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REVIEWS OF Health From Within Family Chiropractic IN Missouri

Sue Middlecoff

Dr. Nick and his staff are wonderful! They truly care about their patients. In fact, you are treated like family. My health has improved so much since starting treatment.

Douglas Bambini

You have 20-30 minutes to focus on your health and do something for you! Friendly staff and responsive doctors.

Mitchell Martin

Dr. Nick Barnes and his team have been the facilitator to my body reaching its full healing potential. Their office is not your usual chiropractic office and that’s the beauty of it. They provide their patient with nothing but love.

Tasha Richard

I love the atmosphere of this place, how much they care and the results. They set you up for success and a healthier life. I already can tell a difference from when I started. Also, I've known them for two or three weeks, but I look forward to seeing them each time. Very awesome and knowledgeable group of people.

Mary McDole

Awesome place. I'm a lot healthier now than I was when I started.

Sheila Pey

When I came to Health From Within 2 months ago, I was broken in body and spirit. My back was locked in a crooked position and my mood was flat and hopeless. Drs. Nick and Brian provided thorough diagnostics of the condition of my spine and developed a treatment plan that now has me moving with greater flexibility and reduced pain. I have also received guidance and support on other ways to gain better health through diet, exercise and a more healthy lifestyle. I am now feeling happy and hopeful about my general condition and can see improvements in strength and weight loss as well. Thank you to Drs. Nick and Brian, and all the staff of HFW; your competence, professionalism, and positivity have helped me to see the light once again.

J&L Pierce

I went from waking up one day not being able to walk to feeling great a few weeks later. I feel so much healthier overall thanks to the great doctors and everyone at HFW.

nancy tecu

I have been going to HFW for over a year and love the professional support offered by all of the staff and physicians. I work in oncology and have shared so much of the advise and directions with my patients. I recommend this support to all of my patients, family and friends. I feel truly blessed to be a patient at HFW.

Katelin Hebson

I started with Dr Nick 3 months ago and I feel amazing! I sleep better, I have lost weight and I have a lot more energy. All of the staff make you feel comfortable and help you every step of the way. I love this place and I would highly recommend it!!!!

Krista Schenewerk

Don't get me wrong, everyone here is amazingly nice and welcoming. However, you can't come here unless you have money to burn! I was really excited after my initial appointment because I've had back issues for so long and I felt like this was the right path. Then I was showed the "Financials"..... $2600+ for 3mos of treatment!!! And that was AFTER my insurance!! They offered to split it into 12 payments but jeez! I'd be paying 12mos for 3mos worth of treatments which didn't even include maintenance costs after the first 3mos. It's just wayyyyy too expensive for someone on a fixed income. Thankfully, I found a wonderful chiropractor and I only pay $20 a visit for my copay. Now that is realistic! So again, everyone is lovely here but this clinic definitely caters to people who are financially well off.

Devan Mason

My husband and I started coming here in October. I was having seizures and none of the doctors could figure out what was causing them. They recommended medication despite not even knowing why it was happening. The team at health from within actually listened to me and took the time to find the source of the problem. Since starting treatment at Health from Within the seizures have almost stopped entirely and I feel better than I have ever felt. We are so thankful to the amazing team at Health From Within, they have been such a blessing! :)

Pam Thuston

I started coming because Dr Nick said he could get rid of my acid reflux. And within a month he did! I am not on any meds for that and never have problems with it! It was amazing. It is a happy place to come and I feel so much better than I did before I started. Thanks to Drs Nick and Brian!!

Nancy Francis

The Doctors and staff keep you moving in the right direction. Last year my shoulder and neck were killing me. The Dr's got the area moving again and I have not had the problem since. I truly think that helped me when I took a tremendous fall down a flight of stairs. Yes, I broke my back but I healed well and I am back at pickle ball thanks to my physical therapy and Drs. Brian and Nick prior to the fall and again now that I need to loosen up again. Bad me I did not stretch before playing!!

Danita Springfield

HEALTH FROM WITHIN is a wonderful location for the entire family. It has been a blessing in my life. I feel physically and spiritually fed with each experience. My five year old loves to go for his adjustments and to see his friend Dr. Barnes. It has brought a new calmness to his life. This has been gift from God for our lives.

Amanda Jokerst

The doctors and staff at Health From Within are hands down some of the kindest, most compassionate, and most sincere folks I have ever worked with. I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with them and to be a patient here. There really is something different about this place - you can tell that when people come here to receive care, they truly feel at home. As a fellow health care practitioner, I have been thoroughly impressed by their level of service and care and would recommend them to anyone looking for holistic chiropractic care.

Kate Rehagen

I've been coming here for over a year, and I literally don't understand how I lived my life this before finding Dr. Nick and the excellent care team from Health From Within. Do yourselves a favor, GET IN TO SEE THESE PEOPLE!

michelle davis

When my body is off my adjustments are everything. They help me get on track. Love it

Courtney Carlie

Health From Within has been a wonderful experience for me. Dr. Nick and Dr. Brian keep my whole body functioning at it's best with their adjustments, starting with a customized plan provided in my first visits. It doesn't stop there - they are helpful and full of insight with any questions I have about my body and my health. The whole office staff is helpful, knowledgeable, and so genuinely nice.


My daughter and I have had great success with relieving overall body aches and pains since working with Dr. Nick and Dr. Brian. They are wonderful with children and offer many unique exercises and holistic lifestyle recommendations for overall wellness. The staff is simply amazing - so caring and authentic. We are hopeful for continued healing and health - Highly Recommend!!!

Kathleen Dugan

I've been going to this office for 4 years. Everyone is super friendly! I always feel better after getting adjusted and I experience migraines way less frequently than before being adjusted.

Beth Ruble

Great family feel every time you walk through the door with a personal care for your overall well being. If you want to feel better and live to the best of your potential this should be your first stop.

Janette Hancock

Everyone at Health from Within is helpful and friendly. Dr. Nick and Dr. Brian are knowledgeable, gentle, and thorough in helping patients work toward healthy living. I started there 3 months ago after hearing Dr. Nick on his radio show. I wanted to stay off high blood pressure medication. A combination of chiropractic care and working out has helped me keep that goal. At my last doctors’ appointment, my blood pressure was excellent according to my doctor. I am happy to be part of the Health from Within family.

Gina Kitterer

When I walked into Health from Within the first time, it was energizing, inviting and uplifting. I have been going there for 4 months and the experience has never changed. The staff are the same as they were the first day they met me. I expected it to change just like any other business where they are warm and friendly at first to get your business then it tapers off, not so here. They genuinely care about my whole well-being. My health has gotten increasingly better as I follow the plan of care the doctor has prescribed. The staff rejoices with me as I make strides and overcome obstacles such as coming off of medical leave and go back to work! Its amazing that I don't have to be on this road alone. Its not a quiet, clinical chiropractic office that one might view in their mind. Its active. Patients are doing excises as they wait, making appointments, signing up for the next event (food night or community dinner), or talking to each other. They get to be an essential part of their care. Its different than any health place I've been to and oh, by the way,... I'm an RN with a BSN and I totally agree with this!

Brent Spitzer

Dr. Nick and his team are miracle workers. I can't say enough great things about his treatment plan for my shoulder and back. With degenerative and herniated discs in my lower back since early 20's, working with Dr Nick has helped keep me away from surgery and allowed me to do the things I love, like playing golf. He is so passionate about healing everyone through the methods of his practice and you can see that firsthand when you're working with him. I recommend everyone gives Dr. Nick and his team the opportunity to wow you like they've done me.

Derrick Miller

I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’m making with my health and my posture

Wesley Land

Awesome office all around! Great staff! Great doctors!

Erika Watson.

I’ve heard so many horror stories about chiropractors but when I came to Health From Within I felt at peace. The vibe was amazing and I just felt welcomed. I am seeing amazing results with my migraines, sinuses, and just overall health. The office staff is so nice and kind. I am really happy I found this place. Thank you Dr. Nick and team!

Brian Black

Great place, happy employees! They caught pre-scolioses in my son and I've lost 15 pounds after advice from their nutrition team. Definitely recommend for any and all!

James Gueck

Dr. Nick Barnes and his staff at "Health From Within" are real champions of health and vitality, they are truly dedicated to the individual, the family and the community. On your first visit you will witness the passion for health and well-being provided by Doctors Nick Barnes and Brian Wulff, along with the positive, warm environment upheld by their knowledgeable staff. Anyone interested in taking control of their health, (and who shouldn't be) will be empowered through the techniques and education provided by Health From Within.

Mark Mullins

An outstanding experience every appointment! An incredible, knowledgeable team that makes you feel welcomed. Very organized to get you in and out quickly. I feel physically, mentally and emotionally better every time I visit the office! Thank You!

Sharon Cozort

I have been going to HFWI Chiropractic for a year now and my experience is very positive! I am a senior (in my 70's) and my goal is to stay healthy as long as possible. Dr. Nick and Dr. Brian have been wonderful in working with me (through ongoing adjustments) to stay healthy and be able to remain flexible in all my daily chores and exercises. The staff at HFWI are caring and helpful to support any needs or questions. Highly recommend!


I love the environment. I love the people and the staff and especially Dr. Nick! Thanks for having me!

KWRH Radio

The staff at Maximized Living is thoughtful, caring, knowledgeable and inspirational. The energy in the facility encourages me to keep up with my regimen. I really appreciate the skill of Drs. Nick and Brian. I am feeling better, have lost weight, and am more energized. I have referred 2 other clients who also have seen tremendous results. For anyone who is considering this protocol, I would highly recommend they not wait another day. There is nothing better than feeling healthy from within.

Junior Dugan

Wonderful place! Everyone here is always looking to help you. Will stay after hours to make sure your adjusted. Would recommend Dr. Nick and his staff to anyone.

Gina McDonald

Friendly staff and takes great care of their patients. Helps with all aspects of improving your health and wellness.

Amy Randell

We LOVE the HFW Family! Best supportive, healing environment I have ever experienced! Being a healthcare professional myself, I would recommend this place and the staff are top notch!!!!

Shannon Koster

All the staff at HFW are so knowledgeable and genuine and really care about you and your health! They treat the whole person and are all about helping you get healthy! Friendly faces always make you feel welcome and you can get in and out in under 30 minutes!

Robyn Bredin

The staff at HFW is amazing! Dr's Nick and Ryan have changed my life! Thank u!

S. DeAnn Todd

They are so great & super friendly!! Only have been going for 2 months and have already noticed a HUGE difference! Quite knowledgeable & just a wonderful place to be for your whole health

Jason Kopecky

I am on week 3 of my progress and I have already noticed a positive change in my physical and mental health - love it! Oh, and the adjustments are amazing too! The staff is tremendous and should teach on Customer Service :)

Alison Welch

My early childhood center was a part of HFW’s friends and family week and we could not be more grateful for this amazing organization. Not only did they allow us to set up a table to share information about our center and offer discounts for all new patients, they also donated money back to our nonprofit. They are spreading wellness and health while also supporting the community! Several of my staff members (including myself) are patients at this office and we are trying to get our family clients on board as well! We love you health from within!

Arthur Rivers

Friendly establishment with genuine concern for their clients!!!

Rachael Dorsey

this place is awesome, back is definitely feeling a whole lot better.

Kelly Foster

I came in with severe daily lower back pain, haven’t had any pain since 2nd adjustment. I also got help in areas that I wasn’t t even anticipating! Better sleep, aches & pains gone and I’m even loosing a few pounds. Give them a try you won’t regret!!

Chiquita Walls

I absolutely love this office. I never feel like a client I always feel like family. I appreciate that they are concerned about every area of my life. Dr. Nick is so excited about seeing his patients in good health.

Tammy Perry Hytonen

I love Health From Within! The staff is so kind, helpful & friendly. The doctors are amazing and truly care about each patient. They create a customized plan for each person & help you learn to live a healthier life. I have seen great results so far. :) Thank you Health From Within. Highly recommend.

Linda Smith

I was impressed with the staff, service and attention that they provided for their clients and the overall atmosphere which is one of harmony and is conducive to the process of healing.

Larry Morgan

I've been a patient at Health From Within since June 2016. Each time I enter this establishment, I am greeted with a warm smile and a friendly hello! Dr. Nick and his team work so well together. Each team member is supportive of the vision and mission of Maximized Living. I have gained a new perspective on health and nutrition. With each visit I get one step closer to my goal of walking in health and vitality. Dr. Nick is great and easy to talk to! I wish that I give them more than 5 stars because they truly deserve it! Don't take my word for it. Try it for yourself and you will be the next to write a 5 star review!!

Lindsay Keim

I started going to Dr. Nick and Dr. Brian in August 2018 when I had an issue with my entire left arm falling asleep and getting tingly. It was happening multiple times throughout the day while working, driving, holding my son, etc. Dr. Brian and Dr. Nick did a thorough examination, and put together a customized plan for me. Within about a week I noticed an improvement, and at about the one month mark my arm was back to normal! In addition to my arm, I have lost some weight, improved my acne, and started sleeping a little better. There is definitely something to be said about maintaining your health in all areas. The staff at Health From Within is very friendly and super helpful with all of my questions. They check in periodically to see how I'm doing, and really make me feel valued. I highly recommend Health From Within!

Jerime E. M.

I love the place! The entire staff is great - from the thoroughness of Dr. Nick & Dr. Brian to the kindness of Morgan and Connie. Would recommend them to anyone.

Jeremy Zilkie

I had some pain and limited mobility in my neck last year. Nick, Brian and the crew from Health from Within helped tremendously. The pain went away and full movement returned. I recommend them very highly!!!

Raelmalik Sedik

This place is wonderful it helped me out a whole lot.

Olivia Miller

The staff is so helpful and always willing to answer any questions I may have. The facility and employees are so inviting!

Connie Harvey

I absolute love Health from Within. They are very knowledgeable, educational and very concerned about your overall health. Get your healing

Darlyshia Menzie

Health from Within is basically family. They take care of my physical body with adjustments and healthy alternative foods, but they also take care of my soul by being inviting, encouraging, informational and loving. I was not at all a person interested in chiropractic care, but I'm so glad I found them. I am a lifelong client!

Shamyra Brown

Health from Within in not just a Chiropractic office but they have become a family. Everyone is very personable. They all great you when you come in and when you leave. They true care about you and your health. If you ever have any questions they are always ready with an answer or with get back with you with an answer. I started care in Feb. 2017 and since starting I have been able to stop using my albuterol inhaler. I love this place!


What a great place to regain your health. My son is a Highschool Varsity basketball and football player and this has helped maximize his performance skill level along with his health. He no longer has knee and hip pain. His healing process is much faster. The staff and doctors are great loving and caring people.

Jerod Posey

Dr. Nick and I practiced together for 3 years, during which time he was my own personal chiropractor. He's an incredible doctor and supported by an amazing staff! Together, they will love on you, teach you the real truth about health, and change you and your family's lives forever!

L Worth

I am grateful for the reduced blood pressure levels and range of motion improvement I've experienced in a short time. The regular non medicated treatments combined with informative workshops promoting healthy lifestyle changes have attributed to a better me. Dr. Nick and the Health From Within team offer a friendly and encouraging environment where health goals are realized.

Cathy Schultz

Health from Within is absolutely amazing! The entire staff is incredibly knowledgeable and want to help you. They love what they do and you can't help but feel the joy pouring out of them. I was pretty skeptical of chiropractic services. But the positive change they've made in my back and overall health is incredible. Don't give up on your health, give them a try. You'll be do glad you did.

aiesah Oliver

This place is amazing. I have been going since October 2018 and I feel so much better. I’m breathing better and don’t take my inhaler as much. I sleep so much better. Dr Barns and the staff are so nice and friendly.

Jackie S

I am so happy I attended their recent lunch & learn at my office! After hearing about their approach to overall health and the passion displayed by Dr. Barnes, I knew I had to sign up for the initial evaluation - what did I have to lose? More important was learning what I had to gain (curvature in 2 areas of my spine that had none or a negative curve) AND prevent disk degeneration, etc... Needless to say, my X-Rays revealed a lot more than I thought they would. Their treatment plan is about much more than adjustments. Everyone in this practice displays a similar passion in the work that they do and I always feel so welcome. You don't know what you don't know. Give them a try and you will not regret it!!!

Jennifer Leeanne

Ive noticed a big difference in how I feel and so many less headaches since I have been going here.

Kena Blanton

HFW has changed my life. I was experiencing migraines at least once a week sometimes 2-3 times. Now I can count on one hand how many I have had in the past 3 years. Not only that but I realized how unhealthy I really was. Now I’m a clean and healthy eater and I feel so much better. Their team is AMAZING! Always happy and ready to serve. Both Dr. Nick and Dr. Brian are two of the best!! Life long patient!

Alucia Rivers

Ive said this once and I'll keep saying it. This place is literally a gift sent from God himself! I have been going here about a month now and I've never felt better! They were able to give me answers to things I've dealt with my whole life. NO other doctor or test could give me answers, and it took them 2 days!! All of the staff are friendly and down to earth as well. They don't just treat you like patients, they treat you like people. I highly recommend this place to ANYONE and EVERYONE! Thank you Health from within for changing my life

Tommie Ringo

What an amazing place! Dr. Nick is extremely knowledgeable and his staff is so caring and attentive. I highly recommend - Tommie Ringo Jr

Trustee Members

Health from within-maximize living Is a great place to have chiropractic care & also care about your health. Dr Nick Barnes is a amazing Dr. He knows the spine so well & he knows about what is good for your body. My spine is so much better than before. He is so laid back, super nice guy & is always smiling. Morgan is the nutrition & also has workouts there that she leads. She knows what she is talking about. Connie takes care of scheduling and billing is smiling when you walk in. Brandie is the one that takes x-rays, scans your spine & teach them how to do the exercises among other things. She is such a nice lady. Great group of people.

Kristen Wideman

A friend referred us to go see Dr. Nick and his team back in May. I was all in when I heard that they could not only help with back pain but getting our whole family healthy. At the time Kyandie (5) was just diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, Kohen (10) struggled with ADHD and was taking medicine, my (34) back had been bothering me and massage wasn’t doing the trick, Josh’s (34) back and shoulders were killing him, and Karter (8) didn’t have any issues besides he is very accident prone but who can fix that

Ashley McKinney

I started seeking "alternate" healing methods for my chronic seasonal allergies and chronic sinus infections about 5-6 years ago. I found Dr. Nick and the Health from Within Family roughly 3 years ago and my life has been so much better for it! Getting regular adjustments and changing key parts of my lifestyle (diet, mindset, etc) have brought me a looooong way to a much more healthy me! In the beginning, I had major allergy issues! Sinus infections came several times a year and I would be miserably sick for no less than 2-3 weeks each time. I had some gastrointestinal issues that I didn't even know about and sleeping problems that I saw as completely normal! Fast forward to now, I sleep much better, my allergies don't affect my life really at all as long as I stay on top of my adjustments during peak allergy season. The worst of it were the sinus infections. I don't get them nearly as often and when I do, they affect me for about 2-3 days but I don't have to take off work or even take over-the-counter medications anymore. I take immune boosters (zinc, Vit C, Elderberry) and get lots of rest and I'm back to normal before the week is out! I can't "take a picture" of my change but the healing is REAL!!

Dennis Ryan

No more back pain so that's a win! Amazing, helpful, and caring staff.

Jessica Shanklin

HFW is the absolute best! The staff take time to know each and every person that walks through the door. They know everyone by name! They go above and beyond to ensure we get the best out of experience. It’s family oriented, they’re so nice and caring!

Ashly Young

Major change in my digestive system

Sydnei Edward

Since I’ve started going to Health from Within I’ve been conscious of my whole body and what’s good for it and what’s not. I’ve had terrible posture since I can remember and finally wanted to do something about it. My grandmother first introduced me to them at a workshop (which I love and get so much info from) and I’ve been here ever since. I’m so grateful for this great group of people and am lucky to have found out about them as early as I can. I tell everybody about them! Thank guys for being you!

Norma Weitzel

I love this place! Everyone is wonderful! I am learning so much and feeling better every day. I look forward to every visit.

Michelle Borland

Very warm and knowledgeable staff. They have even won over the “ nay-sayers” in my family. We have made this a family-affair. After all a families Health is their Wealth

Denise Rinehart

I love Health From Within!!! Dr. Nick and his entire staff are incredibly knowledgeable and over the top amazing!!! They are genuinely warm and seriously the friendliest crew ever. The environment is fun and inviting. They take going to the chiropractor to a whole new level. I recommend them to everyone!!!

Kelsie Lunsford

I absolutely love HFW. I have only been with them for a short time but have seen a significant difference in my health overall - NO MORE HIP PAIN. MORE ENERGY. MENTAL HEALTH UPGRADE

Ana Baumann

At one point of time, I was lying down on the floor crying w pain. Fast forward a couple of weeks and Dr. Nick has saved me. Not only that, but I had been worried about my then 2 yo child, who has major issues sleeping, and was starting to develop a big curvature in his spine. Not only that, but he had MAJOR, I mean major reflux problems. The child could not eat or drink before going to ed because he would wake up screaming in pain 2 hrs later. Dr. Nick assured me that he could help. While I was worried that we would be touching a 2 yo spine (and his pediatrician also seemed hesitant), I am glad that I trusted him! My little one is now sleeping throughout the night, he can eat or drink anything now and has no problems. This man knows the stuff and has greatly helped us!! And the girls... they are fantastic! This is an outstanding team that is truly interested on helping you!

Jenn Snell

100% recommend! I Have only been coming to Health from Within for a few months, but have already noticed an extreme amount of relief in the pain I was experiencing in my neck/upper back. I have also noticed increased energy, better sleeping, and no more allergies!! Which is fantastic and I had no clue they could be improved! The doctors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful! staff is also very friendly and personable! Everyone owes it to themselves to check it out, life changing! #healing

Marshayla Howze

I love them thank you #Felicia Howze daughter

Felicia Howze

I love coming here they really care. I come because of chemotherapy. I usually feel drain, but after treatment i have energy. Love you guys.

Rex Janssen

I love everyone at this place! They have helped me so much become so much healthier!

heidi wallner

I absolutely love this chiropractic office. Not only do they care about your spinal health, but they care about the rest of your health too. I’ve been here since 2015, and they’ve helped me through so much- reducing my anxiety issues, helping me through two car accidents, and doing their best to try and save me some money (cause I’m really broke tbh lol). Anyway, I try to tell people about how amazing this practice is and how it’s affected my body so possitively. I promise you it’s worth taking time out of your busy schedule and budgeting visits in. Try it, even if you don’t think somethings wrong- the first time I came, I started breathing better and deeper after the first week. Just imagine how good it is for your body to be able to BREATHE better. But my point is that I didn’t even know I wasn’t at 100% before I started here. Just try it. It’s worth it.

Vicki Skow

Everyone at Health from Within cares about your health. I started because I had excruciating lower back pain and all the doctor wanted to do was to give me pain pills and muscle relaxers. Not only have they eliminated my back pain but they have helped me in other areas from exercise to nutrition and stress relief. They are a fantastic team which works well together for the best possible outcome.If you want to improve your health you need to go and sign up and it will be the best decision you have ever made.

Kaleb Becar

Dr. Nick and his staff are incredible! I came in with lower back pain and have been learning a lot. This is more then a Chiropractor's office. The typical office I went to you got adjusted and left. Dr. Nick is committed to a sort of rehab process before and after your adjustment so that you can get the most from each visit. In addition to the adjustments, Dr. Nick and his amazing staff teach you about other healthy living habits that will help improve your overall health. They are committed to helping and are never judgmental if you disagree or chose do make other health choices. I simply cannot say enough amazing things about Dr. Nick and his staff! Would and have recommended this to several friends and family members and I will continue to do so.

Dr. Shiquita White

Great healing, loving, energetic, and family atmosphere from the first step in the door. Dr. Nick and his team are completely focused on educating and empowering you of your body's ability to heal without the use of drugs or surgeries. I absolutely enjoy every minute in this office!

Chelsea Williams

I love how this building of talented people are changing the lives of those in STL! They’ve even changed mine all the way in California by teaching me how to prevent cancer by avoiding toxins and eating healthy. I’m thankful for this organization and if I lived in STL still, I would be going to as many HFW events as possible!

Courtney Walker

The staff is very friendly and helpful. The doctors are extremely knowledgeable and make the entire process easy and fun. The wonderful atmosphere in the office just makes you feel good.

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