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REVIEWS OF Awaken Chiropractic IN Nebraska

Vaughn A Wiebusch

Awaken Chiropractic has done everything they said they would do. They know their business and are first class in my book.

Spencer B

Very friendly recommend to everyone i know and work with! I always swore off chiropractors after meeting with Awaken and them having extensive knowledge and addressing all my concerns, I've been going about 2 and half years now!

sue reed

My health has improved and I enjoy the people.

Len L

Monique Henry

I consider the staff extended family members. They truly care about how you feel. You are always greeted with a smile. Pain or no pain feeling well or not feeling well, you nred to come to THIS office and be evaluated. You will nor be sorry.

Jeanne Nesler

4 months in and feeling better everyday! Sleepless nights are gone! Thank you AWAKEN and Dr. GABE and Team!

Kaitlin Heavin

Small Guy Promotions

I like that the office is run by a family. Super laid back and relaxed. Appointments are quick and easy. I love that they are really about giving back to the community as well.

Jennifer Fulton

The staff at Awaken are amazing and so helpful. I have been to a few chiropractors and haven't received any relief for my lower back pain. With Dr. Gabe I felt instant relief in pain from my first appointment. I don't know what I would do without him.

Mary Dunkle

Jen Magnuson

Dr. Long has changed my life! I have been going to "crack shacks" my entire life due to slight scoliosis. Awaken is far from your average chiropractic care. His care has not only improved my back issues, but has also helped decreased my migraines and anxiety. My immune system has also improved. The process does require some patience as it takes your body awhile to start responding and I promise you it is worth the wait!

Jamie Guyle

I love coming in and getting to see everyone,it's the best part of my week . I can't imagine a time I didn't feel better after an adjustment. I tell all my friends and family to go it is truly a wonderful experiences.

Kason Belnap

The entire team at Awaken Chiropractic is fantastic! They have created a friendly atmosphere that is perfect for entire families, and are very respectful of time and money. I would recommend Dr. Gabriel and his team to anyone looking for Chiropractic care.

Jeff Moody

Love the staff at Awaken! This is a place where you can receive top notch chiropractic care for the whole family. They are super passionate about educating on true health and healing. I also admire their passion for serving those in need in Omaha community!

Melissa Mausbach

I will admit I was leery at first, but I figured I would give it a shot and see what they had to offer and after my first week I LOVE IT! :) <3 It is a family run business and it feels like is comfortable and sometimes crazy in there, just like you are at home. :) I felt and noticed a difference immediately after my first adjustment and I look forward to my next visits as my symptoms and pains are less noticeable! : ) Everyone is EXTREMELY NICE and they want to help you, help yourself get and/or stay healthy.

Kassandra Mayo

The staff are passionate about their work and getting you to a place where your living your best life. They’ve created an amazing environment to make you feel calm and cared about. We are excited about getting healthy as a family!

Tara Batley

No joke, the best place I’ve ever been. First of all the atmosphere is like none I’ve ever seen at a chiropractors office. It’s warm and cozy, feels like home and they even treat you like family. They remember each individual person and what’s going on in their lives. The way they do their scheduling and check in, etc is also like none I’ve ever seen and is so much more convenient than the traditional way. Now for the doctors. They are amazing to see the least! For the first time in years I’m am completely pain free and have so much hope for the future. They really do care about you as a person and make it their mission to help heal you. It’s so innovative I can’t even describe it. I have had problems with sciatica for at least 10 years now and have seen every kind of doctor there is and Dr. Gabriel and TJ are thee only ones who have ever produced any results with me. Thank you thank you so much!

Roger Brady

Dr. Gabe and the team are all amazing! The minute you walk in the door you feel welcomed. They have an amazing office as well! Dr. Gabe also specializes with kids and pregnant moms. His technique is so specific and gentle, yet he is still getting amazing results! Definitely check this place out if you are looking for a chiropractor in Omaha!

Allana Mayer

This place is so warm and welcoming. Everyone is so friendly. I was so surprised by how helpful they all were because I am used to not being taken seriously. They trully want to help you and are willing to work with you in every way. Honestly, I would recommend this place to anyone. Can't wait to get my path to healing started!

Heather Durkan

From the moment I walked in the door, the whole staff was welcoming and warm! I feel like part of a huge family with them. The care I receive is excellent, Dr. G is one of a kind and in the best way possible! I've never been to any place that has made sure and constantly asked if I feel I'm receiving proper care and how they can improve. I'm so thankful all of the staff at Awaken are in my life. Thank you for the great care and friendship!

Michael Kuhn

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Gabriel Long pretty much my whole life. Growing up and going through athletics, I was able to witness the dedication when he had a goal set. I have also had the opportunity to see him in the office, shadowing and learning from him at Awaken Chiropractic and wasn’t at all surprised to still see the dedication to each and every single client that walked through the door, whether it would be making them as comfortable as possible, educating them on the process, or just conversing about life. If you’re In the Omaha area, I would DEFINITELY recommend stopping in and getting care from Dr. Gabriel Long and his AMAZING staff!

Amber L Schwendiman

Great experience I love how they explain how they work, they make sure you are fully informed in order for you to make the choice of care. They work with growth and progression and set goals! Great staff!

Trevor Adams

Dr. Gabriel and the team at Awaken Chiropractic are above and beyond when it comes to healthcare. I love how thorough the team is with us and I highly recommend this office to anyone in Omaha in search of a great Chiropractor. Dr. Gabe also specializes in pregnant moms and kids too which is awesome!

Jon Budihas

Dr. Gabe and his wife, Maggie are two of the best people that I know. Not only will Dr. Gabe provide you and your family with top-notch chiropractic care, but he and his staff will treat you like their own. I would highly recommend seeking out the services at Awaken. You'll be thankful that you did!

Sam McDonald

Dr. Gabriel, his wife Maggie and the rest of the Awaken team are top notch. I have been to many doctors offices over the years and have never been to one where there was this much detail put into my care. Every time I come in I feel like family and they are welcoming me home. I also love that I don’t have to get the regular snap, crackle pop of Chiropractic care. Can’t recommend Awaken Chiropractic enough!

Brienne North

If you are in need of a chiropractor in Omaha I highly recommend Awaken Chiropractic !!!!

Susan Salie

Shelby Urich

Awaken chiropractic is the only place I will ever go to. I saw results almost instantly. The people and the atmosphere are extremely welcoming and it truly does feel like family. It's become a routine that everytime my friend and I come in for an adjustment Dr. Gabe tells us an extremely cheesy dad joke, making it feel like more of a visit than an "appointment". I couldn't imagine how anyone could ever find anything bad to say about this place!

Terri GuyleCaywood

Love Dr Gabe and all the awaken family. They always make you feel welcome. I have been going over a year and feel great.

Alecia Stepp

Adam Gawthrop

Bonnie Russell

Kyleigh Duvall

What a blessing this chiropractic office is! It's so much more than just an "office", it truly is like a family! Everyone here has your best interest at heart and a huge heart to serve this community. Everything they utilize is state of the art and based off of research which I love and they actually focus on getting to the root cause of your issues vs just treating the pain and symptoms.

Tianna Cole

Family, Compassion, Vision, and Preventative care, are words I use to describe the healthcare practice. Awaken Chiropractic has a home and family vibe. The staff are caring, happy providing service, and great communicators. They have a vision of health and happiness and it is apparent. I joined as a health member because of my debilitating migraines and neck pain that unfortunately became a part of my norm. I am no longer tormented by migraine pain. Although, my neck pain comes and goes it has improved tremendously. The pain is no longer a constant and does not interfere with my daily functions. More important, I know that I can stop in the office for an adjustment! EXTRAORDINARY WORK!

Cassandra Friesen

Awaken seriously has the best staff, they always greet you and take good care of you. Maggie is sunshine in a person. The facility is clean and comfortable. I enjoy how conveniently appointments are set-up. Dr Long is very knowledgeable, great bedside etiquette, cares about you as a person and follows up with previous care.

Erica Caves

Dr. Gabe and his staff are truly amazing. They have created a place where you cannot only get out of pain but thrive in life. They care about you as a person and the Omaha community. I would recommend them to anyone.

Derek Carmody

Love all the information they give you and they make you feel important.

Christine Lowery

I came to Awaken out of curiosity after a evaluation at a vendor's craft show. My greatest curiosity was the possibility to eliminate the pain I was experience without the use of medications, which I am happy to say worked. Realizing discomfort I had come to consider as just a part of my everyday life was now gone affirmed its benefits for me.

Anna Lemieux

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the care I have received at Awaken Chiropractic! My body has never felt better and I am excited for the continued strengthening in my back! Always such a positive experience too! I LOVE AWAKEN CHIROPRACTIC!!!

James Kerley

So friendly and helpful.

Laura Glas

Awaken Chiropractic has very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable ataff. Their office has a very homey feel to it and not a cold impersonable one. They really do have your care and comfort as their top priority. I would recommend them to everyone.

Julie Bridgewater

Dr. Gabriel, his wife Maggie, and the entire team at Awaken Chiropractic are phenomenal! I love coming into the office and getting adjusted. So not have I been feeling better under care, but I can actually SEE how my nervous system is improving when they scan me with their really awesome technology! This is a completely different type of chiropractic office. I highly recommend heading in, they will take great care of you!

Tom Berens

Megan M

Kathi Phillips

Awaken Chiropractic has been a life changing experience for me. I have seen so much improvement in myself and it was almost instant. Healing is more than just focusing on yourself, the environment that you are surrounded by is also a key point in healing and every time I have an appointment I feel as if I am right at home. Dr. Gabriel and his team are an amazing group of people and I can't thank them enough for making me feel so welcome and for making the healing process feel so easy.

Dylan Roy

Dr. Gabriel and his wife Maggie are unbelievably awesome and the whole team is caring and really just puts your needs first before themselves! I have recommended family and friends to Awaken Chiropractic, because I know I can trust them with their health!

Grady Goff

Amazing place to heal. You will not regret going to get evaluated. It will change your life.

purushotham Kunasani

Doctor explained everything that happens in the body and the link to spine. It is a great learning.

John Jones

My family loves going to Awaken! The entire staff is amazing. Dr Gabe is extremely throughough knowledgeable and does a great job explaining everything. The way they set up everything makes it extremely affordable for our entire family. They are also very accommodating with scheduling adjustments because of sports, school, and work, days don't always go as planned. I recommend Awaken to all of my friends and family!


My kids love going, my 4 year old gets super excited when I tell her it's chiropractor day. She loves the "bone doctor as she calls him.

Terri Rucker

I’ve been with them since they opened. I love the family atmosphere and focus on complete care.

Robbi Kerley

They are so friendly and professional. The atmosphere is calming and very comfortable. Maggie and Dr. Gabriel are wonderful and make everyone feel welcome.

Rachel Mahlberg

Laura Rauch

Dr. Gabe and staff are amazing! They are very welcoming and answer all your questions. They really care about you and your families health. I would recommend anyone to Awaken.


If I could give this place 0 stars I would. The only reason it has 5 stars in the first place is because the second you walk in, you are bombarded with signs saying that if you give a 5 star review you get put into a raffle to win an Amazon Alexa, scooters gift card, or whatever else they had put up. The whole time you are there you just hear the words "If you reccomend us to a friend, and they present this card, they'll get a free consultation." The staff is nice, but a little TOO nice. The price is outrageous for a place that claims that they are "budget friendly." They wanted me to come in 3 times a week to get shot with a spring loaded gun for like $350 per week for 12 months. It's just a money sucking pyramid scheme. Dont waste your time here.

Cassie Rezac

Love coming here, and we feel so much better overall! The staff is amazing and have become like family, so glad we make the drive to come see them!

Linda Czuba

We always get an energy boost and inspirational encouragement from Dr Gabe and Crew! I’m no longer sedentary! More balance and steadiness!

Joe Toscano

Nice enough group of people but I felt like I was getting sold, not served. I met the owner and a couple people from his team at the Aksarben Farmer's Market and they seemed very friendly, maybe a little green, and ambitious to help people in need of chiropractic service. I sat down to take a quick "assessment" and was told if I commit we could "get to work" once I get in the office. In my mind this meant I by-pass the evaluation process (because they had dinner enough at the farmers market) and they could get straight into the chiropractic work when I got to my appointment. When I got there, that's not what ended up happening. Instead I was "educated" on a bunch of topics not even close to relevant to me, including maternity care, sublax in babies, etc (I'm a single guy w/ no dependents) that we could have entirely avoided if they had 1) asked me about myself or 2) read the 7 pages of paperwork I had to fill out just to walk in the door. I felt like I spent 20 min on that paperwork and then they didn't even read it. I then proceeded through a more thorough assessment, which was fine and seemed reasonable, thinking okay after this I'll get a partial chiropractic appt and that's what I paid for so I was fine with it. The doctor came in with my analysis, explain a bit that his tech had basically already explained to me but within context of my evaluation and then went straight into trying to set up the next appointment which he determined would require x-rays before any physical chiropractic work. This is when I became really disappointed with the service. This is when I began to feel like I was getting sold, not served. Out of the 5 chiropractors I've been to over the last 8 years only one other needed me to do x-rays and that was the service provider I felt provided the least actual value/service. On top of this, the appointment ended up taking an hour and a half for service that could have realistically been done in 30 min and was actually "scheduled" for one hour. Outside of all this it was a clean office space, they appeared knowledgeable and I'm sure they treat people well. Just not for me. I wish I could have my time and $20 back.

Brandi Chase

Amazing place! Staff, environment.... EVERYTHING!! They care about you!!

Chelsea Wagoner

This is an outstanding chiropractic office. The staff is incredibly warm and friendly. The atmosphere is cozy, yet professional. Awaken is very family friendly and I'm never made to feel anything but welcomed, even when my three year old is in a ornery mood. Dr. Gabriel listens to me and adjusts (no pun intended, haha) my treatment based on my needs. I'm deeply grateful to Dr. Gabriel, Maggie, and the staff at Awaken. Keep up the good work!

Nicky Paulson

Our whole family loves Dr. Gabriel and the entire staff at Awaken. Everyone here is wonderful and we enjoy coming in every time. My 9 month old absolutely loves it here.

Leda Riches

Awesome place

Sydney Davidson

Dr. Gabe and his team are always so friendly and willing to help in any way possible! They educate their practice members on Principled Chiropractic Care so we can better understand the "why." It is a great family environment. They genuinely care for each person. Thanks Awaken Chiropractic!

Robert Wein

Friendly but more worried about getting in your wallet then correcting your problems. Their billing process is very unprofessional. I was charged 75 dollars for less then 5 minutes with the “doctor”. Tried to give me a massive bill before I even received one treatment. Months after not signing up for their billing program they called and said I had an outstanding bill which and they were going to run my card which they automatically save on file without your consent I called and responded and they suddenly remembered that they didn’t send it into my insurance. I’m sure there are plenty of other chiropractic clinics out there that you won’t have to worry about being money grabbers like this one.

Kaylee Stone

The staff is very welcoming. They treat you like family and make sure you are getting the best care.

Jamie Sue

Very friendly environment and friendly staff.


Very clean office and very knowledgeable staff

Jamie Retherford

I honestly love this place. I have never been one that has wanted to go to a chiropractor ever because I don’t want all the snapping and popping and because of my issues I was always scared. This is the first person, first place I have ever been to where I am completely satisfied with my care, Maggie and Gabe are amazing. Everyone that works there are so fun to walk into the office and see each time. And the atmosphere is just really amazing. Very homey

Rebecca Tsuji

super amazing staff and care. they thoroughly explain every step and are always happy to answer questions. I have a goofy schedule sometimes and have had to change appointment times on the fly and it has never been an issue. it's truly a family environment with people who genuinely care about helping you feel better.

James White

Susan Peters

Wonderful people and great care

Anita Allmon

I love this doctor. I have been to another chiropractor and didn't get better. Here I am walking again. My sinus and allergies and migraine problem has not been a problem since I started with Dr Gabriel. The staff is awesome and makes you feel like you are family. I highly recommend to everyone I meet.

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