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REVIEWS OF Broadway Chiropractic Office IN New Hampshire

Ethan woodman

Broadway Chiropractic has drastically changed how I feel, and how I deal with back pain. Initially, I was scared, just like everyone else might be about seeing a chiropractor. But let me tell you, these are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, and it shows in their attitude, and willingness serve and teach you. They truly care about your health. They offer workshops where you and anyone you want to bring can learn about how to improve your spinal and overall health. These are so beneficial and informative and every one of them I have taken something away from. I went from experiencing excruciating pain in my back whenever I worked in the garage, played soccer, even tying my shoes. I had to stop doing the things I love because of my back pain. Does that sound familiar? After a short time with Broadway Chiropractic, I’m now playing soccer and welding out in the garage again. I now have those joys back in my life, and I have Broadway Chiropractic to thank for that! Please don’t let your back pain take the joy out of your life, and go see the wonderful people at Broadway Chiropractic. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner!

Rowen Lafrance

Loved every second I’ve spent here. Dr. Phil and Dr. Jess are amazing and so educational; they focus on the health of the body versus the quick fix. Love coming so much that I’ve gotten my parents to go. Will be a longtime patient :)

Kelly Phelps

The BEST Chiropractors are Dr. Phil & Dr. Jess! Awesome staff as well! All 5 in my family are long time patients. We always feel better after getting adjusted!

Kaela Lynch

Went in for continuous lower back pain, hip pain neck pain and headaches and my first adjustment was instant relief! I could not believe it and for the first time in a long time felt good and ever since the pain has not come back, i was terrified about going thought it was going to hurt, but Dr. Phil and his staff are very warm and welcoming. They have on going wellness classes to educate the importance of a healthy spine and how it affects your entire body. I was getting very tired of taking tylenol daily. I was always tired with the back pain. Inhave more energy now. It isnt a cheap process but it's worth it to feel well.

Courtney Pacheco

Dr. Phil and Dr. Jessica are fantastic at what they do! They are very knowledgeable and, as other reviewers have said, they help educate you on how to improve your overall health. This education is very useful because you may be surprised how physical health problems (and even allergies!) can be related to the health of your spine. I'd also like to mention that that Dr. Phil and Dr. Jessica are able to assess the "health" of my wrists (I am a software engineer and do a lot of typing, which can result in carpal tunnel etc.) and adjust them if needed to make sure they are in good shape. They have also educated me on how to properly support my wrists when typing as a preventative measure for carpal tunnel etc.. So both doctors are able to do more than just adjust your spine; you just have to ask what else they can do -- and don't be shy about it. :)

James Marston

Always a very pleasant experience.

Jen Gagnon

My 3 kiddos and I have been going to Dr. Jess & Dr. Phil for years and I can’t speak highly enough of both of them. Thanks for providing Derry with great chiropractic care!!

Sheila Bisson

Amazing people with awesome abilities, highly recommend.... take care of your health &well-being now!!!!

Martha Ciardello

Broadway Chiropractic is a wonderful place. I have been going to Dr. Phil and Dr. Jessica since they opened .They have helped me with my chiro problems and I do feel better with the great job that they do. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who has Chiropractic issues.

Joelle Huot

michael iannuzzi

I've been a client of Broadway Chiropractic for nearly 10 yearsi find them to be professional personable and seemed to have a genuine care about my overall health great family run business always willing to work around my schedule

Lindsay Spinale

Dr Phil and Dr Jess are awesome! They provide thorough, effective care. I went for alignments during pregnancy to help prepare for birth. My newborn now gets the gentlest care to help with misalignments from the birth process. This has even helped with breastfeeding! I highly recommend Broadway Chiropractic!

Joan Tague

Broadway Chiropractic is the best! Drs. Phil and Jessica treat their patients with knowledge and great concern for everyone's health. They teach you how to improve your health by taking good care of your spine. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I recommend Broadway Chiropractic if you want to stay healthy.

Tim Wege

I first visited Broadway Chiropractic three years ago with notable lower back pain. Dr. Phil fixed the pain and talked about how that pain is generally the "last indicator" of misalignment to show up. While Dr. Phil addressed the pain issue, their hallmark is a commitment to ongoing alignment maintenance to keep deterioration from occurring and ultimately revealing itself as pain. The team is equally committed to healthy life style development and education. In sum, Broadway offers effective treatment for back pain with a long term view toward healthy lifestyle living, including preventative "body maintenance" that has proven itself effective over time.

Cheryl Dow

Susan Buck

Friendly staff, focus on overall health and education of patients.

Steven Scott Haidaichuk

Broadway Chiro is wonderful place. They strive to teach as well as heal. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to enhance health and well being. The staff is also awesome. :-)

Vivian Herbst

We always look forward to be adjusted by Dr.Phil and or Dr.Jess .They are the best and grateful that they are taking of our health .Laura and Matt are very friendly and helpful at all times.

Lexi & Ella Ella_lexi_ Besty‘s

Jennifer Anderson

My girls and I have been seeing Dr. Phil and Dr. Jess for years. Love the staff and Dr's. Highly recommend Broadway Chiropractic!

michael a villars

Awesome. My health is their top priority. Excellent treatment and education. Staff is the best.

Alana Wentworth

I have been cared for, for 7 years at Broadway chiropractic. Caring for your spine is one piece of being healthy and we are constant educated by both the doctors and the staff on raising awareness for how to lead and live healthy lives! I highly recommend these fine people!

Diane Izbicki

I was recommended to Broadway Chiropractic from a good friend of mine about 2 1/2 years ago. I had very bad neck pain that generated down the back of my right arm. I had gone to many orthopedics and chiropractors going for physical therapy etc, but to no avail was still suffering with the pain. But when I came to Dr. Phil and I took the responsibility to work with Dr. Phil and commit to the aggressive program which didn't happen over night, it took some time. But I've been pain free for over 2 years now and I keep myself on a maintenance program of once a month and I feel wonderful. The staff is wonderful too and you become a family. They are very compassionate and caring for you as an individual. They educate you so you understand how your body and nervous system works and by keeping your spine healthy and in good alignment you will live life to the fullest. All it takes is YOUR commitment to a pain free life.

Jillien Klok

John Gallant

Ive been a hairstylist now for 9 years, and often found myself in extreme pain after a long work week. I’ve been going to Dr. Phil now for a few months and so grateful to say that not only does my body feel great after a week at work, but my productivity has increased along with my energy. Broadway chiropractic turned this nonbeliever into an avid supporter of chiropractic! I Highly recommend them. The office is extremely helpful in making sure that my appointments work around me ever changing schedules

Mathew Solso

Dr's Phil and Jessica, and the whole staff create a caring and welcoming environment. They not only work on the physical aspects of chiropractic, but include the education and mental health needed to have complete health. Great place with great results!

Kelly Knapp

I've been seeing Dr. Phil and Dr. Jess for 8 years now. I went in for chronic neck and shoulder pain that had been going on for years. I am now pain free. My job is physically demanding and I couldn't do it without regular adjustments. This office is the best!

Mary McQueeney

Tom Cooper

Sara Janes Hoag

holly trow

My newborn baby had a very difficult time with her digestion and suffered from colic. She was greatly improved after a few sessions with Dr. Jessica and her colic was gone after a few weeks. I had never thought to take a newborn baby to a chiropractor, but I am so glad that I did. The results were amazing!

Sam Jones

Stephanie Whitney

Extremely upset. Was referred by a family member to try. They were having some sort of family appreciation this past Monday which I had taken off from work and paid staff to cover for me to attend. I was told at that meeting that I had to come back for “results” on Wednesday or Thursday-no other options. (Which I was not told in advance). But again I had already invested so I took Thursday at 10:15 off to be at this said “results appointment”. When I arrived on time I was greeted with a locked door. Confused I waited to see if someone would come while I double checked to see if I had the wrong day and time? My card confirmed I did not. Finally when someone answered the door, I was told the “meeting” started at 10:00 and I could not come in since I was “late”. When I told the irritated receptionist that I was not late and that my appointment was for 10:15- she apologized but still would not let me in. She said we would have to “reschedule” the “mandatory results session”. When I said I had taken time off for work and was paying someone for the second day now so I could be there she still said I could not go in. NOT EVEN GO IN TO THE BUILDING! So I left and called and asked to speak to the manager-the only manager which was the doctor was unable to take my call. I asked for a window of a call back. I was told they could not give me a window as he is a doctor and sees patients all day. I explained I am a busy business owner as well so I need to know roughly when I can expect a call back-they told me they could not do that. Apparently the Doctor’s time is more valuable then an other hard working American’s time! I own a business too and WOULD NEVER treat anyone of of my clients or referrals this way ever! One of the worst experiences I have ever had!

Kaitlin Miller

I’ve been coming to Broadway Chiropractic for almost two years now and it has been and continues to be such a positive and life changing experience. I always receive exceptional care, kindness from all staff, and the results from these adjustments have helped me to lead a much happier and healthier life. This is why, when I discovered that my husband and I were expecting a baby, I knew I wanted the same for my son. Because of the excellent care I have received, I felt complete trust and confidence placing him in the care of Doctor Phil and Doctor Jess. I have been so pleased with his results so far! My son is 7 weeks old now and loves getting adjusted! He usually sleeps right through it all, and then sleeps so well for the rest of that day and night following his adjustment. Bringing him to Broadway also helps me learn tips about his health and care that I find to be invaluable. I strongly believe that Doctor Phil and Doctor Jess are helping my son receive the best possible start to a healthy life! I encourage all new moms, or experienced moms, or anyone really to look into chiropractic care for themselves and their children. I cannot recommend Broadway Chiropractics highly enough!

Donna Johnston

Dr Phil and Dr. Jessica are awesome! I am understanding more and more how my body works by the workshops provided and am starting to be able to "function" somewhat normally again. I have committed to a full year of treatment (and I'm sure it won't stop there) and honestly look forward to my visits. I can't thank both doctors enough for being truly caring individuals that want nothing more than to educate "all" of us and get us on the road to better health and understanding. I am so thankful that my son introduced me to Broadway Chiropractic! The entire staff is very caring and friendly!

Rita Testa

Sue Cooke

My experience with Broadway Chiropractic has been nothing short of amazing! Before I started being treated at Broadway Chiro, I was a definite chiropractic skeptic! But, I had long term issues with my back and had tried pretty much everything. I had been referred to Broadway Chiro by several of my friends who all raved about their experience, so I went in for an initial assessment. They set up a plan for me and I started getting adjustments right away. I noticed a significant improvement, not just a reduction in my overall back pain but also a huge increase in mobility and flexibility! The education they provide really makes me feel engaged in my own health and wellness and the doctors and staff are all so warm and welcoming! I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone to go in for at least an initial assessment to see what they can do for you!

Adam J. Mead

I originally went to Dr. Phil and Dr. Jess for help with my back and to get "cracked" - my experience has been much more. For starters "eggs get cracked, people get adjusted" - this was just lesson one in their holistic approach to care that includes available weekly seminars and personalized exercises. The entire staff is wonderful, and the text message scheduling system is great for reminders and makes moving around appointments a breeze. Highly recommend!

Shelly Mead

Dr. Phil and his team are great! They are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their work. I was skeptical at first, but I have been getting adjusted for over a year and I am so glad that I decided to give it a try. I feel much better than when I started and overall more healthy.

Krystin Morse

Brought my two young children and my pregnant self in for care. They are very thorough and take the time to listen to what you and your body needs. Walked out feeling better after the first visit.


It's really nice to be there. Everyone is always very welcoming and actually listens to what's going on rather than being felt like you're just being another person.

Michelle Toto

Esther Elliot

I’ve been under the care of the amazing team at Broadway Chiropractic for just about a year. I am so much healthier than a year ago. And the knowledge I’ve received has been sound and extremely helpful. A healthy spine has tremendously impacted so many issues! Thank you!

Kellie Marraffa

Broadway Chiropractic is the best!! Been going for 3 years and loved each and every experience I have had there!

marcye dube

best Chiropractic Office you will find ANYWHERE.

Chuck Therrien

I have been a patient of Dr Phil for many years and I have to say he and his staff are always on the ball. When I have a question they are quick to respond. They are always professional and friendly, when I call they always know who I am. I would highly recommend Broadway Chiropractic to anyone looking for awesome chiropractic care.


If I could give this 0 stars I would. Felt like I was at a time share presentation. After taking two days off from work to go for the initial consultation and second visit to go over the findings, I left in tears because I was turned away for treatment due to not committing to the aggresive, time consuming and costly treatment plan they laid out for me. I came to the office simply wanting to find a chiropractor closer by then the one I had seen which was 20 mins out of my way. I also wanted to take advantage of the benefit I had with my insurance for chiropractic Care but didn't have major pain or an acute injury when I went. I also did it because I am a mother of two small children that have had some health issues these past few years and wanted to do something for myself health wise for a change. I was not able to even use my benefit provided to me of 20 visits per year due to not committing to the year long plan. I left there feeling like I didn't "qualify" and most certainly felt I didn't matter to them. Please do yourself a favor and find another chiropractor. Don't waste your time like I did. Worst experience ever.

Michelle McManus

Broadway Chiropractic is amazing! Dr. Phil and Dr. Jess are great at what they do but they’re also passionate about it and they educate you so you truly understand what you need to do to get and maintain a healthy spine. I’ve never felt better and it’s because I go to Broadway Chiropractic and I’m benefitting from the wealth of knowledge that they have. It’s nit just the chiropractors, ALL of the staff are passionate about what they do and it’s an extremely positive environment. You can’t walk out of there without a smile on your face.


Lisa Branchina

Dr. Phil- Dr. Jess and Laura are amazing! I would recommend them 100%❤️

Rebekah Labell

Drs. Jessica & Phil are outstanding chiropractors. From your first visit, which will provide you ample opportunity to ask questions, get answers and determine your course of treatment, to years later, when you've established a relationship with the office, you will feel totally cared for. My chronic pain from years of spinal stress and a couple of car accidents would do me in without my regular appointments at Broadway Chiropractic. I also bring my three young children for bi-monthly adjustments to keep them healthy. When they are sick, they come extra to help boost their immunity. The office staff are exemplary and able to handle the last-minute requests that my family makes. I highly recommend these care providers!

David Constant


Attention to details is number one. They don’t just do a great job with adjustments but teach you better ways to live your life.

Nicole Mastrogiovanni

Dr. Phil and the entire off staff is amazing. They never make you feel like a number, you feel like a part of their family. Best care I have received and I will not go anywhere else.

Jenna Beshara

bob fogg

Chiropractic care geared towards helping you reach optimal health. Infinite stars for the work they do there.

Diane Allain

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