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REVIEWS OF Dr. Richard Williams, MBA., DC, APC. IN New Mexico

Angela Tsougas-Arrieta

One of my patients told me about Dr. Williams offfice, because I had been asking around about chiropractors in town. I had been with another chiropractor here in Las Cruces for about 8 months and was still having neck and back pain. One visit with Dr. Williams made the world of a difference compared to 3 times a week with the other chiropractor and all the other bells and whisles involved. Thank you Dr. williams for the wonderful care. I trust Dr. williams and his staff with any further treatment. Angela

Renee's Bridal Boutique

I've been going to Dr. Williams for the better part of a decade and he and his staff are the best to work with. I tried several other chiropractors in Las Cruces in the past and none compare to Helping Hands!

Elizabeth Lopez

First visit to Dr. Williams and for the first time in months I have no pain in my shoulder and I can actually turn my head without pain! Wonderful experience. I look forward to my next adjustment! Highly recommend, Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU!

Tamara Lunsford

Dr. Williams is a God Send! I was nervous about going to a new chiropractor but he made me feel very comfortable and I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge, skill and gentle nature. I left feeling 100% renewed! Thanks Dr. Williams!

Alisha Edmiston

As a former professional cyclist and triathlete, I have received chiropractic care for years to optimize my performance. I continue to compete as an elite marathoner and ultrarunner. I recently moved to Las Cruces and was without chiropractic care for several months, until I found Helping Hands. Dr. Williams is easily one of the best chiropractors to have treated me. He uses a range of ways to adjust you---from traditional hands-on adjustments to table drop manipulation. I like working with a chiropractor that adapts to work with my specific needs. Since being a patient at his clinic, I have finished 2nd in a trail marathon and 3rd in a 50k (both events within 3 weeks of each other). His care helped speed my recovery and keeps me going strong. You won't be disappointed if you give him a try!

Jennifer O'keefe

I have to say that Dr. Richard Williams is amazing. I have been going to chiropractors since I was a little girl and I have never been to one that not only cares about his patients like he does but he also is very good at diagnosing the situation and then following thru with treatment. I am also very impressed with his staff, Nellie and Amy they are great. I am so happy I found Dr. Williams I walk in, in pain and I walk out feeling like a million bucks. I highly recommend Dr. Williams, he's the best !

Hunter James

Great and fast service! He is a nice chiropractor who paces himself with his patients

Valerie Rodriguez

Where do I start, I've know Doc for several years now. The first time I went to see him, I believe was in January of 2011, at the time I could barely move. I couldn't walk, sit, or stand without assistance. I saw Doc every day for almost a month that first visit, but eventually he worked his magic and fixed my back. My back goes out every so often, like clockwork, and some times are worse than others. Despite the severity of pain I'm in, Doc always tells me that it'll get better, and each and every time, I doubt him. In all the years I've been a patient, he has yet to let me down! Doc is very caring, considerate, and gentle (I've cried many times in his office). His staff, Amy and Nellie, are wonderful too! Doc is the best chiropractor I've ever seen, and believe me I've seen plenty! I highly recommend Helping Hands Chiropractic to anyone who suffers from any type of physical pain and is seeking relief. Doc is wonderful and I don't know what type of physical condition I would be in if I wasn't able to see Doc!!! Thank you Doc for all that you've done for me!!!!

Jasmine Martinez

Dr Williams is a great chiropractor!! He alleviated my pain and fear in no time. In addition, his office staff are great!! Highly recommend this clinic!!

Benjamin Valenzuela

The staff is great. Very friendly, patient, and helpful. Also Dr. Williams takes his time, and is very friendly as well. Very calm demeanor, and he is even great with kids. My daughter has a rotated pelvis, adn was terrified to even try the chiropractor, after the first visit that changed. Now she looks forward to her adjustments, and even gets a little impatient if her appointment isnt when she expects. Great place for sure.

Sky Clarke

Best Chiropractor I’ve ever had!!!!! Thank you!!!

Alexa Taylor

Awesome chiropractor! Knew what was wrong with me immediately. Explained thoroughly. The adjustment was amazing, walked out feeling brand new!

Kim Romero


All good reviews are true! He improved 100 percent my over all being and conditions some adjustments happen instantly and some take just a few more but defiantly worth it. Don't give up thats the key to seeing results if you dont get one instantly! Keeping up with regular adjustments can make a world of difference in how you feel and function on a daily bases.

Yvette De La O

I have been seeing Dr. Williams and he is the best! I was recently in a car accident and I knew exactly where to come. He has fixed me all up.

Ariel Nunez

I have been going to Helping Hands Chiropractic for almost 10 years and I have always received great service. Dr. Williams is a compassionate man who takes his time in knowing his patients which is the foundation to his holistic treatment plan. Dr. Williams' staff is always courtesy, friendly, and professional; never too busy to answer any question or concern. There is no other chiropractor in Las Cruces like Dr. Williams.

Michelle Conway

Absolutely wonderful. Very Knowledgeable and compassionate. I came in in so much pain I could not walk without crying. Dr. Williams immediately recognized what was wrong and set about helping me heal. His skills are impeccable. The staff wonderful and caring too. I feel blessed that a friend recommended Dr. Williams for me.

Shaye Moore

I called planning to make a first time appointment, and the rudest woman in the world answered the phone. She answered by saying "hi what do you want" like I was bothering her. I hadn't even said a word yet. I proceeded to say that I was looking to schedule an appointment and she was very short, snippy, and rude to me. I finally just hung up on her because of her horrible attitude. I definitely do not want to go to any type of doctors office who has personnel working for them who are impatient and rude like that lady was. This place definitely lost business from me.

Brenda Lozoya

If not for the grace of God and the help of Dr. Williams I would currently be having muscle spasms in my right arm and right shoulder blade along with little to no movement. After my first visit I was able to regain movement in my right arm and no longer felt pain. After my second visit I am now able to return to work and go about my daily activities. Definitely grateful. I highly recommend Helping Hands to everyone! Not only is Dr. Williams amazing but also the atmosphere of the place itself is very peaceful and in a sense therapeutic.

Camille Ormand

Great experience! Dr. Williams and his staff were very welcoming. My adjustment was very thorough and I felt better immediately after.

Fire Ball

Dr. Williams always provides excellent service to my family and I. However, customer service from the receptionist is terrible. Always abrupt when she speaks, will cut me off before I'm through taking care of my business, and always responds like I am an inconvience to her. If not for how well he works with his clients my dealing with his receptionist would be enough to lose my business, and it would not surprise me if this turns away many potential clients.

Mila Gilberto

A car accident last December left me with headaches, back and hip pain, and anxiety about my body's future well-being. You can have all these plans for yourself, but if you are in physical pain everything else gets placed on the back burner. I reached out to Helping Hands because I found the online reviews almost too good to be true, and I needed to see for myself. What I was met with was a kind and caring staff, and the most patient, gentle, attentive chiropractor I could have hoped for. Dr. Williams doesn't make your visit feel like a box he's eager to check off because he's short on time. He patiently listens to your level of pain and wants to know what he needs to provide. During his examination at each meeting you can will him taking note under his breath of what alignment has shifted, is high, has dropped low, or needs to be different. At no point do you feel that you are just a number, rather you feel that you are someone the staff at Helping Hands is genuinely trying to help, trying to find solutions for. Don't be alarmed if Dr. Williams doesn't want to schedule you just once or twice--he will want to set a series of appointments because your body is a moving, ever-changing thing. If you've had nerve damage, your muscles and bones will have grown accustomed to the position they've been in to help you from hurting as much. Shifting you back into place will take some time and some diligent monitoring--which he will graciously do. I think most people want a cure-all to be in & out of a doctor's office, feel a single degree better, and continue about their life. I know I did--but I'm so happy that I stuck with the treatments and didn't only put a bandaid on my pain or convince myself that it didn't really hurt. Everything is connected. A minor fall, a sports injury, or a car accident might not feel like much immediately afterwards but giving your body the attention it needs for proper alignment will help promote your long-term well-being. I fully recommend Dr. Williams to anyone that has struggled with long-existing pain or that has had a recent injury. Dr. Williams is an excellent physician and a kind and approachable person. His practice gives unparalleled care and they will provide you with the help you're looking for---they did for me.

Nancy Palomino

Gerardo Cordova

Felt fantastic after 1st session and great price. Such a welcoming office, conveniently located. No pain or discomfort. Will continue regular visits!

Ashleigh Paulson

Amber Ybanez

Dr. Williams is a skilled chiropractor with a gentle touch and unparalleled bedside manner.

Janna Law

Dr. Williams is the best and I highly recommend him. I have been having severe back pain for almost a year and although I have seen other chiropractors, I have had no relief until now. As a patient I felt valued and well taken care of. He answered all of my questions with confidence and assurance. I won't see anyone else from now on. Thanks so much Dr Williams!!

Barbara Scott

My first experience with Dr. Williams was about 9 years ago when I slept wrong and woke up unable to move my neck without excruciating pain. My daughter made an appointment that day for me with him and dragged me there. Ten minutes later I walked out completely pain free. I have been going to him ever since. He is one of the best Doctors I have ever been to. He is kind and understanding and extremely knowledgeable at what he does as well as using a holistic approach to healing. I have arthritis in my neck, knees and lower back and his treatments keep me mobile and fairly pain free. I love going for my adjustments and always come out feeling 1000% better than when I went in. He is truly a miracle worker! Anyone who is suffering from joint or muscle pain should run as fast as they can to see him! I send everyone I know to him and my entire family goes to see him as well. My husband kept biting his cheek and tongue and after a visit to Dr. Williams it was fixed immediately.There are no words to adequately describe how gifted Dr. Williams is. He is truly one of God's angels here on earth!

Emeline Tirado

Had a great experience during the time Dr. Williams, along with his staff, helped me recover from my auto accident back in Dec. 2015. I would highly recommend him.

Erika K

Dr. Williams came highly recommended, so when I needed an adjustment, I decided to see what their practice had to offer. They got me in quickly and I was very impressed with how well our first appointment went. Helping Hands is now where I recommend and feel comfortable getting my chiropractic needs. Thank you!!!

Edward Fernandez

Tona Ligorio

I have been driving from El Paso to Las Cruces for the past decade for adjustments by Dr. Williams. He always gets it right, and if I get adjustments routinely, I almost never have neck pain. I had an issue with my left calf muscle for a few months and all my other doctors had ultrasounds run and no one could figure out why I had a constant ache in my calf. Dr. Williams fixed me up. It was my sciatica, and I haven't had any problems since. I highly recommend Dr. Williams because it is rare that you find a doctor that will give that magnitude of care.

Naomi Scribner

I was referred to Dr. Williams by two of my nursing friends. Dr. Williams has been extremely helpful in my treatment after a recent motor vehicle accident. He is very easy to talk to and shows true concern for his patient's. He is excellent with children. My children love to go for adjustments. Doctor Williams strives to keep costs down to extend affordable treatment to his patient's. I was impressed with this, also. I will continue to see Dr. Williams even after the treatment for my accident has been completed.

Marcus Liebert

He is kinda goofy in a good way, but what he does for me is the best! Every time I go there it is a wonderful expierence and I leave feeling better, he is amazing at what he does.

Janine Sotelo

Dr. Williams' excellent care has helped me through extreme pain in my lower back. I struggled for a year with the pain before seeking chiropractic care, and I will never do that again. He also treats my 3 sons, one of whom has a vision problem that makes him tilt his head to the side almost all the time. The only option the doctors gave us was surgery, but thanks to Dr. Williams treating him regularly, his pain is also under control and we don't even have to consider surgery for such a little guy! Thank you, Dr. Williams and all your staff! You're all such a great help to our community!

Victoria Barela

Robert Cordova

Norma Apodaca

No pain after first vist, slept great! Very relaxing, and professional. I recommend this treatment to all friends and family!

Erica Whiteside

Highly recommend! I couldn't walk on Thursday due to muscle spasms, went in that afternoon. Was at work by Friday even though I was still sore, I wasn't in pain. By Saturday morning I got out of bed almost completely forgetting I couldn't only two days before.

Linda Salinas

Dr. Williams does a fantastic job at making his patients feel comfortable and relaxed. Definitely recommend!

T Mac

wonderful doctor! all of my back and knee pain has gone away without meds or surgery. I highly suggest helping hands chiropractic.

Alexis Duprey

Dr. Williams is absolutely fantastic. I have gone to many chiropractors over the last 10 years and have never felt as good after an adjustment as I did at Helping Hands! Thank you, thank you!

Sita Boldt

The staff are friendly and professional. I walked into this clinic with acute neck pain and after 2 visits it was gone. I feel fantastic after every visit! I would highly recommend Dr Williams.

Mercedes Abercrombie

I take my 2 year old son to Dr. Williams, I couldn't ask for a better Doctor to work with. My son has acid reflex issues, eczema, and issues swallowing. My sons acid reflex and eczema has improved since we started going. His swallowing issues aren't related to getting adjusted, but Dr. Williams still helped point us in the right direction in getting help with that. I'm really thankful for his extra effort to take care of us.

Star Spangled Dragon

I have had severe neck and back pain for several years from an injury I suffered in the military. My Dr.'s at the V.A. instead of trying to correct the problem have just wanted to prescribe medications to mask the pain I have to endure, which I have chosen not to do. I have seen countless Chiropractors over the last 20 years with minimal relief and my headaches just continued to worsen, until I was fortunate enough to have met Dr. Richard Williams at Helping Hands Chiropractics. He is in my opinion, an extraordinary doctor that cares very passionately for his patients and believes in the fine work he does. His love for people and restoring their health had become apparent after knowing this man for a short period of time; aside from his patients that he sees here in Las Cruces he also travels abroad giving away his services to the less fortunate. He is one of the most skilled Chiropractors I have ever met and an incredibly generous person. I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Williams for helping me reduce my pain and the number of headaches I was experiencing while improving my quality of life dramatically. I would recommend anyone seeking treatment from Chiropractic care to visit Helping Hands Chiropractic and give Dr. Williams a chance to put you on the road to recovery. Thank you again Dr. Williams

William Nevarez

Dr. Williams is very thorough and professional. I will definitely be coming back

Robb Classens

I injured my bicep and forearm recently and after the muscle relaxers the emergency room prescribed ran out, the pain returned and began radiating to my hand and shoulder. I chose to see a chiropractor rather than a physical therapist, I have never had success with physical therapists treating previous injuries. My neighbor recommended someone but after reading his reviews on several web sites, I decided to conduct my own search. I am glad I did. I visited this practice last Thursday and am on the road, to recovery. Having never been to a chiropractor before, I didn't know what to expect. For the first time in 2 weeks, I can say that the acute pain in my arm has decreased. I am returning this coming week and hope that I will be pain free shortly. I cannot compare Helping Hands Chiropractic to any other practice or practitioner, I can recommend this practice without hesitation.

Janson White

Believe the hype. Dr. Williams and his staff are skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate about chiropractic medicine. After suffering from incredible neck pain for about a week, I looked online. I found countless glowing reviews, so I decided to walk-in the next morning. They were able to accommodate me easily, and the adjustments to my neck and spine delivered by the doctor, allowed to me to get a full nights rest that night, and the next morning I had about half as much pain as the day before. I had another adjustment 3 days later which reduced the pain to only when I would turn to the extremes. Then today I had another adjustment, and I have basically no pain. If you are suffering from spine or neck pain make an appointment with Dr. Williams immediately!

Brittany Duquette

I just can't say enough positive amazing things about this man. I believe he healed my husband who, was without a diagnosis for several months and was completely paralyzed for about a week and then could barley walk for months. All that he is about and that he practices are vital to be the healthiest you can possible be. I would recommend Dr. Richard Williams to anybody because that's how pristine I believe he is! Thank you, thank you doctor. You are a true angel in our lives.

Aubrey TeGrotenhuis

I have been a patient at Helping Hands for 5 years. Doc has helped me with everything from upkeep to helping me heal excruciating pain when I've stayed away too long and hurt my back. I have had friends go to other Chiropractors who set them up on incredibly expensive "wellness plans." Helping Hands has NEVER done that, never pressured expensive extra services - and I have never doubted that what Doc recommends is what I need; he and his awesome staff genuinely care for and know you. When I became pregnant this year I immediately let Doc know and asked his recommendations for helping me keep my body properly in check. I am now 38 weeks pregnant and have followed his recommendations to a "T" and haven't had a bit of trouble with my back or hips or anything. If you're looking for a chiropractor who cares, who takes his time with you, who is not bent on draining your pocketbook, and is extremely effective in his treatments - go to Helping Hands.

Dawn Thompson

The best!!

Rita Suina

Wonderful caring and knowledgeable man.

Amber Hill

I am 34 weeks pregnant and was experiencing severe hip pain to the point I couldn't walk without holding onto things. I went to Dr. Williams and left his office feeling so much better. I followed up two days later because the pain was still present and I am happy to say, my pain level went from severe to almost non-existent, after the second visit. I 100% recommend him to anyone, but especially pregnant women that suffer from low back/hip pain. Amber

Shelby Whitlock

This was my first time at a chiropractor. I went for an injury I got at work. It was a great experience and I'm already feeling so much better. Dr. Williams is amazing

Steph G

He is a fantastic chiropractor, I always feel great after he adjusts me. He also adjusts my toddler and is great with him. I highly recommend him!

Shawn Dosch

My wife and I were in a severe accident that caused massive whiplash and tons of back, neck, and pelvis pain. Instead of getting a bunch of pain medicine and "dealing" with the pain, we decided to go to the chiropractor. Dr. Williams is, by far, the nicest, most personable medical professional I've ever had the pleasure of being a patient. He listens to you and has an honest concern with your health. Dr. Williams has a true gift of wanting to give which makes him such a great doctor. He is also extremely knowledgeable in his field, yet has no problem in explaining things in laymen terms. I'd highly recommend Dr. Williams to anyone needing a wonderful chiropractor. Thanks for everything doc!

Cathy Dean Gutierrez

For 6 months I suffered from a dislocated hip and got no relief from a tri-weekly apt with another Chiropractor and weekly massage, even with a clear MRI and X-rays. After the other Dr. told me at age 39 I would probably NEVER get it back in place and I would just need to live with it, a friend referred me to Dr. Williams. I felt 75% better in just the first visit, its still not completely fixed but getting noticeably better every week and I'm no longer in constant pain. He is a little unusual but AMAZING! Thank You!

James Fry

I really appreciate the care I have received from Dr Williams and his staff. They have great customer service and Dr Williams took the time to truly understand my issues before preparing a treatment plan.

Misty Arruda

Office is always clean, good music plays in the background and I always leave feeling better than when I walked in- that's a huge plus!!!

Tammy Manicki

I have never felt so good after my appointment! Very relaxing and professional environment. I felt great afterwards and still do! I have very bad neck and shoulder pain, after my appointment both felt so relaxed and not so tight. I could move my head either way without pain. Looking forward to going again. Highly recommended!!

Elizabeth Rowland-Hermosillo

Dr. Williams is awesome. He makes you feel comfortable the whole visit.

Corrie Fielder

I prefer giving my money to a doctor that gives back to the community and the world! He is the most generous professional I have ever encountered and goes above & beyond to help people. He is there whenever I need him and really cares about his patients.


My family and I saw Dr. Williams regularly for about three years or so while living in NM. During that time we had two children, both of whom were seen by him from birth. Now that we’ve moved, our oldest son, who is now 3, still talks about Dr. Williams and his office staff, Nellie and Aimee. Dr. Williams is amazing at making children feel comfortable! We miss him, Nellie, and Aimee and are so grateful for the time we got to know them and for the care we received at his office.

Crystal L Eugley

Not the first Chiropractor I visited in Las Cruces but he will be the only one I see from now on! He truly cares about his patients and takes the time to listen to you! I highly recommend. Dr. Williams to anyone in Las Cruces looking for a Chiropractor. Don't waste your time with other Chiropractors and visit Dr. William's office!

Jessi Garrick

Fantastic! Very skilled, concerned and caring..went from barely able to walk to functioning in a very short time. Appts. Never feel rushed but didn't have to wait around for care either...

Cassandra Gomez

As someone with two herniated discs and one degenerating discs, I find chiropractic care a necessity. Since moving to Las Cruces, Dr. Williams and his staff at Helping Hands have given me a peace of mind in knowing that I can live with my back problems in a comfortable manner.

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