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REVIEWS OF Central Jersey Spine & Wellness, LLC IN New Jersey

Quon Family

I’ve never been to a doctor’s office with exceptional service from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. Dr. Murphy is a hidden gem, he is very thorough and makes you feel comfortable, excellent bedside manners! If you are looking for a caring and honest chiropractor, he should be on the top of your list.

Christopher McBride

Have been very pleased with services provided so far. Appointment-setting (and changing appointments) is very easy. DPTs and athletic trainers have been excellent in treating my medical problem. Very modern facility with many people looking to be as helpful as they can be. Highly recommended.

susan Trotta

New Jersey Spine & wellness # Dr Murphy # get me moving again

Boris Iosim

Jennifer Festa

From my first initial call for information, I was met with professional and personal attention. The staff members whom I became acquainted with at the Central Jersey Spine and Wellness Center catered to all my needs during the 5 weeks of my treatment. They all seemed to work together with great team effort to care for their patients.

jonathan kumfert

I drive from Belmar to Freehold to see Dr.Murphy. Hands down the best there is!

Joe Rogowski

I started coming to the office in November with soreness/pain in my neck and shoulders. Dr. Murphy worked with me to alleviate the pain by utilizing different manipulations, treatments and showing me various exercises I could at home. I am happy to say that by the end of January, the pain was nearly gone and I was able resume my normal workout routine. I highly recommend Dr. Murphy. He is attentive to your needs and very knowledgeable in the field.

teresa St.angelo

A friendly and efficient staff is just the beginning on your path towards wellness at Central Jersey Spine and Wellness. Professional and thorough, the doctors and therapist, Andy, listen and respect their patients and recognize their level of pain, mobility, and their strong desire to regain a more pain-free active lifestyle. Do not hestitate to schedule an appointment. Excellent service all around!

Anastasia Williams

I just want everyone to know that Dr. Murphy, Dr. DeBernardis & the staff are the greatest chiropractors that I have ever encountered. They take the time to take care of you and they also treat you right whenever you are in their office. The atmosphere is loving and they are such sweet, loving, and kind people. I recommend them to friends and family looking for a chiropractor or physical therapist.

NFL best plays of the Week

I have been to numerous chiropractors that have promised that they could cure my migrane head aches,I have been trying different chiropractors for years,with absolutely no luck, just broken promises,Until i was lucky enough to be referred to Dr D at Central Jersey Spine and wellness, I listened to everything het told me,and he treated me with his MAGIC HANDS....and walaaaa I have not experianced a Migrane headache in 7 months....I highly reccomend Dr D and his awesome staff Oleg Z Howell NJ

John Donlan

The staff is very friendly and always helpful. Dr. Murphy makes adjustments to my back even though I have a Prosthesis in my hip. MANY Chiropractors will not treat a patient with a hip prosthesis in the hip area.

Samah Ghabour

Excellent care. Dr. D helped me tremendously when I was in severe back pain. He and his staff are excellent! Highly recommended.

James Mccormick

Very impressed with the knowledge and willingness to help with my lower back pain.. friendly service

Melvyn Meszaros

It was a very insightful visit. Dr.Getard was helpful making me understand what I must continue to do.


After years of chronic back pain Dr D and the staff at central jersey spine have helped me tremendously with getting relief. I highly recommend them.

Ronnie DuBow

Great staff !! Was in car accident couldn't rotate my neck,sharp pain down my neck and back & throbbing headaches. Dr.Murphy did a Amazing job I highly recommend you check him out!!!

Jennifer Gatti

I injured my back three weeks ago and was in A LOT of pain. As a Group Fitness Instructor I did not have a lot of time to be immobile as my job is extremely physical. After visiting the Freehold Spine and Wellness Center just a few times my pain was completely gone and I was back to teaching my classes!! Not only did they help me get back to work and back on my feet but the Chiropractor, Cory, really focused on trigger points of back pain. For a long time I have felt certain spots or knots in my back and although a massage would help initially two days later the knots were back. Cory has been treating me with Fascia Manipulation which is also helping me tremendously!! He is spending a lot of time focusing on the the specific areas that have been causing me discomfort and pain for a long time. What I like most about the Freehold Spine and Wellness Center is that each and every person there is warm and welcoming and wanting to help you. From the front desk, physical therapists to the Chriopractor they all take their time to really help you and make you comfortable... I would highly recommend this Center for anyone with any type back issues or even just for maintenance...

jodi feeney

I am so grateful my family has found Dr. Murphy. He couldn’t be any better with my little kids and is so knowledgeable and patient when he works with them. He has “fixed” them many times and keeps them very healthy as well. I completely trust him with my kids which says a lot! I can’t say enough about him-simply amazing!! The whole staff that works their is amazing as well! Very accommodating and caring. Thank you, thank you!!!!

Dr. Joseph Hudak

Expert care provided by knowledgable doctors in a family friendly environment. An office we often refer our patients to. Highly reccomended!!!


Been going to Dr D for years he always relieves me from whatever pain issues I am having! He is extremely knowledgeable and makes you comfortable and reassured .. excellent friendly staff .. highly recommend ! Cannot express enough what a great experience it is in all aspects !

Corey Parker

Love this place. Absolute miracle workers

Katie Keelen

Dr. Murphy is excellent! I leave there feeling like I just got reset! Great doctor and very personable. The rest of the team at Central Jersey Spine & Wellness have always been very friendly and helpful! Always great conversations going on in the PT area with Andy as well! :)

Don Butkiewicz

Very professional in all aspects answers all questions extremely happy with central jersey


If you've never had chiropractic work before, I highly recommend this place to start. Any apprehension you may have is quickly forgotten with the level of experience and knowledge that this team has. You will most certainly have an incredible sense of comfort and trust knowing your in good hands when you leave.

alyson craig

Great Doctors, Great Staff! Dr. Murphy & Dr.D have been helping me for years. They are truly caring & truly professional.

Daniella Siragusa

The staff is very friendly. Dr. Murphy is the best, he explains everything in great detail, and he truly cares about his patients. I definitely recommend!

Elizabeth Maras

The Entire Staff has been Very Accommodating to my change of scheduling & Completely Understanding of an eyesight condition that occurred that requires surgery... Awesome !

Troy Perry

Joseph Gaj

Dr. D has been a great doctor to me and my wife. Being active athletes, we often experience the normal injuries that come with sports, back spasms, pulled muscles, tweaked ligaments, etc. Dr. DeBernardis and his staff are both genuine and helpful. They take the time to explain to you why you are experiencing pain, how to relieve it on your own and what they can or cannot do to help. They truly keep us up and running and feeling great. I would recommmend them 100%. I was recently adjusted for lower back pain/tightness and the following day, feeling much better, I shot my best golf score ever - 76 as a 16 handicap. Thanks Dr. D.

Joseph Clancy

I had an initial consultation and the doctor and staff were knowledgeable, friendly and wanted me to do PT before starting with them. I appreciate honesty

Janis G-H

Urvashi Batra

Great staff and Dr D very caring and knowlegble.

Fermin iglesias

Very professional

Frank LaRocca

Dr Murphy was very. knowledgable, personable & had bedside manner which is very important to me. He explained everything too. It was a very good experience so I decided to do my knee therapy at his office as well. I wd recommend this office. Rate#5

Hertel Prophete

Dr Murphy take the to explain things to you. Great staff. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone.

Charles Goodem


david channel

John Petrozziello

Dr. DeBernardis, Dr. Murphy, and their staff are great! I've used them for sports injuries, common injuries, and for periodic adjustments. Every time I've gone they've got me back to my normal self quicker than I had imagined. Through stretches, manipulation, and stimulation they have been able to successfully alleviate all of my pain and soreness. I highly recommend Central Jersey Spine & Wellness!

tracey auletta

I walked into Central Jersey Spine and Wellness with back and neck pain. I walked out feeling better and with answers to my pain. I have tried many different treatments, with no success. It wasn't until Dr. Murphy started treating my back and neck that I had any relief from my pain without medications. I have learned new stretches to help ease my pain and correct my posture. I can't thank Dr. Murphy enough for helping me!

John Cook

Dr. Murphy and Dr. D. take the time to listen to what your issues are and try their best to bring you relief.

Francine Rushnak

Dr. DeBernardis and his staff at the Central Jersey Spine & Wellness Center is top notch in every respect. I have been a patient of the practice for several years. Dr. D, his physical therapy team, and new M.D. associate are all experienced, caring, and knowledgeable healthcare professionals. I have been treated for both chronic pain and acute pain episodes by the entire team. I am extremely pleased with the results I've achieved under the care of this comprehensive wellness team. I also want to compliment the office staff for their friendliness in always putting me totally at ease and for their efficiency and professionalism in processing insurance forms and managing timely appointments. Kudos to Central Jersey Spine & Wellness!!

Rony Michel

Joseph Anthony

When I first got to Dr. D I couldn't walk without being in pain. We met, he went over some information and explained my options. A few visits later I was ready to do jumping jacks leaving the office. The most professional and knowledgable staff I have ever been in contact with. Amazing!!

Sydney Murphy

Central Jersey Spine and Wellness is a wonderful and organized practice. The staff is very welcoming and they make sure that you are comfortable at all times. They are also flexible when scheduling appointments and they make sure that you are seen on time. Dr. DeBernardis is an excellent doctor and his qualifications are difficult to find elsewhere. He is very attentive and he makes sure to take the time to explain everything to you. I highly recommend.

Patricia Russo

Extraordinary and most excellent service provided for my 1st visit for knee arthritis. The Staff and Dr. D are extremely helpful and friendly. Dr. W gave me a pain-free gel injection on my left knee and I am no longer fearful about coming back for my remaining injections. I am so happy I made the decision to come to this particular practice! Many thanks!

wilderness kid

They look out for your best interest even to their own cost/detriment. Very flexible. Great reception, great service overall. Would definitely recommend for professional, courteous and honest treatment. My mom had her knee done here with excellent results.

Amy Remite

Dr. D and his staff are very caring, hardworking group of people.Always smiling! Dr. D knows exactly what he is talking about and my condition with fibromyalgia has greatly improved over a two month period. My pain is almost gone!

Glenn Cecchini

I have been fighting lower back pain for years. I had finally had enough and decided since I wasn't getting any younger I had to do something about it.Man did come to the right place. Dr. D and the entire staff have been great and I have been pain free for over six months. It has been a great summer. Many thank to the entire office.

Doug Young

I went in for acupuncture. The doctor was very heavy handed which honestly a person get used too but when I would never gotten used to was the cost! How much they charge was never explained to me and then I got the bill. Over $300 for one visit! I have gone to other places for acupuncture and paid way under $100 for a visit and felt more comfortable. Buyer beware!

Nikki DeBiasio

Although my husband and I are infrequent visitors to Dr D's office, the few times we have been there the experience was quite pleasant. We met Dr D. thru a mutual friend and he encouraged us to come in. The office was clean and the staff friendly. Dr D was quite the professional but does have a good sense of humor! I highly recommend him. Tell him Nikki sent you!

Shane Reilly

I had first seen Dr DeBernardis back in the late 90's and he performed some drastic reconstruction making me feel the best I have felt in awhile. When I had some lower back issues a couple years ago I was grateful to learn he was still in the area so I made an appointment. When I went in I was seen by Dr Murphy who is equally amazing, he listened carefully to what I was experiencing and came up with a plan of action to correct my issues. Again I felt the best I had felt in years. Today I went in because I was having crippling back spasms and by the time I left I felt 100% better. No more tightness and I'm able to move freely without wincing in pain. I would not trust anyone except the Dr's at Central Jersey spine and wellness to work on my back, they know what they are doing and it shows in the results. People are very apprehensive about seeing chiropractors but here there's nothing to worry about.

Amy Mills

Robin Domanski

Dr G is a breath of fresh air. He actually advised my husband to to go to an in-network doctor for a cortisone shot because he would save money and see what the outcome is before he comes back - and to please email him to let him know how the shot worked. To top it off he did not take a dime from us - even though he took xrays. He could not have been nicer, did not rush and seemed to genuinely care. Would absolutely recommend Dr G

Christine Longovich

I found Dr D 10 years ago and he has helped me thru many episodes of back pain. There is no more caring dr than him and I would not go anywhere else for treatment. He is one of the most amazing chiropractors and I recommend him to many people. Staff always so nice! Thanks Dr D!!

Jewelie Kenney

Back in late July I somehow irritated my sciatica which left me unable to sit and lay down. I couldn't sleep much at all and sitting was so unbearable b/c of the great discomfort I felt. After a lot of searching for a good, trustworthy Chiropractor I found Dr. D at the Central Jersey Spine & Wellness Center in Freehold, NJ. He knew exactly what the issue was, took x-rays and immediately set up a plan for me to get adjusted and do a little physical therapy a couple of times each week. Within a few weeks I was feeling so much better. My p/t person, Monika, and her staff are wonderful too. They always know exactly where the areas are that need the most attention and the best part is that the physical therapy is in the same office so, I get adjusted then walk to the back and do my physical therapy. The doctor’s and p/t staff aren’t the only ones that make this place so great, the wonderful treatment I receive there is very well rounded and includes the great staff he has working the front desk. They are always so kind and understanding. They go out of their way to make sure they greet you coming or going. It doesn't even matter that I live a bit of a distance from there it has been so worth my while. A big thank you to the Central Jersey Spine and Wellness Center, you are wonderful! :)

Alvaro Salazar

The doctors and staff at Central Jersey Spine and Wellness are very professional and compassionate. They truly want to not just help you feel better but to help you understand your condition. I am extremely pleased with them. Thank you Dr. D and staff.


I suffered a back injury in 2014 and was in pain for years. I went to 2 chiropractors, 1 physical therapist, and 2 back-pain specialist with no improvement with the pain in my back - non of them even provided a legitimate reason for the pain and spasms. I was referred to Central Jersey Spine and Wellness from a colleague and within 10 minutes examining me Dr D was able to conclude I have significant scar tissue built up in the area of impact which was putting pressure in my nerves and causing the pain and spasms. How all the other doctors and specialists missed this is mind boggling. After following his program to break up the scar tissue to restore the mobility in the injured area I felt significantly better and the spasms and pain are almost completely gone. Dr D and his facility have been a God-send for my health and I am finally able to workout again and be athletic. Thank you!

Amy Bernstein

This practice is great!! The front office staff is consistently friendly and helpful. Dr. Murphy is amazing!! He listens carefully to my concerns and individualizes treatment accordingly. There have been many instances where I walked into the office with pain, and left feeling like a new person. Before I leave, Dr Murphy gives me recommendations for stretches and treatments to do at home, so I will feel better all week long!! I highly recommend this place.

Robert DiLiddo

Staff was polite and professional. Dr. Steve was great, spending a lot of time explaining my problems and what the course of action will be. I came away with a good feeling, and I think the doctor is sincere and will do whatever it takes to get me back to good health.

Susan McLaughlin

My husband and I have been seeing Dr D & Dr Murphy for many years. Dr D is always available to fix our backs even in emergency situations. We wouldn't go to anyone else!!

Wayne Line

This place is amazing. The staff are all very friendly and there to help with your questions. Dr. Murphy is kind and great at his job. I have been going for Chiropractic treatments for over 40 years and this is some of the best treatments I have every received.

Al Bresnick

George Perelshteyn

I almost never post reviews of places I honestly can't believe how much better, mobile , and less tight my spine and hips feel. Their doctors literally have magic fingers. This is coming from the biggest skeptic of doctors and medicine... If you have lower back or hip pain GO THERE.

Nancy Johnson

My first time there, very friendly Dr D, very informative. I left there happy.

Samer Awad

I have just returned back to my daily schedule after visiting Dr. D's Office. I got to say, its been a while since I felt as good as I am feeling right now. I will always twist and turn in different directions to make my back feel better and in return make my whole body feel better. Dr. D did some adjustment today on my back for starters and it feels great. I am looking forward to going back to his practice to discuss what are the next set of steps to making me feel as close as possible to BRAND NEW. lol. Highly recommend Dr. D and his staff. Thanks Dr. D.

Melissa Celiano

Where can I begin? Well, 1st, I am a writer & talker (as the great people @ C.J.S.&W. know) so, I'll do best to get this review to @least fit in this box; ha! That seems difficult because I really have so much good to say about this practice, so much so that I get a little choked up just thinking about it; knowing how much its helped, & continues to... I can recall when I started back maybe a few mon.ago on the p.t. side. Andy & Mattie were patient, friendly,& attentive. I appreciate how they have been a part of my healing. Even now, as I have recently started over w/Dr. Murphy on the chiropractic side, I look forward to seeing them & letting them know how I'm progressing. I'd never really believed in chiropractic care before, & in my past I had only ever tried a few sessions, never longer than a few wks. Though I was still skeptical to start it here, I was willing to try, thinking what did I have to lose! Now I can honestly say I feel a difference, & am pretty amazed. But it's not just the adjustments &physical relief that I appreciate, I also appreciate that things are explained to me, even if it may seem like a simple or silly question. I like that I am also "learning" in a way. And, this is unique because a lot of places you're in & out, they don't really take time with you or seem to care, that's NOT the case here. A BIG heartfelt thanks to You all for that- Tina, Ari, Andy, Mattie, Dr. Murphy.....everyone there!! Dr. D. you have a good team/practice going, one that I will highly recommend. Everything happens for a reason and through this very trying time since my back injury, it helps to know I can count on them. I am very happy, very grateful this place was recommended to me. :)


I am a young student who had never experienced back problems before nor had ever visited a chiropractor. Dr. Murphy made me feel extremely comfortable and took the time to explain, in understandable terms, what was happening in my body. Dr. Murphy erased all my apprehension and always made sure I was comfortable. In terms of timing, he was very flexible with my schedule – what should have taken 4 weeks, Dr. Murphy had me feeling better in only 2 weeks. There is a physical therapist on site that is also very helpful. Overall, very great and easy experience.


The Doctors and staff really listen and take their time to answer any questions. Hard to find that these days.

David Wiley

They did a great Job on my knee, I was in so much Pain whereas I couldn't Sleep at Night, they gave Me 5 injections in my knee Now I am free of Pain. They also have a great staff of People who is there to help you. Thank You Central Jersey Spine & Wellness For a Job Well Done.

William Resnyk

I do and continue too recommend patients to CJS&W due to the fact you could not ask for a more receptive , courteous ,or professional staff along with a 2nd to none chiropractic and wellness group of medical personnel . it would behoove other practices to take note as to how patients are handled correctly .

Doug Anderson

My name is Doug Anderson and I had been experiencing extreme neck and lower back pain because of heavy lifting and playing sports before I went to see Dr.D and Dr.Murphy. After only three adjustments with them my neck and back felt extremely better.They told me that it was because my spine had been a little out of alignment from so much stress, and the adjustments fix it. Every time after I get adjusted I feel like a new person, stress-free, and even happier. The staff at Central Jersey Spine & Wellness are very friendly and care about their patients. I go to these chiropractors because they are experienced, friendly, care about their patients, and ultimately help you to recover/feel better. If anyone ever needed therapy/chiropractic this is the place to go!

Mike MacInnes

This place is hands down the best! I actually went here form an advertisement I seen in local paper, about knee injections to help pain. First visit was free, that made me little leery. I had ACL surgery 25 years ago and meniscus surgery 10 years back. I said what the heck I’ll see what he says. I limbed in and seen Dr. D he did X-ray and showed me that I was bone on bone. He told me he could make me feel better with few injections in my knee. My insurance covered it and tried it. Had 4 injections over 4 weeks and I noticed little improvement, Dr. D said it takes few weeks after last injection to feel best. I felt a lot better after last injection so I was happy. 4 weeks after last injection I was brand new. My knee didn’t hurt at all still was little stiff. I went to Disney with my family and walked 4 days with no pain. I haven’t felt like that in like 25 years!! The injections don’t hurt at all!! Works for 6 months then do it again. I had 2 sets and I will follow up every 6 months. I was told by another doctor I need knee replacement. Dr. D told me this doesn’t fix knee just buys you time!! With no more pain! I recommend Dr. D to everyone! The staff are also a pleasure to deal with. You feel like home at central Jersey spin &wellness

judy colvin

Dr. D and his staff are fantastic. Have been treated since end of June for chiropractic care, knee injections and physical therapy. Staff is friendly, courteous and most of all very caring. It is a pleasure to go for my appointments. Highly recommend this office for your wellness needs.

peter Last

Straight forward doctors & professional staff

Michael Cartas

Hi I went to Dr D complaining about this nagging pain in my left knee. Many years back I hurt my knee playing basketball, I was told at that time that I would need some minor surgery. I decided not to undergo the surgery and as the years went by the pain came and went, until one day when I heard about all the non-surgical methods that were now available. I made an appointment to see Dr D. at which time he did a very thorough examination to see what was causing this on and off nagging pain. To my amazement he provided me with some techniques that have completly taken away this pain. Since meeting Dr. D I have done these simple procedures and I can honestly say I feel no more pain. I workout, I play basketball and baseball, still play soccer with my kids... I highly recommend Dr D and his staff....

Pat Pezzi

Erica Sabin

Dr Murphy is the best. When i leave his office I feel like a new person. Very friendly staff.

Danielle Golba

Great Experience! 5 Stars aren't enough to rate Dr. D and his incredible staff at CJSW. I walked in not able to turn my head and after just one adjustment my range of motion was almost back to normal and my level of pain was significantly decreased. What I like best about Dr. D is his individual treatment plans and his focus on getting you well and out the door as opposed to other experiences where it felt like treatment would be a lifetime commitment. I would highly recommend their office for chiropractic care, physical therapy and all that they offer!

Dennis Interdonato

I was involved in a major motorcycle accident back in November of 2016. Dr D, Dr Murphy and the staff helped rehab my injuries better than I ever could have imagined. For someone who went from lying motionless on the blacktop, to walking upright within 8 months - it's amazing. I owe them the rest of my life. I'd recommend them to anyone, for anything they may need, from a simple adjustment to major rehabilitation. They are the BEST!!!

Bonnie Kleha

Place has amazing staff and doctors . Dr. Murphy has helped me tremendously I can feel the difference . I highly recommend Central Jersey Spine & Wellness!!!! 5 stars all the way

Katya Libizova

Love this whole office! Been going to Dr Murphy for treatment on and off for my scoliosis and any other spine related issues and he's the best! Very personable and takes great care in listening to all of your concerns and drilling down to the problem, really explaining it, and recommending a thorough treatment plan including things you can do at home. All of the other providers there including PT are fantastic and really care for all of their patients and remember everything about you! Even the front desk staff remember you on a first name basis, always polite, and flexible with scheduling -Lauren is a sweetheart! Most human practice I've ever come across. Recommend them to all :)

Hope Laso

At the recommendation of a friend I went to see Dr Murphy for horrible pain in my neck and tingling down my arms. She felt so much better after her treatment of the exact areas she begged me to go. I was afraid and skeptical of going back to a chiropractor after I was injured in treatment 20 years ago by a different doctor. Immediately I felt comfortable with Dr Murphy and his friendly staff. He listened, did a thorough exam and came up with a plan. In a short amount of time I was feeling so much better and now 4 weeks of both Dr Murphy and Andy the physical therapist I feel amazing! I will now include Dr Murphy as part of my wellness routine because without movement there is no life!! I am so thankful I listened to my friend.

Jennifer Martori

Dr.D and his team are outstanding! The office staff is always warm and welcoming. Dr. D always goes that extra mile for his patient, he has gotten me out pain that no other chiropractor hasn’t been able to accomplish!

Mary Cotroneo

friendly and professional staff make you feel comfortable even before you see your doctor

Gina Colossi

I have only been a patient at Central Jersey Spine & Wellness for a little over 2 weeks now, but I could not be more pleased. I'm already feeling better and really appreciate the personal experience I have had there so far. Everyone is very friendly and personable as well as knowledgeable. Things are always running smoothly and appointments start on time. I highly recommend.

Bob Golembiewski

The staff were great they took the time to make sure I understood everything and they gave me many options. I would definitely recommend them.


Back pain? Go here! I'm only 2 visits in and what was getting progressively worse is now 50% better.

Lucia Otti

Hai. I'm not kidding. This is true. Hmmm Dr. D. There is something special about him. His spirit. His charming effect, the way he answers your questions. Hopeful. I'm not cured yet, but first impression matters. Waiting for insurance clearance .

Marie Dietrich

Peter Rechtman

Dr Murphy is great, and his entire staff are wonderful. Can’t be happier.

Marty Mindlin

I have been using Central Jersey Spine & Wellness for over 10 years. When I have a problem I call and always get an appointment to work into my schedule. I always get the care that I need. I highly recommend using Central Jersey Spine & Wellness.

Chris Gioffre

From the initial phone call to set the apt to the visit with the Dr Murphy the entire experience was stellar. they are a first class operation and operate on a very high level cant say enough!!

Rahul Dantu

I have been a happy customer since the past 2.5 yrs. Great staff and great Chiropractors. Highly recommend this place.

john garafano

John DiVuolo

I really did a number on my lower back after a heavy set of dead lifts. Dr. D got me back on my feet and CrossFitting once again!

David Shaw

Dr Murphy and staff are professional, caring, personable and courteous

Todd Carnucci

Best of the best! This Doc knows how to fix your back! I've been to many chiropractors in the past ,but this Dr. is legit! THE BEST IN THE AREA! I have tried some of the others, but seek NO further.

Jess Wolfsohn

Dr Murphy at the Central Jersey Spine & Wellness Center is a wonderful chiropractor. Knowledgeable and friendly, he got me back on my feet and pain-free much sooner than I thought possible. If you're looking for a chiropractor, after an accident or just for periodic adjustments, this is the place for you!

Andrew Bestafka

I needed a chiropractor because I had been experiencing unexplained headaches. Dr. D was recommended by several people who insisted he was the best so I confirmed his credentials through my own research. The first time I saw Dr. D., I described my symptoms and he thoroughly interviewed and examined me and took a series of x-rays. During my next visit, he explained the results in expert detail, discussed how he thought we could alleviate my headaches, and even gave me several treatment options. It turns out that lots of hours on the computer and my smart phone have affected my neck to the point of headaches. Dr. D. is in the process of realigning my neck and has taught me what I need to do to help. Amazingly, even though it has only been a few weeks, my headaches are completely gone. And, as if that was not enough, the therapy he offers after an adjustment is like a spa treatment and his staff is always super friendly and helpful with scheduling and insurance paperwork.

Mary Lynn C

Friendly staff always ready to help. Dr D takes the time to ask questions and treats you like you're the only patient while he's treating you. I always feel great after my adjustments.

Felicia Grondin

A few months ago I experienced severe back pain, which brought me to the emergency room where I desperately sought relief. After basically receiving no treatment, other than receiving pain meds, I was in search of a qualified chiropractor. I found Central Jersey Spine & Wellness online. Given that I did not know of anyone who had been to there, I relied on online reviews, made an appointment and hoped for the best! I have been quite happy with my experience. Staff was pleasant and professional and attended to my insurance issues. My initial evaluation by Dr. Murphy was thorough and he took his time to identify my issues. His treatment has been really amazing. I feel 100% better as a result of his treatment - he is a very gifted/talented chiropractor and I would highly recommend him. My only regret is that I didn't get there sooner!

Caitlyn Jones

One week at this place and my body is working better then it has in years. The staff is super friendly and I always leave feeling less pain then when I walked in. I’ve seen other doctors for my back before and can say this has been the best experience so far.

Karen Velasquez

Nina Sassano

Dr. D and the whole crew over at Central Jersey Spine and Wellness are totally amazing. Not only did they eradicate my back pain, they are so friendly and personable. I had never been to a chiropractor before, and I was a bit nervous to try one out. I felt comfortable there from my very first visit. The staff, including the doctors, receptionists and PT staff are all so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Central Jersey Spine and Wellness for anyone looking to relieve their back pain.

G Anderson

Dr. DeBernardis, Dr. Paris, and all the staff at Central Jersey Spine & Wellness have been so supportive and helpful in getting me back on my feet after knee arthritis stopped me in my tracks. At 67 years old, I'm not ready to walk with a cane and give up all my activities and hobbies to sit in a chair and watch the world go by, but that is exactly where I was headed before I finally found CJS&W. I am so grateful to Andy and Joe for the targeted physical therapy that has me walking again, doing housework, running errands and even riding my horse, all without the constant pain I had been in before. The hardest part in my recuperation was taking the first step and calling Central Jersey Spine Wellness. I am so glad I did.

Sylwia DiNapoli Siwiak

I've been hearing about Dr D for about 5 years. My friends who have been treated by him had nothing but great things to say. I now know why. He is great. Fun, down to earth, but very knowledgeable. He runs an amazing practice, with great support staff and a physical therapist. He offers services not usually seen at your typical chiropractor’s office. By far the best chiropractor I've ever been to! Thanks Dr D!!

rick shapiro

Dr. D is the mannnn.. when I am on the east coast, I make sure to stop on by. Everything.. from the PT to the adjustments.. so that coffee machine.. he's got it all. He helped me right after I got out of the MAYO and he's been a friend ever since.. Thanks to everyone at Central Jersey Spine & Wellness, LLC - Rick Shapiro!


CJS&W is the place to go. Dr. D and his staff first helped me with knee pain that I've experience for years. I was diagnosed and within a short period of time, my knee pain was almost gone. Then, years later, I had severe neck pain that was shooting down through my shoulder and into my arm. Dr. D took an X-Ray, knew what the problem was, and immediately put me on a treatment plan that, within a few weeks, produced a dramatic improvement and almost elimination of the pain. He is truly about wellness and it shows in the way he treats his patients. A true life changer. The office staff is great and a pleasure to deal with. It's almost like I'm sad when I don't feel enough pain to go and see them all. They are my go to whenever possible. Thanks to Dr. D, Andy, Nick, Pam and the rest of the staff!!!

Gregory Hoffman

Very thorough analysis . Dr. Murphy took the time to develop and explain the “game plan” for my treatment.( very rare these days as most doctors seem to be rushed to get to the next patient) Also, seemed to immediately have a handle on the root cause instead of just treating symptoms with pain killers and the one or 2 adjustments approach. This team of nurses and physical therapists really seem to have a vested interest in making people feel better, after months of what now feel like excuses from other doctors I’m finally getting relief. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

stephanie dino-guida

Dr Murphy is excellent. He is the Mr. Myagi of chiropractics. I’ve have been to many chiropractors in my lifetime and Dr Murphy is one of the best. I had such bad hip pain that I had to stop running , which I love, and Dr Murphy got me back running again . My daughter has improved as well. Her workouts are much better. She still gets hurt, all active people do , but Dr Murphy always gets us back on track. Front office staff are always friendly and helpful as well. If you need a chiropractor this office is the place to go.

Tara T

My name is Tara and I am 25 years old. I was having some back and neck pain that has been going on for a while. I finally decided i needed to do something about it in order to get better. Central Jersey Spine & Wellness was recommended to me and i was told Dr. Murphy was amazing. I have always had a fear of going to a Chiropractor, just the fact of twisting my neck and pressing on my back just scared me! Long story short, i got over my fear and made the appointment. Let's just say, they have an amazing crew! Dr. Murphy is so informational, very kind, makes you feel comfortable and most importantly, works really hard to get you feeling better. I'm very satisfied and i look forward to my appointments every time! It has been only 2 weeks and i am feeling better already :)

Kristin Helm

I had a great experience with Central Jersey Spine & Wellness and Dr. DeBernardis. He took the time to listen to my many concerns and addressed them all, one by one, very patiently. From the moment I walked into the warm and welcoming office, I felt comfortable and confident in my choice of chiropractor. I highly recommend Central Jersey Spine & Wellness and am looking forward to my next visit. I'm happy to say my headaches are gone and I feel better than ever. Thanks so much!


The office staff was and is so welcoming. They are efficient and so pleasant to talk to. Dr. Murphy is amazing! He took me from not being able to put my feet down on the ground without being in extreme pain to walking and now back at the gym. He was patient, understanding and knew just what to do to get me back on my feet. I highly recommend them for all of your aches, pains and discomforts!

Mary Wodell

Dr. Murphy is always able to zero in on what's causing the problem. He's very patient and I always leave there feeling like he's helped me. Everyone else in the office is friendly and professional.

Whitney Truesdale

Dr. Murphy, Dr. DeBernardis, & the staff are such nice people. They look out for the best in each patient and they all genuinely care about their patients. They are great doctors and can fix any problem that you could possibly have. They are by-far the best chiropractor and physical therapist ever.

Kathleen Hulse

Dr. D's staff is the best. They are extremely sensitive and talented at their professions. Their treatment is not only for the body but also for your mind . It's always a good visit.

Sal Palmieri

Friendly and professional staff, will recommend this office to all my friends. The doctors are the best.

Aura Vallecillo

Laura M

I had lost my faith in Chiropractors before I met Dr Steven Murphy. Not only has he renewed my faith, he has helped me immensely- more than any other doctor. He is the only health professional to actually identify the issue I've had since childhood and has been working on correcting it since. I don't know what I would do had I not been referred to this office by a friend. He is so thorough and passionate- and he really genuinely cares about his patients! He goes above and beyond to help- even at his own inconvenience. And his staff are so wonderful and helpful as well! I highly recommend this friendly office, Dr. Murphy's expertise and his healing, magical hands!

Elizabeth Trerotola

Before I went to see Dr.D I had been somewhere else and I just felt uncomfortable and very uneasy. The office felt COLD and UNFRIENDLY!! So exactly a year ago today..8/1/12 My husband and I both made the decision to find someone else and I'm so glad WE did. I was having severe pain in my knees and could hardly walk. Dr.D started me on treatment right away together with the EFAC Pain Relieving Cream and EFAC Softgel Capsules. The pain in my knees has improved and I'm extremely happy with the results. I no longer feel uncomfortable going to the office since Dr.D and his whole staff make you feel right at home. I would recommend Dr.D to my family and friends. THANKS Dr.D


Dr. D is a special person with magic in his hands. He is intuitive, he is sharp, he is looking for you first to get you on the road to better health

Justin Lotano

If you experiencing any sort of neck, back, knee pain or even chronic headaches, you need to go see Doctor Gerard DeBernadis at Central Jersey Spine and Wellness. The entire experience start to finish is top notch and they do a great job working on their patients and educating them along the way. I would definitely recommend them.

Hairby Christine

I was always afraid of going to a chiropractor. I started going to Central Jersey Spine and Wellness about 3 years ago. I am a hairstylist and at the time I was 4 months pregnant experiencing migraines and sciatica. Luckily for me, a client/friend referred me to Dr. D. I decided to give him a try and all I can say is Dr. D is AMAZING !!!! He really took the time to listen to my concerns and addressed any of the fears that had kept me from ever trying chiropractic in the first place. He always has me feeling better in no time! The office staff is wonderful! Everyone at this practice is very kind and personable!

Mike Tylka

Great staff who cleatlc care.

Lolita Bauer

This physical therapy establishment is highly recommended. Finding a great physical therapists close to home who is knowledgeable, personable and empathetic to all of my aches and pains was a real plus for me. The office and equipment is clean and orderly and the office staff is friendly, professional, and are flexible with scheduling. If you’re looking for caring, committed professionals, they are amazing and I would highly recommend this place. After my two month journey, I feel confident that I am on the road to feeling better!!

Andrew Bryant

I've been with Dr. D and staff for several years. I was at the point of wanting surgery in the beginning.Through his professionalism Dr.D brought me from excruciating back pain to no pain.He showed me why we need spinal maintenance and taught me how to effectively strengthen my core and back .Dr. D is not just a chiropractor, he is your friend,he really cares. His facility is very well equipped and he has an excellent,friendly staff. Thanks to him, my quality of life is greatly improved and I will continue to see him to maintain a healthy back and spine. Thanks so much Dr. D and staff. You all are truly the best!!

Jim Lewars

Jackie DeSimone

I've been going to Central Jersey Spine and Wellness for a couple of months, and so far it has been great. Dr. DeBernardis is caring and patient, he takes the time to listen to your concerns. He explains every aspect of your treatment, so that you understand and makes you feel at ease. The office environment is pleasant, along with a staff that is always accommodating and friendly!

Bruce Horner

Great experience. Treated great by everyone from the front desk through all the Chiropractic Doctors. Can't say enough about their knowledge & professionalism. If for some reason you're late or must reschedule they are very accommadating.

Harry Bilotto Jr

Came in with neck pain and limited range of motion. Dr Murphy has helped me tremendously, reducing my pain significantly and increased my range of motion. I am a motorcyclist and was beginning to get very concerned about my limited range of motion affecting my ability to operated a motorcycle safely, but after a few weeks with Dr Murphy I'm no longer concerned. Friendly office staff is a major plus as well.

Fortunato Diana

Doctor DeBernardis and his team are great!! When you schedule an appointment you can rest assure that you will been seen at that time. I have yet to experience any delay. They are like a well-oiled machine. Doctor DeBernardis and Doctor Murphy keep you informed on everything and explain in detail the issue you may have and how they will address it. They are very patient and take as much time as you need to ensure you fully understand everything.

Melissa C

They were so accommodating as im a new patient and took me in same day i called. The staff is absolutey wonderful. Dr Murphy is awesome!!!

Steven Heller

Due to chronic back issues for the past 20 years I have gone to many chiropractors but of all of them Dr D is the best. Dr. D takes the time to examine you, explain what your issues are and how he intends to treat them. He provides great care and I walk out of his office feeling better every time. He and his staff are very professional and courteous. If you are suffering from back issues you need look no further then Central Jersey Spine & Wellness. I definitely recommend Dr. D and his office.

Marj Lancaster

Dr. Murphy has a unique expertise - a blend of chiropractic and physical therapy. I have been treated by many chiropractors in the past who adjusted the spine with little regard for what was going on with the muscles. I was in pain last year and Dr. Murphy didn't begin the series of adjustments until the muscles were ready for it. The entire treatment plan was very effective.

13 Boss Procharged

They really go out of their for you to make sure you're ok and feeling better. I like that they first do a full checklist and x-ray before evan touching you so they know what should and should not be done.

Mindy Iannelli

Dr. D is very caring and knowledgeable in his area. He truly cares about his patients and keeps up on the latest in technology to help bring long-term relief to them.

Faige Lonstein

A great experience. I have so enjoyed & looked forward to every PT session.

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