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REVIEWS OF Watkins Family Chiropractic IN Minnesota

Kelly Hoffarth

So thankful I found Watkins Chiropractic clinic! My lower back and hip pain finally became manageable. Dr. Lindsay and Dr. Josh have both been amazing - using different approaches if something wasn't working and making sure to check all areas that might be interconnected with my pain. Overall, just a wonderful clinic and all the staff are super friendly! I definitely recommend if you are looking for a chiropractor!

Danielle Goembel

I'm very satisfied with the service I've received at Watkins Family Chiropractic. The staff are friendly and patient and truly want what's best for your health. I've never felt pressured into coming more than I need to, which I've experienced before at other places.

Kathy Johnson

I'm so happy I found Watkins Chiropractic!!! Dr. Josh and staff are knowledgeable, friendly and really listen to my concerns! I'm very well-satisfied with my care, due to a pre-existing neck injury, and look forward to my monthly maintenance adjustment.


Rebecca O'Brien Moser

Dr. Lindsey is wonderful! Best chiropractic experience I've ever had!

Debra Telon

Love this place - Super knowledgable and thorough with each visit. Totally trust their opinions and treatment. Such great people too. I highly recommend!!

Michele Lemner

Adjustments have really helped with Migraines. You will walk out of their after a massage very relaxed one of the best massages I have had!

Maggie Matz

Dr. Lindsey is awesome! I like that they lay out a plan and exactly what they think you need when you first start going.

Penny Sievers

Natalie Golberg

I've had a great experience at Watkins Family Chiropractic. They are knowledgeable and responsive. I always walk away feeling better than when I got there!

Joe OConnor

I trust Dr Josh 100% anytime I need an adjustment. The team there is so helpful and friendly. I recommend Watkins Chiropratic to anyone.

Kate Moore

A wonderful, family friendly, professional environment. My entire family chooses this practice for those reasons and so many more. You can feel safe leaving your health in the hands of Dr. Josh and his staff!

Andrew Krogfus

I started going here about 2 years ago due to chronic headaches, and later had a low back injury. For both issues, Dr. Josh was incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. My back issue was resolved quickly, and I was given the knowledge on what I can do to prevent this type of injury in the future. As for the headaches, I used to get about 2 a week and medication only helped half of the time. Now my headaches are few and far between, much less severe, and small doses of medication eliminate them. As for the rest of staff, they great! They are friendly and eager to help with whatever you need. The office is extremely nice and very clean. I really cannot say enough about this place.

Stacy Pearson

Dr Josh and the staff at Watkins Family Chiropractic are always courteous and helpful. They keep your health in mind and work to alleviate your symptoms. I was having frequent headaches and since getting adjustments my headaches have pretty much gone away!

Rachel Zahn

I went to Watkins Chiropractor shortly before Christmas. I'm a music director at my church and I must have done something to jack up my upper back between my shoulder blades. Something got pinched that I almost couldn't breath the night before. I went the next day, and also the day after. He adjusted my upper back and neck. I felt some immediate relief, and the pain from the pinched nerve went away after a few days. He had me sit in a masage chair that isn't your average massage chair - very nice. The place was very clean, the staff was all very friendly and welcoming, and they had stuff to keep the little ones occupied if you have young kids. You can tell that he has young kids of his own. Thanks for that! Definitely will be going back in the future if I need to be adjusted again.

Jeff Erickson

Matt G

Found this place when I was having some back and neck issues. Great staff! It was my first time at Chiro and Josh made me feel very comfortable!

Rollga Health

Helpful and friendly!

Andrea Folger

Both my husband and I visit Watkins Family Chiropractic. Dr. Watkins has helped both of us tremendously with various issues and I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Ideli Longo

I went to Watkins Family Chiropractic in January with a severe pain in my lower back. In my first visit I met Dr. Lindsey and the staff.They were fantastic, helpful and highly professional .Thanks to Dr. Lindsey my symptoms improved a lot and my routine is normal again.I highly recommend her to everybody.

Marche Metoyer

I have been going to Watkins Chiropractic for the past few years. Dr Josh and Dr Lindsay are both great and I would definitely recommend their clinic.

John Watkins

After having a issue reoccur w/ my neck and mid back, I visited Watkins Family Chiropractic (no relation). They were able to diagnose and help w/ issues that I had prior to visiting them. Very professional and easy to make appointments.

shannon tilley

We love the service and care we get at Watkins Family Chiropractic. Our daughter is 13 and a multi sport athlete. The staff at Watkins are great to keep her body adjusted and in prime form for competition. They go above and beyond as well. Our daughter took a hard hit to the head in a game and we brought into urgent care who did not offer much guidance other than just rest. The next day we brought her Watkins where they were able to do additional testing and immediately put her on a path to getting better from her concussion. We love that they went above and beyond and kept her healthy. You will be so happy with their service and will want to be a part of the Watkins Family after even your first visit! Thank you all for all you do!

Wendi Dressen

I love Watkins Chiropractic! They have been very helpful in managing my migraines and are always accommodating when I stop in without an appointment. They give me the exact attention I need depending if I am coming in during a migraine attack, coming in for maintenance or if I am having other issues. I have used several chiropractic clinics in the past, but have never been as satisfied as I am with Watkins. I never wait long and I love the options to entertain myself while I wait.

Noelle Crofton

Dr. Josh is great- Very knowledgeable and personable. You always get more than just an adjustment with your visits. Five stars

Imran Sumar

I've been a patient with Dr Josh for about 6 years now and wouldn't go anywhere else. Since day 1 I have been very pleased with results. He's easy to get a hold of, listens to you patiently and always there to discuss any concerns. The staff at the office is also very friendly and thorough. If I have any questions/concerns about anything they are very quick to respond and provide a solution.

Gopi Sambandam

Jason Rich


Kari Bigot

Dr. Josh and his staff are amazing! Each are personable, knowledgeable and very customer-service focused. Dr. Josh has proven to me with each visit that he's with you for the long run and knows what it takes to help you through the hard stuff and back to health.

Traci Brandt

My son, husband and I all get our adjustments done here and each of us is happy with our results. The staff and doctors are friendly and always professional.

Jodi Ulrich

Before going to Dr. Josh, I lived with mild headaches pretty much every day. Now I very rarely get a headache. I used to wonder what it would feel like to live headache free. Now I enjoy living headache free!!!

Jenga Lee

I always get such good care here.

Kellie Wishy

GREAT FOR PREGNANCY! I went to my first ever chiropractor appointment after I was struggling with lower back pain from my pregnancy. They brought me in, did a spinal analysis, discussed how adjustments work while pregnant, and helped me set up a schedule. The consultation, the doctors, the front desk staff, the cleanliness of the office... it all made me feel comfortable and like I was in the right place!My husband and I still go there for "maintenance" and we love to refer others here as well!

svetlana levina

I highly recommend Dr. Josh. I was a little hesitant about chiropractic care at first but my coworker recommended him. I was pleasantly surprised with Josh, he's super personable and thoroughly explains everything you want to know. The rest of the staff is also wonderful and if I didn't live so far away now I would come here all the time!

Lisa Behlke

This was the first chiropractic clinic I'd ever been to, and while I've tried others, this one remains the best! The whole staff is great and has your best interests in mind.

Laura Gozola

I was in a moderate car accident and looking for help healing afterwards; I found so much more in Watkins Family Chiropractic! Dr. Josh is obviously knowledgeable and experienced, their office is easy to work with on scheduling, I have had zero hassles with the personal injury billing, and always walk out feeling like it was time well spent. He has interns to help loosen you up before the adjustment, and an area with tools (that they help you learn how to use) to help stretch your neck if that's helpful for you. Even massage chairs if you want to use them! They have an in-house massage therapist so I can see both the chiropractor and the massage therapist and don't have to worry about the billing. Very convenient!

Victoria Panyard

I have beenn going to Watkins for almost 4yrs now and I have never been happier with a chiropractic team in my life! Not only have they been able to relieve pains I've been dealing with for YEARS, they've figured out answers to other problems I had been dealing with. I NEVER would have thought these issues could be related fixed with simple adjustments, but they were! And they do SO much beyond adjustments! Between supporting local events around the community, they get to KNOW you! They truly care about their patients and families! And I never have to worry about it if I have to bring my kids with either. They have a nice little area for the kids to play or watch some cartoons while they get you fixed up. I HIGHLY recommend them, to everyone!

LeslieMark Doll

I'm an older triathlete/marathoner; muscles and joints are becoming more uncooperative as the years go by. Dr Watkins and his staff help me keep my body together - limber and strong - so I can continue to do what I enjoy - racing. They've figured out some long-term issues I've been having, and fixed them. I rate them 5 stars :-)

Sandy Russell

Eric Skillestad

Max Busher

Mary Hardzinski

I met Dr. Lindsey at the Savage Home Improvement show this Spring. I was having so much pain in my lower back it was difficult just to walk around. I stopped at the Watkins Family Chiropractic booth and talked to Dr. Lindsey and set up an appointment for the next week. After the first three treatments, I felt so much better and after just 6 treatments I was able to bowl in my league without any back pain. I am back to golfing and I feel so great! Dr. Lindsey and the whole staff and just wonderful. I would really recommend them!

Dan Feine

Dr. Josh is great. He takes the time to listen to what is going on, and then targets treatment to help resolve the issue. I definitely recommend Watkins Family Chiropractic.

Rachel Kuiper

Came to Watkins for hip/back troubles and was pleasantly surprised to learn about extremity adjustments. After a few weeks of knee adjustments I am experiencing the biggest results of any treatment I've undergone (physical therapy, taping, ect.). For the first time in a decade I'm going up and down stairs WITHOUT pain!

Abby Lehman

After experiencing a sudden onset of Vertigo I went through several regular doctor appointments and tried a prescription drug. Nothing was really helping. Before I decided to do an MRI I contacted Dr Lindsey. She had helped my toddler with Ear infection/drainage issues in the past so I wanted to give it a try. After 2 appointments my Vertigo was completely gone! I decided to continue to see Dr Lindsey to straighten out some other issues and I feed great. I am so grateful I did not have to go through an expensive MRI, etc.

Lindsay Hedberg

I've been seeing Dr. Josh since 2009 after a bad car accident. I know I've always been in good hands with him. He does his adjustments well and I always feel better walking out than I did in. The staff is friendly and the environment is comfortable. Also very kid friendly as there's games and a small TV at toddler height.

Flamethrower Lax

Ryan Metko

I highly recommend Watkin's Family Chiropractic. The entire team is very welcoming, friendly, and caring. Dr. Josh is very attuned to his patients and does a great job of listening.

Steve Walkowiak

I am 53 years old, and trying to stay in shape. I hurt my back in the gym, and it got worse with time! I finally got over to see Dr. Lindsey, she was awesome! She put me on a plan to get me pain free again! I think it is the best decision I have made in some time. She is by far my favorite doctor. The staff is very friendly... now I just need to treat myself to a message. :-)

Amy Nesgoda

I have been to many many chiropractors in my life and Dr Josh is the only one who has helped me!! They have the best up to the date equipment that can show you what needs to be done or where you are hurting. I was very impressed on my first visit. The entire staff is personal and friendly! I also had a massage there and she was wonderful! Wish I could afford her more! If you have never believed in Chiropractors, give this place a shot and you will be very surprised! Their massage chairs are out of this world too!

Mary Parkin

Five Stars for Watkins. They've helped me with migraines, back & neck pain. I won't go anywhere else!

Tammy Kelsey

I have seen many chiropractors over the years and have never truly been happy with the care or practice. That is until I met Dr. Josh Watkins and Dr. Lindsey Hurlbut. They both are amazing! Both are very gentle and know the body extremely well. They care about their patients and don’t overbook their schedules allowing time to care for each patient. We bring our young son who has asthma and each time he has seen improvement and relief. We have been patients for a few years. I have referred many friends to Watkins Family Chiropractic and all of them have been very impressed and happy with their treatments. Highly recommend to anyone looking for great chiropractor care.

Emily Wagoner

I have been having hip pain since 2009. I saw an orthopedic surgeon in 2010 and he didn't help me; I've seen 3 different physical therapists over the years and they didn't help me; I saw a chiropractor in 2012-2013 and she didn't help me. Dr Josh Watson (and Jessie) worked on me, believed that I was doing everything correct and was not seeing improvements, and suggested next step actions (MRI) that are going to make a difference. Highly recommend.

Stephanie Keenan

A giant thank you to Dr. Josh, Dr. Lindsey and the team at Watkins Chiropractic! I have been a patient for about 7 years and will continue to see them as my number one way to stay healthy. Being pro-active with my health is extremely important to me, and regular visits to maintain this are a top priority in our family. They are very knowledgeable, gentle and take care of any concerns I have. The addition of an in-office massage therapist speaks to their commitment to providing their patients healthy alternatives to traditional medical practices. Most important, their continued growth is a testament to the professional care you receive at Watkins Family Chiropractic.

Jennifer Hiltunen

Dr. Josh and his staff are amazing! Best chiropractor I have ever been too. Highly recommended.

Amy Maslowski

Our entire family appreciates the care and attention we receive at Watkins! Dr. Josh and Dr. Lindsey always make sure we're feeling better leaving than we did when we arrived. Plus, everyone in the office is extremely friendly and kind. Highly recommend!

Ditch Witch MN & IA

Kortney Wobbe

Nicole Remini Wiskow

I have been seeing a Chiropractor since I am twelve, I am 46 years old now. I know a thing or two about visiting with a Chiropractor. I love how Dr. Josh 'hears you' and he remembers things about your body that you have completely forgotten about. He cares and has heart. The office is clean and very welcoming and honestly, I am a bit of a privacy freak and he has always been gracious about catering to my needs and making sure that I am in the private room. The staff is friendly and calming (not sure if that makes sense). After a long day, I feel peaceful in there. Everyone has a really nice demeanor. I have been referred to other locations by people who LOVE their Chiropractor but, I feel very well cared for and my Children even love seeing him. He is nice, has a great sense of humor and take pride in his business and family

Karla Belken

Dr. Josh always take the extra time to find out how you have been feeling and to give a great adjustment.

Rickie Gill

Best in the area. Friendly, professional and intuitive.

Jamie Rasmussen

I highly recommend Watkins Chiropractic! I have had back issues my entire life, and have seen many Chiropractors, but Dr. Josh, Dr Lindsey, and staff, are by far the best. They always make you feel welcome and it really impresses me how they know and remember your unique individual problems and issues not matter how long it is between visits. In addition to feeling welcomed, the main reason I continue to go back by far is the results that I get from my visits. They take additional time to do X-rays and see your individual issues. They give you guided stretches and exercises for you to do at home between treatments. These added benefits really pay off for the effectiveness of the treatment and I think truly separates Watkins from other Chiropractors. I have been to other Chiropractors that seem to just do general treatments to “fix” certain global issues that most patients have and this is just not the case at Watkins. If you have back issues and want them corrected you must go here!

Tami VanderPlaats

Dr. Josh and his entire staff are caring and professional. They are very knowledgeable and committed to treating the whole person not just the symptom. I highly recommend Watkins Chiropractic!

Vor Keo

I’m a firm believer of chiropractic care. Dr. Josh and his staff are great! They are very personable. You get head to toe chiropractic care and I like how they loosen up your muscles before your adjustment.

Paran SK

Dr. Lindsey was incredible! I legitimately feel like I'm made of clouds walking out of this office. Will definitely come back for more treatments!

Darya Tabakov

Love this practice ! Very nice and they are amazing. !

Abby Kucera

I wouldn't go anywhere else.... Thank you for your 5 star service!! #nomoreheadaches

Brent Parrish

Awesome place. Dr. Watkins listens and cares. I would recommend him to anyone!!!!

Carla A Jensen

Dr. Josh and the entire staff at Watkins are top notch! Patty is always friendly as soon as you enter and Dr. Josh really takes the time to listen and address your concerns. I've had a few adjustments from Dr. Lindsey when Josh has been unavailable and she is amazing. I wouldn't trust anyone else with keeping me and my family in alignment!

Brenda Dutra

Abby Standke

Great practice with friendly staff. I can always get an appointment when I need one. Dr. Josh has helped me a lot with my lower back pain.


Great place! Dr. Lindsey is amazing!

Barb Lilland

Great experience! Dr. Watkins and staff are friendly and professional, and have provided outstanding treatment for lower back and neck pain. And daily headaches, gone! I love the easy online appointment scheduler—it makes it so simple to accommodate my busy week. I also appreciate the family-friendly waiting area and the personal approach to treatment.

Veronica Wolfe

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