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REVIEWS OF Sarpy Chiropractic - Papillion IN Nebraska


Dr. White and Dr. Brazda are absolutely phenomenal.. They truly take the time to listen to your concerns as if they were their own.. They work diligently with you to ensure your questions are answered and your plan of care is tailored to suit your needs. Michaela and Taylor are the friendliest front staff I’ve ever met.. They always make time to ask how you’re doing and treat you like friends!! I’m so thankful for Sarpy Chiropractic!!

DeAnne Stroud

This place is amazing! The doctors are very knowledgeable and accommodating! Not only did they help me with my back and neck problems, when I told them about my torn meniscus the doctors gladly worked on my knee too so I could avoid having surgery!

Mark Burwell

I have been seeing Dr White for several years. His treatments have made a tremendous improvement in my mobility and quality of life and have kept me away from surgery, so far. He and his staff provide a professional and friendly environment that makes for a great experience. I routinely recommend his practice to my friends and coworkers.

Kathryn Corcoran

I was very nervous to see a chiropractor for my back pain that I have had for nearly 7 years. After several unsuccessful appointments with my primary care physician I had to do something else. I was referred to Dr. White by a friend and boy was this friend right! His office staff is so friendly and greets me with a smile every time I walk in. They know me by my first name - which I find very personable. Dr. White and Dr. Brazda are both wonderful! Each of them took the time needed to hear what was going on with my back. They came up with a plan and within the first couple of days my headaches were completely gone and the pain was better. After just 4 or 5 appointments I was able to sit in a car without pain! I also love that my treatment plan does not skip a beat no matter which Doctor I see. I receive the same care from both of them, which makes their flexible hours even more flexible for me as I trust and see both Doctors! I highly recommend visiting this office if you need chiropractic care!! Thanks for such great experiences!!!

Judy Faust

A couple years ago I was in so much pain all the my back and hips and my leg. I would even cry out trying to get up, my husband took me to my primary doctor who gave me a shot and gave me pain pills, after a couple weeks there was no improvement, the doctor tried the shot again and more pain pills. Then he sent me in for physical therapy.No change.the pain was still there. My daughter in law finally talked me into going to Sarpy Chiropractic. Her and my son had gone there and swore by it. I wasn't hopeful, I still thank my daughter in law for getting me to go there. Dr. White helped me get my life back, little by little the pain was eased and then gone! Dr. White also has helped me with tendons in my wrist and arm. I wouldn't go anywhere else, my trust is in his hands.

sheryl wilson

My husband was always in pain until he started going to Sarpy Chiropractic. Within a week he was able to move much better and a lot less pain. Thank You!

Melissa Rossi

Dr. White and his staff are amazing! My concerns and questions were treated with respect and answered clearly. The office is clean, orderly and calm. They took great care of me and I felt at ease bringing my young children with me. As any mom knows, it can be difficult going to the doctor when you have to bring your kids with you. At Sarpy Chiropractic this is never an issue. After just a few adjustments I feel better than I have in a long time. I highly recommend Dr. White and Sarpy Chiropractic!

tina schram

Dr White & his staff are very friendly. I never have to wait but a few minutes. Once in the exam room he ask questions about my pain & how I am feeling. He is honest about return visits & doesn't make me continually come back.

Deb Banchor

I'm very thankful for Dr. White and the help he's given me. I work as a dental hygienist and the position I have to sit in for my work can really cause problems for my back. Dr. White really has made me much more comfortable. I had lived with pain for a long time and now am happy to be pain-free. His office staff is always pleasant and welcoming. I'm glad I found them!

Nadine Hose

Phenomenal, they know what to do, extremely knowledgeable and just very personable and professional. I would recommend them to anyone.

Ana Jungman

Great office and staff! Dr White, Dr Brazda and the ladies have treated our family with skill, professionalism and humor! My father was barely functioning because he was in such pain. The doctors most definitely got him moving and in better spirits. His pain is now manageable to none on most days! Both my husband and I have been in for different reasons and are happy with our results. My fibro hasn't flared since starting the adjustments. And last but not least, exceptional work on my year-round high school athlete! Sarpy Chiropractic is highly recommended to all by our family!

Jeani Guenther

Sarpy Chiropractic has been awesome for all my health needs! They are friendly and great to work with too!

John Anderson

Dr. Rodney White, Dr. Justin Brazda, and staff are great! They have done a wonderful job helping my back adjust back to what it' suppose to be, as well as provide thorough diagnosis on my back status and where we need to be. The staff has been great, professional, welcoming, and positive. I highly recommend this practice to anyone and encourage people to stop in for a review of your back, neck, and shoulder status.

Ryan Schuetzler

I've always had a good experience here. The only issue is the slightly weird hours and remembering when I can go in. I'm always able to get in and out quickly, and everyone is very friendly. Very good service.

Kenjala Johnson

Dr. White and his staff are wonderful! One night my husband ended up in the ER at 2am with what he thought was chest pains. Turns out it was severe muscle spasms in his upper back that were radiating pain to his chest. They couldn't do anything for him but throw some muscle relaxers his way. If it wasn't for Dr. White, I don't know what we would have done. His adjustments completely stopped the spasms and pain. We swear by this guy and my whole family goes to him. Schedule an appointment, you won't be disappointed!

Suzanne Anderson

Sarpy Chiropractic is a great place very friendly & Dr. White is awesome. I have been getting my back adjusted here for the past four years. I would highly recommend him and his practice. Suzanne

Paige Hansen

Melissa Ramsey

Dr. White and his staff are top notch! I had never tried chiropractic until January 2015 because I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. Dr. White made me feel very comfortable and addressed all of my concerns. I have been going to sarpy chiropractic ever since and I always feel amazing afterwards. If you're looking for a friendly, knowledgeable chiropractic clinic, visit them!!

Dave Modlin

Was skeptical of Chiropractic before my wife talked me into seeing Dr. White after hurting my back. I am a believer now and continue to visit for regular adjustments.

JoAnn Wilde

I have been visiting Dr. White for over 2 years now. It started with numbness in my right leg due to a pinched nerve. I was fearful of surgery and thought "why not?" I am left with just a hint of numbness on my great toe! I mentioned to Dr. White on my last visit the my main complaint now was my knee. I had a partial replacement on my right and was now fearful of surgery on my left. I have been unable to tolerate the pain without daily maximum doses of naproxen. After one treatment, my severe pain was gone! My pain is at a minimal, tolerable level without pain medication. I will continue my treatment with hopes of delaying surgery as long as I can. Thanks doc!

Michelle Niemiec

I have Meniere’s Disease it’s a disorder of the inner ear than can lead to dizzy spells ( vertigo) feeling of fullness in ears, ringing (tinnitus) and hearing loss. I had my consultation with Sarpy Chiropractic in April . I was having extreme fullness in my ears, dizziness and taking Valium on a daily basis . I started coming in 3 times per week within the 3 week period I only had to take Valium a couple times per week and was getting relief from the ear fullness and ringing was less . We decreased my visits to 2 times per week for a few weeks . Now, I’ve gone over 2 weeks without having a dizzy spell and relying on Valium to function . I told Dr. Brazda I feel like a rock star compared to where I was In April. Currently our goal is to try 1 time per month and see how I do . I know if I have a flare up I can come in ASAP. I can’t thank Sarpy Chiropractic enough for helping me get relief from my Meniere’s Symptoms.

Ann Fanciullo

I love Sarpy Chiropractic and would recommend them to anyone. All the doctors and staff are great. They have super flexible appointment times and you can just walk-in whenever needed. I am a nurse and it is really important for me to keep my back healthy. Sarpy Chiropractic has done so much to help me.

Matthew Crowson

Melanie Smith

I have been going to Sarpy Chiropractic for 2 or 3 years now! It is such a nice place with a friendly staff. I love that I can drop in whenever I need to, even without an appointment. That works great for me and my busy schedule!

Zach Lawrie

After a round of golf I found myself in an incredible amount of lower back pain. I was referred to Dr. White's office by a friend and was quickly set up with an appointment. Within a week, of seeing both Dr. White and Dr. Brazda, my comfort level increased drastically and the constant pain in my lower back was nearly gone. I am very appreciative of both Drs and the Sarpy Chiropractic staff. They are very accommodating and flexible when scheduling appointments and I always have a great experience.

Michelle Canada

It is very comfortable and they make you fell at home there. They are an awesome team. Very understanding. I recommend Sarpy Chiropratic to everyone.

Susan Johnson

I absolutely loved this clinic and the staff. I was I I was in town visiting family and was in desperate need of an adjustment due to a workout injury. After reading reviews, I found Dr. White in Papillion. He was able to work me in right away and now I am back to myself and the gym. Thank you Dr. White!

Nick Ferguson

Sherilyn Albino

Dr White and his staff are amazing. My son has been going for several years and has helped him a lot. From playing football to growing so fast...Thank you!!

Jeffrey Groff

Dr. White, Dr. Brazda, and the staff at Sarpy Chiropractic have been helping me with my back and other problems for over 7 years. I have the utmost faith in his abilities to diagnose and correct my problems.

Harley Girl

Dr. White is amazing. His office is very inviting and children friendly. His front desk is always friendly and when I call to set up a visit they get me in as soon as possible. Most of the time my appointment is the same day as called. Dr. White knows each of his patients on a first name basis and each of us is made to feel very important. I have seen a few Chiropractors and been satisfied with each of them but I have found my home with Sarpy Chiropractic!!!

Shannon Adams

I am so thankful for Dr. White! He has helped me recover from a hip injury following a car accident. I would recommend him to everyone!

Mackenzie Bald

Brooke Gelecki

Incredibley impressed with this practice! Dr. Tim Sullivan truly listens to what issues you are having and works with you to come up with the best plan of care possible. Dr. Sullivan works well in communicating patient needs and plan of care with Drs. White and Brazda so treatment is executed seemlessly. The doctors and staff truly care for their patients and it shows with how personable they are when you walk in the door. Always friendly, they remember you and great you by name when you walk in the door! They ask about specific things that are going on in your life and are genuine in wanting to know how they can help. I’ve had great results with the care I’ve recieved! Thank you to Dr. Sullivan and everyone at Sarpy Chiropractic!

Mindy Bargenquast

I absolutely love going here. The staff is always smiling, thoughtful and positive. The chiropractors are second to none and always do an amazing job! They always get me in quickly.

Jackie Gibilisco

Dr. White was able to to not only help when I tore my hamstring he is able to adjust my back after I threw it out. Keeping a 6 week appointment schedule assures that I will not have a problem as I did before. I highly recommend Dr. White and his staff.

Wade Anunson

Thank you Dr. Rodney for the great adjustment! I was able to play hoops for 90 min. and had no "hitch in my Getty-up". I Felt amazing and recovered well to play again in a couple days...and that's not easy at this "stage" of my life. Thanks for taking great care of me on short notice.

Katrina Pancake

Dr.White at Sarpy Chiropractic has been a God send for me for several years now. Anything I do to my neck he can undo. He always teaches about what is going on with whatever the issue is, helping me to understand the structure of the nervous system as I heal. Dr. White is also a great public speaker! I appreciate not being asked to repeatedly return for un necessary visits, as I've seen in a lot of chiropractic clinics. The staff is fantastic!

Hedy Hiett

I have done several things which caused me horrible back pain! Dr Rodney White and his staff are always there and ready to help me! Not only has he corrected my back problem, but he has gotten rid of my creaky neck and made my shoulder feel much better too. Thanks for taking care of me!! Hedy Hiett

Kristina Ishmael

Chiropractic care helps me take care of me. Dr. White has been wonderful to work with for the past five years. He not only provides excellent care in my adjustments to treat migraines and post-op recovery, but also provides valuable insight in nutrition and fitness. I have loved working with his team and will continue to do so, no matter where we live in the city.

Dave Pleiss

I had never been to a Chiropractor Before so I was somewhat skeptical... These Doctors made me a believer! They helped me greatly and the staff is very friendly as well!

Andrew Wood

I've tried several chiropractors in the past but have had the very best results at Sarpy Chiropractic. The doctors and staff are very friendly, it's easy to get appointments scheduled conveniently, with little to no waiting time. Drs. White and Brazda are equally highly skilled, getting to the issue quickly and always knowing what to do to fix it. They are in network for my insurance and file claims quickly and efficiently. I recommend them to everyone.

Ashley Jankowski

Amazing team that truly cares!! Dr. White and Dr. Brazda have done wonders for me and my family. From an immediate need all the way to preventable adjustments. They are gentle, knowledgeable, and professional! This is definitely not just a chiropractor that says come back 3 times a week for life. They take the time to diagnose the problem, put a plan in place, then fix it. So helpful on whole body health too with awesome videos and podcasts. Best Chiropractic team in town by far!

Susan Hayes

I always enjoy stopping in whether I have an an appointment or not. They are happy to see you anytime and they make room on their schedule for you. They are very easy to do business with and do an excellent job at relieving my aches and pains too.

Lee Schroeder

Dr White does a fantastic job for my back and neck. Carol is wonderful at the front desk. They care for their patients and really a great bunch to be around.

A Arnett

Dr. White is awesome! He listens to what you are saying and treats the items that need to be treated. He doesn't just adjust to adjust. My daughter has been going to him since she was an infant. He works great with kids as well. You can really tell that he is in the business to help others feel the best that they can feel. I would recommend him to anyone!

Jess Flock

Dr. White has helped me tremendously. Every time I visit, the staff is very friendly and I always have a great experience. If you're looking for a new chiropractor or trying a chiropractor for the first time, I would definitely recommend them.

Ryan H

I've been seeing Dr. White and Dr. Brazda for a little over a year now. After some lingering neck and back pain over the years, I decided to seek chiropractic treatment for the first time. After my first initial exam, they were able to dial in the trouble areas and treat them immediately. Every time I go in I am warmly greeted, adjusted, and out in a timely manner. No pushy sales tactics and they don't try and over schedule to get you there more than you need to be. They give you the treatment that YOU need. The entire staff at Sarpy Chiropractic is first class and I would highly recommend to anyone.

Jill Comcowich

Dr. White is upbeat, straightforward, and the real deal. He fixed a neck/headache problem that three MD's couldn't help.

Michelle Phillips

Dr. White has been adjusting me for over two years, through a car accident, tendonitis, and two pregnancies. I have nothing but the best things to say about his practice! He has helped minimize my back, wrist, and neck pain. I also am confident that the regular adjustments I received during my first pregnancy helped lead to a quick and efficient labor. I have been so pleased that we also ended up bringing our infant daughter (who had problems with leaning to the left, reflux, and head flattening) to see him. He was incredibly gentle with her and you would never know now she ever had any of these troubles. Dr. White is fantastic!

Mike Powell

Dr. White and his Staff run Sarpy Chiropractic the way we would like all offices to run. Very seldom to you have to wait, even if you do not have a appointment. I always leave feeling better than when I arrived. Dr. White always has a plan for healing your issues and always asks if there is anything else he can do for you. Thank you Dr. White and your Staff.

Lynn Bogatz

Dr. White has helped me tremendously with my crippling migraines! When I am having bad migraines, he is always able to get them under control. I am able to get an appointment easily and they are very flexible. He is very understanding. My 8 year old daughter also started having headaches and with just a few visits those went away as well. She had had a lot of ankle/leg pain that went away after the treatments too. I highly recommend it!!

Mackenzie Blodgett

I have been going to Sarpy Chiropractic for about 10 years, since I was a freshman in high school! I was a cheerleader and tumbled 5 days a week, my back was in rough shape. Thanks to Sarpy Chiropractic I was able to continue to tumble, pain free! I tore my hamstring running track, after I noticed physical therapy didn’t improve my hamstring, I told Dr. White about my tear and in just a few appointments my hamstring was immediately improving! They helped me with back pain & advice during pregnancy, after labor and through breastfeeding! I am so thankful for Dr. white with my newborn! He has helped her with constipation, gas & adjustments after birth. His advice and recommendations has made life with a newborn a lot easier! I can not recommend them enough! Not only does Dr. White & Dr. Brazda help with just about any physical issue you may have but their genuine personalities are something rare! The Chiropractic techs Taylor & Makayla, are so awesome! I enter and leave with a smile every time, thanks to them! I am so thankful for the Sarpy Chiropractic team!

Sophia Galardi

April Larsen

I've been going to Dr. White for about 2 years and have nothing but great things to say about his medical care. I recently experienced nerve pain in my lower back that produced the most incredible pain I've ever experienced in my life. I felt at a total loss with my health as if nothing were going to make the pain go away but Dr. White was able to get my health back to normal. He not only saved my health but my sanity. His staff is amazing as well. Carol is outstanding at her job and makes patients feel so welcome. Thank you Dr. White and your staff!

Steve Wright

Been coming here for over a year, highly recommend their services.

Heatherly Howard

I have never had a bad experience with Sarpy Chiropractic. I can't compare them to other chiropractors, because before them I had never been to a chiropractor. However, I can say they immediately made me feel comfortable and eased any concerns I had about being at a chiropractor. I couldn't ask for a better staff or better service. I highly recommend this place.

Steve Kane

Dr. White and his staff are incredible. I had lingering neck and shoulder issues that I was unable to get fixed through months of physical therapy. I had almost given up ever feeling normal again when a co-worker recommended seeing Dr. White. He was able to diagnose and correct the issue, and had me feeling 80% better in a matter of weeks. He also helped me diagnose some of the root cause issues and make changes (like converting to a stand up desk and fixing some posture issues) so I could get back to a pain free life. I continue to see Dr. White for maintenance every 6-8 weeks and always walk out feeling better. I feel like my performance in the gym is directly correlated to having everything in the right place functionally. Go check out Dr. White - you won't be disappointed.

Daryl Krumvieda

Very helpful and friendly highly recomened has kept my wife from having back surgery and is now helping me with my back and leg issues.

Gina Thegreat

I took a bad fall on the ice a couple months ago and hurt my back. I had never been to a Chiropractor before and was nervous about seeing one. I mustered up my courage and made an appointment and have been seeing them for the past couple months now. My back feels much better and there was absolutely nothing to be afraid about. Plus, everyone that works there is very pleasant and professional. Highly recommend Sarpy Chiropractic!

Will Johnson

I've been receiving care from Dr. White for over two years. I absolutely love the services. he provides, and the staff is great. I've recommended him to all my co-workers.

jared skogseth

These guys were incredible about getting a mistake amended in record time. Their customer service is top notch and it's easy to see why their chiro practice is so respected within the community Thanks for the quick response times and truly caring about your clients.

sheeplady424 .

I have been concerned about going to a Chiropractor for most of my life. There was never a solid reason, I was just not comfortable. After seeing the impact that a chiropractic adjustment had on my horse and my dog and after hearing a presentation by Dr. Sullivan of Sarpy Chiropractic, I decided it was time. I love the change it made. I had been suffering from low level, but annoying, headaches and began to wonder if it could be caused by having something out of whack with my back. After the first appointment, the headaches disappeared. My whole back felt different and much better. We are continuing to make adjustment so my back doesn't go back to the way it was. I am blown away by the professionalism of Dr. Sullivan and the entire staff. I highly recommend that you visit and see the difference it can make for you.

Beth Hunt

Sarpy Chiropractic is an amazing place. The entire staff is comforting and they really care about all of their patients. So thankful to get my mind, body, and soul worked on when I go there.

Brooke Sparrow

Rhonda R

I have been seeing Dr White for a couple of years now. I went in thinking I needed shoulder surgery and after seeing him for a couple months he had my shoulder fixed right up. He is awesome at what he does and he is very professional. He also keeps my neck and back pain free with regular tune ups as well. His staff is very friendly too and they will do what's necessary to meet you needs. I highly recommend Sarpy Chiropractic!


I have never been to a chiropractor and am a big skeptic because my doctor does not believe that lower back problems can be fixed long term from chiropractic care. But, Dr. White has made me a believer! By the second adjustment I was noticing how much the aching in my lower back had decreased and now, after a week and a half, the pain that I'd had for about two months is almost completely gone. He has a great bedside manner and is not a pushy salesmen as some doctors can be. I'm so glad that I came to Sarpy Chiropractic instead of just taking pain relievers as my doctor suggested.

Sue Sorrick

I have been going to Sarpy Chiropractic for about 6 months and have seen great progress with tightness in my back. Doctor White is professional and friendly. I have been to different Chiropractors over the years and have never experienced the positive results I am feeling now. Highly recommend!

Debra Jean

I have been going to Dr. White for years. He is extremely knowledgeable and a very trustworthy person. I never have a problem getting in for an appointment. I love his accent also. ( totally irrelevant I know) In all seriousness though, I wasn't sure about chiropractor's until I was referred to him and now am a firm believer.

Jeanie Holdcroft

I have had a huge change in my quality of life in just a few weeks. Back pain no longer dictates how I spend my days. Everyone at Sarpy Chiropractic is so warm and welcoming. You are in and out quickly, but never feel rushed. Dr. White and Dr. Brazda listen to you and make you feel comfortable during your treatment. This was my first experience with a chiropractor. I am so glad I went to them. My only regret is I didn't find them years ago!!

Dillon Krysl

I have been visiting Dr. White regularly for over 5 years now and I recommend everyone I speak to about a chiropractor (or any pain in general). Dr. White adjusts many of my family members, any age; from my grandparents to my 2 week old baby girl. Dr. White is very knowledgeable and I know that I can get an honest answer from him with any question I may have involving my physical health. I never feel pressured to continue to visit, usually because my pain is gone after one or two visits. Aside from Dr. White, Dr. Brazda has helped me a time or two. He's very professional and friendly whenever I'm adjusted by him, as well. Another great aspect of Sarpy Chiropractic is the Chiropractic Techs. Anytime I call the office or stop in, they know me by name, they're friendly and accommodating. If you're looking for a chiropractor, schedule an appointment with Sarpy Chiropractic and you will not be dissapointed.

Matt Stevens

I’m a combat veteran who spent 12 months in Afghanistan getting my body beat up on a daily basis. I returned with a handful of injuries resulting in surgeries on both hips and a soon to be surgery on my wrist. I was pretty frustrated at failed attempts to get some relief from pain. The surgeries have helped but I still get lingering pain that restricted my daily activity. My wrist has found no relief in the plethora of treatments over the years from PT to cortisone shots to ultrasound therapy. I was bracing for surgery on that when my physician at the VA said let’s give chiropractic a shot before they schedule surgery. The VA gave me 12 sessions to see if it showed any improvements and I can say that from the very first treatment I received from Dr. White that my wrist has had its best day in 7 years. I’m going on 10 days of treatment now and my hips and wrist have not felt this good since pre-deployment. I am so thankful the VA sent me here and so thankful that Dr. White and the staff have given me back some quality of life. You really need to check this place out if you have joint pain, it’s a game changer.

Andrew Norton

Sarpy Chiropractic office is a great place. Dr. Brazda did a tremendous job helping adjust me. I will be going back.

Chrissy Rosenthal

I am a 58 year old female who was diagnosed with frozen shoulder at the beginning of the year. I had never heard of it before hand and was shocked to hear how long it could last. I did 4 months of physical therapy with a wonderful therapist. Insurance only allows so many visits and my only other option was another cortisone injection in a few months. I tried the dry needling which gave me some relief but the pain in my shoulder ,armpit and down my arm was still relentless and causing me restlessness night after night . I asked my Ortho Dr. if trying a Chiropractor would be beneficial and he didn't seem to think it would be. Basically you are told to deal with the pain the best you can ( Ibuprofen, stretching and a list of exercises). After months of not being able to sleep or keep up with my daily activity due to the discomfort I was getting discouraged. Thats when i came across Dr . Whites videos on face book. I finally got the courage to message him and he responded in a very timely manner. Sometime we have to be our own advocate about our health. I knew being told to live with the pain wasn't an option that there had to be something else or someone else that could help. Best thing I did was contacting and making an appointment with Sarpy County Chiropractic. The staff always greets you by name, you don't feel like a number but part of their family and best of all I have found relief !!! I am sleeping every night without all that nagging pain.I have been able to pick back up my camera and do a little photography. I am a work in progress but thats just it-- There is progress. Never let anyone tell you that you have to live with pain. Go see the Doctors here. They will do their best to help you.I highly recommend this office. Both Doctors are knowledgable and very good at what they do....

Joan Fournier

Amazing in every way! My visits are not covered by my insurance, but the often instant relief is worth the cost. Exceptional front desk staff and Dr White works magic! Walk-in service easily fits between other errands.

Angela Whitfield

The staff is very friendly and caring. Have never had trouble getting an appointment time that fits my schedule. Not only does Dr. White work to fix the immediate pain you're visiting for, but he strives to find and resolve the true source of the discomfort.

Tammy Storer

It's difficult for me to sum up all the gratitude my daughter and I have for Dr. White. He started working with us 4 years ago when she began suffering with chronic, daily migraine pain. We've seen numerous neurologists in and out of state with varying degrees of success and the majority not looking past the pain to find a cause other than migraine. Dr. White continued to work with us in finding answers. He referred us to a chiropractor specializing in functional neurology who was able to give us a diagnosis of post-concussive syndrome. Dr. White's treatments and willingness to keep looking for answers have allowed my daughter to continue working and have a life, which is looking brighter every day. It didn't take me long to see what an excellent chiropractor he is and also become a patient myself. His treatment helps me to manage my migraines and low back pain. We are so blessed to have him as our chiropractor!

Kelsey Essink

Dr. White and Dr. Brazda have definitely changed my quality of life. Since starting approximately 3 weeks ago, my hip pain and migraines have nearly diminished. Not only do I feel so much better, but the staff here is so incredibly friendly. I feel like I have known everybody here for years! The exams are comprehensive. They always ask you if you need anything else checked or have any other concerns.They also do scans that show you your muscle activity, which shows you exactly what your problem points are. I brought my infant daughter here for reoccurring ear infections and she was immediately healed with no problems since. They will always get you in the day you'd like and there is hardly any wait time when you get there. I would highly recommend Sarpy Chiropractic. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Alex Schwerdtfeger

At first I was nervous but when I got there all smiles and everyone is very welcoming. I love it

Josh Sosbee

I have been seeing Chiropractors since I was 16. I am 43 now. I have experienced many different approaches to Chiropractic care. Some very forceful, some essentially glorified massage. I can honestly say that Dr. White and Dr. Brazda's approach is both gentle, effective and simple. I routinely pull my middle back and experience tightness in my shoulders as part of my job and my exercise routine. These guys had me right as rain in a matter of weeks. I have to pay out of pocket and their pricing is very reasonable compared to what I have paid for care in the past. Great job guys and I have found my new Chiropractors.

Runeta Eisenman

They are all very friendly and helpful when needed the most.. I went to a chiropractor for the first time else where for the first time had a bad experience... I was recommended by a friend to Sarpy Chiropractic and was nervous, but once I was in the door the whole staff made me feel comfortable and I knew I had made the right decision going there.. It has helped me a great deal with back/hip pain. Dr White and everyone at Sarpy Chiropractic are amazing!

Gaby Lee كابي لي

Doctor White and Brazda are both very professional and compassionate. They know what they are doing. Everytime I have any pain or issues I come in and walk out feeling better. I had an issue with my hip and with fee adjustments I was feeling better and walking normal.

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