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REVIEWS OF Crossroads Chiropractic IN New Hampshire

Marcelle C

This was my first experience seeing a chiropractor. Dr. Graham and his staff are very warm and welcoming. I highly recommend Crossroads Chiripractic.

MJ LaVare

Robert Lucier

Alex Picard

I'm still within my first year of treatment at Crossroads (my first ever with a chiropractor), but this is the most efficient, well run office I've seen. The atmosphere is comfortable and fun, and they clearly care about the community they build here. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and take great time and care with everyone they see. Go. You won't regret it.

Judy V

This by far is the best Chiropractic office. I've been going to the Pembroke office for 6 + yrs now. The Staff is friendly, educated, and accommodating. I can't say enough how healthy and well - adjusted I feel! I would highly recommend crossroads chiropractic.

Kimberly Proulx

Everyone at Crossroads is just great - they really care about your health! I've been fighting knee pain for 20+ years and it was all taken care of in a few weeks! Thank you to everyone at Crossroads and join the movement to become well adjusted! :)

Orion Shea

Linda Bucknam

I have been going to Crossroads for over 1 year now and the results are amazing. I no longer get headaches, sitting for long periods of time does not bother me any more. The staff is friendly and very professional but always greet you with a smile especially Sharon! I recommend if you are going to take care of your health this is the first part and a key ingredient. Linda, Bow, NH

Lynda Caine

I have been a Crossroads Chiro patient for over 4 years, going once a week to see Dr. Graham and Dr. Stephanie. Life is GOOD! Last week I started having terrible pain on my right side traveling down my leg. The pain woke me up in the middle of the night. I could do nothing to ease the pain. I went to see Dr. Stephanie on Monday. Dr. Stephanie said my left leg was 2 inches shorter when she saw me on Monday! I was able to go twice a day for most of the week and am healing beautifully! I LOVE CROSSROADS CHIRO! THEY ARE THE BEST AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!

Charles Mitchell

Some time ago, I was having lower back issues so bad that I was taking cortisone shots and did so for a year when my doctor stated that the next step was back surgery. That is when I heard Dr. Stephanie on the radio and decided to go into the office for a visit. Here I am 8 years later and with regular care from Dr. Stephanie, I have not only avoided surgery but have been without Major back pain free for 8 years now :-) At this point, not only myself but my teenage boys are regular participants in Dr. Stephanie's care. Dr. Stephanie and her staff are marvelously warm, friendly and professional. It is always a pleasure to come in to the office and see everyone's smiling face. I noticed very early on that, when the phone is answered, it is answered with "Crossroads Chiropractic, this is (insert name here), I CAN help you." Not a question (can I help you?) but a statement of fact and faith. It is that dedication to a person's general health and state of mind from all that sets Crossroads Chiropractic apart from all other Doctor's of Chiropractic in the area. I will never be able to thank Dr. Stephanie enough for all her positive support over the years and am proud to call her my Chiropractor for life! so I will say it simply....... Thank You!

Karl Anonomyous

When I first came to Crossroads Chiropractic, I was at sort of a crossroads myself. I had been on opioids for several years for severe low back pain, and even so, wasn't getting the relief I needed while suffering all the negative effects of opioid use. I knew something had to change, but just wasn't sure what. My wife had been going to Crossroads Chiropractic for several years, and finally talked me into trying it for myself (I had been scared to do so because my surgeon had specifically directed me against chiropractic treatment to avoid any possibility of re-injury.) I can't say the relief was immediate, but over time, my pain level got lower and lower. Today, through treatment at Crossroads Chiropractic and massage therapy, my pain level is within tolerable limits and I no longer need to take any medication for my back pain (a very good thing, given all the trouble I had getting the Workman's Comp people to pay the bills for the pain clinic's treatments.) Give it a try... what do you have to lose, really?

David Czachor

I have been a member for years. Staff is Amazing!!! It is not just about adjustments. They show you how to live a better life. They have sessions on eating better, lowering stress, moving better, sleeping better. It is an entire lifestyle change!! They do posture checks to show you your progress and help you live a better life. I can't recommend crossroads highly enough!!

Bethany Hawkins

I've been a member at Crossroads Chiropractic for over a decade and I'm so glad! I know my body better. I feel better. I get colds FAR LESS than I used to. My husband is also a member and he has noticed a marked improvement. The staff is polite, kind and caring. I have been seen at 2 of the 3 offices and know all of the doctors and they are all great!

Jeff White

Went here a few years back but I drive by the facility daily which is a daily reminder of my dissatisfaction with their service. They were quick to sign me up and to tell me that they don't take health insurance and they need to be paid for the full year right up front. I was in serious pain and they are just a few miles down the road so I signed up. The staff is nice enough but once you get through the initial diagnosis and onto the assembly line...yes assembly line, you turn into a number. You walk in, swipe your key fob, lay down on the next open table, the helper comes over, quickly cracks your back, the helper walks away and you leave. Quick and fast for sure. Problem is...a year later, no progress and they did a few tests only to tell me I'd need another year of treatments. I stopped going after my prepaid year as I could not fathom paying another yearly fee up front. After not going for another six months or so my back seemed to be naturally healing and about 16 months after stopping the back cracking treatments I was feeling 100% and have been since. I did nothing different once I stopped treatments, did not loose weight or stretch or exercise any differently....funny but just my observations. A nice facility, a polite staff, great assembly line for their clients and a great business model which is to get all the money up front with no guarantee. Only problem I have is that I drive past the place daily and remember the year I spent going in, the money I spent and the lack of results.

Paul Gasch

Everyone at Crossroads Chiropractic is amazing. They are very knowledgeable and truly care about your health. Highly recommend.

John Reagan

I have been a Crossroad's patient for six years. My relief from back pain an general sense of well being are, as usual, enhanced by regular chiropractic care. In particular I had an issue with recurring knee pain and was anticipating surgery to remedy the disability. Advice and prescribed exercise has resolved my issue. Thank you Crossroads Chiropractic.

Pam Bundy

Jason Fiske

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