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REVIEWS OF Silverman Spine and Injury Center IN New Mexico

John A Damgaard III

Fantastic!!! Dr Silverman and her staff are top notch!!!

Barb Olson

After dealing with severe back pain from a ruptured disc and being told I would need surgery I researched what other options I might have. I'm a very active person and have always relied on my body to work for me. I guess I took it for granted and now with time and wear and tear I realized I wanted to find a healthy way to support it. I found Silverman Spine Center and I have been amazed at the wonderful care I am receiving! After a complete evaluation of the structure of my body and how it is functioning I was given information and a comprehensive, non-invasive plan to bring my body back into balance. Thanks to Dr. Silverman and her incredible staff I have my life BACK!

Renae Moreschini

Very personable and attentive care with great staff support. I have never been to a chiropractor that performed such a comprehensive initial exam. Thank you so much for your thorough and gentle care!!!

Tony Sarconi

Dr Silerman and staff were friendly and professional. My treatment to my back do to my stupidity eased my pain and made it more bearable to continue my daily work. I would highly recommend her service to friends.

Brian Kliesen

I came to Silverman Spine and Injury Center when other options were not available and I would have to wait a month or more to be seen by others. Dr. Silverman looked over my case, sat down with my wife and I and explained the process and told us she thought she could help. She did. Within a few weeks I was able to lie down flat on my back and sleep through the night without pain. She provided a variety of exercises and stretching as well as the spinal decompression and in 2 months I was able to start doing more and more. Her genuine concern and care put me at ease and she was able to work around my rather strange schedule. I am confident that I am on the road to complete recovery and I owe her a great deal for her confident care and assistance.

Larry Schwalm

Recently I was in a serious car accident where I was rear-ended leaving me with whiplash and a terrible continuous neck pain. Dr. Silverman was recommend to me as being extremely successful in treating this type of injury and other spinal related problems. I immediately entered treatment at her facility. Early on I found that both Dr. Silverman and her therapist were very professional, caring and a great help in reducing the painful symptoms I was left with related to the accident. The adjustments actually helped my overall posture as a byproduct of the targeted therapy.  I would highly recommend Dr. Silverman to anyone who needs anything to do with spinal issues. Thanks Doc. Larrrrr

Saenz yalin

Great costumer service! Always on top of how you feel. the always make you feel super welcome and in great hands!!

Delia McEnaney

Dr Silverman is passionate about the wellbeing of her patients. Always provides excellent care.

Dr. Richard Busch

Ricky Robinson

Hi everyone at the Silverman spine institute! My name is Ricky Robinson and after a fall which caused a fractured hip. I never thought I would ever be able to continue my activities, especially walking which I love. With Dr Silverman and her staff, I have completed 10 sessions and I have no pain. This treatment is non aggressive and no surgery. My pain level was at a ten now after ten treatments I am out of pain!

Lysandro Sandoval

I was seriously thinking about having surgery on my lower back before I met Dr. Silverman. My pain was debilitating to the point I couldn't walk at times. At around the same time I was starting to develop neck and shoulder pain due to my office work. After just a few sessions with her I began feeling better and had lesser episodes of chronic pain. I can sleep better now, and able to do the things I like. She takes most main medical insurances, and for a small copay you can get relief or get rid of your pain entirely. Dr Silverman have probably saved me thousands of dollars from regular medical office visits and surgery. She is very knowledgeable and have great equipment. I am sure she'll be able to help you as much as she did for me. I highly recommend getting to know her. You won't regret!!

Sarah Works

Best doctor ever!

Roxann Woodward

Amazing practice and staff!! Dr Silverman has helped me tremendously during my recovery after an accident. Thanks Team!!❤️❤️❤️

Theresa Ferraro

I walked into Dr. Silverman's office with acute back pain, unable to sit or walk. After a few treatments at Silverman Spine and Injury Center I was able to resume my normal activities pain free. Dr. Silverman and her staff provided excellent patient care. Dr. Silverman demonstrated excellent skill in spinal adjustments, listening and compassion. Thank you!

Vernon Yenne

I went to Dr. Silverman to correct an acute lower back condition. After a couple of treatments the pain disappeared completely. Dr. Silverman also successfully treated my right knee which I had discomfort for a year and a half. I found Dr. Silverman and her staff the most friendly and professional staff. I recommend Silverman Spine & Injury Center to everyone. Vernon Yenne...

Roberta Kline

As a physician myself, I know that in order to get great results consistently, a doctor has to be able to diagnose correctly the underlying cause AND be able to offer effective treatment. Dr. Silverman does both, and is truly an advocate for those experiencing pain. When I first came to her less than a year ago for pain, within a few visits I was already much improved, and within a couple of months was back to my normal self. Only, my normal state was to live with chronic pain from an old shoulder injury and complications from related surgery. After coming in sporadically for flare ups of pain over the next few months, Dr. Silverman sensed something else and she recommended an MRI. When it identified a herniated disc, I started decompression treatment right away. To my amazement, treatment has alleviated not only the acute symptoms I was having, but it is also improving the shoulder pain and numbness I had resigned myself to live with. After being treated by numerous orthopedists, chiropractors, physical therapists and others over more than 10 years, she is the ONLY one who identified the real problem. The decompression treatment has improved my pain dramatically, and I"m not even done with treatment yet. For the first time I can envision the possibility of a life without pain. That to me is priceless.

John Hooper

Six months ago I went to see Dr. Silverman with right shoulder pain and constant numbness on my right arm. It was confirmed that I had herniated disc rupture in my neck. After many months of treatments on the decompression table, I finally start to heal. Thank you Dr. Silverman.

Joshua Velasquez

I was very impressed with Dr. Crawford! Amazing work.

Matthew Ellis

Over a year ago, I twisted my back while laying a patio in my yard. The pain was horrible. I could hardly move and was unable to sleep at night. At first I thought it would go away with drug store ointments and ibuprofen. I have been involved with martial arts for twenty years and thought I knew my own body well enough to self heal. I tried stretching. I tried heat packs. I could hardly walk pain free. Nothing worked. My job as a production manager for an art house required extended periods sitting at a desk as well as light art hanging and handling. I was afraid I would lose my job if I did not start healing. My family practice doctor advised me to get rest, not do anything strenuous and if things got worse, prescribed pain killers or even surgery "might be an option". Not for me. I was referred to Dr. Silverman. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was not sure what to expect. Dr. Silverman and her team fixed me up. From the initial consultation, which was very thorough, through several weeks of treatments including laser treatment and electric therapy along with traditional adjustments and natural supplements along with some prescribed homecare exercises, I soon began to heal. Their billing to my insurance provider was also professional and trouble free. It has been over a year since I was a patient and I am pain free and back in martial arts as well as being active again. I STRONGLY recommend Dr. Silverman and her team. Matthew Ellis, age 44, Santa Fe, NM

Paula Coyne

I love Robin and her staff. They really take the time to heal you not just treat and street. Had back surgery 20 years ago and thanks to Silverman Spine center I will not be having to do that again. Love you guys!!! I will recommend to everyone Paula

Jennifer Sanchez

Great staff. Great place.

Jose Carlos

I have contacted the Better Business Bureau to report her. I stopped going to her after seeing very little to no improvement on my back and was billed close to 500$. She had told me the insurance would cover everything. I decided not too do anything about it but after becoming friends with someone, who coincidently once worked with her and had told me he stopped working for her because she does this to everyone, I decided to call the better business bureau and file a complaint. I hope more of her clients do so put her out of business.

Donna Schroder

Thank goodness for this practice. Robin is very personable and a great practitioner. Her staff is courteous and friendly. The most effective treatment I’ve had. Thank you!

Gabe Arnold

Wasnt very happy with my experience here, Mrs Silverman didnt listen to what i had to say about my injury, go to blue lotus, there much more knowledge about the spine and how ot all works

Gabe Romero

I was in a motorcycle accident and Dr. Silverman has saved my life. As a teacher I was scared I wouldn't be able to work, but I can stand, walk, and I'm even back to weight lifting in a little over a month.


Staff is great and help with my sport injuries!

Sarah Adame

I have been going to Doctor Silverman's for about a year and have had a great experience. Silverman Spine and Injury Center and staff have been great. I was having sever neck pain and only after a couple visits I was feeling better. I highly recommend going to Doctor SIlverman for any pains that you may be having.

Juliette Diamond

Great Doctor, great treatment, great results!

Victoria Lucero - INDEPENDENT

I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Silverman and her staff. I was amazed at the professional manner in which they operate. Very considerate of the patients needs. EXCELLENT and would recommend to anyone. Thank you Dr. Silverman for making a big difference in peoples lives!!! Victoria Lucero - SANTA FE NM

john may

been seeing dr. silverman for migraine headaches and a straight neck. since iv been going the headaches have lessened and the therapy she recommended is helping to correct my neck.

Karly Atkinson

My back and neck were killing me after having heart surgery. After suffering for 2 years Doctor Silverman was the first person to actually take x-rays and tell me what was wrong. I had chronic headaches from my neck pain and they are almost completely gone now. Doctor Silverman and staff have changed my life through their practices.

Jodi Stotz

Painful. After seeing her we were in pain for 3 weeks and she did more damage to us. She wouldn't listen to us on what we needed (due to special health issues for my fiance). Her rates were EXTREMELY high and out of context for the services. She seems to run a push them through and collect the money service.

Ryan Little

Dr. Silverman and the staff helped me tremendously with recovery from a low back injury. She was very thorough and able to identify the problem. I highly recommend giving spinal decompression a try before thinking about surgery. Thanks for all your help!

Julian Bonfiglio

Currently seeing Dr. Silverman as we speak, just after a jiu jitsu injury that left me in so much pain, even from just breathing. Already less than a week now, and I'm feeling like I made the best decision possible, meeting Dr. Silverman. She's an awesome human being, and I'm so glad I found her. Great care from everyone here at the center, I strangely feel at home when I come in :)

Dominic Martinez

I came in with lower back pain and pain in my thigh. Was having difficulty walking and sitting down. Sliverman and staff have made in difference in just my first 2 visits. Yessica is very friendly and helpful everytime I come in. Both of Dr. Silverman's staff are excellent. Dr. Silverman is amazing and I will keep coming back with any back problems. I recommend anyone coming here for chiropractic needs.

Ismael Ornelas

Great place to get treatment. Friendly staff highly recommended.

Karen Koiter

Dr. Silverman is an extremely knowageable Doctor who has relieved my very painful neck and shoulder problems. Her staff is helpful, cheerful, and efficient, and her fees are reasonable.

Wendy Haslip

Very friendly and professional

Minerva Paez

After a year of escalating, debilitating, pain, with only a referral for spinal surgery to show for it, I researched alternatives and found Dr Silverman. I was skeptical that spinal decompression would work for me, but decided to give it a try. The results have been beyond my wildest expectations. Even though none of my treatment was covered by insurance, it has been worth every cent. I am able to function without pain!

Darren Branch

Finally relief in my lower back. Very lucky to have this service in my home town! Amazing staff and support. Thanks Dr. Silverman!

John Tanski

I had herniated a disk and rapidly became unable to find any relief from the pain radiating from my lower back down my leg to my foot. After just one treatment, I could walk on my own and my pain went from 8-10 to 3-4 (on a scale of 0/no pain to 10/worst pain ever). It was a "it's a miracle" moment. I've been in treatment for 5 months and am now back to work full time. Dr. Silverman and her staff are wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Silverman.

Mrs Rose

She has done a wonderful job getting to know our child athlete and setting her up on a plan to get her pain free. Thank you!

Jennifer Salimbene

Love this place! Marvelous staff with a wonderful bedside manner. Dr. Silverman is terrific!

Michelle Narvaiz

They r amazing the staff is kind and professional

Kristin Barendsen

I went to see Dr. Silverman the day after a drunk driver rear-ended me at high speed. I had whiplash and a lot of upper back pain. Dr. Silverman got me into a great treatment program right away with adjustments, laser therapy, and electro stim. She is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and caring. I started improving within just two treatments, and seven weeks later, I am almost completely back to normal. I hate to think what could have happened if I hadn't sought out treatment. I'm so glad I found the right doc!

Edi Marquez

I had really bad back pain and Dr. Silverman, Adjusted me and my back pain dissapeared.

Tomas Condit

If I could give more than five stars, I would! Excellent attention to detail in regards to listening and recommending the right solution to my pain problems. The atmosphere is relaxing, and the staff is helpful and courteous. I did not expect any overnight miracles as with anything, it takes commitment, and I see the results from continuing my visits with Dr. Silverman :)

julie downey

I can walk now, recommend Doctor and Staff

Esther Arellanes

Love this center I was in so much pain when I started and now I feel like I can start on the road to recovery Thanks so much to Dr Silverman Esther

Gail Goldstein

I couldn't turn my head. I went to Dr. Silverman. Now I can.

Chad Adkins

I highly recommend Dr. Williams. He has really helped me over the years and very professional.

Betsey Carpenter

I am new to Santa Fe and needed an adjustment ASAP. My friend recommended Dr Silverman and she took great care of me!!! I got relief instantly. I am grateful to have found this wonderful chiropractor to keep me out of pain.

Jacob Barba

After the auto accident I was in extreme pain. Dr. Silverman and her staff helped me get better.The throbbing neck pain is much better..I recommend the Silverman Spine and Injury Center.

Justin Tade

The staff is great - very professional. Dr. Silverman is super - caring and takes time to explain diagnosis and treatment and answer questions.

Leslie Campbell

Thank you Robin!

Lily Tarango

Muy profesionales en su trabajo se los recomiendo al 100%, su trato muy amable de todos sus trabajadores, ya me siento muy bien con sus terapias

Eleanor Gonzales

thank you dr crawford and yesica for helping me manage my pain.

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