espalda y cuello y desde que llegamos a la clínica comenzamos a sentir mejor, en cada sesión sentimos mucha mejoría, la Doctora Dee es muy amable y lo hace sentir a uno como en familia con una atención de calidad y el Doctor Will trabaja en nuestros problemas de espalda y cuello y hace un excelente trabajo, desde que uno entra te reciben con una sonrisa y un hola de bienvenida de Cindy la cual también habla español, recomiendo la clínica American Family Spine and Health llc Concord, ellos son los mejores.

Nikki MitchellCraft

I was never one to pursue going to a chiropractor. That being said, I went to American Family Spine and Health for one of their Patient Appreciation Days when they offered deeply discounted x-rays, with a free exam and consultation. I was shocked to see the x-ray images and Dr. Clark explained why I was having constant headaches due to issues with my neck and upper back alignment. That same week, I began corrective treatment and the headaches disappeared completely within a few days! With continued adjustments, at-home exercises and periodic monitoring x-rays, I am happy to say that my overall health has improved and a year later, I am still headache-free! Dr. Clark is knowledgeable, personable and very gentle, and from infants to the elderly, I have witnessed his genuine care for his patients' well-being. The staff members are friendly and cheerful and the office is neat and clean. I trust Dr. Clark with my care as well as my husband and 2 teenaged children and I would highly recommend American Family Spine and Health to anyone and everyone, whether you think you need a chiropractor or not.

Linda Bostian

I have lost 18 lbs. in 28 days. I am feeling so much better &. I have come off of 3 shots of insulin. I am so happy about this. I have also been told that my skin looks much better.

Becky Beasley

Keeping my headaches away without pain meds. Great crew of people who care about you holistically.

Christopher Brittian

We brought our child in because of reoccurring ear infections. Dr. Clark, Dr. Will & Staff took the time to educate us on how spine health tied directly into this issue and how they could help us. We were able to see improvements in his condition and able to discontinue medications. Each visit to the office is quick & easy and everyone makes you feel extremely welcomed.

John Williams

I had very bad sciatica pain and American Family Spine were the only ones that could resolve my issues with a long term plan and treatment that got me back on my feet with no more issues... Great group of professionals to work with.

Barbara Rodgers

Lovely people, caring people, kind people, wonder place to get your health back!

Heather Pressley

I ended up calling by mistake- but I'm sure glad I did. After a car accident I was stressed and full of questions. The staff was so helpful in answering my questions from day one. They put me at ease every time we go. My preschooler has fallen in love with Dr. Will and Dr. Pete. And so have I. She has been 'released' from their care. But she insists on coming with me to say hello. And I will bring her back in a heart beat in the future if she ever needs it. Their bedside manner is great. I would recommend them to anyone. We even drive from over a half hour away to come to American Family Spine.

Jessica Felker

Wonderful experience so far. The staff at American Family Spine and Health are friendly, knowledgeable and patient. That means a lot when you are new. My son has been having neck, back and hip pain for a while now. I wanted to get to the source of the pain. I am so thankful that I did. Dr. Clark is so good at what he does. My son has had 2 adjustments so far and says he feels so great after each one. I am looking forward to the changes that we will see with the care he is receiving. I would highly recommend their services to any of my friends and family.

Kyle Osborne

After nearly two years and seeing multiple chiropractors and orthopedists for my low back pain, I stumbled upon Am Fam Spine using Google. At first, I was a bit skeptical about the regularity in which they recommended I come in order to correct my low back pain, but they quickly proved me wrong. I have been going regularly for 4 months now, and my back feels better then I can ever remember. I am back to exercising pain free and have minimal issues with standing or sitting for extended periods. I highly recommend Am Fam Spine, as they have dramatically improved my quality of life and the staff is always friendly and willing to help.

Dustin Shoulders

Great customer service!

Cody Cline

I love it here !

Frank Kerschbaumer

I have been a patient of Dr. Clark and Dr. Will's for over 5 years. I was a mess when I started going pain etc. They got me on the right track and know going sometimes once a week or every other week is a way of life for me. Just to keep me aligned and feeling great. Staff is great and always treated great by all.

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