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REVIEWS OF The Joint Chiropractic IN New Mexico

Deborah Davis

Do not ever go.I believe it is a hustle to get your personal information and credit card information. I was 100% disappointed. I now have to cancel my credit card or consistently check account to make sure there is no shady purchases. 1st visit deal is where the scam starts.

kraig bodie

Walk in care is amazing. Dr Sean, Ryan, and Jim are all very good at fixing me up when I need it. No appointment or wait is priceless to me. It’s cheaper and less hassle than a conventional office.

Scott Woodall

The treatment is excellent. No appointments and being able to walk in when I can fit it into my schedule is amazing! Great business model and great chiropractors.

Linda Lauper

This is a great place to get GREAT care. My back has given me problems for years and for the first time it is feeling wonderful. With regular care from both Dr. Sean and Dr. Ryan I can expect to feel good indefinitely.

Melodie Betts

I absolutely can't say enough great things about them! Choose the Doctor that fits your needs, walk in with no appointment 6 days a week...and always greeted warmly. The price is unbeatable for your overall health... seriously...I am rarely sick ever! The hour drive one way, each week, is not something I miss...ever!

Lee B

For a good time... I always leave with my back feeling better and a laugh or two! I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors over the years, but The Joint has been by far my favorite! Drs. Simone and Martin and all make me feel welcome and comfortable. I almost feel like we’re going steady! And when I can’t get in, I go through withdrawals. They are all super gay friendly! And check out Dr. Simone’s shoes! Definitely get your aching back in there!

Randy Williams

Location is great in Waverly Place. Very convenient. The staff and the doctors are very nice. Its a very affordable chiropractic solution for me. Hours of operation are great and no appointment needed.


Why have I not gone to this place sooner?!!!!! I highly reccomend to this place to anyone. Dr. Brooke is amazing!

Kiera Brown

Every joint location I've been to hasn't been the best of best experience but this location is by far the worst! The receptionist always looks like she hates her life and the doctors herd you in and out in of your adjustment as fast as they can. The whole thing takes less than two or three minutes. I felt like to them I was not a human being with my own unique joint problems. I was just another standard adjustment, no matter what specific pain I tried to explain I had. Super uncomfortable. They also nickel and dime you to death, and when you sign up for their monthly plan they don't tell you all the fine print. It is absolutely my own fault for not reading all the tiny little clauses in their contract, but they should mention (while you're signing up) that you will have to pay for an entire month even AFTER you cancel or they will hunt you down and send you to collections. It is especially frustrating when I now live two hours away from any Joint location so I'm paying $70 for adjustments I CANT EVEN USE (and they expire within the month, so I can't even come in to use them if I ever visit.) Overall, the point is that you are not a person to them. You are just another pocket to take money out of. Nothing, even up to your specific adjustment is personal at all.

Kim Mistisshen

Kavin Davenport

Love this place people here are awesome and caring , also can't beat the prices. I do Totally recommend.

Oscar Caballero

Great and expidiant service. Also, quite affordable.

Melanie Pfister

Patrick Mead

My friend and I have been going to the Joint for some time. At first we were not happy with the treatment we were getting from Dr. Moore. For the last few months we've been seeing Dr. Flowers or (occasionally) Dr. Little. Both of them are awsome. We both always feel good after an adjustment. And the feeling lasts a long time. I can't say enough good things about it.


Ann Tobler

I found The Joint from a Facebook recommendation. I could barely walk into the office at 34 weeks pregnant due to severe sciatica. Dr. Broadhead was more than helpful. I think my first adjustment lasted 20 minutes!!! He was so attentive and thorough. Within 2 weeks, I was able to walk back into the office pain free. He continued to see me throughout the rest of my pregnancy. My first post pregnancy trip was back to The Joint to be adjusted after 30 hours of labor. This place gets a 5 star review... I would give more stars if possible! Great doctors, fantastic and clean office and consistent and amazing service.

Tess Williamson

sue meyer

Great experience. Dr. Brandon has helped me so much!!

Andrea Colvin

This was my first time ever seeing a chiropractor, and I’m hooked! My whole experience was fantastic! I walked in and immediately felt welcomed. Jordan was very polite and even joked around with me to help ease some of my anxiety. As soon as I filled out my paperwork and handed it back to Jordan, the doctor walked up and told me to come on back. I was still a little timid about the whole thing, but Dr. Jennifer took her time and made sure to go over everything thoroughly before she even laid a finger on me. Let me just say, Dr. Jennifer is AMAZING! I’m kicking myself for not going sooner! She was very polite, and even took the time to explain to me about how blood pressure worked after I had made a comment about not understanding it. All throughout the adjustment, she talked me through everything and let me know what was going on, and what she was doing. The whole time I never felt like I was in any less than VERY good hands with her! She released tension and got rid of pain in my neck and spine I didn’t even know I had! I am very impressed with The Joint and will be recommending them to anyone who needs them.

Phillip Roloff

Megan Creed

Robin was great and very informative about the plans. Dr Rider did a great adjustment and I didn’t have to wait! Great experience

Steve Snow

Thanks to the professionals at the joint my lower back pain is almost gone!! Thanks

Craig Tarr

Was able to walk in. Great assessment, diagnosis and treatment of my condition.

Jason Patrick

Molly Todd

I love The Joint! I’ve been seen since October and it is always a great experience! I love how I can get in and out and I love how they have a regular doctor for the week and a regular doctor on the weekends! It’s a great price and they are open 7 days a week and as a working mom that is the best thing! I would recommend anyone needing chiropractic care go check out The Joint in Carmel

justin mead

Omg this place is excellent. One of the best adjustments I've ever had. Worth the drive for me.

Mitch Durfee

There should be a Joint Chiropractic center in every city in the world! I left the Army a handful of years ago I thought my back was completely destroyed! The joint has me trending back in the right direction! I recently moved to flordia and I picked the city I wanted to live in based on how close to The Joint Chiropractic I could be! The staff is amazing and are always smiling! This place rocks!!! Thanks Dr. B and crew!

Hamilton Ridenhour

I got a shoulder adjustment and it felt better instantly. The wait is short and the staff are kind. I give this place 5 stats.


I went in with my family member who recently hurt their neck. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a very nice gentleman receptionist, and that is the only reason I gave this place a star, plus that’s the lowest I can give anyway. I wasn’t even Dr. Evan’s client, but he showed me too much unwanted attention. Borderline creepy. My other family member stopped going to this location Bc she was uncomfortable with his repeated comments about her “red hair” and his “fiancé’s red hair”, and how he “has a thing for red heads.” As far as the treatment goes, it was just okay. My family member’s hurt neck didn’t feel much better. Dr. Evan needs to be a lot more professional and keep his comments to a minimum.

Brendan Gorman

Great place, love the staff. Very quick in and out with no appointments.

selena purifoy

The joint is the joint, the receptionist was polite and proffesional and Dr Pomante was excellent and answered all my questions and was very proffesional. I strongly reccomend the Joint .

Mali Marty

Everyone is so nice and friendly. They are very helpful.

Rustom Ebalo

Mikki Suffin

Debra Smith

Each adjustment by Dr. Olsen has been exactly what I have needed. Molly, the receptionist, has been extremely helpful in providing information about hours and the different packages.

Korine Leonard

We've been to a lot of different "Joint's" across the country. This one was the worst. Doc barely spoke to me, ran through the adjustment in under three minutes and sent me on my way. What is this, Nascar speed trials for chiropractic services? Now, had she actually fixed me in that time I'd probably be okay, but she definitely didn't get everything worked out, so I'll have to pay for another adjustment in a week or so. There's are 2 others in Nashville, give the competition a try before this one.

Kristi Lyons

I am always so impressed with the speed in which I am taken care of. Dr. Fowler is such a caring doctor and always gives me great advice.

Sly DaxPoker

ANDREW ZOCKOLL- I AGREE 100% CORRECT! I feel they are a scam, the $69 package says a “2 month minimum” but then you show up the fourth week and they tell you it’s for only 3 times a month...? That’s ridiculous! Might as well do the 4th week with that whole $69. Might as well put “6 WEEK MINIMUM” because your allowed 3 times a month but it’s required 2 month minimum

Dawn Howell

Love this place! I've been coming here for almost a year and a half now and it always is a quick, and easy visit! Definitely recommend the Wellness plan for fellow call center workers. Does miracles on my back!

Jonathon Puhalla

Quick service, walk ins only.

Frank Moser

The price is right along with the convenience of being able to walk in and out on your own time in a minimal amount of time.

Monica Garcia

Dr. Brown was so nice and made me feel very comfortable and did an excellent job at explaining everything to me.

Allexus Porter

A must! I have been three times, two of which I have seen Jennifer. All the staff are extremely friendly and welcoming but I like her the most. She is patient, knowledgeable, and professional. I feel so comfortable in her care (I have a major fear of anything medical)! She has done an awesome job releasing tension in my body. I suggest you sign up as a monthly member; it's very affordable. With each visit, I have left their office feeling better and more refreshed that when I walked in.

Justin Heiser


Wouldn't let me cancel my account when I can't afford it says its gonna continue to charge me till I pay the balance well I can't pay the balance and I definitely can't afford it to add up each month. I just wanted to cancel my service. Also make sure you are getting something month to month because apparently there is minimal amount of time before it is month to month.

Kristina Eccher

Do not go there! They are to quick to actually be adjusting patients. Also they do not accept any patients that have Medicare because of their age. That's discrimination!

James Williams

I began seeing Dr. Broadhead several months ago due to the close proximity of my office and the clinic. I was also curious about the different treatment format. Having previously been a patient of another very good chiropractor I knew my bar was set high, and I was uncertain if I would get the results I wanted. I was concerned that I would not get adequate time and attention. Rest assured, you will get enough! I find myself visiting much more frequently compared to when I needed an appointment for a 45 minute visit and the co-pay was $50. I really like being prepaid for 6 months and the freedom to drop in on my schedule. Additionally, Dr. B was able to relieve some lower back pain that two other practioners near my office were unable to treat effectively. I was unable to work through the day at my lowest, now I can work all day and have energy left at night to work around the house. Thanks Dr. B!

Shelby Vaughn

The front desk staff and entire team are so caring kind at the Quail Springs location!! I cannot day enough positive things about them! They truly care about how you are doing and how your pain is managed! Go see them!

Juggernaut Princess

I started going to a chiropractor about 3 years ago and the appointments were about an hour and treatment laster months, twice a week, but I wasn't fulle "healed". I learned about The Joint in a search after a football injury. I was blind sided and crack baked and could barely walk for about a week. I was in pain, and I needed after hours care because of work. I went to The Joint and Dr. Broadhead treated me. The appointment was no more than 10 minutes and I left feeling brand new. I went straight to practice and felt better than I did before the injury. I now go once every 1-2 weeks and each person that treats me has some different thing that leaves me feeling awesome. I suggest anyone go!

Brianna Schmid

Chris Melo

Been a patient here for at least 3 years, always been great until the the last several months. They can’t seem to keep doctors on staff and now they are short staffed and the locations are often times not opening or running shorter hours due to no docs. Hopefully they get this strengthened out, but I always call now first.

Rollin with the O's

The Drs here are very thorough and Molly is awesome!

Heather Side

Jessi Smith

This place is amazing. I had lost hope, saw two specialists for back pain who loaded me up on pain killers n muscle relaxers but couldn’t and wouldn’t look for anything else but load me up meds came to this place and am feeling so much better, they don’t rush you, they take the time to get to know you and what you need! Best chiropractor ever!

Dakini Jaeger

Great adjustment but the office staff charged my card 3 times for the visit and when I called they told me that they can't see it on their end and to call back in a few days. I am actually staring at my back records and can see that I was charged 3 times. Very frustrating. **Update: Two weeks have passed and I still have not gotten my money back. I have files a complaint with the BBB and a dispute with my bank. Do not go to this location. Horrible customer service

Josepb Gaudiano

Clario Marez

Lauren Ashline

Was looking for a good chiropractor.... finally found one...Try The Joint in Carmel... you won’t go anywhere else.... Great price packages, Great service, professional and courteous receptionist and THE BEST CHIROPRACTORS got The Best adjustments.... I highly recommend THE JOINT CHIROPRACTIC OF CARMEL!!

Jd Elkins

Great place, also travel a lot across the states and always find a joint to go to...

laura madriz

Phillip Froeter

I love every doctor here! They all care and want to see you get better. In and out service no appointment needed. Very helpful if you are always on the go. Thank you all for taking care of me and making me feel better than ever!

SharaLee Attema

lahli t

Sherry Zaragoza

Dev Bhavsar


maribel heredia

I love the joint♥️ great staff Dr Tony Simone is the best

Hans Heath

Friendly staff and great service. Dr Simone has done wonders for my back pain. I always look forward to coming in.

Luke Lenzen

Excellent chiropractic services. I have always suffered from lower pack pain but after a few months there is now virtually no pain. I do a prepayment plan for a discount and can come anytime I would like. I go for approximately 2-3 adjustments per month as maintenance. I like the ability to go in for a quick 5 minute adjustment without appointment on my lunch break. Dr. Broadhead and front staff are always nice to talk with and very professional.

Angie Bagley

After years in a "typical" chiropractor's office, I'm stunned at how much more tender loving care The Joint provides. I can't speak highly enough. These doctors are stellar. I'm never rushed, my questions are welcomed and answered, the adjustments (manual) get right to the problem. I am so impressed! Thank you!

Kristen Sanner

Wesley Barton

I love using the joint every time i go I always feel Rejuvinated , being a body builder I am super hard on my body and need to be frequently readjusted but thanks to the chiropractors at the joint I am feeling years better .

Sydney Smith

Fantastic service! In and out, no wait!

natalia andronic

Amanda Shirley

Stopped here for an adjustment while I was visiting for work. Great staff, super helpful! Thanks!

Margaret Jackson

Everyone at the joint is so friendly and helpful and I'm already feeling so much better.


People who don't know about chiropractor's like I dint knew it was big mistake going here ,they gave me sciatica pain. They are clever and probably know that customers will not return so initially their agreement force you to sign up for 2 months by default . I am still suffering from pain and I never had this pain until I went here. Before you even think about going here or any chiropractor just google once and learn about the practice its nothing but popping bones which actually makes your condition worse ,try doing Yoga or physical therapy .


Amy Smythe

Always fast, helps the pain and friendly staff.

Mary Sommervold

My husband has had a great experience with Dr. Olson. He’s seen him 4 times and had better results with his lower back than he was having with the chiropractor he had been seeing for over 4 years. Molly the clinic manager was very helpful in getting everything set up.

Kevin Wilson

I'm a fan of The Joint. I've seen several different chiropractors in the few years that I've been going to this location. I've been receiving chiropractic care for about 50 years. I know what to expect and I'm able to explain to the doctor what I need and they are able to very quickly make the adjustment. The weekend hours are also a plus for me because it's not always easy to get in during the week due to my travel schedule. The rates are so reasonable it doesn't matter that they don't take insurance because the amount they're charging is about what a co-pay would be anyway. The only weak spot for me has been the front desk. At times the doctors cover the desk and they seem lost. Other times they have someone there who seems like they're just filling in and doesn't know what they're doing. However for the last several months they have someone new, I think her name is Molly, who's very sharp and very capable. She's also very personable. I don't know where you found her but I hope you don't lose her.

Valeisha Madourie

The doctor is very knowledgeable. The location is superb, and the office is modern and clean. The staff is very friendly. Everyone needs to stop by. And the cost is low!

Karl Grill

I'm sorry but I went in there today and he pretty much didn't do nothing for me all he did was check to see if my alignment were good all he really did was made me turn my neck to the right and cracked it and that was it then he said I was done literally took him maybe a minute or two I was really not happy

glen thomas

Have always fit my family in quickly when we have pain or injuries. Would recommend!


Fantastic! A warm/inviting environment and knowledgeable staff. They offer well-priced options and have fantastic introductory offers on their website. The chiropractor took the time to help me understand what was going on and why they were doing the adjustments. at the end of my visit there was no pressure to sign up for a monthly plan, just an offer to help whenever they could.

Sean Farley

2 words - open weekends! Dr. Andy fixed me up and Darla was very helpful!

Beau Harriman

Laurie Brown

I wouldn't even give one star if that was an option. I moved from Denver to Round Rock, TX and signed up in Round Rock for the package deal. Shortly thereafter, I went home to Denver for a visit and was told by the Round Rock office to continue my treatments in Denver, while I was there. I tried. Denver refused to treat me, even though I had a prepaid package. As a result, the ten days I was in Denver were agonizing! Five Stars to Round Rock for actually caring for their clients. ZERO stars for Denver (if it were possible) because they apparently do not honor contracts other then their own. Sour grapes, Denver Joint. I was highly disappointed in your attitudes. BOO - HISS.

Courtney Jones

I have been SO impressed with the level of service that I've received from this office! I called in because my lower back was locking up, Dr. Broadhead answered and was able to get me in same day after work with practically no wait. He listened to my concerns and did a great job not only learning about my history but also did a wonderful adjustment while educating me on things that I can do in order to improve my results. The front desk staff was so friendly and there was no pressure at any point in the process. The Joint makes chiropractic care affordable and work on my schedule. I wouldn't be able to get this much needed care if not for this option! On top of all of this, Dr. Broadhead called me the day after to check in on how I was doing. I feel like customer care is a priority for the staff and I am so glad that I've found them!

Fran Gregg

The doctor was very helpful and knowledgeable. He not only worked on my back, but also had suggestions for achieving improvement by exercise and life style changes. After only one visit, my back is feeling less painful.

Chylee Eccles

Spent $98 to get one adjustment.... went in today and i checked in before 3 other people. They called Allyssa. No one stood up they didn't bother taking to me or the other 2 ladies waiting. He called another guy and then another that's when i had to go up to the desk and ask what was going on my scan card had someone eltes info on it. Very unprofessional from the reception lady she should of noticed and said something.



I showed up 20 minutes before close and was told that they are not seeing any more patients today. When I pointed out that they were still open, they told me that they were tired and didn't want to take any more people that day. I've put up with a lot of bad adjustments with The Joint's ever rotating cast of beginner chiropractors, but this is the last straw.

James Ross

I am so grateful for Dr Fowler. Was in Nasheville on a business trip and threw out my back on day 1. Thankfully there was a joint chiro nearby. Dr. Fowler set me back in place in minutes and i was able to take care of business. Thanks for having my back guys.

Amos Gordon

Started coming to The Joint for chronic tension headaches and some hip alignment issues. Would definitely recommend Dr. Cassi to anyone, everyone here is knowledgeable, friendly, price is very reasonable, and you are in and out quickly.!

Coryn Fairchild

This location goes up and down with the quality of the doctors. They never seem to stay for long. The front desk person is unwelcoming and it felt like she was talking down to me. During a recent promotion one of the employees told me I was being rude when I was asking a question. No need to go where I am not wanted.

Natasha Swierczek

My dad has been seeing chiropractor Cam Day for awhile now and has been insisting that I give him a try and I am glad I did! Staff is all extremely friendly and makes you feel well taken care of. Cam is very good at walking you through everything and making sure you're comfortable. I will be back for weekly visits!

Tyler Massey

Friendly staff who remember me and my particular problem areas. They always listen and address any issues I am having at that time. I basically wreak havoc on my skeleton due to a lot of strength and endurance training. The Joint helps put everything back in place!

MaryLynn Bennett

Very helpful for my chronic migraines, and they know how to work with people with connective tissue disorders (EDS). Very satisfied with my experiences at this clinic.

Celina C.

Saadiq L.

I go once a week for back and hip adjustments. Dr. Mila the best! She is very thorough and does a wonderful job to loosen my back muscles before the adjustments. She always uses a small device to relax the knots in my neck, shoulders, and back after the adjustments. I request that Dr. Mila trains all the doctors to use her techniques when treating the patients.

Laura Bowman

I have been a client of The Joint, Six Forks for well over a year. The staff and doctors are top notch. I visit about once a week and I know that I am going to get excellent service, personal attention and leave feeling great. I have paid to go to chiropractors for many years, the flexibility and options that The Joint offers allow me to save some money, but know that I am still getting excellent chiropractic service.

Linda Venable

I just spent $39 on the most useless adjustment ever. The “doc” was unwilling to do a proper adjustment as it was too hard on HIS body. I have been in pain for a few days, and really needed relief. SMH. (EDIT- response to the Joint response.... I presented with an SI joint out. I know my body better than that person, and I told him what I needed to help it. My review stands.)

Sara Clark

Do not be fooled by their sweet speech. This chain is 100% there to get your money and don’t actually care about your well-being. They tell you one thing, and then a few months later it’s something completely different. I would much rather pay a small amount more for someone who actually takes the time to not make me feel taken advantage of during an intense time of pain.

Teresa Torres

I loved this place! It's sad to see such poor reviews on here and unfortunately most are because of financial issues not the care received. Chiropractic care has been a godsend during my pregnancy and beyond. I've been to private practice clinics before too and they all provide the same quality of care but I pay a quarter of the cost here at the Joint than I did at the other clinics. Don't let the reviews fool you, this group is great and I haven't seen a chiropractor here that I didn't like.

amanda rivera

I would give 0 stars if I could. I went into the location in Wyoming with my fiance so we both could be adjusted. We've been members for 3 years. Upon arriving we were met by a very disrespectful unproffesional young women running the front desk. Our experience ended with the young secretary standing flaring her arms screaming at us.i reached out to the corporate office to complain about our situation but never heard back. This was not the first issue with the Albuquerque facilities. Save your time and money!

Jason Hibbs

I’ve been going to The Joint for adjustments for the past 10 months now. Their customer service is top notch. It’s always quick and everyone on staff has been very friendly and welcoming. Dr Broadhead is an exceptional chiropractor! He always asks how you are feeling and takes the time to address all your concerns. Since I started my care with Dr Broadhead, I’ve seen a huge improvement in my lower back pain and my sleep has improved greatly! I would highly recommend Dr. Jeremy Broadhead and The Joint to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

Carl Millwood

Jacqueline Kremer

Went in for a pinched nerve in my shoulder, had never been to a chiropractor before and I was a bit nervous (no pun intended). The environment is warm and welcoming and the doctor helped me with an adjustment and a personalized plan. I look forward to going back for continued care as well as wellness care in the future.

Seth Knowles

I left feeling so much better! And a plan to keep the pain down!

Limnette Stone

These guys are the best. I have been to MANY chiropractors and I found The Joint to be the most convenient, best prices and the nicest team. Been a member for over a year and wouldn't even think of changing.

Betty Ford

Love going. They help so much and want to get to know you as a person.

Dave Tran

Dr. Jim & Nesha are AWESOME! Believe me, you’ll be in great hands there.

Lauren Greco

GOING HERE WAS A HUGE MISTAKE! I went in on January 15th for help with my lower back. The Dr. AGGRESSIVELY "adjusted" my neck, without asking about previous traumas or injuries to the area. And when the neck wouldn't give he tried two more times increasing the pressure and thrust on my neck. Once my neck popped I remember laying there thinking "That wasn't good." There is a reason why my neck doesn't move like that and it was from a car accident a few years ago. But he didn't ask, didn't care, and didn't provide any care, he made it worse. I couldn't move the next day, and didn't have full range of motion unit I saw a REAL chiropractor a week later (and a few follow ups to get everything back). I couldn't move my head to drive comfortably, I couldn't sleep, working was a struggle, I was miserable. I did go back the following day, January 16th, bc I also had ribs get knocked out of alignment....remember I went in for lower back, they acted like they were doing me a favor in not charging me to fix what they created. The pain I had after this visit was far worse then the pain I had going into the visit. I have tried SEVERAL TIMES to talk with corporate, I have sent them several emails over the last few weeks and have gotten nothing back. They say they will respond within 48hours but only an acknowledgement that the email was received is all I have gotten. SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR A REAL CHIROPRACTOR BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED IT AFTER THIS PLACE.

Paul Yap

Isaiah Weed

I have been using The Joint at Colonnade since they opened and have been extremely impressed the whole time. It's a great deal and super-convenient with no appointments and I never have to wait long for an adjustment. The doctors are very friendly and professional and never try to upsell additional products or services.

Trisha Hartzell

Dr Rick did an awesome job!!! Thank you!!

Michael David Davis

From the first contact I had walking into the clinic, I knew this was the place for me. Unlike a conventional chiropractic setting, this place is open and inviting. Starting with the front desk, I had many questions about what service options were available. The gentleman behind the desk, Chris, answered all my questions calmly and with surety. He was able to tell me how this service differed from any other chiropractic office. The beginning intake form as a first time visitor was as expected. It took about five minutes to complete and I was then introduced to the chiropractor herself. Dr. Fowler asked me how I was doing and reconfirmed some items I checked off on my intake form. I had several adjustments through my life. But, Dr. Fowler not only throughly examined me and made the necessary adjustments, she was also very attentive to my questions about particular ailments. Both, Chris and Dr. Fowler made me feel so confident about their services that there was no question of continued visits. To my excitement, they offered a monthly plan, at an excellent rate. I now have the luxury of going once a week and the monthly plan costs less than most regular singular chiropractor visits and I don't have to worry about an hassle with insurance since the price is so low. I have gone consecutively for a month and each time they have remembered my name, greeted me with warm smiles and create a comforting environment to receive excellent care. Thank you to all!

Leslie Patino

Dr Evan is Awesome, he is reason I will join.

Brightyn Serra

Jessica is an awesome receptionist. I was super impressed with how on the ball she is!!

Joe Schilling

Very knowledgeable staff. Dr. Rick Pomante was extremely helpful. Valerie at the front desk was welcoming and very patient. I will be using them again.

Brian Livingston

I always feel better when I leave here. And the adjustments are done quickly! That is a plus for sure

Victoria Francis

The doctor and his team at sugar house are top notch! Before I came to the joint chiropractic I tried quite a few chiropractors- all were either too expensive or did not do adjustments to my liking. I travel a lot so I always drop by Sugar House location. The entire staffs at sugar house are truly amazing, caring and friendly. I couldn't ask for more in a team. I came to the good doctor with migraines and a very sore back. Not only were my migraines absolutely gone after my first visit, but after subsequent visits, my back pain has been reduced to almost nothing. In addition to helping align my spine, relieving built up tension, the doctor also showed me stretches for my legs and back as well as exercises to correct my posture problems. In short, my experience has been marvelous. Prices are very fair and they are very flexible with scheduling appointments. I would highly recommend The Joint Chiropractic - Sugar House location!

Stuart W

I have been to no less than 8 chiropractors over the past three years since moving to Nashville. After finding Dr. Fowler at The Joint in Nashville (and Dr. Footit in Brentwood), my search for excellent chiropractic care is over. Both Drs. do an excellent job of listening which is critical in understanding how best address my adjustment needs. I cannot provide higher recommendations in exceeding my expectations and providing relief.

Elise Stacey

Can't say enough good things about this practice. I have sent three friends since joining myself. Affordable and great care. Friendly staff.

avila kahm

we love it here! Professional and reliable chiropractors. 12/10 would recommend this

Sarah St Clair

This place is amazing! I walked in there in so much pain and walked out a few minutes later feeling amazing and pain-free! Dr. Fowler was wonderful! Their business model makes getting adjusted so convenient and affordable.

Katie Kline

I had an absolutely fantastic experience! I was having sharp, shooting nerve pain stemming from my neck. She listened to me, identified the problem, and it left me feeling 100% when I walked out the door. I absolutely recommend chiropractic care at this location.

Graham Van Roekel

I highly recommend The Joint Chiropractic!! For years I had chronic lower back pain from an old basketball injury as well having poor posture when sitting down. I asked my physician how to treat it and his only answer was to numb it with cortisone, and I was not comfortable with that. I felt like if I was in such severe pain my body was telling me that something was wrong and it needed to be fixed. So although at first I was skeptical of whether chiropractic care would help I figured I would give it a shot. Since I started receiving regular adjustments at The Joint about 6 years ago I have had no lower back pain. Truly life changing!!!

Evan Gomez

My wife and used to enjoy coming to the Joint. But as of lately the hours posted sign on the door do not apply. We have gone there several times during posted business hours only to find that there are no doctors in. We used to enjoy going cause there were great doctors and friendly staff. But unfortunately we had to seek our business elsewhere.

Pattie Murphy

mikki gray

Do not go here! These are amateur doctors! They will not help with any real issues. If you want to just go somewhere and waste $30 to have your back make noises, this is the place for you, but if you have real back pain or any true issues don't waste your time or money going into their fancy Waiting room to not receive any help whatsoever. Go to affordable chiropractic care on Alvarado just north of Loman. It is no frills, and it's $38. The doctor is very helpful and informative and does not want you to walk out in pain

Michael Keefe

Very efficient, from phone call to adjustment. Trained well. DR. was straight forward, listened well, good solid adjustment. Am sure from the movements. Pelvis out of alignment

Clifford Newman

Lots of locations. Walk ins. Works with my schedule. Inexpensive

Joni Baker

The staff are so friendly and the chiropractors do amazing work!!!!

Crissy Belle

Camille Munoz

I love the joint. They always take great care of me. I recommend The Joint to everyone I know. Never to long of a wait and usually in and out within 15minutes.

Nate Mac

Vernon Bergstromv

Cheerful, businesslike, fun, top quality, and I would know, having experienced the benefits of chiropractic for 51 years, and have known many chiropractic physicians in all that time. Thank you all again!

Magaly Cuevas

Madison Fox

Highly recommend the joint on six forks near Whole Foods! They get you in and out quickly and have an amazing friendly and professional staff! Their monthly membership also makes getting adjusted on the regular bases affordable. I wouldn’t take my family anywhere else!

jessica gillett

great place, staff, adjustments..highly reccommended


The Joint is a great place to go to get adjusted. The people who work their are always in a happy mood and get to know you. They truly make it worthwhile to keep going every week. Dr. Lee Ann Fowler is so friendly and kind she would never hurt anyone! She truly wants you to feel better than when you walked through the doors. She gets to know you and your back. I am very Thankful for The Joint!

Praxedis Hernandez

First time at this facility. Just the best experience as it was quick and easy. The in-depth one on one questions with Dr helped him make an assessment and proceed from there. It really gave me peace of mind knowing how cautious they wanted to be before starting. The Dr stated, “We want you feeling better when you than when you came in. We don’t want you feeling worse.” Great experience for me and will definitely come back.

McKenzi Huskinson

Awesome place! I love that I can just pop in without an appointment!

Deann Rinebold

Faye Hewitt-Lighty

Excellent care

Ryan LeCocq

I intended to be a new patient and was hoping to get an adjustment in a relatively short period of time. I was a bit preoccupied with life stress though and kept missing check boxes on the form. Twice the receptionist just pointed it out, shooed me off and then went back to a personal phone call. While I struggled with the form, she helped several other returning patients who only needed to be acknowledged but then rushed back to her personal call, rather than take 2 minutes to just walk me through the form and get me in. After 30 minutes of being sent to the back of the line for missing one badly placed check box, I left never to return.

Alan Hope

Dr. Brooke did a fantastic job. The Joint is my new favorite chiropractic practice.

Aubree Adams

I absolutely love The Joint! It is extremely convenient and the chiropractor I see is very effective. Having the ability to pay just a small fee and go once a week is the best deal for me and my budget!

Thomas Scott

Really helpful. Took the time to listen and investigate.

Matthew Jones

Dr. Richard Pomante was very kind and informative when I addressed him my back pain and helped me understand my issues. His front desk staff was very sincere and helped me understand my paperwork. After one visit I signed up for their wellness plan and have enjoyed a better quality of life

Eilene Raney

They help me so much.

Courtney Sprinkles

Barbara Katona

I'm so happy I decided to try The Joint. It is nice to walk in without an appointment and to know that someone is there to take care of you. I fell yesterday and was hurting pretty bad. I walked in lay down on the table and he knew what was hurting me. My neck was very sore .With other chiropractors I have gone to, have had difficulty adjusting my neck. Today my neck was fully adjusted and I'm so happy. I'm hooked....I love The Joint

Eric Garcia

Affordable Chiropractors that know what they are doing !

Madison Holmes

Quick and convenient!! Love the mobility I gain

Adam Loner

Everyone was friendly, relaxed, and helpful. I was in and out and will certainly be back. Their affordable plans make sense for working on my alignment.

Lori Penner

I wish they could spend a little longer with me. I feel a little hurried when I'm there.

Brandon Owings

Robin and Tess were very helpful with everything and it’s very affordable dr David was excellent!!! Very professional will be recommended!

Alex K

Clean and welcoming environment! Dr. Mila is very knowledgeable and thorough!

Kericka Kirkland

My experience is always great! The convenience of being able to walk in w/o waiting for an appointment is the best. The staff all around is the best. They are friendly and courteous. I appreciate the availability they offer.

Ashley Marino

First time ever to a chiropractor. There was no wait, they made it an easy experience, I was given payment options, but not pushed into anything I wasnt ready for. Looking forward to going back. Affordable and kind service.

Kellee Polson

Dr Tony Simone and the employees at The Joint have changed my life. I was in pain for 6 months and within days of my first visit my body is pain free. I can't thank them enough!!!

Aubrey Winn

Dr. Simone was so nice and knowledgeable. He helped me feel very comfortable and helped me understand what was actually going on with my spine. I can move my neck now guys!!

Tesa Horstmann

Dr. Brandon is incredible at what he does. He’s the first chiropractor who has been helpful to my husband and I in a long time. Very friendly & safe atmosphere.

Kelsey Smith

Updated review: I had a poor experience on the first time I attempted to go the The Joint Chiropractic, but Rose, the owner, did the right thing and contacted me immediately and made up for the poor customer service on my initial experience. Therefore, I am updating my review to 4 stars. Original review: They advertise that they are open in the evenings and weekends, but that isn't accurate for any new customers. They have an unwritten rule that you need to come in 90 minutes or more prior to the time they close as the front desk receptionist claims first visits can take up to an hour. The website states to expect 30 minutes at most for a first time visit for the consultation and adjustment. I filled out the paperwork ahead of time and walked in exactly 30 minutes prior to closing and was turned away based on this 90 minute unwritten rule. There is no way to know that you need to come in 90 minutes before closing, as 30 minutes is not only what one would expect as the MAXIMUM amount it time it would take, but is also what is written explicitly on their website.

Brook Golightly

Great experience beginning to end. Called first because I had a couple questions and the woman on the phone (I think her name was Jessica) was so helpful and friendly. I went in after work and Dr. Boyd was so nice and helpful and I felt so much better after. She gave me tips on how to help my back and neck and the whole experience was great. I would recommend to anyone!

delaney Crowder

Instantly feel better after leaving. I’m looking forward to going back!!

Jess Mccavanagh

Really nice doctor and very knowledgeable! Very helpful in wanting to help fix my pain. The receptionist was very nice and helpful filling out the forms. Would definitely return and refer others!!

Morgan Boxer

Every single time I walk into this Joint location is always a pleasant experience. The front desk is always attentive and Cassie is my favorite Doc. I work my schedule around when she will be in to provide me with care. Even in the busiest times I always feel that individualized attention is provided consistently.

Michael Sinclair

Chino King

Andy! did a great job I recommend him I give him a five star

Cindy Cipriano

Great staff. Im feeling amaising after one adjustment. Thank you. I will be back regularly. Great job Dr. Jen

Dani Dolinger

I don't typically write reviews for anything, however I do have to say that this place is pretty incredible. My back and body have never felt better than they do right now! I feel like I can finally move again! They have relatively affordable prices and very friendly staff as well! I will be back!

Tanley Mcmullan

I went yesterday and saw Dr. Meek. she put me back together like a jigsaw puzzle. She is good, the front guy is nice, I would go back the the tables are a deal breaker. They are like an upholstered rock that was not designed with women in mind. Meek says that they are corporate owned. You know what that means... the cheapest tables. I do hope Meek opens her own place soon. If you can handle the cheap tables, Meek is good.

Drake Phyre

Have had nothing but positive experiences, polite and comunicative staff. As well as knowledgeable and professional service and advice. Would greatly recommend this service for joint maintenance and alignment.

stephen stackhouse

We normally go on a Saturday. We are pleased with the service, attitude and professionalism of your staff. Specifically, Vanessa, Kristin, and Dr. Christianson. Sometimes, other staff tend to rush the process. Thank you for the opportunity to give you feedback.

Diana Eads

The pros - Their monthly plan is super well priced and easy to drop after 2 months. Checking in is fast. Both chiropractors I have used were professional, knowledgeable, and easy to speak with. They have helped my recover from my (minor) injury and are helping maintain my spinal heath. The con - if you are looking for a private setting, they are not it. You aren't on view to passersby, but the treatment area is open/visible to all patients.

Savannah Perry

I've been coming here on and off for years (though "off" due to my own hubris) and each time, I keep crawling back. Or in my recent case, being thrown back by my doctor. Point is, these guys know their stuff. Very professional, very relaxing.

Christy Nethercutt

This location of The Joint is absolutely amazing. The doctors here have treated me for an array of issues over the past five years, and I could not be more grateful! They have helped me maintain optimal health when training for long distance races, treated my carpal tunnel, and helped to reduce and treat pain during (and after!) pregnancy. I also started taking my (now five year old) daughter here when she was a baby. Regular adjustments eased my (then) newborn's discomfort and fussiness... It has helped her so much that I recently started taking my younger daughter (5 months) as well! Adjustments with the doctors have helped with the frustrating baby issues including ear infections, acid reflux, and constipation. The doctors are gentle, knowledgeable, and friendly. I love that we are able to pop in without an appointment and be on our way within minutes. This is seriously the most convenient, affordable, and effective chiropractic practice I've ever visited. Highly recommend!

James Isenhour

The chiropractors are great and the front desk staff are lovely. I love coming in every time.

Consuela Bernard

The doctor is very nice and the staff here was very friendly and helpful. They take there time to carefully explain everything to you and there service is very fast and speedy. I felt the difference right away and I will recommend this place to anyone. They are friendly, fast, and affordable!

Ramona Childers

Easy access (hours included) to great care! Prices are great and I dont have to deal with (ok fight with) my insurance for visits. Office staff very kind and dr was knowledgeable and took time to make sure I understood my issues, the care I needed and why. Great experience!!

Miss Olayo

Dr Rick in PBG locations listens to me & provides excellent care when I'm in pain or I need an adjustment. He made a plan of care specific for me and follows my progression closely. Highly recommended!!

Theresa L Bassett

Went for the first time yesterday and was very very happy! The staff was helpful and adjustment was awesome and had an immediate effect in making me feel better. He even adjusted my feet and ankles as I have been having ongoing issues and they felt better than they had in a long time! Thank you! Theresa L. Bassett

April Courtney

WOW! I couldn't be more impressed! If you are looking for superior chiropractic care at an affordable price this place is for YOU! Dr. Jeremy Broadhead is so kind and compassionate and really cares about his patients. He even called to see how treatment was helping me! What Dr. ever does that now a days? If you have ANY doubts about the trendy atmosphere, you are sorely mistaken! You will get completely professional and compassionate care at a price that is way more affordable than most chiropractors. I am grateful that this service is available to those who can not afford $60+ adjustments. Without this service I would not get the care that I need. Thank y'all so much! :D

Karlie Bodden

Dr. David and Robin were THE best. Highly recommend this place.

Morgan Goff

Amazing! Quick, convenient, and super affordable. Dr. Fowler is very thorough and the walk-in aspect is amazing with my crazy schedule!

Jeffrey Honsvick

They are quick and do a good job educating me about my body and how to relief my pain.

Zach M Bosco

Great service, little to almost no wait time! Friendly staff and great results.

Jordyn Bennett

Awesome staff, great chiropractors and fast service always! Love that i can come here on my lunch break and still have time to spare. The app/online check in is super convenient. The front desk has been great at helping me understand my payments/account. I will be moving and will miss this location a lot. Thank you!

Aaron Batilo

I'm convinced Cam Day is some kind of wizard. In such a brief amount of time, he makes me back feel so much better it has to be magic. If you're hesitating to come in, just do it and experience it yourself. But really, this location is awesome. I had Jillian at the front desk and she walked me through their membership program. She was extremely friendly and very patient. Cam was the same. Very friendly, very professional, and very knowledgeable/capable. All adjustments are walk-ins, and it's quick to walk in, scan my membership card, and have Cam relieve some stress in my back. I can be in and out feeling better in no time.

Bobbie Carrigan

I can't begin to tell you how much I love this place! They listen to what is bothering you and work from there - no in and out like fast food drive thru- just a caring staff from the receptionist to the doctor. If I could giv more than 5 stars I would!

Margaret Schlimmer

I have only been going for a couple of weeks but have gotten relief from my Sciatic nerve flareup. Thank you!

Alicia Bott

I appreciate the friendly service and the adjustments keep me moving well.

Chris Liedtka

Went twice, tried to cancel was told i had to pay $140 for two months minimum when I only had a subscription for one month.Additionally would not let me cancel over the phone, I had to fill out a cancelattion form in person.


Make your life better and sign up! I used to use insurance for my Chiro and this is by far a much better deal. The wellness program is amazing. constant adjustments, flexible times, and even better staff! Go see Dr. Mark Workman asap!

Daniel Cervantes

Daniel Austria

I usually go see Dr Todd from the Morrisville location but since this is closer to my house I Have seen Dr Michele here a few times and only one visit was so so. The rest were absolutely awesome. Went From not being able to move much due to the pain to free pain free movement. I'll definitely be back. Thanks.

Cody Walker

They don't do anything with your ankles, elbows, wrists, or shoulders. Then when you give an honest review of their terrible service they respond by telling you "please feel free to communicate your desire to be adjusted in additional areas as our doctor will usually oblige." So what they're admitting is you have to tell them how to do their job. Waste of time and money. Get your friend to pop your back and go somewhere they know how to do their jobs.

Roxanne Llabres

Rusty Lacy

Love this place. Everyone is friendly. I'm able to get in and out quickly and always feel better afterwards.

Jake D

I got bad advice when I went here. Then, I had to endure thier sales pitch while the doc tried to talk me out of doing the one thing that ended up making me get better. Doc was infinitely more interested in my signing up for 2 months of visits than he was for my wellfare and I went there in horrible pain. He still stuck me with the sales pitch even while I'm limping around his table grinding my teeth in pain. Didn't feel like I could let it go without a review. I believe this is solidly a 1-star establishment.

Michael and Lynette Castello

Luci Rury

Awesome staff, I’ve been seeing Ryan and Sean for a few months now and they really take the time to get to know you and listen to you. I highly recommend them


The Dr was nice. I should've done more research. I thought it was like a "normal" chiropractic office. No stem treatment, no ice, no heat, no type of's more of a "membership". I use the term "adjustment" loosely. No fault of theirs, it is what it is and it's not for me. I won't be back.

Carrie King

I have always loved going to chiropractors but the high cost of each appointment was preventing me from getting the care that I really needed. The Joint is so affordable and convenient for busy schedules. Above all, the staff is wonderful! Dr. Fowler is a great chiropractor who really cares about the well-being of everyone that walks in. The Joint has become a huge part of my family's ongoing health care.

K Stewart

Deshon Manning

Maria Contreras

Drew Emsweller

Awesome Doctors and service! No appointments and it is open seven days a week! I recommend it to everyone. It it great.


Lauren Arieux Bryan

I don't know what I did before discovering The Joint (aside from paying out the wazoo at other chiropractic offices). Dr. Fowler is fantastic and gives me a specialized adjustment every week. My back pain is practically gone thanks to regular visits and and great service.

Ryan Monson

If you have insurance, don't go here. Use someone who will either do XRays or has a better reputation. My pain stayed the same and has gotten alot better since leaving.

Jonathan Birnbaum

I had a wonderful experience coming here! The staff is fantastic.... and my procedure to help start correcting my kneck... back and hip was great! I definitely recommend this location as well as any other location!

Virginia Hernandez

Waka Waka

Colin Shotts

quick and easy chiropractic care! doctors are knowledgeable and precise, usually 15 mins for a routine adjustment, low prices, and plans.

Bryan Mendoza

Wayne B

Kristina Borgna

Jessica Clark

I’ve been very impressed with The Joint as a whole, they take ownership of any situation and have worked to make me have a positive experience with their locations.

Brian Stangel

Excellent staff, very professional. Had severe lower back pain (couldn't walk or move easily) and the Dr. I saw was able to give me immediate relief. Will be going back for a few follow-ups but substantial improvement during first visit. Thank you!

Tammy oakes

Brian Pierce

Very, very happy with my visit. This was my first time. Went in with a headache and within 30 minutes of the adjustment I was feeling so much better! I've been to other chiropractors and rarely got any kind of relief from these headaches so fast. Also, I was in and out quickly. I will definitely be back and bring my family, too.

Jane Paiva

Katie D

They will talk you into a plan to save money but when a medical doctor says a chiro will not help you, they will not refund any of your package. They did not tell me the visits expired after a year. I actually would be in more pain after and days after the visit. The chiro did not do an adequate exam because if they had, they would have seen that my issues were not bony or joint related but muscular. They did not take any X-rays... the worst customer service I've ever experienced. No one ever got back to me, I had to call back a week and a half later after I left a message, then they finally call me back and don't even leave a message. Do your self a favor and go see a real doctor or a physical therapist before you see a money hungry chiro.

Tom Chelekis

Adjustment literally took less than a minute

mary miranda

Aaron Eubanks

Really. I was somewhat under the impression that chiropractors were a scam. I went into this office with serious neck pain. I got an adjustment from one of these gentleman and was still had my guard up. Due to the fact that I was still in just about the same amount of pain. But by that evening I was about totally better. Sorry for being so skeptical. I really appreciate it and I will be back to set up a membership.

Vivian C

Heber Farnsworth

Had a great experience. Rica, my wellness coordinator, is friendly and a pleasure to talk to. Mila, my chiropractor, is knowledgeable and does a great job adjusting. Highly recommended.

Anna Anaya


Jasmine Carreon

All of the staff take such beautiful care of me, they never mind when I call five times a day. Thank you for all you do guys <3

Noabeth Bruckenthal

Nikita Pyatt

Trevor Adams

The staff is very professional from the people working behind the counter to the chiropractors working there. They have a schedule for which chiropractor will be there on which day. So far I’ve seen 5 different one and never been disappointed with any of them. This place is great to be able to run in quickly and head home after work has finished. Overall you will spend less than 15 minutes there total.

Jon Paull

I've been going to The Joint now for about 3 months. I've been able to see all three of the doctors, and have found that each of them have their own touch and style - but are always thorough. The adjustments truly help. Besides the high level of care, you also get great value. I went ahead and purchased a "membership" which gets me 4 adjustments for the price of one at a regular chiropractic clinic. Thank you Dr. Broadhead, Dr. Myers and Dr. Boyd!

Marilyn Petty

I absolutely loves Dr Hill I have tried other chiropractors and he works wonders

Cheryl Porter

I have been going to this location for two years know and I'm always impressed with how caring they are for there's clients. I highly recommend this location

Ron Steckler

Tony and all the staff are the best. Always ready to listen and soothe those aches and pains. I had major shoulder pain and after a couple of treatments I noticed major improvement.

Augustine Dilawar

Daniel Monk

Worst place ever to go get adjusted. Trick you into signing hey Wellness contract. try to cancel and not even been 24 hours. Went in with back pain and left with back pain. Would not recommend this place to my worst enemy.

Kelly Kroft

This option for Chiropractic care is the best yet! I went here because I could not afford my regular chiropractor even with insurance. I saw Dr. Hufford who was very knowledgeable, and did one of the best adjustment I think I've ever had. I walked out feeling completely rejuvenated. I would recommend this for anyone!

Kristin Compton

Absolutely life changing! Suffered from ongoing tension and migraine headaches and this was seriously the cure! Rose is absolutely awesome and ALL of the docs on staff are fantastic!

Gregory Coltren

Great place, very quick, efficient, in and out. Affordable, the Chiropractors are great! Get to crackin...

Lori Simental

Had a kink/pinched nerve in my neck so this was the first time I had to seek a chiropractor. I found this place on Google so I tried them out. I have to give them 5 stars because I am amazed at how quickly I am feeling so much better. It is totally convenient because you don't need any appointments and your in and out in 5-10 minutes. I highly recommend them and I will return for any future issues. (Lori Simental)


I have been receiving chiropractic care from The Joint at The Colonnade Center for about a year. The chiropractors are all great and the model of care makes seeing a chiropractor easy and affordable! I really like being able to just show up without an appointment. The monthly package option is fantastic! I don't have insurance that covers chiropractic care right now and this package allows me to have more than one appointment a month without breaking the bank! This type of practice does not include hot packs or specialty treatments and machines - just good, solid chiropractic adjustments from skilled and caring professionals. I think it is a great model and a great deal.

juan almodovar

Awesome place! Adjustments are great.

Cheryl Johnson

A friend told me about The Joint and I was amazed how nice everyone is there. Very knowledgeable. I am in and out of there in just a few minutes.

Angel Ann

Zhanna Chashnikova

The people here are very friendly and the doctor is very competent. My pain was gone after the first adjustment. And on top of that, the price is great.

Shawn Robinson

Gerald Wingate

I have been bringing my family here to the Joint for a year now and the experience everytime has been amazing!!!!!!.....Thanks guys!!

Amy Arentson

I went today because I couldn't walk after carrying a light load of laundry up my stairs. Great customer service. Best adjustment I have had in a long time. I can walk to. Chiropractic care is so valuable.

Jessica Gallegos

It was great. The Dr. explained everything to me and then adjusted me and said Ike to me a little more.

Luis Ruano


Wonderful! I am so glad I joined. It keeps me going. Richard is amazing and he takes the time to listen.

Anita Long

My partner tried to cancel their plan two days before the bill cycle, we filed the form and we're told we wouldn't get charged but low and behold we still got charged (and are in the negative balance) because the office didn't file the cancelation form. We tried to call and they were no help whatsoever even though we explained the situation; will not be coming back and very didsapointed that an "affordable" chiropractic office would behave this way and practically steal our money like this.

Chelsea Vohwinkel

Everyone was kind and helpful! I was also in and out quickly which helps since I have to fit these visits in over my lunch break.

George DeShields IV

Need a 10 out of 10 or more for these guys. The staff are always so friendly and helpful whenever you walk in, and even get to know you a bit more with every visit.

Steven Pearson

I broke my leg in several places a few years back and it just generally aches and bothers me, especially after I run or exercise. I went here for some minor back pain, thinking I'd probably just go the one time... but Dr. Simone also adjusted my leg / ankle, and it made such a difference! Physical therapy hadn't done much for my leg; orthopedists had told me that they could try another surgery but might not help. With the adjustments Dr. Simone has been doing, I've been gaining noticeable mobility back to my ankle and the discomfort after exercise has lessened. I'm a regular here now. Thank you, Dr. Simone!

Jodi Frisina

Jacob Cook

I've been to a lot of chiropractors, and none of them have helped me as much as this place! Dr. Simone and Dr. Martin have been great, and they always listen and help my concerns. I reccomend this to everyone!

Varun Villait

Michelle Jacobs

Very clean and professional service

Tihana Barisic

Yesterday I woke up with a sharp pain in my back. Today I couldn't take it anymore and decided to find me a chiropractor to visit. When I saw this offer for $29 for consultation, exam and adjustment plus the walk in perk, I didn't believe it so I had to call and actually confirm that and was told it was true. Couple of hours later I walked in, filled out some papers and was seen by Dr. Evan. He really spent time explaining what is going on and popped my back and neck. As soon as he popped it, the sharp pain was gone and I was happy, happy, happy. Now free hours later I have some soreness at that spot but no sharp pain. Signed up for 4 more visits in next month and that was $60 some dollars for all and the best part is I can walk in whenever I feel like it. So happy that we have a place like this that is always there for us and affordable at the same time. Will be recommending them to everyone that would listen.

Helena Anderson

I went in with what felt like a kinked / stiff neck. As soon as I was adjusted I felt pain, numbness and tingling down my left arm. I went back two days later and explained the pain in my arm. They adjusted my elbow and neck. The pain in my neck and arm got worse. I had an MRI a short time later and was diagnosed with 3 herniated discs in my neck C5 - C7. I would not recommend The Joint. As Chiropractors they should have understood that my symptoms were consistent with herniated or bulged discs. I will never recommend The Joint and would in fact advise to go to a chiropractor whom will first do ex-rays, has more education in spinal injuries and is familiar with the symptoms presented. What I thought to be a quick adjustment has effected the last 4 months of my life with excruciating pain and possible neck fusion in the future.

PS massage

Dr Simone is my favorite chiropractor at the Sugarhouse location. He's personable, funny and gay friendly

soenaiem m

Sarah Reichlin

Doctors are awesome but front desk is awful. Don't even acknowledge patients as the enter the lobby. As a new patient is was very discouraging as she kept typing, totally ignoring me, I almost walked out. Glad I didn't as Cassi was amazing but blonde at the front desk needs to PR training.

Shelby Holcomb

Rika and Dr. John were very helpful!


This is definitely the fastest most convenient way to get an adjustment. Don’t have to deal with my buddy insurance able to get in and out quickly. The entire staff here is always very friendly and fun to interact with. Office is easily accessible unlike some of these other officers who are hidden away.

Sam M

Apparently there isn't any redundancy when someone calls in. They shut down the office and the notice at all.

Leah Etoama

Awesome adjustment! I love the staff there! Can’t wait to come back tomorrow!

Lux R

Extremely fast. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes.

BC Duff

What we have all been waiting for

Jessica McDougald

Very convenient. Friendly staff. Highly recommended.

Robin Daugherty

I always look forward to my weekly visits to see you guys! You're keeping me in good health, and the price is great! Convenient, too!

Renee Nicole Shipley

I love going to the joint because it's not an act of congress to get an adjustment. It is easy and breezy. There are no appointments necessary and the Dr. Fowler is absolutely amazing!!! It's affordable and works with my busy schedule.

Travis Young

I always feel great after my visit! The adjustmentnts even help me with my asthma and breathing troubles due to upper respiratory congestion.

Assunta Bailey

Christian Martinez

They're really good! They always fix me after I'm hurting from basketball

Kiara Green

I would like to commend the Joint for their excellent choice of employee's at this location. From the time I walked through their doors, the receptionist Robin was there to greet me with a warm and sincere smile, as well as answer every question I had regarding the offices procedures . It did not end there, Dr. Mila showed me exceptional care, attention , and never once made me feel uncomfortable. I will definitely be retuning for additional services.


I love getting in and out in 10 minutes with no appointments and getting 4 adjustments a month for the same price as 1 at a regular clinic. Great business model!

Rob Jenkins

Updates review: Went in after throwing out my back during a workout. The doctor was good at experience explaining what was wrong and a good way forward for my treatment. A couple days later and I feel noticeably better though I will probably need more adjustments to fix how much damage I did to myself. After initial visit, there was an issue with costs being explained. After posting my review, the owner actually called me directly, apologized and made it right. Doing something like that always manages to impress me and encourages me to give a business a second chance.

Keegan Soelke

Since I started going to The Joint, I have noticed a huge improvement in my chronic pain symptoms. It is super convenient and very affordable! -Very Satisfied Customer

Mike Miller

I highly recommend The Joint. Due to a bad back I have been using chiropractic services for over 30 years. After the chiropractor I used for 20 of those years retired, I was left unsure where to turn. After bouncing around trying to find the right fit a coworker recommend The Joint. One try and I was hooked. I love the flexibility, the hours, the ease of just walking in, and most of all the friendliness of the Chiropractors and staff. Every time I visit, I feel welcomed and know they care about me and my needs. Oh yeah, the adjustments are great! Again, I highly recommend The Joint!

Janice Mowry

My son runs XC and Track for his High School and especially appreciates Dr. Farnsworth who takes extra time to do a “tune-up” for whatever muscle aches and pains are bothering him as well as regular chiropractic care. Molly, the manager, knows the regulars and checks my son in as he walks in the door.

Erik Mandeen

Great prices and good doctors the listen to my problems and try to get me back to feeling amazing

Michelle Barragan

Kate Holler

Looks like the same thing happened to us. We came in for my husband to get adjusted and were told that because he was a new client and we weren't there 40 minutes prior to closing time that he couldn't be seen! Very frustrating, it would be worthwhile for them to put this on their website so people don't waste their time driving around!

Debbie Hanley

The joint is fabulous it fits into our fast paced life. And it helps us feel better thank you dr hill!

Debbie Sandoval

Don’t believe they use licensed chiropractors. Went in for a manual adjustment and he didn’t know how. He used an adjusting tool that did nothing for me. In fact the tool is sold on Amazon called adjusting tool. No reason to go to them when I can have a family member use the same tool. He also told me relief would come from stretching not chiropractic work. Wish he would have told me that before waisted time. Went to see another chiropractor and got relief. Don’t waist your time or money. To be fair I gave them one star because the receptionist was helpful.

Kristyn Lindstrom

I have had a pain in my lower back for a month. It hurt to sit, to bend, to twist. It felt as though it was going to go out or just needed a good pop. I went in, was seen in less than 20 minutes, the doctor was attentive, knew right away what it was and she cracked me and fixed me in less than 5 minutes. Now as i type this, with overwhelming gratitude, I can say I'm pain free for the first time in over 4 weeks. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Deniecia Denning

Loved it i truly did

Juan Paz

Kristen Lancaster

I liked being able to walk in and get an adjustment, but this treatment was far from the best chiropractic care I've received. For reference, I have seen more than 5 chiropractors in their private practices over the last 15 years for neck pain, so I am not new to chiropractic care.

Sydney Barofsky

Wife and I both work with kids and used to get adjustments here regularly. One of your practitioners is an amazing guy who does the job right. The one my wife received today however, will be the reason we will not refer anymore customers or give our business here. He made judgements on what my wife does for work and how her “Human Resources” work, and made her more anxious than relieved. All she wanted was an adjustment, not another lecture from a man. Thanks but no thanks

Orlando Abreu

Dr Brandon was amazing and the staff very friendly. The adjustment was really great too!

naomi agcalon

Never felt more comfortable at any other chiropractor. They take the time to really get to know you and what you need. Super awesome, family friendly place! 5 stars ×2.

Stephanie Donez

Samantha Webster

Alex Adventures

Really quick service and never too busy

Cheri Hansen

Melissa Brown

I have been to the Joint just about every week for the last 3 years. I usually feel fine, and I think it’s because I go every week. Dr. Olsen remembers me and every time I come in.

Kelly McKenney

Do not x-ray patients. Very quick to adjust. Horrible bedside manor. "Doctor" slipped and fell onto girlfriend during lower lumbar adjustment.

Gaming with Killers

Kelsey Duff

Michelle Piña

Everyone was so nice and there wasn't a long wait before seeing the chiropractor. I will recommend to everyone I know that is looking for a chiropractor!

Tracy Blizzard-Pearson

OMG, my experience today with Dr. Riden was amazing. I have suffered so much pain from car accidents and knee dislocations, back pain, neck pain. Years of pain and discomfort that has built up but today i went and seen an ANGEL. Dr. Riden is amazing he is so professional and caring. I cried after my adjustment and thats because I haven't felt this good in years. Thank you sooooo much Dr. Riden. You are my knight in shining armor. Oh yeah prices are very affordable. You wont find a more affordable yet more caring place. The receptionist was just as amazing as Dr. James Riden. Thanks once again. ❤❤❤ August 22, 2019 Today i went in for another adjustment. I had the opportunity to get my adjustment today from another doctor his name is Dr. John. I walked in today looking forward to my adjustment. He was with another patient so as i waited i sat and watched how he worked and what techniques he was using. As he finished with the other patient i simply said " i want exactly what she had". He agreed and we started our session. OMG, OMG, OMG. I REALLY FREAKING LOVE THIS PLACE. THE JOINT CHIROPRACTIC IS SIMPLY AMAZING. He had different techniques but they worked just as good as with Dr. Riden. Thank you soooo much. I am referring everyone i know.

Beth cveykus

I could hardly walk in the door and i was practically dancing on my way out! Thank you Dr. Ryan!!!

Christopher Eppards

A decent chiropractor, but less than stellar staff. Charged me for an additional month after cancelling in advance, then made excuses. They then offered a refund, which subsequently never occurred. Sad

Jordeny Done

Came in to the Joint and received such amazing care from Robin, Adrianny and Dr.David, would recommend to anyone who need chiropractic care. Wellness plan is also the best way to always feeling great.

Kim Whitman

I started going there for the price and convenience. Was not happy with all the doctors and how I got adjusted. The one doctor hurt me more than helped and can never get my neck. I specify no more with him. I have found Dr. Gary H. who always gives a great adjustment. The issue I have now is I go there today and there is a paper note on door saying this location North Towne will no longer have doctors after 2pm. WHAT??? Only open in the middle of the day while most of your patients are at work . So now if you want a adjustment you have to take off work or drive across town . What happened to them having convient hours ?? Bring back the regular hours at this location

Corie Kellman

I cannot say enough good things about TheJoint Nashville. When all other traditional doctors failed to help find root cause nor with pain management, the joint provided answers and relief. Even more I can get affordable treatment on my own schedule without help or headache of insurance claims. I do not know what I would do without their services.

Steve Hartman

Quick and easy way to keep everything in line! If you are in need of Chiropractic care start here then go no further.

Erkan Balaban

Abigail S Garcia

I can finally sleep!

Bill Hauser

First visit and the extreme pain was reduced greatly. Looking forward to the follow-up visits for continued healing.

Michael Reives

Quick adjustments. Friendly staff. In & out

teresa davis

Great experience did help my neck and Danny was great


Amazing staff! Walked-in and got adjustments done the same day. Walked out feeling much better than I did before I visited them. I had really bad pain in my neck and shoulders. Once adjustments were made, the pain and aching instantly went away and it felt great. Distance of motion improved greatly for my neck and shoulders, along with reduced aching and pain. Excellent customer service with chiropractors that actually know what they are doing. Pricing is very reasonable too. I highly recommend their services!


Website says open till 7:00pm. We drive from Bountiful based upon a recommendation. Walk in at 6:24 to be told that since this was a first time visit I could not been seen past 6:00pm. If that’s your rule then put on your website. Waste of time for me. The sandwich boards all around the building make no mention of this guideline. The DC was sitting behind the counter and the place was empty. I suspect because I was looking for a single visit this time they did not want to spend time without a guarantee of monthly package income.

katie phillips

The Joint at Six Forks is by far my favorite. Everyone who works there is extremely friendly and accommodating. I've never had to wait to get adjusted! I've been to other Joint's and they have paled in comparison to this one.

Beth Doe

Lisa Fuller

Affordable chiropractic care with caring doctors. They have changed my life for the better, and I would never go anywhere else. Convenient hours and locations, and friendly caring staff. Doctor Fowler is awesome. If you have back pains, shoulder pains, headaches, go see them. You will not regret it. I know I don't and neither does my daughter.

Danny B Stewart

My body/skeleton is a mess! I'd Never been to a chiro before, so The Sugar House location was my first experience. I was very impressed and look forward to my continuing treatment. I'll admit I'm pretty intimidated by the procedures, but the staff eases my anxiety once there.

Katie Baxley

I had the best experience at this Joint location. They always get me in and out quickly and every doctor there is amazing and personalizes my experience. My toddler has also been adjusted there. They are so great with kids!!!

Cindy Thorpe

Dr Simone is amazing! He honestly cares and wants you to feel better after adjusting you. He is personable and professional- the only doc I’ll see there! Schedule early, as he books quickly.

David Casaus

I have never had a bad experience here. The staff is really friendly and good at what they do. I've been going here for over 5 years and they've gotten me through car accidents and ego lifting mishaps! I'd recommend this place to anyone.

Carolina Padilla

Rika! Is heaven sent I came in for a cancellation and explained my hectic schedule. She was prompt sweet and genuinely made me feel welcomed. I will now be paying for individual visits. Dr John is the best hands down I always feel so great after.

Suzanne Yull

I love the convenience of this office. Open early and late several days, plus weekend hours, too! I’m brand new to the wellness program, but so far so good!

Mandy Linderman

Prompt...amazing efficiency. I love their amazing staff. I am looking forward to my next visit. The pricing is extremely reasonable. I really like "The Joint Chiropractic." Excellent customer service!!! My neck feels 100% better...!!! Dr. John is a ninja. :)

Tyler Cooper

I was in so much pain after throwing my neck out at work (nurse here) they got me in quickly and fixed me up, gave me an amazing deal and made me feel right at home. I look forward to my adjustments and the smiling faces! Seriously life changing

Shelly Ainsworth

Dr. Simone is excellent! I was thrilled to find him when I moved here from Dallas. Good chiropractors are hard to find. My manager goes to Dr Hill and she also has nothing but positive things to say. Great place. Totally great value for 4 sessions a month.

Joshua Carr

Dr. John is the best he always takes his time to make sure I'm satisfied with his treatment. He is very friendly and explains everything hes does before he does it and even during makes it easy to relax and allows him to do a great job at reliving my pain. It's a Saturday routine for me know at this point. I'm so ready for the office that is opening in February by my work!

Christina Langston

Dr. Sean is phenomenal! He is incredibly talented, and he genuinely takes time to make sure you feel better after a visit with him. He explains what he's doing and how it's helping, and he gives recommendations based on your specific needs. I was ready to cancel my membership with The Joint until I visited him, and now I have no doubts that I should stick with it. He genuinely cares, and that's awesome.

Theo W

The staff is always friendly and courteous! Other than arriving during the busy periods There's not much to criticize. $60 a month will get you for visits which breaks down to $15 per visit. The only thing is is that they don't do massages or electrotherapy it's just physical adjustments from my understanding

David Custer

I injured my back 25 years ago and once a year I would do a normal activity, throw out my back, and barely be able to walk for a week. After a few months of regular treatment I was able to do things physically that I haven’t been able to do in years. Weekly chiropractic adjustments are the answer for me. The Joint has skilled professional staff, and is a great value financially.

Tiffany Ralphs

Dr. Simone is the Best Dr. Ever! He make me feel like a new woman. He works on me from head to toe. Always ask how I am an understands what I'm needing done. He works with the muscles along with the alignment. An always makes sure I'm feeling Fabulous before I walk out the door.

Beth Lindsey

Seriously poor customer service. I went in today for an adjustment and was told to complete new patient paperwork since I hadn't been seen since March. Yeah, 5 months tops and the only thing be is my job title. I completed everything except for the surgeries portion, and told the receptionist that there was no new information and it was already in the system. She told me that I would not be seen if I didn't fill it out, so I started to do so and commented that it was ridiculous when nothing was new. The receptionist ripped the clipboard away from me and stated that she would not tolerate me talking to her that way. I was genuinely confused and said that the wasn't being rude to her and that I would fill it out, to which she replied that she would not give me the paperwork and I would not be seen today at this location. I will not return to this location, and beyond today probably not to this company at all. Meanwhile, I am in pain and it's Saturday so my options are limited.

Ryland Coleman

I have been having horrible lower back problems for the last two weeks and after just one visit to the Joint I felt instant relief. I was so amazed with how knowledgeable their staff was and how beautiful the place was. I will be returning with my entire family for future appointments to better our everyday health and well-being. This place is truly a healing on the go. Thanks again for giving me my mobility back !!!!!

Patrina Platt

Quick in & out at a super reasonable price!

James Jager

Friendly, affordable, fast, great hours, and the staff takes their time and listens to you, to give you the best possible outcome. I grew tired of most Chiropractic offices charging high rates and offering terrible hours, open from 9-11am closed from 11-3pm and open from 3 to 6pm closed Fridays and weekends? Also, i'm a big guy, avid weight lifter, ex- military, and it was almost impossible to find a chiropractor who could adjust me, so far every chiropractor at The Joint has been up to the task.

Elissa K

Great! Convenient! Fast, but still thoughtful and great care! Def recommend!

J Ringen

The Joint is such a great place for chiropractic care. As a military veteran and someone that has used chiropractic care over the years for my overall health and flexibility; you will not find a better, more economical and efficient care center as the Joint. Im so thankful for their expertise, office and location.

Kerrie Hanlon-Delas

Watch out for the chiros that “fill-in for the day”. One guy never gave his name, and he was so bad I left in pain. It was supposed to be just a ‘tune-up’ yet I left needing ice and a pain killer. And I paid for THAT! I’m phoning ahead from now on to make sure who is working that day. The two regulars are excellent.

Des R

Jeff Iverson

This place is amazing! I have been coming here for a month now. Dr Evan knows his stuff and has explained everything very well. It's very affordable and best of all NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED! Thank you everyone at The Joint.

Lawrence Urias

Robin the wellness coordinator was the best. An Dr. David knows what to do. I feel great and plan on going back as often as I can.

Jaime Dansie

I found this place by accident and I'm so glad I did. I've been seeing Dr. Simone as prescribed and my back issues are so much better. They're fast and affordable. If you're looking for a good chiro this is the place.

Danielle Davidson

Great place. Friendly staff. It definitely helped. It did take longer for my visit than the many others coming and going but that was likely due to the paperwork, information I received at the visit and the membership I was talked into, but they did it with class.

Lynnette Devaul

Very good.

Peter Sturdivant

I've been going here for about 2 years. It's a great mix of quick pace/very short wait and warm personal attention. Dr. Fowler does a great job remembering what's been going on with my bones. She is super genuine and attentive.


Jerry Adler

This is by far the best Joint Chiropractic clinic in Utah. The staff and Doctors are top notch, always going the extra mile to ensure a good visit. There is a reason they are so busy, great service at a great price, in a very convenient location. PLUS they are open 7 days/week without the need to make an appointment.

Brent & Jennifer Danner

in and out quickly, most importantly problem solved!

lia saafi

Great place, awesome staff! I went in with severe lower back pain and Dr. Simone helped me get feeling better after just one adjustment. I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for chiropractic services! And I will definitely be returning for more adjustments

Cheesy Noodle

Great place to go for chiropractic care, affordable and high quality.

jack baughman

Always helps me feel better. Friendly doctors and staff.

Elvin R

I sprained my ankle really bad a week ago thinking to give it time for the swelling & pain to go away but it hasn't! Today I traveled all the way from east denver (tower & I-70) almost an hour drive to this location because of its great reviews. Closes at 7pm & I got there at 6:45 pm only to be turned away because they didn't have enough time to see a new patient. Thx for disappointing experience

jon hoppis

Always friendly. Brooklyn was friendly and Dr Riden done a good job getting my back adjusted. I will come back.

Kevin Rejko

I have been coming here for a year or so. Dr Farnsworth and Molly always greet me and treat me well. I have had no problems coming here!! I would recommend that you come here also!!

Camille Winnie

Love The Joint! Finally regular, consistent, weekly chiropractic adjustments I can afford. My back is doing better than it has in years. Plus I can go when it is convenient for me-even on Saturday and Sunday- no appointment necessary! Love the Docs and the price. What a cool concept!

Andrea M

Didn't even get to walk thru the front door because they advertise incorrect hours! I found this place on google and stopped by because it says walk ins welcome. Google shows their hours as 10 to 7 on Mondays as well as their website and answering message. So I drove out of my way and when I get to thw office there is a note on the door that says Closed Monday's and right below that they have their hours on the window which say open Monday 10 to 7! So frustrating and a waste of my time and gas. Horrible customer service to do this and if they can't even get hours straight then I'd be afraid to see how their office is run, very dissappointed.

Knee Dragon

They did good work and it was fast and innespensive. I like the walk in arrangement especially when you never know when you will wrench your back.

Christian Avila

Terminated my contract today. Used to be a great location with doctors who cared. Today I arrived at 10 and the doctor was no where to be seen. The lady at the front desk tried everything in her power to try and contact the doctors, but 15 minutes with no reply I asked to cancel my membership and walked out. If the owner reads this, do not attempt to reach out because I will never go back.

Christopher Harris

Expectations... I was skeptical of chiropractors. Never really sure if they could help or not. Was skeptical. I've seen a few chiropractors over the years without much success or hope. What I did find was treatment plans that just didn't fit my budget AT ALL. So, while I knew that after about 6 months of having back pain I would have to find help soon, I woke up and took a shower and somehow pulled something in my back to the point where I was in agony and could barely breathe and had a hard time finding a spot where by body could catch a breath without intense pain. I called into work and drove to the last chiropractor I saw expecting to pay about 60 bucks for one visit. It was closed and so I stood there, unevenly, defeated. I checked google for other nearby places and I remember a few of my friends mentioning 'The Joint'. I work at a pain clinic and some of the patients have the little key tag to check in on their keyring. So, I found the closest one. (Corrales Road) and went in. They accept walkins and despite my foul demeanor about having to fill out some paperwork before I could be seen, The customer service girl at the front was patient and helped me complete the bare minimum so that I could get relief. Which was still a lot of paper work but I'm in the medical field so I understand. After the first treatment I could breathe again. What utterly shocked me was the following. When I was in high school back in about 1993, I had my first migraine. They had to wheel me out of the school in a wheelchair after the throwing up stopped and the pain didn't stop. I've suffered from them since. So that's over 20 years. Strangely I've never met a doctor that said hey, you should get an MRI, or hey, You should see a chiropractor to see what they can do. Even the other chiropractors didn't take the time to try to fix me. I know it's an ongoing process but today, It's been about 6 weeks since I've had a migraine. That is to say, after my first treatment and continued treatments, I've been migraine free. So, I'm able to stop taking medication which over time is really really bad for you. I'm not saying that chiropractic work is a cure all but for me it has helped me immensely and I'm very thankful for The Joint. The staff is very friendly and the system is set up well. I stop in and scan my joint card and I'm seen very quickly. I get adjusted and then I'm on my way again. I need to say it again. I am migraine free and I used to get them about 2-3 a week. Thank you guys!


They don't treat for Auto accidents. Why might you ask? We don't do insurance. "I am paying cash". We can't take x-rays. "That's okay, I brought mine". "Well, we can't see you because your wreck was just 2 weeks ago". Well, everyone knows you should go as soon as you feel pain and continue until you are not hurting. So sad my normal chiropractor is on vacation. I've been seeing her since the day after my accident and you refused to help me. I'll be sure to spread the word for you.

Ryan H

Dr. Evan is amazing he was very enthusiastic and actually listen to what I told him about my back pain and corrected it. Everyone that works there and the staff included is great... TY

Louis Seven

I've been dealing with lower back pain and pinched sciatic nerve issues for a long time. Dr. Fowler is an extremely skilled chiropractor who takes the time to listen to your issues and work towards giving you the relief you need. Of all those chriropractic treatments I've had with a number of doctors, I finally found the right spot!


Great location, the doctor is really informative and listens to my needs. Will be coming back.

Jessica Gusan

Jean Crane

Dr. Lopez is awesome!! The Joint is easy access and always accommodating. Great and friendly staff.

Kesley Page

This the best deal in town. Dr. Fowler keeps me put together so I can stay active and enjoy our beautiful city!

James Sunderland

This place is great, fast and friendly service. I'm still on the fence with Chiropractic care as a cure all but I definitely felt like I was walking tall after the adjustment. I like the fact that here is't quick and easy, less of a show, meaning no X-rays and no massage, just a a few quick adjustments and I still have time to hit the gym.

Andrea Steele

Patrick Lynch

The Joint is the best: best chiropractors I've been to (and I've been to a lot!), most affordable, and the nicest folks. No hassle sign-up, no appointments, no haggling with insurance: wherever you go, you should go here instead!

Daniel MC

Dr. Brandon helped my wife so much, she feels so much better. Unbelievable, we have been to many chiropractors and he’s the only one that seemed to work. Customer service was amazing and very kind, Nate at the front desk helped us pick the perfect plan.

Heather Smith

Love coming here...visits are quick and affordable, and the quality of care is top notch!

Ryan King

My wife and I love this place!! Dr. Fowler is amazing! She is friendly, professional, fun and has greatly improved the state of my back and shoulder. The staff is equally impressive. Every employee has always been completely pleasant, friendly and professional.

marriah smith

Tiffany Morones

When I came in a few weeks ago I could barely walk without crying. The staff were kind, compassionate and listened to me. They took their time, and made sure that everything was okay. I was able to walk it in less pain, and have had a significant decrease in my pain over several visits. It’s worth a moment to stop in and see if they can help you!

Melinda Romero

Michael Sharpe

Average quality adjustments, sometimes amazing depending on the doctor, but nobody can beat their subscriber prices.

Cecilia Murazzo

Kimberly Culbreth

I've been coming to The Joint since 1/2013 and I've always received wonderful care since day 1. Thanks guys

Kathy Hamrick

I have seen chiropractors regularly for over 30 years here in the US and abroad. This practice is one of the best I have been to, literally in the world. The doctors really listen to their patients. They are knowledgeable, efficient and helpful. Since I started going there for regular care, I have been feeling better than I have felt in over a decade.

Ekta Khimani

Very near to my apartment.. The chiropractor did a great job. I felt better after the adjustment. Looking forward for my next adjustment. The best part is you do not need to make any prior appointments. I just waited for 5 mins for my turn. Would definitely recommend this place. Thank you Joint Chiropractic!!

Jason Ohler

Don't bother these crack pots won't touch you. My now retired chiropractor was 10 times the chiropractor these people will ever be. Not to mention they expected me to come in once a week when I live 100 miles away. A good chiropractor will get the job done in one visit and you won't need to go back for a year or two.

tonja zeller

No messing around. You get in, adjusted, and out in minutes.

Joshua Edwards

My first experience here was pretty good. Id thrown my back out, and after going started to feel much better. Since then everything i do they call their "checks up" where they spend about 3 minutes popping your neck and charge $39. Its not worth the money and feels very impersonal. If you have issues and want a chiropractor that cares about you and those issues, look elsewhere.

Desiree Johnson Evans

I walked in this afternoon and immediately loved the place. I had been seeing my former chiropractor for years, but I recently moved and his practice is just too far away. I was greeted by a really nice and helpful receptionist. I filled out very brief paperwork. (They don't take insurance so there are no lengthy forms, but their prices are so reasonable that they don't need to.) The doctor who greeted me was also very friendly. We walked into the treatment area, and I was surprised to see a large open space with three adjustment tables. This is a totally different concept, but I liked it because it did not feel like a doctors office at all. After a thorough evaluation, the doctor knew just what my issues were. His adjustment was gentle but effective and enjoyable. I checked out, and the receptionist briefly explained their membership plans with no pressure. That was nice. I paid, and left quite happy. I love that you don't need and appointment, but nor did I feel like cattle. There are only two doctors in the facility, so you know who you are seeing. Over all, the experience was great. They will be seeing me again on Saturday, but they don't know that, because I don't need an appointment! :)

Trey Curley

The Joint chiropractic really took time to figure out my needs. Mike did a great job working with me to develop a plan for relief that best suits me.

Inez Kelly

Dr Limon is awesome and very knowledgable!!. At first i wasn't sure i was even going to go check it out, the lady said 45 minute wait. Also been an ex ballet dancer, i'm always a bit unsure as to whether the doctor really knows his stuff. But what other options was there, continue to suffer? Wait till Monday? I woke up with my upper back and shoulder in pain and lots of it! I decided to go, and i was so pleasantly surprised. Dr Limon is a master at what he does and the whole process was like 45 minutes, but i didn't sit in the waiting room for 45 minutes. I loved the options, go once or get on a plan if needed! I personally signed up since this is what my body needs right now! We are so lucky to have one with such good care and close to home!

Damon Jacobucci

Had a great adjustment from Dr Meek . Immediate relief, staff is very professional and knowledgeable I will definitely be going back.

Arina Kryvko

Such a great and energetic team! Very knowledgeable and was able to help quickly and efficiently. Although they don’t take appointments, I wasn’t stuck waiting and had a great experience

Forrest Elliott

Tomio Norris

Visited from Washington and stopped in for an adjustment. Front desk attendant was friendly. Chiropractor was kind and forthcoming. Nothing else to say. Overall, I enjoyed my experience.

Matthew Mitchell

I began seeing Dr. Jenn at the Joint after a stint of cross fit that left me feeling extremely tense in my neck and shoulder blades and my low back flexibility was minimal. Long story short, I have had back pain on and off but mostly on since about age 18yo. Dr. Jenn did some investigating and it turns out one of my legs was significantly shorter. She quickly put in an order for a lift for my shoe. And I'm feeling much better. It's not to 100%, but it's getting there. I've gone to numerous chiropractors across eastern and central NC. I've even been assessed at Duke University to work toward resolving my low back tension. Dr. Jenn intuitively recommended a simple and affordable Xray and quickly identified the core of my back problems. Thanks a ton Dr. Jenn and the Joint! You are much appreciated. I'm sending all of my friends. Matt

Brandon Martin

I keep receiving emails for services I never received I sent an email telling them someone is using my email address erroneously but never got an answer back. They can’t seem to reply but won’t stop sending me emails asking for a review so here it is.

Davi J Vee

Pretty cool, for the on the go people, fast, easy, great pricing. No hidden costs, no over charging, straight forward billing that you choose. In & out in a snap, crackle & pop, then you're done!

Jordan Shadwick-Rodriguez

Dr Fowler has changed my life! I was in excruciating back pain for so many years and now I am virtually pain free! I love the flexibility of The Joint and have referred so many people! You never have to wait for more than a few minutes and the staff is always helpful.

Stephanie Harper

I have been going to The Joint for about a year now. I have had back problems most of my life and have had several chiropractors over the years, but I am very blessed to have found Dr. Jeremy Broadhead. He is very knowledgeable and skilled in his adjustments. I have walked out of the clinic and walked back in to thank him because I instantly felt better after the adjustment. I recently was rear ended in a car accident and was experiencing headaches. I told him about the headaches. I haven't experienced the headaches again after my adjustments. The office is clean and modern and the front desk is very pleasant and helpful.. I have a monthly membership and it saves me money rather than paying copays after every adjustment. Having the membership also keeps me coming in The Joint regularly for my overall wellness for a healthy life.

Laura Jean Pierce

Liz Hermosillo

Highly recommend Dr Martin! In Salt Lake City visiting and back went out. Called morning of, was able to get a walk in appointment and seen within 10 minutes. Walked out feeling like a new woman. THANK YOU!!!

Madison Baker

I love the staff and how informative they are. Fast service and super sweet! Robin, Adrianna, and Dr. Mila are awesome!!


No issues with Doc Farnsworth as He actually seems to be the only doctor at the Carmel or Michigan road that knows how to be a chiropractor and what an adjustment is, I didn’t mind coming on the weekends when schedules moved but With today I may not ever come • the girl here is not usually there and was rude, wouldn’t listen to anything I tried to discuss and behaved as if she couldn’t focus and was not in a functioning mind state, very back and forth, very slurred, very out of touch with reality, far from what I usually experience unless it’s a different adjuster; I left without a goodbye, just like arriving without hello. I like this location because I have a welcoming experience the whole time but the experience today pushes me towards going back to Noblesville. The Joint finally improved just to go down all over again Owning my own Joint and knowing what’s expected I can definitely say that today is not in line with any standards that are supposed to be in practice, the other days through the week almost all standards seem to be followed minus what the adjuster does, I want to call him and chiropractor because that’s what he supposed to be, however I’m not sure if he understands what that actually is. If I lived closer and owned a location near instead of far I would definitely take the good parts of Carmel, Doctor Farnsworth and the normal receptionist, And be able to trust them to run my location every single day without worry Knowing they both would be embodying what the company is meant to represent. When I decide to move permanently and relocate my clinic I would hope to have them work here. I’ve reached out to my contacts at corporate as well as local to let them know of my concerns, I’ve left concerns before without being contacted and feel it’s important to share so that all of The Joints are not affected by the ill behavior of some, if you are ever south and want to see The Joint how it should be at anytime, give us a visit, I’m in Indiana for another month and hope to not have to return and get another bad taste in my mouth

Zahnor Edwards

Great helped me immediately with my hip dont know why i waited so long to come back. Best option for routine chiropractic care.


All of the 4 doctors are great. I like to rotate between them depending on my needs. I was in severe pain through the shoulder and arm. Now almost back to normal in 3 months with regular visits, exercise, stretching, acupuncture, icing. The joint has been an integral part of my recovery. If you understand how the subscription works it is very affordable. No nonsense just get in and get adjusted and get on with your life. So glad I found this place.

Dan Ferris

Tawny Aubrey

All 4 chiropractors at this location are excellent. Dr. Martin got rid of the pelvic pain I was experiencing during the last part of my pregnancy, and he got baby to move from breech position to the correct position. When my water broke and I never went into labor and was starting to get worried, I went to Dr. Peterson for an adjustment that evening and then went into labor in the middle of the night (a quick 5 hour labor!). Many people think that you're just going to get a standard one-size-fits-all adjustment here, but these chiropractors are knowledgeable and experienced and really know what they're doing! Any time I've gone to them with a specific issue, they've known exactly what to do about it and they take the time to work on it. There have also been several times I've walked in just a few minutes before closing time and I am still greeted with a smile and they still take their time with me. They are real professionals. I opted for the membership because of the incredible price (4 adjustments a month for $69 and only $10 for any additional adjustments that month). The 4 visits expire when the month is up, so you have to make sure you use them before then. But when my newborn was diagnosed with a heart defect and had to have surgery and would be in the hospital for a few weeks and I needed to stay with him, the owner James made sure I could still use the visits I was paying for, at a later time when my baby was back home and recovered. That meant a lot to me that I had one less thing to worry about. I'm glad I found The Joint. They make it affordable to receive quality chiropractic care on a regular basis. Why can't all chiropractors do the same?

Ben Crow

Literally the best chiropractic experience I've ever had. I can tell that Dr. Cassi truly cares about my well-being and I've seen regular improvements since day 1! This is a great group of people and I'm happy that I decided to start treatment here.

Karen Seeman

I really have no idea why these people are chiropractors. They could care less about how patients feel. The head of this group Dr Kupla in the Corrales Albuquequerque locale is very cold and robotic. Her talk with patients is about selling some product that she sells for extra revenue. One of the chiropractors there (btw I very much liked him) was trying to help me with a strain in my neck and shoulder. He believed it was a rib and went to adjust it. It was excruciating pain. He felt it crumble beneath. He was concerned that I had osteoporosis and the rib disintegrated. So, he sent me for an x-ray. He suggested I go to the local hospital to get them. In a lot of breath-taking pain and tenderness, I went there. The office did not call me the next day to find out how I was doing or where The xrays were taken. The x-rays were supposed to be sent to the office. Instead their fax machine wasn't working. They wanted me, the patient they hurt and had no regard for to pick up the x-rays and bring them to them. I was leaving the area and picked up my films. Happily the films were negative, but the pain continued. The head of the Corrales Albuquerque office and I had a few conversations that lead to me texting her. She claimed she had some way to help heal quickly, but never revealed it to me and it is already 1 week later. So, I wanted you to know what little regard you will have as Dr. Kupla's patient. I am horrified she has been given license to do anything.

Synthia Brown

Awesome! I did not get adjusted myself, I went with my sister a couple of weeks ago and just had to write a review. The girl at the desk was super kind and patient with everyone who walked in.My sister said it was the best adjustment she had ever gotten! Thanks guys.Also super affordable pricing at this place. But they don’t take insurance....

Laurie Busch

I've been a loyal customer for several years now. I've always loved being able to walk in without an appointment and pay a fraction of what I used to pay at other chiropractors. And the office staff have always been friendly and helpful. After Dr. Sharpless was hired, I started only seeing him as he gives me the most thorough and gentle adjustments I've ever had! (I've been adjusted by a dozen other chiropractors in the past.) I've tried Dr. Olson, but he is too agressive and not thorough when adjusting me, so I've made sure to come on the one day of the week that Dr. Sharpless has been scheduled at the Carmel location. And now, they have removed him from this location completely and put him exclusively at the Zionsville location. I live in Carmel and this location is more convenient than the Zionsville one for me, but I will make the trek over there to see Dr. Sharpless. Getting an adjustment from him is worth the extra drive, but it sure was nice to have him at the Carmel location for at least part of the time. Overall, The Joint is an excellent value, very convenient, and a pleasant experience. I just wish they wouldn't have moved my favorite doctor from this location.

Jeff A

I have experienced 7 chiropractors. Some didn't know what they were doing and some wanted to sign me up for 50+ visits. Dr. Boyd is the best I have come across. She communicates what she is doing and why. I feel so much better after going. You should always get multiple opinions and if you need care, Dr. Boyd should be one of those you consider.

Tracer Ledbetter

michael clement

Brittan Allen

It was great! Dr. Pomante was very hospitable and understood exactly what I needed!

Bradley Bawcom

danielle antu

Kelsey Helveston

I absolutely LOVE The Joint at Six Forks! The doctors are really friendly and professional. They always explain what they're doing as they're adjusting me, and give me some tips on what I can do to help my spine during the week. I am usually in and out of The Joint in 5 minutes or less, which is wonderful since I have a busy schedule and don't have time to wait around all day. I would definitely recommend The Joint to anyone who's looking for a quick, professional chiropractor for an extremely affordable price!

Christine McArthur

I love the convenience, it's great for my busy schedule. You can walk in anytime and I've never had to wait. The doctors are friendly and the adjustments are great!

Julie H

After giving birth to my second child, I had constant pain in my elbows for over a year that kept me from doing things I love, including lifting weights. The chiropractors at this joint location knew just how to treat it and after a few adjustments to my elbows, I am 2 years+ pain free! I also threw my back out last Fall to where I could barely walk and after a couple of visits, I was back to normal. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable and they have very affordable treatment plans. I highly recommend!

Suzanne Sonye

I’ve worked for chiropractors for years.. im getting the relief I need :)

Kassandra Kunisch

nick ervin packer

Shana McClain

This was my first time going to a chiropractor. I had been having debilitating upper back pain and after a while my partner suggested going to a chiropractor. He found this place for me and I gave it a shot. I found the chiropractor to be very helpful and explained things to me throughout the consultation and session. Honestly, my back had been so bad all I've been fantasizing about was someone with a really heavy food just kicking me really hard into the back for relief. That's how awful it was. And the chiropractor made my back pop in the way that I had wanted for so long! (And without kicking me with a really heavy foot--closer to gentle hands and calculation ). I actually left feeling a bit of relief I haven't felt in a while. Of course, the pain wasn't completely eradicated but it was close and I will be making future wellness appointments to keep up this progress. Thank you Joint Chiropractic!

Amanda Johnson

I love how quick and easy it is to get in and out. I know I can get adjusted and feel great without an appointment!


This place is amazing! They are all professional and understanding. I've been to other locations but this one is truly the best!

B Williams

Great service, great prices I left out of The Joint Chiropractors feeling a 1000 times better

Michael H

The Joint is a great concept to get recurring chiropractic care. The staff and doctors are friendly. I highly recommend going to the Joint and with nationwide locations, you can get adjustments while traveling.

Dirick Hatfield

Awesome front desk service. Was very kind and explained everything to me clearly. Dr. Mika was fast and efficient. She gave me clear instruction on what she was doing at all times. Overall an awesome experience and I’ll be back for sure!

Aaron Cross

I was seen very quickly and he asked detailed questions as to where my problem areas were located. After he did a fantastic job isolating the issues I was able to setup a plan that really worked for me on getting me back to pain free day.

Timothy Peters

I have visited several times and the front office staff are always very helpful and nice. However, there is one doctor, Dr. Olson, that is always discussing religion or politics and he can be quite offputting. I have noticed that it makes quite a few other patients uncomfortable, he is quite loud in his discussions. He also tries to hurry you along if you don't "go along" with his views, feels kind of like an assembly line. The other doctors are not like this. If not for the one doctor this would be a much better review and place to visit.

Heidi Miller

I absolutely love this office. Everyone is so friendly and happy to see you. Nathan Peterson, D.C. is fantastic. He is so welcoming and professional. I always feel great when I leave. He helped me out significantly with very painful back pain. So glad I found you guys! Thank you.

Andrew Zockoll

The actual adjustment were great but beware of the subscription plans. I signed up for one because the deal was too good to pass up. That is how they get you. Cancellation is only accepted by coming back into the physical store. No online cancellation or phone cancellation allowed. Which is not that big of deal although still very annoying and a terrible customer experience. The big problem is that I moved and coming in is no longer possible. Edit: Manager called me and we had what I thought was a great conversation. He assured me that my account was cancelled. So I changed my review from a 1 to 3. Well they just charge me again. I seriously hate this place.

Meghan James

Absolutely amazing!!! I have been going to the Joint for a few months now and they have done wonders for me! Dr. "Poppie" Simone is one of the most in tune, caring, and understanding chiropractors I have ever seen. Thank you Sugar House Joint!!

M Martinez

I have gone here several times always seen same two chiropractors. They are no longer there, took my chance paid the $39.00. A big man attempted do adjustment, complete fail. He was huffing trying to do adjustment and seemed unable to pop my back. I explained this I didnt pop, he claimed I needed several treatments daily back to back. Its all money making scheme. The other Dr pipped me and adjusted and on my way. DONT GO WASTE MONEY NOW!

Jessica Done

I love The Joint! They make it easy to come in without the normal appointment set up, and have great doctors always on staff. The doctors are great when we bring the kids in, and remember all of the little stories told during visits. Highly recommend!

sathwik reddy

She is just amazing and has an magic touch that gives you an instant pain relief . Great place to go and very affordable.

Scott Williams

Great service all around and my back feels immensely better. Prices are very fair.

Lara Darpino

The Joint has offered me an affordable option to attaining chiropractic care in the Nashville area. My experience is always a pleasant one - the receptionist is friendly & helpful, the wait in minimal, if existent at all, and the doctor's have all been very professional. I would highly recommend The Joint to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

Victoria Andrews

Huge Relief!! Their great. I recommend it all. Very pleasant customer service! Thank you guys.

Park Bench Chronicles With Betty

april cervi

Great service and care!

Karina B

J. Nichols

Really love this place. Different doctors are there different days. So if you like a certain doctor's style, just ask the front desk when they're there. Everyone is different. I took a month off and I definitely noticed the difference in my spine and my migraines. I missed work because of the pain. So I know for a fact this treatment benefits me quite a bit.

Mack Mcclough

Lynne Crossland

great setup! convenient location, friendly environment, no pressure!

Jennifer M. G. Roe

Dr. Cassi is great! She has helped me since she started at the University Hills location last year, and recently has help me with my prenatal chiropractic care using Webster’s Technique.

Sara Boudreau

One of the best adjustments I've had and I travel the country visiting Joints all over.

Andrew Watson

I’ll be in town for the patriots/titans game tomorrow. I know y’all are open on Sundays at 10:00am, tomorrow is Veterans Day are you guys on the same hours tomorrow? -thanks, Hope I can come in

Amy Robinson

Super convenient and an awesome staff! Improved my shoulder on the first visit!

Janet O'Furey

Can’t praise this location enough! From the second you walk in the door and are greeted by name, very thorough adjustments, quick attention, VERY affordable monthly packages, no appointment needed, to the super professional and skilled doctors - it’s a top of the line one stop shop for many medical issues. My husband and I go to help alleviate pain from regular HIIT and lifting workouts. The consistency of getting realigned has drastically helped with preventing injury. One of my daughters was seen starting at 6 months for chronic ear infections. We wanted a more homeopathic route in lieu of antibiotics. Our other daughter started seeing Dr. Rose at just 2 months for digestive issues and for post birth trauma. Our extremely colicky baby became the happiest little girl after just 4 adjustments! We are so thankful for the care these doctors have given to our family.

jaycie pinnow

Dr. Simone is amazing! He is very welcoming and nice, and he has helped my back pain and headaches a lot so far!

Joseph Pieper

T A McDonald

Ellisia Cone

ladonna jamieson

megan mcneil

It was my first time & it was very helpful!

Emmanuel Parrish

Paris, Robin and Whitney were very friendly and customer service was excellent. will be going again

Lucy Petersen

Sugar house location is the best joint location in the state!!! I have tried locations from American Fork to Ogden.

Tim McC

DO NOT give these people your credit card! They will keep billing you after you cancel. Go to a real chiropractor instead.

Susan Elder

My experience at this Joint location has been top notch every time. They have great customer service. The Doctors are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks Dr. Simone!!

Justin Teufel

They signed up my girlfriend for there membership without giving her another option and now won't let her cancel unless she goes there in person.

Benjamin Wilson

Great job there!! And real informative!!!

Chris Carr

On my first visit I saw immediate improvement. I was also shocked to have received a phone call from The Joint later that day, after my initial visit, which made me feel good and like they cared.

Chloe Stillwell

First things first, you can't beat the prices, especially with the monthly plan. But most importantly, Dr. Fowler is the most wonderful chiropractor. Not only is she amazing at getting you right as rain, but she's also the friendliest, warmest doctor I've ever had.

Wisco Fishing

May MacDowall

I feel 100% better when getting adjusted. The staff couldnt be any better. I can actually move when I leave their office.

Heather Hartmann

I was a lover of The Joint well before this location opened. I was thrilled when the Colorado Blvd location opened because it's right down the street from my house. Dr. Cam is friendly and accommodating and he remembers my problem spots and works to correct them each time I come in. I highly recommend The Joint in general and this location in particular.

Sarah J Derheimer

I am so glad I found this place! The two chiropractors who work here are amazing!! Dr. Marie Marler is on Mondays and she did my first adjustment. She was super sweet and really listened to what I needed and why. I felt so much better after the very first adjustment in nearly 2 years. Then I got adjusted by Dr. Evan Ginsberg later in the week. He is such a nice guy. I would describe him as your typical New York restaurant owner that treats everyone like family! He has the big teddy bear build which makes for an awesome adjustment every time!

Shannon Poole

The Joint in Carmel is the best! Great package deals and the doctors do a great job! Always friendly! Highly recommend....they always get me feeling better.

fred nichols

Dr. T assessed me and recommended a solid treatment plan that is exactly what I am needing. The treatment is at an affordable price-point. On top of the ease of being seen, by the provider. Thank you

Corinna Lopez

I would definitely recommend The Joint. They got me in as soon as I walked in the door the door, and the chiropractor was knowledgeable and helpful.

Melissa Lucero

Dr. Meek is the best, I have scoliosis in my neck, since going once a week my pain and tension have diminished, this place is great for maintenance convenience visits, the membership is cheaper than my copays on insurance, it equals $16 a week/treatment, way worth it.

Nick Weaver

I'm not one to usually submit reviews about experiences online, because I always feel that most reviews are close family and or friends that are obligated to put a positive review online and it may or may not be legitimate advice on that particular company. With that being said, I walked into The Joint in Carmel, IN with severe lower back pain, to the point where I was barely able to sit for a couple minutes without severe pain shooting down my leg. In one visit, the pain is nearly gone. Amazing job and would recommend this place to anyone!! Dr. Domenick was terrific and very thorough with his explanations. Highly highly recommended his service!

Carolyn Kost

Why would anyone go anywhere else? Dr. Pomante is knowledgeable, caring, gentle and friendly. The pricing plan is extremely reasonable, which means that a patient can go each week, which is how chiropractic care works best. This needs to be part of everyone's life.

Hannah Bond

Where have you been all my life? This is the best idea ever. Super affordable and convenient chiropractic care. I didn't even have to make an appointment! This is definitely the best chiropractic option I have found that fits into my busy schedule. Dr. Fowler immediately made me feel comfortable and confident that I was in good hands. I left feeling a few inches taller and just better all around. I highly recommend The Joint to anyone looking for quality and convenient chiropractic care that doesn't break the bank.

Anzhelika Marchuk

Great service! The staff is so kind and very informative. They work with you to try to understand your pain situation. Great work for a great price!

Megan Adcock

Before becoming a patient at the Joint I had been under chiropractic care for 6 years. I had actually became a chiropractic assistant, and started working for my old chiropractor. While working for my old chiro there I seen things I didn't like. I was not impressed about how quickly patients would enter and leave the office. It was as if the doctors were rushing, and sometimes forgetting what needed to be adjusted. They were also very pushy with care plans, and setting that next appointment to insure patients would come back. Their adjustments cost $50-$85 if you were not on a care plan. In result they ended up not signing patients up for care, and having a lot of missed appointments that people were pressured into making. When coming to the joint I was VERY impressed. They didn't talk my ears off, just told me what I needed to know. Dr.Broadhead was very polite and welcoming. His adjustments were on point! I have been adjusted by 6 chiropractors in my life before seeing him, some were better then others. But I have to say adjustment wise Dr. Broadhead is at the top! I think the main reason he give better adjustments is because he takes his time! He doesn't rush, even if there are others waiting. But he is excellent at multitasking! Some of the previous guys that adjusted me would miss things, and I could feel it! But I have had no complaints about the Joint, or Dr. Broadhead. The girls at the front are super sweet as well! You truly cannot beat the price, when compared to other places its practically free. After I left my old job, it was either go back to the old place and end up paying $1800 for a yr worth of treatment, or spending $600 a year to get better treatment at the Joint. It was a no brainer! If you have any doubts I suggest you go visit the Joint. Weather you have pain, want to be healthier, or need maintenance, the Joint is your place to go!

Edgar Valle

Paul was great and very gentle. I will defi Arely be going back.

Ladypn N

Very knowledgeable and thorough. The only negative - the open setting! I was uncomfortable to discover another patient sitting there, just feet from where rhe Dr had been working on me and then explaining my problems in great detail. What happened to the concept of patient privacy?

Wade Little

No waiting so it is great to just drop in and be out the door 10mins later. Great pricing and find the adjustments do really help!

Alexandra Russo

Dr. Brandon is so knowledgeable and kind and is such an amazing chiropractor. I went in with crippling back pain and he made me feel very comfortable and I left feeling so relieved! Will be coming back for regular appointments

justin bergen

Other than convenience this place sucks, basically a drive thru chiropractor, in and out in less than 5 minutes, no attention or care, just a get money quick scheme. If you give this a 5 star you've never been to a GOOD chiropractor.

Alexis Turner

The receptionist Robin is absolutely AMAZING and made my own whole day. & the doctor was amazing so informational & kind! I feel great! I highly recomend!

Nancy DeVries

The Joint Chiropractic is very convenient and cost affordable. Dr. Broadhead and Dr. Meyers are very nice and professional and explain what they are doing and are able to make me feel relaxed and comfortable as they do the adjustments.

John Wyatt

Went in for lower back pain and pinched nerve in hip area. Walked out feeling much better, a lot less tension and stiffness.

Jaina Bowling

I went to the joint today for the first time and I was so impressed! From the second we walked in to the moment we left! Robin at the front desk was so helpful, cheerful and just amazing! She was very knowledgeable. Dr. David was amazing at explaining everything, he was very informative and kind. He walked me through everything before he did it. He felt my spine to tell me what was going on and knew some issues I had been having without even telling him. He is amazing. He adjusted me and gave me his recommendations. My 3 year old son was with me (you know how wild 3 year olds can be) they were so amazing with him as well. They were so kind to us. I appreciate both of you! I’m so excited to start my wellness plan with them! Robin and Dr David you guys are amazing!

Happy Mom

The pros far outweigh the cons, enough for me to give all 5 stars. Pros- super fast adjustments, knowledgeable and friendly staff, very inexpensive, convenient location, gentle yet effective work, great with kids. Con- I guess there's only one, and it's also something I appreciate about The Joint, is that your adjustment time is very quick. So they aren't able to always be as thorough as other chiropractors can be with educating patients and various treatments that other chiropractors can offer like dry needling etc. However treatments like that I've paid 5x more for... If you're looking for a great adjustment, in a timely manner, for an unbeatable price, I'd say go here hands down.

Jaime Flores

Excellent and quick service.

Mike Ashline

Great price packages, great service, professional and courteous receptionist, and THE BEST CHIROPRACTORS for the best adjustments..... what more could one ask for?

Brannon Sharpe

Big fan of this place!

Lindsey McNamara

Very comfortable atmosphere, super nice staff, and great doctor. Helped my neck pain immensely!

Jo Franc

This place is great! I could barely walk when I came through the door but that started to change when Robin met me with a warm smile and a promise to make my day better. Within a few minutes Dr. David came out and introduced me to “The Joint”, performed a thorough exam and adjusted me. I immediately felt better and new I was in the right place. I plan on getting well and being a regular patient.

matthew ornelas

Chiropractors are great however they expect you to pay them without getting an itemized receipt. They only give receipts if you ask them and there is only one person who can print the receipt for 4 different locations. Not a best practice and I will not risk my flex spending card being suspended because of inefficiencies at a Joint clinic. As for the only office person who can give a receipt, do not blame this on HIPPA if you do not know what you are talking about.

mike willoughby

Great staff! Felt like a million bucks, and instant relief from a migraine after my visit! Military Friendly!!!!

Isabel Moss

julio cruz

Michael Sorensen

Dr Tony Simone is the guy to see if you are having any type of back pain. I would strongly recommend stopping by for a consultation. The Joint is wonderful. I had been dealing with 2 other chiropractors this year, and Tony is the only one ti start fixing the issue.

Jorge Sandoval

Great price and great packages

Emily Ortiz

Unfortunately I’ve had a negative experience every time I’ve visited this Joint. I’ve had a subscription to the Joint for 3 years, and have visited many different locations in the Denver metro area. I’ve been coming to this Joint the past couple weeks because they have a provider who works with pregnant patients, I believe his name is Dr. Michael, and being 8.5 months pregnant I was looking for that specialty. The woman at the front desk was very sweet and the office was clean, but the chiropractor was astonishingly and appallingly rude. The first time I went I thought he must just be having a bad day, so I returned the following week and was treated equally as disrespectfully. After my third visit being treated the same way I will not be returning and I encourage others to do the same. There are much kinder chiropractors at other locations.

Jonathan Richards

Due to college athletics, I have been having sciatic nerve pain for more than seven years. The past two years (more specifically the past two months) the pain has been nearly unbearable. One visit to Dr. Fowler and I can’t believe the results! I had immediate pain relief! I experienced no soreness the next day, no pain, and had the best night of sleep in years. With a few weeks of treatment, Dr. Fowler believes I can say goodbye to sciatic pain for good. The entire staff at The Joint Chiropractic, West End has been amazing!!! Thank you Dr. Fowler, Dr. Amy and Lauren for giving me my life back!

Jason A

Dr. Jeremy is the best. I think he might live there. With a smile always on his face, he fixes me. And it's never anything but in and out. Parking is sometimes a challenge, but it's worth the minor hassle.

Kat Worthy

Awesome staff, friendly and tremendously helped me. I will be coming here at least once a week or two. Thank you guys

Cedar Market

Nicole Oaks

My back feels great after my adjustment from Dr. T, he asked me a good question about how much I invest in “self care” since my job requires a lot of physical labor. Made me realize I need to spend the time and money in myself which is much needed. Thank you for the warm welcome and great experience.

Jessica Rose

They are the best! They treat you so nice and care about everyone coming in. They make sure they are not putting you through any pain. I will always come back to them.

Gee Gardens, LLC Industrial Hemp Farm

Christine Rivera

Crack attack and then I'm back to normal.

Susan Sanderson

This office is very friendly and very professional. I would recommend anyone needing chiropractor care to use this office.

Philip Smith

It's been a long time since I have been to a chiropractor. I woke up after a long run and knew I needed to go. I have been to a Joint before so I had a good idea what I was getting into. I didn't sign up for a membership since I was just passing though but the Dr. was great. I highly recommend checking them out.

Rubio Arozqueta

Matthew Martin

Fast courteous service, for adjustments alignments, and maintenance

Lidia Perdomo

Grant Allen

They got me in 2 mins before they closed and took care of me. I have scoliosis and have Harrington rods .They did a great job!

Nancy Garcia

I made an appointment at 2 pm. I was on time and I signed in. I'm waiting in walk about 4 existing customers well they were taken first because according to the Chiropractic professional there existing customers are the priority. I would not recommend this place to new customers. If you don't mind no front desk worker at times and don't mind waiting around because the appointment your paying for is not priority and waiting over 45 minutes then this place is for you. As far as chiropractor its nothing amazing you can't get elsewhere were you are a priority as well. I'm a regular chiropractor customer I moved from Las Cruces so I needed a permanent chiropractor I most likely won't come here again.

Caroline Guidry

BEST chiropractic experience I have ever had. Dr Meek has the right technique to adjust gently and effectively. Bonus points for employing a female chiropractor.

Tim Peterson

Wonderful place. I have a bad disk in my lower back that has troubled me for years. The only way I have been able to manage it is regular Chiropractic visits. I get a weekly visit for about $19 (don't remember exactly) and it keeps me walking straight and out of pain. Friendly staff, great service. Frankly couldn't live without them.

Noel Crow

Dr. John & Ms. Rika made our first Joint office visit feel like home. They are knowledgeable, professional, experienced, & very friendly as well as informative. I was extremely stiff before going in, and came out feeling complete relief! Dr. John did a great job adjusting my very active 8 year and made his feel at ease with his first adjustment! I beyond recommend The Joint & their fabulous staff!

Vanessa Collier

I have been to Joints across the country and Dr. Brook provided probably the best adjustment I have had. Great relief! I drove 30 miles off the 40 just to come here, while traveling through Okla. I'd love to take her to my home town and open a Joint there, along with McKenna, with her great customer service! I love the business model and when traveling by car, I try to stay close to one as I have back issues. When you need an adjustment and don't have days to wait treatment and unnecessary xrays, medical exams, etc., The Joint is a great resource.

Molly Richardson

Dr. Simone is fantastic! I have been seeing him weekly for over a year and my back is in prime shape because of it. Everyone at The Joint is friendly, professional, and genuinely cares about your chiropractic health. Love going here!

Kristie Hartsock

Walked in as a first timer (615, they close at 7). Ads say they are open and accept walk-ins, no appointment necessary. They told me They do not accept new clients 1 hour before closing. I did not see it mentioned anywhere. Pretty disappointed. I mentioned that it was not stated anywhere, I just got a blank stare.

Marlee Messer

When I arrived on 9/10/19 my back hurt so bad I could barely breath. Sitting was at a minimum. The care I received was amazing. After a thorough initial review of paperwork and an exam I was adjusted and I was extremely pleased. I could actually take a deep breath and sit without pain. I have already told many people about them and shared the link on a friends FB page because I thought it might help him.

Rodney Walker

I've been coming here every Friday for the past couple months, and I love it every time I come in! the staff is very friendly, and I always feel great when I leave. I'd recommend this place to anybody!

Austin Rosen

It works, try it before wasting your time elsewhere

Megan Menke

Dr. Fowler is awesome. They are quick but also effective and treat each patients individual needs!

Anirudh Lath

I never really review a place, but I had such a horrible experience that I had to this time. First, they are liars, if you’re smart enough you will realize it before you spend a ton of money on it. They are a bunch of amateur chiropractors, they don’t even take your X-Ray or analyze your body before the first service. They are fraud and they try super hard to sell you stuff, and if the payment fails and you don’t know about it they cancel the plan on their own and don’t inform you, so when you go to the next appointment, they will say we don’t see you on any plan you will have to pay for a single visit, they will tell you that after you are done with the service so that you’re bound to pay for it. I liked it and I thought it will help me as well, but honestly you are just wasting your money for 1 minute of service which just feels good when you get it, just like a massage. Not sure if it happens with everyone but they will play with you with words so that you’re in a situation you can’t do anything about. About the plans, if you want to cancel it, you will have to physically go to the place to fill out a form, which they don’t tell you when you get the plan, tell will tell you everything which is important to sell their business, they take their customers for fools. It was a big mistake which makes me feel dumb because I wasn’t able to see it coming.

Karen Handley

valerie houston


Jordan Montano

I originally started going to The Joint Chiropractic in Utah but after a lot of driving I decided to visit here to get some lower back issues sorted out. Stephanie, the receptionist was really nice and the chiropractor was alright! I didn't get a whole lot of movement but I think that was due to my long drive. My buddy came with and had a alright experience. The staff was exceptionally kind but neither of us got the relief we were used to getting in our typical location. Also, was our first time using The Joint while traveling.

Mark Schurtman

FINALLY!! A chiropractic practice that provides chiropractic care. No up-selling or promises, or "easy financing of your chiropractic care." I'm very much pleased with the service and all the folks from the second I open the door and enter until I leave. Adding chiropractor care, I feel, to your regiment is important and The Joint is a fantastic place to go and get your back/body adjusted. And not your wallet!!

Devon Miner

nicole marrill

Jared Farmer

No wait - everything was fast and easy. Great option if you are interested in an adjustment plan. Convenient hours and location.

Kali Cowden-Sherwood

Lux Sims

This was a drive by location for me as I am from Texas. We were traveling through OK, on a little trip we were taking, to get to MO. The Joint’s by my house (and reasonably not out of the way) were all closed due to it being a Sunday. This one was open so I was hoping to get at least a little bit of a decent crack. I know I can sometimes be a little thought to pop. However, I’ve had enough adjustments over the years to know how the technique works. The gentleman working was very nice, but was so meek and hardly pressed at all on any of the spots. I know you can get a perfect adjustment or fix the whole thing at once. There wasn’t hardly anyone waiting either (one gentleman when I came in,) so, I don’t under why I was shuffled in and out in such a hurry instead of him taking more time to try and really trying to adjust me. I was pretty disappointed that I went almost an hour drive out of my way to get tiny pops in places that I can do myself.

Ashley Gipson

Bethany L

I had a great experience at the Joint. I love that you can pay for adjustments as you see fit and the price is pretty reasonable. I have been to other chiropractors that require you to purchase a package of so many sessions up front, which is usually very costly. This is definitely a great deal for the money!

Tyler Durden

I walk in there at 5:45 and there is just one excuse after another not to help me. The worst customer service possible.

AJ Campos

I visited this clinic last month when I was in Wisconsin visiting family. I was so stiff from traveling/sitting for hours upon hours. Dr. James was able to see me right away and gave a great adjustment. Thanks!

Mike & Diane #1 Anderson

Adam G

Excellent service and I never wait! Dr David, Robin and Dr Mila are a great team.

Mariah Lovato

David Hazen

The Joint offers the best value for adjustments. I been to many different chiropractors and the joints quality is as good as the average chiropractor. Just know that this is a fast adjustment, don't expect to be in long.

Paul Gioia

I have been looking for a good dr for over twenty years after many failed attempts I found the joint. Awesome place, great doctors.

Suzan Harris

These guys are Great! They worked with me, helped me figure out a plan and execute it. I would recommend them to everyone. And I know, as I have been seeing chiropractors for 30 years.

stevi stephens

Reluctantly, I decided to visit a chiropractor. I had heard horror stories. However, during my first visit at the Joint, I was wowed with the cleanliness of their facility, the friendliness and professionalism of the staff as well as the patience and understanding provided by the doctor. This is a great spot to get adjusted. Give it a try!!!

Teezei Blakes

The staff there is wonderful. Robin was very Respectful and Cheerful. Dr. David is GREAT. Would recommend to everyone that I know.

Kira Walsh

Laura Tanti

I love the Joint! Dr LeeAnn Fowler is AMAZING. She and her staff are very friendly, they always remember my name and fun to talk with. After 35 years of going to the chiropractor and feeling no relief or worse yet being ask to sign up for a $4000 machine to adjust me, I had given up. I walked into the Joint on West End one day with chronic pain in my right hip that I have been dealing with for a few years. Dr Fowler adjusted me in a way that I instantly felt better. I immediately signed up for the monthly plan. My hip and the rest of me feels MUCH better thanks to The Joint and Dr Fowler. The joint is convenient, I rarely have to wait longer than 5 minutes and so affordable. I will continue what I feel is now a maintenance plan. GO! you will not be disappointed. Laura Tanti RE/MAX

Kara Hankins

Dr. Fowler & her staff are amazing. They are always so welcoming & make me feel very special!! Dr. Fowler is extremely knowledgeable & gives me the adjustments that I need. I highly recommend you come here first for an adjustment!

Sarah T

Wendy Nye

A wonderful idea for easy and affordable chiropractic care. Right now I am between Raleigh and Fort Mill so I can visit a chiropractor anytime I need. The monthly amount is about the same as one visit copy at my old chiropractor, and now I get four for that price. I am a huge fan of this place. Staff is very friendly.

Gare Lee

Karen Taylor Gill

Dr Simone is the best. I HIGHLY recommend him. I’ve been to about 5 chiropractors and I will never go to another. He doesn’t just adjust me and push me out. He explained to me what was actually going on. And in 2 adjustments my extreme pain was subsided. I could sleep again, yay! My favorite thing about Dr. Simone is he is so passionate about his work and he was able to calm many of my concerns. As my pain was giving me anxiety. Dr Simone Rocks! Do yourself a favor and see him

Kimberly Brown

I have been getting adjusted for pretty much my whole life. I have seen my fair share of good and bad chiropractors as well as practices. After becoming a hairstylist and not having health coverage for chiropractic, I chose to join the membership at The Joint. For 3 years I bounced around to different locations and just saw whichever doctor was available. Then I saw Dr Cassi randomly at The Joint University Hills. WOW!!! I have never felt so great leaving the chiropractor EVER. She payed attention to every ache and pain I had, as well she found issues I didn’t even know that needed to be fixed. She listens to you and your body. I left and knew that I wouldn’t see any other chiropractor ever again, wherever she is I will go!!!! I have been seeing her weekly now for almost a year and I am so happy that I found her. If you’re looking for an amazing chiropractor that cares about you and your bone health. Visit Cassi at University Hills The Joint, you won’t be disappointed.

Alexander Obrien

This place DOESNT REQUIRE HETH INSURANCE. Rates for single visits is $39 but a monthly package is the way to go if you can afford it. The location near Penn and Memorial is trans friendly. Didnt bat an eye when I double checked if that was relevant to the visit. I highly recommend this location. Rika, the wellness coordinator is also very sweet and friendly.

Krista Stephens

Ryan Nygard

The lowest priced chiropractor you can visit; however, because of that they will only spend 20 minutes max working on your back. Basically you get what you pay for. I definitely feel like they could of spent more time on my back.

Jessica Gogas

Great team! Love the service!

Alex Hardy

Dr Simone and Dr Martin have helped me become a stronger powerlifter. No more pain

Ron Romero

himavanth pabbati

One of the finest chiropractor I've came across in Madison and they serves you best for sure!! Was treated with Dr.Sean and he is amazing :)

Rachel Tucker

Very professional and caring. Had a great experience!

Eman Walton

ROBIN O'Banner

They are the best. Dr. David was wonderful, I came in with a really bad back pain and when I left out I felt 10x better

Caleb Walton

In a word amazing. I’ve had severe leg pain for over a month and it has been inhibiting sleep and walking. My therapist (Dr Brooke Wadley) listened to what was going on and then examined my condition. She then proceeded to explain what she was about to do so I understood. Less than 10 minutes later I was walking away pain free like nothing had ever happened. It was incredible. I don’t write google reviews but I feel like this warrants a testimony.

Tiffany Christensen

I've had hip problems for years and after signing up for a plan and multiple adjustments. My hips dont give me any issues. Your the best.

Terry Chancey

Dr Hall was great gave me the exact fix I needed I had pressure where the top of my back me to my neck he goes right after the problem all the staff is top-notch And Rika is on pointe too gets you right in with a smile

Christopher Crockett

Brad Wallace

Friendly staff! Great adjustment!

fernando armendariz

Jay Holt

I have been coming to Dr Simome a number of weeks and he does an excellent job working with me because I am not an easy patient by any means. I tend to resist adjustment but he is extremely patient when working on me.

Richie Rich World Technology for Blacks

I felt absolutely fantastic after getting my spinal cord straight!!

corey rifkin

Had a great exierence at the Joint. Didnt need an appointment , clean office and would recommend it to anyone. Completely affordable. Great value. Thank You again for helping with my back pain

Brian Southers

I have only been coming to The Joint Chiropractic for a few months but I am already feeling the benefits of coming on a regular basis. I am getting the range of motion back in my neck. I like that I can check in on the app so when I show up I don’t have to wait very long. Dr Simone has taken really good care of me. He takes the time to understand how I am progressing and he is very good at what he does.

Sherry Sims

I love the Joint. I go on a weekly basis. I used to have a lot of back problems but since I started regular treatment. I have been going to the joint for about 4 years now.

Peter Dimalanta

Kara Bladen

This was great for helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle and Dr.Cassi’s adjusts are great for young, old, or even pregnant. She used different techniques on my back because I’m a much smaller person than her other clients and these specific techniques helped relieve a lot of pain without the doctor putting too much pressure on me. I will be recommending her to my friends and family forsure

Jeff Visser

Great place, fixed all my lower back pain with treatments quick enough to do during my lunch break.

John Franco

Heather Williams

I have been an individual who travels a lot, and I have always come back from each journey only to relax on Sugar House. This is really not because of there are no other places to go, but basically because of the high quality of the staff and how friendly the front office staff are. Their services are affordable, convenient, and I love their awesome and well mannered staff.

That Mom Kelly

Excellent office! Staff is so nice and the Dr was great at explaining everything to me. Office is beautiful and clean, and the location is excellent .


Dr. David and Robin were both really friendly! Looking forward to coming back

Johny Stell

That was the fastest adjustment I've had in my 20 years of being adjusted. Great service!

Lancet. Rascal

Lolita Martens

Vanessa Gresham

THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!!!! I was having continuous pain around my neck for 5 days straight and knew something was wrong. Massage did NOTHING and doctor wanted to give me steroid shot in my back. Decided to go to The Joint this past Monday for my first chiropractic experience ever to see if they could help me. I was in and out in 20 min (as a new patient-that’s awesome!). I was out of alignment in 3 places and AS SOON as they fixed me up the pain was 100% GONE!!! I now go weekly and LOVE IT! I feel so relaxed and love how great I feel after each visit. Very efficient and highly competent service. So thankful for this place!!

Maribelle Rubalcava

Missy Martin

This is a very affordable chiropractic practice.

Ben Deollos

Contracts, contracts, contracts. No xrays just a come in and crack everyone the same. Caused more damage then good.

Renato Chichizola

melissa coudeyras

I love going to see Dr. Day! He has been caring for me for over a year. He fixes all my aches and pains. Since seeing him I have been able to discontinue using an allergy med and my Reynauds has improved dramatically!

David Martin

Great doctors. Even better price.

Mike McCall

Suit Davis

Beth Ann Banks

Joan Engel

I have been coming this office for over a year. Dr Fowler and the staff have always been friendly and professional. They have addressed my problems without pills or other costly treatment. Best value for my health care $$. Also I recommend The Joint to all my friends.

Melissa Pagan

Heather Reed

Robin was amazing as soon as we walked in the door, was very helpful, and super sweet and Dr David was spectacular and very gentle. HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Joint.

Greg Moore

Both the experience and the staff were wonderful.

John B

I am happy to say that I am completely happy with the treatments I have received at this location and this my "home" clinic. I would classify the type of adjustments I have received as...Assertive! I am grateful for that. There is nothing more lame than getting an adjustment and feeling like nothing just happened. Or worse... Getting an adjustment and it makes a bad problem worse or triggers something new. I have not experienced either of there scenarios from ANY of the Chiropractors. This location has AWESOME hours of operation. THANK YOU for being open on Sundays! I jacked my back out and you being open really saved me! Being able to use other Joint's is a nice perk, and there is one closer to my home and work. I go out of my way sometimes to get adjusted here because the adjustments are consistent and my back issues are improving. Thank you!

Sean Fatherree

I had a amazing adjustment.

Gretchen McLaughlin

Julie Jordan

Dr. John was amazing. He was a great listener with me explaining the musculoskeletal issues I’ve been having. He was great in explaining a plan of care.

Jose Bodden

Awesome experience! Robin and Dr. David gave excellent information and services! Can’t wait to come back again!

Robert Wadley

The Joint has caring and talented doctors. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Mario Royce

Rilco P

Very strong feeling that nobody here knows anything about spinal care. The firs time I visited, the doctor didn’t seem very convincing when he tried to explain what he was doing. My second visit, which I’m just leaving, the “doctor” check my jaw tension because I complained about tightness, so he held my arm vertical in the air and told me to resist him pushing it down. When I asked why, he said he had no way to explain it, and then parrelled this method with putting a cellphone on my stomach and trying again saying “see it was harder to resist that time right? Bad stuff does that. Cellphones, if I put a bag of sugar or something bad for you on your stomach, people are just weaker”. I’m baffled. I have no idea what I just experienced. He then pushed my neck away from my shoulder a couple times and picked up my feet and dropped them a few times and told me I was done. I just stood up confused and said I’ll see myself out then? IS THIS NORMAL?!?! If it’s not please don’t give these people your business, they seem to know theyre scamming people.

Shelly Nisonger

My favorite first stop coming home from the airport! My neck and back are always so stressed after long coast-to-coast or international flights; especially if seated in coach! The Joint makes my first night home feel so good! I am always able to walk right in and be treated immediately - with sensational results. The front desk is so incredibly focused on customer service - that it makes it such a pleasure to be there. I love The Joint! Thank you for making my joints love being there!

Gabrielle Martinez

This place is miserable. I’ve visited this office 4x. My first experience was with a weekend only dr. He couldn’t figure out how to properly adjust my back. I asked him to stop out of fear that he would make my situation worse. Yesterday I went in for an emergency adjustment after waking up with a sore neck and extremely limited range of motion. Dr. Megan attempted to adjust me. I have been adjusted by her on 2 other occasions and knew I was not going to get any relief but I was in so much pain that I figured something might work. WRONG! After her amateur attempts at adjustment, she tried to convenience me that the pain was caused by muscle tension and that I needed to get a massage in order for the pain to subside. This is simply not true. I started visiting chiropractors regularly because I get this neck stiffness at random. The first time I was adjusted the pain was gone in a matter of minutes. I went to an actual practice. The Joint in Albuquerque is a joke. The business concept is great but the follow through is lackluster to say the least. I’d have better luck asking the biggest guy in the room to bear hug me and give me a good shake or two. Do yourself a solid and visit a real practice, not a wam bam crack your back see ma’am. -still can’t move my neck.

Melissa Livingston

I've been going to the joint for over a year as a member, this location and the one off of Alameda and Coors. I started going cause I've been a massage therapist for 12years and the ware on my neck and lower back was getting too much, and it was too expensive and time consuming to get a 90min massage every week. First the staff is extremely polite and kind, I've never had to wait more then 15 min. They always do a good job adjusting my neck, hips, and scapula, which is important cause as a massage therapist, those areas always get out of whack. As a member I get 4 adjustments a month at their loyalty member price of $50 (that's $12.50 each), I think it started at $60. I've been a massage therapist for 12 years, and with my weekly adjustments I'm sure I'll make it another 12 years. The only negatives are there seems to be a lot of turn over w/the doctors so if you get happy or use to a certain one or two they may not be there 3-6months later and occasionally you'll go and there won't be a doctor on staff at all, but you can always call ahead and make sure someone is there or use their app that tells you which Dr is where on any given day. I use to be scared of going to the chiropractor, now I don't think I'd make it w/o them, and I recommend them to my clients especially if they are nervous about it like I was.

Angie Allen

I love Dr. Fowler and the times available! Super convenient and affordable! My body is thankful for the Joint!

Ryan McCarty

Great consistent work from a great team of dcs.

Michelle Gussow

So pleased to have found an affordable, no pressure chiropractor The Joint offers the best new patient deal anywhere and has chiropractors that really listen.

Patricia Sechi

Lisa Peterson

Dr. Pomante is an excellent chiropractor and doctor! I got a great adjustment and great pain relief. The office atmosphere and staff are very friendly and inviting. I would recommend anyone to see Dr. Rick Pomante.

Gail Miller

Awesome place and love the convenient times! No waiting and no extensive paperwork. I also love the fact that you don't have to get on a program!

Me being Me

Went in to get an adjustment with a free adjustment card from there and was told I couldn’t use it. Front desk employee was very rude when I asked why.

Chance Chappell

I pop in weekly. Highly affordable, friendly care. Definitely recommend receiving chiropractic care here.


Very professional, courteous staff eager to serve in a calm, welcoming atmosphere.

Sarah Weiler

My first experience with The Joint was very positive. This was my first time ever seeing a chiropractor, and they were very understanding and very thorough. After filling out some paperwork and watching a short video, I saw Dr. Hale (I think that's how to spell it). He was very kind and friendly, and took everything into consideration. He was also very careful to explain everything he was looking for and going to do (all while making jokes), which put me right at ease. He was also careful to let me know when he was going to make an adjustment and gave me breathing time when I needed it, especially after my first neck adjustment. It was what worried me the most but afterward I told him it was way less terrible than I thought it would be! Afterward we talked about my course of treatment and he gave me a clear picture of what I could expect and what results we could both look for. Dr. Hale overall was very kind, thorough and helpful. The next day they called to follow up which was really nice. I also was very pleased to see a wide variety of people coming in and out. There were people of varying shapes and sizes which helped me feel less out-of-place as a plus-size person. They treat all kinds of people with respect and dignity. Overall, The Joint is a great place for affordable chiropractic treatment and I look forward to coming back.

Tricia Shoemaker

I loved the Joint in Summerville SC and was skeptical when I moved here to go to a new one. But I went to the one in Nashville and it's just as fantastic. However can you guys please get someone closer to Clarksville. Its a long drive back to Clarksville when you're feeling better from the great work. :)

Todd Petrilak

Dr Brandon is an fantastic chiropractor, I strongly recommend his services for anyone who is looking for body wellness

Megan Haag

I love the Joint chiropractic! Since becoming a member my headaches have decreased so much. Dr Ryan awesome! I love the ease of maintaining my personal wellness without having to schedule an appointment! Worth every penny!

Gris Martinez

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Jennifer Gentry

I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors over the years. So far I’ve been very happy with the quality of service...really love Dr. Oakley on Monday but it seems everybody does. Mondays seem to be a lot busier than the rest of the days. All the doctors give a good adjustment. The wait is usually not too bad. It’s great to have access to such convenient chiropractic health.

Ginny Kilcran

Jack Ozimek

Hannah Force

The staff is very friendly and helpful. When I first started going to The Joint, I was having severe sciatic nerve pain. It was extremely painful to walk and I was in pain even when sitting and lying down. I have noticed a huge improvement with my sciatic nerve pain since I started going about a month ago. I could tell a difference right away and with each appointment the pain was less severe and now the pain is gone. I would definitely recommend this location.

Mark Best

A solid chiropractic experience at a reasonable price. I will be back.

Ouja Denn

AWESOME. Quick, great service, warm, and friendly. Most importantly, very experienced with an excellent eye with the skills to supplement. Needed an adjustment to my neck from being at a computer, and chronic neck problems from whiplash many years ago. She took care of my neck, and also made adjustment to my lower back, elbows, and wrist which were also giving my minor discomfort as well. Exactly what I needed.

Raleigh NC Yoga

I can't recommend Dr. Broadhead or Dr. Jenn enough!

Step 13

Michelle Ward

Dr. Mila is AWESOME!!!

Gwyn hughes

First time there and I feel so much better.

Ariana Espen

So far I went in for initial consultation for the 29$ special.. the process was easy, you will need to fill out health history and the usual disclaimers...the process explained what they were going to do and eased my mind knowing that I'll be ok, so far the process has been easy for a first-timer to a chiropractor practice. Looking forward to more visits.

Dessa Engle

Office staff is very friendly and remembers you when you walk in. Glad that there is a place like this that you can get a quick adjustment for a fraction of the price of other chiropractors. Our insurance doesn't cover chiropractic care so it was nice to not have to worry about the expense of a chiropractor.

Alexandra Worthen

b j

Super friendly & quick. In & out, no appointment needed. Great location.

Alex Saale

Easy and fast adjustments. Always leave feeling better

Mary Shultz

the best service good job


Staff is very friendly. I always thought chiropractic adjustments were too expensive and not affordable, but the joint makes it affordable. My walk-in visits never last longer than 10 minutes. My back has been feeling better since going here last month.

Chris Semrod

great drop in place for a quick fix. Nathan is knowledgeable and efficient. highly recommend him and his staff.

Ajana Lima

Great place! Everyone is super friendly and the facilities are really clean. Plus- your back will feel great when you leave. Highly recommend!

Janine Halvas

I love the Joint. I love the fact that I do not have to make an appointment and that they have reasonable prices without having to go through insurance. I am in and out really quick. The chiropractors are awesome and make me feel very comfortable during my adjustments.

Kevin Warner

"Bate and switch" on their monthly plans. Cancelations have to be done in person at the location contract originated, but they don't disclose that. Anyone hear of "e-signatures?" Old tactics ever die.


Dr. David and Robin upfront were such a delight to meet for my first time ever going to a chiropractor! I felt so much better after my visit and plan on returning again in the future for all of my chiropractic needs!

K Miyagi

Leticia Maya

Amazing place and doctor

Alicea Harris

Great place to put your back in alignment

Denise Madourie

The doctor is helpful and great with people and the front desk staff is friendly.

Daniel Harkness

Love the joint, helped my hip pain and they are wonderful to work with.

Lesley Ortiz

Great concept - no appointment necessary and reasonable fees! Oh ya - the chiropractic care is exceptional. If you have any kind of experience with back pain you need to try these guys - they are the bomb!

Brigitte Lawson

I came yesterday for the first time and had Dr. Rick adjuste my whole ectrimities and I immediately felt 50 percent better and I still have a lot of work to be done!!! Thank you!!

Leigh Anne Strickland

Love The Joint & Dr Fowler!!

Eztli Atl Cortez-Trujillo

I love this place! Been going since 2015.

John Heather Leigh King

The quickest place to get an adjustment and always budget friendly.

Antonieta Richardson

Dr Farnsworth is an amazing doctor and such an asset to the Joint, he listens to my concerns and addresses everything and I leave feeling good. I love the Carmel location and everything it offers, it’s a welcoming place to come. The visits are inexpensive and are thourough. It is open daily too so I can go on my time, I will be back

Lydia Pineault

Very nice clinic with knowledgeable Doctors! Would definitely recommend coming here for your chiropractic needs!

Saquib Masud

Dr. Brandon Levinick is an awesome doctor who works at this specific location. This is not your "quick adjust and onto the next customer" Chiropractor. Dr. Levenick treats each patient with the utmost care and patience. He actually cares for his patients' well being by continuously monitoring their progress. Every session is provided with superior adjustment (not quick ones) and then it's followed by feedback. I've noticed that for all the sessions, I've had the privilege of attending, there was improvement. I cannot say enough good things about him and I look forward to every visit. Last but not least this location also has a phenomenal customer service rep by the name of "Cat" short for Caterina. I've never had a bad customer experience with Cat because she's always positive, cheerful and willing to assist with any patients who has questions or concerns about their accounts. All in all a great place with great individuals.

Naomi Rodriguez

Talarhal UurtuuBayrlalajbna.

Dawnn Petroff

Dr. Dalton is a miracle worker. I went in with a headache and left without it. The staff was friendly and helpful

Lindsay Garcia

Great place for quick chiropractic care. They have a great system that let's you scan your small keychain card and you are in and out in 5 minutes. Also EXTREMELY affordable and best of all everyone is so friendly and caring from the receptionist that first greets you to the chiropractors giving you care!

Dawn Smith

Dr Andy is amazing

Tracy Boyd

I just saw the Dr a half hour ago and I already feel better thank you your team is great very friendly and helpful

joseph martinez

Fast, affordable, communicative and professional. Really great experience.

Michael Wolfe

Great service for a great price. They’re quick and effective! :)

ericka norris

Didn't really help. I have gone to other CHiropractors for the same problem and seen results right away. This ajustment lasted less than 1 hour. I did not realize that "The Joint" is a big chain, operating in multiple states.

Google User

Dr Fowler is positively amazing. Give this place a try, you won't regret it!

David B

The Joint offers exceptional chiropractic care for an affordable price. They are open seven days a week which makes seeing the chiropractor very easy. No more taking time off work. An added benefit is there are over 400 clinics throughout the nation and I can visit any of them. The staff was very helpful and friendly. I recommend seeing the doctors at the Joint Chiropractic at Quail Springs.

Francisco Gonzalez

Came in almost limping last night. Doctor T, a great evaluator, was able to put me right back in shape with a simple quick adjustment. Got amazing rest and laying in bed now in much relief from the previous symptoms.

Thomas H

First off I want to say that the Dr. at the palm beach gardens office was great. I went to the initial visit and the Dr showed me stretching exercises to help my condition. I ended up purchasing a monthly agreement even though the requirement was 2 months and I was going to be there only a month. In the end there was some miscommunication regarding the 2 month requirement but I am happy to say that they made things right. As the chiropractic care is concerned, it is much better than expected. This is not a kind of place that simply cracks your back in 2 places and then your neck and tell you to be on your way (which many places do regardless of your ailment). The Dr tries to find out where the pain is and tries to diagnose what the problem is before he even begins with the remedy. I am very happy with my service there and would highly recommend to anyone.

Tushar Patel

It was pleasure working with Dr. Simone. He was able to fix my pain.

Alex Klewicki

Jamie Bomba

The Joint at Six Forks is such a wonderful place! The doctors are incredibly friendly and provide impeccable patient care. Every adjustment I've received has been beyond excellent! The convenience, the quality care, the affordable prices...The Joint at Six Forks will always be my favorite chiropractic office!

Amber Davis

Love this place! Quick, reliable, affordable, and friendly. The doctors go above and beyond to make sure that I stay on my treatment plan and that I am receiving the best results. I have noticed a significant, positive difference in my back/shoulder pain and will continue to be a regular here.

eb6828 b

The joint is essentially a scam. They do not incorporate any physical therapy into their work and do not reset anything other than the spine unless asked. If your chiropractor does not take x-rays do scans or incorporate physical therapy they are not worth paying. For $60 you can see a real chiropractor and get much better results. Only go to the joint if you just like getting your back reset because it feels good. If you have medical issues integrated wellness is a much better and effective option.

JoAnn Garza

Rika is an exceptional receptionist and I received instant relief after seeing Dr Hall. I was in immense pain throughout the night and morning and my husband drove me to the Joint because I was feeling so poor. Immediately I could function again and go about my day. What a relief!

Pepe le Pew

If you are 65 or over and in pain don't bother going here they won't treat you! Some BS about Medicare guidelines not allowing them to treat anyone who is Medicare eligible for any condition that is causing pain.

Karina Ledesma

Ana Alegre

Really friendly staff. The doc is patient and allows you to ask every little question . 10/10 would recommend

Samuel Lombardo

I have used chiropractors before and know what to expect. I felt welcome walking in, and the joint is a great deal. I didn’t love the doctor due to me being used to someone else. Front desk, packages, location, and set up are great. I just wish there were multiple doctors to fit every need

Lite Up

This is one of the best joints in the nation, I’ve been to at least 20!

Matthew Savarda

Morgan Jackson

Deanna Compton

They are the best group of people I know!

Rollin with the O's Doterra

I love being able to drop in when I have the time and be seen! I am a busy person and this works great for me.

calvin groover

The staff is outstanding, one of the friendliest places I’ve had the pleasure of visiting in Albuquerque. Every one remembered my name by the second visit. The adjustments are quick and the wait time is minimal. A+ in my book. Thanks

Wil Fred

Great for the occasional adjustment I need and it doesn't hurt the staff is great as well.

Corry gibbens

I came in this morning nearly unable to move my neck at all. After my first adjustment I was still feeling some pain so I came back. This is now my third time going in today and I feel so much better. The staff is wonderful. The doctor is amazing, very concerned with my health and wellness. I was not expe ting such fast results and I am so relieved that I am able to move again! I signed up for their monthly care plan and look forward to healing and continuing on this care plan!

Vlankosita vlankosita

Kris Weatherwax

This was my first experience with going to a chiropractor and it was amazing. Dr Broadhead took so much time not just going over my medical history but also explaining everything ever step of the way. He took the time to really dig in and get to the root of my pain issues. I was also surprised to get a call from him the next morning to check up and see how I was feeling after my first visit. I think that goes to show how much they care. My overall pain level has decreased and I e noticed a huge difference in my daily life.

Deborah Small Williams

I really have gotten great service at the Joint Chiropratic offices and the price is extremely affordable.It came highly recommended.

Anne Alman

Easy and convenient location, hours M-Saturday. They take good care of me and with my active lifestyle I do not have to wait long to get adjusted! Pricing that fits my budget!

samantha andrade

Came back to change my review. They'll tell you anything to get you to leave a review or to refer friends. But once you do and follow up, all of the sudden the rules change. Different locations cant be on the same page and you end up looking like a liar. My experience with the chiropractors had my coming back for almost a year but I'm tried of the receptionists and their last minute rules. 8 months ago my review was "Love this place! Always leave feeling great!"

Tayler McFarland

Best value out there! Super friendly staff. I won’t go anywhere else.

Chris Motta

I absolutely love The Joint! The doctors are great, the hours and location are convenient. The fees are extremely affordable and well worth the level of service and expertise you receive. I always recommend them to anyone I talk to that is looking for chiropractic services.

Natalie Murphy

Awesome experience. Great staff!

Jen lamb

I love not having to set an appointment, and can drop in whenever I find time. I have never had to wait longer than 5 minutes to be seen!

Anna Faber


I received great service from Adrianny, Robin & Dr.David. They also have excellent prices!

Zoe Kitinoja

Gentry Hogan

Very fast, very affordable, very skilled. I've done chiro for 15 years and this is fantastic! Easy in and out, no sales pitches, friendly fast and efficient!

sa millz

Timothy Kugel

Lauren Tegel

Amazing!!! Friendly, fast, and effective!!! Dr. Fowler is fantastic!!!

Henry Kimbell

There are good ones this one is not!Try another one.


Love it! They keep me in line! I love the yearly deal, so I can go several times a month.

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