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REVIEWS OF Action Chiropractic IN Mississippi

cynthia rasco

Great Chiro! Great Office Staff!

Scott McGregor

Everyone is friendly and down to earth. No nonsense and very competent. Like any field, there are many chiropractors that may have the degree and some experience but just aren't the greatest at what they do or they are more worried about the money more than he patient or customer. Dr. DeMott does not fall into that category. He is one of the best I've ever been to and has helped me get to a pain free state and MAINTAIN it. Thanks to all at Action Chiropractic!

Butch Arthur

I have been going to Action for over 7 years. The staff has always been professional and friendly and ready to help with anything. The doctors are top-notch! I have felt from the beginning that they know just what my back needs and they always fix me right up. I've been to several other Chiropractors in the Jackson area and they are by far the best.

Darla Schallenberger

I have been going here for several years and love the staff here. They make you feel like family. They are excellent at getting you feeling better. I would highly recommend them.

Jade Wilson

The service at Action Chiroptactic was wonderful from the time I first walked in the front door. They are genuine and professional and the best chiropractor I've ever been to.

Lynda McNamee

No complaints at all. Friendly, efficient staff. Great facilities. Never had to wait past my appointment time. And, best of all, my pain was resolved very quickly!

Lynn Hilton

Velma Bryant

I am so blessed to have been referred to Dr Ivanov. When I walked in it seemed as if everyone there felt my pain. That let me know that they care about their patients. Dr Ivanov found the problem and gave me the proper adjustments.I got some relief from the pain and with each visit It got better. And I'm thankful to say that I feel like a different person,I have a smile on my face. I want to Thank you all at Action Chiropractic.

Gloria K.

I have had a great experience at Action Chiropractor, my doctor is Dr De Mott, he is truly a professional and caring doctor, he is concerned about your pain level and your health overall. The entire staff the other doctors as well are always very friendly and always willing to help. I highly highly recommend Action Chiropractor, don't forget to ask for Dr. De Mott.

LaTarsha Webb

Best office visit ever

Brandon Strain

I can not say enough great things about Dr. Chagnon and his staff. They are so caring and kind and really take the time to listen. It is such a blessing to have compassion and understanding when you hurt so much. Thank you for all you do Dr. C! I am so glad my doctor sent me to you! You have given me hope! Sandra Strain

Andrew Stubbs

Carlos spring

Great Doctors and staff. Very courteous and professional. They are very accommodating to my spontaneous last minute visits. They treat me like family!

Deloris Evans

Wow! What a great experience. Dr. Ivonoff is excellent and will always choose him as my chiropractor..

Kelly Long

I am so thankful for the relief I got from my sciatica pain from Dr. DeMott and his staff. I was about to go on a cruise and had considered cancelling it. I was pain free and able to enjoy my trip within days. Everyone is so friendly, professional and efficient. I would recommend Action Chiropractic to anyone who needs pain relief.

Chayell Crosby

Dr. Demott is wonderful. Always very patient and attentive. The staff is also very sweet.

Barbara O'Banner

This is a great place to go if you are having pain. The staff and team here is great. They are very organized and work great as a team. They get you in and out but take great care of you.

Gioia Evans

It has been a wonderful experience, the very comfortable environment, patient focus. Dr De Mott explained my condition and has work to reduce my pain. I will recommend Action to everyone.

Lorraine Fagan

I'm so grateful to Dr. Ivanov and the rest of the wonderful staff at Action Chiropractic. I suffered with a morton's neuroma in my foot for over a year. I had been told I would likely need shots in the foot or even surgery. But, through treatment from Dr. Ivanov, I found relief from the near constant pain and discomfort.

Evelyn Watkins

I was referred to Dr. Ivanof by a running friend with a similar running injury. Dr. I is very knowledgeable and invested in his patients. He listened to my history and asked several questions. He suggested I begin active release therapy. After one session and following his at home exercise suggestions, I felt a major difference. My Pain began to decrease and my mobility and functional abilities increased. After 4-5 sessions, I was back running at my normal pace and distances with no pain. I should mention that I live in Meridian. After one session, the 90 minute drive (3hr round trip) was worth it. Dr. I even researched other ART certified practitioners to help cut down on the drive, but none were closer to my home than he was. I highly recommend Action Chiropractic. The staff are very friendly. They emailed me new patient paperwork which expedited the process and I never had to wait more than a few minutes for my appointment time.

Earl King

Natalie Webb

I love this clinic. They treat me and my husband like we are their best patient. They know us by name and the staff is so friendly and caring. The physicians are the best. They really take an interest in the patient. I have never been turned down when I have had to call and ask for my husband an appointment. I really appreciate the work that they do.


A great chiropractic clinic with wonderful, caring Doctors and Staff!

Receiving Receiving


Mr. Baldhead 1

I've been coming weekly and everytime I go I feel better and better I thought my body wouldn't ever stop hurting but with the care of Dr Mott it's getting alot better THANKS Guys and the wonderful staff

James Popeye Smith

If you have any type of back problems, this is the place to go to ease or erase the pain. Insurance or no insurance they will ease that pain too!

Benjamin Witt

I've visited Action for about a year. Great results and staff. A variety of therapies are available. They listen to your concerns and are there to take the time to help you feel better.

michael waylett

The best chiropractor I've ever been to (& my uncle is a chiropractor)! The entire staff is very pleasant and the adjustments have been very effective in combating long-term issues. Dominique Chagnon is great. Highly recommend.

Bernice Austin-Ayodele

Dr. Ivanov targets the problem and treats very well! He is the most friendly and caring Doctor that I have ever encountered! He is the BEST!

M Barfield

Appointments are always prompt. And the doctors and staff really get to know the patients. The treatment plan works.

Stella Ross

I can honestly say that Dr. DeMott has changed my life! I've been in pain for so long that I actually thought that what I was experiencing was NORMAL. Dr. DeMott asked all of the right questions and knew exactly what he needed to do to bring me relief; Not to mention that I literally check in an hour early every time and it has NEVER been a problem! He thourghly explains the issue areas and the course of action before and during treatment. The staff are great, warm, friendly, inviting, and enthuastic people that I have had the honor to meet! I look forward to all of my appointments with DeMott! I'm a new paitent at Action Chiropratic and I HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT IF YOU ARE IN PAIN AND READING THIS, YOU ARE DEFINATELY RESEARCHING THE RIGHT PLACE. THE NEXT STEP IS TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT....I PROMISE THIS JOURNEY WILL BE LIFE CHANGING!! Overall great customer service from evreyone. Each staff member is more than willing to answer any question that you may have to make your visit more personable, knowlege filled, and exciting. Take action today and contact Action Chiropractic!! I promise that with Dr. DeMott along with his amazing staff on your team, you WILL NOT regret it!

Kelly Brentz

This place has changed my life. I highly recommend Action as a whole, but especially Dr. Demote and Brandi for everything they have done for me!

Mary Lohrenz

I saw Dr. Ivanov at Action Chiropractic for a really stubborn case of plantar fasciitis that had not responded to regular physical therapy, stretching and exercises, etc. He treated it with ART (active release technique) and told me what exercises and stretching to do and it worked! I feel so blessed to be able to walk and run again! Dr. Ivanov is very knowledgeable, professional and caring. All the staff at Action Chiropractic are the very best. Thank you so much!

Cj Stewart

Very professional staff! Fantastic results

Kim Sloan

I had been dealing with chronic back pain for a long time. A little more than a month later and I am feeling great.I would highly recommend Action Chiropractic Clinic.

DeWanna Belton

I was involved in a truck accident in which my back and neck was injured. I received treatment at Action. The doctor and staff worked very hard to treat my injuries. They did an excellent job in relieveing my pain. Action entire staff were very personable, considerate, respectful and professional. Their office, equipment and environment was very clean, modern and comfortable. The wait time was very minimum. I definitely recommend them.

bethany bowen

This clinic is the best to go for in terms of neck pain, back pain, and anything in between. Hardly any waiting times and the staff is so caring and patient.

Norie Kany

Excellent place. They do a great job and staff are very friendly.

Leigh Harris

This place is awesome! Great for back pain during pregnancy. The staff is so sweet and they work around my schedule!! Love these guys!

King God

The staff at Action Chiropractic Clinic are awesome and professional. Everyone from Dr. Demott to his friendly and hard working staff. Langley, Kelly, Bethany, and Laura are always smiling, friendly and very welcoming.

Virginia Anderson

Dr. De Mott is superb! He's very attentive and cares for his patients' wellbeing. The staff are courteous and accommodating to the patient's medical needs, schedule, and budget. I highly recommend this clinic!!!

Josh McNeill

Dr. Chagnon and his staff are great! Professional, caring and a fantastic overall experience!

Don Kazery

Mike Cronin

Dr. Ivanov is superb! He is so much more than just a chiropractor. He is highly skilled in ART and myofascial release techniques. He was able to design a treatment plan for me that brought significant relief. He has a unique set of skills and experience that you rarely find.

Lindsey Walston

I have been going to Action Chiropractic for several years - even during my pregnancy! All of the doctors are great, especially Dr. DeMott. I would highly recommend them. They are very professional and their office staff is top notch!

Guion Gee

Dr Ivanov is the best!!

Darian Byrd

Great Service and speedy!!

Julia Jones

Dr. Chagnon has worked miracles with my back! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I cannot say enough great things about this place!

EllaJane Putnam

Dr. Changnon is an amazing doctor with wonderful chiro skills and excellent customer service. He got me ready for an Oregon summer hiking trip with ongoing sessions along with Pilates after the trip. Between chiro adjustments and strengthening my core via reformer Pilates my back is healing. Action Chiropratic takes a wholistic view of your body and mind with chiropratic sessions, fitness, and diet. The staff, including the chiro techs, the fitness center trainers and the doctors, are all very customer-centric and accommodating and knows my name! If you desire to strengthen your body and mind the natural way Action Chiropratric is the way to go! I am committed for life! Ella Jane Putnam

Molly Scarborough

Great experience! Friendly staff and very professional. Seen in a timely manner. Most importantly getting me out of pain!

Jennifer King

Everyone has been sry friendly and helpful. Within one week Dr. DeMott relieved my constant shoulder pain to an ocaional discomfort, and I'm continuing to improve. I like that my therapy has also included muscle care to help support my treatment. I'm very athletic, and I believe he will have up and going as quickly as possible. Highly recommended!


Dr Chagnon is fantastic. The office is friendly and a pleasure to go to. My pain is being managed and all my questions answered and I feel like I am apart of my healing. Great doctors, I highly recommend for anyone with spine pain. Elizabeth Sullivan

Erin Herm

I’ve been suffering from neck pain for years and with a treatment plan dr. De Mott has been able to relieve my pain. All of the accompanying symptoms are going away with regular treatments. I highly recommend, these people are great!

Ann Williams

My husband and I are really enjoying the services and treatments from the medical team and staff members. We are very relaxed after an adjustment and our bodies' feels great throughout the day/night! Ginnie

Caitlin Still

Dr DeMott and everyone at Action Chiropractic saved my back! A few weeks ago I fell and twisted my spine badly. So badly, in fact, that I could barely walk into the office (they literally had to hold the door open for me). After X-rays and an initial adjustment, Dr DeMott created a plan to help me out. In less than a month I can now walk, sit and stand with ease. Though I still have some trouble and continue to see the staff at Action Chiropractic, I have never healed so quickly from a major injury. The team is great about using multiple methods to ease pain and help their patients heal. Their first priority is the health and wellbeing of their patients. I have never been so grateful! If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would in a heartbeat!

Kelly Burge

I've been seeing Dr. De Mott for over three years. I used to have migraines, but now I don't!! I've had an adjustment from all of the doctors there and they are all very good!

Wade Acuff

Laura A

Very friendly and helpful. The chiropractor took his time and talked with me about my pain issues.

Lee Lyon

The group of doctors have been a tremendous help to me. Action Chiro has succeeded where many other doctors (MDs) and physical therapist were not able to help. I could not more strongly recommend anyone than I do Action. I need more stars.

Suzanna McMahan

Very professional group and they accept Medicare! X-rays might be $50-$100 or more and are not covered by medicare, but it's worth it!

peggie booker

I really feel great after my adjustment with Dr. Chagnon. Everyone is friendly and the office is clean.

Dominique Chagnon

Tondra Sanders

This place is awesome!!!! They really know you by name!!! Never a long wait...and the customer service here is exceptional..the only time I can say I like coming to the doctor!!! Definitely recommend Action Chiropractic for your chiropractic needs!!!!

David Hardy

Tiffany Slaughter

Amazing!!!! Staff very friendly. Clean facility. Chiropractors are very helpful and don't mind explaining what they know, about your condition, detail by detail. Highly Recommend!

Essence Liddell

I was in the worst pain ever before I went to these guys after a month I was back to my normal self... very professional service... chiropractor generally cares about your overall health and well-being. I highly recommend this place for anyone having back problem upper back or lower back they’ll have you up and running in no time... Front desk associate Kelly is extremely professional and polite

Melissa Honea

Dr. Chagnot has been treating me for years and I would not consider going anywhere else! His professionalism and true care for his patient's pain and needs are unparalleled. MH

Rebecca Laney-Meers

I have used chiropractic services for decades for a brutal whiplash. This clinic is warm and friendly. They LISTEN. They EDUCATE. Land here! You will be happy!

Everett Pepper

I would recommend Action Chiropractic to anyone who is experiencing pain. I work with Dr. Chagnon & Dr. De Mott on a personal and professional level and they are awesome doctors who take great care of their patients.

Matt Brown

Staff very friendly and helpful. Dr. C helps with whole body wellness not just the spine.


Went initially with hope of getting my neck corrected and the doctor delivered just as a thought. Well walkthrough plans & payment options! Great place

Leslie s

They are the best! Dr. Ivanov is so nice and their PT program is great!

Melvin Smitherman

Action Chiropractic Service has a super staff who are committed, thorough, affordable, professional and willing to work with clients on a case by case basis. I am excited because it;s been so long since I've had Chiropractic treatment. The doctors really know their profession and I'm looking forward to being and feeling healthier!!!!!

gary matthews

What a great staff. Langley, Whitney, and the new girl are great. Dr. Ivanov is the best. If you're and athlete you need to go to him, he understands the desire to keep going.

Marcia McLaurin

Awesome staff! Dr. Ivanov is the best! I have fibromyalgia and his active release therapy is the only thing that has relieved my pain.

Anne Toles

Dr. Ivanov is great! Highly recommend him!

Patricia Warner

I arrived with hip and back issues and a lot of pain. Dr.DeMott and staff worked with me to correct problems and strengthen muscles in order to maximize treatments. It worked! I am free from pain and can continue my active lifestyle. I cannot thank the staff and doctors enough for the excellent care. I certainly recommend them without reservation.


My husband started going to this clinic about 2 months ago. And he feels 100% better. The staff is VERY friendly and compassionate about every patient. We have had the pleasure of visiting with all the doctors and they are been AWESOME!

Jill Clark

Life Changing! Amazing! Dr Ivanov is a miracle worker! I went in with low back pain and a toe that hurt so much I could not even touch it. Within 2 sessions my toe pain went from a 9 to a 2! Back pain is gone too. The staff are nice and friendly and the place is clean and modern. I highly recommend.

Drake Dockery

All of the staff has treated me with some of the best hospitality I've gotten from the any medical establishment I've been in to the past year. The nurses are welcoming and Dr.De Mott is well experienced to make sure I'm done with my treatment in a timely manner. Love this place

Britton Montgomery

Marsha Manuel

Thomas Crawford

The care is comprehensive, affordable and incredibly beneficial. After a recent divorce, I suffered from stress, anxiety, and worry until it affected my physical wellbeing. The staff came up with a plan of action; including Pilates, which I highly recommend. I stuck to it. I am happy to report that not only am I improving physically, but their routine is better than any psychological therapy. Mentally I am so much stronger. It's almost like getting my life back.

Mikira Montgomery

I love Action Chiropractic! The staff is ALWAYS nice and welcoming when I have appointments. The office is clean and it is a nice, comfortable environment.

Jasmine Williams-Washington

The service here is amazing. From the front desk to the care from the chiropractors on staff. If you are look for a chiropractor this is the place for you.

sabrina rucker

The Staff is so friendly!! Dr. Gary De Mott has helped me tremendously with my chronic pain. After years of pain; I am pain free after a few visits. The adjustments, alignments, and the pilates have eliminated pain and stress in my neck and shoulders and the pilates help improved my posture and range of motion.

Jade Schilhab

Dr. De Mott has been wonderful throughout this whole process. I recently got into a car accident and I knew I wanted to get everything checked out that I was having issues with. He went over exactly why I was in pain and showed me the areas I needed to work on. He gave me a time frame in which I should be not only feeling better but be where I need to be at again. My back and neck pain has improved drastically. The staff is always very nice. I will continue to go to him for check ups and to make sure my body stays in the condition it needs to be in.

Trish Martin

Dr. DeMott is amazing! He is doing everything possible to make me better since my recent car accident. He and the entire Action Chiropractic team work together to make each visit as pleasant as possible. Will not go to another chiropractor. Thank you Dr. DeMott!

Casey Lee

Action Chiropractic is fantastic! Dr. Ivanov is amazing and the crew is always so nice.

Terry Bell

Great results. Doctors and staff are courteous and knowledgeable. They always make you feel that your needs are their primary concern. Very flexible with scheduling and always accommodate your needs.


Dr. Chagnon, & his team of highly skilled professionals at Action Chiropractics, has taken excellent care of my children & I for many years. Treatment is surprisingly affordable & they are tremendously respectful of my time. I've never experienced a medical office that is more efficient with scheduling & managing patient appointments than the office staff at Action Chiropractics. I am a working mother of 3 with a very demanding schedule & could not receive the care I need if I had to wait 30 minutes or more consistently like my children & I typically do at most any other medical office I've ever been to. It goes without saying that they truly value me as a person. A physician friend of mine referred me to Action Chiropractics to treat hip pain that my 11-year-old son was experiencing during his taekwondo training. She said that "Action Chiropractics did an excellent treating children with these issues". She was correct! After a few minor treatments with Dr. Chagnon, my son was pain free and able to enjoy his taekwondo training again & even won a gold medal or two at his tournament competition the following month! I was involved in a car accident in 2005 that left me with a debilitating sharp pain that felt like a knife in my right shoulder blade & back area & persistent throbbing headaches. I did months of traditional physical therapy which helped strengthen & stabilize my shoulder area, but the sharp knife-stab-like pain remained in my back & my headaches were getting worse. Taking anti-inflammatory medications routinely helped take the edge off my pain, but they began to irritate the lining in my stomach so I stopped taking them. I realized how much Dr. Chagnon's treatment helped my son, so I called & made an appointment with Action Chiropractics. Dr. Chagnon quickly & accurately diagnosed my problem at my first visit. He explained that the sharp pain I was feeling was not generated from any issue with my shoulder but rather a trigger point caused by compression of a nerve located between two vertebrae in my neck (C5 & C6). I felt immediate relief after my first visit & was pain free after 30 minute treatment sessions twice weekly consistently for a few weeks. I admit I was very skeptical about chiropractic treatment, putting it mildly, before we gave Action Chiropractics a try. Dr. Chagnon & his team compassionate team of professionals have earned my trust & respect. I highly recommend that anyone experiencing chronic pain of any type, headaches, muscle weakness, or numbness - call Action Chiropractics & make an appointment to evaluate the cause of your symptoms & treatment options. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much the quality of your everyday life can improve!

Margie Delaney

I have been going to Action Chiropractic since October 2008. I am always greeted with a smile and taken care of quickly. Dr. Chagnon always take time to answer any questions and listens to any issues I have. I continue to go to Action Chiropractic and continue to live a pain free active life style.

Sereena Henderson

Dr. De Mott is a great chiropractor! I am no where near in as much pain as I was before visiting Action Chiropractic. I feel so much better. Although Dr. Chagnon isn't the one who sees me, I met him during one of my visits, and he was so nice and concerned. Kelly at the front desk is so sweet and always so helpful. If you need any rehab or physical therapy, they'll send you right next door to Guruz. The one-on-one pilates is amazing! It relieves so much stress and is such a great workout. The instructors are great and so experienced and will work with you to make sure you have a safe workout.

Robbie Wallace

The staff is wonderful

Tanya Locke

I came to Action after a MVA and received the best care ever. The clinic staff as a whole was wonderful to work with. I got the best care and was able to continue at my job while still in therapy. Upon having my first challenge at work, I was able to work through with minimal pain. They hold workshops after hours and I advise anyone wanting to remain pain free to attend. I learned how to exercise correctly when healing from a back injury. Appointments are easy and convenient and last less than 30 minutes. Great job Action and Thanks!

Amanda Kilpatrick

I have a 7 week old infant with terrible colic. I’ve been taking him for realignments for two weeks now and I have noticed a significant change. Would definitely recommend to any mother out there with a colicky baby. The staff is super friendly, professional, and made me feel welcome from the moment I stepped in the door.

Corey O'Connell

Dr. Gary De Mott is great. Thoroughly explained everything going on in my spine and neck to me. Set forth a plan of action to correct these problems. Will end up saving me from spinal surgery down the road. Great bed side manner. I cannot recommend enough.

Johnna Freiman

Dr. Chagnon is great! I was out of pain and back running in just 2 visits!

Gwen Pittman

I have seen a lot of doctors but the team chiropractors at Action Chiropractic are outstanding incredible people to work with, they are very professional and they don't mind answering any questions big or small!

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