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REVIEWS OF McMahon Chiropractic IN New York

Craig de Thomas

I began treatment on August 12, 2019 for intense back and neck pain due to scoliosis and a slight hip distortion. Dr. McMahon competently diagnosed my situation and quickly prescribed a treatment regimen that has provided me with quick relief of pain and discomfort and straightening of my spine. I appreciate that he takes the time to talk with me in detail about what was/is going on with me and the expected outcome, including recommending other diagnostic tools such as XRAYS and an MRI. He and his staff are highly competent, caring, compassionate and professional at every turn. It has been a pleasure working with them on my whole health approach to life.

Wanda Diaz

I have been a patient for many years due to a work related injury. Dr. McMahon and his staff are extremely pleasant and professional. My daughter had several sessions with him while pregnant and was very satisfied with the results. I highly recommend his practice to anyone with back pain and other sports injuries. Two thumbs up.

Joshua Milstein

My family have been going to Dr. McMahon's practice in Chelsea for over 20 years. Not only is he a fantastic chiropractor, we've come to consider him a friend. Dr. McMahon is extremely professional and trustworthy. My wife and I entrust ourselves to him, and happily send our children for adjustments as well. In fact, Dr. McMahon adjusted our son Ben when he was only 2 days old. (He's 15 now!) There have been many occasions when he worked us into his schedule on short notice when we needed him, and no matter what, he is always thorough and explains exactly what he is doing and why. He treats every patient as though they are his only patient, which is rare and invaluable. We recommend his practice to anyone looking for a reputable, skilled chiropractor.

Laurence Weeks

The most knowledgeable and caring chiropractor in New York City. Very highly recommended!

Pat E

I was always skeptical about chiropractic treatment until I met Dr. McMahon. I suffered from back and sciatic nerve pain which radiated into my legs and feet for nine months. I had difficulty walking, sitting and sleeping due to the chronic burning pain .My quality of life became so compromised by this chronic, debilitating pain. A friend suggested that I consult a chiropractor. I Google searched chiropractors in my area and came upon Dr. McMahon, read his glowing reviews and decided to make an appointment. I called his office first thing in the morning and to my surprise Dr. McMahon answered the phone. I explained my condition and he was able to give me an appointment for the same day. I found Dr. McMahon to be personable, patient and encouraging. He listened to me and took his time to explain the reason for my problem and answer my questions. Fast forward. I have had a couple of weeks of treatment with Dr. McMahon and am happy to say that I am very close to being back to my normal self. My leg and foot pain is gone and I can sleep and take a walk again. Words cannot express how thankful I am to Dr. McMahon. He is my hero!

Michelle Shocked

"It's well worth the trip across town for an experienced, professional practice devoted to wellness. Clean, neat, organized office & friendly staff.

Andrew Bellamy

I've been coming here for about 3 years now because of a back issue I had while working out and I will say that if it wasn't for Dr McMahon I think my back would've been in horrible shape

Steve Cooper

Always a great experience with Dr. McMahon and his staff. Top notch!

gee money

Dr. McMahon is amazing !! Along with his amazing staff. A wonderful relaxing atmosphere. Would definitely recommend to all my friends and coworkers.

Tom Petro

Been a patient of Dr. McMahon's for decades after a bad fall. He keeps putting me back together when I do the weekend warrior thing or my back just decides on its own to go painful. Recently started making his adjustments a regular routine to head it all off at the pass. Finally was able to take a long pain-free physically challenging vacation. Thanks, Dr. Steve!

Katy Combs

Dr. McMahon is the best chiropractor I have been to - he uses stem technology in combination with adjustments and I always leave there feeling much better! I have noticed a significant difference in my back pain caused by my scoliosis. I recommend him to anyone looking for a great chiropractor in Manhattan!

Joanne Morgan

I'd previously gone to another chiropractor in the city and never felt like he cared about the pain or me, just went through the motions and took my money. Dr McMahon was referred to me by a co-worker and immediately I liked his attitude, his willingness to get you feeling better and honesty. I've been a patient now for over around 10 years and would recommend him in a heartbeat.

stephen percudani

For the past 10 years of my life, I had been experiencing more and more pain in my legs as I was trying to sleep. When I googled what I was feeling, I self diagnosed myself with restless leg syndrome. An irresistible urge to move my legs causing me countless interrupted, sleepless nights. Unfortunately, No one ever told me to see a Chiropractor. After one visit with Dr. Steve, I can now sleep thru the nights and wake up rested. Everything about McMahon Chiropractic is very professional and I would highly recommend...

Tamas Muller

MCMAHON CHIROPRACTIC is AMAZING!!! It was so refreshing to have a chiropractor in NYC who takes the time to explain how my body functions and what was going on with my health!! Dr. McMahon is compassionate and explains chiropractic so clearly! I never really understood the power of my nervous system and how misalignment in my spine could cause so many problems with my health! When I first went in, the diagnostics included an x-ray so that the alignment and the vertebrae could be seen. This doc diagnosed my misalignment that went from the legs through the hips and how that affected the back and neck. Through the years we worked on the misalignment with shoe inserts, physical therapy, adjustments, massage, realigning my sleep and sitting posture, and even some supplements. As with everything, if you take the treatment seriously and keep with it, it works!!! The office is well run, from the front desk to the doctor. I never felt rushed or as I did at previous chiropractic offices that I was just another number. From the minute you walk in, you are greeted and made to feel welcome. Everything is explained before the fact. Just trust the process and there is a good chance it will help you. Dr. McMahon feels like family and I can’t recommend him enough!

Mathieu Zastawny

I went to Dr McMahon for back and neck pain due to misalignement and he was able to fix the problem quite efficiently. Results do not always last as much as I would want them to but I tend to pin it on my lack of exercising. Dr McMahon is a great professional while being very approachable, always able to quickly identify, treat and explain problems. The staff is always very pleasant and accommodating. Sessions can be a little expedited but he manages to treat everyone himself from start to finish and it also makes those sessions that much easier to fit in busy schedules. Financing options available. I recommend to pay in advance for a bunch of sessions which makes them very affordable.

Leigh Maloney

I have no idea why I got an email asking to submit a review when I haven’t been to the practice since November or December’s now May 2018. I decided to not return when I discovered Dr. McMahon was defrauding my insurance. I had two visits remaining for the year under my insurance which were 100% covered, and I was told I needed to pay $50 copay “until we figure out what your insurance will cover.” After my insurance paid the claims IN FULL AND CASHED THE CHECKS I never got a call from his office to get a reimbursement. I had to ask myself and present documents from the insurance in which his secretary didn’t seem to believe. In addition he was billing for service I never received (stim), and when I called to discuss it he swore he gave me the stim. I couldn’t believe as my provider he doesn’t recall the services he administered nor had proper records. I eventually got my money back and they eventually refunded my insurance. Two stars because he’s a good chiropractor and really helped my pain (I’ve suffered with neck/back issues for 15 years). But other than that, make sure if you go here you’re following up with your insurance.

Kevin Kassover

I enjoy going to Dr McMahon's office for the kind staff and his experience. He's knowledgeable and his patients are extremely loyal -- always a good indicator to me. And he's always able to adjust appropriately to address my pain points, providing exercises and advice to prevent the pain from occurring again.

Lauren Duncan

william thomson

Miraculous back and neck relief, I require treatment after my back surgery and feel I have received the best.

Candice Georgis

This is a mind - body connection that can be summed up as a religious experience. I work closely with the body, yet I really didn't understand chiropractic work until I experienced it's profound healing. This is a game changer in the scope of holistic healing. Being adjusted by Dr. Steve and on a treatment plan has been one of the best things I've ever done for my health, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Being adjusted has allowed me to find freedom in my body and mind to feel on a level that I forgot because I've been so tight and misaligned, for a long time. I can literally move my neck and feel my shoulders again. Dr. Steve is gentle, thorough, and exceptional at what he does. I walk out of his office floating, and I feel so much gratitude for this healing modality.

Rohini H

On Friday, April 27,2018 I walked into Dr.McMahon office LIMPING and wasn’t sure if I was going to be seen since I didn’t schedule a appointment. Luckily for me the office manager was able to squeeze me in at the last minute. I waited only five minutes to be seen by Dr.McMahon. He introduced himself and really listened attentively to where I was experiencing pain. The adjustment was really close to Godliness. I walked into his office limping and walked out perfectly straight!!!!! I highly recommend Dr.McMahon to anyone ready to reset their body.

Lord Warg

Great doctor. They always accommodate for timing and always so nice.

ROYCE New York

Excellent staff and a very knowledgeable doctor, I highly recommend!

Julia Gray

Dr. McMahon customizes a plan to fit your needs and schedule. My back pain has decreased significantly since I started seeing him a month ago. Definitely recommend!

Sam Roney

Great doctor, great staff and a great listener. No sales pitch from his team, they actually just want you to feel better. I fly all the time, and they keep me moving even after 15 hour flights. I can’t say enough good things here.

Joe Avila

Amazing place. I have gone to Chiropracters before and they made me think all were the same, which was to never go again. This man changed my views. Ever since I have been going to him, my injuries have been less painful and I can actually wake up feeling as if I didn’t have an injury to begin with. Love coming here and looking forward to keep coming back. Thank you doc.

Jemal Laventure

Very Professional and friendly staff. Dr. McMahon is very good at what he does and is intuitive to the patients needs.

Larry Tek

Very relaxing experience with a group of real professionals. Fixed me right up.

Katie O'Neill


Inadequate accessibility from the street entrance.

Christopher Brock

27 Years Ago, I was Injured In A War My injury caused a loss of mobility and occasional pain in my knee. The VA and other doctors x-rayed my knee multiple times throughout the last 27 years and told me that, while I had some arthritis and cartilage loss due to age, there was not much wrong with my knee. Each time, they stopped at that. I learned to live with the pain and the lack of strength in that leg. Fast forward, I recently had incredible leg pain that resulted in the loss of mobility in the same leg. Pain shooting, throbbing, burning down my leg. I didn't want to move, but I had to. I went to the VA and the x-rayed my back and saw nothing out of the ordinary other than some narrowing due to age. I left in pain. I called, complained, and finally was scheduled for an a month and a half! I guess I was supposed to live with the pain lack of movement until then. Great. A friend that works in the medical field (though not a doctor) suggested I go to his chiropractor to see if it would help. Out of a desperation to relieve some of my pain, I call his chiropractor the very next day. I had no idea it would be such a life changing call. I am a skeptic of everything. I don't like people touching me. And I don't like to be vulnerable to anyone. I am always on guard. It's my nature based on my experiences. So naturally, for me, I was not too keen to let some stranger twist me into vulnerable positions. And of course the naysayers at work were hot and heavy. So I arrived with a healthy bit of skepticism, but with hope in my heart. Doc took the time to discuss my issues and to inform me of what might be going on. He looked at my x-ray report and gave me helpful information on how to decipher the medical lingo. Then, doc hooked me up to this machine that sends pulses through my lower and middle back. It was intensely scary at first. Though as I got use to it over the first five minutes, it felt amazing. This was well worth the visit alone, but this is not the miracle on 21st Street I was about to experience. Doc came back in after the machine timer for the machine ran out. He chatted with me to calm my nerves and told me what he wanted to do as an adjustment. After the adjustment, I stood up and for the first time in 27 years, yes 27, I had no pain in my knee. Now, the pain came back shortly after, as doc said it would, but he also said that over time, the pain would fade if we kept working on it and if I was faithful to the exercises. Faithful I have been! In two months, I have no more pain in my knee and my leg is fine. Doc is amazing. Now, I am working with him to fix my posture and my rounding shoulders (Dowager's knot, I think). So, I am a convert. I think chiropractors are great, and mine is the best. Thank you Doc (or Steve, whatever you prefer - I call anyone who can help me feel less pain, doc) for being a thoughtful, caring, and incredibly skilled chiropractor. You saved me more than just from the pain. You changed my life. I am no longer as grumpy (because pain made me so) and I found out I am still a pretty funny guy. I lost that part for a while and losing the pain made me gain that back!

Rosael Carreras-Morris

Chiropractors have always been a part of my life. I came to Dr. McMahon about 5 years ago with the most excruciating back pain. Within a few weeks of regular visits he had me feeling like new. Over the years he has helped me with various different ailments, neck back, foot, tingling fingers, etc. Always knowledgeable and never afraid to recommend outside practitioners when he believes the ailment is outside the chiropractic realm. He has an easy going, professional manner of working with patients. His staff is always pleasant and go out of their way to be helpful. He is my go to guy whenever my body decides to play tricks on me. I recommend him highly.

Jessica Schoenenberger

I had an inner thigh muscle injury for about a year-went through my primary care to an orthopedic doctor, to physical therapy, and nothing had worked. Then, I started to get this terrible neck pain that gave me headaches, on the same side as my leg pain. My primary care just told me to use heat and advil and it would go away, making me think I was going crazy and that it was in my head. I finally came to Dr. McMahon at my wits end, and he totally fixed me. He took the time to get an X-ray and rooted the problems down to misalignment from a broken hip from when I was 7 and poor computer posture affecting my cervical spine. First chiropractor to ever connect my hip injury to anything. The orthopedic doctor didn't even catch that my legs were different lengths. When no one else could help me he could, and I feel great now. Needless to say best chiropractor I have ever been to, will be going regularly from now on. I learned my lesson!

Shanna Aitcheson

Came here for the first time last month and I couldn't be happier about my results. I've had chronic back pain for the past couple years and everything I've tried thus far hasn't helped. Dr. McMahon has really helped with my lower back pain, he is essentially miracle worker. On top of that he is super sweet and an over all very personable.

Martin Saposnick

Provides comprehensive and experienced chiropracter services in a professional environment. Both family and friends have had excellent results on a regular basis. Highly recommend.

Giovanna Benitez

A crack in the back is priceless especially if it's just in your neighborhood. McMahon's office in Chelsea is very professional and clean. The staff is very helpful and friendly. I just wished that they were covered by my City of New York insurance, Emblemhealth.

Jailen Todd

I found this Chiropractor by a Google search. I've been dealing with back neck pain for years and it had gotten so bad that I could not walk 1/2 a block, clean my home, sit or stand for a few minutes at a time. I decided to go with this Chiropractor because he was convenient to my job location. I went in for a consultation and decided to move forward with one session. I've been hooked ever since. The Dr. sent me in for X-rays and it turns out that my spine is curved. So I decided to purchase a package of sessions (18) and have gone in for the work 3 times a week for the past 2 weeks. With every visit, I'm feeling less and less pain and more of my old self. Dr. McMahon was very personable, to both me and my children. He explained everything he was doing and showed us the reasons for him doing it. He is timely and I've never waited longer than 2 minutes to be taken in for a session. They last about 30 minutes, and I always feel immediate results. I'm looking forward to the next round of X-rays to see how much the curve in my spine has changed and the next round or back and neck popping. It' feel really good when that happens! The only downside is that they don't accept my particular insurance, but don't worry! There are other Insurances they do accept. I highly recommend this Chiropractor! He's simply awesome!!!

Latanya Walrond

Dr. McMahon works wonders. The office is extremely comforting & relaxing. Jacquline & Par keep the office running like a well oiled machine.

Haytham Naga

My wife and I have been enjoying Dr.McMahon's chiropractic services for several years for relief from sciatic pain to lower back pain and are more than satisfied with the results. The atmosphere is calming, the staff is accomodating and friendly with all of our concerns..and Dr. Mcmahon is kind, professional and very knowledgeable... we highly recommend a visit for anyone needing relief in a hurry.

Roni Gross

I have always been skeptical of Chiropractors in general. A friend highly recommended Dr. McMahon when I pulled my lower back a few years ago. Like a miracle worker, I was back to normal after a few sessions. Every so often my back goes out on me and unlike all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, Dr. McMahon always puts me back together again!

Kenneth Holden

Very happy with my experience with this office and i am much improved in my overall health because of the service that i got here Very professional and courteous service...would definitely recommend this doctor .The office as a whole gets a 100% for outstanding service

Sha W

Dr Steve is truly amazing as he really cares for patients and knows exactly what they need. If you are unsure of what your problem is he will ask questions and listen and provide you with the right treatment designed for your issue. He always takes the time out to do personal follow-ups and makes sure that you are in better shape than when you walked in. Even though I live quite far away from his office, I make sure I go see him to get adjusted every chance I get. After my treatment with him, I always feel much lighter and can sleep much better. Between him and his office staff, Jacqueline and Jennifer, I always feel welcome and comfortable.

Kenny Sung

Completely fixed my lower back pain and neck pain. Totally recommended for those who suffer from spine related issues. Thank you Dr. McMahon!

rolanda noguera

I've had issues with my neck and back since childhood , so I'm constantly in some discomfort. Dr. McMahon has helped me Greatly with my issues. And not to mention The staff are super friendly and really do care about their patients. I've already recommended my family and friends. They've spread the word as well!

Angelica Romo

I've been going to Dr. McMahon for years. The staff is very nice, understanding and flexible with my schedule. Dr. McMahon is always professional, helpful and pleasant. It's not your typical HMO factory that many offices are these days. Always looking forward to my next appointment.

Kim Wylie

Long time patient - working, active Mom. I suffered from daily headaches for years until I starting seeing Dr. McMahon about 15 years ago. Since then he's helped me with my neck and my lower back, as well as the occasional sciatic nerve pinches down one leg or another. He's great. Very down to earth, great staff, friendly, responsive. I've also had him adjust my two kids for years, staving off ear infections and headaches from too much iPhone and computer work. I'd highly recommend Dr. Steve.

Senthil Muthuraj

Excellent place. Nice Doctor and staffs!

Joe K

I have been a patient of Dr. McMahon's for many years now, always feel much better after an adjustment, Dr McMahon's staff are very courteous and helpful.

Garry Dobbins

Doctor Steve is always there when I need him; he really knows his stuff, and has a warm, kindly manner. He also helps me with exercises and advice how not to visit him so often! A great doctor and good guy.

Tom McKenna

“Professional, modern, friendly and effective” are the main themes of the reviews I’ve read here, and I agree 100% But I feel the need to add a bit more... After an injury, I’ve required chiropractic care for occasional flare ups for about 13 years. I’ve trusted no one other than Dr. McMahon and his staff and am very grateful for the relief they’ve given me time and again. Over the last 3 years, I finally took the preventative measures given to me via home exercises and regular adjustments seriously and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I’m in better condition than I have been since before my injury and flare ups are quite rare. I highly recommend being more proactive (yes it’s a no-brainer) and following a course of treatment from McMahon Chiropractic.

kiana Michelle

Outstanding is the word that could be used to described the care given at this office, Dr Mcmahon is not only knowledgeable about every aspect of chiropractic injury but he is always willing to share his knowledge with his patients ;Much appreciated.Also ,from the moment you enter this office you are met with a calming and friendly atmosphere....Excellent!! I could only wish that all my doctor''s appointments could be this GREAT...THANKS

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