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REVIEWS OF Focus On Health Chiropractic IN Missouri

Bonnie Cochran

Focus on Health is the best place to go if you are having problems with beaches or pain.

Zach Manwaring

Evidence based approach to meet you where you're at and take you where you want to go.

Marshall B

Great service and very kind staff! I always walk out feeling so much better than when I walk in! Dr. Curt and all are so great!

Rachel Demand

Michael Crawford

Dr Chris has been adjusting me for over a year and it has truly made a difference! I would recommend this place to any/all of my family and friends. The staff are all extremely friendly, they are flexible with scheduling, and they take all the time needed to address any issues I may be having.

Marie-Josee Brown

Dee Roberts

Staff is friendly and helpful. New remodel has improved the already attractive surroundings. Dr. Kurt is THE BEST!

Kathy Horn

I love this group!! They have improved the lives of my husband and myself so much! We live each day with less pain now! Thank you Focus on Health!

Kathleen Casper

Each visit to Focus on Health is an experience! Everyone in the office functions as if they are family and treat their patients as such! The care that everyone takes in their job is incredible and extremely obvious. I could go on and on but will refrain, they are the best in town and do a phenomenal job, they truly love what they are doing! I am glad Dr. Curt is so young, which means we all get to benefit from his years of service to come!

Marlene Mannella

Always appreciate the upbeat attitude, goes a long way toward wellness. Last couple of sessions very helpful. Thanks, Dr. Curt!!

Nicole Bell

Anna Stine

I had severe neck pain for over 6 weeks, tried lots of stretching, resting and medications. I decided to visit Dr Curt and thank goodness I did. It’s been less than a week since my first appointment (I’ve had 2 visits) and I have mobility back and I’m nearly pain free. Thank you so much! His office staff and therapists were also wonderful— including their hospitality when I had to bring my two children under the age of 4 into the office with me!

Stacy Silverwood

This office is amazing! My son injured his shoulder and they were able to get us in super fast. Everyone in the office has been friendly and super helpful. My son looks forward to coming in and never complains about doing his exercises. I can't say enough great things about Focus on Health!

Beth Van Hove

This team knows sports injury. Together we have been successful in managing and eliminating my sport related injuries. I am happy to refer my friends and family to this great team.

Maddie Elizabeth

Jennifer k

This place is awesome!! Was always in pain before Dr Curt, within 2 months I was pain free and no longer needed meds.

Patty Dill

I’m very impressed after my first appointment at FOH with Dr Ryan. Spent a great amount of time assessing my mobility and testing movements. After a couple of maneuvers to wake up some muscles I noticed immediate relief and I expect my follow up appointment tomorrow to bring on better improvement. We’ll be discussing future plan of action and I’m ready!! Thankful for their generosity and attention to detail. They were recommended by a friend and I’m hopeful FOH treatments can bring improvement to my mobility and resolve long term neck and shoulder pain!

Katie Richards

Hope Sickmeier

Wonderful care by all the staff! Friendly and comfortable atmosphere while maintaining a professional report with their patients. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Angela Hambach

Elizabeth Lower

Each staff member whom I interacted with was friendly and helpful. Dr. Curt spent a full hour with me; he listened carefully and respectfully to my concerns and made sure I understood all he was explaining. He didn't make a lot of promises but was able to give me some hope and a more positive outlook.

Gloria Gaus

Incredible knowledge and service! A complete package.

Steve Day

Definitely a 5 star establishment. The entire staff is great.

Seth Willenberg

This was my first experience at Focus on Health. Dr. Ryan was very thorough with his initial evaluation - I have never had a chiropractor do this before. This allowed him to tailor my treatment to what would be beneficial to me. Would highly recommend them to anyone.

Daniel Adams

Chad Green

Brittny Blevins

Dr.Curt & his team are very knowledgeable! They help you find the root problem and offer solutions. Highly recommend Focus on Health!

Lisa Higgins

I've been telling people that I'm in a committed relationship with Focus on Health; we see each other monthly, and I know I'm in better health for it.

Charles Rudkin

Dr. Curt and his team are amazing! I have been going to Focus on Health for almost a decade and have never been disappointed.

Brad Miller

Best in town! I refer family, friends and patients of mine. They have my complete trust.

Joshua Stanfast

Christopher Campbell

Say enough good things about this place. Had to leave a review as soon as I got back to work they were so great. From the staff who greeted me and set up my first initial appointment today, to Ryan who was excellent about explaining what was wrong and preventive actions to keep injuries from recurring again. Love this place, if I could give them six stars I totally would!

Lora Buckert

I found Dr. Ryan to be very thorough & helpful. He helped me get relief from my discomfort. They gave me exercises to do at home to help with my recovery. The staff was very friendly & truly caring. I highly recommend FOH!

Marissa Maher

Dr. Ryan is great to work with. I felt better after my first appointment with him.

Susan Galeota

I’ve been receiving chiropractic care on a regular basis for about 35 years and have seen some wonderful chiropractors. Dr. Curt at Focus on Health is absolutely the best. He is a superb diagnostician, a great adjuster, an outstanding listener and communicator, and just a generally pleasant person to be around. He has helped me with a disabling knee issue and just this week with a hip problem. If I was on the proverbial desert island but could be flown off periodically to see only one healthcare provider, he would be my choice. There you have it.

Kevin Mattingly

Shirley Randall

I worked with another chiropractor for about 6 months for a shoulder problem and I only kept getting worse. Finally someone told me to try Focus on Health and what a difference. They really understand muscles and bones. They know what is going on with your body and how to fix it. And they also are very nice. I couldn't be more happy.

Christopher Bowers

Mark Lake

Professional, friendly staff, knowledgeable, effective exercises and treatment, I'm much improved than when I arrived

Robert Zufall

Focus on Health has helped me through some injuries in the past and helps me keep any residual effects of those and other injuries at bay. Knowledgeable, helpful, caring are bandied about in healthcare by marketing people, but that actually describes the people at Focus on Health.

Christa Holtzclaw

I've always had a fantastic experience at Focus On Health and I've been going there for 5 years.

Maria Huebert

Heather Sears

I highly recommend Focus on Health. Dr Curt and Dr Chris are both amazing at what they do. They really hone in on everything that might be causing your symptom. They have helped me immensely

Suzie Boedeker

Best chiropractors in town!

Jan Stapleton

I cannot say enough amazing things about this practice. From the first moment when I walked in the door to today, 6 weeks later, the staff and docs have been beyond friendly and all about customer service. While that is tremendously important to me, the MOST important part I cannot say enough about is the care I receive there. When I walked into their office 6 weeks ago I could barely get around and was facing a possible back surgery. They were my last hope. We have worked together as a team.... the docs listen so intently to what I have to say and then we work together on the most effective step forward. As a result I am literally greater than 80% better and I am full on working out with a trainer now! It is simply miraculous! I love this office!!! Dr Ryan has been an amazing leader of my team and I cannot recommend him more. I have also occasionally seen Dr Curt and I feel the same about him. They work together seamlessly as well!!! And the rest of the team is truly top notch too! They have taught me body position and strengthening exercises to help with my treatment! If I could give them a 10 I certainly would!!!

Dustin Duran

All the staff are very friendly and helpful. I never had any complaints!

Luke Helm

I first started going to Focus on Health in February of 2016. It was immediately a different experience than any other Chiropractic place I had been before. They brought me in for a consultation to discuss what issues and discomfort I was having, followed by an evaluation of my body's mobility. I started to visit them twice a week, which quickly was reduced to once a week based on how good my body was feeling. After 8 weeks it became a monthly routine for me to visit Dr. Chris and/or Dr. Kurt for a check up and an adjustment. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming while Dr. Chris and Dr. Kurt have managed to find a way to be personal with their patients, but also very professional. I always enjoy my visits to Focus on Health and my body has never felt better! I highly recommend that anyone who is thinking of visiting a chiropractor go see Dr. Kurt or Dr. Chris, you will not regret it.

Kathleen Maier

Focus On Health provides excellent care and nearly immediate relief from pain.

Mason Silverwood

Everyone in the office is great. They are helping me get back after an injury. I already feel stronger after only a couple weeks.

Corinne Mann

Everyone here is very nice and helpful. The docs use a more holistic approach that is very effective in helping spine and muscle tension.

Alicia Burke-Agüero

Rylynn Demand

Jacob Brummet

Focus on Health has been great! My wife and I run our own business so both of us getting in can sometimes be a tricky thing to schedule but FOH is always great about getting us in and do a fantastic job!

Anne Stockeland

Best Chiropractor in town. They are very kind and professional. They go beyond just an adjustment. We couldn’t be happier.

Travis Dreyer

Wonderful staff who are always kind and Dr. Curt does a great job.

Kristen O'Brian

Dr. Ryan is really great about listening to any issues you’re having and addressing them with you. He provides great adjustments and strengthening/stabilizing exercises for the areas in which you need them. The rest of the staff is incredibly nice as well!

David Demand

Very friendly associates with the best care available. After getting required adjustments due to an injury from being rear-ended in a vehicle accident, I have found that routine adjustments are something that I would want to maintain. Dr Curt and his team provide thorough examinations and execute a plan to get you feeling great again.

Jonathan Dudley

Amazing. They take the time to listen and understand what is going on. I cannot recommend them enough. I live on the other side of town and come here for a reason.

Ginny Ward

Focus on Health is my go-to Chiropractic practice in Columbia.

G Stine

Professional, knowledgeable, and outstanding service! The facility looks great, staff were friendly and Dr. Curt was very helpful. I hope I never experience back pain again but if I do I know who I’m calling. Thank you everyone for your help!

Ed Elsea

Quick and to the point. Able to get in and out. They use multiple ways to adjust and you leave feeling great!

Dana Simonson

Cindy Angle

amber goodwin

Being a body builder I beat my body up alot more then I should. When I started going to Focus on Health they didn't rush threw the process to get me in and out. The went over every body part and its functions, we talked about helping with my posing for shows, and even gave me tips for at home PT. Even with my crazy they get me in when I need it. The staff makes you feel right at home. 10/10

Jill May

Visits to Focus on Health are always an enjoyable experience and they help manage my neck pain.

Shana Loyd

The staff and doctors are friendly and helpful. Appointment times are usually spot on time. The doctors are great! They seem to genuinely care and want to help correct any problems you have and cheer along with you with improvements. I would highly recommend.

Erica Chapin

Love this chiro family!! They’re all super supportive, nice, and great at what they do!! Would highly recommend!!!

Angela Peterson

I love going to FOH! The staff is amazing and they are all supportive, encouraging, and caring. They take their time to ensure you are receiving the best care. I highly recommend Focus on Health!

Katrina Read

Great place!! Wood recommend to anyone!


Superb care and wonderful staff!

Marnie T

They got me in right away when I had a problem and got me fixed before it could get worse. I can't express my gratitude enough for their excellent care! Thanks so much!

HairGlitter JessiBlu

Best place to go in Columbia. They really know the body and how it functions properly. Thankyou!

Scott Wendling

Everyone is very friendly and helpful. My back issues are all but gone.

Lorren Mize

I put off going here for almost two years. Finally after feeling awful and not being able to move my right shoulder, I decided to go. I am so glad I did! My shoulder feels so much better today, and I am excited to go back next week to start on my back and hip.

Laura Pruitt

I’m amazed at the awesome care I receive at every one of my visits. The Doctors are so skilled and I always feel better after my appointments.

Kari Truitt

Staff is very knowledgeable and really focuses on educating their patients. Absolutely pleased with the care I have received! 10/10 would recommend!

Kyle Hollandsworth


Kimberly Kimchi

All the folks at Focus on Health are fantastic and dedicated to helping you get the most out of your physical self.


I’ve been going here for several years and through several sports injuries, the staff always effectively treats me. Appoinments are timely and easy to schedule. Highly recommend!

Kevin Czaicki

Deana Dreyer

Awesome group dedicated to good health. Kind and helpful support staff as well. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Jason Stewart

I could not be happier with the care and treatment that I receive at Focus on Health! Dr. Curt and his staff are kind, considerate, and extremely knowledgeable. Focus on Health is by far the best Chiropractic Facility in Mid-Missouri!

Kelsey Weitzel

So knowledgeable and thorough. They really do focus on the whole health of the body not just the site of pain because it really all is connected!

Suzie musick

Dr. Curt has given me a quality of life! I was in severe pain 100% of the time. I had trouble walking and moving in general. If it wasn't for Dr. Curt and his staff I would still be in that position or worse! Now I am able to travel to see my son, painlessly spend time with my grandkids ect. They have truly changed my life!! Thank you so much for everything Suzie Musick

Damon Volkart

The staff at FOH are amazing. I highly recommend them.

Maria Cox

I have definitely experienced a reduction of pain in the 5 weeks I have been a client. Everyone is super helpful and friendly.

Kyle H

Jeffrey Torbet

I have been to several different chiropractors in my life and these guys are in a league of their own. I am so impressed with the time they take to know me and more specifically what exactly is bothering me...then they tailor their treatment to treat my needs instead of just doing a basic adjustment and sending me on my way! Highly recommend!!!

Sara Riegel

William Avila

Worst experience ever. Nurse was rude, unprofessional and mean. I wouldn't send anyone to them. They will be hearing from my attorney.

Jen Miller

The staff at Focus on Health is awesome! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Dr. Curt is one of the best Chiropractors I’ve been to. I recommend this place to everyone!


Simply the best.

Sheryl Koenig

Dr. Curt has been adjusting me regularly for a couple years. I recently went for a medical procedure at another facility where they had some old records. They asked if was still having problems with migraines. I told them that I no longer had that problem since I'd been getting regular adjustments from my chiropractor. Dr. Curt is great at distracting me while he's doing adjustments so I don't tense up. The whole staff make the visits quite pleasant.

Ashley Ledbetter

Elise M. James

Dr. Curt and his staff was sensitive to me being relatively new to chiropractic care. They started with a rather gentle approach until I built confidence in what I was able to tolerate. The entire office staff is warm and inviting--they kept me comfortable from check-in to check-out. Since my first visit, my chronic neck, back, and hip pain has been greatly diminished. While under Dr. Curt's care I have been able to stay fully functioning and training for my next upcoming CrossFit competition in February. I now look forward to my bi-weekly visits and have learned a great deal about my own body,why it's dysfunctional, and how to correct it with simple exercises. Thank you, Dr. Curt and staff!

Brittany Baker

I just had my first appointment with Focus on Health today, they were fabulous ! From the front desk staff to the providers, they were very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I've been to another popular chiropractic office in Columbia, but this was VERY different. It was very apparent that they were there to FIX my problems not just "make them feel better". My first assessment was very thorough and Dr. Chris was great about explaining my care "route". I'm extremely pleased and excited to continue my care with them !!!

Noel Kite

Great docs! We really like to make sure any athletes traveling in MO stop by with these guys if they need any help. Especially knowledgable with tri athletes performance and injury recovery!

mitch sanders

Very friendly, great for short term issues and long term health of your body!

Leslie Green

Great Doctors and Staff! Always welcoming and interested in your life. Love this place. They keep me moving.

Monica Fulkerson

My husband and I have been going there about 6 years. We love it!

Jennifer Truesdale

Have been seeing Dr. Curt for several years now. He's the only chiropractor I trust. From appointment to appointment, he always remembers my medical history and issues without having to look at his chart notes. He truly cares about his patients, and the support staff is friendly and helpful. Best chiropractic practice in town, hands down.

Carolyn Spencer

As a former skeptic of chiropractic care, Focus on Health is great. They helped me recover from debilitating back pain caused by muscle spasms. They take the time to do an assessment, treat accordingly, and then follow through. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Highly recommend.

Brad Lewis

Elizabeth Lass

Tim Wilson

I have been going to Dr. Kurt for 4-5 months now. Really like his modern chiropractic methods of treatment. Definitely makes it worth the 35-minute drive to see him. I would highly recommend him to everyone!

Jacob Heyen

Heather Hargrove

From the first day I went to see Dr. Curt, the entire FOH staff has made me comfortable and confident in my treatment and progress. I highly recommend Focus on Health!

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