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REVIEWS OF Pine Belt Chiropractic IN Mississippi

Tim Stover

The treatments I received here have helped my lower back issues significantly. I recommend Dr. Hairston and his staff highly.

Trineicia Coleman

Dr. Hairston has been the best and has worked wonders on my back. My back feels better than it has ever felt. His staff is amazing and very professional. Going to see him has been a very pleasant experience. Your more than just another patient to him. He gets to know his patient on a personal level and always have great conversation.

Dana Robinson

I love this clinic! The ladies are always so friendly and Dr Hairston is very compassionate and takes time to listen and treat your issue with care. Highly recommend

Hayden Dickson

Tatyana magee

Tim Shanks

Dr. Hairston’s and his staff totally changed my mind and beliefs about chiropractic care. The staff at this clinic will always greet you with a smiling face and you are part of the family. They are very flexible and easy to work with I would and do recommend them to anybody.

daniel peters

Absolutely awesome staff and experience all the way around! Went from not sleeping more then a few minutes at a time to sleeping through the night in just a few adjustments. I would highly recommend Dr Hairston and his staff!!

fran dufour

Dr Hairston and his staff genuinely care about their patients. I highly recommend them to everyone. Whether you just need regular maintenance or have a seriously debilitating problem, like I did, they will do all they can to help you. They were able to help me with my deteriorated disc problem and saved me from surgery. If you are considering chiropractic Care, make the appointment. You'll be so glad you did. It could be life changing!


Dr Hairston is as good as it gets in chiropractic care! He spends time with you to diagnose issues and explains the treatment plan in detail and his treatment regimens work quickly. The ladies at the front desk are very friendly and are always very helpful with scheduling and payments and are a pleasure to interact with. The nurse is also very helpful and concerned about the patients wellbeing and she is very quick to get you into a room and get your treatment underway in a timely manner. I highly recommend Dr Hairston and his staff for your chiropractic needs.

Ivie Pulliam

I’ve been coming here for years because he is so good. My issue was nerve related from my neck and wasn’t able to sit down but for a few minutes before my arm would go numb. Fixed it and I still keep coming once a month to keep things aligned and moving right. I’m very active and need this adjustment every month! Highly recommend! And I can’t forget his fabulous staff...they are very sweet-love them!

Peggy Shanks

Dr Hairston has helped me and my family.. Love his staff they are great.

stephanie dement

Best chiropractor around

Danilo Mezzadri

Excellent! I had severe pain from carrying my kids, and they fixed my back! Staff is super friendly and highly professional.

Amber Wellman

Dr. Hairston is a top leader in the Chiropractic profession. The love he has for his patients is undeniable. He takes the time to listen to your concerns and works with you to find a solution to your health problems. I have never met another doctor who has the compassion and genuine desire for his patients. Dr. Greg provides more than pain relief; he gives us hope for a better life! Dr. Greg is a class act! Thanks Dr. Hairston for encouraging me to get the help I need.

Courtney Green

Dr. Hairston and his entire staff are always so helpful and super easy to work with your employment schedule. I started out with back pain and now have regular adjustments. He truly is the best and cares about his patients recovery! I couldn't recommend him or his staff any more, 10/10!

Shelby Aycock

The staff is exceptional and friendly, and Dr. Hairston is efficient and gentle. Would recommend to anyone and I always feel so refreshed after I leave!

cecillia stover

I first sought treatment with Dr. Greg Hairston at Pine Belt Chiropractic on 8/28/17. He did a thorough evaluation with x-rays, etc. before determining my treatment plan. I went 3 times a week at first, then twice weekly, etc. Now almost 2 years later I go once a month for minor adjustments to keep my back in alignment. My low back and neck pain are so much better since I began these treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Hairston and his amazing staff, Lori, Jean and Allison. They each do their jobs very efficiently and are so friendly and caring. Thank you to everyone at Pine Belt Chiropractic.

Joy Pickering

Dr. Hairston is a great Doctor and has provided wonderful care when I've been in a lot of pain. I recommend Dr. Hairston to anyone that is in need of chiropractic care. I've been a patient for several years and can't say enough good about Dr. Hairston and his staff!

Heidi Smith

Dr. Hairston is such a warm-hearted, caring chiropractor. He truly has his patient's best interest in mind. Dedicated to helping the health of his community, I would refer Dr. Greg Hairston to my family.

Heather Dyse

They are amazing!!!

Millard Wilson

Really great doctor and really great staff!

Anna Kate Delaney

Dr. Hairston and his staff are wonderful and they care about their patients. Dr. Hairston is very professional and in my opinion very thorough in his approach to chiropractic work. He makes sure you are getting the treatment you need in the areas that you need it. He has helped me tremendously in the areas of my body that has needed adjustments. I would recommend him to anyone! If you are looking for a chiropractor in the Hattiesburg or surround areas let Dr. Hairston and his team help you out!

Charmaine Hinton

I highly recommend Pine Belt Chiropractor! The staff is friendly, which only adds to how great of an experience I’ve had. The treatment is wonderful & completely effective! I have enjoyed every session with Dr. Hairston & being pain-free. I can’t thank him enough for his thorough treatment & explanations, which have resulted in positive results!

Joseph Green

I am a working professional who depends on my body functioning to max capacity. I have been using chiropractic care/treatment for 15+ years and have had the opportunity to use chiropractors in many different areas. Dr. Greg Hairston and Pinebelt Chiropractic have hands down been the BEST for me out of all of the places I have been. Dr. Hairston takes the time to explain the process of chiropractic care and how to stay healthy. He is extremely, knowledgeable, caring, professional. The staff at Pine belt Chiropractic is the same way! They care about your health. If you want or NEED to be your best then you NEED to visit Dr. Greg Hairston and Pine Belt Chiropractic.

Melissa Pardew

My husband and I both have degenerative disc. We were both complaining every day and popping Ibuprofen like crazy. Until someone recommended Dr. HAIRSTON. It's been a little over 2 years and we are both so glad we went. We love him and his staff!! He does great work and both our backs are better!!

Yvonne Green

I have been going to Dr. Hairston for two years. My lower back was stiff and X-rays indicated I was experiencing some lower spine degeneration. I go for treatment every month and am able to keep up an active lifestyle. Dr. Hairston and his staff are very friendly and totally understanding and helpful if I have to change appointment days or times.

Christina Lott

I recommend Dr. Hairston to family and friends! He and his staff are amazing and very efficient. Dr. Hairston has excellent bed side manner and takes time with his patients to assess the correct care plan for any individual’s needs. I give them all an A+.

Timothy Bryant

I do believe that the adjustments have helped me. I have not had any issues with my lower back since I first started visiting Dr. Hairston. The staff is always helpful and kind. I would recommend Dr. Hairston to others in need of chiropractic care.

Kay West

Dr. Hairston and his team of healthcare professionals have been helping me manage my overall wellness for a number of years. They are focused on any current issue I might have and also attentive to my overall health. I appreciate their genuine care and concern for me as an individual and will continue to be a client of their practice long term.

Rodney Johnson

My treatment at pine belt chiropractic was very good i felt 100% better after being in a rear end auto accident my medical treatment plan went very well i would recommend any one to pine belt and doctor Hairstone for treatment.

Madelaine Childs

Dr Harriston and his staff are caring people. I have gotten fabulous results from seeing him

Donmorreya Waters


Tessa Thomas

Dr. Hairston’s staff always makes me feel welcome. The ladies are always smiling and nice. Dr. Hairston has helped me with my back pain. I really appreciate what he has done for me.

Carla Blackledge

Dr. Hairston is wonderful. He really loves what he does daily. Everytime I have a visit, I get better. He knows his profession and then some. He not only helped relieve my neck pain but also relieved my foot pain. He told me, sometimes these things take time, but i was suspicious but decided to listen for once and it worked. Its been little over a year and I can tell you that I am glad I listened for once. The girls in the office have been very helpful and supportive of all my problems and they are just wonderful. Give them a call and let them start helping YOU today. You will not regret it.

Andrew Payton

Very prfessional clinic with great advice from Dr. Hairston. Highly recommended.

Gerald Penton

I have experienced great results with Dr. Hairston and his staff.

Tami Lynn

The team at at pine belt chiropractic are awesome . They treat you like family and I feel much better after being treated a year ago. I recommend dr Hairston and his team at pine belt chiropractic

Layla Dow

Dr. Hairston is great! He helped me so much with my headaches! Love this place!!

Dawn Patterson

Dr. Hairston has helped me to be pain free and get back to my busy lifestyle. His staff is so friendly and caring. I can’t say enough good things.

harry griffith

Danny Breland

The Dr. Is really great, and the staff is excellent.

Jackie Clark

Dr. Hairston and his staff are wonderful. He has done a great job on my back and my whole family sees him. I highly recommend him if you are having issues. They treat you like family and not just like another patient.

Verena Graves

Awsome place!! Dr Hariston is great and his staff is awsome! He's what keeps me moving. Blessed to have found him a year ago.

Randy Brown

I would highly recommend Dr. Hairston. Before I started going to him, I had constant back and leg pain. He kept me off the operating table. His staff is very nice.

Tiffany Landry

Pine Belt Chiropractic is a fantastic place to get relief from back and neck pain. Dr Hairston and his crew are attentive, kind and dedicated to helping their patients to the best of their ability. I have and will continue to recommend Pine Belt Chiropractic to anyone who is dealing with neck or back issues.

Olivia Chauvin

Tera Guillot

I own a service business and my job is very demanding on my back. I used Dr. Hairston to treat my lower back pain (sciatica) and haven't had any symptoms since. I highly recommned him and his team.

Paul Elliott

Dr. Hairston did wonders with my back pain. He took me from 9 out 10 on 1-10 pain scale to a 2. Everyone is very friendly and treat you like family!

Bill Cochran

I have been seeing Dr. Hairston for the past 8 years. I always had severe neck pain issues before seeing Dr. Hairston and thought there was nothing that could be done without surgery. Dr. Hairston corrected the problem in the first few months and I still go monthly for adjustments. Dr. Hairston and his staff are very professional and make you feel like your part of the family.

Dee Chapman

Dr. Hairston and his staff treat me like family; he sees his care as a part of my overall healthcare plan, and is always interested in anything else going on in my life that may affect my well-being. Regular visits have made a huge difference in my back pain.

April Bonilla

I highly recommend Pine Belt Chiropractic they are so friendly and accommodating. I haven't felt this good in years and I always look forward to my visits. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my back.

Ryan Brown

Dr. Hairston and his staff are professional, knowledgeable, and courteous! I look forward to my visit every month!

David Webster

Dr. Hairston's treatments have helped quite a bit. I feel I have better movement and less pain.

carrot wow

Dr. Hairston is an amazing chiropractor. I’ve been to several over the years. His professionalism along with his staff should be the standard thought the chiropractic community. Highly recommended!!!

Canton Freeman

Great customer service. High quality equipment and the best care in Hattiesburg. Highly recommend! My backs never felt better!

devin walsh

I have been receiving chiropractic treatments from Dr. Hairston for several years. The staff is phenomenal! I regularly refer my family members and friends and many of them have started getting adjustments here as well. I have experienced firsthand the benefits of quality chiropractic care. Dr. Hairston takes time to listen and I always feel like he is genuinely concerned about helping improve my quality of life. I appreciate the appointment reminders from his staff and the kind way they interact with me at every visit. I would recommend that anyone who has ever considered Pine Belt Chiropractic give them a try!

Stacye Turner

Dr. Hairston and his staff are awesome! You are always greeted with a warm smile and friendly hello. I have been seeing Dr. Hairston for about 4 months now and my back feels much better. He takes out time to get to know his patients and actually has conversations with you while he's performing treatments. I'm almost always guaranteed a laugh when I'm there. Another great thing about this clinic is their flexibility!!!

Cindy Handley

Dr Hairston is good about making an assessment, discussing the results (in every day terms) and making a plan for treatment. He sticks to the plan, which hasn’t happened for me with other chiropractors. I would highly recommend him and his staff (who are amazing) at his clinic!!

Mary Moore

Dr. Hairston got me moving again. My back was so out of whack I could barely stand for two minutes or walk 20 feet without excruciating pain. Sleep was difficult and I always woke up hurting. Now my sleep is better, I have more flexibility in my back, and I am more mobile. Now I keep regular appointments so I'll stay mobile. The staff is always so friendly. Dr. Hairston always seems to be in a good mood and is always friendly.

Brian Parker

Dr. Hairston and his staff are the best of the best. I highly recommend anyone with back problems to make an appointment to see him. He has helped so many people. Thanks for what you do!! Brian Parker

Connie Brown

Seeing Dr. Hairston has help given me back pain relief

Amber Holmbeck

I’ve been a patient for 6 years, once a month maintenance which keeps me feeling great!

Shara Graham

I highly recommend Dr.Hairston for chiropractic care. Dr. Hairston and his staff are friendly and accommodating .

Anthony Runnels

I drive a truck for a living.You can imagine the beaten you take over the years.I came to Dr.Hairston with severe back pain,barely able to walk.But just after two visits I could see this dude knew what he was doing.I believe he could help Uncle Si and that's a fact Jack.

LeAnn Harvey

I would definitely recommend Dr. Hairston for all of your chiropractic needs. He and his staff are super helpful and friendly!

David Fisackerly

Dr. Hairston and his staff are truly exceptional. I've had experiences with multiple chiropractors and I've been going to Pine Belt Chiropractic for 5 years and their attention to your concerns and level of care are second to none! Highly recommend visiting Dr. Hairston and his staff to get you back in shape.

Fran Dufour

Dr. Hairston and his staff are not only awesome, very knowledgeable chiropractic professionals but also some of the friendliest people I have ever met. They truly care about their patients as people. I could barely walk (or sit or lie down) when I first went to them, due to lower back disc problems. They created a chiropractic plan that has worked perfectly for me and has kept my back in great condition for over 2 years. This coupled with their weight loss plan has helped me lose 45 lbs! So, bottom line is that my quality of life since becoming a patient at Pine Belt Chiropractic has greatly improved. If you are considering chiropractic care at all, go! You won't be sorry.

Christy Gray

I have been using Pinebelt Chiropractic for 6 years. Dr. Hairston and his staff are wonderful and have helped with my neck and back pain. :)

Jeremy Guillot

I didn’t really believe in chiropractic care until I met Dr Hairston. He is the real deal. He thoroughly explains your condition, the treatment plan and then fixes what he says he going to fix. I highly recommend Dr Hairston and his team.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Dr. Hairston and his staff! They are all so friendly and helpful. Additionally, my back feels GREAT!

Stephanie Kinard

Dr. Hairston is an exceptional Chiropractor. He is very personable and truly cares for each one of his patients. The staff is absolutely amazing and so friendly. Before I started getting regular adjustments at Pine Belt Chiropractic, I suffered from severe neck pain. It's made a tremendous difference, and I can't thank Dr. Hairston and his staff enough. I highly recommend Dr. Hairston at Pine Belt Chiropractic! I give them 10 stars!

Christy Napper

Dr. Harrison has always provided the absolute best service. We highly recommend that you visit Pineville chiropractors if you’re having any type of pain issues.

Laura Wilson

I’ve been going to Dr. Hairston since 2013! He and his staff are very professional. Dr. Hairston has helped me with my back issues tremendously.

Kyle O'Dell

I highly recommend Dr. Hairston and his super friendly staff. They provide excellent chiropractic care, and are very professional and knowledgeable in what they do. My entire family enjoys going in for adjustments and Dr. Hairston and his staff always make it a welcoming and enjoyable experience!

Belinda Bounds

I have been using Pine Belt Chiropractic for years. I love the staff!

LaDona Tyson

When I first came to Dr. Hairston, I could barely walk and was unable to stand up straight. Thanks to the wonderful treatment from Dr. Hairston and his caring staff, I am at 100% and continuing to grow athletically and functionally. I do Crossfit 5-6 days and week and Dr. Hairston keeps me performing at my best.

Nneka Ayozie

When I first visited Dr. Hairston’s office I was skeptical because I had never utilized a chiropractor before but I was in so much pain and my other doctors were suggesting surgery. Basically, there were no other options. Today, the pain is gone. Visiting Pinebelt Chiropractic was of my the best decisions I made in 2019! You will not regret it. Dr. Hairston is amazing and his staff is so warm and friendly. Make sure to tell them that Nneka (neck-ah) sent you!!!

Jerica Johnson

Best chiropractor I have ever been to. I don't even have to tell him what has been hurting me, he can just look at me know. He listens to what you tells you and takes your pain seriously.

Terri Sullivan Busby

I've been seeing Dr Hairston going on 3 years now. I move more freely and with comfort due to the adjustments he does on my back. I do the exercises Dr Hairston recommends and use the machines at the gym he recommends. I didn't realize how much discomfort I was in until it was gone. Thank you Dr Hairston and staff!!

Mandy Miller

I highly recommend Pine Belt Chiropractic. Dr. Hairston and his staff are kind, knowledgeable and thorough. Dr. Hairston always makes time for his patients and their needs, and his staff is always friendly!!

Sally Thomas

My issue started with sciatica. After dealing with it for about two years, getting better and then relapsing, a friend recommended Dr. Hairston. At that point I was having to walk with a cane again. Thanks to his continued care, I have been pain free and cane free for about a year and a half. I recommend his care to all my family and friends. A fantastic story is my daughter-in-law who had been having back issues since the birth of her youngest child. She had been in pain management for years and we saw little hope for her recovery. I would pray every day for her to find an answer that would allow her to live her full life once again. After working with Dr Hairston she is doing so much better. He has truly been an answer to our prayers.

nick moss

Ive never been to a chiropractor before and doctor harriston was my first. He is so caring and listens to what you have to say. Im not going anywhere else. He is the best and i HIGHLY reccomend pinebelt chiropractic to anyone.

Vernell Hartfield

I highly recommend Dr Hairston. He and his staff is awesome. I’ve been going to him for about 3 months now, and my condition has improved. Keep up the good work Dr Hairston and staff.

Stevie Evans Thomas

Dr. Hairston and his staff are exceptional. My husband and I always have great service and with their help we have really started to feel better. Their honesty and assistance is always appreciated.

Donna Scoggin

I was first made aware of Pine Belt Chiropractic a little over a year ago at a women’s conference. Since my first visit, I have been extremely pleased with every aspect of the care given to me by Dr. Hairston. His knowledge, assessment, and subsequent treatment of my needs were exceptional, which have kept me returning. The benefits of the chiropractic services by Dr. Hairston cannot be overstated. Dr. Hairston has a concern for total wellness and incorporates teaching on exercises and other ways to improve one’s overall health. The environment at Pine Belt Chiropractic is welcoming and the office staff are very accommodating and courteous. When I need to be seen between my regularly scheduled appointments, I have been able to schedule an appointment when requested. I appreciate the value that Dr. Hairston and his staff place on the patients’ time. They have a full understanding that everyone leads very busy lives, and we are never left waiting long periods of time or left unattended. I have full confidence in Dr. Hairston, and I am very pleased with the care that I have received. I highly recommend Dr. Hairston’s chiropractic care to everyone!

Missy James

Dr. Hairston and his staff provide exceptional customer service, not to mention the top notch treatment on EVERY patient. He keeps our boss from being grumpy! Great job Doc. Our staff recommends Dr. Hairston with the utmost sincerity!

Autumn Huhn

Highly recommend! Everyone is so nice.

Tip Shanks

I would recommend Dr Hairston to anyone! He and his office staff are Amazing! I had tried everything but surgery when i went to him and I am now able to walk right again and pain free! He ca help with back issues, migraines, fibromyalgia, and much more! Check them out!! You won't regret it!!

kamilah baylis

Dr. Hairston and his staff are amazing.

Jennifer Moss Smith

This office gives the best chiropractic care I could have asked for. Dr. Hairston always makes me feel cared for, as well as the staff always making me feel welcome. Would recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

K Terri Morris

Dr. Hairston is quite knowledgeable and caring. He cares about your whole health, not just your spine. I have been going to chiropractors for years (had a whiplash, was hit by a car as a pedestrian, and was a programmer for over 40 years.) I have a degenerating disc in my neck (from the whiplash) and arthritis in my lower back (from the car accident) and do NOT want surgery (which many chiropractors may suggest). I am happy with Dr. Hairston (as long as I have been seeing chiropractors, believe me, I've had some not to be recommended). I moved here a couple years ago and was lucky to find Dr. Hairston. AND his staff is friendly and helpful. AND I usually see the doctor shortly after I arrive for my appointment. I always bring books to read for any doctor's appointment and usually don't get a single page read.

Pam blackledge

I didn't know much about Chiropractors before a friend referred me to Dr Harrison. I woke up one morning with a catch in my back. I tried to stretch to get relief, but In an instant, I was in excruciating pain. My Friend called and got an appoint for me with Dr Greg Harriston. He did an exam and took xrays. Two vertbra and disk had come out of place. AFTER THE FIRST ADJUSTMENT I HAD RELIEF!! After 5 weeks he had my vertbra and disk back in place!! He is amazing at his Job and his staff are Sweet and Professioral. Dr Harrison gave me back quality of life back!!

deedre coll

I see Dr. Hairston each month for maintenance. I highly recommend his services and this clinic. The staff is very friendly. They are the best in the Pine Belt, in my opinion!

Tommy Mixon

I cannot say enough about the relief I’ve received by coming to Pine Belt. Dr. Hairston has worked wonders on my back and I recommend him to anyone looking for an alternative to surgery or prescribed medication.

Jerica Yonce

The best chiropractor ever!! He listens to you and really helps. Staff is wonderful and everyone is really nice.

Jason Cromwell

I have been seeing Dr Hairston for over 5 years, and he has made such a difference in how my body feels. Gene and Lori are very professional and fun! Kudos to Allison as well. I highly recommend him and his staff for your chiropractic needs!!

Stephanie Barnes

I’ve had the best experience!!! The office environment and staff are wonderful. And Dr. Hairston is great!! I leave every appointment completely satisfied with my session. I recommend all give him a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Tyler Richardson

Dr. Hairston is unprofessional and does not provide thorough chiropractic care. It is clear that his intention is to get his patients in and out as quickly as possible. He was not attentive to my concerns and was sarcastic and condescending. His approach is to treat symptoms, focusing on a local area of the spine rather than confronting the problem globally - this is completely backwards to how chiropractic works, problems in one part of the spine propagate through the whole body and the entirety of chiropractic medicine is based on this principle. In other words, if a patient has middle back pain it may be necessary to adjust the patient's hips even if the patient doesn't have hip pain. During only my second adjustment Dr. Hairston started to complain to me about his profit margins which was of course incredibly uncomfortable for me. When I asked if he could send my x-rays to my general physician he accused me of "not trusting him" and told me he would charge me $35 for my x-rays. When I asked the receptionist the same question she informed me that they send records at no cost. Edit: Since leaving Dr. Hairston's office, I've started seeing Dr. Brandon Herrington in Hattiesburg who provides exceptional service at a lower cost. I've worked with several chiropractors over the years and whereas Dr. Hairston has provided an exceptionally bad experience, Dr. Herrington has restored my faith in chiropractic therapy and I truly feel like I get more than my moneys worth at his office. Again, I encourage you to investigate your options, you can do much better than Dr. Hairston. Your health and your wallet will be better off elsewhere.

Chris Glasgow

Dr. Hairston has helped me tremendously with a building disc. When I first went, he did not promise me that he could get me back in 100%, but instead told me that we could get from where I was (in great pain) back to about 70-80% perfect health. I knew when he told me this that he wasn't lying, and wasn't giving me promises that he couldn't keep. When I first started, I couldn't run or workout without crippling back tightness and numbness and pain. Now, with correct load and volume management in gym, I work out relatively pain free. Thanks so much!

Lisa Pigg

Very friendly staff! They seem to care about you as a persons and I received the best care possible. I highly recommend this place! 5+ stars.

Billy Barrett

Dr. Hairston is a very knowledgeable chiropractic professional. Perhaps his greatest asset, however, is that he also becomes your friend. He really cares for his patients and his staff is dedicated and awesome. In just a few adjustments, I went from a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders to none at all. I highly recommend Dr. Hairston!

Ashley Jarrell

grant egley

Dr. Hairston is top notch! Personally, I have been to 5 different Chiropractors over the course of my life and can honestly say that I have never been to a more knowledgeable and professional Chiropractor. His staff and their attention to detail are outstanding! Simply put, they are the best! Dr. Hairston produces incredible, REAL, results!

Elton Wise

Doctor Hairston is one of the best doctors in the world. He has helped me with my neck pain that would make my hands go numb with severe shoulder pain. I would recommend coming and see him if you have any pain in you neck, back, shoulders and hips. I was 49 years old and didn’t think I would ever get relieve from the pain. Doctor Hairston is one of the best in the business


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