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REVIEWS OF Better Health Chiropractic PC IN New York

Angela Green

I was in Manhattan, doing some athletic training and was injured. After seeing three other "so called professionals" Dr. Eingorn was able to properly diagnose my injury, treat it with combination therapies and even stayed in contact with me providing help and support in any way he could. He is a brilliant, passionate man who loves his work. You can expect nothing but the best from him.

Kristina Korobova

Dr.Eingorn is the Doctor you can trust . He is not only extremely knowledgeable and professional but also very caring. He will share his honest opinion about your condition and necessary treatment and all what you have to do is just trust and follow ) I was hit by a car 2 years ago , MRI showed 2 herniated discs in my neck and 3 bulging discs in my lumbar spine, my body was in so much pain day and night , but thanks to professionalism of Dr.Alex and I have no issues with my health right now ! I Highly recommend Dr.Eingorn to everyone who wants to get better ! Health is all we have )

Yujing Yang

Dr. Eingorn saved me from my neck pain, back pain and knee injuries. I would recommend him to anyone who suffers from body pains. He truly cares about his patients.

Fady El-Sadek

Dr. Eingorn helped me get to the root of the problem right away

Aaron David Kapner

Dr. Eingorn has helped me through numerous lower back issues that I've had with nothing but the most professional of care. He is a dedicated and caring doctor who always leaves me feeling so much better, both with his medical expertise and generous and caring attitude.

Abbas Tahir

Dr. Eingorn is a magician. I threw my back out when I was 18 and suffered through almost two decades of lower back pain. Age and lack of exercise eventually came a calling and I ended up on the floor of my apartment unable to move. Dr. Eingorn came to my house to get things under control and got me on the path to recovery. I would not be skiing with my six year old son today without Dr. Eingorns treatment and thoughtful guidance over the last few years. He often jokes that me feeling better is not good for business. I am so lucky that he is a doctor before he is a business person.

Jaclyn Evens

I had been suffering from chronic back pain for years before I came to see Dr. Eingorn. The pain was debilitating. I had been in pain so long that I was starting to lose hope that it would ever subside. Dr. Eingorn got to the root of these back pain issues and I started seeing him a few times a week for back adjustments. My pain has subsided. Dr. Eingorn is brilliant at what he does and he has the bedside manner that many doctors these days lack. He truly cares about each patient and he invests himself in your recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Eingorn to anyone who needs a chiropractor.

David Alvarez

I went to Better Health Chiropractic clinic after hurting my lower back and I was barely able to walk. Dr. Eingorn was able to help me for the next few days and got me feeling much better. He is very knowledgeable and his treatments are very helpful. He used several different techniques and forms of treatment to fix me up. The best part of his service for me was that he was able to see a new patient without the multiple visits and costs that many chiropractors insist on. I would highly recommend Dr. Eingorn.

Sarah Schmidt

Dr. Eingorn is hands down the best chiropractor I have ever visited. Amazing guy, amazing talent. After one very thorough adjustment, I stood up and was blown away by the difference in my spine, posture and overall pain (gone). That adjustment kept me in top form for MONTHS, despite continued rugged abuse (running, martial arts).

John Hinds

I have worked with Dr Eingorn over 25 years; he has helped me greatly on many occasions; sensitive soul and sensitive hands, caring, knowledgeable; he knows a good deal about holistic health generally; he has my highest recommendation

Dan Peterson

I have had neck and back pain for more than eight years. A fired suggested that I see Dr. Eingorn, who had saved his back. Since I started seeing Dr. Eingorn not only has my level of pain decreased, but my range of motion has also increased. As far as the adjustments go, he is extremely gentle. Rest assured too, that he is not interested in treating patients forever. He wants most to see you get back to your life as soon as possible. I have seen many chiropractors in my life and Dr. Eingorn is the best.

Elena Levdanskaya

Dr. Eingorn is incredibly professional and attentive to my needs as a patient. He has such an incredible amount of knowledge in his field. He is an incredible diagnostician. I used to have headaches that were very severe. After several sessions with him they were less intense and less frequent. Thank you Dr. Eingorn!

Jerald Stein

I was on the verge of back surgery when I was referred to Dr. Eingorn for possible treatment with the DRX9000. I went, with a great deal of trepidation. He suggested that before trying that, he would give a more traditional, less radical treatment. After twice a week visits for a month diminished to once a month and now once every 6 months-1 year, my back is now pain-free and I have returned to playing ice hockey, snowboarding and hiking to my heart's content. Not only is Dr. Eingorn extremely knowledgeable about the body, he is quite erudite in a number of other areas, such that the conversations during the treatments, on a wide range of subjects, are always fascinating. I cannot recommend Dr. Eingorn strongly enough: RUN, don't walk (or go in a cab if your back hurts) -- you will leave physically and spiritually healthier.

Nandini Sikand

I have been seeing Dr. Eingorn since 2005 and continue to see him even though I now live in Pa. He is a wholistic healer who understands the human body in imperceptible ways. He has treated my lower back, neck and arthritis issues and is the reason that I am still performing and dancing on stage. He has treated my five year old who has inexplicable headaches until Dr. Eingorn figured out one of his vertebrae was out of alignment. The pediatrician was unable to diagnose him. Dr. Eingorn's humor, good cheer, listening skills and humility are rare qualities in any human being and in a doctor they are invaluable.

Elena Mihaila

Dr. Eingorn is an excellent chiropractor with a long successful practice. His skills are absolutely beyond great! He cured me and my friends after I recommended him to them. Miracles do exist!

Alexander Zide

As soon as Dr. Eingorn lays his hands on you, you know you are in good hands. Years of experience and learning give him the ability to precisely diagnose and treat the problems in the shortest possible time. His chiropractic treatments are exact and the the point, with quick recovery. I have been treated by him for over three decades and would recommend him to anybody who needs relief from pain or needs superior performance in athletics.

Justin Vanessus

I suffered from serious back pain for the first time in my life at the begining of the year. I could barely walk and was in seriously pain 24 hours a day. MRI showed a very severe herniation in my lower back. I had not gone to a chiropractor before and was very skeptical about visiting one in conjunction with my orthopedic treatment and physical therapy. I was feeling pessimistic about ever getting fully recovered to the place where I was pre-injury. Dr. Eingorn worked with me on a full treatment plan along with exercises that I could do at home. I am back to all of my favorite outdoor activities, including golfing and surfing. I am so grateful for Dr. Eingorn's help in my recovery process.

Yevgenia P

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Eingorn and his office staff. He is an outstanding physician and chiropractor. He is warm and caring, as well as rounded in his approach to medicine. His office staff is very accommodating and equally friendly. Everything about a visit to see Dr. Eingorn happens smoothly. I have seen him for years and high;y recommend him.

Brigitte Meixner

Expertise, professionalism and a personal approach make this chiropractor the best in the field. Going back and forth for twenty years when the pain becomes intolerable and a solution is needed, I find relief with the treatments that Dr. Eingorn suggests. The friendly atmosphere helps me forget the pain that I came in with while waiting to be treated.

Leo Pickering

I had extremely painful back pain and Dr. Eingorn made it go away - simple as that. :) He also made some suggestions for continued rehabilitation, to increase flexibility in my back, to prevent re-occurrences which are working well!

Yana Kaplansky

When I cam in to see Dr. Eingorn, I was in so much pain that I couldn't move. I could barely walk after herniating a disc in my lower back. Dr. Eingorn got me back in shape right away and I am grateful for his help. He works miracles and truly care about each patient. He takes pride in finding the a solution to every problem that you have. He is gentle and effective. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a chiropractor. If I ever need a chiropractor again he is the only person that I will ever see.

Brian Wood

I've searched for years for a good chiropractor in NYC and finally found one in Alex Eingorn at Better Health Chiropractic. Alex is a true master of his art - extremely precise and sensitive in his adjustments and in his attention to what is actually occurring at the moment of the visit as well as the history of one's health. I've never had better treatment and I've had a lot of experience with chiropractors in my life!

A Barretto

Before I was introduced to Better Health Chiropractic I suffered severe back pain and it affected my social life. The pain was so intense, that it interrupted my sleeping patterns. Everything changed when I was referred to Dr. Eingorn. It was my first time ever seeing a chiropractor. Dr. Eingorn did a great job at easing my pain immediately and I feel so much relief now that I am able to do the types of activities that I was only dreaming of being able to do again. The front desk was very polite and extremely helpful. Thank you Dr. Eingorn for giving me back my life which I can look forward to again.

Ange Green

Being a seasoned athlete & having worked with many chiropractic professionals- I can attest the level of: -patient care -EXPERTISE -Depth of knowledge/scope of practice -passion -support of Dr. Eingorn. I was in Manhattan, NYC doing some athletic training and was injured. After seeing three other "so called professionals"- Dr. Eingorn was able to properly diagnose my injury, treat it with combination therapies & even stayed in contact with me providing help & support in any way he could. He is a brilliant, passionate man who loves his work, you can expect nothing but the best from him.

Anatoly Shor

I was having severe back pain that was so bad that in the morning I could not get up from my bed. Dr. Eingorn immediately went to work. He helped me to get my mobility back. I was up and moving around in no time. Thanks so much for everything!

karen hymes

Been seeing Alex Zide for over 20+ years and just saw him last week and he's still great, has the best hands and always makes me feel brand new again, .

Aviram Turgeman

This clinic is run very well. The staff is efficient, professional and friendly. Dr. Eingorn is also professional and very generous. He is always accommodating and very helpful. There is a reason I have been coming to Dr. Eingorn now for ten years!

Ben Bradley

I highly, highly recommend Dr Alex Eingorn. After a year of conventional treatments for a bruised talus bone, and surgery being the Orthopedic surgeon's next step, two brief treatments from Dr Eingorn and I am healed. I am extremely grateful to him and I want others to know they will be well-served in consulting him as a first-step rather than a last step.

Vera Narymova

I love dr Eingorn and his team! I recommend everybody to visit his office just for the check up and spine alignment, you feel amazing after! Dr Eingorn helped me and my family with numerous issues. He heels your body and lifts up your spirit. His office is one of a rare places where you regain your health and energy. Thank you!

Sarah Ireland

Dr. Eingorn gives the best adjustments! His kind manner helps me relax into the adjustments and he’s very thorough and considered in his assessment. He’s shares his considerable knowledge in a very accessible way. He’s healed my lower back pain. I’m super grateful for his work.

Miriam Sullivan

Great availability, reasonable price, terrific results. Doesn’t oversell and addresses the issues you have with effective adjustment and reasonable recommendations for exercise and care.

Melena Cider

It was the best experience of chiropractic therapy. Very effective and gentle. See the result at the same day. Dr. Alex prepared my body for pregnancy. And it’s a third my appointment and I see how easy to walk!

Renee Zee

Dr. Eingorn is a masterful healer and chiropractor. OMG!! I blew out two discs in my lumbar region and was in excruciating pain. As soon as Dr. Eingron saw the MRI results he knew exactly what had to be done. After one treatment I was already feeling better. Thank you Dr. Eingorn!

Renato Folla

Since Dr. Eingorn "fixed" my herniated disk a couple of decades ago, I've felt so good I hardly ever do the effective, simple exercises on my own he had prescribed back then. I have returned for other "fixes" and for maintenance and each time is a very rewarding professional, medical, incredibly helpful and educational visit with that personal touch only a few enlightened heath care practitioners like Dr. Eingorn can add.

Ella M. Levine

Expertise, professionalism and general approach makes this chiropractor the best in the field. Going back and forth for 20 years when the pain becomes intolerable and a solution is needed, I find relief with the treatments that he provides. And the friendly office atmosphere helps you forget the pain when you come in with, while waiting to be treated.

Leah Lonfjord

I personally trust Dr. Eingorn with my life! He literally saved me on several occasions, when I had some serious problems with my neck and back. I am recently receiving treatments for the herniated discs in my back and overall it is going well. Dr. Alex Eingorn is a real professional, sometimes I feel that he has "x-ray eyes". :) By that I mean that he knows exactly what the problem is, explains what caused the problems and what I can do to prevent this in the future. Thank you Dr. Eingorn!!

David Peña Alvarez

I went to the Better Health Chiropractic clinic and I found Dr. Eingorn was able to help me over the following two days, and got me feeling better. He is very knowledgeable and his treatment was extremely helpful. The best part of his service, for me, was that he was able to see a new patient without the multiple visits and costs other chiros insist on. He used many different techniques and treatments to fix me up. I would highly recommend Dr. Eingorn.

Elena Gambourg

When I first met Dr. Eingorn I had back pain as well as nerve problems with my leg and neck. After being treated with the DRX9000 a lot of the pain was alleviated. After the treatment we monitored my progress each quarter. He didn't simply rid me of my back pain, he also helped me to return to my favorite sport - skiing. Dr. Eingorn is a highly qualified and skilled chiropractor who is up to date with utilizing modern technology in his treatments.

Ryan Bagnas

Dr. Eingorn is the best chiropractor that I have ever been to see. This is saying a lot since I have been to see so many chiropractors before seeing Dr. Eingorn. He is extremely good at adjustments and spinal care, but what really sets him apart from other people in this field is his passion for his work. He is extremely caring and goes far beyond what you can expect. I can't thank you enough Dr. Eingorn.

Jim Hoffman

Dr. Eingorn keeps putting me back together again and has kept me out of surgery for my back and neck more than once. For his knowledge, care and patience, I am grateful and would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends, colleagues and family.

Andrew Jacobs

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