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REVIEWS OF Herner Chiropractic IN New Hampshire

James Haynes

I have never been an advocate for any homeopathic method for anything including chiropractic methods, especially after I went to a more local chiropractor recommended by a friend. After a year or so of misery I was convinced to go to Dr. Herner whose diagnosis was arthritis in my pelvis. It was almost immediate relief when I first went with him. And since then It has been a maintenance factor. He has helped me beyond belief. I couldn't have functioned, physically without him.

Anita Carignan

I am an ageing self reliant women. I bought my home myself and all that goes with it. Early this year I was reminded just how messed up my neck was. It became so painful just moving to talk as just that shot painful spasms thru me. I am very independent and live alone, so I became more and more depressed as I could not do the simple upkeep to my home responsibilities. My Primary Care Doctor recommended that I go to the See Dr. John Herner. Wow! Where to begin...I have read the other reviews and we all agree that Dr John truly cares about each and every one of us. You will never meet a nicer person! I can be a grabber with lots of questions about my condition and Dr John always gives me as much time as we need. As well as all the other wonderful things about this Dr. But I want to tell you my experience each and every time I go there. And Let's not forget about Tina his assistant. Tina Is always there to greet you as well. She's the kind of person you can just get to know easily . She's friendly warm and caring. Picture this...I walk into the clinic and the first thing I see each and every time is Tina at the desk and standing right by her desk is Dr Herner. They both have wonderful smiles and greetings. At that moment each and every time, I know they are there for ME. It's a great feeling! Tina gets me in right away and helps assist Dr John as needed. OK, so let me just say that I always feel better walking out those doors.The whole process has it's ups and downs with my condition but slowly and surely we are getting this under control. I was an orphan growing up. This is my home and livelihood. For the first time I have a home, not an apartment. But it's all on me, I have no one to help me; and if not for Dr John I would be having to think about a future without my home. He has gotten me to a much better place and we continue to believe we can still do more. I want Dr John to know just what an impact he has on peoples lives. There are many kinds of Doctors that use all kinds of tools to help their patients. For me Dr John can touch my neck for but a second and tell me exactly what I would have told him about how I feeling and he adapts his treatment to the issue. I believe he is truly gifted. He is giving me back hope for a long future not only at my home but I can continue to work. I can Garden in the summer and envoy my special place. I will always be a patient of Dr John and Tina. I know that personalty you will not meet nicer, kinder, caring people. My health/ Pain is so much better, and it is due to them. I love going to my Dr! Who says that?????

Ashley Ward

I have experience back and hip pain for years. Have seen many specialist who all thought I was crazy and said nothing was wrong. Dr. Herner is patient and determined to help me on my way to recovery. He listens and takes his time with patients. I have experienced amazing results in just my few months and amazed that finally someone took the time to evaluate me and didn’t make me feel crazy. The office is comfortable and very welcoming.

Elena Thompson

I want to start my review by commending Tina, the receptionist! She is so friendly and brightens up the waiting room. As for my chiropractic experience, I was nervous to find a new chiropractor after moving. I had one chiropractor I saw for years and years and worried about trusting someone new not to make my issues worse. Dr. Herner was attentive to my concerns and makes me feel comfortable each session. I've only been a few times, but I've already felt some relief and do trust him. He talks me through the whole process and really knows what he is talking about. I like that he actually explains to me my diagnosis so that I can understand as well. He's helping me learn what my issue is so I can better deal with it.

Jeffrey Egan

Dr. Herner is a professional. In my experience he will always work to help you understand your injury, help you understand how his treatments will help, and only proceeds if you’re comfortable with it. I’ve been seeing Dr. Herner now for a few months and have been impressed with the results. His use of the Graston Technique has made gains in helping me rehab a sports injury that has been bugging me for some time now. His office, located in the Telegraph building, has ample, convenient, and free parking behind the building (a nice plus for a downtown business). Finally, I’ve been remarkably impressed with his flexibility on scheduling and availability of appointments. I’ve managed to book appointments that start 15 minutes past the hour (convenient when you need the 15 minutes transit time on either side of the appointment). I’ve also been able to call ahead and reschedule appointments the day of without any penalty or trouble. That kind of flexibility is very appreciated on my end!

truth teller

He's friendly n so is Tina the receptionist. Nice clean n cute office n location. I've been going there for yrs n my back stiffness n carpal tunnel is sooooo much better. He's an amazing person n dr.

Ray Jurewicz

Dr. John Herner is a true professional in the field of Chiropractic Medicine. With the help of Dr. Herner; I have been able to bounce back from a very serious lower back injury that had occurred three years ago. I am feeling great once again and have been able to forgo surgery thanks in large part to Dr. Herner. I am completely satisfied with the treatment I have received and do highly recommend Dr. John Herner to anyone with a serious back injury.

Katherine Levesque

Herner Chiropractic is excellent. Dr. Herner is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and has a great bedside manner. His assistant, Tina, is always friendly and welcoming. Dr. Herner has helped me to recover from a shoulder injury and has greatly improved my quality of life. Booking an appointment with them is easy and he has great availability. I would absolutely recommend Herner Chiropractic to anyone, be it for treatment of an injury or just for maintenance.

Michelle Smith

I went to Dr. Herner for help with my chronic, debilitating migraine headaches. He has helped me tremendously when other things could not. I have tried everything... meds, Botox injections, essential oils, tens machines... you name it, I've tried it. I had never seen a chiropractor before so I decided to try, out of desperation. Dr. Herner listened to my concerns, did a full evaluation, and has helped me with different adjustments and techniques to help me start living my life again. He is professional, caring, and compassionate. Chiropractic care from Dr. Herner has changed my life. My son has struggled with chronic constipation since birth. We saw a GI regularly, he was on daily laxatives, and we were beginning to look at surgical options. Since I was having such good success with my headaches, I decided to see if he could help my son. After several months of routine adjustments focused on his GI tract my son is no longer, for the first time in his entire life, experiencing these issues. He is now on a maintenance plan if needed, but he hasn't needed it. I can't even explain how thankful I am to Dr. Herner for the help that he has given my family in restoring our health. He has my highest recommendation! If you need a chiropractor, he is the one you want!

Hannah Smith

Professional, personable, accommodating.

Joshua Caceros

Dr.Herner helped me through a tough time in my life. He is great in everything that he does. Great attitude and service. I highly recommend him to help your needs!

Sowmya Deenadayal

It has been a wonderful experience for my husband, who suffered with an injury a few years. He has seen a couple of podiatrists in the area and nothing helped. Thanks to an online search, we found Dr. Herner. Though we were skeptical about our choice, we went ahead and scheduled his first appointment, I am so glad we did. He goes in once every week. Within a couple of months, his pain is almost gone. Dr. Herner is very professional and takes time to listen to you and provide his suggestions and explains the treatment plan. We couldn't have been happier. Now the agonizing pain is gone and he still has once a month appointments which keeps things in check. It is so worth every dollar spent. I strongly recommend visiting Dr. Herner for your needs, you will be glad you did.

Nicolas Peterson

Best - Period. Been to 6 in my life. John is #1 and that’s after 8 years knowing his services.

Marc T

Dr Herner is a very caring person and an excellent Chiropractor. I feel a lot of improvement. I continue to recommend him to my friends and family.

Justin Munroe

Dr. Herner does an excellent job listening to what your ailment is and taking a thoughtful approach to not only take care of it in the short term, but also in the long term. Always greeting you with a friendly smile and taking his time to never make you feel rushed. I've been to a few chiropractors and Dr. Herner's knowledge of a variety of chiropractic techniques and tools allow him to make adjustments laying face down, face up, or even standing. Even if you have another chiropractor he is definitely worth checking out to see what you might be missing!

Aaron Bevacqua

ben durand

Christina Levitan

This year has really been tough for me. I know my back pain is much of my own fault. My back pain has been so bad the last 6 months I spent many nights crying wishing the pain would go away. I found Dr. Herner online and just had my first visit. I couldn't believe he was able to relieve my pain in one visit! Seriously, it's all I've been talking about! I know that one visit won't make my back pain go away forever. I know it will take some better self care on my end and follow up visits to help keep my back from causing pain again. Dr. Herner even offers package deals to save money which is very helpful. I cannot thank Dr. Herner enough. I have not felt this good and pain free in so long. I just keep crying happy tears. Thank you!

Joe S

Just my 1st visit today, Dr. Herner squeezed me due to my urgent pain. Spot on evaluation, and same day begun treatments... Only Doc in town with a traction table [as far as I could search]. Nothing but +'s for this office.

Myke Havoc

I have been visiting Doc Herner for several months to treat stress/depression related aches and pains. I was a professional singer who developed IBS and had to give up my dream of many years due to my inability to utilize the stamina for performance I once had. I tried just about everything under the sun to help: therapy, medication, herbal remedies, dietary changes, yoga etc. and while these things certainly helped, there were still intense muscular and skeletal strains that would increase the mental/emotional part of my ailment, creating what felt like a never-ending cyclical pattern. I was fortunate enough to come across Herner Chiropractic in an online search, first on a list of many, yet after one phone call, needed to look no further. Every insurance requirement was met, and they had me in for consultation within days. My x-rays were reviewed, and we were off and running with twice weekly sessions, focusing on all my needs and taking the time to figure out the best regimens possible. Not only was I leaving every session feeling refreshed and renewed unlike I had in years, but I was given many tips and exercises that could be done at home or work to help maintain a sense of wellness throughout my week. I still attend now, only needing to go in once a week, and we have made much progress, moving through various techniques to ease a myriad of symptoms. I'm happy to say that I've been slowly getting my feet back into my passion, and it is without a doubt that this would not have been possible without the chiropractic services of John Herner. To say we improved my quality of life is an understatement. I can't recommend it enough, and urge any and all local residents even remotely curious to set up an appointment and experience the care and craft first-hand.

Alvin Herner

Beth Craig

Dr. Herner is amazing. He was recommended to me by a friend and I couldn't be more grateful. He has helped me through two marathons and soon to be a third. He understands that "taking time off" isn't in my vocabulary and he designs a treatment specific to my needs. I highly recommend him!!

Joshua Galloway

All around great. He has my body feeling great and ive had many talks in general with him and he is a very kind caring man. Ive never been to a chiropractor before and i was skeptical but after going my body feels like night and day. Would gladly reconmend to my friends and family.


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