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REVIEWS OF Desert Hills Chiropractic IN New Mexico

Lorna & Daniel Bryan

Dr. Wingrove has been treating me for several years now. I've had back problems nearly all my life. He takes the time to get to know the best way to adjust me, and therefore the best way to relieve my pain. He's very kind, understanding, and a first class chiropractor. I would recommend him to anyone.

Kelly McWhorter

Dr. Wingrove is such a kind man and a wonderful chiropractor. He is great with my baby, too. I definitely recommend him to anyone needing chiropractic care.

john varner

With the cleanliness and professionalism in the office one cannot go wrong. Dr Wingrove eliminated my plantar Fasciitis in a couple months and I still go for maintenance and fascia release.

Randy Ahlgrim

Dr Ken actually listens to you and adjusts you accordingly instead of the same old adjustments no matter what hurts you. My lower back is well on it’s way to recovery and the staff is super friendly!

Jim Blake Childers

Been a long time runner and had IT Band issues and common running injuries. Dr. Wingrove did a great job of identifying the issue. He got me treated and got me running again soon and pain/injury free.

Stephen Mt.Pleasant

Full, detailed review of care plan with progress reviews! Thank you

Rachel Tedder

Dr. Wingrove is amazing! Everyone is super nice and super hospitable and will bend over backwards to make sure you are adjusted properly and that you are completely satisfied with your care.

Aaron Walsh

Dr. Wingrove has been treating my wife, two boys, and me for some time now and we have greatly benefited from his expertise. We have active lives with sports and exercise and Dr. Wingrove keeps us in tip-top shape to compete with busy work, school, and home schedules. He started treating our youngest son at four days old and our boy has been thriving since birth...greatly in part to Dr. Wingroves care and attention! We appreciate the time he take with us on each visit to make sure our needs are met and general wellness questions are answered. Thanks Dr. Wingrove!

Jamie brown

I have seen Dr. Wingrove off and on since he was very freshly graduated and beginning his practice. I have moved a few times and have had to accept care of other Chiropractors, but Dr. Wingrove is my meter for good care. He has treated all 4 of my children, some as young as a week old. He does not back down from a challenge, and is always solid in educating me on how to re-train my muscles with proper movement to stop my pain. He is a very talented Doctor who genuinely loves his patients, and it shows in the level of care he gives.

Linda Hare

Dr.Wingrove always makes me feel fabulous. I started going originally after I was involved in a car accident, but now go for maintenence. My body always reminds me it's time for an adjustment.

Candy B.

Dr. Ken Wingrove is a great chiropractor, professional, friendly, and does a superb job. I highly recommend Dr. Wingrove.

Sandy Giley

I am not new to chiropractic care and the benefits of routine "maintenance". We were in town on business and somehow the hotel bed upset my sacroiliac. I couldn't lift my left leg. I was far away from home and my own chiropractor. Looking for a good doctor is sort of like looking for auto repair. You never know if they are crooks. To my very happy pain-free outcome I'm thankful I was led to Dr Wingrove. I now wish I could have him and his staff as my personal chiropractor. I will be stopping in every time I come through Amarillo. They are super in EVERY aspect of your care. It seems like they just care about me? Imagine that!! Thank you everyone.

Todd McCarville

Was able to get my first appointment the same day I called for a stiff neck that wouldn’t go away. After 4 appointments, I was much better. To my surprise, I was released after improvement, instead of being over treated as been by experience with other chiropractors. I will be back when my next Issue pops up

Shirley Reeves

My Experience is always personable with Dr. Wingrove and any of the staff at Lovett Chiropractic! Feels like family every time I go in and I have used them for my chiropractic/therapy needs for MANY years now. I was diagnosed with a rare muscle condition 2 1/2 years ago and receive great treatment related to this condition. Dr Wingrove takes the time to figure out your need and specifically treat your problem area And, if needed, the facility is also set up with a well-rounded therapy section that includes massage, decompression, ultrasound , etc to help complete your treatment .

Sarah Combs

My experience has been absolutely amazing! The staff is warm, welcoming and doctor is knowledgeable and always happy to answer my questions! I was out of work for several days before seeking care here, Dr. Ken was the only provider to tell me what the cause of my pain was, created a care plan and got me back walking. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who has back pain, especially if you feel like no one else has validated your concerns or has been able to find options for relief. I'll forever be grateful to the staff for pain relief and for changing the perspective I previously had of chiropractors.

Candice Strickland

I had always been afraid of seeing a chiropractor but I knew I needed to see one because all my lower back problems. My boyfriend recommended I go to desert hills chiropractor and it was the best experience ever. The staff is very friendly. Dr Wingrove is awesome he knows his stuff all he did was feel my back and knew exactly what was wrong. He showed me some easy at home workouts to do to improve my back and you always get a water to stay hydrated. I tell everyone I know to go to desert hills if they need a chiropractor. I was completely healed within a few weeks. And if I have any more problems I will definitely go back.

Kyle Minchew

Dr Ken and all of the staff at Lovett are so friendly it makes you feel like family. I feel so much better after letting Dr Ken adjust me.

Cassie Arellano

Dr. Wingrove is always patient, listens to my problems and offers solutions that get results!

Sarah Heath

Dr Wingrove is amazinng! A serious miracle worker. As the daughter of a chiropractor I've been spoiled by the best for years. That being said, Dr Wingrove has skill and talent that I've never seen. He has helped my low back problems and sinus and jaw problems and I feel wonderful!!

Ward McDermott

I never wanted to go to a chiropractor, but the pain just got to be too much. When I started going to Dr. Wingrove I had active fractures in my back and hardly ever had a good nights sleep. I have now been going for a while and feel a billion times better. He is amazing at his job and he couldn't be a nicer guy.

Maria Gonzalez

I just got back from Christmas break and drove for over 16 hours. . I came in to see Dr. Winggrove and he fixed me right up.. I think I'm ready to get back on the road again. Mazatlan beach, here I come.

Brett Smith

As was everyone else I can't say enough good about doctor Ken's practice. Everything from start to finish was quick, professional, pleasant and enjoyable. There was no time wasted with me having to sit around in a waiting room or an exam room. Everything was done rapidly and I had a great experience. My pain was relieved, and they got me a great program so I can get back on track. Thanks dr. Ken and crew!

Maggie Chaney

Dr. Wingrove always does a great job and is very knowledgeable! I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Martha Baxter

christine pierce

Kristy Graff

Super friendly and caring staff. Took such great care of my daughter.

Tammy Curnutt

I had been having trouble with my back for years.. I had already had back surgery once and also neck surgery . I was on the verge of possibly having back surgery again.. I was diagnosed with 3 bulging discs in my lower back . My Daughter was going to Lovett Chiropractor at that time. She talked to one of the Chiropractors there and he said he could help me. I started going there and it has been amazing . I have not been taking my pain pills anymore.. Dr Wingrove has helped me so much.. If you are having back trouble I urge you to try Lovett Chiropractic..Call and get an appointment with Dr Wingrove and he will help you .

Jr. Evans

Office was clean, greeted right away, simple forms, and good service. Friendly, plus good free coffee. Nice they try to work your schedule.

Nicole Baca

I could not say enough good things about Dr. Wingrove and the staff at Lovett Chiropractic. When I first started going to Dr. Wingrove I was very skeptical about being able to get any relief from the pain I have been experiencing. He too was very upfront and honest about how much he could help me. I appreciated his honesty so much. I have an illness that is not very common and have had 5 brain surgeries due to my illness, Trigeminal Neuralgia. It causes excruciating pain on the left side of my face and due to surgeries I have had I now have Occipital Neuralgia which is causing severe neck pain. I have been so impressed with Dr. Wingrove"s knowledge, expertise and overall patience with me in helping me find a level of being pain free. There is not a cure for my illness but with Dr. Wingrove's help I have been able to find relief and function a lot better than what I was when I first walked through his doors. I am thankful and blessed he has been put in my pathway and is helping me live a maintainable life. Thank you Dr. Wingrove for doing what you do!

Albert Duran

They have a great relationship with their patients to give better care.

sarita dawson

Zac Tyson

called in and had an appointment in less than 2 hours! Staff was super helpful and very kind. Doctor was super friendly and very kind as well as super professional. Everything about DHC is fantastic.


Jennifer Pylant

I have been to several chiropractors and have never found one who has helped me so much as Dr. Wingrove! Always so thorough and makes sure my pain level is handled efficiently.

merranda jobe

Great dr and staff

Ana Sanchez

Dr. Wingrove is great. He did a great job of identifying my husband issue. He treated my husband and within a week he was painless. The staff are really friendly and nice to my kids.

Roxanne Likesyummysalsa

Other chiropractors might let you down. This one is a keeper. I love the thoroughness and i enjoy the feeling of adjustment. Thank you Desert Hills. And thank you for the exercise to strengthen my weaker side. Five stars all the way

Chris Gowdy

Came into Lovett Chiropractic with a horrible pain in my neck that was constant for almost 6 months. Finally came in, and was told I had a pinched nerve by Dr. Wingrove. With immediate action taken, I was feeling 80% better by the end of my 45 min visit. Two more visits later I'm 99% painless. Thank you doc!

Debra Rasband

Dr. Wingrove is extremely helpful and friendly. I came to his office barely able to walk and not able to do much else because of pain. After 7 treatments, the pain is completely gone. Dr. Wingrove has explained everything clearly and listens to all concerns and questions that I have. The rest of the staff are great too.

Erin Wingrove

Dr. Ken is amazing!! He’s very caring and personable! After going to several chiropractors over the years and getting no relief of my pain, he was the first doctor I noticed results with. After just a few treatments, I was already feeling better! Now I have been pain free for 5 years!!

Linda Rose

I have had two back surgeries and really need help to keep everything in place around the lower back where I am fused. I also sleep on my tummy and my neck gets out of place and needs the skilled hands of a Chiropractor. I have gone to Dr Wingrove for almost six years and I always feel much better after an adjustment from him. The whole team is good and really care about their patients and work so well together. I highly recommend Dr Wingrove and all the staff at Lovett Chiropractic!

Hannah Patton

I moved to the Amarillo area last June (2016) I immediately started looking for a new chiropractor. I found Dr Wingrove, the staff is amazing here! They checked out my insurance information for me and got me in to see Dr Wingrove the same day I found them online. I can call and get an appointment same day. While there for chiropractic care they also offer massages to help loosen you up. Mitch is a great for that! Dr Wingrove is a fantastic Dr and is supper helpful! Very polite and great Making any pain go way and making me very happy! I would recommend him to all of my family and friends!!

Lorraine Redhouse

Bridget Fite

Dr Ken is amazing! Him and his staff are amazing and super friendly.he Has helped my body pain from pregnancy as well as help my son with his behavior through son is always exc Ited to come in for his adjustments.i highly recommend this chiropractor and wouldn't go anywhere else

Frozenghost b

This is by far the best chiropractor in Texas. This man has taken me from being uncomfortable just sitting at a desk to being able to run circles around my co workers! Highly recommend him for a chiropractor.

Sharon Alexander

My experience with Dr.Wingrove and Lovett Clinic was great.not only was everyone friendly and concerned about my pain, they were efficient and did not waste any of my time. Would recommend them to anyone. Love Dr. Wingrove.

Joshua Vanbuskirk

Dr. Ken is caring and thorough. I didn't feel rushed at all and I also felt that he sincerely wants me to feel better. And BETTER I did feel! Would highly recommend him to all my friends.

Jessica Vallejos

Dr. Wingrove is a fantastic doctor! About two years ago, I wore a pair of boots that RUINED my back. He was able to get me in immediately, and within two days, I was up and moving. He improved the pain in my neck and back! I keep maintainer up because Dr. Wingrove makes it so easy to keep coming back. If you are looking for a great chiropractor, he's your guy!

Coni Kartchner

Dr Wingrove took exceptional care of me, I went in for back pain, which he took care of, and also a fractured foot which he accelerated the healing process through laser therapy. I absolutely would recommend him!

juancarlos lopez

My experience was great! After hurting my back at work I called their office and they got me in right away. Dr Kenneth was good and very helpful.The staff was great and made you feel right at home . Thank you guys so much...Highly recommended!

Lisa Neese

I usually don't leave reviews, but I felt this one was important. Dr. Wingrove did an awesome job during my recent work-related injury. He was caring, he listened, and wanted more than just "ok" for me. He tried different therapies, along with work restrictions, to make my lower back discomfort manageable and almost non existent. He works with a wonderful staff who also strive for a pain-free experience for the patients. If you are on the fence about using chiropractic services visit Dr. Wingrove and give him a chance--you will be very happy with the results!

Donna James

Deborah Pitcher

I have been seeing Dr Ken Wingrove for several years with a broken tail bone. Recently I fell off of a bar stool and immediately lost feeling in all 10 toes and down front of legs. Saw Dr Ken Wingrove 2 times last week and this morning. Got the feeling back in my legs and 8 toes. Thank you Dr. Ken Wingrove

Patricia Acosta

He's been great!!! I was involved in a car wreck the wkend of thanksgiving. I called that following week to make an appointment and they got me in fast. The staff was amazing, they were very welcoming. Dr. K was very thorough with explaining the X-rays and the process of my treatment plan and the steps that would be made to get me back on track. This is my second week of therapy and I'm already feeling so much better!! I would highly recommend him to anyone to my friends and family.


This is absolutely an amazing place!! The work environment is fast, clean, professional and friendly oriented. Dr. Wingrove helped my daughter from painful headaches and sleep difficulties due to her playing sports and minor concussion from the school playground. The very first visit was AWESOME because my daughter felt results from the adjustment and the laser treatment. She improved every week and was released fast. Thank you Dr. Wingrove!!

Daniel Scherer

Dr. Ken has been my chiropractor now for a year and a half. Great bedside manner and an all around great doctor. He always knows where to find the spots, and he helped me recover from 3 bulging disc problems. Highly recommend Dr Ken if you have back issues.

Ryan Ruybalid

Dr. Ken Wingrove is fantastic! I am a national level powerlifter who severely injured my lower back about a year and a half ago. I put off getting any medical advice for over a year because I was too scared to hear I would never be able to powerlift again. I finally got sick of the pain and started seeing Dr. Ken. I visited him regularly for about 2 months and now I feel better than ever! I was afraid I was never going to lift anything heavy again, but with his treatment, I am on my way to being better than I ever was! I highly recommend his work! Thank you Dr. Wingrove!

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