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REVIEWS OF Mid South Chiropractic IN Mississippi

Dennis Lee

The staff is outstanding, very friendly. Thank you Dr Kim for your undivided attention to my care.

Laura Reed

Tony Hambrick

Holly Walters

Highly recommend!

Sharonte Webber

I would recommend Mid South to everyone!! I knew nothing about chiropractics even when I attended a chiro wayyyy before coming here!! They gave me not only the best service, treatment and care but also knowledge!!! I have made some amazing friends here!!!

Arnita Hester

Rachel Armstrong

I LOVE this chiropractic clinic! They are always upbeat, take the time to listen to your symptoms, and do a thorough evaluation of your spine prior to every laying a finger on you. There is never a long wait and I am always greeted by name when I am addressed by the staff and by the physicians. My neck and back pain have severely decreased from when I first started getting adjusted. Only go periodically now just to make sure things don't get out of whack. Highly recommend trying them for your chiropractic care.

Tawni Rayman

Great clinic! Dr. Kasprack is great - very knowledgeable and up-to-date on new technology and methods of chiropractic care. They genuinely care about their patients.

Jeremy C. Park

Dr. Brittany Kasprack and her team are top notch professionals who take great care in the service and education they provide to patients and our community. Personally, they've helped me tremendously. They helped alleviate the lower back pain I had been suffering with for a few years prior and now I'm both feeling pain-free and on an easy schedule to maintain my wellness, as well. I greatly appreciate their efforts and all they've done for me personally.

Stephen Baker

Lisa Tubbs

Dr. Allen is great. He is friendly and caring and knows just how to fix what's bothering you. I love that I can get in for an adjustment appointment and out the door quickly without a long wait like at other dr's offices. Their massage therapists are very good too! The combination of massage therapy and chiro works so well together for the patient.

Staci Thomas

Great staff! They get you in and out, and I truly believe my chiropractic care helped me have a relatively quick birthing delivery.

Barrie Humphries

Dr. Robert is not only thorough but meticulous in how he treats patients. He’s genuinely concerned about their welfare and listens to them about their needs and wants to provide solutions. He is pinpoint accurate in his manipulations and provides knowledgeable treatment options with each visit.

Mark Bichon

Dr. Brittany is probably the best chiropractor I've ever been to. She and her staff are very thorough in finding out what the actual problem is, not just what I think the problem is. Not only is Dr. Brittany amazing but her staff is one of the most courteous I've ever dealt with. They went the extra step to make me feel comfortable through every visit. I am a technology nut and the technology they use is awesome. There is no other chiropractor or chiropractic office I will trust with mine or my family's spine care. Thank you Dr. Brittany!!!

Jenny Appling

Simply loved Dr. Brittany!

Sharrell Reed

Kathleen Rawlsky

Yuselphia Thornton

Tim Flesner

MidSouth Chiropractic is one of the best chiropractors in the Mid-South. I have sought chiropractic care since I was a teenager and was diagnosed with scoliosis. Dr. Kasprack is the first chiropractor that ever took the time to explain my 'overall' health with me and teach me about the benefits of chiropractic care. She also informed me of the necessity of having an overall holistic understanding of neurological health and why it is important to have regular 'maintenance' visits while also giving me suggestions to assist in my health and well-being. It is not your typical 'snap-crackle-pop' chiropractor.

Karice Clark

Best staff and offices hands down. They’ve helped tremendously with an issue I didn’t even realize was the cause of all my pain. They took the time to evaluate and gave me the best treatment plan for me. I feel 110 times better and I’m so grateful. God Bless

Donald Rodgers

Simone Mustafa

trenell Wright

Lisa Kasprack


D Flie

Heather Wooden

Elaine Karnes

Michelle G

stephan Wilson

Austin Payne

This place has really helped me out tremendously! I’ve always had problems ever since I was younger and now that I’ve gone to them I feel pain free!!! MID SOUTH CHIRO is awesome!

Dean Trautman

kay Hardin

dr Brittany, dr Kim and their team are amazing! Thank you!

Katie Lee

I had never been that interested in chiropractic care before but this place is life changing! They are different from what I thought a chiropractor would be like, but in a good way! They really care about my all around health and wellness and go the extra mile for it!

Barbara Bledsoe

They are great people at this place. Dr White is a good dr.

Shelby Belton-Villatoro

Beautiful Very clean and comforting office, Wonderful Drs, and friendly staff!!!


Run. This is nothing personal against the staff or the doctor but it's a complete waste of time. I left work early two days in a row because I was in legitimate pain. The business model is trash. They want you to go 3x a week and they try to get you to pay upfront. For me that was almost 900$. Well now they get zero money out of me. I can see them taking advantage of people because they go there while they are vulnerable and in pain. Shameful.

Scott Hill

Dr. Brittany and staff are great!! They are very professional and thorough. She also helped me determine a great treatment for an allergic reaction that was not even related to my back pain. You're in great hands with Mid South Chiropractic!

Nathan Hayes

Dr Brittany is an awesome Chiropractor. She has an nice facility and friendly staff. If your looking for a Chiropractor, I wouldn't recommend anyone else!!

Dr. Kimberly Ramcharan

Sue McDonald

Kim is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. She knows what she is doing. The staff is always friendly & you are notified of your next appointment. Very efficient.

Angie Warfield

Anna Montgomery

Love Dr. Britney. The rest of the staff is awesome too. When I go in for an adjustment I'm usually in and out in 10 mins.

Mark Brady

Kristin West

Dr. Kim and the staff were great!

Nikki Lee

If you wanna feel great, give your body no hate! Maintain a wellness life, no achy breaky strife! Prevent harmful diseases, so you don't fall to pieces!

Nickki Swanson

I love the staff they are amazing! The doctors are awesome you surely want to come here!


Doctors are skilled at what they do. Very friendly staff!

Amber Newcome

Dr. Holli and the whole team at Mid-South Chiropractic are so wonderful! They have made it virtually painless to receive and understand chiropractic care! Thank you guys so much for working with me during my car accident and everything else :)

David Bacchus

I appreciate the care so much. They gave me care I never knew I needed!

Laura Lesko

Hannah Wintker

The staff was super friendly and willing to answer any questions I had. I loved that they actually examined my spine prior to adjusting it because even though I’m having pain in a general area, the cause was another place on my spine. The doctors were fantastic and you can tell that they were passionate about what they do. Definitely recommend this place to anyone seeking a chiropractor.

Samuel Simpson

Great people, very professional and courteous. Really helped me get back doing the things I love.

Neosha Fuller

Nice group of young people. I loved it!!

Caralyn Brown

Got a Gift Certificate as a gift and was told I couldn't use it because they are only good for 3 mon'ths. I tried calling 4 times to make an appt and left messages but no return call. Now, when I finally do get a live person I'm told i can't use the GC. According to Mississippi Code Ann. 89-12-14 Gift Certificates are good for 5 years after issue date then they are voided. Don't do business with this Chiropractor/Business!!

latrice turner

Feeling better each time I go!

Robert Franco

What a great all-around clinic experience!

Gigi Duffy

Awesome caring staff, lovely office and the best care I have ever received.


Jennifer McPeak

Love Mid South Chiropractic!!!!!! Love the personal greeting walking in the door to the excellent care by the doctors. The doctors listen and you can tell they care ! Highly recommend.

kamala steele

Austin Howard

Going to Mid South Chiropractic is without a doubt one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life! I came here a few months ago after dealing with intense and frequent back pain for an extended period of time. This was mostly due to prior sports injuries, in addition to a career in law enforcement which forces me to wear several pounds of gear on a daily basis (causing extra strain). All I can say is within a matter of two days after my first visit I began to experience a decrease in both intensity and frequency of pain. Now that I have been a patient for over a month, it is almost unbelievable how much better I feel when I wake up in the morning and go about my daily routine. I have more energy, mobility, and feel overall better than I have in years. Also, I want to emphasize about the staff how extremely friendly and courteous they are, which makes the experience so much better. They were able and willing to accommodate my crazy schedule and were very understanding how hard it can be sometimes to make as well as attend appointments while having a career. All in all, let me just say that if you are hesitant to consider chiropractic services to help with your pain, don’t be. And most importantly when you finally decide to make a decision to try it, make the right decision- choose Mid South Chiropractic.

Arthur Abott

WORTHLESS! Save your time & trouble scheduling an appointment with Mid-South. All I needed was a simple chiropractic vertebrae adjustment - and this place will put you through many 'procedural-hoops' before you can see the Chiropractor. First I filled out an extensive on-line medical history, and description of my problem. When I arrived the appointment, They wanted my drivers license, and wanted to take a photograph. (I refused the photograph) Then they had me fill-out ANOTHER medical history on their computer screen that was almost identical to the on-line medical form. Then I had to pay cash for the appointment before I could see the Chiropractor. I was then directed to a private screening-room, and another attendant was there and wanted me to watch a video. I told the attendant that I was here to see the Chiropractor (not watch a video). Finally the chiropractor entered the room - I discussed my problem and requested a simple vertebrae adjustment (which I have had in my life many times before) She refused to give me the requested-adjustment, and stated that first I needed a full examination including x-rays before any treatment can be performed. In other words, it was ANOTHER hoop for the patient to jump through to generate $ 'MORE-FEES' $ for your visit. Bottom-Line, I wasted my time and energy going to Mid-South Chiropractic - The Chiropractor 'refused' to do a simple procedure without having a full examination which of course in my case I DID NOT NEED! Mid-South Chiropractic & Therapeutic Massage is operated by Millennials (Kids) (by the way There Is No Therapeutic Massage) The clerk told me "that their massage therapist quit" and there are no massages. What a mess this place is.

Craig Merrill

Michael Barber Jr

I started going to Chiro about 7 months ago and I had these sharp pains and just overall soreness in my shoulders and lower back for years and I thought it was normal bc of all the sports I’ve played but ever since I started coming here I’ve gotten compliments about how much taller I look and I felt more energized also. Since Day 1 they made sure I knew everything that was going on, everyone was knowledgeable of what they did and that in itself put confidence in me to try Chiro out and I haven’t regretted it once since then. Dr. B and her crew has to be the best in OB and Hernando.

Donna Bradley

Scott James

Keith Rambo

Joe Bumpous

Samantha Ziegler

Faran James

Great doctors!

John Rawlsky

Good experience at the Horn Lake office and already feeling better this morning.

Christina Taylor

Very nice and helpful chiropractor. Everyone there is very nice.

Marrisa Hunt

Rebecca Richey

I love Dr. Shiquita White!

Robert Rice

Dr. Kasprack and staff have an amazing office! They are truly wonderful and caring. Would refer my friends and family here.

Martha Chua

It's fantastic to stand up and move without pain.thanks Dr. Robert.

Lori White

Roschelle Simmons

I enjoy every moment at Mid South Chiropractic I learned some much about the body and enjoy seen a assessment.

Sarah James

Such a welcoming environment! Very fast, joyful, helpful, and kid friendly. Each doctor genuinely cares about you.

Tyler S

Great doctor, great staff, great environment. Can't say enough about the great care delivered at Mid South Chiropractic. Highly recommend! I especially appreciate the thoroughness of the doctor with a comprehensive exam and x-rays. You can tell how much Dr. Brittany cares for her patients as she left no stone unturned to get to the cause of my issues. Thanks so much Dr. Brittany!

Keith Walker

Have been going to Mid-South Chiropractic for about a year. Compared to two other Chiropractors in the area they have the best customer care. The adjustments and massage therapy are just what I need!!! I would recommend this business to anyone.

Dena Granger

Such a pleasure working with Dr. Brittany and staff. I was suffering from severe neck pain after a trip. They got me in immediately and did everything possible to make me comfortable/relieve my pain. Not only did I receive an awesome adjustment, their level of customer service/patient care exceeded my expectations. They now have a patient for life!!!


They are very quick and very friendly. After your first consultation your other appointments don't take long at all. Your there for maybe 15-30 min if you go in the evening. And the staff is always very nice and helpful always trying to make sure your comfortable. 5 stars! Love this place!!

Marisa Hall

They are great!! All of their office staff are so friendly and very helpful in understanding how chiropractic care helps! I am so glad that I chose to come here! My back was hurting so bad I could barely move it in the beginning. Parts of my back would go numb tingling then I would have sharp pains in my neck and consistent migraines. Mid-South helped relieve that pain and I feel so much better now!! Dr. Robert does an awesome job and I am so much happier now that I am not so sore!

Dennis Hollaway

It was my first visit and it was mostly just for x-rays. Returning today for my first adjustment. Very friendly staff an doctors. I am really impressed thus far.

Tameka Wilkerson

Dr Kim was amazing. She explained every single part of the procedure. She was patience and answered every question. She is professional, great listener and friendly. I was greeted with my name on the board as I walked in the doctor office and with a great smile by the lady working the desk. The decor is bright, clean and relaxing. I was referred by Debbie an employee that has a beauty personality. Thanks again Olive Branch location.

Jon Belleau

Dr. Brittany has helped my wife and I for a couple years. We highly recommend seeing her if you are suffering due to pain from an out of aligned body

Cynthia White

Sarah Howard

Dr. Brittany is the best! She truly cares about her patients and is great at educating you about the benefits of chiropractic care. I 100% would recommend her to my family and friends!

Shirley Temple

Margie Collins

Dr Allen is the best Chiropractor in the Mid-South without a doubt. He truly cares for his patients. His staff is as loving and caring as he is. I would recommend Dr Allen to anyone feeling confident that he would give them the most comprehensive care needed.

Cyndi Lou

frances brown

Stephanie Hale

Andrew Bartolotta

For years, I've developed headaches from sitting at my desk and staring at my computer. I started to tense up and my shoulders were so stiff. After a few visits to Mid South Chiropractic, I am feeling so much better. I also love how Dr. Brittany, Dr. Kim, and the staff are philanthropic and engaged in DeSoto County. I'm so thankful for their guidance on my journey to wellness.

B Lee

Both Dr. Brittany and Dr. Kim are wonderful. The whole staff are very caring and provide personalized attention every time I walk in the door. I would highly recommend them!

Emery Jenkins

The staff and doctors are amazing. It is obvious that they care about my health and wellness. My headaches have been almost completely non existent since being under chiropractic care at Mid South. Its been an amazing experience.

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