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REVIEWS OF Health Quest Chiropractic IN New Mexico

Chantal Day

Michael Garland

Nancy Woods

After several weeks of treatment, my chronic neck pain from sitting at a computer, has diminished. Haven't had sciatica flare ups. Even my arthritic feet aren't aching constantly! Dr. Adrian and his wife are so kind and caring- very pleased with my treatment and the pain relief I have experienced.

Andrew Kozeliski

Excellent!! I did not start coming here because of any problem with my health. This place felt right, and I was very intrigued to learn about the whole philosophy of chiropractic; I had no idea!! My review is that all the other Google reviews speak for themselves. One of the contributing factors when I was deciding to come here were the reviews on Google, and they were better than any type of place I think I'd ever looked up before.

Jonathan Castro

Leanna and Summer are extremely friendly and professional. Great environment.

Ernie Watson

Renee Garcia

Being at HealthQuest has helped me a lot, with all my aches and pains. I am a preschool teacher. I had a hard time sitting on the floor, bending, etc. But since I've been seeing Dr Adrian, I feel like a new person. I am very thankful and blessed to be a Patient of Adrian. Everyone at Health Quest is very professional,kind , loving, and always with a smile. Its an awesome place to be.

Christina Hannah

I can't say enough good things about the staff here. Not only are they some of the most warm and welcoming providers I have ever had, but their knowledge base is immense. Dr. Adrian is a fantastic chiropractor, and his knowledge and skill has gone a long way in my treatment following an auto accident. I definately wouldn't consider going anywhere else after experiencing this team's treatment.

Nestor Romero

They have done an incredible job helping me with my sciatic nerve issues!

Spring Leherissey

I've been going to Healthquest Chiropractic for over 3 years. It's always like walking in to a room full of sunshine because the staff is so authentically exuberant. I don't think these people have bad mornings. It's like having my own personal cheerleaders on Team Spring. Dr. Adrian is a very genuine and well educated chiropractor with a strong but gentle hand. He lives the life he suggests to his patients. And, of course, I get results or I would have stopped going a long time ago.

Alfonso Martinez

Dawn Goodrum

Dr. Adrian is amazing. My family and I have been much happier and healthier since going for our weekly adjustments.

Judy Barker

I have been so blessed to have Dr. Adrian as my chiropractor for the past few years. I have been to many chiropractors, but have never known anyone like him. Not only is he top notch with his adjustments, but he is always kind and interested in me as a person. Just walking in the door I feel comforted by his office environment. Thank you for everything!

Cristal DeVargas

Love! Went from daily headaches to almost none! Thank you Dr. Adrian

chris tras

Had chronic back pain for as long as I can remember. Went through chiropractors like crazy happen to find health quest at a local firey food show and gave them a try. This was the only place that actually gave me nerve scans and took xrays to find issues. Sat down and came up with a corrective plan and in about 6 months of treatment was able to enjoy all the activities I used to with little to no pain could now fish the rivers for hours and hours without a break and my pain as beed reduced tremendously. I've recommended health quest to friends and family and will keep doing so they k kw there stuff

Laura Lynn

Dr. Adrian is the best with adjustments and bed side manner. He has helped my scoliosis to make me feel better and to get through everyday activities. I would recommend him to anyone!!!

Helene Cusack

Dr.Adrian is very helpful and conscientious in attending to his patients. He is excellent!

Terri O

Dr. Adrian and his staff are so professional, friendly and genuinely caring. My chiropractic experience has been amazing. I highly recommend the Health Quest Chiropractic office. They serve patients of all ages with equal care and attention!

Gabriella Estrada

Everyday after leaving I feel so much better and energized. It has a very nice athmoshohere and such friendly staff.

Eliseo Pomerleau

Amanda Walker

I highly recommend Health Quest Chiropratic. I was rear-ended in September 2017 and quickly experienced neck and back pain. I began seeing Dr. Adrian the following Monday and within 2.5 months of seeing him, my pain had subsided, along with the regular headaches I experienced prior to the accident. The staff is friendly and informational, especially when explaining and performing the different tests and exams involved for assesments. I’ve since continued seeing Dr. Adrian even after the suggested adjustments regarding my accident, and will continue to do so to for overall preventative maintenance!

Tommy Chavez


The staff does a phenomenal job at making you feel welcome! They treat you like family and you immediately feel comfortable the minute you walk through the doors. Dr. Adrian goes above and beyond to put your health first. He makes it a priority to sit and explain everything in detail that you need to know about your body and the steps that need to be taken to achieve the healthy life we all deserve!!

Kris Leslie-Curtis

I have been a patient at Healthquest Chiropractic for over a year and it has made an amazing difference in my overall well being. Dr. Adrian Velasquez has a very through and systematic approach to his treatment and I have benefited from his care. Additionally, Analeiz always welcomes us into the office with a warm smile and provides a high level of customer service. I highly recommend this chiropractic practice.

Leslie Chavez

I had been suffering from chronic migraines for years, as well as tension in my neck and shoulders due to repetitive motions during my work day and thought that this was what I would have to deal with life long. I've been treated at Health Quest Chiropractic for 7 sessions and I have not had a migraine in over a month in a half and stress tension in my neck and shoulders have subsided and I couldn't be happier with the amazing results! Best decision made to help improve my overall health!! Well worth seeing Dr. Adrian to aid in positive results in my overall health!!!

Maria Garcia

It's a very comfortable atmosphere. Dr. Adrian is very nice and professional. Friendly staff as well. Definitely a place where I will continue my chiropractic needs!

Sarah Minnich

Courtney Grim

I have been going to Dr. Adrian's office for Chiropractic Care for a few years now and I couldn't say enough good things about his office and staff! Every time I walk in the door I'm greeted by name by his friendly staff! I love the new location and the welcoming experience I have each and every time I'm there! I feel so blessed to be going to this office and to have met this amazing staff! I highly recommend Dr. Adrian!!!

Marie Valdez

Awesome experience with Dr Adrian, the staff are always so friendly when you walk in. Good vibes.

Louie Joe Gomez

From the second you walk in the door you are greeted by name with a happy face. Dr. Adrian is amazing!! For starters, he is very educational on what he is doing and what his goals for you are. His work is not a quick fix, it is a life changing experience. I am so confident in his work that he adjusted my new born son hours after birth. He continues to adjust my son and I know it has been truly beneficial in his growth. I highly recommend Dr. Adrian!!!!

Jordan Wray

Adrian is sooooo Awesome! Him and his staff take the time to know every single person that comes through the facility. It is very obvious that they take the time to care. Thank you for everything you do!!!

W116 HL

Noe Urquijo

Amanda Brown

Friendly environment, excellent care, and effective treatment.I highly recommend this place!

Benny Trevino

William Koopmann

My wife has been going to Dr. Adrian for several years. I was having a problem with my knee, leg muscles and hip last summer. My primary Dr. sent me to physical therapy for the knee/muscle problem but suggested I go to a Chiropractor for the hip. As my wife. was already going to him I made an appointment with him for my problem. Went to him for 3 weeks twice a week and he got. me out of my misery. I now go once a week and he has kept me from further problems including my neck several weeks ago. He is very thorough and can pinpoint exactly where the problem lies. Highly recommend Dr. Adrian Velasquez for care.

Sara Shoemate

Dr. Adrian is very thorough chiropractor. He took his time evaluating the ailments I was suffering from and figuring out how he can help me improve my health and the way I feel. He takes his time getting to know every patient.He is very educated and experienced in what he does. His concern is making sure that his patients feel cared for and are healthy. Summer and Leanna are amazing. They are very caring and compassionate. They greet every patient by name. They get to know you and are also invested in making sure you are healthy and feeling well, just like Dr. Adrian! I would highly recommend Dr. Adrian and Health Quest Chiropractic to anyone who is suffering pain.

Mike Stanford

Jordan Staveley

Very nice environment and wonderful chiropractic therapy. Would recommend to anyone. Give it a try!

Barbara Rosner

On the positive side, the staff is very friendly. On the negative side, I did not care for the conveyer-belt approach to chiropractic adjustments where everyone is lined up on tables in the main room and Dr Adrian just runs down the line, spending a couple of minutes with each person. I had a series of treatments and I can't say that they really helped me. I ended up going to a different chiropractor. At Health Quest, you either "buy into" their approach or go somewhere else.

Annette Koopmann

Our experience in choosing Health Quest Chiropractic Academy as our source for Chiropractic Care has been a positive life and health change for me! Our chiropractor, Dr Adrian, is a caring, knowledgeable, expert in his field. The total person and their total health is definitely and genuinely his main concern and goal in working with every person who chooses him as their chiropractor. He is Awesome and I wholeheartedly rate his Health Quest Acadeny office and office and staff as: a.... # 5 Awesome ++++etc. Annette Koopmann

Andrea Strand

Dr Adrian is a skilled professional who is passionate and knowledgeable about chiropractic care. He has made a huge change in my spine health in just a few short months. No more shoulder pain. Inflammation gone. Neck and lower back issues are almost completely healed. Thank you, thank you!

Debbie Roark

I love coming to this office. You are all friendly and welcoming. Dr. Adrian has helped me so much that he will be my chiropractor for life.

Kim Whitman

Love the new location. The staff is great and Dr. Adrian has really helped with my back pain. Really appreciate the person care , everyone remembers personal things about the people they are treating and take the time to ask about things that are going on in your lives. Highly recommend seeing Dr. Adrian for your chiropractic care.


Dr. Adrian has helped me stay healthy. I receive weekly adjustments to help keep me in optimal health. Summer and Leanna are super and when I need to change my appointment I can, with no problem. I feel better when I receive my adjustments.

Elena Gomez

Health Quest Chiropractic is the best!

Denise Eifert

Dr. Adrian is phenomenal!!

Jesus Moreno

Before coming to Dr. Velasquez, I had zero faith in chiropractic. It seemed like I would pay all kinds of money for a 10 sec popping which didn't relieve my back pain, however with Dr. Velazquez not only does adjustments but also takes his patient education very serious. He explains why he does what he does, and periodically does nerve studies and x-rays to track progress. This is a great environment, to improve your spinal health and you feel like family here, because all the staff takes it upon their selves to learn everyone's name!

javier rodriguez

Man, these guys are amazing! From Dr. Adrian all the way to his amazing team. They're just so warm and welcoming and you'll never walk in without being greeted by a huge smile. I hadn't been to a chiropractor since coming home from my last deployment in 2010 where I sustained an injury. I had to have a lot of muscular rehab but I neglected it all these years. Dr. Adrian has been working with me since January and I feel better than ever! From readjusting my hips, shoulders, and back my nervous system is firing so much better now and I feel amazing! Dr. Adrian truly cares about your well being and what's BEST for YOU! There's no guesswork when he adjusts you. He knows exactly what to do and is pretty damn good at it. I ABSOLUTELY recommend him to everyone. As a matter of fact, I refer all my personal training clients to him. Even the ones that live on the Westside make the trip up to the NE heights to see him. Dr. Adrian, Leanna, and Summer, you guys are awesome! Keep rocking on and changing lives!

Orlanda Martin

First coming into office as new patient was welcome right off with each staff who introduced themselves. Staff greets each patient who enter front door and brings a smile each patient. Dr. Adrian is a great doctor who there for needs and gives great recommendations when needed. Since been goin to Dr. Adrian been feeling sooo much better getting much relief. I'm very glad I started going back to chiropractor again and it being with Health Quest on Wyoming. Liked it so much now hav my 2 children get seen by Dr. Adrian. My Youngest is 2months old daughter and son who 8 yrs old who get seen by Dr. Adrian and is great with children. Very pleased with services and staff. Keep up great work all do to help others.

Dino Forti

Awesome people, great environment and customer service. Recommend to family and friends, Dr and staff go far and beyond great chiropractor care!! A five star service*****

Lorenzo Larrazolo

My quality of health is improving as I continue on my chiropractic journey. I have been going to Dr. Adrian and staff now for almost 4 months. Everyone is kind and understanding and most of all cares about my well being. I came here with the goal of a stronger back and not a lighter load and I am making progress!!! Thank you HealthQuest!!!

Belinda Franco

I was unfortunately involved in a car accident that brought me to the care of Health Quest Chiropractic on Academy with Dr Adrian. However, the silver lining would be that I found an office that truly cares about it's patients and thrives on bringing joy, health, and education to everyone's life. The staff, Summer and Leanna, and Dr. Adrian are knowledgeable, caring, and very personable. Definitely a WOW experience every time you step through the doors of their clinic! I highly recommend this office to everyone and their family!

Ismael Garcia


Dr. Adrian's office is a joy and a blessing. I am beyond happy with the service that I receive on a weekly basis.

Anne Hillman

Dr Adrian and his staff are very professional and kind!! The Best Chiropractic care in New Mexico!!

Kayla Marshall

Our family have been clients for several years. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming. The weekly treatments help us feel our best!

Adelicia Gunn

I have known Dr. Adrian since we were undergrads in college at UNM. Even at that time he was always very focused on his studies and preparing for his future career. I started with Health Quest in August of 2016 mainly to help with lower back, hip, and knee issues that I was having. After completing six months of regular chiropractic care I have seen a a huge difference in my overall health. Dr. Adrian has helped me to understand the broader impacts of chiropractic care and has shifted my view from focusing on injury care to total body wellness. I am happy to integrate his recommendations into my daily routine and have witnessed the impact on my health. He is very caring and considerate and is willing to listen to your needs and develop a wellness plan that meets those needs. The chiropractic assistants (Summer and Leanna) are so sweet and helpful. I am always excited to go into the office not only for my excellent adjustment- but also to see the staff!

Shane G

Great chiropractic care and wonderful staff! I would highly recommend!

Sara LaMontine


Gretchen Denman

I have been going to Health Quest for over 7 years. When I started I had major lower back pain and back "outages" I have my own business which requires me to sit in front of my computer for hours at a time. Since I have started with Dr Adrian, I have not had any major back issues. I appreciate the total wellness program they promote and am very happy with the prompt service. I highly recommend Dr Adrian and his wonderfully friendly staff.

Susan Guenette

Honest and caring chiropractor. Great staff!

Michelle Torres

Dr. Adrian and the office staff (Summer & Leanna) are amazing. Your well being is their number one concern. My family has benefited greatly from the great care we've received. Once you begin treatment and feel the results you'll be hooked. You will get the best care here!

Jennifer Cramer

When I came to Health Quest Chiropractic in June 2018 I was experiencing sciatic pain which was impacting my daily life very negatively. The first assessment I had identified a number of concerns which could be addressed through chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Adrian not only provided adjustments but additional information on stretching and strengthening exercises which in combination with the adjustments would holistically help my body heal. He and the staff at Health Quest are always friendly and engaged. Each visit I see people greeted by name, asked about their families or regular activities - this is the level of investment they have in their patients. I would recommend Health Quest to anyone looking for a Chiropractor specifically, as well as anyone who thinks adjustments might be beneficial but would like to learn more information about Chiropractic medicine.

Allie Stern

Everyone at health quest was Awesome! The office has a positive environment making anyone feel welcome. You will not regret making your way down for a visit.

Thomas Atcitty

Four years of adjustments has changed my life. Today I breath better, sleep better and I don't worry about lower back problems anymore. But the real reason I keep coming back is because of wonderful support, education, encouragement, and guidance. This is, Real health care.

mike gutierrez

Dr Adrian and his entire staff are outstanding. I'd recommend health quest to anyone looking for a caring chiropractor that operates with integrity and care with every patient. You never feel like a client you feel like family when your in the office.

Becca Montoya

I have been going to chiropractors sine I was 8 years old and I have never been to a place like health quest! The staff in Dr. Adrian's office are AMAZING!!! I look forward to every appointment. They are friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful!

Danielle Staveley

Fernando Perez

I have been going to Health Quest Chiropractic for 5 years and have received the greatest care from Dr. Adrian Velasquez and his team. I have suffered from sever back issues for over 10 years and since I have been treated by Health Quest Chiropractic I have virtually been pain free since. I would highly recommend Dr. Adrian and his team.

Sally Watson

Great experience, Great Chiropractor, Great staff! I am pain free!

Jeremy Warren

One of the most welcoming and friendly places you will ever walk into.

Claudia Valles

Dr. Adrian is amazing and so are Leanna and Summer. Great care, service and people.

Dale Lasswell

Kind, courteous, wonderful people. Always focused on my care and comfort..

Ann Stevens

I have been going to Dr Adrian for over a year and I have never felt better! my posture has improved and I have more energy! i started out going weekly, but due to his wonderful care, I am now on a monthly maintenance plan. His staff is great, too! Leanna and Summer are always very positive and genuinely interested in your health and well being. Always friendly and welcoming.

Emera Larsen

I have been going to Dr. Adrian for almost 3 years. He always cares about my health and how I am feeling. If I have concerns, he always makes sure I feel better when I leave the office and gives me suggestions to help my back feel better. My health and back has improved a lot during my chiropractic care with Dr. Adrian! His staff is always friendly, kind and caring. They are very helpful and willing to reschedule me when I call because of my busy life.

Robert Burridge

Dr Adrian has been treating me for several years now and, whatever my back-related problem is, he always knows the right maneuver or other treatment to help or fix it. He is very skillful and kind!

Joe Bowers

21 years of outstanding service and professional care. Thank You !!!

Elizabeth McCollum

Lovely people

Roman Rivera

my name is Roman and Dr. Adrian is the most wonderful chiropractor! He adjusts my 8 month old daughter Brielle and I and we have been amazed with the results. I always feel full of energy and my little girl responds well to the adjustments. Can't thank him enough!!!!

Regner Rider

The staff is always friendly and ready to help, whatever your need is. I have been coming for periodic adjustments for 4 years now and feel much better for it.

Christine Ponce

Great place! Haven't felt this good in a long time! I look forward to feeling even better! Thanks!

Eve T

Friendly and professional staff. Have recommended several friends to this office. Have been a patient for about a year and attend appointments twice a week with my two young children that also benefit from chiropractic care. We love it and would not go anywhere else. They have very convenient business hours on weekdays, and I am able to make appointments before work so I don't have to take any time off from my job to receive chiropractic care. Appointments are very fast, and I am usually able to get myself and two children in and out in about 15 (or fewer) minutes for our regular adjustments. I have scoliosis and have had a lifetime of back/neck problems, but with regular adjustments I now feel much better. One of my children has autism and some related sensory processing issues, which have improved greatly since commencing chiropractic treatment. (I chose chiropractic care as a natural alternative to medication for these symptoms and am very pleased with the results.)

Veronica Jaramillo

I have been going to Dr. Adrian for 3 weeks . I haven't felt this good in a long time. He is getting me back on track physically and chemically. I would recommend him to everyone with back issues.

Miles Wolf

Dr. Adrian and the Healthquest staff are the best. They take a wholistic approach to assessing your body’s needs and truly care about your health.

Nancy Cosner

Health Quest Chiropractic has helped me so much, and I receive ongoing care now twice a month. Dr. Adriene is the best chiro Dr. I've ever been to, and he's also very friendly and caring. The staff has always made me feel welcome and comfortable. I totally recommend Health Quest.

Gloria DeMorrow

Dr. Adrian, Ms. Gutierrez and all the staff were exceptionally courteous and prompt in treating all 30 customers that were there for treatment on the day I went, and it didn't take long for Dr. Adrian to adjust my spine and hips. Dr. Adrain is genuinely a very kind and caring individual. I have recommended him to my friends, family, and acquaintances.

Brittany Cuellar

Bryan Gonzalez

Exceptional Customer Service. The staff is very professional and demonstrates a passion for patient care unlike any Chiropractic office that I’ve ever been to. This office has truly changed my Life! Thank you Dr. Adrian, Leanna and Summer. Bryan G.

Octavia Catron

It’s such a blessing that I found Dr. Adrian, I’ve been looking for relief for quite sometime and I think I don’t have to search nomore, thanks to Dr. Adrian. The staff are supper nice and they make you feel at home. It’s a great place!! Thank you God for guiding me this place, it took a while, but I’m starting to feel much better.

Tonya Gelder

June 4, 2015 Do you know about Subluxation? It's a word used often in Dr. Adrian's office. My thoughts on Chiropractic Care were limited to only needing an adjustment when movement was severely impaired. The reason for adjustment to the spinal column seemed to be a temporary problem and so a quick fix was needed. I was informed of the underlying cause and effect to my spine being out of alignment. Being introduced to how the spine protects the nerves that run throughout the body explained the necessity of care. Vertebral subluxation is a set of signs and symptoms of the spinal column. Subluxation shows a path of interrupted flow that actively alters neurological function. Care give these past seventeen months has provided clear direction to continue being adjusted. Greetings are forth coming when arriving for those adjustment appointments. To be remembered by name helps the feeling of belonging. Many opportunities are also given for improvement in other related areas of life. Maybe a class on nutrition, simply having available supplements like Tuna Omega 3 Oil, a 'meal time' where a friend is introduced to the benefits of Chiropractic Care of that Yoga session to move your body. Dr. Adrian Velasquez and his team Lindsay and Summer also participate in the community. Local trade show giving information to Albuquerque residents or speaking with children and their parents on Tuesday's Family Night at Chick-fil-A on Paseo del Norte, are just a couple of outstanding community involvements. Health Quest Chiropractic office on Alameda Blvd., featuring Dr. Adrian Velasquez D.C., Lindsay and Summer bring the neighborhood together and provide health, care and knowledge to each participant. Thanks for your dedication and smiles! Tonya Gelder

G Mail

5 Stars to the staff. Very knowledgeable and professional.

Aneta Ashraf

Sandra Capps

Very friendly, helpful and caring staff in the office when you arrive. Dr Adrian takes time to find out how you are doing, tells you how to do home stretches to help with your issues. Highly recommend Health Quest for you better health.

Santana Ohler

This place is Amazing. I just started going to Dr. Adrian for extrem back and neck pain and I have to say for my first week going I feel great. I don't have so many headaches and pain and I feel more energized. Dr. Adrian took the time he needed to explain every detail to me about what was going on with my back and what he thinks is the best treatment for me. Dr.Adrian and his staff are so wonderful they welcome you every time you walk in and make you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend this place to anyone of my friends and family.

Felicia Gomez

Visiting Dr. Adrian's Health Quest Chiropractic office is always a fantastic experience. The entire staff is so kind and friendly that it feels like spending time with family at every visit. Dr. Adrian and chiropractic care gave me my life back at a time that I was not well as was running out of options with my primary care doctor and various specialists. I never could have imagined how quickly chiropractic care could change my life and am happy to report that I now feel better than ever! I will always believe firmly in the power of chiropractic and am so grateful that I can receive treatment at an office where I feel so at home!

Marvin Walters

The service and the care are excellent


Dr. Adrian has been my chiropractor since 2014. The adjustments help me when I play soccer and flag football and when I feel sick or have allergies. I like going to the chiropractor because I don't have to take medicine. I have fun everytime I go in because everyone is so nice.


Very friendly staff! Dr. Adrian is very knowledgeable and gentle in his adjustments. He really takes an interest in his patients' welfare and overall care. He also conducts classes for his members on topics like nutrition, stress, etc. I have recommended him to many friends and family members!

Nicole Kircher

The staff is incredibly caring and treats every patient as the individual they are. Dr Adrian shows how much cares about each patient’s wellbeing, and I’m glad I found this practice!

Susana Fresquez

The team and Dr Adrian are amazing. They treat you like family. So Glad to have them in my life.

Kristen Brice

This is an amazing office! The staff was great. Summer was extremely friendly and gave great customer service.

Melissa Johnson

First time going to a chiropractor. Dr. Adrian and staff make you feel at home. Dr. Adrian is helping me with a long time of dealing with pain, headaches, and tmj issues. Wished I had found out about chiropractic sooner. I would recommend health quest chiropractic to friends and family.... very pleased with the out come of my adjustments...

D'Nae Kellum

Dr. Adrian is a wonderful chiropractor. He makes sure to know how you are doing and assesses you before every adjustment. He does a great job of making you feel comfortable and really cares about each of his patients. Summer and LeAnna are incredible! They do a great job of keeping everything in order with appointments and financially. They are both so sweet and really make you feel welcome every time you're in for a visit. All around this is a great chiropractic experience.

Melynda Monte

Michael Bone

From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted with friendly and happy faces from the staff and Dr. Adrian. I have been going to Dr. Adrian this past year and I have had vast improvement for various back problems. I had terrible sciatica running down my legs causing great pain. In just 2 sessions it disappeared and has not come back. However, this is a lifestyle process in order to maintain good health. Dr. Adrian is concerned with the health of your total body and he stresses the education of good health so that patients can understand how to help with the process.

Robert Santistevan

the business itself is very clean and organized.

Ruthie Trout

Dr. Adrian has been taking care of my family for years. I love how knowledgeable he is about chiropractic care and how healthy he keeps us through our weekly adjustments.

Elizabeth Phillips

Dr. Adrian thoroughly examined the source of my issues and took the time to explain the course of action as well as the science behind it. He called after the first adjustment to check on me and to provide further support and guidance. I highly recommend!

Amanda Martinez

Awesome practice!

Juan Torres

Dr Adrian is great. He’s insightful, professional, and genuinely cares about his patients.

Tor Kingdon

We were introduced to Dr. Valasquez by a friend specifically for our kid, but now the whole family goes regularly. He's great, the staff is great, the facility is nice. Nothing wrong with any of that.

Ivan Perez

Richard Goodrum

Crystal Munoz

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