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REVIEWS OF Rockefeller Health & Medical IN New York

John Louros

Professional, patient & thorough. I went in for back trouble a few weeks ago & have been going here weekly since. Dr. Conte was great about diagnosing my condition, confirming the same with an x-ray, and most importantly, explaining it to me in a way I could easily understand it. The office is clean, the staff is friendly, and I’ve noticed improvement after a couple of weeks. Finally, office appointments are well managed & there is little (if any) wait time, which is important when I need to sneak out of work. Very happy with my experience.

Lara Gamble

Was more than pleasantly surprised when I visited Rockefeller Health & Medical this week. My chiropractor of more than five years left his practice, so I needed to find a new one to treat my shoulder/neck issues. Dr. Conte and his team are AMAZING. Dr. Conte is very professional but also very friendly, which put me at ease right away. And both the physical therapist and masseuse made me feel FANTASTIC almost instantly. Couldn't recommend them more.

Priya Krishna

I really love their service. It’s phenomenal —everything about it. One hour session includes Physical Therapy with Sagar, acupuncture with Brian, massage with Stacey and chiropractor adjustments with Dr. Conte or Dr. Paul. They are all superb at what they do and my shoulder, neck and back feel relief in 2-3 days. Appointment after 5 pm also makes it convenient for me. The one negative is that it’s not in my network so the cost can be expensive for each visit. I still go back every 2 months. and have been for 2 years.

Kerry Davi

The office is very professional, clean and modern. All staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Each person took time to greet you and explain what they were doing. I left feeling relief after my first visit. Definitely would recommend.

Michelle Durkin

I never write reviews, but Rockefeller Health and Medical has been so amazing! I was suffering from chronic neck pains and headaches and not only am I pain free but I have been given a follow up routine of exercises to prevent future pain! Each specialist (Physical therapist, acupuncturist, masseur, chiropractor etc) I met with during my visits were knowledgeable and on the same page with my full recovery in mind. Dr. Conte and his Entire team of specialists are the people to see if you want results! Highly recommend!!!

Margaret Blair

Dr. Conte and his team are awesome! I had been having back, neck, and shoulder pain for several months and was constantly uncomfortable. It was at the point where I couldn't fall asleep, sit at my desk, or workout without being in pain. Within a few weeks Dr. Conte had me feeling 100%. He and his staff have incredible bedside manner and make you feel comfortable and at home. Dr. Conte takes the time to explain what he's doing and why. Part of my therapy includes acupuncture, which I was unsure of at first having never done it before. It's proven to be incredibly helpful, not just with my back pain but also with helping me to relax. I'm a huge fan of Dr. Conte and team and would highly recommend Rockefeller health and medical!

Annie Castleberry

I have come here for two separate issues and have been pleased with the results both times. I love the different techniques / therapy that is used. Dr. Conte takes the time to listen to your concerns and comes up with a plan of attack. I am so happy to have found Rockefeller Health and Medical!

Mark Ramsey

I have been very impressed with RHMC since my initial consultation, which was well-organized, thorough and set me on the course to getting better. I have been seeing Dr. Conte for a couple of months and my back pain has gotten much better. The whole team is top rate.

Julie Kourie

I discovered Dr Conte last year and am so delighted that I did. Everyone - from the friendly and efficient receptionists, to Dr Conte and his talented team of physical therapists, acupuncturists and sports masseuses - is professional, kind and excellent at their work. I could hardly stand when I recently visited due to a torn and herniated disc and in less than 2 weeks I am on the road to recovery thanks to my therapy sessions w Dr Conte and his team. Throughout the process, I have also been impressed by the measured and thoughtful advice of Dr Conte. I highly recommend Dr Conte's practice and have recommended countless friends there (who are equally impressed).

Dasha Sverdlova

Fantastic experience all around - from the doctors and specialists at Rockefeller Health and Medical to the reception staff and super convenient location. I've had a huge improvement in my lower back in only 3 visits after weeks of pain. Especially loved my therapies with Mia and Brian!!

Nik Obradovic

Dr. Conte and staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They are helping me through my back issues and it has been a great experience so far!

Gina M

The best decision I made was to come to Rockefeller Health & Medical. The office is clean & bright and the entire staff from the girls at the front desk to the physical/message therapists etc. are great. Dr. Conte is fantastic. On my first visit he outlined a treatment plan & was right on point. I have suffered from back pain for years, had spinal injections, & back surgery. I have lost count of how many times I have done physical therapy. What I can tell you from my experience is that where you go for your treatment will make all the difference & Rockefeller Health & Medical is just the place! In less that 2 weeks I felt an incredible difference just as Dr. Conte told me on my first visit. I had hip surgery last years & after weeks of physical therapy I still had pain and was starting to accept that this was the way it was going to be. I had this annoying pain in my hip that would not go away & my hip felt like a rock. Well after a few treatments that annoying pain was gone and my hip no longer feels like a rock & most of the stiffness is almost gone! In all the years of doing P.T. to manage my pain I can tell you that I have never ever got the results I have received here is such a short period of time. That is why I said where you go for your treatment can make all the difference. On my last visit I mentioned I have been having headaches & with just a little stretching within no time my headache & jaw pain was gone. Dr. Conte has also outlined a treatment plan for me to follow down the road as needed. I have been suffering from chronic pain for so long & to know I can find relief in such a short period of time is life changing! I highly recommend this office!

Josephine Segota

I have used chiropractors for many years for my various back pain ailments.Recently I have been experiencing acute lower back pain in addition to the sharp pain traveling down by leg and into my toes. I needed a chiropractor that was experienced and in proximity to my office. I was very fortunate to find a great chiropractor in Dr. Conte and his team of professionals at Rockefeller Health & Medical. The wrap around approach provided me with a trained team of physical therapists, acupuncturist, massage therapists. Each team member is skilled and knowledgeable and friendly making for a great experience. My lower back is almost perfect and my leg pain is gone. Thank you Dr. Conte and team!

Gordon MacLeod

I have had a great experience at Rockefeller Health & Medical so far! Making my first appointment was super easy and the office is conveniently located near Rockefeller Center. Dr. Conte and his staff are so friendly and very good at what they do. I have never had to wait more than a minute for my session to start. I love the different modalities - physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustment. This is my first time doing acupuncture and I feel that it is really helping. Dr. Conte always greets me with a smile and gives great adjustments to my neck and back. Dr. Paul is great as well -- she addressed bad pain I was having near my ribcage in a matter of minutes through chiropractic massage. I immediately felt so much better! I would definitely recommend this office!

James Kwiatkowski

I was looking for a new chiropractor and i'm very happy I found Rockefeller Health & Medical. Dr. Conte was very knowledgeable and friendly. The massage therapist was nurturing and comfortable. I would absolutely recommend this office to anyone. :)

Minhao Shi

Super friendly staff and has treated my neck pain.

sameer baksh

One of the best chiropractic practice in town! People are so welcoming and helpful. Can't forget that they helped me feel better. 5 Stars!

Carlos Gautier

Rachel Tiedemann

Amazing staff with great knowledge of how to treat my specific low back issues. Every visit is quick and painless (and absolutely relaxing). Dr. Conte was super helpful in explaining the details of my issues, and solving any pain problems or tension that might've popped up during the week. Feels like going to an orthopedist, physical therapist, and chiropractor all in one! Highly recommend.

Jen Ash

Super helpful staff, with everyone willing to take the time to really target and go over your issues, while understanding and working with your day to day. Dr. Conte and his staff are all extremely amicable, and worked/are working wonders with me and my lower back pain and issues.

Hajnalka Bordacs

Amazing office. I’ve been coming here for a few weeks now. Getting better day by day. Very professional, always friendly office. Not only the doctor is great but I love my physical therapist and my masseuse. I tell dr Conte every single time how great they are. I feel relaxed, lighter and 2 inches taller every time I leave. Lol Highly recommend the office!

Inês Serra

I needed a chiropractor that was close to my office for my back pain. I was surprised not only by the friendliness of the staff but also by the complete range of services. Going from chiropractor visit to acupuncture, PT and massage the team goes all to way to make sure you do improve, setting realistic goals and not over do the number of sessions. Totally recommend for anyone that wants an efficient and great treatment!

Alexis T

I normally don't write reviews but I absolutely had to considering. I've been dealing with headaches for as long as I remember. I saw doctor after doctor, took several different types of medication, and finally botox. All of which did absolutely nothing. My quality of life was non existant and I was in constant pain. At the suggestion of another chiropractor, I paid a visit to Dr. Conte. Off the bat, he was super chill and easy to talk to. I was able to let him know what was going on and he was really attentive. He also asked me questions in return, which solidified that he cared and wanted to provide me with the best treatment. After our initial consultation, I was greeted by a physical therapist, an acupuncturist, massage therapist, and then Dr. Conte himself for some adjusting. It was literally a one stop shop. They also have this awesome decompression machine, which took a lot of the pressure off of my cervical spine ultimately relieveing my headache. I walked out of there headache free for the first time in almost a month. The following week I only had one headache. I almost forgot what it felt like to not be in pain. Remember, this was after one visit. I'm not only thankful for Dr. Conte alone, but his amazing staff. Literally every person I have interacted with in this office has been super attentive, caring, and easy going, including his receptionists. There's nothing worse than crappy receptionists. A personable personality goes a long way, and everyone here has one. If you suffer from headaches, don't even bother going anywhere else. Seriously, just do yourself the favor and go see Dr. Conte and his team.

Ben Epstein

Dr. Conte and his team of professionals have been amazing from day one. I went in for my first visit barely able to walk and in only 3 week I am more or less pain free. I highly recommend Rockefeller Health's services!

Vidya Mahantram

I have always suffered with neck pain and headaches. I've tired so many different doctors and physical therapists. I'm so happy to have found this place, I've been coming for only two weeks and I'm already feeling better than i have in over a year. Dr. Conte and his team are amazing! Besides having great therapists, the office looks so modern and clean. The office is also very convenient, it's right in the middle of midtown Manhattan.

Giampiero Rispo

What a fabulous office! You can walk into a modern, clean, beautiful office. I am very pleased with Dr. Conte & his team. Dr. Conte has made my neck pain & headaches disappear. For me, going to a chiropractor is about helping and allowing your body to function at its optimum. I am also grateful that they accept insurance, and work very hard to take care of all the details. Dr. Conte & his staff are very accommodating. I highly recommend this office to everyone.


This place is awesome! I've struggled with foot and shoulder pain due to my work conditions. These guys have helped me feel much better and have taught me techniques to prevent further injuries. They're real professionals and know how to make one feel at ease.

James Worthington DeMolet

I was in awe right after my first session. I was having back pain that I had decided was normal until it got progressively worse and was a piercing pain. I can't express enough how incredible my experience has been in going here, my back os about 75% better in 3 sessions. Dr. conte has assembled an incredible group of people who are the best in what they do. I can't express enough how thankful I am to have Dr. Conte and his team in my rolodex.

trew tummigillo

After a few weeks of suffering from back and neck pain, I made my first appointment with Dr. Conte. I was apprehensive about going to a chiropractor, but the second I stepped foot in the office, I was put at ease. I never had to wait more than 5 minutes, which allows me to schedule intraday. Dr. Conte and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, patient, and listen to where I am experiencing pain. My quality of life has greatly improved since my initial appointment. I would highly recommend.

Marisol V.

Thankfully I was recommended to see Dr. Conte for my ongoing neck and shoulder issues. I finally feel I am at a place where I am not only being taken cared of, but I am also being listened to and there is concern to get me to a place where I am pain free and back at being active again. The holistic approach to the care is wonderful...time is taken to explain the treatments and benefits

Erica Kaplan

Dr. Conte has been taking excellent care of me for the last 10 years. I came to him with severe neck and back pain after an accident. He got me up and feeling like myself again in just a few short months. I continue to see him for maintenance and flare ups. He has always been clear about a treatment plan, realistic about healing time and next steps. I always leave his office feeling much better than when I walked in. I call him my miracle worker.

Barry Dale Johnson

This facility is clean, modern, and welcoming. The staff are incredibly friendly, and the doctors and their staff are first-rate. The combination of the "team" that comes in to treat you is unlike so many other chiropractors. There is massage, acupuncture, electric therapy, PT and adjustments, and all are done by friendly, intelligent workers who help you understand not only your own pain, but how the body works to heal (or hurt) itself. I highly recommend Dr. Conte and his team - they are the best experience I have had at a chiro.

Alina Ulloa

Very organized place. Dr. Conte and his staff are very professional and friendly. Their scheduled is very flexible. I am satisfied with treatment provided by Rockefeller Health & Medical. Definitely five stars!

Michele Take Two Salon

The whole team really cares. They identified the source of my pain, laid out a rehabilitation plan, and relieved my pain with physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and adjustments all in one hour treaments. The best experience I've ever had!

Yvonne Butler

I am visiting NY from Australia and I hurt my hips & Lower back, I was in huge about of pain. I went in to the Rockefeller Health Chiropractor hardly walking and they looked after me amazingly and was able to walked out of there heaps better! They gave me absolute royal treatment with 5 different people working on me and then giving me a support belt absolutely free, so I could still managed to see NY while injured!! Couldn't recommend it any higher!!

Nicholas Tsitsos

I found Rockefeller Health & Medical and Dr. Conte on zocdoc and am very satisfied with the service. Their comprehensive approach to back treatment provided the relief I sought after just my first visit. The staff is also very kind and professional.

Calley Bridges

I came to Rockefeller, Dr. Conti, & his amazing team last August about half of the way through a marathon training season. It would be my 4th marathon and somehow I found myself in so much pain by week 6, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to finish the season. As a long time runner, of course this is the point as which I decide I need a PT. I was new to the city and was just searching online for a new PT and I'm so glad google led me here! The staff was super friendly, energetic, and determined to get me back on the roads. In fact, they did! They took me from a painful walk to jogging again, to running, and racing again in one month! I feel it's because of their all in approach. You know how most PTs, you go there on time for your appointment, wait 30 mins, get 30 mins of treatment, then they tell you to come back 3x a week and do lots of stuff at home? Well, that's not Rockefeller. You go in, you get treated right away. You see multiple doctors for a total of an hour most times! For my visits, I would be treated by a PT, massage therapist, acupuncture, and chiropractor. I don't know if any one of these things would have healed me so fast. I really think it was the combo. It just gives the body everything it needs to heal. That late summer/fall I went from a painful walk and not thinking I could finish a season to a 10 minute PR in the Chicago Marathon and a Boston Qualifier time! Talk about results! I continued running pain free after that race and throughout the year. Everything had been perfect until I started doing a little more speed work that I've done the last few years. I tweaked my other hamstring this time during a workout but knew just what to do this time-- go to Rockefeller & Dr. Conti! So the next day I made an appointment. After all, I had to race a half marathon in 2 weeks! 4 sessions with this team and I ran a 1:35 half marathon! -- with some slight discomfort as I'm not 100% healed but hey, it's been 2 weeks! a few more weeks here and I know I'll be good as new! I'm so glad I found Rockefeller Health & Medical! I found my PT & would recommend these guys to everyone!

Skylar Liu

Esther Carvajal

Dr. Conte and his staff are the best! They are very organized, friendly and effective. They have been treating me for shoulder and neck pain which causes terrible headaches and contributes to my migraines and I have seen great results. After each visit I feel relaxed and in less pain then when I came in. Aside from treating you they each take the time to explain why what they are doing is beneficial and teach you stretches and give you tips on how to help avoid these issues in the future. If you are like me most of these issues stem from siting at a desk all day. I have recommended his office to all my friends and co-workers.

Bill Levin

From Flo B. 2/20/2015 I know Dr. Anthony Conte for 3 years. I travel from Long Island to New York City just to see Dr. Conte and his staff. His office is clean, his staff is very friendly. My first visit incorporated Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy and an initial screening regarding the cause of my frozen shoulder. Thank you Dr. Conte and Staff for all your help.

Olivia Nadon

Amazing experience every time. Dr. Conte has been my chiro since May and he's made my back injury go from intolerable to extremely manageable. I tried two other chiros in Brooklyn close to my neighbourhood but continue the commute into the city because Dr. Conte and his staff are that good.

Lo Tus

Great staff and service. I had bad abdominal muscle tear and no other dr I was calling had any experience with it. At last I found Rockefeller Health & Medical and Dr. Conte + his staff are very helpful. Got answers to all my questions and I'm feeling much better. Highly recommended !!!

Wilber Perez

After my first visit, my body felt completely brand new!! This facility offers an amazing knowledgeable team, top line equipment, and proper care in a newly modern space. You will not be disappointed!

Kenny Polak

I began going to Dr. Conte about three months ago after having symptoms of a “pinched nerve” in my neck. My initial consultation included a bunch of questions and tests, along with a few x-rays to try and get to the root of my problem. Dr. Conte’s team is exceptional! From the minute you walk through the door till the final treatment, everyone on Dr. Conte’s staff makes each visit pleasant and efficient – but most importantly – gets results. I highly recommend Rockefeller Health & Medical for anyone who’s looking for pain relief of non-emergency injuries.

Angel Pagan

I loved my experience at Rockefeller health and medical. Dr.conte and his team were very informative and explained to me about my condition and what to do to prevent surgery. Just after the first treatment I could feel the difference. I've had lower back pain for years and with the adjustment, physical therapy, massage therapy and acupunture that his team provided I can feel the difference. Just the overall experience was great. Since you walk through the door you can tell you have entered a doctors office that cares about their patients.

Matthew Monte

I'm an avid powerlifter and any days not training really disrupt my lifestyle and mental psychie. I hurt my SI joint playing softball and it devastated me. Dr. Conte and his staff had me up and running within three weeks! Everyone from the staff in reception to the PT really put me at ease. I highly recommend using them if you are dealing with any type of sports related injury or lower back pain.

Sasha Cesar

I had lower back pain and pain in my neck. I came 2x/week for 4 weeks and felt so much better (finally!). Each session included an adjustment, physical therapy, acupuncture, and a massage! The staff is superb, definitely recommend these guys!!

Nicole Aarons

Dr. Conte and his team are both very professional and attentive. I am travelling and so needed an appointment rather quickly and they were very efficient and able to accomodate. Their services go above and beyond what is expected and they were able to address the root cause of my problem very quickly. In addition to a wonderful service that I have repeateadly come back to, Dr.Conte has provided me with some fantastic tips on things to do while I’m in New York. Brilliant

Louis Rothstein

Each of the staff members were very knowledgeable and truly amicable. They have a team of staff all focused in their area of expertise. Each team member took time to meet you and to explain what/why they were doing. Highly recommend Dr. Conte and his team.

Cathie Garcia

Went in for my first visit today and was diagnosed with a few different (pretty bad) issues. The doctor was thorough and took her time explaining what everything was in the x-rayes. I was treated very nicely from the moment I walked in the door, the desk was very pleasant and the office was immaculate. I left encouraged that I would get relief from the plethora of issues I have causing me pain.

javier lugo

I have always suffered with back problems. After just 2 weeks to this office, I feel so much better. The entire team is phenomenal ! The girls at the front desk are so accommodating and work around my schedule. Dr. Conte was very thorough when evaluating my condition, which is more than I can say about my previous chiropractor. All the therapist work together to make sure you are well taken care of. Plus the location is excellent. I can't recommend this office enough!

Stephanie Chen

Extremely friendly staff that has helped with my back pain!

Sameer Gurnamal

Rockefeller health and medical has helped me tremendously. After a year and half of searching for a cure Dr.Conte finally helped me fix my costochondritis. He himself had the condition, which made him even more of an expert when treating it. I've come a long way from where I started, which was a state of constant pain. I highly recommend this place for anybody with this condition, in fact it is a must. The staff is friendly, professional and accommodating. The facilities are state of the art- they have a x-ray in house. This is a good place to be.

Qirong Rachel Sun

I have been having shoulder and neck pain for more than five years. During the time, I have tried different treatments such as physical therapy and acupuncture. However, none of them improved my pain significantly. When I first visited Dr. Conte, I didn't set my expectations very high.But gradually I feel this time could be different than my previous experiences. Dr. Conte took an X ray for my spine and walked through every detail and problems patiently. Moreover, the treatment is a team work of acupuncture, physical therapy, medical injection, massage and chiropractic. Although each visit only takes less than hour, I can feel my body is more loose after every visit. Finally, everyone here is as nice as they can be. They have great selection of music and comfortable individual room. I would highly recommend Rockefeller Health & Medical Chiropractic for everyone.

moushette maquilon

The entire staff is great. From the super nice and efficient front desk team to the acupuncture team, and the PT team. Needless to mention Dr Conte puts all his efforts to make you feel better. In 4 days they were able to reverse some major damaged I did while travelling. And finally I can sleep 8 hours without waking up in pain.

Juan Coste

I have to say the staff was very friendly and professional. It was my first time here and it was not a long wait. I did the acupuncture with the massage and chiropractic and I have to say this help me alot with the tense pain I had on my neck. I will deft be back

Michael Riullano

Couldn't have chosen a better chiropractor. The front desk all greet you upon arrival while following up on you making sure all your needs are full filled.. Dr. Conte is not only pleasant but very eager to help you through your difficult time.. I would like to thank not only him self but his entire staff for providing such a luxury service! Best Regards

Courtney Menking

Dr. Conte was extremely helpful for getting my body back on track. He was patient, kind, and asked clarifying questions about my slipped rib and the pain that radiated from it. All of the therapists are professional and work together to give you the best experience possible. Dr. Conte said, "we just want people to walk out of here every time feeling even a little bit better!". Well, I am always sore... but can definitely notice a difference in my muscle and nerve pain.

Kristin Salvo

Miracle workers. Fantastic and friendly staff. 100% recommend.

Michael Maize

I started going to Rockefeller Health 3 weeks ago for a bad sciatica. I had never had it this bad, with continual shooting pain down leg, into hamstring and calf. I could barely walk. After a week and a half of the services, I was at 75% improvement. Now, after 3 weeks, I am almost completely healed. Dr. Conte and his staff of wonderful acupuncturists, massage therapists and physical therapists are top notch. So happy I found them!

Angel Edmundo Cordova

Honestly, I came with aches in my lower back and now its doing a lot better. Whenever I get aches I know how to treat it because I was taught how to treat it. I love how they taught me how to be self reliant and know the importance of a healthy active life. Plus, when they tell you to come at a certain hour, they take you in at that time. I totally recommend this for everybody. BEST DOCTORS EVER!!!

Devan Shah

Dr. Conte and his team are incredible. I'm relatively young (23) and I've been having chronic neck problems for the past three years (caused by a gym injury), which have prevented me from going to the gym and have often given me tension headaches. I've seen sport orthopedic doctors, gotten X-rays, MRI's, gone to standalone chiropractors, to no avail. Dr. Conte's facility is a few minutes from my office, so it was convenient for me to go there. I've been going two times / week for the past few months and my neck has recovered dramatically (~90%). I'm back at the gym and I'm now able to continue with my strength training. At such a young age, going to Dr. Conte was truly a blessing; the only thing that helped me after three strenuous years of chronic pain and searching for a solution. The facility is incredibly clean and modern looking, in a great area. The practice itself is truly unique - not your typical chiropractor shop, instead offering way more; much more unique and holistic, with PT therapy, acupuncture, electric stimulation, and massage therapy involved in each session, among other things. Dr. Conte and his team are truly incredible, and they really understand what they're doing. And best of all, they're always in high spirits and always cheerful.

Rebeka Bernstein

Amanda Benhamou

I've been going to Dr. Conte for two months now and my back is so much better. This place really takes the time to find out whats bothering you and uses different treatments to help correct the problem. They really do an amazing job of taking care of their patients.

Helen Kilian

I am so glad that I found Rockefeller. For years I've been dealing with intermittent pain from spondylolisthesis. I had been able to manage it on my own for a while, but after a series of painful flare-ups, I knew it was time to get some relief. Enter Dr. Conte and the staff at Rockefeller Health. From the beginning I have been impressed with the quality of care and professionalism by all of the practitioners and staff. During my first visit, Dr. Conte took x-rays of my lower back, as I hadn't had an updated assessment of my spine in two years. He spent time getting to know me and the pain I was experiencing and recommended treatment that has been quite effective for me, involving a combination of physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustment. This holistic approach is one of my favorite things about the practice; I leave feeling relaxed and relieved-- the opposite of my experience receiving injections at a hospital, which were relatively ineffective, fairly painful, and required a trip to New Jersey. All of the practitioners are friendly and make me feel welcome and comfortable during every visit. A small, but important, quality that I appreciate at Rockefeller is the ease with which I can make, confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments. My schedule is busy and highly irregular, so the fact that I can receive a text before my appointment and respond "YES" or "NO" to confirm or cancel is so convenient; I don't have to remember to call the office. Although if I do call, the staff at the desk is friendly, professional, and organized. Online scheduling is another benefit, since I can do it at any hour. All in all, my experience at Rockefeller Health & Medical Chiropractic has been a great one! If you're looking for an overall positive and effective experience, this is the place.

Fanta Conde

Dr Conte and his team came highly recommended to me by a colleague, and I am glad I made an appointment with them. I went to them with several back issues. I was feeling a sharp pain in the middle of my back, right on my spine and another pain on the right side, under the shoulder bone. Dr Conte was great at listening to all my complaints and asking questions to try to get to the root cause. He immediately suggested that we do several exams to make sure nothing is broken or torn and he reassured me that everything should be back to normal after a few sessions, if I kept coming consistently. I did just that, and the result was amazing. After about six sessions I was already feeling a lot less pain (75% of it was gone). His staff is wonderful as well. They take their time for everything (acupuncture, massage, physical therapy), and they always try to make sure you are seeing progress. Make sure, you book your appointments on Monday and Thursday because those are the days Jeremy is there and his massages are the BEST. Overall, I had a great experience with Dr Conte and his team and would definitely recommend him to anyone having similar or even other issues. Cheers!

Corinne Miller

Such a positive experience here! The staff is the best - very friendly and attentive, and I've felt so much better since going.

Kimberly Son

Everyone here is so nice and helpful. I injured my hand and was in pain for months. A hand surgeon said they couldn’t do anything for me even though it looked like my finger was dying. But it was back to normal in a couple months thanks to this great place!!

Vanessa Gonzalez-Bunster

I am so thankful to have found Dr. Conte and his team! After triggering an old bulging disc injury to the point where I could barely move around and was in pain even just sitting at my desk, I found Rockefeller Health and Medical online and booked an appointment the next day! I had gone through a lot of trouble trying to heal this injury several years ago, so I was afraid of not finding the right solution, but here I am 4 weeks later feeling great. On my first visit Dr. Conte and his team of physical therapist, acupuncturists, and massage therapists were very thorough, able to diagnose my injury properly and had me feeling better after the first treatment. I was very impressed with the attention to detail and steps that were taken to make sure my injury wasn't more severe after having an x-ray, ultrasound, and nerve test. It has been 4 weeks now and I feel brand new! As an athletic person I took this injury very seriously because I have a Spartan Race coming up and couldn't be out of commission. Thanks to Dr. Conte and his practice, I'm not worried about my race this weekend at all. Though I am very glad to be better, I will miss getting to see the team every week.

Darius Solomon

I would be remiss to not offer a quick and an in depth review to make sure you don't need to read my entire review to get the point. I do feel I am doing somewhat of a public service in writing the long version for anyone suffering from Costochondritis or slipped rib etc.. In Short: Dr. Conti and his team represent the type of care that I was just unable to find anywhere else and simply if put, they are the BEST. Dr Conti listens, takes the time to understand the issue and takes a multi therapy approach with his team to achieve results. There is no such thing as a magic bullet and you need time and work to deal with injuries, but I can say that with absolute conviction after going through many other offices and practitioners that they deliver measurable results and in a caring manner. The Longer version: After having been given an awful amount of names for a condition I have including Costochondritis, undefined Chest Wall pain, Slipped rib syndrome etc... ad nauseum, I just wanted to be able to be active without getting chest pain (All other nasties ruled out). I'm in good shape in my 40's. After trying physical therapy at everything from HSS to other physical therapy offices dealing with sports injuries etc, I came across a review on Yelp about someone else with Costochondritis (Literally Latin for chest pain) who had positive results with Rockefeller Health and Dr. Conti. Costo is an ill understood musculoskeletal condition which can happen from any of a multitude of reasons, but has no specific methodology for treatment and most Doctors just don't know what to do with it aside from telling you to take Advil or rest when it flares up (which it can from exercise, sleeping in a bad position or even just because of the weather). This is great advice if you want to develop an ulcer or never work out. You have to have Costo to understand how frustrating and anxiety causing a condition this is, but this review also relates to care of any physical musculoskeletal injury from a foot to a shoulder. I walked into Dr Conti's office with the typical skepticism that I had developed from seeing countless others, but I was intrigued to see if I might have found the right place due to the yelp review (Last place in the world I thought I would consider for medical advice was yelp). My first impression was a clean, modern and pleasing space. Now, Dr. Conti, I don't want to sound like an advertising, but after a good discussion about why I was there (no rush whatsoever), Dr. Conti came up with a multi disciplinary approach to start to see if we could cautiously and systematically address the issue. Wow, in all the different therapy offices I had visited, not a single one took this approach. Dr Conti shows an amazing amount of Knowledge and his staff is absolutely top notch. No magic trick, it took time, a schedule of visits and some trial and error, but after less than a month I started to see results. Through a combination of Chiropracty, massage therapy, acupuncture and physical therapy I have to say that they have provided results that no other office including the big well know sports therapy divisions of hospitals we able to produce. Their approach is applicable to any injuries, but if you have costo and are looking for real relief and help you MUST go see Dr, Conti. If you have never experienced Costo pain, you could not understand why I am so enthusiastic in writing this. There is no voodoo here, just tried and true principles and methods, but they put it together like no other team and I will gladly continue the maintenance phase of my therapy with them indefinitely and invite anyone who reads this who visits the office to ask me for my experience so far. I hope this review helps.

Jessica Wang

Stop searching and book your appointment!!! From start to finish my experience has been first class. I was in serious back and neck pain for months before I had time to do anything about it. I called Rockefeller Heath & Medical and they took me right away AND checked with my insurance provider to make sure I was covered - very unlike a doctor's office to do!! The reception staff is so friendly and amazing - truly like entering a spa. I told them at check in that I was on my lunch break so I had limited time. They showed me into a room and within seconds Dr. Conte was there to examine me. Right away he took me for X-rays followed by a nerve test and ultra sound of my shoulder. Within this same hour I received acupuncture, a light massage, PT and an adjustment. Every specialist I saw was warm welcoming, knowledgable, and while keeping it quick, did not rush me while I explained my areas of concern. My visits have been weekly for 5 weeks but within the first week I felt a huge change. My pain level is now almost completely gone and my range of motion in my neck and shoulders are almost back to normal! I am amazed at how quickly I have recovered from the months of pain I endured. Dr. Conte and his staff are wonderful!!!

Stacey Collazo

Tracy Fronc

This place is great. I've had back and shoulder pain for years, so I came to this office and WOW! First, when you walk in, the office is gorgeous. Very modern and welcoming. Each individual exam room is very comforting - they don't feel like a doctor's office. Megan, the receptionist, is very friendly and helpful. Erika, the massage therapist, is very helpful and knowledgeable. I had pain in my neck that went right down my back and I couldn't move my head. She knew exactly what to work on and had me turning my head a little more when I walked out. She told me how it may have happened and gave me suggestions on how to prevent that kind of injury in the future. Dr. Conte is extremely knowledgeable and helps me out whenever I need him. He gives me tips on how to stretch and prevent any future pain. I never have a problem getting an appointment. They are very accommodating. I've had great experiences at this office -- I'm definitely a lifer.

Alex Gitman

Very pleasant people and office. Everything needed to diagnose my condition was on site which allowed for immediate treatment and quick recovery. Especially loved their respect for set appointment time. Been there three times and was seen at the time scheduled.

Shayna D'Albora

There is an amazing team at Rockefeller Health & Medical. Everyone on staff from the reception on up is there to make sure you feel well attended to and get you relief form your pain. I first sought treatment here for neck pain from TMJ that I was advised would require surgery. In less than 8 weeks that have cured that pain and are continuing to make sure I stay healthy and pain free. They are willing to work with you regardless if you are in network or not. And will advise you upfront of what is covered and what isn't so you can make informed choices. I cannot recommend Rockefeller Health & Medical enough- in fact I have already sent my husband!

Sanjana Chowdhury

Chuck H

I had chronic knee pain for 2 years and had gone to 3 different orthopedic specialists and spent months in physical therapy - nothing stopped the knee pain. Dr. Conte and his team accomplished in a few months what I'd all but given up on - returning to running! Within 2 months they had me back doing some miles and within 3 months, I was building on those miles almost pain free. I'm also eternally grateful for their wise, thorough and benevolent counsel - they're as psyched as I am that I'm back doing what I love.

Beth Michelson

Rockefeller Health offers a holistic approach to healing injuries that I have never seen before. I have tried PT several times and gentle chiropractors as well but this was the first time I had treatment where in each session, 4 different strategies was used in combination to attack the problem. With my prior experiences with PT I often felt like they were trying to strengthen the muscles around the issue to prevent it from happening again rather than accelerating the cure. With Rockefeller I think the holistic approach is far more effective and I experience a marked improvement within the first week of treatment. Everyone on staff -- from the desk, to massage, PT, acupuncturists and of course, Dr. Conte, is both warm and professional. I highly recommend Rockefeller.

Daniel Duffy

I've had nothing but a positive experience hence far at Rockefeller Health & Medical. I began seeing Dr. Conte and his staff at the end of last year with pains in my lower back from the rigors of working out, commuting, and plopping 3 kids on my shoulders. After a handful of sessions, I felt a considerable amount of relief. The combination of physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, and adjustment--fit into one hour--is furthermore ideal for my often intense work schedule. They accomplish a lot here in a little bit of time. More recently, I have had upper back and neck pains to the point my sleep and moods (!) were compromised. I've been back to Dr. Conte for only 3 sessions and am already making wonderful progress. I am sleeping better at night and less stressed and more importantly, in less pain, through the entirety of the day. I'd be remiss too if I did not compliment both the professionalism and friendliness of the entire staff. Masseuse, physical therapist, and acupuncturist all arrive with a smile and immediately inquire how I am feeling. All render advice in their respective fields that I have, over time, found helpful. Dr. Conte, along with outlining a fantastic course of treatment, also brings an old-school, personal approach to the table; he asks how my kids are, how my sister is (he knows her because she referred me!), etc. It's a very complimentary aspect of the experience; it shows, in my eyes, that he and his staff CARE. If you have back/neck pain and are looking for a place to find relief--and also de-stress--in midtown Manhattan, pay Rockefeller Health & Medical and Dr. Conte and his staff a visit.

J Hoff

The entire Rockefeller crew could not be more pleasant, from the friendly front desk staff to all the therapists, who are so patient and sweet. When you're in pain, it's so nice to have medical professionals with great bedside manner! But, more importantly, this team has nursed me back to health after two injuries -- I'm so grateful for feeling 100% again, and I owe it to them. An excellent practice!

James Augir

Dr. Conte and his team have been instrumental in facilitating recovery from two separate bouts of sports-related back pain. Dr. Conte's transparent and informative diagnostic approach has helped me to understand the underlying pathology as a precursor to eliminating the pain and hopefully mitigating the likelihood of future injuries. A far cry from the "crack –and-go" school, Dr. Conte and team employ a holistic approach encompassing active stretching, massage, dry needling and adjustments. The office managers, who are extremely friendly, are also excellent about accommodating last-minute appointments and coordinating the insurance modalities.

Frank Camma

I haven't been to a chiropractor in nearly thirty years but I recently injured my upper back and neck while I was on vacation. What I liked most was that I called at 10am and they were able to fit me in by noon which is very important as I was in pain. Unfortunately I go to a lot of doctors for other conditions and the other thing that I liked was the practice was able to deliver everything I needed to get me pain free quickly. I not only was adjusted by the chiropractor that day but I also had physical therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture. I am glad I came across this practice and would recommend it when you are in the need of a chiropractor.

Christina Cimmino

I have been dealing with back pain on and off for a number of years- I have been to chiropractors, massage therapists, and physical therapists. Never have I ever experienced a place like Rockefeller Health and Medical. First off, Dr. Conte is so personable, helpful, and walks you through the treatment process. The environment is extremely relaxing and sometimes makes me feel like I'm in a spa rather than a doctors office. They are really flexible with the scheduling and if I need to get out of there at a certain time, they are always able to accommodate it. With the treatment plan that they have provided me, I feel as though every single individual I see from the physical therapist, the acupuncturist, the massage therapist, and Dr. Conte- everyone is on the same page and wants to accomplish the same goal- to make me feel better (not to mention they are all so welcoming and friendly). I highly recommend this place to anyone who is in search of a facility that actually cares about your well-being and making you feel better, while getting A+++ service.

David James Parr

The staff here is excellent. I went in with a back and shoulder injury and Dr Conte devised a therapy plan that has worked wonderfully. They’re also very flexible with scheduling.

Adam Sarli

I'm new, but so far I'm impressed. With Dr. Conte you literally get a team of practitioners. I struggle with chronic neck and shoulder pain. Within an hour of my first visit, I had seen a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, and a physical therapist. It's nice to have so many different people working with me, sharing their expertise. While everyone is upbeat and helpful, Albert is a particularly wonderful physical therapist. He gives solid exercises, and is eager to go into detail about how each exercise is designed to help you. I'm benefiting greatly from my treatment here, and I'd highly recommend them!

Cara McMurry

Lauren Miller

Dr. Conte and his staff are absolutely amazing. I called for an urgent appointment and they were able to squeeze me in that day. After just one visit I felt so much better. Everyone in this office is friendly and professional. highly recommended!

Cindy Hernandez

Dr Conte and his staff are very friendly and attentive. It was very easy making an appointment and they attended me immediately. Great office! I would highly recommend it to anyone having issues.

jane doe

I came to Rockefeller Health barely able to walk and barely able to stand. After fracturing my foot and walking unevenly for months during and after my air cast, I had a pinched sciatic nerve that caused excruciating pain night and day. Seeking a miracle, after three other chiros, I sought out an alternate treatment, and Dr. Conte's approach was what ultimately fixed me. My case was pretty severe so I was a regular for about 4 months, but now I just visit when I need a tune up. I can't say enough about my experience with this team.

Leonard Milfort

Great place. Friendly staff. They helped me with correcting a posture issue and got it done in such a short time. Highly recommended

suam zu

kurt joyce

This office is extremely wonderful! Some of the best chiropractor therapy I have ever received. The multi purpose therapy allows you to heal faster and feel better within a few weeks.Always suffered from back pain. After just two weeks however, I was back in the full swing of things. Also, the staff is super personable. Totally would recommend to all looking for care.

Ryan Horan

I had a pinched nerve in my neck and went to Dr. Conte for help and was very pleased. After 4 weeks I am feeling much better and on the road to recovery. Making appointments is very easy and the front desk staff is incredibly helpful. The entire staff is very professional and I have had nothing but good interactions. Furthermore, Dr. Conte clearly wants his patients to get better quickly rather than dragging them along for endless appointments. His bedside manner is very good and he is able to break down treatment in an easy to explain manner. Overall, incredible experience and would recommend to any friends and family.

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