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Masahiko Watanabe

Dr. Walter Fricke is a great acupuncturist! My wife liked his treatment a lot!

Thomas Jackson

A friend recommended me to Dr. Park at Ishitani and I've been going to him for a few months now. Dr. Park asked me a lot of detailed questions and my lifestyle and what my main concerns were and reasons why I was there, he was very attentive and considerate to my needs. I have migraines and shoulder pains from my desk job and the treatments have so far kept my migraines away and my back and shoulder feels much better. I was taking over the counter pain relievers before but now I don't have to take them anymore. My body, posture feels much better than what it used to be and I don't have the stiffness to my neck when I wake up in the mornings.

Olena Skalenko - Ferrer

I found this place online, based on reviews and it didn’t disappoint. My husband is one of those non-believers in chiropractic medicine (though he would deny it now) but after a week or so of him pretty much dying of lower back and a pinched nerve pain, even this non-believer was ready to try anything. First off, the place is conveniently located, with own parking right next to it. Not unimportant, considering he almost couldn’t walk. Secondly, the practice and the waiting room are modern looking, clean, well furnished and all the certificates on the walls (“America’s best chiropractors 2015”, etc) did make a good first impression. Everyone is highly professional, they have the straight through processing principle down to a science - x rays are done right then and there, the doc comes in and explains everything in plain English and every room where the treatments are done is clean, modern and fresh. We keep coming back here until his treatments are completed and we HIGHLY recommend this practice to anyone.

Patrick Del Valle

Dr. Mika and team are awesome. Excellent staff, facilities, and convenient location. I highly recommend Ishitani Health Center to all my friends.

Joanne Kim

임신기간동안 생긴 허리통증때문에 이 병원을 찾게 되었으며 Dr.Jason에게 치료를 받은지 3주정도 되었습니다 우선 다른 병원과 다른점은 환자입장에서 이해하기 편한 설명과 척추교정에 관해서 만큼은 제가 다녀본 통증병원과는 다른 높은 수준이라고 생각합니다 지금은 가벼운 운동부터 시작하고 있으며 교정을 경험해 보고 싶은 분들께 언제든 추천 합니다

Tomoyuki Shimokawa

Michael McCoy

I cannot say enough about Dr. Mika and her colleagues ah Ishitani. The service is always exceptional, as is the level of knowledge of the staff. I confess I was a skeptic about the benefits of chiropractic therapy, but after only a few visits and speaking with the doctors here, I was educated and treated with the utmost care and respect. Their hours are very flexible, and they seem to always be able to see me, even on short notice. They just moved into a very nice new space, just steps away from the old one. I recommend Dr. Mika, Dr. Mark and all the physicians at Ishitani. Go see them, and become part of their family. They will take very good care of you.

Mizuho Kanazawa

Dr. Mika is one of the most compassionate and skilled doctor. I have been going to Ishitani Health Center for the past 11 years when I have issues with my back and shoulder as well as for maintenance. She has taken care of me during and after my pregnancy and I felt completely safe and trusting of her care. She is the treasure in Fort Lee, NJ! And I know her patients travels from far as well. I am so grateful for having her health center near me!

mirela alexe

Always great and beneficial.

Paul Lindberg

Since 2014, I have been a patient with Dr. Mika and Dr. Mark. Both of the doctors have been professional, engaging and improved my health tremendously. Their Fort Lee office is always modern, clean and efficient. Yes, it can get very busy on a Saturday but Mauro and the staff always make it a pleasant experience. When I fist came to see the Ishitani Offices, I had chronic sleeping issues and had lower energy. After my initial phase of visits, I started to feel 5 years younger. Dr. Mika and Dr. Mark always give great advice for diet, exercise and life skills. I am very thankful for their great work that they have done with my wife and me.


口コミが良いので以前しばらく通っていましたが、私には合いませんでした。 初回から詳しい費用等の説明も無くグッズを買わされたため不信感がわき、結局拭う事ができ無かったのだと思います。 2回目に立派な治療計画を説明され、その内容ならばと通い始めましたが、気がつけば治療計画はあってない様な物。。行く度に今日はどこが痛い等こちらから説明し、その都度施術を受ける感じです。場当たり的な感じで、ロングスパンの計画的な治療とは到底思えませんでした。 治療はマシーンによる低周波10分+先生によるボキボキという施術(長くても10分ほど)でした。 最初、家でもできるエクササイズ等も教えて頂けると伺っていたのですが、こちらが聞いてやっと1つだけ教えてくれる、というような感じでした。基本的に忙しいようで、バタバタと次の患者さんのところへ行かれるイメージで、こちらから足止めして聞かないとあまり症状や改善方法等はじっくり教えてくれません。 たまにやけに丁寧に現状と治療について説明してくれるなと思ったら、新しい治療法(追加で高額な費用がかかる)の勧誘でした。 結局それを最後に、不信感はマックスになり、行くのをやめました。 とにかく毎回大金に見合った治療をしてもらっている感覚、満足感はありませんでした。週に2〜3回は通えと言われましたが、それほどの時間も無かったのでよけいに無意味だったのかもしれませんが。 お金と時間に余裕のある方には良いかもしれません。

Myles Vargas

I have been to many chiropractors and they have been awful actually hurt me more. I was terrified to see Dr. Mika after all my bad experiences with other chiropractors. Seeing her was the best thing I ever did. I have never been to a doctor that has taken extensive time to treat me, and showed real care and concern until I went to Dr.mika. She cares for all her patients it is not a facility like other places I have gone to. She actually cares! The front desk staff especially her husband is warm intelligent and goes out of their way to accommodate you with getting appointments. I have tried their acupuncture which was amazing and always leave there feeling better. I can’t say enough good things about Dr.mika and her staff!

Kenta Watanabe

Thanks Dr. Jason for all his treatment and support!

Jenny Lee

Dr. Mika and Dr. Jason are both extremely knowledgeable and made me feel confident in knowing that I'm in safe hands. I highly recommend!

Armando Conde

Dr. MIKA and the staff are awesome. An exceptional experience. Mauro the office manager is always helpful with any insurance issues. Totally recommend it.

Diana Yacobi

Between the Dr. Park’s treatments and decompression, I’ve been pain free and easily able to pursue dance classes. Many thanks!

Michael Song

been going over 4 years and its soo good

Liana Benyaminov

I highly recommend Dr. Ishitani. She is caring knowledgeable health care professional, who is sensitive to others pain and discomfort, she will see you even on her busiest day, and resolve your pain. Thank you Dr. Ishitani!

Roger G

Rip off !!!They play a game with customers . They make you come in take a bunch of X-rays then they send you home after you paid them then they make you return an other day to charge you again and again and again . Their answer to this is don't you know how a chiropractor works .

Maki Y

(Translated by Google) A few years ago, I visited my teacher with the thought of grabbing my heels. Although I had experience so far and I had the feeling of “no good”, the teacher changed my image of Cairo (promoting painkillers). I couldn't stop walking, but now I can go home using a public institution. I thought that my body could be improved by explaining how to proceed with treatment and experiencing the recovery later, so I began to tell my teacher about my past career and lifestyle. The teacher explained that I became more sensitive to the signals coming out of my body and became aware of not only the low back pain but also the cause of poor physical health. I think that the teachers have been practicing and instructing so that they can recognize the signals of their bodies and maximize their natural healing power. (Original) 数年前のぎっくり腰で藁をも掴む思いで先生を訪ねました。今までの経験もあり正直”ダメでもともと”という思いがありましたが、先生は私のカイロ(痛み止め薬をすすめる)のイメージを変えてくださいました。歩くこともままならなかったのが一度の診察で公共機関を使って帰れるようになったのです。治療の進め方の説明やその後の回復を体感することで私の身体も改善できるかもしれないと思い、先生に過去の身体に関する経歴や生活習慣を話すようになりました。先生の説明により自分の身体から出ている信号に敏感になり腰痛だけでなく、生活習慣からくる体調不良の原因にも気づくようになり自分を大事にするようになりました。自分の身体の信号に気づき、人間が本来持っている自然治癒力を最大限に発揮できるよう先生は施術、指導してくださっていると思います。

Maiko T

(Translated by Google) Dr. Ishiya is famous for his very short treatment time. For this reason, he does not take much time to ask questions, and he is proceeding with treatment at his own pace. The treatment was low frequency 10 minutes, the treatment was mainly to correct the bones and loosen the affected area, and the only way to do this was to use an ultrasonic machine. The teacher's office sells a variety of tools and products, which are also famous for their purchase. Buy at least these expensive items such as Biofries expensive gels, cooling and thermal gel packs, waist and neck supporters. My friends have said the same thing, but I'm wondering how effective these goods I bought were honestly. At the beginning of its opening, it was popular as a Japanese female chiropractor in New Jersey, but recently it has not been well received, and reservations are quite vacant, and most patients are resident wives I'm not good at it, so I don't have the choice of other doctors) and Japanese housewives. I and my friends have the same opinion, but are not recommended doctors. (Original) 石谷先生は治療の時間がとても短いことで有名な先生です。そのため質問の時間をほとんど割いてくれず、かなり自分のペースで治療を進めてしまう先生です。治療は低周波10分、施術は主に骨の矯正と患部をほぐしたり、そのほぐす方法も超音波の機械を使うだけだったりと、カイロプラクターとして高い技術があるとは思えませんでした。そして、先生のオフィスでは様々な道具や商品を販売していますがそれらの商品を買わされることでも有名です。バイオフリーズという高価なジェル、冷却、温熱用のジェルパック、腰や首のサポーター等、最低これらは買わされます。友人たちも同様なことを言っていますが、正直購入させられたこれらのグッズがどれほどの効果があったのかは疑問です。開業当初は、ニュージャージーで日本人女性のカイロプラクターということで人気がありましたが、最近は評判があまり良くなく、今は予約もかなり空いていて、患者さんはほとんどが、駐在の奥様(英語が得意ではないので他のドクターの選択肢が無い)や日本人の主婦といったかんじです。私や私の友人たちも同じ意見ですが、お薦めできないドクターです。

Adriana Moreira

Dr Ishitani and team are excellent and very professional. I highly recommend this place for their services.

Kids & toys Viv

I have had back problems, headache and finger numbness. I have been going to Ishitani health center for a year and now I am pain free!!! Dr Jason Park is very knowledgeable and consistent in his ability to diagnose, treat and alleviate painful conditions. I also had the pleasure of being treated by Dr Mika and they are both absolutely amazing! The staff is wonderful, Mauro makes sure that you don’t need to worry about the insurance or scheduling and he always welcomes you with a big smile! Very welcoming and professional medical office! Monica Huddleston

Mykhailo Kovalevskyi

Good staff, good music, flexible appointment time policy, working time, and by the way, good results )

Rosella Gallo

I have been suffering for headaches for a long time. Dr Mika has been helped me so much. I don’t suffer from it anymore. She is very professional and details. I felt very comfortable with her and Dr Jason and all her staffs are very caring. My family and my friends also see her or him whenever they have any problems or pain. She has a magic touch and really a Healer!

Antoinette Mirkovich Borkowski

Dr. Mika, Dr. Jason, Mauro and everyone else at Ishitani Health Center are wonderful! Great chiropractors who genuinely care for your well-being. Dr. Mika has been treating me for a herniated disc with a pinched nerve. I am improving every day thanks to Dr. Mika. The office is run very efficiently, clean and everyone there is professional and friendly. I have never waited a long time to be seen either. I highly recommend Ishitani Health Center.

Aiko O

Dr. Ishitani is highly knowledgeable and insightful into issues you may have. The best place to go for pain management and even a preventative care for cold and more. I always come out feeling better after a treatment.

Clara Wang

Service is exceptional, care given is detail and precise. I highly recommend this place.

Aggie Pac

They are the best chiropractors !!! Everyone working there is super friendly, supporting, knowledgeable and you can tell they love helping people. I have been going there for years! Thank you so much for the amazing care! Blessings

Sapan Anand

Excellent chiropractor and excellent treatment and service every time I go!

jeanne park

I highly recommend Dr. Ishitani! Facility is also superb and staffs are very sincere and professional. I was in very bad condition for very long time and now I'm pain free plus migraine free only after few weeks of treatment by Dr. Ishitani. She seem to know everything back and forth and I felt world of difference after every visit. I can tell she is doing her best to fix me for ultimate cure.

nj mama


Y- O-

(Translated by Google) Ideal for relieving physical stress caused by desk work, long flights, and time differences! (Original) デスクワーク、長時間フライト、時差などから来る身体ストレスの解消に最適!

Harry Shin

TGIF Thank God It"s Fabulously Fantastic

Yolanda Kwan

I was a patient with Dr. Ishitani 10 years ago, l had sciatica & with her very attentive care l recovered very well following her stages of treatment. Two years ago l had some sore on my left lower back, at first l thought it was a muscle pull from my regular exercise routine but it persisted for a long time until my revisit to.Dr. lshitani 4 months ago. Under her professional care , treatment & instructions l have recovered with no more sore on my back. The staff are all very friendly & professional l would definitely recommend Dr Ishitani for anybody that's suffering from any back ,neck, knee pain have it checked out.

T Kudo

友人に紹介されて来院しました。先生が2人いますが、2人ともとても良くしてくれます。私はこれまで首の寝違いを幾度として、これまで特になにもせずにきましたが、今回は手のしびれもあったので思い切ってきてみて良かったです。3回くらいの治療で手のしびれが軽減して、1回目の治療で首が回るようになりました。今後も治療は続けたいと思っています。腰痛の主人や他の悩みをもっている友人にも薦めたいです。 駐車場も広く、クリニックもとても清潔で、どのスタッフも親切です。 私は1歳半の幼児がいますが、途中で泣いてしまっても、スタッフの方が優しく面倒をみてくれていて、とても助かります。




kazuya kishita

腰痛とは20年以上の付き合いで半ばあきらめていました。昨日久しぶりにギックリ腰をやってしまったのですが、自宅の近くにカイロプラクティクがあるのを知って半信半疑で行きました。施術後のスッキリ感は何と言っていいのか...。 大好きなゴルフにもご理解いただけている(頭っから”ダメ”とは言わず)ので、ちょっと本気で治そうかな、と改心しました。 先生をはじめセンターのスタッフも明るい人ばかりです。時間(と資金)に余裕があれば毎日行きたいくらいです。(笑)

Jaeyoung Lee

I would say Dr.Mika and her staffs are excellent and excellent. Whenever I visit her office, I get 200% satisfaction with treatment there. And also new facility is nice and clean Highly recommend

Adriana Wos-Mysliwiec

I would give them 100 stars if I could! Both Dr. Mika and Dr. Jason are incredible! They have been so kind and professional to every person we have referred! Whether you are in pain, after an accident have a continuing condition, or simply need to relax, everyone at the Ishitani Health Center cares for you personally. I highly recommend this chiropractic practice!

crystal yun

if anyone is looking for an acupuncturist, Dr. Walter is by far the best! I usually get very nervous whenever I see a doctor (due to very bad experiences in the past) but not with Dr. Walter. he made me feel comfortable from the moment I met him and constantly reassured me that everything was going to be okay. not only is he great with his patients, but I feel great after getting treated by him! I no longer feel any pain and I am able to get back and feel like myself again! :D I highly recommend anyone that needs to get acupuncture done to go to him. you won't regret it! thank you Dr. Walter!

Sonny Ohshita

First of all I was welcomed by warming and cheerful voices at reception, which I got to like this place. Otherwise it would have gotten me worse towards my pain in the neck. So I sort of rushed into treatment for my acute neck pain (right side was aching). What Dr. Ishitani did first was analysis with X-ray photo such that I as patient can understand fundamental problems deep down in my backbone (of course as well as my neck pain). I felt I was lucky because not-yet-aching left shoulder/neck could have been injured or become painful as well as the other side, if I continue my literally unbalanced-normal life without her consultation. Few days later neck pain relieved quite a bit after I followed every advise and supplement she gave me, but I feel far better noteworthy especially right after her treatment. Duration of treatment itself can be 10 min followed by another 10 min low-frequency stuff but actually it is great and quick enough for me as a worker who needs shorter stay at health centre then to commute (or back). I am now determined to face my fundamental problems perhaps for months-long time. If you have stiffed shoulder or back pain now, even that is a slight one, I highly recommend to get her consultation before it gets worse. You could spend more time and money when you realise you need treatment but you are compelled to play golf every weekends. That was about a fool like me so one better to learn from predecessor:)

Naomi Komatsu

ion arau

The doctors and staff at the Ishitani Health Center are friendly, informative, and helpful. The office environment is upbeat, clean and welcoming, and its evident that they care about their patients and their maintenance.

Minato Jesse Hirakawa

roberto gutierrez

Bianca Officer

Absolute best chiropractors ever! I highly recommend. I am so pleased with Dr. Mika & Dr. Jason & the entire staff. Excellent work & excellent people!

Eddy M.

Friendly staff and great Doctors! Thanks Ishitani!

Masaya Suenaga


Min Hwa Suzuki

Elizabeth Solomon

Dr. Ishitani is amazing and is by far the best chiropractor I have come across! She is like a magician in removing pain from my body!

Kouki Yamada

Whitestone Kim

I am extremely appreciative of Dr. Mika's care. Dr. Mika is very knowledgeable and pleasant. The staff are courteous and professional. The facility is great. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Rosa

I have been with Dr. Mika for 8 years and going strong. I have no complaints. I love her work...I believe in her work. Everything they do in this office is a part of the healing process. I really appreciate them and encourage anyone concerned with wellbeing to give them a chance. You won't be disappointed. My company is in the middle of construction and as the Office Manager I have been all over the place. Well, my body has been feeling the effects of the pressure. I woke up last week and wasn't able to get out of bed on my own. Dr. Mike to the rescue...literally. I've been in her care since. My body has already been reacting to the treatment. Very grateful that I have the Ishitani team to help me heal naturally and not by taking different medications. I'm very blessed to have them. I'm looking forward to the 10 week treatment for my back. I'm expecting great things. Today I went in for acupuncture. It was amazing. I was feeling very sick in my stomach for the last four days. I am happy to report that I walked out feeling great. It's been three hours since and I'm super happy that I'm feeling better. Can't wait to go back. I love what Dr. Mika is doing at the center. "One stop shop" and no medications. I love it!!! Thank you Ishitani Health Center. You are truly the BEST.

Vlad Fridlyand

It’s all been said in the other five star reviews. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Mika.

Jackie Imai

Dr. Mika Ishitani and her staff are all very professional, both medical treatments and insurance paper work. Not many medical offices have both to satisfy their patients. Their treatment is not onlt to cure current symptoms but also to have patients in better conditions. I am lucky to know this office!

Lucilla Pierini Giantomenico

Dr Ishatani is our family chiropractor for many years and is well worth the 30 minutes drive for us. All the staff is competent and the doctor always addressed our issues in a very detailed and orofessiknal way all the times.

Judy Hundley

My experience with Ishitani Health Center has been wonderful. Dr Mika is the finest chiropractor and her staff is kind and professional. Mauro is always pleasant and efficient.

Elena Spierer

I have been using the services for many years and keep coming back. The doctors are knowledgeable and the staff are very friendly. Also incredible with handling sports injuries. Highly recommend.

Jessica Yuri Kim

I have been going here only for a few sessions, but I 'm already so happy with the service and treatment. My husband started coming here first and in the beginning, we thought his back injury would never get better. But, now he feels so much better and is almost back to 100%! Dr. Jason is amazing. Not only is he caring, but he is very thorough! He really wants you to understand what is wrong and what will be done to treat it. I also appreciate how he gives us exercises to do at home that will help the treatment process. He is very knowledgeable, makes you feel comfortable and truly cares for his patients. My husband and I are SO happy we found Ishitani and Dr. Jason. The staff is also super nice! If you also go to your appointment on time or even a few minutes before, there won't be a wait! I've been to so many doctors and go on time, but end up waiting an additional 15-30 minutes! We plan on continuing our treatment with Dr. Jason and we have already referred so many of our family and friends! Thank you!


Dr. Mika has earned the distinction of being "My Chiropractor for Life!" Having been treated by many Chiropractors for over 50 years, including several that teach at Chiropractic Schools, I have known many good ones. It is without question that Dr. Mika Ishitani is truly the best Chiropractic Physician in my experience. Dr. Mika is knowledgeable and is blessed with the natural ability of a 'healer'. The staff is very professional and welcoming being attentive to the concerns of every patient. The premises are clean and easily accessible. Dedicated on-site parking for patients is a true plus, especially in Fort Lee. The office is located less than 1/4 mile from the George Washington Bridge; an easy 5 minute walk from public transportation to/from NYC.

Aki K

(Translated by Google) Thanks to Dr. Ishitani's precise advice, I feel that my body has improved. Until now, it took me a while to make my body unreasonable, but it took me some time to realize the improvement. I'm especially happy that my migraine headache, stiff shoulders, and back pain have disappeared. The clinic has a good atmosphere and you can relax and receive treatment. Judgment and advice based on the experience of seeing many patients can really be relied upon. A reliable clinic. (Original) Dr. Ishitani の的確なアドバイスのおかげで、自分の体が改善されてきたのを実感しています。今まで、長年自分の体に無理をさせてしまった分、改善を実感するまでには多少の時間はかかりましたが、その分体の芯からしっかりと改善されました。特にずっと悩んでいた片頭痛や肩こり、背中の痛みがなくなったのが嬉しいです。 クリニックの雰囲気も良く、リラックスして治療を受けられます。多くの患者さんを診てこられた経験にもとずく判断とアドバイスは本当に頼りになります。信頼のおけるクリニックです。

siempre regia nunca camu


Maiko Sato

Dr. Ishitani is a great doctor whom I highly recommend. Although I was surprised the payment for the insurance part, but that's not her part of the job. She is friendly and keeps encouraging me to go. Plus, the place is near GWB where I need to cross, so it is very convenient. Place is clean and staff members are nice and sweet. Again, when you meet her, you will understand what I wrote!!

Gayane Tsarukyan

I was recommended to this place and I have to say, very professional, clean and wonderful staff. Dr. are very knowledgeable and know exactly what needs to be done. I will keep going to this place and will definitely refer more of my friends.

Dave Das

Dr. Ishitani and her staff are competent, professional and dedicated to getting you feeling better. I have been going to her for almost 2 years for various pains and I always leave feeling amazing. Whenever I have a flare up, I go for a few sessions and I'm good to go. I love that she is super thorough and methodical in her evaluations. I also love that she offers several modalities for pain relief as part of her services: chiropractic, acupuncture, stim, soft tissue work, decompression, and supplements. I truly trust her and her team to take care of me and my family. By the way, this is not Dave's his wife posting this, but he goes too.

Hollie Tincani

I've been a patient of Ishitani Chiropractic for over a year now. Because of them, my TMJ and jaw "clicking" are gone (other doctors said my only option was surgery). My whole family goes there now.

Patricia Bender

Wonderful doctors and staff. Excellent care!

Cinzia Bernardo

I've been experiencing arthritic pain ever since I was a little girl, and the Ishitani practice is the only place that has been able to help me. I had been looking for a treatment that does not involve artificial drugs; instead, I wanted to learn what was wrong with my bones and what I could do to avoid a painful future at an older age. When I met Mika she told me she had noticed a slouch in my stance, and that she could tell my shoulders did not look okay. I decided to give her a chance, and that was the day I found the doctor for me. I've been aware of my posture ever since. I've been a patient of the clinic for a couple of years now, and I have not needed to see a physician. Every time I get sick, dr Mika and dr Marc happily offer natural treatments that get me in top shape in the matter of a couple of days. Last winter I slipped on ice and hit my head badly, and they promptly made time for me and made sure I took care of myself properly. I also tend to get bad stiff necks, and their hands work like magic on me. I found Mika's silence during our sessions to be particularly fascinating, as her eyes are closed while she uses her fingertips to do all the work. She can tell so much about my body just by touching my back. She is an amazing doctor, and over the course of my therapy I've learned so much about my body. If I listened to these doctors more often and did my exercises at home as they direct, my progress would happen faster. However, I do not mind seeing them often :) This is a supportive, helpful, cheerful clinic that I am more than happy to be a part of. Thank you so much for fixing me and helping me perform every day activities which would otherwise be painful for me to get through.

Masaki Fujitani

This is a great chiropractor to come to!!! Everyone here is so friendly!!!


Both my husband and I have been going to see Mika since 2006. I have refered all my family members and they too have seen amazing results. She is extremely knowledgeable and she really cares about your health. I wasn't a believer in chiropractic care but since I met her, that has changed. Now I go see her for everything including neck injuries, backaches, and even sinuses. Give her a try and I guarantee, you will see results. The best thing about her is she doesn't rush you and she actually cares about her patients!!

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